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Support groups/supports for parents who    SPECIAL NEEDS INTEREST
have children with any kind of             GROUP FOR NORTHEAST BERKS
behavioral challenges, developmental       Support for parents of special needs
disabilities, social, emotional concerns   children
or addictions.                             Dianna Berger
                                           112 Forge Dam Road
                                           Hamburg Pa 19526
PA FAMILIES INC                            610-488-1958
LIST                                       SUPPORT GROUP                     Support for parents of children with
                                           tourettes syndrome
                                           Susan Lutz
                                           327 Perry Road
GRANDPARENTS RAISING                       Shoemakersville Pa 19555
RESILIENT YOUTH                            610-562-8785
Yvonne Stroman
Community Prevention Partnership
227 North 5th St                           THE PARENT SUPPORT GROUP
Reading Pa 19601                           PADRES SIN BARRERA
610-376-6988                               Support for parents with challenging
                                           Elizabeth E. Hemmings
GRANDPARENTS RIGHTS                        227 North 5th St
SUPPORT GROUP                              Reading Pa 19601
Support group for grandparents and         610-376-6988
great-grandparents that are denied
visitation with their grandchildren or
great grandchildren.                       BRAIN INJURY SUPPORT GROUP
Vicki- 717-336-0160                        Welcomes parents of brain injured
Adamstown                                  children
Diane- 717-336-3781                        Pamela Reeves-610-374-0989
                                           1308 East Wyomissing Blvd
                                           Reading Pa 19611
NAMI BERKS COUNTY                          Or
Support for parents/loved ones of those    Bette Turner-717-484-2151
affected by mental health issues
Mary Lou Guntz
PO Box 6642
Wyomissing Pa 19610

The group, which will be open to          ADVOCATES
survivors, their family, and friends,     Advocates provide specialized
will hold its first meeting on            knowledge about special education and
Wednesday, May 19th at 7 PM in the        the laws that provide you and your child
education room at the Post-Acute          benefits, privileges and protections.
Rehabilitation Hospital at 2802 
Papermill Rd. in Wyomissing.
Subsequent meetings will be held on       SPECIAL ED ADVOCATE
the third Wednesday of the month.         Trish E. Luberda, CSEC
The group will focus on providing its     Certified Special Education
members with education, emotional         Consultant & Paralegal
support, and opportunities for            610-334-8381
socialization. call Dr. Heather 
Nissley at 484-388-2681 or 610-988-       www.advocates4U.
HELP FOR INFO                             Fee based and provides contractual
                                          Specializes in advocacy for autistic
ADDITION 12/17                            spectrum disorders and specific learning
SUPPORT GROUP FOR PARENTS                 disabilities.
PRESERVATION                              Amber Mintz
If you have family/loved ones             Wernersville Pa
involved with Children and Youth          610-927-9904
Services in Berks County this   
support group is for you.
Group meets Wed and Fridays 6:30-         RIGHT TO EDUCATION TASK
7:30pm at the                             FORCE #14
Mental Health Association                 This group meets to address issues
122 West Lancaster Ave                    regarding students receiving special
Suite 207                                 education services. Members include
Shilllington Pa 19607                     parents, school officials and community
http://www.familiesunitedforfamilyprese   reps. Any parent welcome                              Tom Dareneau
Lori Barr: 484- 638- 5220 Chair           610-603-0227
Nevin Hallacher: 610-779- 3096 Co-
Lizzette Fedena: 610- 621- 5682
(Spanish Speaking Interpreter)
Tammie Smith: 610- 406-1858
Donna Morganti: 610-914-5490
(Political Advisor)

6 wk program to provide parents with       Mental Retardation advocacy,
the skills they need to communicate        awareness, information and referral.
effectively with their children,           Tom Dareneau Ex. Director
encourage better behavior using positive   Kenhorst Professional Center
discipline techniques, teach               1829 New Holland Road
responsibility                             Suite 9
Friend Inc. Community Services             Reading Pa 19607
658 D Nobel Street                         610-603-0227
Kutztown Pa 19530                
                                            PARENT ADVOCATE FOR
Information and support group for all      Provides advocacy/support for parents
parents and children                       who have children even adult children
Contact information- 610-683-9012 or       involved in the MR system
610-683-7790 #3                            Patty Firsching
                                           210 Summer Hill Drive
ABILITIES IN MOTION PARENT                 Gilbertsville Pa 19525
SUPPORT GROUP                              610-473-9113
Group is for parents who have a child
with a disability.
First meeting at Fairgrounds Square        ALANON
Mall                                       Support for parents/loved ones of those
For more info call Jaclyn at AIM           involved with substance abuse
610-376-0010                               610-373-5237

