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					Sponsorship Information Package
                                      Sponsorship Levels for Fall 2008 Pro Show
                                      Hall of Fame            Pro Bowl            Gold        Silver
                                      $5,000                  $ 2,500           $ 1,000      $ 500
Banners on Field                      Extensive Top Billing   Yes Top Billing   Yes          Eligible
Ticket Ad/Coupon                      Yes                     Yes               Yes          Yes
Marketing Pamphlet Exposure           Yes                     Yes               Yes          Eligible
Posters                               Yes                     Yes               Eligible     Eligible
Logo Recognition T Shirts             Top Billing on one      1st Choice        Eligible     Eligible

Event Program Recognition             Extensive Top Billing   1st Choice        Yes          Yes
Web Recognition (Banners)             Extensive Top Billing   1st Choice        2nd Choice   Yes
Business Recognition by Players       Extensive Top Billing   Yes               Eligible     Eligible

Private Photos with Players           Extensive VIP           Yes               Yes
Private Autograph Access              Extensive VIP           Yes               Yes          Yes

Private Pre Event Luncheon            Yes 6                   Yes 4             Yes 2        Eligible

Reserved VIP Seats 50 Yard            Yes                     Yes 8             Yes 4        Yes 4
General Admission Tickets             Yes                     Yes 8             Yes 4        Yes 4

Autographed Footballs                 Yes 4                   Yes 2             Yes 1        Eligible
T-Shirts                              Yes 8                   Yes 6             Yes 4        Yes 2

Lesser Amounts are $100, $250, $350
                            Executive Summary

Skilz Skoolz of America L.P. was founded to represent its network of retired
and active professional athletes in their efforts to promote their national
network of sporting schools and “Pro Show” Exhibition Games. The
Schools and/or Shorter Pro Show Games are hosted all year round and
include Football, Basketball, and Soccer events. The partnership is made up
250+ active and alums from the NFL, NBA, and MLS. Current planning is
underway for the PGA and MLB in 2010.

Skilz Skoolz “Pro Show” events have been designed to assist Youth Leagues
around the country raise funds to supplement their budgets by utilizing the
celebrity factor of our professional athletes. Tickets to our events are sold
throughout the communities by the children who are participating in said
youth organizations. Skilz Skoolz also gifts tickets and scholarships to the
training camps for children and their families that otherwise might not be
able to afford participation.

The “Pro Show Game” is a friendly competition game hosted by 20-30 of
our players partners. We use the 5 minute quarter, 35 yard line to goal,
format that is used at NFL Alumni celebrity games and other NFL
attractions like the Pro Bowl. In addition to the game, other festivities
include autograph signing, photo opportunities, pre game sponsor
dinners/brunches, and position technique demonstrations from skilled and
experienced players.

Capacity for each show is limited to about 1000-1500 attending youth
players, who are seated around the field so that they can interact with all of
the NFL players throughout the show. Attending spectator seats are limited
to about 10,000 to 15,000 people, whereas, the community reach and
recognition is unlimited. Our Fall and Spring Training Camp rosters will
vary due to some of our members are active in the league and/or have
Radio/TV commitments in the fall season. A listing of our NFL Player
Partners is listed at the end of this package.
                      Lead Generation for Sponsors

Unlike traditional Non Profit Organizations, Skilz Skoolz has a strong
marketing agenda for all of its sponsors. These sponsorships should be
viewed as a charitable donation that actually pays your company back. You
will be put in the directory of “Official Sponsors” that list services and
special benefits from each vendor. Additionally, you will be including the
three follow up marketing communications.
This is type of captive target marketing is not comparable to any traditional
campaigns that you are involved. The strong bonds with the parents of
these groups have proven to generate unparalleled responses and new
business from its loyal following. The parents of the children that are
involved in Youth Sport Leagues make up the socioeconomic group that
every business wants to procure.

Don’t let your competitors lock up an official sponsor position. Support
your local youths TODAY!

                               Documentary Filming

We film all of the events for our reality based documentary. The footage
will be included in a series that is currently being finalized with producers
from Fox Sports Networks and ESPN.

There will also be extensive web casts of all footage through the NBC
Internet Television Network. Your company banners and logos will be
shown throughout the footage. Additionally, there are 16 minutes of
commercial spots that are inserted in the hour long webcasts specific to your
                 Steps That Are Needed to Become a Sponsor
      1. Contact Chris Randolph; 512 947 0051 Direct or via email
      2. Select a sponsorship level that your company wishes to participate.
      3. Forward your information and your company logos to so that we can include you in our marketing

I look forward to including and assisting in marketing your business at these epic events.


