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					   ‫بسم هللا الرحمن الرحيم‬
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AbdAlRhman Hamad Al Shdoukhy
   Aiedh Nasser Al Bgomiy

                                Submittal to
                   Dr. Nasser Al JarAllah
Saudi Arabia Insurance


           Why is

                  so important?
     Insurance is about things we prefer not to
think about.
     It is about the unexpected; about accidents
and things that go wrong; the impact of criminal
acts or ill-health; or even what mother nature has
in store for us.
     The future may hold both good times and bad
times for individuals and organizations alike.
          Security Place
The insurance market has developed to make those
consequences manageable. The business struck by
catastrophic fire can be rebuilt and continue to
   serve its
clients if contingency plans and risk financing are in
Your family can be provided for if you are injured in
   a major accident or ill-health.
               50 years

• Mission and vision:
  Our mission is to be recognized as a
  professional, well managed and
  successful gulf based financial
  services institution adhering to a
  consistent plan in our chosen markets
  and products, and to become the
  first choice for customers.
Our most important asset is our people.
    Our objective is to develop and
 nurture top quality and highly
 motivated professionals who share
 high ethical standards and are
 dedicated to the fulfillment of our
               50 years

    SAICO Group is the associate of Arab
Commercial Enterprises (ACE) the longest
established and one of the largest
indigenous insurance organization in the
region. Our group of companies includes Al
Nisr Insurance Company and the Arab
Japanese Insurance Company to Maximize
our geographic and product coverage.

   Our product portfolio is broad.
We continually listen to what our
customers tell us and develop types
cover that address their needs.
The types of risk that SAICO
policies address include:
 •   Property
 •   Marine and Aviation
 •   Engineering
 •   Accident
 •   Financial
 •   Employee Benefits
 •   Liability
 •   others
1. accident:       accidental injury or an accidental occurrence,
     however, is expected during the period of insurance.
2. ill-health: disease that affects the insured person, and
     necessarily require access to medical treatment from a doctor
     licensed during the period of insurance.
3. Sensitivity: the individual sensors, in particular, for certain
4. Beneficiary (insured) :          a person covered by the system
     (the employee or dependent) on the agenda of insured persons
     annex to this document.
limitations and Exceptions
A. This document will not cover claims arising from the
(1) injury caused by the same person to deliberate.
(2) diseases that arise due to the misuse of drugs or
    stimulants or sedatives or by abuse of alcohol or drugs, or
    the like.
(3) treatment or cosmetic surgery unless necessitated by
    accidental bodily injury, however, are excluded in this
(4) comprehensive tests and vaccines, drugs or preventive
    methods that do not require medical treatment stipulated in
    this document .
(5) deal with pregnancy and childbirth for women with the
    contractor on the basis that they are not married .
A. This document will not cover
claims arising from the following
(6) treatment received by the insured person is free of
(7) and wellness programs, health and physical treatment of
   the role of social welfare.
(8) of any illness or injury arising as a direct result of
   occupation of the person insured.
(9) dealing with venereal disease or sexually transmitted
   medically accepted.
(10) All costs relating to the laying of the teeth or dental
   prostheses, bridges fixed or mobile, calendar, except those
   caused by the foreign media violent.
(11) To correct the tests of hearing, or visual or audio means
   of assistance as required were not licensed doctor ordered.
A. This document will not cover
claims arising from the following
(12) Expenses of the insured person has moved through the
   transfer of non-local ambulances licensed or of the Saudi
   Red Crescent Society.
(13) Hair loss or baldness or wigs.
(14) Psychological treatment to mental or neurological
   disorders except for acute cases.
(15) Tests the sensitivity of whatever nature other than those
   related to drugs or the diagnosis or treatment.
(16) Devices, methods and procedures or drugs, hormone
   therapy or birth control in order to prevent pregnancy, or
   infertility, or his sexual impotence or lack of fertility or
   enriched by the pipes, or any other means of vaccination
A. This document will not cover
claims arising from the following
 (17) Double or congenital malformation is before the beginning
    of the entry into force of the document does not constitute
    a danger to life.
 (18) Additional costs or expenses incurred by the utilities of
    the insured during the stay in hospital, except the expense
    of accommodation and subsistence in hospital facilities and
    one of the insured, mother to her child until the age of ten,
    or where necessary, according to the medical assessment of
    the treating physician.
 (19) Dealing with pimples (acne), or any treatment related to
    obesity or obesity.
 (20) Cases of organ transplantation and transferred bone
    marrow or organ transplant synthetic alternative to replace
    any member           of the body.
  B. This document will not cover the body
returned to the original home in the case of
        claims arising directly from:
(1) war.
(2) Ion radiation or contamination by radioactivity.
(3) characteristics of radioactive or toxic    or explosive or
     other hazardous properties of any nuclear or gatherings of
     any of the vehicles nuclear weapons.
(4) engage the insured person or his participation in the service
     of the armed forces, police or operations.
(5) Riots, strikes, terrorism or similar work.
     Thank you for
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