TRANSITION MAP is an online hub of         ALANON/ALATEEN
information and resources for              Support for parents/loved ones of those
transitioning youth ages 14-21, with       abusing alcohol/drugs
developmental disabilities who are         Info and referral hotline
graduating from special education and      610-373-5237
entering adult life in the community
Transition Consultant                      THE BERKS COMMUNITY ACTION
Jennifer Graham                            PROGRAM (BCAP) FAMILY
215-641-1200                               CENTER                      Wednesday Morning Parent Time
                                           Support, education, registration required
                                           Berks Community Action Program
                                           518and 529 Washington St.,
                                           Reading, PA 19601

B.I.L.Y.                                    AUTISM
Support/education for parents of  
behaviorally challenged kids                with_autism/
Harold Carver
759 Penn Ave                                NATIONAL AUTISM ASSOCIATION
Glenside Pa 19038                           Group provides support groups and
610-845-6019                                online support group.Connects families
                                            to available resources and fundraises to
SURVIVORS OF SUICIDE                        provide grants to defray costs for
SOS                                         services and treatment not covered by
Support for those who have lost a loved     insurance and medical assistance.
one to suicide                              Jackie Hines-President Pa chapter
Mental Health Association                   522 Hackman Road
122 West Lancaster Avenue                   Lititz Pa 17543-9725
Shillington Pa                    
Ed Shaffer - group leader                   717-625-2120
                                            Support group meetings at Schreiber
ADOPTION FORUM INC                          Pediatrics in Lancaster the 1st Tuesday of
Support for adult adoptee, birth and        month from 6:30 to 8:30pm from Sept to
adoptive parents                            May.
Judy Cotton
21 Northridge Drive W                       ONLINE AUTISM SUPPORT
Mohnton Pa 19540                            GROUP
610-777-9742                                Hosted by National Autism Assoc
DIAKON POST PERMANENCY                      AA_PA/
SUPPORT GROUP                               For more info call 717-625-2120
Atonement Lutheran Church
5 Wyomissing Blvd                           MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION
Wyomissing Pa                               Maintains a list of support groups in
Childcare provided- registration required   Reading/Berks area. Support groups are
Contact Christine Smith-Hoh                 for various physical, behavioral, cancer,
 610-682-1510                               infertility etc. For complete list call. 610-                       775-3000
                                            122 West Lancaster Ave
.AUTISM  SOCIETY OF BERKS                   Suite 207
COUNTY                                      Shillington Pa 19607
PO Box 6683                                 610-775-3000
Wyomissing Pa 19610

PROGRAM FOR PARENT                         SUPPORT GROUP
EDUCATION ADVOCACY                         Toni Pederson
Allbright College Radio                    email group
4th Friday 11am WXAC91.3         
610-921-7545                               484-366-7279

BCTV                                       Support and Education for Asperger’s
( local Berks county cable)                Syndrome, meetings in Bethlehem
Educational Parent Advocacy-               Kimberly Heinrichs
4th Monday of month 7pm                    610-706-0664
Replayed 3 times a month         
                                           Kate Budlong
BERKS CONNECTIONS                          610-749-0332
A parent/family group for those who
have adult children/spouses incarcerated
in Berks County Prison. Meets at Mental
Health Assn 2nd & 4th Thursday of
month at 7pm                               REGIONAL AND STATEWIDE
LIFE                                          HEADQUARTERS INC. (WSO)
Support group for parents of children in     22527 CRENSHAW BOULEVARD,
special education in Reading and Berks                   SUITE 200B
County.                                      TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA 90505
Meet 3rd Tuesday , 7-9pm                         TOLL FREE: 1 800 477 6291                            PHONE: (310) 534-8188
Contact                                               FAX: (310) 534-8688
Michelle Ford & Elizabeth Hemmings            E-MAIL:
610-376-6988 x225                          On-Line Forum:
Support for those affected and their
families/loved ones              
Pam Reeves                                 Anon/Pennsylvania.html
1308 East Wyomissing Blvd
Reading Pa 19611                           MOMSTELL
610-374-0989                               Support/education/advocacy for parents
Bette Turner-717-484-2151                  of children involved with drugs
                                           PO Box 450 Mechanicsburg, Pa 17055
                                           Sharon Smith

