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									                        Haag-Streit UK Ltd Ophthalmic Catalogue 2009

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                                                               Ophthalmic Catalogue 2009
     Haag-Streit UK
     Haag-Streit UK Ltd promotes prevention, early detection, careful
     monitoring and effective treatment of retinal disease, glaucoma,
     corneal disorders, ocular motility and visual defects.
     A former division of Clement Clarke International Ltd and part of the Swiss-
     based Haag-Streit Group of companies since 1989, Haag-Streit UK has grown
     markedly by accessing new markets and benefiting from long term investment.
     Building on the research, innovation and success of Clement Clarke since its
     formation in 1917 as a dispensing optician in Wigmore Street, London,
     Haag-Streit UK listens carefully to the needs of the market and pioneers solutions
     by sourcing instruments and software which are at the forefront of technology.
     For the last 150 years Haag-Streit Ag has set the gold-standard in both quality and
     longevity for slit lamps and tonometers, a standard which is yet to be challenged.
     By bringing together trusted brands, such as Canon and EyeCap, Octopus
     and Goldmann, Heidelberg and Ellex, as well as Clement Clarke and Fresnel,
     Möller-Wedel and Reliance, Haag-Streit UK can offer infinite solutions
     which exceed the high standards set by each individual manufacturer.

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com        p3
     Maintenance Contracts
     Our proven maintenance programme and strong engineering
     experience, ensure that Haag-Streit UK can guarantee dependable
     technical support and the highest levels of customer service.

     Authorised, Qualified and Trained
     Haag-Streit UK acts as the sole authorised service agents for all Haag-Streit companies
     as well as leading partner brands. Our engineers receive ongoing training direct from
     product manufacturers and use only genuine, manufacturer approved parts.

     Installation and Training
     All equipment is unpacked, calibrated and fully commissioned. Our trained engineer
     will show key users how to operate the instruments in a friendly and practical manner.

     All instruments supplied by Haag-Streit UK are covered by a one-
     year warranty from the date of installation. Warranties can be extended
     using one of our range of extended service contracts (Gold, Silver or
     Bronze). Our Laserex range of lasers include extended warranties.

     Responding to your needs
     Haag-Streit UK realises the importance of responding quickly to
     instrument breakdowns. We strive to respond to all diagnostic contract
     call-outs with 72 hours, surgical contracts within 24 hours.
     For computer software driven instruments, our software engineers
     can remotely access your computer via a modem.
     Benefits of Haag-Streit UK Service
     • Peace of mind
     • Reduce overall cost of ownership
     • Minimise downtime and related costs
     • Extend the working time of your equipment
     • Predict financial outlay
     • Maintain your equipment’s optimum performance level
     • Maximise the return on your investment
     • Make a bigger contribution to the success of your organisation

     We offer three levels of service;
     Gold, Silver and Bronze. Please
     telephone 01279 456315 for further
     information or a written quotation.

p4     Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
     Sight Testing and Refraction                                            Imaging
     Test Types & Accessories                                        6       Canon Retinal Cameras                                44
     Chart Projector                                                 8       Heidelberg Scanning Laser Systems                    45
     Refraction & Sight Testing Equipment                           8        Slit Lamp OCT                                        46
              Distance Vision Tests                                 8        EyeCap Digital Imaging Systems                       47
              Near Vision Tests                                    10
                                                                             Imaging Systems for Slit Lamps                       48
              Kay Pictures                                         12
              Occluders and Rules                                  14        Endothelium Microscope                               48
              Exophthalmometers                                    15
              Retinoscopy Racks                                    16
     Autorefractors and Ophthalmometers                            17
     Trial Cases and Frames                                        18        Biometry
              Trial Cases                                          18        EyeCubed AScan/BScan                                 49
              Trial Frames                                         19        LENSTAR Biometer                                     49
     Colour Tests                                                  20
     Lensmeters                                                    22
     Contrast Sensitivity
                                                                             Orthoptic Equipment
                                                                             Synoptophores                                        50
                                                                             Hess Screens                                         51

     Ophthalmoscopes                                                         General Orthoptic
     and Retinoscopes
     Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscopes                                   26
     Welch Allyn Retinoscopes                                      27        Pupillometer
     Diagnostic Sets                                               27        Procyon P3000 Pupillometer                           55
     Power Supplies and Handles                                    28
     Welch Allyn Miscellaneous                                     29
     Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope (BIO)                       29
                                                                             General Equipment
                                                                             Torches                                              56

     Visual Field Equipment                                                  Loupes
                                                                             Contact Lens Accessories
     Perimeters                                                    30
     Visual Field Equipment                                        31

     Slit Lamps, Tonometers,                                                 Refraction Units
     Lenses and accessories                                                  Chairs and Stools                                    60
     Portable Slit Lamp                                            32
     Slit Lamps                                                    32
             Slit Lamp Accessories                                 35        Möller-Wedel Microscopes
     Tonometers                                                    36
                                                                             Operating Microscopes                                63
             Applanation Tonometers                                36
             Non-Contact Tonometer                                 37
     Tonosafe Disposable Applanation Prisms                        37
     Contact, Aspheric, Laser and Indirect Lenses
             Contact Lenses from Haag-Streit
             Laser Lenses from Haag-Streit                         39        Index                                                64
             Cleaning and Disinfecting                             40
             Ellex Laser Lenses                                    41

     Ellex Ophthalmic Lasers                                       42
     Ellex Ophthalmic SLT Lasers                                   43

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com                           Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p5
     Test Types & Accessories
     Luneau L40 LCD Chart display
     A new, ergonomic LCD optotype chart display. Includes ETDRS scale, Children’s
     test, Illiterate ‘E’s, Astigmatic screen, Worth’s test, Shoeber’s test & Landolt’s rings
     Working distance is fully variable between 6’6” & 19’7”.
     Other features include:
     • Comprehensive range of application from low vision to hyper acuity.
     • Compact design.
     • Highly luminous screen with variable contrast control.
     • Precise calibration of screen in colour & geometry.
     • Remote control.
     • Easy to upgrade for new optotypes.

