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                                                                                      Summer 2002

                             M                A        T   T   E       R        S
                             The Newsletter the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth
                             The Newsletter of the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth

                                                                   30 years of
                                                                   special beginnings

  •Pain Free
   Comfort Corner
  •What’s a
  •Healing Mural
  •The Circus is Coming
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         DIRECTOR TIMES TWO                                                                                     people for collaboration. De-
                                                                                                                partments are already coming
                                                                                                                together to work on particular
                                                                                                                research areas.”
                                                                                                                    Dow and Modlin have a
                                                                                                                long-standing relationship; all
                                                                                                                clinical chairs meet on a week-
                                                                                                                ly basis, to discuss a variety of
                                                                                                                projects. CHaD is already
                                                                                                                known for its high-quality care,
                                                                                                                but the two directors hope that
                                                                                                                their vision will move children’s
                                                                                                                care to a whole new level.
                                                                                                                    “Children are a ‘vulnerable’
                                                                                                                population, bringing special
                                                                                                                needs when they are ill or in-
                                                                                                                jured,” says Dow. “Children
                                                                                                                come with family relationships
                                                                                                                to mom and dad and sibs—
                                                                                                                and these young family mem-
                                                                                                                bers also have special needs/is-
                                                                                                                sues when children need
                                                                                                                medical services.”

                                         T WAS JUST LAST YEAR THAT CHaD ANNOUNCED                 Dow joined the DHMC staff in 1994. He
       “We plan to focus on
                                          John F. Modlin, MD, as the new Medical Di-          previously worked as Chief of Surgical Service at
                                          rector. Now CHaD has two Directors: Richard         the Veterans Administration Hospital in White
        greater integration
                                       W. Dow, MD, FACS, Professor and Chair of               River Junction, VT; Staff Surgeon at Mary Hitch-
                                       DHMC’s Department of Surgery, recently joined          cock Memorial Hospital; Vice-Chairman of the
        between departments            Modlin as Co-director of CHaD.                         Department of Surgery at the Henry Ford Hos-
                                           Typically, about half of all activity in a chil-   pital in Detroit, MI; and Chief of Medical Staff
        to provide better care         dren’s hospital is surgery, and a closer tie between   at York Hospital in York, ME. He received his
                                       Pediatrics (Modlin is Professor and Chair of Pe-       MD from the University of Michigan Medical
        to children.”                  diatrics) and Surgery will strengthen CHaD. But        School in Ann Arbor, MI.
                                       the focus isn’t on these two specialties alone.            “Parents and children will see more family-
                                           “My participation is a reflection of how im-       friendly environments in the hospital and am-
                                       portant it is that we put the full weight of the De-   bulatory areas, more service-focused adminis-
                                       partment of Surgery behind this effort,” says          trative processes, more individually supportive
                                       Dow. “But a children’s hospital needs full repre-      strategies of care in all areas which contact chil-
                                       sentation of all specialties—Anesthesiology,           dren and their families,” Dow explains. “While
                                       Pathology, Nursing, Pediatrics, Surgery—to pro-        we currently have very effective collaborative re-
                                       vide rounded care. CHaD has always been sup-           lationships, we can identify strategies to improve
                                       ported by all DHMC resources, and we plan to           the functionality of these important facets of our
                                       focus on greater integration between depart-           multidisciplinary care for children.”
                                       ments to provide better care to children.”                 “I’m pleased that Rick Dow has joined as co-
                                           Modlin agrees. “Although most point of care        director,” says Modlin. “We’ll be able to bring a
                                       is provided by surgeons and pediatricians, oth-        common vision to the table: establishing CHaD
                                       er departments have special interests in the care      as a distinguished children’s hospital, a central
                                       of children. We’re creating synergies; we’re           location where children in Northern New Eng-
                                       adding depth and strength by bringing together         land would receive their specialty care.”

         2               M AT T E R S
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       E N T E R                   T H E               P A I N - F R E E                              Z O N E                  O F          T H E