FETAL ALCOHOL SPECTRUM                      ADDITION 12/1/10
EXCELLENCE                                  GUARD STATE FAMILY            PROGRAM BRANCH
Website provides info on FASD.    
FASD is an umbrella term describing         800-634-1790
the range of effects that can occur in an   Family Assistance Center Specialists
individual whose mother drank alcohol       Family Readiness Group Leaders
during pregnancy. These may include         State Child and Youth Program
physical , mental, behavioral, and /or      Joint Family Support Assistance
learning disabilities with possible         Program
lifelong implications.                      County Locations: Lehigh, Bucks,
                                            Philadelphia, Berks, Lebanon, Dauphin,
AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR                     Cumberland, Cambria, Allegheny,
SUICIDE PREVENTION                          Washington, Venango, Union,
AFSP-Greater Philadelphia                   Lackawanna
Pat Gainey, Philadelphia Regional
Director                                    PENNSYLVANIA EDUCATION
3535 Market Street, Suite 4047              FOR ALL COALITION (PEAC)
Philadelphia, PA 19104                      Diane Perry, President
(215) 746-7256                              PO Box 263
fax: (215) 746-7307                         Norwood, Pa 19074                            610-522-0698
ADDITION 12/13                              A partnership of parents, educators,
OPERATION MILITARY KIDS                     related prfessionals and others working
Operation: Military Kids is the U.S.        together to support the education of ALL
Army's collaborative effort with            children, together in their neighborhood
America's communities to support            schools, including children of different
children and youth impacted by              backgrounds and abilities.
                                            PA COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL
814-865-2264 Project Director Susan
                                            The principal purpose of the Assoc shall
814-863-3828 Christie Bartley
                                            be to advance the education and welfare Military liason
                                            of children and youth with
                                            Dreamalee Brotz
                                            Plymouth-Whitemarsh HS
                                            201 E. Germantown Pike
                                            Plymouth Meeting Pa 19462
                                            610-825-1500 Ext 2014

ABC EDUCATION ADVOCACY                     PARENT EDUCATION NETWORK                        Pennsylvania’s statewide Parent
Step-by-Step Parent Advocacy and           Training and Information Center
Resources for families of children with    supports parents of children with special
special needs in Pa public Schools         needs and includes information and links
Contact is Pam Cook                        to Federal Special Education, National
412-851-0252                               Disability Issues and Resources, Special
                                           Education Legal Links, Transportation
KIDS TOGETHER INC                          and Travel.
PO Box 45                                  2107 Industrial Highway
Quakertown Pa 18951                        York Pa 17402                     717-600-0100
Volunteer non-profit provides info on      1-800-522-5827
inclusive communities including and
advocate education listserv, email
newsletter and website info.               LANCASTER LEARNING CENTER
                                           Masonic Learning Centers for Children,
PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL-AGE                    Inc
CHILD CARE ALLIANCE- PENN                  213 West Chestnut Street
SACCA                                      Lancaster, Pa 17603
Group is committed to the expansion of     717-481-5680
high quality school-age care and after-    Michael G Hall, Director
school programs for children and youth.
Membership is dedicated to the support
of school-age professionals ands the       Center for children with
development of quality school-age          dyslexic/learning challenges.
programs through advocacy and
education.                                 READING LEARNING CENTER                          Masonic Learning Centers for Children,
Carolyn Hawk- 570-323-7134                 Inc
Joyce Lang- 610-332-6541                   310 South Seventh Avenue
                                           West Reading Pa 19611
EDUCATION LAW CENTER                       610-208-0228
Non-profit legal advocacy and              Brenda Wise Director
educational organization dedicated to
ensuring that all of Pennsylvania’s
children have access to a quality public   Center for children with
education                                  dyslexic/learning challenges