     Rotating Drum Test Types
     An internally illuminated, motorised, four-sided drum test type in a
     brown/beige colour which comes as standard with four upper Snellen
     panels and four lower panels, consisting of spotlight, duochrome,
     friend and worth 4 dot tests. H:80cm W:24cm D:24cm
     The test types are available in three styles:
     Manual: Drum rotated manually. Illumination operated
     from switch panel on test type body.
     4101600    Free standing, direct
     4101610    Free standing, indirect/reverse
     Remote Control: Rotation and illumination operated by cabled remote control.
     4101500    Free standing, direct
     4101510    Free standing, indirect/reverse
     Infrared Remote Control: Rotation and illumination
     operated by infrared remote control.
     4101490    Free standing, direct
     4101491    Free standing, indirect/reverse
     4101580    Floorstand for rotating drum test type
     4101590    Wall bracket for rotating drum test type

     Single Sided Test Types
     A simple test type with an illuminated upper panel, which is interchangeable,
     with a spotlight in the lower panel. Available in direct or indirect
     format, with or without wall bracket. H:60cm W:21cm D:12cm
     4107200    Free standing, direct
     4107210    Free standing, indirect/reverse
     4107250    With wall bracket, indirect/reverse
     4107260    With wall bracket, direct

     Distance and Near Vision (DNV)
     Domiciliary Test Type
     The distance test is designed for 3 metre testing. On the reverse of the
     unit is the near vision tests (35cm). Controlled by an infrared hand piece
     and light to carry, the DNV test type will fit into a standard briefcase.
     Distance tests: duochrome, concentric circles, Snellen 3/60 to 3/5.
     Near vision tests: Near fixation disparity, stereopsis test, suppression test,
     oblique tangent scale, bichromatic test, cross cyl and balance chart.
     A comprehensive manual is provided.

p6     Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Premier Domiciliary Kit
Incorporating DNV domiciliary test with infrared remote control, trial lens set (with
128 metal rimmed lenses), polarised visor, Maddox twirl and Maddox phoria test.

Elite Test Type
6 metre chart – with fan and block, motorised drum (featuring 8 panels
including motorist’s test and Landholt rings), concentric circles, pairs of
concentric circles, fixation spot, fixation disparity test. Wall mounted.
4101555    with infra red control (indirect)
4101556    with hand control on 3m cable (indirect)

Standard Test Type
As ‘Elite’, but no fan and block with infrared control
(also available with hand control on 3m cable)

Slimline Plus Test Type
50mm thick, wall mounted, cordless remote control, dual purpose Snellen,
duochrome, distance Fixation disparity red/green, separate spot. Weighs 4.5kg.
Dimensions: 50 x 600 x 400mm Cream/dove grey.

Ophthalmic Mirror
Mirrors with optical glass qualities and distortion free.
4201001    Wall mirror — screws to wall. 54cm x 36cm
4202001    Wall bracket mirror — suitable for awkward shaped rooms. 54cm x 36cm
4203001    Floor standing mirror — Mounted on a strong, four legged floorstand.
           Column is adjustable for both height and angle. 54cm x 36cm

Test Types and Panels
Upper panels are available for use in the rotating drum test types
and single-sided test types. The charts with dual purpose letters
are for use at both 6 metres and 3 metres with a mirror.
A wide selection of test types is available in either plastic or cardboard.
The cardboard charts are available flat or folding. The 3 metre
test types will fit easily into a briefcase for domiciliary use.

See our current price list for full listings

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com     Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p7
     Chart Projector
     Luneau L29E Chart Projector
     The L29E test type projector provides a large range of different test
     types that cover standard, low and binocular vision acuity tests.
     • 47 tests including masks et special tests
     • Complete binocular vision tests (polarised and Red/Green)
     • Children tests based on Pigassou
     • Logarithmic progression
     • Ultra fast test selection (0.03s)
     • Infrared remote control
     • Possibility to set up 2 progression programs via the remote control
     • High quality contrast and luminosity
     • Can be mounted on a consultation unit projector column or on a table holder (option)

     Refraction & Sight Testing Equipment
     Distance Vision Tests
     Cambridge Crowding Cards
     For pre-school visual acuity testing. Developed at Cambridge University, this
     test is sensitive to the crowding effect which may impair vision when acuity for
     single letters is normal. It is simple to understand as all they have to identify
     is the central letter by pointing to a matching card. The letters used are the
     same as the Sheridan Gardiner test. The test consists of a nylon loop board,
     6/60 crowded letter key card, single test, two spectacle frames, one with left
     eye occluded and one with right eye occluded. Carrying case included.
     4116020    Cambridge Crowding Cards
     4116045    Spare spectacles

     Kay Three Metre Crowded Book
     This book combines the accuracy of LogMAR acuity testing with
     naming pictures, making it easier and quicker than letter matching.
     Eight pictures are used in groups of four; the same four pictures are
     arranged in a different order to avoid memory playing a part.

     Plastic E Set
     A convenient set of four washable plastic cards which are printed on
     both sides and cover eight visual acuity sizes when used at 6 metres (
     6/60,6/36,6/24,6/18,6/12,6/9,6/6,6/4). The set is particularly useful
     in pleoptics for treating amblyopia and eccentric fixation.
     7001002    Plastic E Set

p8     Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Cardiff Acuity Test
The test is available in two versions. The standard version covers a range of visual
acuity levels from 6/48 and 6/96 to 6/3.75 and 6/7.5 (at working distances of 1m and
50 cm). The Low Vision version, aimed at practitioners working in the field of visual
impairment, covers 6/96 and 6/192 to 6/7.5 and 6/15, at the same working distances.
1549007    Cardiff Acuity Test low vision, child
1549008    Cardiff Acuity Test low vision, adult
1549006    Cardiff Acuity Test standard, child

Ffooks Symbols Test Type
In a book format using a circle, square and triangle, often more convenient than cubes.
There are eight pages of symbols ranging in size of 6/60 to 6/5. A near vision page is
included. The test comes complete with three cut out symbols for use by the patient.