    Comfort Corner
           inserted is not a pleasant ex-
           perience. The very prospect
                                                                                                                         tion. When the Comfort Corner
                                                                                                                         opened in October 2001, three
                                                                                                                         to four patients a day were an-
      makes grown men quiver. How,                                                                                       ticipated. That number doubled
      then, to accomplish this com-                                                                                      within the first months. There
      mon procedure on a five-year-                                                                                      have even been requests to de-
      old boy without traumatizing                                                                                       velop a similar program for
      him? Just take him to the Ronald                                                                                   adults. Cravero knows of nothing
      McDonald Comfort Corner.                                                                                           quite like it elsewhere. “It’s an
          This special area in CHaD                                                                                      evolving program, and we’re al-
      was created for the express pur-                                                                                   ways considering new ways of
      pose of guiding children through                                                                                   doing things.”
      a range of medical procedures—                                                                                         Which brings us back to the
      from blood work and biopsies                                                                                       boy and the catheter. He is
      to bone marrow aspirations and                                                                                     scheduled for a diagnostic pro-
                                             Dr. Joseph Cravero, gratefully accepts the check from Ronald McDonald
      lumbar punctures—with mini- along with Edie Stevenson, Ex. Director, Charlie Winterhalter, President cedure in which the catheter is
      mal pain and anxiety. It is the RMHC, Jim Garrett Vice-president, Paul Montour, board member, Chuck used to inject dye into the blad-
      brainchild of Pediatric Anesthe- Dickerson and Bob McDougall, from Colley McCoy Management.                        der. First the Child Life Special-
      siology Director Joseph Cravero, MD.               tient here, since children vary greatly in ist explains what will happen and lets him
          “Before we created the Comfort Corner, their ability to cope with discomfort or dis- explore the mask and other equipment to
      kids were coming in for procedures all over tress,” says Cravero. “One child may go be used. He is then given a short-acting
      the hospital and given widely different care through numerous procedures with no dif- sedative that puts him to sleep for several
      even though the common goal was an effi- ficulty as long as she can hold her mother’s minutes, during which the catheter is in-
      cient, non-painful, non-stressful procedure hand and watch a DVD movie, while an- serted and the dye infused. When he
      performed safely,” he says. “We wanted to other may require deep sedation to avoid se- awakes he is told to empty his bladder and
      create an organized system that would rious emotional and physical distress.”                          the catheter is removed. No pain, no fear—
      deliver the best possible child-oriented care.”       Demand is already exceeding expecta- and no bad memories.
          Under Cravero’s direction, a major reor-
      ganization took place. Space was allocated—
      a child-friendly room with one admitting
                                                           Happy Meals, Happy Kids
                                                           On April 3, CHaD officially dedicated its unique pain-free center for kids. In recognition of
      and two recovery beds and a glassed-off
                                                           a generous $250,000 grant from Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Eastern New
      room for performing minor procedures.                England, the center was named the Ronald McDonald Comfort Corner.
      Then a multidisciplinary team was assem-                 “I just can’t imagine a more perfect fit—McDonald’s and the pain-free Comfort Corner,”
      bled: anesthesiologists with expertise in se-        says Bruce McDonald (no relation to Ronald), member of CHaD’s Board of Directors.
      dating children; Pediatric Nurse Pat Levesque            RMHC Executive Director Edie Stevenson, RMHC Board President and McDonald’s
      who helps prepare patients and monitors              Owner/Operator Charlie Winterhalter, and Ronald McDonald himself were on hand to
      their recovery; Child Life Specialist Kristin        help cut the ribbon. In moving remarks, Stevenson and Winterhalter described how CHaD’s
                                                           dream of a pain- and stress-free place for kids meshed perfectly with their mission. “We’re all
      King who, in consultation with parents, pro-
                                                           about the health and welfare of children,” Stevenson said. “Our mission is to provide com-
      vides developmentally appropriate pre-pro-           fort and care and that’s what the comfort corner at CHaD is going to do.”
      cedure education and psychological support;              Winterhalter agreed. “This is really the kind of thing we were looking for to help children.
      Patient Care Technician Robin Hodge; and             We look forward to working with CHaD to increase the awareness of this innovative method
      Secretary Linda Jellison who keeps things            of delivering children’s healthcare.”
      running smoothly.                                        Philanthropy was key to making the Comfort Corner a success. In addition to the grant from
          The Ronald McDonald Comfort Cor-                 Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern New England, the center received many do-
                                                           nations through the Friends of CHaD, a fundraising group made up of parents and local vol-
      ner serves patients from infancy to age 18,
                                                           unteers; Wal-Mart stores throughout NH and VT; Johnson and Dix and their distributors;
      with each child receiving what he needs              and QLLA Charities, Inc.
      when he needs it. “There is no typical pa-

                                                                                                                                M AT T E R S            3
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         30 Years of Helping B
             T ALMOST LOOKS LIKE YOUR EVERYDAY                                                                        vironment where the child is part of the fam-
           nursery. Blue walls are bordered with                                                                      ily and the family is part of the care team.
           Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit, Benjamin                                                                        “We’ve taken the focus on families to a
         Bunny, and Jemima Puddle-Duck charac-                                                                        new level with our philosophy statement
         ters. Colorful knitted hats fill a red Radio                                                                 and the Parent Advisory Council, a group
         Flyer on one counter; well-read children’s                                                                   of parents who are involved with changes
         books are strewn across another. A new                                                                       and improvements in the ICN,” says
         mother, seated comfortably in a rocking                                                                      William Edwards, MD, Vice-Chair De-
                                   chair, snuggles                                                                    partment of Pediatrics and Division Chief,
                                   with her newborn                                                                   Neonatology. Edwards joined the ICN as a
                                   as smiling rela-                                                                   pediatric resident in 1975 and four years
                                   tives look on. If it                                                               later became the director of the nursery.
                                   weren’t for the in-                                                                “Families are involved in decisions about
                                   fant warmer unit                                                                   care before they deliver and throughout
                                   and the nurse in                 Hitchcock in Hanover to start a regional          the entire stay.”
                                   scrubs, you’d nev-               neonatal intensive care unit. “We had no              Thirty years and an estimated 12,000
                                   er know that you                 nurses, no equipment, and no space,” recalls      babies later, the ICN is still providing high-
         were in an intensive care nursery (ICN).                   Little. “But there was a great need. As soon      quality critical care. Many ICN staff mem-
            DHMC boasts a state-of-the-art, 30-bed                  as I got here, babies started coming. We          bers are long-timers—Judy Frank, Torunn
         unit, but technology doesn’t overpower the                 were scrambling to get up to speed.”              Rhodes, William Edwards, George Little
         ICN. Families and visitors are warmly greet-                   Technology, knowledge, and space (see         and several nurses have all been there since
         ed the moment they walk through the                        sidebar) have changed over the years, but         the early days.
         doors, and the horseshoe-shaped design of                  not the approach to care, as em-
         the ICN conceals the fact that it covers al-               phasized in the ICN philosophy
         most 7,000 square feet of the 5th floor.                   statement: We believe that parent-
            In 1972, George Little, MD, Professor                   child relationship is essential. We be-
         of Pediatrics and OB/GYN, arrived at Mary                  lieve in providing a nurturing en-

