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									                   Palm Avenue, Main Street & Five Points Roundabout Project

                       Major projects are underway in Downtown Sarasota: Palm Avenue, Main Street & Five Points
                       Project and the Palm Avenue Parking Garage. The completion of these projects will enhance the
                       downtown by providing ample parking, safer and more walkable streets, and beautification of the
                       area. These projects embrace the five priorities established by the Sarasota City Commission:
Five Points            economic development and recovery, transportation and mobility, budget and financing,
Roundabout             environmental sustainability and quality of life. These projects embrace the priorities through
                       creation of jobs, improving pedestrian traffic downtown, economizing by combining projects,
                       enhancing green space to the benefit of the residents, businesses and visitors.
Palm & Main

Palm Avenue
Garage                         Five Points Roundabout             Palm/Main                       Palm Parking Garage

                       Five Points Roundabout
                       The five point intersection of Main Street,
Utilities              Pineapple Avenue and Central Avenue will be
                       reconstructed as a modern roundabout. What
                       once was a center trough will become a center
Schedule               piece for the downtown area. The focal point of
                       the roundabout will be the American flag flanked
                       with the State of Florida and the City of Sarasota
To schedule a          flags surrounded by decorative brick pavers. In
presentation           1917, after Sarasota’s first contingent of
contact Mary                                                              servicemen went overseas to fight in World War
Ellen Maurer, PE                                                          I, a flagpole and a Stars and Stripes, donated by
at mary.maurer@                                                           Bertha Palmer to honor those serving in the                                                           Great War, replaced the trough. Shortly after
or 941-365-2200                                                           their return home, the townspeople gathered to
ext 6221
                                                                          watch the proud young men parade along Main
After Hours 941-                                                          Street, greeting them with cheers; a heartfelt
955--4838                                                                 WELCOME BUDDIES was painted on the road in
                                                                          front of the flagpole. Included in this project is
                                                                          the replacement of the curb and gutters,
                                                                          stormwater pipes, water lines and asphalt
                       pavement. The message to all our veterans of, “Welcome Buddies”, will be restored and the
                       American flag will fly high again at the center of it all, surrounded by red brick pavers and lush
                       greenery, including additional canopy trees and palms. Beneath the antique clock at Five Points, a
                       plaque will be installed commemorating our history here.
                   Palm Avenue, Main Street & Five Points Roundabout Project

                       Palm Avenue & Main Street Bulb-Outs
                                         From Palm Avenue to the roundabout at Pineapple Avenue and Main Street,
                                         an antiquated water main has been replaced. The water main extends on Palm
                                         Street to the new Parking Garage. The waterline placement was completed
                                         one week ahead of schedule. The roadway was opened after eleven days.
Five Points                              Included in this project is the milling and resurfacing of the roadway from
Roundabout                               Palm to Pineapple on Main Street. The existing landscaping will be enhanced
                                         with Palm Trees and shrubbery. The contractor is doing an excellent job of
                                         upholding the motto, “Get In, Get It Done and Get Out!”
Palm & Main
                       Palm Avenue Multi-use Parking Garage
                       The Palm Avenue Multi-use Parking Garage will be
                       located northwest of the Palm Ave. and Main St.
                       intersection, will accommodate approximately 743
                       vehicle parking spaces, 20 motorcycle spaces and 80
Palm Avenue            bicycle spaces. It will include 12,000 square feet of retail
Parking                and restaurant space and will be designed to LEED
Garage                 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold
                       standards. At 17 feet, the sidewalks will be extra wide
                       and will include a combination of shade trees, palm
Utilities              trees and vegetation. To date, the foundation is completed.

                       The infrastructure of the roadways and parking garage is being replaced with new services. Ten inch
Schedule               waterlines are replacing the 50 year old eight inch waterlines on Palm Avenue, Main Street and
                       Pineapple Avenue within the work zones. Underground facilities for power, cable and
                       communication are completed in the alleyways. Through a coordinated effort and redesign only
To schedule a          one waterline shut down is anticipated.
contact Mary           Schedule
Ellen Maurer, PE       Palm Avenue Parking Garage: April - December 2010
at mary.maurer@                July-September: Parking Level 1 through 6 Construction                September – October: Wall Panel Construction
or 941-365-2200                November – Architectural Features
ext 6221                       December – Interior and Exterior Completion
After Hours 941-       Five Points Roundabout/Palm Avenue & Main Street Intersection: June - November 2010
955--4838                      July 1-4: NO Work: All lanes open to vehicular traffic
                               July 5- September 3: Waterline, stormwater, curb and hardscape at 5 Points (5 Pts Closed)
                               September 6 –All Lanes to open to vehicular traffic
                               September 7- October: Waterline, stormwater, curb and hardscape work on Palm Avenue
                               November: Landscaping, milling and resurfacing all areas at night

                       Sign up for project and schedule updates at,
                       Downtown Improvements.

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