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									How To Do Autograph Collecting - The Inexpensive Way

We have always heard about the hoarding done by the packrat. In fact,
when we find someone who has a problem throwing away things, the first
thing we think of is the packrat. People have been collecting all sorts
of things since the beginning of time. How many times have you heard
someone called a packrat? Well some packrats today are known as
collectors. However there is one major problem for some collectors, can
you afford it?

Many of you can not afford the autograph collecting that you enjoy so
much and that means so much in your down time. Autograph collecting
could mean buying concert tickets that are expensive. In addition,
travel expense may have to be factored when going to a concert out of
town. On the other hand autograph collecting can become opportunistic at
various events, such as a weddings, anniversaries, vacations, honeymoons,
and graduations. This is a good inexpensive way to do some autograph

Some of these autographs collected have sentimental meanings to you.
They may be reminders of a special event in our lives. That is why it is
so devastating when valuables such as autographs are lost in catastrophic
situations. In our everyday lives, most of us do not have an opportunity
to meet the movie stars, sports heroes, musicians, idols and others that
we adore so much. Therefore autograph collecting is one way you can
become close to them and get a feel for your star. Die hard autograph
collecting is done by sending something that can be signed such as an
autograph book or a book a person you know who is going to a concert or
other activity that your celebrity will appear. This is what is known by
some as an exchange in autograph collecting. Decide on the autograph
collecting you want done. Then look out for the itinerary of these
individuals so if you can do some opportunistic autograph collecting, you
can put it on your calendar. Let this list reflect all the autographs
you want to add to your collection. This will help you to remember and
keep you from missing out on a chance to do some autograph collecting.

If you have relatives living in other areas, you may want to let them
know what autographs you are collecting. Autograph collecting of your
favorites is possible through these close relatives when they attend
concerts, and other events. Estate sales and auctions are other good
sources to do autograph collecting. It is not unheard of to obtain a
great find from some of these sources. Many times family members are not
aware of the valuable things in their possession. During the spring,
summer, and fall months many opportunities are available for autograph
collecting at yard sales, festivals, and other outdoor functions.
Writing fan mail to the famous is another inexpensive way to do some
autograph collecting.

All it will cost you is a stamp, paper, pen/computer, envelope and
mailing it. Make sure your letter is short and that you put a SASE
inside of your letter.

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