Bailey Lovie Distance Chart
These white plastic charts are front lit, not internally illuminated. The set comprises
of two plastic charts. Each one has high contrast (near 100%) on one side and
low contrast (10%) on the other. The acuity range covered is from the 38 letter
size to the 1.9 letter size, i.e. at 6m the chart covers from 6/38 to 6/1.9. Each
chart is scored in Snellen (metric: 6m and imperial: 20ft) as well as LogMAR and
a VAR scale. The recommended luminance for visual acuity testing is 160cd/sq.
A tolerable range is 80-230cd/sq m. Dimensions: 530 x 610 mm

LogMAR Charts
For 4 metre viewing. The arrangement of the letters on these revised charts
is balanced so that the Sloan letters are represented at least once in every
position. Can be used in an illuminated cabinet or as a wall hanging chart.
4302007    COHZV chart, for testing the right eye
4302008    ZRKDC chart, for testing the left eye
4302009    RNOVS chart, for refractions
4302011    Mesopic filter. To overlay LogMAR charts, for testing at low light levels.

Slimline Illuminated Cabinet
For use with LogMAR charts listed above. Available wall hanging or
with a stand. Convenient storage for 5 charts at the back of cabinet.
Dimensions: 70 x 66 x 6.5cm (27.5 x 26 x 2.5”). Chart not included.

Stand for Cabinet
With castors, 2 locking. Allows for height adjustments from
114-125cm or 145-155cms for standing patients.

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com       Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p9
  Near Vision Tests
  Sheridan Gardiner Test
  Designed for use with young children, testing depends upon matching
  shapes rather than letter identification. Suitable for the visual assessment
  of the deaf-mute, educationally sub-normal children and patients who do
  not share the same language as the tester. A series of orthoptic booklets
  in washable plastic form is available, which supplements the basic set.
  1549011    Sheridan Gardiner test, comprehensive set (standard test, flip over
             booklets red, green, yellow and blue, 6m wall hanging test type)
  4116001    Sheridan Gardiner test, standard (key card and flip over
             book, one letter per page) to be used at 6 metres
  4116002    Sheridan Gardiner flip over booklet green (6/6 - 6/3)
  4116003    Sheridan Gardiner flip over booklet red (6/60 - 6/18)
  4116004    Sheridan Gardiner flip over booklet yellow (6/18 - 6/6)
  4116005    Sheridan Gardiner flip over booklet blue (near vision)

  Vocational Near Vision Test Type
  Provided in a spiral bound format, the test is printed in conformity with the
  requirements of the Faculty of Ophthalmologists. The pages include text of
  N5, N6, N8, N10, N12, N14, N18, N24, N36, N48 corresponding to 5,6,8pt.
  etc. Times Roman type face. A 1:17 reduced Snellen and Ridley type, music,
  typewritten copy, street map, stock market and soccer league table are included.

  Maclure Test Type
  An ideal test for young children, which is designed to differentiate between their
  ability to see and their ability to read. The test is based upon the Ladybird Keywords
  reading scheme using school script, which is a simplified type written without
  serifs. It helps the child to gradually appreciate the link between handwriting and
  print and to make the transition to the Times Roman serif style. (White cover).

  Maclure Bar Reading Test
  Using the same philosophy as the Maclure reading test type, this version
  is suitable for performing bar reading exercises. (Red cover).

  Moorfields Bar Reading Book
  Developed in accordance with suggestions from the
  Orthoptic Department at Moorfields Eye Hospital.
  The spiral bound format and seven pages of different graded texts
  makes the test most useful in cases of accommodative squint.

p10   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Thomas the Tank Engine
Reading Test Type
Designed especially for young children. Conforms to the
recommendations of the Faculty of Ophthalmologists.

Bailey-Lovie Reading Charts
A set of charts, consisting of 5 different word sequences on white card. Over
17 different sizes from N80 to N2. Includes instructions for special testing
procedures, e.g. establishing reading speed as well as acuity. (215mm x279mm)

Thumb Bar Readers
Used for exercising binocular vision at home or school. It is held against
the centre of the page of reading material. Sold in packs of 10. Red.

Curpax Near Vision Test Type
Based on the recommendations of the Faculty of Ophthalmologists. Text is provided
with the range N5 to N48 with a reduced Snellen test type, an industrial test, a stock
market report, a telephone directory, a sheet music extract and a numeral test.

Jaeger Reading Test Type
A booklet viewed at 35cm with text from J1 to J20.

Laminated Test Type
A simple double sided reading test type ranging from N4 to N48 as
approved by the Faculty of Ophthalmologists and incorporating their
requirements. Being laminated, it is washable and durable.

Laminated Test Type
With modern text and computer screen presentation.

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com      Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p11
  Kay Picture Tests
  Used for testing the vision of young children. The child names
  a selection of pictures from the flip-over Booklet. Their vision is
  recorded at the smallest the child can see and recognise.

  Kay Screening Book Set
  Everything you need for matching and naming pictures at six and three metre
  testing distances. The child is given a key card then points to the matching
  picture on the flip-over booklet. A near test card is also included.

  Kay Book Sets
  22 pictures are graded in the same way as Snellen’s letters. There is
  a recognition booklet to help familiarise a very young or shy child with
  the pictures. A near vision test card is included for use at 33cm.
  4116102    Six metre set (6/60 - 6/6)
  4116103    Three metre set (3/30 - 3/3)

  Kay Three Metre Crowded Book
  The Three Metre Crowded Book combines the accuracy of LogMar acuity
  testing with the ease of naming pictures. It is suitable for use with children aged
  from about 36 months. Any child who does not yet know his letters can read
  out the row of pictures rather than struggle to match from a row of unfamiliar
  letters. This means the test will be easier for the child and quicker to perform.
  Eight pictures are used in groups of four throughout the test (except
  sizes 1.0 and 0.9, where there are two per line). Each eye is tested with
  a different arrangement of pictures to avoid memory playing a part. At
  each acuity level the same four pictures are arranged in a different order
  to test the other eye, giving a perfect comparison of the two acuities.
  The test book comprises sizes LogMar 1.0 to -0.1 in twelve
  equal steps. The test book index shows Snellen sizes in feet and
  metres as well as LogMar, so there is no need to convert.

  Kay Crowded Near Test Card
  This test card accompanies the Crowded Book Set and contains the
  eight pictures in reduced sizes which are equivalent to 6/60 - 6/6 at a
  33cm testing distance. The card is double sided and shows a different
  arrangement of pictures in both crowded and single format.

