Stress out of Control by truth4reviews


									Stress out of Control

                 When stress is out of control it takes over our lives and makes our days
       miserable. Stress can get out of control when we have to deal with people that are
       judgmental, accusing, relying on others to carry their loads, jumping to conclusions, and
       simply trying to cause trouble for someone else. We are in a diverse world where we
       encounter personalities of all types. I cannot count the number of people that have told
       me that they feel the human race is hopeless doomed. Judgmental people can be the
       worse types since these people form an opinion based on a statistic. For example, a young
       woman is homeless, her identity was stolen, and she has a young child. The woman needs
       a home, but when she approaches a landowner, he or she thinks the woman is not
       responsible since she has to rely on a homeless emergency assistance to move her in the
       house. Rather than checking the background of the woman realizing that she has a history
       of paying her rent on time, the landowner may turn the woman down believing that if she
       needed help from the state she probably could not pay her rent. What a sad situation!
                 When a person jumps to conclusions consistently this too can cause us stress, in
       most instances we choose to avoid the person realizing that this type is a stressor.
       However, we cannot avoid the entire people in the world; therefore, we must learn to
       cope with these types of people, learning stress management skills to survive. Stress and
       stressors are permanent factors in life that we all must face every waking day. Stress doe
       not care if we are home relaxing, at work focusing, or with friends enjoying activities.
       Stress hangs around like fleas on a dog and it never goes away. I used the dog, since most
       people believe that dogs are prone to fleas and it is permanent. Few people realize that a
       dog has a solution to the problem. Since we are now aware that personalities are around
       us everyday and some of those persons are annoying influences the next step is learning
       stress management skills that can benefit us and help us to stay on the road to success. If
       you can eliminate these types of people from your life, great…you found a solution to
       your problems. However, unless you plan to die then these people will be in front of you
       whether you are friends with these types or not. Leaders, bosses, spouses, children,
       teachers, and so many other individuals in the world are a part of our life. A mother is
       aware that she will deal with a child that jumps to conclusions, judges her every move,
       accuses her of negligence, and relies heavily on her to take care of his or her needs. Poor
       mom is relentlessly overwhelmed with stressors and stress. How mom handles the
       stressors and stress will depend on how the outcome. If the mom breaks every time the
       child causes her stress then more disasters in her and the child’s life is sure to follow.
       However if the mother learns stress management techniques that include patients then she
       is on her way to success. This means that mom will have the coping skills, including
       steadfastness even when disturbances or stressors come her way. Mom will realize that
       she is a human being and that sometimes she will make mistakes, but she also
       understands that mistakes are a part of learning. If mom has a good stress management in
       focus then mom will have an answer to each problem when they occur. For example, we
       can look back at the mother that is obviously in a hasty situation and it appears no hope is
       available. The mom obviously took steps to reduce stress since she recognizes the
       problem and asked for help. If mom was not prepared or had a plan then mom might look
       at the negative and feel hopeless. Instead, we see a positive mom since she is taking the
       steps to reduce stress and eliminate her problems. Regardless if you are a man or woman,
       we all have our share of stress and stressors. When we learn our stressors, we are taking
       the steps to prevent our stress from going out of control.

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