VISION FOR EQUALITY INC                      ADDITION 12/13
The Cast Iron Building                       PA SCHOOL TALK
718 Arch St                                  A new site that provides a forum for
6th floor North                              people who have concerns and ideas
Philadelphia Pa 19106                        about public education in Pennsylvania.
215-923-3349                                 Some ELL Task Force members have              already joined the site. We’d really like
To assist people with disabilities and       to see more ideas and information on
their families access supports and           ELL issues on the site – but that will
services                                     only happen if more join
CONSULTLINE                                  ADDITION 12/13
6340 Flank Drive, Suite 600                  English Language Learners (ELL)
Harrisburg Pa 17112                          Task Force
800-992-4334 or 717-541-4960                 The ELL Task Force is a group, now
Special ed communication & conflict          over 10 years old, that meets
resolution. Call for help with school, IEP   regularly around the state to discuss
conflicts. Manual available.                 the education of English language
This Manual is under revision in light of    learners in Pennsylvania. There are
regulatory changes. For inquiries            nearly 200 people on the Task Force
regarding parent rights and procedural       mailing list, including educators,
safeguards, please contact the Special       social service providers, advocates,
Education ConsultLine at 1-800-879-          and parents. Meetings and e-mail
2301. For questions regarding due            updates enable the task force to
process, please contact Lori Shafer, Case    work together on ELL concerns at
Manager, at 1-800-222-3353, Ext. 3319.       both the state and local levels. For
For questions regarding Mediation,           an end-of-year report on what the
please contact Judy Shanabrough, Case        Task Force did this year, including
Manager, at 1-800-222-3353, Ext. 3301.       information on the results of our work                           with the PA Department of
CONSULTINE- 1-800-879-2301                   Education, visit our ELL Task Force
                                             webpage. (And for additional
ADDITION 12/13                               resources and publications on ELL
SPEAKING OF SPEECH IEP GOAL                  law and policy, see the Education
BANK website                                 Law Center website.)
This IEP GOAL BANK is the place              http://www.elc-
where you can "deposit" your own    To
IEP goals/objectives and "withdraw"          be added to the Task Force mailing
the goals/objectives contributed by          list, contact Len Rieser at
others. Few things cause more angst
in our profession than writing IEP

MENTORS FOR SELF                             PENNSYLVANIA CLIENT
DETERMINATION                                ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
Janet A. Brouse                              CAP
1414 North Cameron Street Suite B            Advocacy program helps people who are
Harrisburg Pa 17103                          seeking services from the OVR,
717-233-2252                                 Blindness, Visual Services, Centers for
1-877-233-2008                               Independent Living and other programs                        funded under federal law.
Statewide group for people with              Provides you with info and advice about
disabilities and families offers training,   rehab programs, advises you of your
technical assistance and support thru        legal rights and responsibilities, helps
mentoring                                    you resolve problems that may arise
A member of The Partnership.                 while you are seeking services from
                                             rehab programs,
MENTORS FOR SELF                             There is no charge.
DETERMINATION                                PHILADELPHIA OFFICE
Group of self advocates, family              215-557-7112
members and caregivers whose mission         1-888-745-CDLP
is to provide current and accurate           HARRISBURG OFFICE
information to people regarding the MR       717-364-1733
system in Pa. We offer statewide   
mentoring so people have a better
understanding of the system, promote         JOB ACCOMMODATION
self determination by sharing life           NETWORK
erperiences and networking with others.      JAN helps you hire,retain,promote
This is done in one session or group         qualified employees/applicants with
session called Family Connections.           disabilities, provide
Debbie Leasure                               accommodationoptions,etc
                                             TRANSITION MAP is an online hub of
TEENCENTRAL.NET                              information and resources for
TeenCentral.Net is a prevention and          transitioning youth ages 14-21, with
intervention resource for teens and is       developmental disabilities who are
dedicated to improving the lives of all      graduating from special education and
youth by providing emotional support         entering adult life in the community
and appropriate references in a safe Web     Transition Consultant
environment where identity is protected      Jennifer Graham
and anonymity is respected.                  215-641-1200