  Kay Near Point Dot/Accommodation Card
  Double-sided dot/letter card to measure the near point of convergence and
  of accommodation and for home exercises. Range is from 6cm to 24cm.
  4116110    pack of 50
  4116111    pack of 500

p12   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Kay Patch Chart
Monthly charts to help make the business of patch
wearing more fun and easier to remember.
100 charts per pad.
4116115       pad of 100
4116116       5 pads of 100

Kay Fixation Stick
These colourful sticks are ideal for keeping a child’s attention
during cover tests. Each stick contains pictures and letters.
4116120       single fixation stick
4116121       pack of 3

Kay Stickers
Colourful stickers in a range of designs to reward children.
Available in packs of 100, 500 and 1000.
‘What a star’
4116201 x 100           4116202 x 500
4116203 x 100           4116204 x 500
‘I was brave’
4116205 x 100           4116206 x 500    4116207 x 1000
‘I’ve had an eye test’
4116208 x 100           4116209 x 500    4116210 x 1000
‘The Orthoptist checked my eyes’
4116211 x 100           4116212 x 500    4116213 x 1000
‘I’ve seen the Orthoptist’
4116214 x 100           4116215 x 500    4116216 x 1000
‘I wear my patch’
4116217 x 100           4116218 x 500    4116219 x 1000
‘I like my glasses’
4116220 x 100
‘I did it’
4116140 x 100           4116141 x 500    4116142 x 1000
‘Well done’
4116228 x 100           4116229 x 500    4116230 x 1000
4116231 x 100           4116232 x 500    4116233 x 1000
‘Glasses are great’
4116234 x 100           4116235 x 500    4116236 x 1000
‘Star patient’
4116237 x 100           4116238 x 500    4116239 x 1000
‘Award for bravery’
4116243 x 100           4116244 x 500    4116245 x 1000
‘Brilliant eyesight’
4116246 x 100           4116248 x 500
‘Two clever eyes’
4116247 x 100           4116249 x 500
‘I’ve had my eyes checked today’
4116250 x 100           4116251 x 500
‘I’ve seen my Optician’
4116252 x 100           4116253 x 500
Pack of 100 mixed stickers
4116160 x 100

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p13
  Occluders and Rules
  Romanes Occluder
  This simple all purpose occluder is a useful trial case accessory and may also
  be used for a simple assessment of visual acuity and the cover test. One side
  of the occluder bears a scale graduated in millimetres for interpupillary distance
  measurements and for numerical assessment of proptosis. The maker’s name and
  address is printed in Times Roman lettering and may be used as a near vision test.

  Eustace Pinhole Occluder
  A Lorgnette style occluder with five pinholes in one half. Reversible for use
  over either eye. Also incorporates pupillary distance rule and fixation point.

  Spielmann Occluder
  An opaque occluder on handle for cover testing. Being opaque, eye
  movements of the occluded eye can be monitored during the test.

  Black/Green Silk Eyepatch
  A simple washable, durable eyepatch with elasticated band,
  for use wherever patching may be required.

  Opticlude Eye Patches
  An adhesive eyepatch used whenever occlusion therapy is required. The virtually
  non-irritant adhesive leaves no residue on removal. Available for adults and children.
  1771010    pack of 20 Opticlude occluders, junior
  1771011    pack of 20 Opticlude occluders, adult

  White Perimeter Occluder
  Ideal for field testing. Its translucent properties ensure that the
  occluded eye does not dark adapt under test conditions.

  Headspring Occluder
  An effective accessory for use with visual field devices, screens
  and other tests where occlusion of one eye is required.

  Kay Occluding Spectacles                                                                   Regular
  for Children (pair)
  Test uniocular vision using the occluding glasses. The bright
  neon colours make them fun to wear and easy to remember —
  orange to test the right eye and green to test the left eye.
  4116130    Regular                                                                Infant
  4116134    Infant

p14   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Worth 4 Dot metal box
Worth 4 dot test, symbols (6907001 Diplopia goggles needed for this test)

Luedde Exophthalmometer
A clear perspex bar about 1cm square x 10cm long is shaped with a notch at
one end and is graduated in cm and mm for measurement of eye protrusion.

Mirror Exophthalmometers
These superior and inferior orbital rim based instruments measure
the position of the globe accurately even after lateral orbitotomy,
e.g. post tumour removal or thyroid decompression. Easy to use,
fast reproducible results and comfortable for the patient.
1605020    according to Hertel
1605025    according to Naugle                                                                       1605020

Practice Model Eyes
A quality model eye for practising retinoscopy, ophthalmoscopy and indirect
ophthalmoscopy, on a wooden base. A range of pupil diameters is available.
1475000    2mm pupil                 1475010 4mm pupil
1475020    6mm pupil                 1475030 8mm pupil
1475050    Spare wooden support base

Cross Cylinders
A useful confirmation test for examining astigmatism, comprising full aperture lenses
with markings indicating the power and mounted on nickel silver knurled handles.
Available in the following powers;
4361001    ±0.12 dioptre                 4361002 ± 0.25 dioptre
4361003    ± 0.50 dioptre                4361004 ± 0.75 dioptre
4361005    ± 1.00 dioptre

Confirmation Tests
Glass lenses mounted in a metal frame available in the following powers;
±0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1.00 dioptre as 2 lens, 3 lens (trefoil and straight) and
4 lens. Trefoil combination test consists of a cross cylinder combined with
± sphere in the following powers; 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1.00 dioptre.
6221020    2 lens ±0.25                  6221021    2 lens ±0.50
6221022    2 lens ±0.75                  6221023    2 lens ±1.00
6221030    3 lens trefoil ±0.25          6221031    3 lens trefoil ±0.50
6221032    3 lens trefoil ±0.75          6221033    3 lens trefoil ±1.00
6221050    3 lens straight ±0.25         6221051    3 lens straight ±0.50
6221052    3 lens straight ±0.75         6221053    3 lens straight ±1.00
6221040    4 lens ±0.25                  6221041    4 lens ±0.50
6221042    4 lens ±0.50                  6221043    4 lens ±1.00

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com     Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p15
  Retinoscopy Racks
  Pair of Retinoscopy Racks
  Ultra light-weight moulded lens racks made from high grade optical quality
  plastic. Sphere lens power range, ±0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6,
  7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15 dioptres. To avoid scratching, the lenses are deeply
  embedded in the frame and are supplied in a soft plastic case.

