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									Stress Case Scenario

                We all deal with stress in different ways. Some of us dwell on the problems,
      while others will put their minds to good use and find a solution to the problems. It is all
      how we deal with stress that determines if we are productive or if we are headed for
      destruction. Stress is a constraining force triggered by a negative connotation. The
      influences are existing in our everyday life that determines whether we will have
      problems. For example, if you are headed to work and take a different route than you
      would normally take and are late for week, then you know the influence was coming
      from your own decisions. That little voice in your head told you that you could get to
      work faster if you change your course of travel. Therefore, that little voice in your head
      influenced you to a problem. You might be fine if you have worked at the job for a long
      time and your boss knows your habits. However, if you recently started the job then you
      might find more stress than you need for making a wrong decision. You may be able to
      talk your way out of the tardiness this time, but your boss is going to be watching you
      closely in the future, studying your punctuality. Therefore, you set your self up for stress
      and stressors. Now you have to deal with it. A fashionable method for handling such
      problems is keeping up with consistency. If you are use to traveling on a highway that
      has less traffic and you are well aware of the route, do not jump the railroad. Staying
      consist can benefit you and reduce stress and help you to avoid stressors. If you must
      answer to the boss be honest. When a person lies they create more problems, stress and it
      often leads to anger. Mostly your trust is no longer valid. If you are late, tell your boss
      that you made a bad decision in travel and it will not happen again. Let him or her know
      that you realize that you recently started the workplace and that this incident appears
      negative against you, that you realize it placed a stress on the boss. Inform him or her that
      you will promise to take the route you normally take in the future and offer to provide
      room for him or her to observe your person closely. If you let the boss know you made a
      mistake and give him or her room to monitor you willingly, you might find that the
      person will give you more lea way. On the other hand, if you lie to your boss you are
      opening up an assortment of problems that will lead to stress failure and so forth. The
      worst-case scenario will occur if you are honest is that the boss may tell you to find
      another job. If this happens do not fret, dwelling on the issue or become angry and tell the
      boss off. Remember you made the decision that had either positive or negative
      consequences succeeding the choice. It is not the end of the world. If you are
      unemployed, you know that you will need to pull out some resources and follow up daily
      to get your self on a stable road. Do not make the same mistakes repeatedly, rather stay
      consist to reduce a stressful lifestyle. When you find another job be sure you following
      the outline, avoiding lying and learning to accept your reasonability and decisions. You
      are not a failure, rather you are a person that choose a different direction and found that
      stress was at the end of the road. Your decision should be weighed out carefully. Now
      you know the route you must follow, and the next steps you must take to get back on
      track. We all make mistakes. You are human, therefore do not expect more of your self
      than you can handle and continue consistency to avoid further complicating your life. If
      you have difficulty managing your stress, you might want to consider joining stress,
      management classes to help you return to the road of success.

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