REHABILITATION                                Meets at the Beehive
OVR provides services to eligible             1327 East Carson St
persons with disabilites with the goal of     Pittsburgh Pa 15203
getting or keeping competitive                Contact Mike Reber
employment. You will be eligible for
OVR services if: You have a disability        YOU is a support and advocacy network
that is physical, mental, or emotional        of young adults for young adults. It’s
impairment which results in a substantial     members are either involved in a child
impediment to employment, and you can         serving system or they were. This
benefit in terms of an employment             support is peer driven and the group
outcome from services provided, and ,         works to meet youth where they are to
Vocational Rehabilitation services are        solve problems and deal wit issues that
required for you to prepare for, enter,       are important to them.
engage in or retain gainful employment.       Website:
A Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor         Mail address:
will determine eligibility.                   Youth Outreach Union
OVR provides a wide range of services         PO Box 97771
to eligible applicants. The individual        Pittsburgh Pa 15227
being served and the vocational
rehabilitation counselor develop an           ADDITION 11/30
Individualized Employment Plan jointly.       STRENGTH OF US NAMI WEBSITE
The services you receive will be              FOR YOUNG ADULTS
arranged to meet your individual needs.
Not everyone will need every service.         New social networking website and
OVR services include: diagnostic              online resource center for young adults
services, vocational evaluation,              living with a mental health conditions.
counseling, training, restoration services,   Developed by young adults,
placement assistance, assistive      is a user-driven social
technology, and support services. There       networking community where young
is no chanrge for diagnostic services,        adults can connect with peers, provide
counseling and job placement. However,        mutual support and share personal
a customer maybe required sharing the         stories, creativity and helpful resources
cost of other services after a financial      by writing and responding to blog
needs assessment is completed.                entries, iming, engaging in discussion
Additional information , including local      groups, posting on “The Wire” and
OVR office locations can be found on          sharing videos, photos and other news., click on disability      The website also includes an online
services. Also find OVR offices across        resource center that addresses topics
the state.                                    young adults identified as being
717-787-7834                                  critically important to them.

ACTIVE MINDS SUPPORT AT                       General Information:
Active Minds is only org. working to
utilize the student voice regarding
mental health.By developing and            MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION
supporting chapters of a student-run mh    IN PENNSYLVANIA
health awareness, education & advocacy     MHAPA works on behalf of mental
group on camput, org works to provide      health through advocacy, education and
info and resources etc. They encourage     public policy.
students to seek help asap and serve as    Wendy Luckenbill, Family/Child Policy
liason between students and the mh         Coordinator
community.                                 1-800-692-7443
• Bryn Mawr College (Bryn Mawr, PA)
• Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA)
• Cabrini College (Radnor, PA)
• Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA)         PARENT TO PARENT
• Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA)     Linking familes of children or adults
• Gettysburg College (Gettysburg, PA)      with disabilities or special needs.
                                           Network created by families for families
• Immaculata University (Immaculata,
                                           of children and adults with special
                                           needs. We connect families in similar
• Indiana University of Pennsylvania
                                           situations with one another so that they
(Indiana, PA)
                                           may share experiences, offer practical
• Juniata College (Huntingdon, PA)         information and/or support.
• Lafayette College (Easton, PA)
                                           Parent to Parent of PA
• Mercyhurst College (Erie, PA)
                                           1-888-727-2706 will connect you
• Miscericordia University (Dallas, PA)    with your nearest regional office.
• Montgomery County Community College      Web:
(Blue Bell, PA)
• Moravian College (Bethlehem, PA)         SE Region
• Muhlenberg College (Allentown, PA)       Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester,
• Philadelphia University (Philadelphia,   Lancaster, Montgomery, Berks,
PA)                                        Bucks, Schuylkill
• University of Pennsylvania               Regional Coordinators: Cara Forrest
(Philadelphia, PA) (founding chapter)      Office: Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13,
• University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh,    1110 Enterprise Road, Ste A, East
PA)                                        Petersburg, PA 17520
• University of Pittsburgh at Bradford     Office Ph: 717-606-1298
(Bradford, PA)                             Fax: 717-606-1445
• Ursinus College (Collegeville, PA)       Email:
   West Chester University (West
Chester, PA)                               NE Region
• Amy Tannenbaum, Chapters                 Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon,
Coordinator:           Monroe, Pike, Luzerne,
(eastern US)                               Lackawanna, Wyoming, Wayne,
                                           Regional Coordinator: Jody L. Miller