  Keeler Retinoscopy Racks
  Contains 24 lenses, -6D to +6D in 0.5D steps. Lightweight aluminium bar. Axis
  indicator at bottom of base. 13mm diameter lenses colour coded in black and red.

  Large aperture retinoscopy rack and a mini-phoropter all in one
  pocket sized instrument. The large 20mm lens diameter allows easier
  retinoscopy. Spheres range from -10.00 to +10.00 in 0.50D steps.

  Illuminated Vision Test
  Macular Worth 4 Dot Test
  A simple and rapid test for determining the presence of macular
  suppression utilising a simple pocket torch and Worth 4 Dot
  sleeve, which uses complementary red and green filters.

  Worth 4 Dot Test
  Near vision test on hand lamp (6907001 Diplopia
  goggles required for this test – see page 51)

p16   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Autorefractors and Ophthalmometers
Canon RF-10 Autorefractor
The Canon RF-10 simplifies the standard measurement procedure — all operations
in just one step. With a press of the start button, once the patient’s eye is visible in
the monitor, the RF-10 automatically completes the entire series of steps for both
eyes: alignment, measurement and printout. The conventional joystick is replaced
with a trackerball and roller tandem and the motorised chin rest makes it easy
to adjust the RF-10 when beginning the eye examination. For refraction, dioptric
measurement range is -30D to +22D allowing a better examination of a patient with
strong myopia. The RF-10 also automatically measures the pupil distance of both
eyes and includes this data in the final printout, along with sphere, cylinder and
axis readings. Retroillumination mode brings a detailed view of the eye, useful for
identifying cataracts, vitreous opacity, scars and other serious eye problems. Dust
or scratches on contact lenses are also clearly visible in this mode. Easy to use,
efficient and precise the RF-10 represents a breakthrough in optometric technology.
1430290    Canon RF-10 Autorefractor
1430506    Paper for RF10 (12 rolls)

Canon RK-F1 Autorefractor/
Autorefractor features as for the RF-10 (above). For keratometry the radius of
curvature extends from 5.5mm to 100mm. Diameter measurements of the cornea,
pupil or of a contact lens being worn during the examination are easy with the RK-F1.
1430340    Canon RK-F1 Autorefractor/Autokeratometer
1430341    Canon print paper for RK-F1 (12 rolls)

Welch Allyn Suresight
Portable hand held autorefractor provides a fast, accurate and
efficient method of obtaining refractive information. One button starts
theautomatic sequential test of both eyes. Flashing lights and sounds
engage the patient throughout the examination. The test lasts for
five seconds and is carried out from 35cm (14 inches) away.
Minimal co-operation is required, making it ideal for use on young children, the
disabled and when there is a language barrier. Patients can be tested while they
are wearing glasses or contact lenses. Compact and lightweight (2lb, 0.9kg).
Rechargeable lithium battery ensures 3 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com        Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p17
  Trial Cases and Frames
  Trial Cases
  Sussex Trial Lens Set
  Contains 218 reduced aperture lenses and 7 accessories, in case. International
  colour convention, metal rims (anodised aluminium). Cylinders do not have handles.
  128 Spheres in 64 pairs:
  Convex: 0.12, 0.25 — 4.00 in 0.25 dioptre steps, 4.00 — 6.00 in 0.50 dioptre
  steps, 6.00 — 14 in 1.00 dioptre steps, 14.00 — 20.00 in 2.00 dioptre steps
  Concave: 0.12, 0.25 — 4.00 in 0.25 dioptre steps, 5.00, 5.50,
  6.00 — 14.00 in 1.00 dioptre steps, 16.00, 18.00, 20.00
  80 Cylinders in 40 pairs:
  Convex: 0.12, 0.25 — 3.50 in 0.25 dioptre steps, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00
  Concave: 0.25 — 3.50 in 0.25 dioptre steps, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00
  10 Prisms 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12
  7 Accessories: 1 Maddox Rod, 1 red glass, 1 green glass,
  1 stenopaic slit, 1 pinhole disc, 2 blank discs

  Full Aperture Trial Lens Set
  169 lenses plus 9 accessories, complete in a wooden case.
  Spheres in 30 pairs each plus and minus:
  0.12, 0.25 — 4.00 in 0.25 dioptre steps, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50, 6.00,
  7.00, 8.00, 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 16.00, 20.00
  Cylinders in 10 pairs each plus and minus:
  0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00
  Accessories: Coloured lenses: red, green, blue, brown and plano (2pcs), Slit
  plates: 0.50mm, 1.00mm, pinhole plates: 0.50mm, 1.00mm, 1.50mm, Occluder.

  Perimeter Lens Set
  A selection of quality full aperture lenses, complete in carrying case. Contains:
  Spheres (1 each):
  0.25, 0.50 — 3.00 in 0.25 dioptre steps, 3.50, 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50,
  6.00, 6.50, 7.00, 8.00, 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 16.00
  Cylinders (1 each):
  0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 4.50, 5.00
  Sets available with + or - cylinders
  4302400    + cylinders
  4302410    - cylinders

p18   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Trial Frames
Skeoch Trial Frame
A very durable, lightweight, drop cell trial frame. It holds up to four 38mm lenses
for each eye. Accessories may be easily inserted and extracted. Engraved
cross lines aid centration and the angled sides ensure exact positioning.
4502001    Reduced aperture
4501001    Full aperture

Oculus Universal Trial Frame
Constructed from lightweight metal alloy and high quality plastic.
Accommodates up to five 38mm lenses for each eye. Independent screw
adjustments for PD of 48 to 80mm. Screw operated bridge height and
projection. Corneal distance scale. Sides adjustable for length and angle.