             Growing Like a Weed
             The unit has come a long way over the past 30            Hampshire. This number of babies
             years. In 1972, there wasn’t an ICN; just one            requires not just space, but cutting-
             room in the adult ICU designated as the baby             edge technology. In the past 15
             room.                                                    years, advances in neonatal care
                 “Once in a while we’d squeeze three or four          have come fast and furious. High
             babies in that one room,” recalls Kathy Allbright,       frequency jet ventilators and high
             RN, ICN Unit Leader, who has been with the               frequency oscillating ventilators are
             unit since the very beginning. She can chronicle         sensitive enough to synchronize with Cake anyone? ICN Nurses help cut cakes celebrating 30
             the changes in the ICN by comparing milestone            a baby’s breathing. Non-invasive years of special beginnings.
             dates to the birthdays of her children.                  monitoring techniques provide in-                 search for a surfactant replacement product.
                 In 1974, the “baby room” moved out of the            formation about the baby’s physiology without the Premature lungs don’t make it, lungs collapse,
             ICU into a six-bed critical care unit for all pre-       use of needles. Imaging technology yields crucial and although we’re able to support them with
             emies and normal newborns—”We outgrew it                 brain development data. Inhaled nitric oxide, ventilators, there’s a lot of trauma that goes
             the day we moved in”—and ramped up to 12                 the latest treatment strategy, reduces the blood with it. Licensed in 1989 by the FDA, this prod-
             beds in 1976, 15 in 1980, 17 in 1984. “Space             pressure in lungs of critically ill newborns.     uct was the single biggest recent advance in
             was still tight,” says Allbright. “We couldn’t stand         The ICN is current with the latest technology newborn care.”
             back to back when feeding babies. With eight ba-         and, in many cases, leads the pack. William Ed-      Technology and square footage aside, it’s the
             bies in the room, there wasn’t enough room for           wards, MD, Vice-Chair Department of Pedi- culture of the ICN that makes it a success. On
             even two rocking chairs.”                                atrics and Division Chief, Neonatology, recalls June 2, more than 1,500 ICN “graduates” and
                 Today, the unit usually has more than 20 ba-         a landmark change in respiratory support in their families returned to DHMC to help the
             bies from all over the states of Vermont and New         the mid-1980s. “We were involved with re- ICN celebrate 30 years of caring.