Office: Community Relations          Region Coordinator: Lisa Kray
Department, Wayne Memorial           Office: Forest/Warren County
Hospital, 601 Park St, Honesdale,    Human Services, 623 Elm Street,
PA 18431                             PO Box 276, Tionesta, PA 16353
Office Ph: 570-251-3208              Office Ph: 814-755-7610
Fax: 570-253-8993                    Office Fax: 814-755-7617
Email:   Email:

SC Region                            ESPECIALLY FOR PARENTS
York, Adams, Franklin, Fulton,       Especially for Parents is an online
Bedford, Lebanon, Dauphin,           network and forum where parents
Cumberland, Perry, Huntingdon,       of children and youth with special
Blair, Juniata, Mifflin              health care needs can share
Regional Coordinator: Carmen         knowledge and offer support.
Krawczak                             Members are able to start a
Office: N/A                          discussion, share tips, tricks and
Office Ph: 717-540-0263              shortcuts, offer support to others,
Email:                               write a blog, create a group for         parents with similar interests or
                                     situations, create a virtual meeting
NC Region                            spot for a local community group,
Bradford, Sullivan, Columbia,        invite friends to become
Montour, Northumberland, Snyder,     community members, and
Union, Centre, Lycoming, Clinton,    promote events. Visit us by going
Tioga, Potter                        to and
Regional Coordinator:                clicking on the “Parents” button!
Office: 2401 Reach Road, Ste 206.
Williamsport PA 17701                ONLINE SUPPORT GROUP
Office Ph: 570-321-8585              Online groups for parents and children
Office Fax: 570-323-1738             who have many different special needs
SW Region
Somerset, Fayette, Greene,           CAFÉ MOM
Washington, Westmoreland,            Online groups for parents and children
Cambria, Indiana, Allegheny,         who have many different special needs
Armstrong, Butler, Beaver  
Regional Coordinators: Jennifer      hp?keyword=special%20needs
Grybosky, Nicole Zilli
Office: 724-837-6530                 ONLINE CHAT SUPPORT GROUP          Group is for parents who are raising
                                     children with special needs.
NW Region                  
Clearfield, Jefferson, Clarion,
Venango, Lawrence, Mercer, Forest,
Elk, Cameron, McKean, Warren,
Crawford, Erie

ADDITIONS 12/11                                 ELKS HOME NURSE
THE SPECIAL KIDS NETWORK                        Mary Ann Laine, RN visits Lebanon and
Helps parents find resources for their          Berks counties. Her office is at
special needs children and provide              Developmental Disabilities in Lebanon
technical assistance to help groups             Pa . To contact
develop, expand and maintain programs           717-274-3493 or 800-305-2233
and support systems that serve children
with special needs                              AUTISMLINK
1-877-986-4550                                  Support, information etc
WEBSITE                                         Online support groups and discussion                      boards       376 Wagon Wheel Trail          Wexford Pa 15090
4205 (paste in your web browser)                412-377-8778
Also, live chat is available on their 
website too.                          
Email:                       ABOARD
Recreation and Leisure provides                 Support for parents of children with
individuals with disabilities with accessible   autism/autism spectrum, website etc
recreational activities such as                 Howard Carpenter
athletic programs and day or summer             35 Wilson St
camps.                                          Suite 100
Education and Training such as                  Pittsburgh Pa 15223
independent living skill, Braille instruction   1-800-827-9385
and family resource libraries.        
Health Care Products such as adaptive 
clothing, assistive technology, standing &
walking aids.
Support & Advocacy such as parent               ADDITION 12/11
support groups, education and legal             ASERT BUREAU OF AUTISM
advocacy.                                       CALL IN FOR RESOURCES
Social Services & Counseling such as            The center is now open. For info call 1-
family and individual counseling, hospice       877-231-4244
care.                                           Website is: http://www.elc-
Therapy such as equestrian, occupational,
physical, play, speech.
Also help with accessing MA and child
care for children with medical issues