Oculus Universal UB-4 Trial Frame
As above, but made from robust, high-quality plastic.
4505100    Oculus Universal UB-4 Trial Frame
4505105    Polarising filters for Oculus UB-4 trial frame

Oculus Half Eye Trial Frame
Made from high-grade plastic and light metal alloy, this drop cell trial frame can
accommodate up to three 38mm lenses for each eye. Adjustable PD of 59 to 67mm.
Sides adjustable for length. Available with fixed bridge or adjustable nosepiece.
4506001    Half eye trial frame without nosepiece, adult
4506010    Half eye trial frame with nosepiece, adult

Oculus Children’s Trial Frame
As Half Eye Trial Frame with PD of 54 to 58mm. Also
available with fixed bridge or adjustable nosepiece.
4506030    Half Eye Trial Frame without nosepiece, child
4506035    Half Eye Trial Frame with nosepiece, child

Halberg Trial Clips
Useful and effective monocular trial frame which may be used with
almost all types of spectacle frames. Incorporates three cells for
38mm trial lenses and accessories. Ideal for low vision testing.
1549050    Halberg Trial Clips, pair

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p19
  Colour Tests
  Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test
  Is designed to detect colour vision anomalies and colour discrimination.
  Tests for inherited and acquired colour vision defects red-green
  and blue-yellow. Consisting of 4 separate trays with 85 coloured
  caps of subtle difference in hues, supplied in metal case.
  1687011    Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test
  1687024    Farnsworth Munsell 100 hue test complete with scoring software
  1687022    Farnsworth Munsell 100 scoring software
  1687010    Pad of 75 charts

  L’Anthony’s 40 Hue Test
  Used for rapid and repeated detection of colour discrimination
  and in particular the follow-up of acquired colour vision defects.
  A shortened form of the Farnsworth 100 hue test.
  4129065    L’Anthony’s 40 Hue Test
  4129066    Pad of 100 charts

  Roth 28 Hue Test
  An enlarged selection of colours (28) compared to the 15 of Farnsworth
  Dichotomous test. Used to detect and diagnose colour vision
  defects - inherited and acquired, red-green and blue-yellow.
  4129060    Roth 28 Hue Test
  4129061    Pad of 100 charts

  L’Anthony’s Desaturated 15 Hue Test
  A rapid diagnostic test requiring the patient to make a sequence of colours. Used
  for both inherited and acquired defects. A more sensitive test than 4129050,
  since colours are more desaturated (with less colour) so the task of ordering the
  colours is more difficult. The test will detect even very slight colour vision defects.
  4129055    L’Anthony’s Desaturated 15 Hue Test
  4129056    Pad of charts

  Farnsworth D-15 Test
  A modification of the Farnsworth 100 hue test, more suitable for screening purposes
  it is a dichotomous test looking at deuton, proton and tritan deficiencies.
  1687012    Saturated test, in case
  1687016    Desaturated test, in case
  1687015    Saturated and desaturated in case



p20   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Ishihara colour charts
A confusion test for colour deficiency, principally inherited defects of
the red-green type. A very sensitive test, so will fail those with very
minor defects. The tests provides little indication of occupational
colour matching ability. It does not test blue/yellow vision.
Available as;
4129001    38 plate, used principally by ophthalmologists for complete satisfaction
4129002    24 plate, used mainly for occupational screening
4129003    14 plate, the most accurate plates from the complete 38
           plate edition which allows minimum examination
4129004    10 plate, simple geometric shapes take the place of
           numerals for use with infants and unlettered people

City University Colour Vision Test, Edition 3
A rapid diagnostic test for detecting red/green and blue/yellow and classifying
red/green (protan/deutan) and blue/yellow (tritan) defects (inherited and
acquired). Enables an assessment of the degrees of any defect. Quick and
simple to use and suitable also for children over five years. Different saturations
provide varying degrees of sensitivity to detect even mild defects, if required.
A good test indicating likely occupational suitability for colour tasks.
1549101    City University Colour Vision Test, Edition 3
1549107    Pack of charts for City University colour vision test, Edition 3
1549099    Pack of charts for City University colour vision test, Edition 2

Child’s Colour Test Alpha
A confusion test with pictures to indicate the presence of
inherited colour vision defects.

L’Anthony’s Tritan album
Facilitates the qualitative diagnosis and quantitative evaluation of blue-
yellow dicromatism, through the use of six pseudo-isochromatic plates.

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p21
  Topcon CL-200 Lensmeter
  Computerized lens measurement.
  Spherical power: 0 to ±25D (0.12D/0.25D steps)
  Cylinder power: 0 to ±10D (0.12D/0.25D steps)
  Prismatic Power: 0 to + 10 prism (0.12 prism/0.25 prism steps)
  Manual compensation of a lens Different in Abbe number.
  4802070   CL-200P Lensmeter with printer
  4802071   CL-200PD Lensmeter with printer and PD attachment

  Topcon LM-8/LM-8C Lensmeter
  The LM-8 and LM-8C lensmeters combine an excellent wide
  field eyepiece with a very clear target screen. Both soft and hard
  contact lenses can be measured. Both use AA batteries.
  Vertex power scale graduation 1.125D up to ±5D / 0.25D above ±5D
  Prism dioptre scale: 0 to 6, 1 graduations
  Instrument tilt: 0 to 90 degrees, freely adjustable
  Internal scale reading
  A prism compensator and AC adaptor are optional accessories
  4802006   Topcon LM-8 Lensmeter has Topcon’s original Cross Line Target
  4802007   Topcon LM-8C Lensmeter has a corona target which
            is well proven and widely accepted

  Shin Nippon LM15C Lensmeter
  Portable, lightweight, cordless lensmeter. Lamp replacement is
  eliminated by an LED light source. The auto power-off function
  maximises battery life. Available with Prism Compensator.
  Vertex power scale: 0 to ±25D. Graduation within
  ±3D: 0.125D steps, over ±3D: 0.25D
  Prism refracting power: 0 to 5, 1D graduations
  Instrument tilt: 45 to 90 degrees
  Power source: 2 x 1.5v AA

p22   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Contrast Sensitivity
Cambridge Low Contrast Gratings
A simple test of contrast sensitivity involving a “forced choice”. The patient decides
which of two displays presented simultaneously shows a structured series
of lines or gratings which vary in width spacing (spatial frequency) as the test
proceeds. Particularly useful for examining visual function of pathological eyes.
7002200    Cambridge Low Contrast Gratings
7002201    pad of 50 charts

Pelli-Robson Contrast Sensitivity Chart
The Pelli-Robson chart utilises letters of the same size, but with reducing contrast
to provide a quick means of assessing patient contrast sensitivity thresholds.
For use at one metre. Particularly useful for evaluating visual function of those
with 6/6 Snellen acuity, but who complain of “poor”, “hazy” vision nevertheless,
such as in cases of cataract, glaucoma and retinal and optic nerve pathology.
Two charts are supplied printed with a different sequence of letters,
together with instructions for use and a scoring pad.
Height 97cm Width 82cm
The recommended luminance of the chart is 85cd.
m-2 (ie illumination of about 280 lux)
7002251    Pelli-Robson Contrast Sensitivity Chart
7002252    pad of 50 score sheets

These are printed on thin card and are suitable to give
to patients for home training purposes.
Fusion and stereoscopic.

