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                                           Camper Preparations


Each piece of camper clothing MUST have the camper’s name and site written on it. If possible, only
bring old clothing to camp. If it must be new, wash the clothing before sending it to camp. Make sure
bedwetters have additional sleepwear. Each site should bring extra clothes, pajamas, and underwear
(label extra clothing with site name).

Staff are required to inventory each child’s clothing and document this inventory on the “Clothing
Checklist” that can be found posted on the camp webpage at Scan the “Clothing
Checklist” and email this pdf file to Vickie Liendo at by 6/13, or any day thereafter until
the first day of camp.

Items to pack:

    1.    1 pair of sneakers (worn to camp; in good condition)
    2.    1 pair of boots or extra sneakers (in good condition)
    3.    2 swimsuits/trunks
    4.    1 bathing cap
    5.    1 hat
    6.    2 pairs of water shoes
    7.    2 pairs of sleepwear (4 for bedwetters)
    8.    10 shorts
    9.    10 t-shirts
    10.   10 pairs of underwear
    11.   10 pairs of socks
    12.   2 sweat shirts
    13.   2 sweat pants
    14.   2 pair of long pants
    15.   1 set of rain gear

The dress code for camp is as follows:

    1.    Girls will wear ONLY one piece bathing suits.
    2.    Girls will NOT be permitted to wear skimpy or low cut tops/blouses.
    3.    Girls’ hair should be braided.
    4.    Boys’ hair should be cut short.
    5.    Campers will NOT be permitted to wear short shorts (Daisy Dukes).
    6.    Campers must wear only sneakers (with socks) and boots (with socks). Shoes with heels and
          sandals are NOT allowed.
    7. Campers may not bring or wear any jewelry to camp (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.).
          If this occurs, the jewelry will be placed in an envelope and sent back to the site at the
          end of camp.

Camper Preparations                                                                Revised 2/14/11
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Bedding and Towels:

Sheets, pillows, blankets, towels and washcloths will be provided at camp.


Toiletries will be supplied by camp. The items included will be comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo,
lotion, deodorant, sunscreen, feminine hygiene products, and bug spray. Do not bring any cologne, hair
gel or mousse, perfume or hairspray for any campers.


Laundry will be completed by a local Laundromat. Sites do not have to send any laundry money to camp.

Electronic Equipment

Campers may bring their own walkman, game boys or ipods to camp. Campers may play with
these electronic devices in their rooms during rest time and break time. These items cannot be
brought out of their rooms, for safety reasons. Campers will receive one warning to put away the
equipment. If a second warning is required, the device will be taken away until camp is over.


Campers are not allowed to bring any food to camp. If a camper is on a special diet, the prescribed food
will be provided at camp.

Camper Preparations                                                                Revised 2/14/11

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