USC Mannerism by MikeJenny


									Aztlãn Cup II/BUTT I/AWET I
Packet by USC (Zach Witeof, Yogesh Raut, Adam Benkato, Mik Larsen, Nicholas Polk, Marc Spraragen, and Chris Krueger)


1. The son of King Poeas of Meliboea, in a play named for this man, Odysseus attempts to persuade Neoptolemus into
tricking this man out of his most famous posession. Thomas Russell imagined his exile in Suppos’d to Be Written on Lemnos,
and at the base of Mt. Oeta, this man lit the funeral pyre of a great hero, in return for which he received a gift. More
famously, this man’s presence in the Achaen camp was due to the fact that Helenus had prophesied that Troy would not fall
until the bow and arrow of Herarcles were obtained, which belonged to this man, who was left on Lemnos after being bitten
by a snake. For ten points, identify this archer of Greek myth, best known for killing Paris during the Trojan war.
Answer: Philoctetes

2, In one series starring this character, the actions take place in the town of Tumbleweed and Deputy Dusty seems to always
be making chili for Yabba and this character. Another show featured a hunt caused by the idiocy of Weerd and Bogel, a show
featuring the jumpsuit-clad Flim Flam and Vincent Van Ghoul, as well as this character’s uncle. He consistently threatened to
splat people, and he apparently was manipulating the robot Mondavarious in a noted Freddie Prinze, Jr. vehicle. Beginning
his most famous phrase with an imitation of a bugle playing “Charge!”, FTP, name this “Puppy Power” proponent, the
nephew of Scooby Doo.
Answer: Scrappy Doo

3. In quantum mechanics, it can be given as the trace of the exponent of minus beta times the Hamiltonian. For Ising and
Potts models, this quantity corresponds to the largest eigenvalue of the transfer operator, and it can be derived by maximizing
the log of the number of states available to the system. The average number of particles in a system is proportional to the
logarithmic derivative of this quantity with respect to chemical potential, and this quantity’s logarithm times Boltzmann’s
constant times temperature gives the Helmholtz free energy. Equivalent to the sum over all the Boltzmann factors of a
system, for ten points, identify this thermodynamic function which gives all the statistical properties of the system.
Answer: partition functions

4. Carl Löwenhielm [LUH-VEN-HEELM], the Marquis of Labrador, the Earl of Clancarty and the Count of Palmela were
among the men involved in this event. One of the men was “near seven foot high, deaf as a post,” and among the territorial
changes were the creation of the Duchy of Lucca, the establishment of Marie-Louise in Parma, and the union of Norway to
Sweden. The Illyrian Provinces were regained by the host, and Avignon stayed French. The Duchy of Warsaw reverted to
Russian control, and Castlereagh proposed a Congress system. FTP, these events happened at what congress attended by
Talleyrand and led by Metternich, hosted in the Hapsburg capital.
Answer: Congress of Vienna or Wiener Kongress

5. Name’s the same. One wrote Science, Technology, and Society in Seventeenth Century England and studied the sociology
of science before venturing into latent dysfunctions. The other studied continuous time finance with Paul Samuelson and
served on the board of Long Term Capital Management. One worked with Paul Lazarsfeld in writing Social Theory and
Social Structure, while the other relaxed the assumptions in the Black-Scholes model of options pricing, and won a Nobel
prize. FTP give the shared name of this father and son duo of sociologist and economist, the older of whom redefined
anomie and coined the terms “role model” and “self-fulling prophecy.”
Answer: Robert Merton

6. It begins with the death of Jeremiah Saint-Amour, who kills himself to avoid growing old. The tabloids incorrectly claim
Lucretia had an affair with one of the main characters, although he does have an affair with Barbara Lynch. His mother
makes his wife take harp lessons and eat eggplant, and finally dies when they are in Europe. He himself dies after trying to
retrieve his pet parrot from a mango tree, opening up the path for a relationship that ended suddenly after Fermina saw
Florentino in the Arcade of the Scribes. Over fifty-one years later, the captain of the riverboat they finally consummate their
love on raises the yellow flag in, FTP, what novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez?
Answer: Love in the Time of Cholera

7. This painter of Staffelalm with Sheep studied at Munich’s Academy of Fine Arts, and developed an affinity for Van Gogh’s
work during visits to Paris. His time in Kochel and Indersdorf, as well as his visits to the Berlin Zoological Gardens inspired
his animal studies, and in 1910, this man met Auguste Macke, through whom he became exposed to Fauvism. His works,
such as The Yellow Cow, usually portrayed animals in natural settings, although later works like Fate of the Animals show
heavy Cubist influence. One of the principal painters of German Expressionism, FTP, name this artist who founded Der
Blaue Reiter with Wassily Kandinsky in 1911.
Answer: Franz Marc

