Dealing with Stress and Mental Ill Minds

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					Dealing with Stress and Mental Ill Minds

                 Dealing with stress is common, however, when a person has a mental illness, or
      else we are a parent of the mentally disturbed then stress takes us to a completely higher
      level. If you feel like you want to jump off the nearest bridge and end your miseries, then
      you are at wits end with stress. Get a hold of your self now because I am about to take
      you on a journey that will help you to see how you can learn to cope with stress even if
      you have mental illnesses or dealing with the mentally ill. First, it seems unfair to raise a
      child or live with a spouse that has mental illnesses. We often feel like why someone
      singled me out to torture. We may even feel that we are not professionals so why is
      everyone expecting me to cope with this level of stress. There are no easy answers;
      however, you were not singled out. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect system where
      humankind brings ruin to all our lives. The many chemicals in the air and water, along
      with the warfare pollutions and other pestilence bring harm to us all. Some of us have
      hereditary diagnoses, while the violence, war, poverty, and other negative forces in life
      affect others. In most cases it seems like we can never win no matter how hard we try,
      however, we can win if we remember that we have control of our stress, emotions and
      life. First, if you are dealing with a mentally ill person then you have to pay close
      attention to this persons needs more so than your own. It depends on the person and the
      diagnose, but few mentally ill persons can bring forth an overwhelming amount of stress
      coupled with the stresses we have to deal with just to survive. There are mental health
      experts available to help families learn how to cope with mental illness. If you have, a
      mental illness or living with someone suffering a mental ailment then you will need to
      realize that you are not a superman or woman. You will need to learn how to control your
      emotions and stress since negative anger can cause more harm than good. Similar to the
      common people in society where you throw honey instead of fuel on the fire a mental ill
      person needs the same actions. If you are stressed because the person is acting out
      immaturely, realize that the person is calling for help. In most instances if you learn how
      to work with the person’s behaviors, attitudes, mental, and emotions then you can see
      techniques to help you avoid stress. Mental health issues require common sense in most
      instances. If you learn stress management skills that teach you to stay calm in unrelenting
      situations then you can benefit both you and the mentally ill by remaining cool, calm, and
      collected. It is important to learn stress management skills to help you stay alert. When a
      person has mental illness (not all mentally ill persons), they may have symptoms
      including skilled manipulation. If you stay alert then you will observe the signs and be
      prepared when the person triggers your stressors. It is important to learn stress
      management techniques that teach you how to avoid taking anything for granted. When
      we take a person for granted we are allowing them to cloud our thoughts by believing
      their words are true. If the person is telling you that, no one loves them this can become
      frustrating and cause stress. Therefore, we need stress management solutions that help us
      to ignore from time to time. In other words, stop taking everything personally. One of the
      best solutions for this type of problem is to realize that the world is not out to get you, nor
      has anyone centered you out as a target. Reciting and repeating can help you to put into
      practice positive thinking. When we are dealing with stress and mental illness then we
      need techniques that are specially designed to help us all deal with stress. The person
      with mental illness or the person living with mental illness has to endure thousands of
      time more stress than the average individual does does.

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