         4                     M AT T E R S
 CHaD_Matters_Sum02.qxd          6/26/02      12:21 PM         Page 5

g Babies                                                           Nurse Practitioner
                                                                      of the Year
                                                                 “IF YOU’RE OVER FOUR KILOS, I
                                                                  can’t do anything for you,”
                                                                  jokes Dorothy Mullaney, one
                                                                  of eight nurse practitioners in
                                                                  the intensive care nursery
                                                                  (ICN) focused on providing
                                                                  primary care to newborns. But
                                                                  don’t let her modesty fool
                                                                  you—Mullaney is always will-
                                                                  ing to help anyone weighing a
                                                                  bit more than four kilos.
                                                                     Her dedication recently re-
                                                                  sulted in a statewide honor.
                                                                  The New Hampshire Nurse
                                                                  Practitioner Association
                                                                  (NHNPA) named Mullaney
                                                                  the Nurse Practitioner of the
                                                                  Year, an award that goes to an
           “It’s unusual to have the long-term re-                outstanding member who
       lationships that we have and still be so pro-              has—through leadership—en-
       ductive clinically and academically,” says                 hanced the role of the nurse practitioner    three physicians, three pharmacists, and
       Little. “It’s the people, the collaboration,               in New Hampshire. With more than             three nurse practitioners—determines
       the teamwork. We truly have a special gift,                1,000 nurse practitioners of all different   the formulary nurse practitioners follow
       the opportunity to work with each other                    specialties in the Granite State and close   to prescribe drugs. “Many ARNPs have
       to help babies.                                            to 100 at DHMC, the award is a great         their own practice, and it’s important to
                                                                  achievement.                                 keep the formulary current,” she says.
                                                                     “Dorothy is an incredible individual          “Dorothy Mullaney is a multi-talent-
                                                                  and a huge asset to my group,” says Lin-     ed, extraordinarily capable person—a
                                                                  da Miranda McNamara, MSN, ARNP,              first-rate clinician with a special knack
                                                                  Director, Neonatal Nurse Practitioners.      for teaching, a fabulous sense of humor,
                                                                  “We are extremely proud of her.”             and a penchant for all things Irish in-
                                                                     During her 20 years in the ICN, Mul-      cluding the Red Sox, Bruins, and the
                                                                  laney has lent a hand to all things edu-     Celtics,” says Judith Frank, MD, Profes-
                                                                  cational, including outreach programs        sor of Pediatrics and Associate Medical
                                                                  for referring facilities and clinical in-    Director of CHaD.
                                                                  struction to Dartmouth Medical School            But Mullaney remains modest.
                                                                  PL-1 Pediatric residents. She’s served as    “DHMC is very supportive of ARNPs,”
          “It’s a wonderful group to have worked                  team leader for delivery and transport,      says Mullaney, who, in her senior year
       with all these years,” says Edwards. “We’re                and written journal articles for Neonatal    of undergraduate education in 1981, did
       very proud of what we’ve accomplished.”                    Network, Journal of Pediatrics, and Jour-    a clinical rotation in DHMC’s intensive
                                                                  nal of Perinatology.                         care nursery. She later came on board as
       Opposite page: Led by the Rad Pipers, hundreds                She’s also worked hard to further the     a staff nurse in 1982 and as a neonatal
       of children and their families—all graduates of            role of the nurse practitioner. As a mem-    nurse practitioner in 1991. “It’s a great
       the ICN from 1972-2002—parade around the
       DHMC driveway.                                             ber of the Joint Health Council,             place to work, a great place to be an
       Above: Nathan Douthitt carries the 1999 banner             Mullaney is one of three ARNPs ap-           ARNP. We’re recognized for what we do,
       while mom Christina looks on. Master of                    pointed to the council by the NH Board       and this award just helps make us a little
       Ceremonies, Dr. George Little, founder of the
       ICN, recognizes Dr. Judith Frank, Neonatologist,
                                                                  of Nursing. The council—comprised of         more recognized.”
       as a special tribute during the birthday festivities.

                                                                                                                                  M AT T E R S              5
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                                                                                    HEN A WALL BECOMES A WINDOW TO
                                                                                     the outside world, healing and com-
                                                                                     fort surround the viewer. Over the past
                                                                              year CHaD has started a dream—to create a
                                                                              children’s hospital that not only provides the
                                                                              best medical care possible but at the same
                                                                              time lifts the spirit and nurtures the soul.
                                                                                  Recent research in design for pediatric
                                                                              hospital shows that a familiar setting, rich
                                                                              in color and details, enhances healing.
                                                                              Commissioned by CHaD, Keita Colton,
                                                                              a New Hampshire artist, has brought the
                                                                              outside world into our children’s hospital in
                                                                              a way that delights and soothes those who
                                                                              come here.
                                                                                  Three wall-size murals—depicting the
                                                                              interior of New England farmhouse, a barn-
                                                                              yard scene, and most recently a pond
                                                                              surrounded by trees and wildlife—has trans-
                                                                              formed the CHaD inpatient unit to become
                                                                              a series of tranquil New England scenes.

                                                                                  The Healing Environment Project has
                                                                              been completely funded by donations, gifts,
                                                                              and special events. Most recently, CHaD
                                                                              held the First Annual CHaD Gala and Night
                                                                              at the Races with all proceed benefiting this
                                                                              project. Thanks to John Gleason’s beautiful
                                                                              setting, almost 200 guests enjoyed an
                                                                              evening under the stars, betting on their
                                                                              favorite horses, dancing to Al Alessi’s mu-
                                                                              sic, and enjoying Christophe’s hors d’oeuvres.
                                                                              Raising over $20,000, special thanks go to
                                                                              our grand champion sponsors: Designer
                                                                              Gold; Gateway Motors; Farm-Way, Inc;
                                                                              Blood’s Seafood; Catering and Party Rentals;
                                                                              Shepard Butler Landscape Architects;
                                                       Keita Colton put
                                                                              Leatherwood Hotels; Schuster, Buttrey and
                                                       finishing touches on   Wing; Evans Expressmart; All Decked Out;
                                                       the newest murals.     Pompanoosuc Mills; Randall T. Mudge and
                                                                              Associates; and Recreate, Inc.