8. The Paxton boys perpetrated what is known as the “Conestoga massacre” in response to this event. Robert Rogers wrote a
play about the chief participant subtitled “Or the Savages of America.” Among the forts taken were Ouiatenon, Presque Isle,
and St. Joseph, and Simon Ecuyer, captain at Fort Pitt, perpetrated a famous act against that fort’s besiegers. Featuring the
Battle of Bushy Run, it saw the British use a strategy of infecting blankets with smallpox in order to infirm the Indians.
Involving a famous siege of Fort Detroit, FTP, name this Indian rebellion begun in 1763 by a man who shares his name with
an American car company.
Answer: Pontiac’s Rebellion

9. This data structure is employed to solve the convex hull problem by the Graham’s scan algorithm. Used to implement
depth-first search, it is built directly in hardware by processors of the MuP21 and the Harris RTX lines. Its array
implementation doesn’t require wrap-arounds, and its most natural implementation via linked lists requires only one extra
pointer. Used in compilers and reverse Polish notation checkers, it is associated with methods like push and pop. FTP name
this data structure defined by the principle of last-in, first-out, a bit easier to build than a queue.
Answer: stack

10. Several stanzas in this poem refer to the siege and eventual fall of Troy, as recalled in a picture once seen by the title
character. The lines “First red as roses that on lawn we lay, Then white as lawn, the roses took away”, as well as many other
allusions to red, white, and roses, evoke the Wars of the Roses. Although Collatine boasts of the title character’s chastity,
her “azure veins”, “alabaster skin”, “coral lips”, and “snow-white dimpled chin” are more than enough to tempt Tarquin into
committing the title act. FTP, identify this long poem by William Shakespeare about a sex crime committed during Roman
Answer: The Rape of Lucrece

11. The first part of this work addresses “basic words and the modes of experience,” after defining which, the author makes
“arguments for the primacy of relation.” Franz Rosenzweig remarked after reading this work that it “wrongs the It,” and in
the final section of this work the author addresses the question of “what religion is not.” Aphorisms 15 through 17 address the
issue of “revelation through action,” after which man is released from duty and obligation due to being filled with
responsibility, and the titular mode of interaction is also claimed to be how man relates to God. Most famously expounding
on the dialogic principle created by its author, for ten points, identify this work in 59 aphorisms which divides relations into
the I-It and the titular kind, the most famous philosophical work of Martin Buber.
Answer: I and Thou or Ich und Du

12. Fyodor Chaliapin sang the titular bass part in his 1910 Don Quixote, and his The Woman of Navarre shows the influence
of verismo on this composer’s style. His cantata David Rizzio won him the Prix de Rome and his first opera was a one-act
composition about the Marquis de Kedrel called The Great-Aunt. His 1873 oratorio Marie-Magdeleine was also later
performed as an opera, and he drew on literary sources in such operas as Werther and Le jongleur de Notre-Dame, but is best
remembered for such characters as Athanael, Nicias, Pousette, Guillot de Morfontaine, and the Chevalier des Grieux. For ten
points, identify this French composer, best remembered for two operas based on the works of Anatole France and Antoine
Prevost, Thais and Manon.
Answer: Jules-Emile-Frederic Massenet

13. Flashbacks in this work’s second part, entitled “Apropos of the Wet Snow”, include the main character obsessing over
whether to yield the right of way to a soldier, following former schoolmates to a dinner where he is not wanted, and
fantasizing about rescuing a prostitute. That prostitute, Liza, rejects the nameless protagonist’s offer of money after she
realizes his speeches clash with his reality. Beginning “I am a sick man…I am a spiteful man”, FTP, identify this 1864 short
work about a retired civil servant in St. Petersburg, written by Dostoevsky.
Answer: Notes from the Underground or Letters from the Underworld or Memoirs from a Dark Cellar (as this is
Russian, we will employ the Kaplan Rule and accept finitely many “a” and “the”)

