How To Enhance Your Autograph Collecting

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					How To Enhance Your Autograph Collecting

When you are collecting autographs there is always the possibility of not
getting what you think you are getting. Unless you see the person sign
his signature, you do not know unless you secure an Authentication
Service.   You say, but it cost money to have his service. Yes it does
cost but only a true expert can authenticate a signature.

If you plan to sell this signature one day, you certainly want to know
exactly what you are selling. In this way, you will be saved hours of
painstaking research and legalities later on. There are authenticators
for ever kind of collecting, so it is of utmost importance to obtain the
services of an authenticator who specializes in autographs. Autograph
collecting can be an important investment tool for your future. You just
may be glad you have a certificate of authentication later on if you
decide to sell some of your collection. Make sure when you are autograph
collecting that all autographs are in ink. Pencil quality is not
reliable. It just may fade based on storage conditions, such as heat,
humidity, and light. You may wish to keep your most valuable autographs
in a deposit box in your local bank.

Some people have had valuable collections totally destroy with house
fires, tornado, hurricanes, floods and the like. If you have invested
valuable time autograph collecting, you no doubt would like to protect
this collection. Even with authentication, mistakes are still made.
When you are autograph collecting and buy an authenticated signature,
just as in medicine, a second opinion will not hurt. You must always
remember that where there is greed there is fraud. Money somehow tends
to bring the worse out of us on one hand and the best out of us on the
other hand. Autograph collecting is also tricky from the standpoint that
a signature can change. As you advance from one stage of life to another
stage of life you may find a slight variation in signatures. You no
doubt can remember making a letter one way at a certain time in your life
and now you make that same letter different today.

This is especially true with capital letters. For some reason, you tend
to change how you make them from time to time. Famous people will give
you a scrawl or as some say “Chicken scratch” for a signature. Let’s
face it, they are human and sometimes don’t have the time to do a lot of
focused autograph signing. When you are autograph collecting a specific
person, you may find a number of variations in the signature. This is
especially true, if the person has a stroke or some other illness that
will interfere with his or her ability to write.

Certainly the signature will be difference if the person is able to sign
his name at all. Autograph collecting is always a leap of faith, when
buying autographs. The best way to obtain an autograph as you know is
from the real person. This requires a different type of investment - and
that is time.

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