                                                                                                 M AT T E R S            7
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                                                                The CHaD-a-saurus Story
                    of 5
                                                                John Chesnut, the founder of Big Belly® Banks,
                                                                has always given back to the community.
             CHaD’s Health Symposium
                                                                    T STARTED WHEN HE BEGAN SELL-

             Provides Education & More                                ing his caricature banks at craft
                                                                      shows and fairs. Made of high-
             When may a first grader with a goopy pink
                                                                   quality wood and painted with
             eye safely return to school? How does smok-
             ing in major motion pictures influence teenage
                                                                   bright, glossy, non-toxic paints, the
             smoking? A child complains of a headache              banks boasted two innovative con-
             and dizziness—is it a tension headache, a             cepts: a patented serpentine coin
             migraine, or a post-concussion syndrome?              track and a clear globe “big belly.”
                  These questions and more were answered           Passersby dropped dimes, nickels,
             at the School Health Symposium on March 26.           and quarters in the banks to watch
             Sponsored by CHaD, the program is designed
                                                                   the coins wind their way to the
             to educate physicians, nurses, and others who
                                                                   belly, leaving Chesnut a chunk of
             care for school age children on a variety of
             health issues. It is part of CHaD’s mission to        change at the end of the day. He
             provide quality education for practicing physi-       decided to donate the money to
             cians, nurse practitioners, nurses, healthcare        the Grant-A-Wish Foundation,
             providers, and the lay public through innovative      and encouraged retailers who dis-
             and state-of-the-art programs.                        played his banks to do the same.
                  The first School Health Symposium received           So when his banker mentioned
             a phenomenal response. Over 175 school
                                                                   the care his premature baby girl
             nurses participated; 80 were on the wait list.
             “Despite the horrible weather—it was snow-
                                                                   received at CHaD, the link was a
             ing and sleeting that day—the turnout was             natural.
             amazing,” says Judith Frank, MD, Professor of             “He asked me if he could use a
             Pediatrics (Neonatology). “Two wait-listed nurs-      bank for donations at a CHaD
             es drove from the middle of the state hoping the      event,” says Chesnut, a Grantham,
             weather would deter some participants and             NH, resident. “The banks are great for      are thrilled with their new CHaD-a-
             they could attend. We made room for them.”            kids, and I knew they would be equally      sauruses and to be supporting CHaD,”
                  Eight DHMC physicians and nurses each
                                                                   great for donations. CHaD was right here    says David McWilliams, CHaD Com-
             gave a 45-minute presentation on topics such
             as head injuries, headaches, rashes, eye in-
                                                                   in my backyard, and I wanted to do some-    munity and Corporate Relations. “Sev-
             fections and injuries, ear exams, media in-           thing to help.”                             eral of the stores wanted a second bank,
             fluences on adolescent smoking, insulin pumps,            This was the beginning of the CHaD-     being Super Stores with two entrances.
             and immunization guidelines. Attendees were           a-saurus. Chesnut donated 24 blue di-       Other stores needed replacement CHaD-
             able to use DHMC’s automated response sys-            nosaur belly banks in 1999, right before    a-sauruses—they find that they receive
             tem to interact with speakers. By using a touch       the Christmas season. CHaD placed sev-      so many coin donations that their bellies
             pad, participants could answer a speaker’s
                                                                   eral in Wal-Mart stores across New          are full to bursting.”
             question and, in eight seconds, see the an-
                                                                   Hampshire with great success.                   Well-known locally through CHaD,
             swers from the group in a bar chart on the
             screen. “They loved it,” says Frank. “It was the          “The CHaD-a-saurus does very well       Chesnut’s Big Belly Banks are also popu-
             first time this system has been used for a con-       in our store,” says Anna Ludwig, Com-       lar nationwide. They can be found in spe-
             tinuing education program.”                           munity Coordinator at the Derry, NH,        cialty gift shops and toy stores throughout
                  “The symposium was terrific—extremely            Wal-Mart. Ludwig estimates that she         the country and specialty lines are made
             helpful,” says Joanne Clark, RN, Rochester            empties the belly once a week and, de-      for specific customers such as Warner
             Middle School in Rochester, NH. “I told               pending on the coins, rolls about $200      Brothers. Chesnut, a prolific designer and
             coworkers that it was the best conference I’ve
                                                                   for CHaD. “Children are very attracted to   inventor, has several more patents await-
             been to in the last 10 years.”
                  CHaD is planning a second School Health
                                                                   it and love to see the money go down.”      ing approval. But the CHaD-a-saurus
             Symposium—this one devoted to psychosocial                Several of the three-year-old CHaD-a-   banks will always be a favorite. “It’s very
             problems such as truancy, school phobias, and         sauruses are being refurbished—new paint    cool that the banks I invented for my chil-
             attention deficit disorders—in October.               and hardware replacement—and Ches-          dren are successfully raising funds for
                                                                   nut recently donated 19 more. “The stores   CHaD,” he says.

