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Vista 7


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									Key Features

      Supports Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 (32 bit)
      Brand new UI for wide screen support: 1440x900/ 1680x1050/ 1920x1200/
      Hybrid NVR-Support both IP and Analog cameras
      Versatile Video Sources - IP Camera & Remote DVR Camera
      Fresh & New User Interface
      True D1 Resolution
      Smart Alert Functions: SMS/MMS, Email, PTZ Tracking, Alarm SOP wizard, Launch
       E-map, FTP transmission, and many others
      Remote Access Anytime Anywhere
      Advanced Event Log Viewer
      Supports for Additional POS Devices and customized POS protocol

Video Feature

      Stackble for 4~ 16 composite video inputs (BNC connectors)
      4 audio input channels (Optional)
      Video Format: NTSC and PAL
      Support 352x240/352x288, 640x480/640x480, 720x240/720x288, and
       720x480/720x576 pixels (NTSC & PAL)
      1 composite TV out terminal (RCA Jack)


      Compact mode and Advanced mode
      Auto Scan with full screen display under 1, 4, 8, 9, 13, 16-camera display modes
      Digital zoom in for specific area in live view
      Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras: PTZ script is available for adding new protocols
      Auto Gain Control (AGC) balance image quality
      Night view ability
      Noise reduction filter
      Advanced System Settings
      Desktop Lock: To keep focus always on DVR surveillance system and prevent any
       other operation not related to surveillance
      Daily status report to specified e-mail accounts


      Two types of de-interlace method: optimized for static scene or dynamic scene
      Recording modes: Alarm trigger / Motion Detection / Smart / Audio Detection /
       Continuous / Schedule recording
      Programmable masking zone blank under recording modes
      Intelligent shield protects privacy
      Auto recycling when storage disk is full
      Live HDD size estimation tool
      Support network storage devices
Search & Playback

       Real time playback: immediate access playback
       Powerful search: by date, time, camera, area, event, vision, and log file
       Bookmark function for quick link
       Complete playback control: playback, backward playback, fast forward /
        backward playback, forward / backward frame-by-frame playback
       Digital zoom in for specific area in playback
       Export single frame to BMP file and print out
       Output "AVI" file for video clip
       True video watermark technology to prevent tampered video

Remote Access

       Simultaneous multiple remote LIVE surveillance via standard web browsers
       Center Management System: connect up to 1000 DVRs
           o Remote monitoring / recording / playback / IO control
           o Remote PTZ control
           o Remote setup
           o Remote Emap
           o 2-way audio
       PDAViewer for monitor / playback / IO control
       Smartviewer(for Symbian / Windows Smart phone)
       DDNS function
       UPNP


       Schedule or manual backup
       Qucik backup to backup recent recording
       Remote backup program
       Direct burn to CD/DVD-RW


       Record, Network enable, backup, reboot, alarm, and relay control
       Scheduled setting break down to 15 minutes
       One time or weekly repeat schedule


       Showing the positions and status of camera, sensor, and relay
       Blinking icon in Emap for alarm notification
       8 different angles for camera icon
       Extend to 8 maps
Instant Aler

      4 sensor inputs and 4 relay outputs controls per set (Optional)
      Multiple alarm trigger modes: video loss, motion detection, sensor input, missing
       & suspicious object, intruder, POS keyword, HDD fail, alarm message
      Joint condition to prevent false alarm
      Real time notification: Email / Phone Call / SMS / MMS / PTZ tracking / TV-out /
       Video Enlargement / Alarm SOP / EMAP Popup / Relay output / Snapshot / FTP
       transmission / 3rd party program
      Reset alarm status both on local and remote side
      Rest alarm by sensor

POS Integration

      Compatible with most commonly used POS system
      Confidential Word Filter
      Change location of POS text on camera display image
      Receive POS data from Internet

Web Tools

      Dispatch server: share DVR servers loading of network transmission
      Remote backup: gradually backup recorded data from Internet
      Remote Setup: configure detail settings of DVR remotely


      Attention Please: Enable dialogs to trace if operator pays attentions to security
      Virtual Keyboard
      Support UPS
      Administrator/User level account with flexible and separate privilege setting
      Activate/Expire user account at specified date
      Watermark image verification technology
      Live update for latest software version and IP camera module online
      USB backup to upgrade system by USB drive
        Specification Highlight

         Product Model                                                 NV5000
        Operation System                                  Windows XP/Vista/ 7 (32 bit)
            Video Card                                            1 Main card +
      (stackable structure)                             3 optional Video extension cards
            Video Input                                            4, 8, 12, 16
           Video Format                                     H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG
       Compression Mode                                       Software Comparison
         Video Resolution              NTSC: 352x240, 640x480,720x240(NV7.5 version and above), 720x480
     (full de-interlace filter)        PAL: 352x288, 640x480, 720x288(NV7.5 version and above), 720x576
     Audio Input (Optional)                                              4
             TV Output                                                 YES
  Display Rate (NTSC/PAL) fps                                       120 / 100
  Recording Rate (NTSC/PAL)                                         120 / 100
      Sensor Input / Relay                                               4/3
        IP Camera Access                                                     4
       Overheat Detection                                                 N/A
        Dimension (WxD)                                           105mm x 167.6mm
           Product Level                                              Medium Level
            Distinction           Cost-effectiveness with superior video quality. Video is stackable and expandable to
                                                      provide high flexibility and meet your need
                                                               Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Application Diagram
      Product Illustration