14. Continuous Pax5 expression is required for their progenitors to develop from hematopoietic stem cells, due to the need
for negative regulation. They undergo class switching, producing membrane-bound or secreted versions of proteins
depending on the C-H coding sequences. Characterized by the presence of CD20 on their membranes, they undergo clonal
selection, producing Ig-M early and Ig-D late in humoral immune response. Specializing into plasma and memory cells, FTP
name this class of lymphocytes that are activated by helper T cells, and that are produced in the bone marrow.
Answer: B cells
15. The contract for this work stated that it would depict St. John the Evangelist and St. Bonaventure, but the final version
replaces Bonaventure with St. Francis. Two puti can be seen in the background grasping the legs of the titular figure, which
holds a book braced against her left thigh. One possible interpretation of this work is that it takes its inspiration from the
Book of Revelations, depicting the first titular figure as triumphant over the titular creatures, as represented by her standing
on a pedestal which on which two carvings of those creatures flank the hymn to Our Lady of the Assumption. Painted as part
of an altarpiece for San Francesco dei Macci, for ten points, identify this painting depicting the Virgin with child that is
known for the mythical beasts depicted on the pedestal, the most famous painting of Andrea Del Sarto.
Answer: Madonna of the Harpies

16. Described by Nanak as a “messenger of death,” he allied with Mirza Husain but could not reclaim his original homeland
despite the death of Mohammed Shaybani fighting the Safavids, returning in defeat despite Ismail’s assistance. He defeated
the brother of a more famous rival at Ghagra, and Silhadi’s treachery allowed him to win the day at Khanwa against the
Rajput ruler of Mewar. More famous for his exploits against Ibrahim Lodi, FTP, name this victor at Panipat and founder of
the Mughal Empire.
ANSWER: Zahir-ud-din Mohammed Babur or Baber

17. He is first mentioned in the text in which he appears when the minister Gaga is instructed to prepare a feast for this deity.
Following his most famous exploits, this god is said to have “founded the station of Nibir,” and the seventh section of the text
in which he appears commands his names to be remembered and addresses him as “bestower of planting” and “founder of
sowing.” Called forth by Ansar, this god’s most famous shrines were in Esagila and Etemenanki, and following his most
important victory, he takes the Tablets of Destiny from Kingu. Also known as “lord” or “Bel,” for ten points, identify this
Babylonian deity whose victory over Tiamat is related in the Enuma Elish.
Answer: Marduk

18. Among its islands are the islands of Providencia and San Andres, located off of the Nicaraguan coast. Its southernmost
city is Leticia, which is its only port on its continent’s largest river. Its northernmost point is the Guajira [GWA-hee-rah]
Peninsula and in its northwest, part of the Darien Gap can be found. Its Cauca [COW-kah] river valley is home to important
cities such as Popayan, Armenia, Cali, and Medellin. FTP, name this large South American country whose Andean capital is
Answer: Colombia

19. They have been observed in the number partitioning problem. A local approach to studying them applies the Ornstein-
Zernike equation, while the Kadanoff-Wilson theory of them is based on renormalization and scale invariance. They exhibit
universality across different systems, and are observed in the Kosterlitz-Thouless effect. The Ehrenfest classification of them
has been modified by Landau, who pointed out the symmetry breaking involved and posited order parameters for describing
the system below the critical temperature. Ferromagnetic and superfluidic are second order examples of, FTP these changes
in state of matter exemplified by deposition, sublimation, and melting.
Answer: phase transitions

20. Later in his life, he secured Soviet participation in the form of Operation Kavkaz, and he used the widely popular singer
Umm Kulthum as a propaganda tool, though his funeral barely outdrew hers. As a young man he attended the Royal Military
Academy, and in 1948 he suffered a shoulder wound. Though he originally installed an older general as president, he
overthrew that man, Mohammed Naguib, after having helped to overthrow King Farouk in 1952. FTP, identify this head of
state responsible for the building of the Aswan High Dam, an Egyptian proponent of Arab Nationalism succeeded by Sadat.
Answer: Gamal Abdel Nasser

21. You would say her name at once if you see a ship in full sail coming with the sun on it proudly sweeping across the
Mediterranean from the South Seas. Taken care of by Basket the butler and Stubbs the gardener who had no finger nails, she
won Burdett Coutt's Memorial Prize, she had been working on her poem for 300 years, while Lord Palmerston's lawsuit
settlement finally pronounced her Turkish marriage annulled, her estate entailed, and her sex indisputably, and beyond the
shadow of a doubt, female. FTP name this woman as tolerant and free-spoken as a man, and a man as strange and subtle as a
woman, the subject of a Virginia Woolf biography.
Answer: Orlando