Christopher Randolph
                     Skilz Skoolz Master Player Roster
NFL Team             Player Partner Position      #   College             Season
Arizona Cardinals    Eric hill          LB       58   LSU                 Fall/Spring
Arizona Cardinals    Larry Centers      FB       37   Stephen F. Austin   Fall/Spring
Arizona Cardinals    Ron Mckinnon       LB       59   No. Alabama         Fall/Spring
Cincinnati Bengals   David Klingler     QB        7   Houston             Fall/Spring
Cincinnati Bengals   James Francis      LB       51   Baylor              Fall/Spring
Cincinnati Bengals   Ricky Dixon        CB       29   Oklahoma            Fall/Spring
Cleveland Browns     Jamir Miller       LB       95   UCLA                Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Billy Joe Dupree   TE       89   Michigan State      Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       BroderickThomas    DE/LB    51   Nebraska            Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Chad Hennings      DT       95   Air Force           Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Charles Haley      DE       94   George Mason        Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Charlie Williams   DB       25   Bowling Green       Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Dexter Coakley     LB       52   Appalachian St.     Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Dixon Edwards      LB       58   Michigan State      Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Emory Smith        RB       38   Clemson             Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Erik Williams      OL       79   Central State       Spring
Dallas Cowboys       George Teague      Saftey   30   Alabama             Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Hershel Walker     RB       34   Georgia             Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Kavika Pittman     DE       97   Mcneese State       Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Kenny Gant         CB       29   Albany State        Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Kevin Mathis       CB       23   A&M Commerce        Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Kevin Smith        CB       26   A&M                 Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Kevin Williams     WR       85   Miami               Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Larry Brown        CB       24   TCU                 Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Leon Lett          DT       78   Emporia State       Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Lincoln Coleman    RB       44   Notre Dame          Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Michael Downs      Saftey   26   Rice                Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Mike Quinn         QB       11   Stephen F. Austin   Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Omar Stoutmire     Saftey   24   Fresno State        Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Patrick Jeffers    WR       81   Virginia            Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Preston Pearson    WR       26   Illinois            Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       RobertNewhouse     FB       44   Houston             Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Russell Maryland   DT       97   Miami               Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Thomas Everett     CB       27   Baylor              Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Tony Casillas      NT       75   Oklahoma            Spring
Dallas Cowboys       Tony Hill          WR       80   Stanford            Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys           Tony Tolbert       DE/NT    92   UTEP                Fall/Spring
Dallas Cowboys           Wayne Mcgarity     WR       83   Texas               Fall/Spring
Florida State            Charlie Ward       QB       17   FSU                 Fall/Spring
Green Bay Packers        Santana Dotson     DE       71   Baylor              Fall/Spring
Houston Oilers           Allen Pinkett      RB       20   Notre Dame          Fall/Spring
Houston Oilers           AlonzoHighsmith    RB       32   Miami               Fall/Spring
Houston Oilers           Bruce Matthews     OL       74   USC                 Spring
Houston Oilers           Bubba McDowell     Saftey   27   Miami               Fall/Spring
Houston Oilers           BuckyRichardson    QB        7   A&M                 Fall/Spring
Houston Oilers           Curtis Duncan      WR       80   Northwestern        Fall/Spring
Houston Oilers           Doug Dawson        OL       66   Texas               Fall/Spring
Houston Oilers           Haywood Jeffires   WR       84   NC State            Fall/Spring
Houston Oilers           Lamar Lathan       LB       57   Houston             Fall/Spring
Houston Oilers           Wade Hopkins       WR       11   Southern Baptist    Fall/Spring
Houston Oilers           WebsterSlaughter   WR       84   San Diego St.       Fall/Spring
Indianapolis Colts       Quenton Coryatt    LB       55   A&M                 Fall/Spring
Kansa City Chiefs        Kimble Anders      RB       38   Houston             Fall/Spring
Minnesota Vikings        Karl Dunbar        Coach    91   LSU                 Spring
Minnesota Vikings        Sean Salisbury     QB       12   USC                 Spring
Minnesota Vikings        Todd Scott         Saftey   29   LA. Lafayette       Fall/Spring
New England Patriots     Jabar Gaffney      WR       10   Florida             Fall/Spring
New England Patriots     Rodney Harrison    Saftey   37   Western -Illinois   Fall/Spring
New York Giants          Rodney Hampton     RB       27   Georgia             Fall/Spring
New York Jets            Jerald Sowell      FB       33   Tulane              Fall/Spring
New York Jets            Ray Mickens        CB       24   A&M                 Fall/Spring
Oakland Raiders          Patrick Bates      Saftey   29   A&M                 Fall/Spring
Pittsburgh Steelers      Kenny Davidson     DE       90   Tennesse            Fall/Spring
San Francisco 49ers      Wniford Tubbs      DE       90   Texas               Fall/Spring
Washington Redskins      London Fletcher    LB       59   John Carroll        Spring
Washington Redskins      Marc Boutte'       DT       93   LSU                 Fall/Spring