         8                    M AT T E R S
CHaD_Matters_Sum02.qxd       6/26/02     12:21 PM        Page 9

     Tell Your Kids:
      No R-rated Movies (and No Smoking)
         t may turn out that a parental voice say-        gent’s team showed that frequent viewing of    ty characteristics—the results were clear.
         ing, “Don’t smoke!” has more power and           smoking in movies makes nonsmoking ado-        Children who were completely restricted
         influence than anything Bruce Willis,            lescents more likely to try smoking. “Movies   from viewing R-rated movies were sub-
      Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, or Jen-             are a powerful socializing force for contem-   stantially less likely to smoke or drink com-
      nifer Lopez can say or do on the big screen.        porary adolescents, shaping views of what is   pared to those with no restrictions.
          A recent study by Dartmouth Medical             ‘cool,’ attractive, and grown up,” he noted.       “Hopefully this new information will
      School’s Department of Pediatrics and                   But what about the kids who aren’t al-     prompt parents to think twice before they
      DHMC’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center                  lowed to watch R-rated movies? The second      let their young children watch R-rated
      found that limiting the exposure of adoles-         article (by Madeline Dalton, PhD; Brid-        movies,” says Dalton.
      cents to R-rated movies may prevent the             get Ahrens, MPH; and Sargent) answers              The National Cancer Institute, which
      early use of alcohol and tobacco. Parental re-      that question. The research team polled        funded Sargent’s original research, recently
      striction is also the basis of a five-year study    Vermont and New Hampshire students in          awarded his team $3.6 million more over
      on “Preventing Teen Smoking by Restrict-            grades five through eight “How often do        four years to further explain the association
      ing Movie Exposure.” Last fall, the Ameri-          your parents let you watch movies or videos    between exposure to movies and adolescent
      can Cancer Society awarded James D. Sar-            that are rated R?” Then they were asked if     smoking and to evaluate the role of parents
      gent, a CHaD pediatrician and cancer                they have ever tried smoking cigarettes or     in restricting this exposure. This work could
      researcher, a $2.4                                  drinking alcohol.                                               result in new and unique ap-
      million grant to                                        Even after accounting for other                                proaches—including fam-
      investigate the                                     factors—grades, parental disapproval                               ily and community inter-
      topic further.                                      of smoking, maternal supervision,                                  ventions—to reducing
          Initial find-                                   maternal responsiveness, peer and                                      smoking among US
      ings from Sar-                                      family smoking, and child personali-                                        adolescents.

                                                                                                                            M AT T E R S           9
CHaD_Matters_Sum02.qxd     6/26/02      12:21 PM       Page 10

               Fun & Activities at C
               CHaD Ski Ride Challenge 2002
               In spite of the threat of soggy snow                                                                                                    Good sports after
               and rain forecasted for March 3rd,                                                                                                      the finals match,
                                                                                                                                                       Kristen and Tiger
               the 2002 CHaD Ski Ride Challenge
                                                                                                                                                       Shaw, 1st place,
               was a huge success, raising over                                                                                                        shake hands with
               $50,000 for CHaD. Twenty-six                                                                                                            Mort and Pauline
               teams, all sponsored by local busi-                                                                                                     Shea, 2nd place.
               nesses, competed on a beautiful,                                                                                                        The kids were the
               warm springlike ski day at the Dart-                                                                                                    real winners of
                                                                                                                                                       the day!
               mouth Skiway. Teams ranged in age
               from adults to young speedsters who
               showed up the adults with their
               “high fashion” and safe ski helmets.
               More than 200 skiers of all ages raised challenge money prior to the event from
               friends and neighbors and then chalked up 10, 15, 20+ runs to earn prizes. Advest
               Inc. was this year’s leader, raising over $4,000 for CHaD with Estes & Gallup Inc. close
                                                                                                          Allie Boss
                                                                                                          How many tennis balls are
                                                                       behind with close to $3,500 in     there? The 40 tennis players
                                                                       contributions. Other business-     who served up support for
                                                                       es donated new skis and            CHaD on January 5th know!
                                                                       boots, weekend vacations at        The Alexis Boss Tennis Cen-
                                                                       the Lake Placid Holiday Inn Re-    ter at Dartmouth College host-
                                                                       sort, a new Gateway comput-        ed our 6th annual Allie Boss Tennis Challenge. Rescheduled
                                                                       er, an Olympic banner for          to January due to September 11, team tennis matches pro-
                                                                       prizes, the raffle, and silent     vided great competition as well as great fun for the par-
                                                                       auction. Yummy soups, chili,       ticipants. The Dartmouth Tennis team showed their stuff dur-
                                                                       and grilled food kept the skiers   ing an exhibition inside, while the cold blustery wind blew
                                                                       well-fed and warm. This great      outside. Everyone who played left with many goodies,
                                                                       event was run by Friends of        prizes, and a smile. The event raised over $13,000 for
                                                                       CHaD volunteers under the ex-      the kids at CHaD. Our thanks to all our sponsors.
                                                                       ceptional leadership of Kristin
                                                                       and Tiger Shaw.
                                                                                                                        Hugs from
                Quechee Pizza Chef                                                                                      Sparky!
                Mini-Golf Tournament                                                                                    Sparky the Fire Dog, representing the Lebanon
                                                                                                                        Fire Department, along with over 50 exhibitors
                Quechee Pizza Chef was the site for the Second Annual CHaD Mini-                                        joined CHaD and Clear Channel Communi-
                Golf Open hosted by Nick Tsouknaskis, owner of Pizza Chef.                                              cations to promote health and safety for chil-
                                                          Families, kids, and mini-                                     dren of all ages at CHaD’s 8th Annual Health
                                                          golf buffs enjoyed a                                          and Safety Fair. From car seat safety, photo IDs,
                                                          beautiful sunny day, a                                        oreos and milk promoting the importance of
                                                          round of miniature golf,                                      strong bones, a scavenger hunt and bike
                                                          a rubber ducky race,                                          helmets, there was something for everyone!
                                                          prizes, and a barbecue                                        Members of the Dartmouth Football Team
                                                          all to raise money for                                                                     volunteered for the
                                                          CHaD. Each hole sport-                                                                     weekend, making
                                                          ed a business sponsor,                                                                     finger casts for
                                                          while others gave prizes                                                                   kids. Over 3,000
                                                          such as a hot air balloon                                                                  people braved
                                                          ride and lobster dinner                                                                    April’s cold snowy
                                                          from Quechee Balloon                                                                       days to enjoy our
                                                          Adventures for the best                                                                    educational and
                                                          team score.                                                                                fun-filled learning
                Alexia Rozycki and Sarah Trautlein                                                                                                   experience!
                line up their shots.