1. Name the university based on the research in psychology that took place there. FTPE.
[10] This is the site of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky’s Nobel Prize-winning research on risk management in
behavioral economics. It is also where George Miller proposed the magic number seven for short term memory and
developed the semantic network WordNet.
Answer: Princeton University
[10] This is where Sandra Bem developed the sex role inventory, Claude Steele came up with the idea of stereotype threat,
and Philip Zimbardo ran an eponymous prison experiment.
Answer: Stanford University
[10] This is where Elliot Aronson conducted “gain-loss theory” and cognitive dissonance research. It is also where
Hathaway and McKinley came up with a multiphasic personality inventory.
Answer: University of Minnesota

2. Answer the following questions about the Scramble for Africa, FTSNOP:
[10] This Welshman helped to start the Scramble by tracing the Congo from its source to the sea, and later served King
Leopold of Belgium in establishing the Congo Free State.
Answer: Henry Morton Stanley
[10] This city in the modern Sudan was an Egyptian army post when the Madhists besieged General Gordon’s force
beginning in 1884.
Answer: Khartoum
[10] For five points each, name the only two African states which remained independent when the Scramble was interrupted
in 1914.
Answer: Liberia and Ethiopia (accept Abyssinia)

3. Answer some questions about a short story and its author FTPE.
[10] Found in the collection Close Range, this story about two Wyoming ranch boys who fall in love was recently made into
a movie.
Answer: “Brokeback Mountain”
[10] This author of Postcards and That Old Ace in the Hole wrote “Brokeback Mountain”.
Answer: E(dna) Annie Proulx
[10]. In this Proulx novel, also made into a movie, Quoyle goes back to his roots in the harbor town of Killick-
Claw, Newfoundland, to work at a newspaper.
Answer: The Shipping News

4. Name these pre-Socratic philosophers FTPE.
[10] He invented cartography, introduced the sundial, and imagined the universe to be made up of concentric cylinders
resulting from separation of boundless "apeiron."
Answer: Anaximander
[10] Last of the Miletians, he believed that rarefaction and condensation of air give rise to fire and solid, and hence is the
primary element in the universe.
A: Anaximenes
[10] Teacher of Pericles, he was imprisoned for suggesting that the moon is made of earth, wrote On Nature, and paved the
way for atomism with his intelligent "nous."
Answer: Anaxagoras

5. Originating as a reaction to classicism, principal painters of this movement included Rosso Fiorentino and Giulio Romano.
For ten points each:
[10] Identify this artistic movement of 16 th century Italy, whose mature form is exemplified in Michaelangelo’s Last
Answer: Mannerism
[10] One of the most famous exponents of Mannerism, this artist is known for such works as Self-Portrait in a Convex
Mirror and Madonna of the Long Neck.
Answer: Parmigianino or Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola
[10] Pargmigianino himself was strongly influenced by this other Parma-based painter, known for such mythological scenes
as The Rape of Europa and Jupiter and Io.
Answer: Corregio or Antonio Allegri
6. It is the language that allows classes to be built from the Neumann-Bernays-Godel axioms, and is the basis for the
foundation of mathematics axiomatized in the Zermelo-Frankel set theory. FTPE.
[10] Allowing quantification over variables but not over sentences, it was built by both Gentzen and Hilbert. Name this logic
based on the modus ponens inference rule and universal and existential quantifiers.
Answer: predicate logic; or first-order logic
[10] Prenex formulas in first-order logic that have only universal quantifiers are named for this Norwegian mathematician,
who has a theorem with Noether regarding ring automorphism, and a theorem with Lowenheim regarding the countability of
models for first-order logic.
Answer: Thoralf Skolem
[10] The resolution algorithm for proving theorems in first-order logic first replaces existential quantifiers with Skolem
functions, then converts the resulting formula to this form, which consists of clauses joined together by “and” symbols, with
each clause consisting of literals joined by “or” symbols.
Answer: conjunctive normal form

7. This man instituted a set of reforms, known as isonomia, after coming to power in 508 B.C. For ten points each:
[10] Identify this man, a member of the Alcmaeonid family, who became tyrant of Athens after overthrowing Hippias, the
son of Peisistratus.
Answer: Cleisthenes
[10] Cleisthenes himself was expelled when Isagoras appealed to this Spartan king. The poor rule of Isagoras soon prompted
the Athenians to recall Cleisthenes.
Answer: Cleomenes I
[10] Cleisthenes is believed to have been the first to use this form of punishmen, in which a citizen could be exiled for 10
Answer: ostracism