Patricia O’Connor Director
Margie Wood Ast Director

RESEARCH                                    ALLIANCE, INC
3535 Market Street                 
Suite 860                                   1-800-990-3300
Philadelphia, PA 19104                      717-337-1134
1-866-570-6524                                           Provide Information and Support for            those touched by Tourette Syndrome in
The Center for Autism Research (CAR)        the state of PA.
is a collaborative effort between           Provide Consultants to assist parents and
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia     schools with educational plans.
and the University of                       Advocates will do IEP for any child
Pennsylvania. CAR’s goals are to            diagnosed with tourettes in any county in
identify the causes of autism               Pa
spectrum disorders (ASD) and develop
effective treatments. CAR conducts          PRADER-WILLI SYNDROME
research studies for infants at risk for    ASSOCIATION OF
being diagnosed with ASD (due               PENNSYLVANIA
to having a sibling already diagnosed) as   Debbie Fabio
well as toddlers, school-aged               104 Persimmon Place
children, and adults. Families receive      Cranberry Township Pa 16066
comprehensive assessment reports            724-779-4415
and are paid for their time and travel
                                             ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY
STARFISH ADVOCACY                           NETWORK OF PA, INC.
ASSOCIATION                                 Survivors and families facing the future
This is an Internet community for           with hope. Free newsletter, Infoline,
families of children with neurological      brochures, staff, training
disorders such as ADHD, bipolar             215-699-2139
disorder, Asperger’s, PDD, SID,   
learning disabilites, OCD, tourette
syndrome, etc. Services include forum
boards, interactive chat room, moderated    BRAIN INJURY ASSOC OF PA
chats, informational resources, online      2400 Park Drive
classes in educational advocacy,            Harrisburg Pa 17110
education consultations.                    717-657-3601
216-283-2377                                866-635-7097               
Starfish Advocacy Assoc
3341 Warrensville Center Road
Suite 203
Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122

ATTACHMENT                                 SPINA BIFIDA ASSOCIATION
DISORDERATTACh, the Association            2950 Potshop Road
for Treatment and Training in the          PO Box 859
Attachment of Children, is an              Worcester, Pa 19490
international coalition of professionals
and families dedicated to helping those
with attachment difficulties by sharing    610-584-5530
our knowledge, talents and resources.      Fax 215-412-9396                   
Several sites below with info on           PA OFFICE FOR THE DEAF &
selective mutism.                          HARD OF HEARING     PA Office for the Deaf and Hard of
lective+mutism&utm_source=no_health        Hearing phone: 717-783-4912 or 1-800-
_channel&utm_medium=google&utm_c           233-3008 e-mail ra-li-ovr-
http://www.selectivemutismfoundation.o     PA SOCIETY FOR THE
rg/                                        ADVANCEMENT OF THE DEAF            Pa Society for the Advancement of the
BLIND CHILDREN                             MARCH OF DIMES
Supports parents of children with low      160 S Progress Ave, Suite 1C
vision, visual impairment and blilndness   Harrisburg, Pa 17109
throughout Pa.                             717-545-4534
Contact Carlton Walker, President          Fax 717-545-5329
213 North First St               
McConnellsburg Pa 17233          
717-658-9894 c                             MARCH OF DIMES                           1019 West 9th Ave                    King of Prussia, Pa 19406
THE PA PARTNERSHIP FOR THE                 Fax 610-945-6060
The PA Partnership for the Blind contact
Gordon Boe at 215-699-6535 or                          MARCH OF DIMES
                                           1255 S Cedar Crest Blvd., Suite 2500
                                           Allentown Pa 18103

The mission of CRC to minimize the
emotional, physical and economic abuse,    DC4K is a special group to help your
neglect and distress of children and the   children heal from the pain caused by a
development of at-risk behaviors           separation or divorce. DC4K provides
following relationship breakups between    your children with a safe and neutral
parents involved in highly conflicted      place to recognize and learn to share
disputes.                                  their feelings.
Mr Bill Clemens
President                                  For 13 weeks your children become
8049 Pine Road                             involved in a fun, caring group at a
Suite C11                                  church near you. The weekly session
Philadelphia Pa 19111                      topics help your children learn that
215-745-0594                               God’s love strengthens them and helps                     them turn their sadness to hope and their           anger to joy.Each session is filled with
locations-pennsylvania.htm                 motivating and exciting activities.
                                           Games, crafts, role playing, discussion
CRC OF PITTSBURGH                          times, journaling and activity books help
CHILDREN’S RIGHTS COUNCIL                  your children process the divorce and
The mission of CRC to minimize the         move forward in their lives. The music
emotional, physical and economic abuse,    CDs, snacks, read aloud stories,
neglect and distress of children and the   exercises and Bible verses teach your
development of at-risk behaviors           children to relax and rest secure in God’s
following relationship breakups between    love. The Kids Like Me and Stories from
parents involved in highly conflicted      the Bible video dramas present stories of
disputes.                                  children just like your children, who are
Mr Michael Nieland M.D.                    experiencing divorce-related problems
President                                  and have found help and encouragement.
1400 Inverness Avenue                      DC4K is a powerful ministry for kids 5–
Pittsburgh Pa 15217                        12 years of
412-621-0222           PA STATE FOSTER PARENT
locations-pennsylvania.htm                 ASSOCIATION
                                           We advocates for all those who care
                                           about children and their families. We
                                           work supportively with foster, adoptive,
                                           and kinship families, and with local
                                           foster parent associations and agencies
                                           who care for the children we serve.