         10                 M AT T E R S
    CHaD_Matters_Sum02.qxd           6/26/02      12:21 PM   Page 11

t      aD Vroooom!
     CH D                                                    The CHaD Dragster Is Ready to Race
                                                                  ON’T BE SURPRISED IF YOU SEE THE
                                                                    CHaD logo on a New England
                                                                    racetrack this summer. CHaD
                                                             has friends and supporters in many
                                                             places, including the world of drag
                                                             racing. KMP Enterprise, a promotion
                                                             and custom vehicle accessory com-
                                                             pany, prominently displays the CHaD
                                                             logo on the top center of its 24-foot
                                                             long, race-ready, gas dragster.
                                    Mike Mobley,
                                    Nike sponsored               Marc and Kim Petit, owners of
                                    US Long Drive            KMP Enterprise, learned about
                                    Champion, drives         CHaD when Kim was pregnant with
                                    the ball—WOW—            son Eric in 1999. At 25 weeks, Kim
                                    330 yards!!!             was transferred from Nashua’s South-
                                                             ern NH Medical Center to DHMC,
                                                             where she gave birth to Eric three
                                                             weeks later. He was small—three
                                                             pounds—and spent almost two
                                                             months on a ventilator, but thanks to
                                                             the care at CHaD, he is a happy
                                                             three-year-old “lovebug” with few
                                                             health issues.
                                                                 “The hospital took such good
        And QLLA Charities                                   care of Eric,” says Kim, the proud
        is FORE the kids!!!                                  mother of two. “They supported Marc, daugh-           The Petits also bring the dragster to events
        Lorraine Guile and Sharin Lute, event organiz-                                                         across the state and take pictures of children
                                                             ter Alison, Eric and me 100 percent…even af-
        ers, have a lot to smile about. The Quechee
                                                             ter we left the medical center.”                  next to the car, donating the proceeds to
        Lakes Landowners Association Charities, Inc.
                                                                 Because of their positive experience with     CHaD. It’s always a big hit.
        raised over $58,000 at this year’s CHaD Clas-
        sic to benefit the new CHaD Ambulatory Center.       CHaD, the Petits joined the Friends of CHaD.          “What we hear a lot is ‘Whoa, look at this
        A record crowd of 245 golfers enjoyed a great        And when the Petits decided to race, they         thing!’“ says Kim. “Everyone stops to take a
        day on the pristine Lakeland and Highland            included the CHaD logo on the dragster.           closer look, and people are pretty impressed
        Courses at the beautiful Quechee Country Club.           The Petits had always been interested in      by the craftsmanship.”
        Michael Mobley and David Corton, the long            racing and, with Eric healthy and happy, Marc         With the addition of a 565 Eagle Rac-
        drive champions from the US and Canada, en-          decided to attend the Frank Hawley School         ing Motor in April 2002, the dragster was
        tertained golfers at an exhibition as well as on     of Drag Racing in September 2000. Two             ready to race. The Petits knew it was fast—it
        one hole of each course. Terrific hole-in-one        months later, they bought their own car from      had been down the track a dozen times be-
        prizes raised the stakes, raffles with fantastic                                                       fore its first official race on May 5. “Marc was
                                                             Undercover Chassis, a Florida-based drag-
        prizes and auctions created a flurry in the crowd
                                                             ster design company. Although you can pur-        five thousandths of a second off on the start
        that added to
                                                             chase a turn-key set up (a complete car deliv-    light and we lost, but the seat time in the car
        the fun and ex-
        citement of the                                      ered to you at a race in your area), the Petits   was very profitable. We knew how to correct
        day. A huge                                          opted to buy the engine separately. The custom-   the problem for the next race,” says Kim.
        thanks to the                                        built Signature Series solid mount dragster,          In addition to hitting the New England rac-
        sponsors, the                                        without motor, arrived in September 2001.         ing circuit this summer, the Petits will be
        players and the                                          When the Petits had the dragster lettered     attending DHMC events to support CHaD. The
        wonderful vol-                                       that fall, they added the CHaD logo. “Bringing    dragster was on hand at the Second Annual
        unteers that con-                                    the CHaD Logo to the races is our way of say-     Health and Safety Fair at the Dartmouth-
        tributed to the                                                                                        Hitchcock Clinic in April and the Celebrate!
                                                             ing thank you to the people who saved our
        day’s success.
                                                             son,” says Kim. “We want people in the area       anniversary event at DHMC in June.
                                        Lorraine Guile       to be aware of the availability of this kind of       “We can go racing because our family is
                                        and Sharin Lute      support. And we know that an ‘attention get-      intact,” says Kim. “Our story has a happy
                                                             ter’ like the dragster can boost donations.”      ending and an exciting new beginning.”