8. Answer the following questions about the geography of an enormous country containing just one time zone, FTPE.
[10] The Qiongzhou Haixia [CHONG-JOE HI-SHA] separates this large Chinese island from the Leizhou [LAY-JOE]
Peninsula. Its capital is Haikou [HI-COE] and a US spy plane was famously landed here.
Answer: Hainan Dao or Sheng
[10] To the northwest of Hainan and the Leizhou Peninsula is this body of water. It might help to know that across this body
of water is the country of Vietnam.
Answer: Gulf of Tonkin
[10] This body of water lies to the north of the East China Sea, and it separates China and Korea. The Bo Hai Sea, a part of
this sea is the location of the mouth of a same named river.
Answer: Yellow Sea or West Sea

9. Given some clues about a baseball team’s offseason, name that team FTPE.
[10] This team’s most notable acquisitions are a bit off-beat: a legendary pitching coach in former Braves man Leo Mazzone
and the additions-by-subtractions of drama queens Sammy Sosa and Rafy Palmeiro.
Answer: Baltimore Orioles [accept either]
[10] General manager J.P. Ricciardi went out and purchased about half of the available players this offseason. Unfortunately,
that only landed him B.J. Ryan, Troy Glaus, A.J. Burnett, and Bengie Molina.
Answer: Toronto Blue Jays
[10] The Orioles and Blue Jays improvements will likely be for naught, as this team added Johnny Damon and a competent
bullpen. Their rotation still blows.
Answer: New York Yankees [prompt on New York, accept just Yankees]

10. Classified as an oxidoreductase, its turnover rate is the highest known, performing over 40,000,000 reactions per second.
[10] Name this enzyme made up of four porphyrin rings that decomposes hydrogen peroxide to oxygen and water, often
oxidizing alcohols.
Answer: catalase
[10] Catalases are found in this organelle responsible for beta oxidation of long chain fatty acids, and for processing toxic
materials like hydrogen peroxide.
Answer: peroxisome
[10] Also called cerebrohepatorenal disease, this disorder in the import of enzymes to the peroxisome is characterized by
inadequate myelination, movement problems, and enlarged liver.
Answer: Zellweger disease
11. The stories concerning its founder are known as janam-sakhis. For ten points each:
[10] Identify this monotheistic religion which grew out of the Hindu Vaisnava Bhakti movement; its founder is generally
considered to be Nanak.
Answer: Sikhism
[10] Most Sikh scholars reject the janam-sakhis in favor of this text, the collected teachings of Nanak as compiled by the fifth
Guru, Arjun. Its name translates as “First Book.”
Answer: Adi Granth
[10] This is the dominant order of Sikhism, whose name means “pure.” Initiation into it involves a ceremony known as pahul
and afterwards the boys are given the surname Singh, while the girls are given the surname Kaur, meaning, respectively,
“lion” and “lioness.”
Answer: khalsa

12. Name the following epistolary novels given description of the epistles therein, FTPE:
[10] The letters and diary of the title maid detail her determined efforts to influence her lustful master, Mr. B.
Answer: Pamela
[10] An artist details his life in the village of Wahlheim and his unsuccessful pursuit of the engaged Lotte in a series of
Answer: The Sorrows of Young Werther
[10] This 1898 novel includes diary entries, telegraphs, dictation tapes, and entries from the Whitby and London newspapers,
from such characters as Quincy Morris, Mina Murray, and Dr. Seward.
Answer: Dracula

13. FTPE, answer these questions about a people.
[10] Leaders of this group were elected in kuriltai and their law code was the yasa (yah-shah). Among their famous leaders
are Ogodei, Batu, and Mongke.
Answer: Mongols
[10] This grandson of Genghis Khan sacked Baghdad in 1258, destroyed the Assassins, and founded the Il-Khanate.
Answer: Hulegu Khan or Bey
[10] He failed to invade Japan, but defeated the Song Empire in 1279, establishing the Yuan Dynasty
Answer: Khubilai Khan

14. His first original work was The Vanquished, but he established his reputation with his St. John Preaching in the
Wilderness, created at the request of his teacher Carrier-Belleuse. For ten points each:
[10] Identify this sculptor, better known for L’Age d’Airain.
Answer: Francois-Auguste-Rene Rodin
[10] Based in part on Lorenzo Ghiberti’s doors for the baptistry of the Florence Cathedral, this is Rodin’s most famous work.
Other pieces such as The Three Shades and The Kiss were intended for inclusion in it.
Answer: The Gates of Hell or La Porte de l’Enfer
[10] Rodin caused a riot in Buenos Aires with the unveiling of a statue of this former president of Argentina; he had sculpted
the statue as part of a tribute to Claude Lorrain, Hugo, and Balzac.
Answer: Domingo Faustino Sarmiento