      System Recommendation:

               CPU: Pentium 43.0 GHz or higher
               OS: Windows 7/ 2000/ XP/ Vista 32 bit
               RAM: 512MB
               HDD : 80GB or higher
               CD-RM/DVD-RM
               Graphic Card: 32-bit high color SVGA graphics card with 64MB video memory and
                DirectDraw / YUV Rendering Capability
               10/100 Base-T Ethernet card
               Sound card and speaker

Security Product Hardware Recommendation List

           Motherboard                           USB to Serial Hubs                               PTZ Camera

           Raid Syatem                     Windows Mobile Smartpnone                             IP Camera

           Graphic Card                        Symbian Smartphone                                     PDA

Note: Based on Intel suggestion , for NONE MicrosoftR WindowsR XP Operation Systems, Hyper-Threading must be
disabled in the system BIOS Setup program ( see FAQ for procedure ) for our DVR products.
For the most stable security DVR, we strongly recommend NOT using VIA/SiS/ALi chipsets and SiS VGA chips with our
products due to their severe limitation of the chipset design.
Note: Please make sure you are using the standalone VGA card with 128 MB memory above instead
of built-in onboard VGA card in order to ensure the working stability and performance of the NV/NX series software.
Note: We highly not recommend apply Samsung Hard disk drive to SA/XR/EXR DVR product for recording or backup
video files usage.

Our products support most of the current Intel chipset for motherboards. Intel 848, 865, 875, 915, 925, 945, 955,965,P35, NVIDIA nFORCE4
SLI - Intel Edition, NVIDIA nForce3 250Gb Platform Processor chipsets
Below is a list of Motherboards that our Validation labs have tested; however, we do support beyond the motherboards tested in our lab

                            Intel Socket

 Brand                      Asus                Gigabyte                     MSI          Epox        Intel       FOXCONN

 848                        P4P800 SE

 865                        P4P800              GA-8IPE1000
                            P4P800-VM           GA-8IG1000Pro-G
                            P4P8X               GA-8IPE1000-G (Rev 3.1)
 875                        P4C800              GA-8IK1100                   875P Neo
                                                GA-8I875                     FISR

 915                        P5GD1 Pro           GA-8I 915G -Duo              915G         EP-
                                                                             Combo        5EPA+

 925                        P5AD2                                                                     D925XCV

 945                        P5LD2               GA-8I945P-G
                            P5LD2-VM            GA-8I 945G -MF GA-
                            P5PL2-E             945PL-S3 (Rev 2.0)
 955                                            GA-8I955X Pro
                                                GA-8I955X Royal

 965                        P5B                 GA-965P-DS3P (Rev 3.3)
                            Deluxe/WiFi-AP      GA-965P-DS3 2.0

 P31                                            GA-P31-DS3L

 P35                        P5K SE              GA-P35-DS3 (Rev 1.0)                                              P35A-S
                            P5K R               GA-P35-DS3 (Rev 2.0)
                            P5KC                GA-P35-DS3R (Rev 2.0)

 P45                                            GA-EP45-DS3L

 X38                        P5E

 X58                        P6T Deluxe          GA-EX58-UD5 (Rev 1.0)

 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI         P5ND2-SLI
 - Intel Edition            Deluxe

 AMD Socket

 Brand                               Gigabyte                                            ASUS

 NVIDIA nForce3 250Gb              GA-K8NSC-
 Platform Processor                   939
 nVidia nForce 570 SLI            GA-M57SLI-S4

 NVIDIA nForce® 570                                                                      M2N-E
 Ultra™ MCP

Graphic Card
Our products support most of the current Graphic Chipset on the market today. Below is a list of Graphics Cards that our Validation Labs
have tested; however, we do support beyond the hardware listed below

Support ATi: Radeon 8500 / 9000 / 9200 / 9550 / 9600 / 9700 / 9800 / X300 / X550 / X700 / X800/ X1300PRO / HD2400XT / HD 2400PRO /
Support NVIDIA: GeForce4 FX / GeForce MX / GeForce FX 5200 /GeForce FX 5600/ GeForce FX 5900 / GeForce 6200 / GeForce 6600 /
GeForce 6800 / GeForce 7200 / GeForce 8400GS / GeForce 8500GT

Below is a list of Graphic Cards tested:

                                                              ATI Chipset
          Brand                     ATI                        Asus                                   Gigabyte
          8500                   ATI 8500                      A7000
          9700                  ATI 9700 Pro
          9800                                                                                       GV-R98P128D
           X300                                             EAX300SE
                                                          EAX300SE / TD
           X550                                             EAX550GE
           X700                                              EAX700
                                                      EAX700 / TD / 256M / A
         X800                                           EAX800 Pro/2DTV                             GV-RX70128DE
       X1300PRO                                        EAX1300PRO SILENT
  Radeon HD 2400 XT                                                                           GV-RX24T256HP/256MB/DDRIII
     RADEON HD                                     EAH2400PRO HTP/256MB/DDR2
     Radeon HD                                           GV-RX26P512H/
      2600 Pro                                            512MB/DDRII

                                                 Nvidia Chipset (Performance:Basic)

       Brand                    ASUS                ELSA           Gigabyte         LEADTEK                      MSI
    GeForce4 FX               ASUS V9480          ELSA 525        GV-N4464TE       WinFast A170
                                                  ELSA 728                         WinFast A280
 GeForce FX5200                                                  GV-N52128DS
 GeForceFX 5600               ASUS V9560          ELSA 732                           WinFAST
 GeForceFX 5900                                   ELSA 935
  GeForce 6200                                                  GV-NX62TC128D
       TC                                                       GV-NX62TC256D8
  GeForce 6600                                                   GV-NX66128D                              NX6600-TD128E
   GeForce 6800                                                  GV-NX68256D
     GeForce                  EN7200GS
     7200GS                  HTD/256MB/

                                               Nvdia Chipset (Performance: Advanced)
      Brand                   ASUS                     ELSA                     Gigabyte                    LEADTEK
     GeForce                EN8400GS                                                                PX8400GS TDH/256MB/DDRII
     8400GS                HTP/256MB/
 GeForce 8500                                   ELSA GLADIAC 850GT                 GV-
      GT                                           256B2 2DT RH             NX85T256H/256MB
 GeForce 8600        EN8600GT/2DHT/256M
 GeForce 9500                                                                GV-N95TOC-512H
PTZ Camera

 Brand                     Product No.
 DynaColor                 all products

 Pelco                     Pelco-D

 Lilin                     PIH 717X / 7000 / 7600 / PIH 7622/ 7622DH / 7635DH

 Sony                      15-CZ45-1 / EVI-D70P

 DMP23-H2                  DMP23-H2

 MD101                     all products

 CD55                      all products

 NiceCam                   all products

 Yoko                      all products

 DiGiDome                  DRX -502A (DOH-240)

 SamSung                   SCC-641
 Canon                     VC-C4R

 Panasonic                 WV-CS850 / WV-CW860 / WV-CS950 / CS850B / CW860A / WV-CZ352

 Eastel                                                              all products

 MicroJack-P                                                         all products

 JVC                                                             TK-C676 / TK-C675

 Philps                                                            TC8560 / TC700

 ELMO                                                                PTC -200C

 AmericanDynamics_UltraS                                             all products

 Fastrax II                                                           HID-2404
USB to Serial Hubs
Could be compatible with POS Series, PTZ Camera,UPS Series

      Brand                                                   Product No.
      MOXA                                                     Uport 1410

Raid System

 Brand               Product No.

 Stardom                                                     SR3610-2S-SB2

 AVerDiGi                                                        RA4000e

PDA Basic requirement
Notice: This feature is only available on version 5.1 or above AP. For customer who is using 5.0 version of AP please go to Technical
Support Driver Download to download and upgrade to the latest version of AP
1. CPU: Arm architecture, for example, Intel Xscale.
2. OS: Microsoft Window Pocket PC 2002/2003 or Mobile 5 above.
3. GPRS or WLAN module is recommended.

Windows Mobile Smartphone Basic Requirement
Notice: This feature is only available on version 5.7 or above AP. For customer who is using v.5.5, v5.1 or v5.0 version of AP please go to
Technical Support Driver Download to download and upgrade
to the latest version of AP
1. CPU: Arm architecture, for example, Intel Xscale.
2. OS: Windows-base, Windows Mobile 2002/2003 for Smart Phone Edition or Windows Mobile
version above.
3. Network module such as WAP,GPRS,WLAN....etc is required

Symbian Smartphone Basic Requirement
Notice: This feature is only available on version 7.1 or above AP. For customer who is using v5.7, v.5.5, v5.1 or v5.0 version of AP please
go to Technical Support Driver Download to download and upgrade to the latest version of AP
1. OS:Symbian Smartphone
2. The OS need to support JAVA MIDP 2.0(JAVA2 ME)
3. Network module such as WAP, GPRS, WLAN …etc is required.

* Hardware recommendation is the minimum required hardware specification for running our system, not a guarantee to achieve the best
performance of our DVR system. Hardware specifications required to achieve the best performance of our DVR system are subjected to
different system settings and operation conditions.

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