7309001 Cat                          7309002 Open bucket              7309003 Closed bucket   7309005 1-2-3

7309006    Mayou graduated stereograms

Dinosaur Vision Therapy Card
Transparent plastic cards with many diagnostic and therapeutic
uses. Includes three grades of stereogram and fixation, saccades
and directionality treatments. Comes with instructions.
4116117    each
4116118    pk-3
4116119    pk-10

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com           Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p23
  Lang Stereotests
  Two strips act as random dot stereograms of varying separation of dots.
  Spectacles do not need to be worn to view. The test includes animal
  pictures viewed at 40cm. Simple shapes have to be detected.
  Pocket sized, the tests are available in three formats;
  Lang I:    Disparity Star 600”. Cat 400”. Car 550”
  Lang II:   Disparity Moon/Star 200”. Car 400”. Elephant 600” monocular visible star
  7307020    Lang stereotest No. 1 in wallet (car, cat and star shapes)
  7307025    Lang stereotest No. 2 in wallet (elephant, van and
             moon with monocular star control)
  7307030    Lang stereotest No. 1 & 2 in wallet

  Frisby Stereotest
  Three square transparent plates (6mm, 3mm, 1.5mm) have four
  similar patterns printed, three on one surface and one on the
  other, hence one appears in relief as closer or nearer. The patient
  indicates which square stands out in space from the others.
  Viewed at 40cm, glasses are not required. Assessment of
  stereo acuity from 600 to 15 seconds of arc.

  Frisby Screening Stereotest
  To demonstrate stereopsis from 6 months old. Two squares
  are presented; one of which has a circle-in-depth.

  TNO Stereotest
  Viewed at 40cm. A very sensitive test for stereopsis based on random
  dot stereograms. The green and red spectacles worn ensure different
  signals are sent through each eye for fusion by the brain.
  7305001    TNO Stereotest with red/green spectacles
  7305010    TNO Stereotest without red/green spectacles
  7305101    Red/green spectacles for TNO, adult
  7305102    Red/green spectacles for TNO, children

  Butterfly Stereotest
  Designed to rapidly test for amblyopia and strabismus using gross through to fine
  stereopsis (2500 to 20 seconds of arc). Graded circle test from 400 seconds now
  down to 20 seconds with no monocular clues. New improved booklet has answer
  key on back cover and includes both adult and pediatric polarized viewers.
  7306012    Butterfly Stereopsis Test with LEA Symbols®

  Fly Stereotest
  Designed to rapidly test for amblyopia and strabismus using gross through to fine
  stereopsis (4800 to 20 seconds of arc). Graded circle test from 400 seconds now
  down to 20 seconds with no monocular clues. New improved booklet has answer
  key on back cover and includes both adult and pediatric polarized viewers.
  7306011    Fly Stereopsis Test with LEA Symbols®

p24   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Random Dot Stereotest
Designed to rapidly test for amblyopia and strabismus in early and non-readers
and non-verbal children & adults. Expanded Random Dot LEA Symbols Test
(500, 250, 125, 63 seconds of arc). Graded circle test now down to 12.5
seconds with no monocular clues. New improved booklet has answer key
on back cover and includes both adult and pediatric polarized viewers.
7306013    Random Dot Stereopsis Test with LEA Symbols®

Wirt Fly Test
Consists of three stereoscopic tests employing polarised vectographs.
The fly dramatically demonstrates the presence of stereo vision.
The other two tests provide the practitioner with results to estimate
the level of stereoscopic vision. Viewed at 40cm.
7306001    Wirt Fly Test with polarised spectacles

Randot Stereotest
Patterns or shapes are presented to the two eyes using polaroid
spectacles provided. One figure stands out in space and has to
be identified. Includes animal pictures viewed at 40cm.

Random Dot E Stereotest
This test consists of three cards and a pair of polarised spectacles.
One card is a specimen and shows what the patient should see
when using the spectacles and presented with the stereoscopic
card. The third card is a blank to expose malingerers.

Random Dot (Butterfly) Test
Similar to the ‘Fly’ test but employs the use of a butterfly which
makes the test attractive to use with small children.

NEW Randot Preschool Stereoacuity Test
The Randot® Preschool Stereoacuity Test SO-007 tests stereopsis from 800 to 40 seconds
of arc on patients as young as two years of age. This Stereotest is designed as a matching
game in which the patient matches the pictures on the left side with those on the right.
To eliminate guessing, figures cannot be seen without viewing glasses.

The test includes:
• One pair of pediatric 3-D viewers
• Three tests in one booklet:
• Test #1: 200 and 100 seconds of arc
• Test #2: 60 and 40 seconds of arc
• Test #3: 800 and 400 seconds of arc

Polarised Glasses
Polarised glasses for use with Wirt, Random Dot and Randot tests.
7306101    Standard (black frames)
7306105    Paediatric (orange frames)

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com          Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p25
  Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscopes
  PanOptic Ophthalmoscope
  The PanOptic Ophthalmoscope offers:
  • Large and clear marking spots for easy blocking
  • A field of view that is 5X larger than you see with standard
    ophthalmoscopes in an undilated eye
  • 25º field of view versus the 5º field of view of standard ophthalmoscopes
  • A 26º increase in magnification – making it easier to see retinal details
  • Compatible with all Welch Allyn 3.5v power sources
  • Greater working distance improves comfort for both user and patient
  • Focusing wheel adjusts in a continuous, smooth action
    for precise control and optimum view
  • Focusing range is -20 to +20 dioptres
  • Halogen HPX™ lamp, provides a whiter, brighter light
  • Aperture dial allows you to select micro, small and large spot sizes.
    Also includes red-free filter, slit aperture and cobalt blue filter
  • Includes add-on magnifying lens for corneal exams
  1717240   PanOptic Ophthalmoscope, head only – 11820
  1717246   PanOptic Ophthalmoscope, with SMART handle,
            transformer and hard case –11824VSM