15. Name these physiologically relevant elements. FTPE.
[10] Ions of this element regulate the opening of stomata and are responsible for repolarization and hyperpolarization of a
neuron as they rush out of the cell.
Answer: potassium
[10] Thyroid hormone T4 is converted to the active form T3 when one atom of this element is removed. Deficiency in it can
lead to goiter, so it is often added to salt.
Answer: iodine
[10] The only metal found in chlorophyll, it also acts as a cofactor to DNA polymerase and is a necessary reagent in PCR.
Answer: magnesium

16. Name these evil giants from Norse mythology FTPE.
[10] At the court of this king, Thor was tricked into attempting to drain the sea, wrestle with old age, and lift the Midgard
Serpent. Upon seeing Thor’s awesomeness, this king of the giants banished him from his kingdom forever.
Answer: Utgard-loki (accept near equivalents such as “Utgardsloki” or “Utgarda-loki”)
[10] This clever fellow stole Mjollnir and demanded Freya as ransom for the hammer. Thor dressed in drag and killed both
this giant and his ugly daughters.
Answer: Thrym
[10] This guy tried to off the Aesir by stealing Idun and her apples, but Loki tricked him into flying over a fire and this frost
giant melted. His daughter Skadi later came to avenge his death but ended up marrying Njord instead.
Answer: Thiazi

17. FTPE, answer the following about Slaughterhouse-Five.
[10] This protagonist becomes “unstuck in time” at the beginning of the book.
Answer: Billy Pilgrim (accept either name)
[10] This extraterrestrial race kidnaps Billy and puts him on display in a museum.
Answer: Tralmafadorians
[10] This three-word phrase is repeated throughout the novel, often after a mention of death or dying.
Answer: So it goes (Must have exact phrase in answer)

18. FTPE, name these members of the Lyndon Johnson cabinet.
[10] A holdover from the Kennedy Administration, this man found work heading up World Bank from 1968 to 1981. As
Secretary of Defense, he is most famous for his involvement in the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Answer: Robert Strange McNamara
[10] He was appointed Attorney General with the expectation that his father would resign from the Supreme Court, creating a
place for Thurgood Marshall. He’s better known now for providing counsel to Saddam Hussein.
Answer: (William) Ramsey Clark
[10] This man served as Secretary of State from 1961-1969, and pissed off the Israelis during the USS Liberty incident.
Answer: (David) Dean Rusk

19. Answer some questions about magneto-optical effects, for ten points each:
[10] This effect, named for its 19th century British discoverer, involves the rotation of the plane of polarization when light
propagates along a magnetic field line. Its strength is proportional to the Verdet constant.
Answer: Faraday effect or rotation
[10] This is the name for the effect which takes place when a beam of light is incident on a material perpendicular to a
magnetic field.
Answer: Kerr rotation or effect
[10] Plotting the Kerr rotation against the magnetic field can give a measurement of this effect, the tendency for
magnetization and demagnetization to take different routes, resulting in magnetic remanence.
Answer: hysteresis

20. Identify the following films. FTPE.
[10] A village is under attack by bandits in this Akira Kurosawa film in which four of the titular warriors give their lives to
save the villagers.
Answer: Shichinin no samurai; or Seven Samurai
[10] A knight plays chess against death while people around them die of the plague in a more or less joyous mood in this
Ingmar Bergman film.
Answer: Det sjunde inseglet; or The Seventh Seal
[10] Jiggs Casey uncovers a plot to overthrow the unpopular president of the US in this film written by Rod Serling for John
Answer: Seven Days in May

21. Answer the following questions about the career of Samuel L. Jackson, FTPE.
[10] Jackson’s only Oscar nomination came for playing the Ezekiel-quoting Jules in this 1994 film.
Answer: Pulp Fiction
[10] In this movie, Jackson’s character teamed with John McClane to foil Jeremy Irons’ terrorist.
Answer: Die Hard: With a Vengeance or Die Hard 3 [prompt on Die Hard]
[10] In this Spike Lee joint whose title refers to the affair between Wesley Snipes and Annabella Sciorra, Samuel L. Jackson
had a memorable role as a crackhead relative.
Answer: Jungle Fever

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