GOVERNOR’S COMMISSION FOR                            1414 N. Cameron St., Suite C
CHILDREN AND FAMILIES                                Harrisburg, PA 17103
List of Health and Human Services          
List of Advocacy Resources                           1-800-692-7443 [Voice]
Parent Guides                                        1-877-375-7139 [TDD]                           (717) 236-8110 [Voice]
A website with information for parents               (717) 346-0293 [TDD]
and families.                                        (717) 236-0192 [Fax]

PENNSYLVANIA HUMAN RIGHTS                     Philadelphia Office
COMMISSION                                            The Philadelphia Building
Mission is tto administer and enforce the             1315 Walnut St., Suite 400
PHRAct and the PFEOA of Pa for the                    Philadelphia, PA 19107–4798
identification and elimination of                     (215) 238-8070 (Voice)
discrimination and providing of equal                 (215) 789-2498 (TDD)
opportunity for all persons.                          (215) 772-3126 (Fax)
PITTSBURGH OFFICE                           
412-565-5395                                  Pittsburgh Office
HARRISBURG OFFICE                                     429 4th Avenue, Suite 1901
717-787-9784                                          Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1505
PHILADELPHIA OFFICE                                   (412) 391-5225 [Voice]
215-560-2496                                          (412) 467-8940 [TDD]                                  (412) 391-4496 [Fax]
DISABILITY RIGHTS NETWORK                     Wexford Office
Disability Rights Network of                          8500 Brooktree Road
Pennsylvania (DRN) is a statewide, non–               Suite 100
profit corporation designated as the                  Wexford, PA 15090
federally–mandated organization to                    800-276-0928 [Voice]
advance and protect the civil rights of all   724-934-1344 [Fax
adults and children with disabilities.
DRN works with people with disabilities       ACCESS DOCTORS
and their families to ensure their rights     Gives you the tools you need to create an
to live in their communities with the         accessible home or public building.
services they need, to receive a full and
inclusive education, to live free of
discrimination, abuse and neglect, and to
have control and self–determination over
their services.
General information /questions can be
emailed to where
intake workers who are advocates and

Harrisburg Office

4 KIDS                                      PROJECT
Civic engagement initiative that            Provides free legal services and
demonstrates the important role             advocacy to Pennsylvanians having
older adults can play in support of         trouble accessing publicly funded health
issues directly benefitting children        care coverage or service.
and youth. We help adults age               CALL- 1-800-274-3258
50+create statewide networks of             1-866-236-6310 TTY
community leaders and grassroots            EMAIL -
volunteers that raise visibility of older
adults in support of high-quality early
care and education.
Anne Tria Wise
Intergenerational Engagement                PLEASE SEND INFO ON ANY
Manager                                     OTHER GROUPS FOR PARENTS
Generations United                          WHO HAVE CHILDREN WITH
1331 H St. NW Suite 900                     CHALLENGES SUCH AS :
Washington DC 20005                         MENTAL HEALTH, SOCIAL ,
202-289-3979                                EMOTIONAL                                DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES,                                  AUTISM                        LEARNING
                                            DRUG AND ALCOHOL
WIC                                         ADOPTION, FOSTER GROUPS ETC
WOMEN, INFANTS AND                          SEND INFO TO :
CHILDREN NUTRITION PROGRAM                  1-800-947-4941
Provides nutrition education, healthy
foods, breastfeeding support and            Please note we are also now listing
referrals to health and social service      groups for parents who have children
Orgs. PLEASE NOTE; A CHILD WITH             with physical challenges as well.