                                                                                                                                      M AT T E R S                11
CHaD_Matters_Sum02.qxd          6/26/02    12:20 PM     Page 12

                                                                                                       Take                  Note
                                                                          A new, national 800 number has been
                                                                          launched for people needing information
                                                                          about poisonings. People anywhere in
                                                                          the country can now call the 800
                                                                          number and be connected with the
                            Circus                                        designated poison center in that state.
                                                                          Last year, specially trained DHMC
                           Smircus                                        nurses and pharmacists at the New
                        is coming to town!!!                              Hampshire Poison Information Center
                                                                          handled more than 17,000 calls.
      All Proceeds to Benefit Pediatric Oncology
                   August 19 & 20, 2 PM and 7 PM
                  Lebanon High School Grounds
                Order your tickets today before they sell out.           CHaD Events Schedule
                 $10 in advance and $12 at the door.                    July 19, NASCAR DAY for the Kids.                   day on Sunday, September 15 at Legends
                                                                        Sixty CHaD and David’s House kids and their         Golf in Hooksett, NH. There will be
                          # of tickets                         total                                                        a mini-golf tournament for all ages, prizes,
                                                                        families will be the guests of honor at a special
     Monday Aug. 19, 2 PM _________          x $10 = ______________     VIP luncheon and visit to pit row, complements      raffles, food, music, and much more all to
                      7 PM _________         x $10 = ______________     of New Hampshire International Speedway.            support CHaD. For more information or to
                                                                                                                            find out how to be a sponsor, please contact
     Tuesday Aug. 20, 2 PM _________         x $10 = ______________     August 17, WZID’s Kidstock will be held
                                                                                                                            Cinnamon Decato at (603)650-7250.
                                                                        at Charmingfare Farms, Candia, NH. All
                      7 PM _________         x $10 = ______________
                                                                        proceeds to benefit Kristens Gift, a dedicated      September 18, 2nd Annual Help a
      ❑ Sorry we can’t come to the circus.                              fund for Pediatric Oncology at CHaD. Music,
                                                                        activities, and fun galore. For information call
                                                                                                                            Child Smile Golf Tournament at Green
          Please accept our donation of $_____________                                                                      Meadows Country Club, Hudson, NH.
                                                                        Cinnamon Decato, (603)650-7250.                     Sponsored by Wal-Mart, times are 8AM
                                                                        August 19 and 20, Circus Smirkus,                   registration and 9AM Tee-off. For information
        Name                                                                                                                call David McWilliams, (603)650-2360.
                                                                        the internationally recognized, award-winning,
                                                                        all youth circus will be held at Lebanon High
                                                                                                                            September 29, Move-along-athon.
        Address                                                         School, with shows at 2PM and 7PM.
                                                                                                                            Walk, run, rollerblade, bike? It does not
                                                                        Sponsored by the Friends of CHaD and Norris
                                                                                                                            matter how you move, just move for CHaD.
        City                                   State   Zip              Cotton Cancer Center, all proceeds will benefit
                                                                                                                            Join us for the 1st annual CHaD Move-along-
                                                                        the Pediatric Oncology program. For tickets
                                                                                                                            athon in Manchester on Sunday, September
                                                                        and information, see the ad on this page.
        Phone                                                                                                               29. Exercise and fun combined? Don’t miss
                                                                        September 15, Legends Mini-golf                     out! For more information on registering for
                                                                        Tournament. Every dollar and every stroke           the event or becoming a sponsor, please call
                                                                        counts. Come out and join us for a fun-filled       Cinnamon Decato at (603)650-7250.
     Please clip and send with a check payable to:
     FNCCC - Circus Project
     Attn: Deborah F. Scribner                                         CHaD Matters is published by the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth. Please address correspondence to:
                                                                       Sharon Brown, CHaD, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, One Medical Center Dr., Lebanon, NH 03756.
     Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
     One Medical Center Drive, Lebanon, NH 03756                       Writers: Laura Jean Whitcomb, Sharon Brown, Deborah Solomon
     For more information, or to order by phone, call (800)226-8744.   Artwork and layout: Roger Goode
                                                                       Photography: Mark Austin-Washburn, Fun & Activities snapshots provided by CHaD

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