  3.5V Prestige Ophthalmoscope
  • Halogen HPX™ lamp which provides 30% more light output, for true tissue colour
  • 68 lenses -30 to +38 in automatic, single D steps
  • Coaxial optical system for ease of entry and larger field of view
  • Sealed optics keep out dust and dirt
  • Cross linear polarising filter reduces abnormal corneal reflection
  • Neutral filter provides the ideal amount of Halogen
    HPX™ light for entering healthy eyes
  • Opacity setting provides the brightest Halogen HPX™ light for
    easy entry into eyes with cataract or other media opacity.
  • 18 aperture combinations for greater versatility
  • Rubber brow rest prevents scratching of glasses
  • Illuminated lens dial clearly identifies dioptre setting
  1717162   Prestige Ophthalmoscope, head only – 11735

  3.5V Coaxial Ophthalmoscope
  Has all the Prestige features except the Coaxial
  Ophthalmoscope has 28 lenses, -25 to +40.
  1717003   Coaxial Ophthalmoscope, head only –11720

p26   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
2.5V Pocket Ophthalmoscope
Lightweight, compact diagnostic instrument using Halogen illumination.
• Lens selection disc offers choice of 48 viewing lenses
• Sealed optics for improved long-term performance
• Continuous aperture selection dial offers 6 apertures
1717036 – 12821

Welch Allyn Retinoscopes
3.5V Streak/Spot Retinoscopes
• Interchangeable: streak retinoscope can be converted to a spot.
• Continuously rotating external focusing sleeve is easy to
  grip and manipulate regardless of hand size
• Brighter Halogen light and more efficient optics
  allow easier viewing of retinal reflexes
• Sealed housing keeps instrument dust-free longer
• Crossed linear polarising filter eliminates glare from trial lenses
• Magnetic fixation cards make dynamic retinoscopy easy to perform
• Converts streak to spot retinoscope by simply changing the bulb
• Rubber brow rest prevents scratching of glasses
1717300     3.5V Streak retinoscope, head only – 18200
1717044     3.5V Spot retinoscope, head only – 18300
1717170     Streak bulb – 08200
1717171     Spot bulb – 08300

Diagnostic Sets
Ophthalmic Diagnostic Sets contain an ophthalmoscope,
retinoscope, transformer and case with the SMART handle.
1717241     PanOptic ophthalmoscope/Streak retinoscope set with
            SMART handle, transformer and case. – 18324VPSM

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p27
  Power Supplies & Handles
  3.5V SMART Power Handle
  The ‘SMART’ Lithium Ion battery provides twice the on-time and is just half the weight
  of a rechargeable battery. Ergonomic design, made from durable CYCOLOY®.
  The ‘SMART’ handle has low battery and charging indicators, does not suffer from
  memory loss when charging and has a more environmentally friendly battery.
  1717292    3.5V SMART power handle, charger and transformer – 71904
  1717293    SMART power handle only – 71910
  1717294    Charging pod – 71940
  1717028    Transformer – 71034

  Universal Double Desk Charger
  Double desk charger for both SMART handles (black lithium ion)
  and the original double desk charger handles (NiCad).
  1717296    Double desk charger, without handles – 71114
  1717298    Double desk charger, with 2 SMART handles – 71734

  Welch Allyn 3.5V C Cell Handle
  Utilises 2 standard size C batteries.
  1717169    3.5V C Cell Handle – 71020B

  3.5V Wall Transformer
  Holds two Welch Allyn handles, a third module can be added for a further
  instrument. Coiled cords on the handles can stretch to twelve feet.
  1717039    Wall transformer with two cord handles – 76714

p28   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Welch Allyn Miscellaneous
3.5V Halogen Fibre Optic Transilluminator
General fibre optic examination light provides cool
illumination which eliminates patient discomfort.
Useful to check pupil reflex.
1717190    Transilluminator 3.5V, straight, without handle – 41100
1717191    Transilluminator 3.5V, straight, with cobalt blue filter, without handle – 43300
1717188    Transilluminator 3.5V, curved, without handle – 41101

Halogen Professional Penlite
The Professional Penlite is a convenient pocket light. Features bright, white Halogen
illumination for accurate tissue colour rendition. Brass with black matt finish.
1717158 – 76600

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
The Welch Allyn 125 Binocular
Indirect Ophthalmoscope (BIO)
The Welch Allyn 125 BIO is designed to achieve precise binocular viewing and
stereopsis easier than ever before. Its observation paths can be adjusted from
49mm to 74mm to handle the widest and narrowest interpupillary distances.
There is a small pupil mode enabling examination of patients with pupils as
small as 2mm. There is also the option of a diffuser filter which expands the
illumination beam and allows enhanced viewing of peripheral areas of the retina.
The diffuser filter automatically decreases the intensity of the illumination. This
prevents pupil myosis – common in patients with highly sensitive eyes.
Wall/desk power source: versatile all-purpose power source.
For use on desk, wall or side of desk. Powers and stores BIO in a
variety of settings. Also provides condensing lens storage.
Portable power source: goes wherever examinations take place. Provides
up to 60 minutes of continuous on-time and simple plug-in transformer
recharging. Indicator lights display power on, low power and recharging.
Rheostat is easy to access and back clip allows easy portability.
Part numbers:
1717140    Welch Allyn 125 BIO –12500
1717139    Welch Allyn 125 BIO with diffuser –12500D
1717310    BIO with yellow filter, without power supply – 12500Y
1717315    BIO with diffuser and yellow filter without power supply –12500DY
1717141    Wall/desk power source – 74354
1717142    Portable power source with rechargeable battery – 74364
1717146    BIO teaching mirror –12550
1717147    Scleral depressor – 12060
1717148    Fundus charts and pencils – 50120
1717145    Bulb – 01200
1717144    Carrying case – 05120

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com           Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p29
  Octopus Perimeters
  Provide standardised automated field tests, using Professor Frankhauser’s
  Berne University design. Both the Octopus 900 and Octopus 300 series are
  simple to operate and user friendly, yet versatile and accurate. Capable of
  progressive upgrading with technological advances and with these innovations:
  • Rapid thresholds using Tendency Oriented Perimetry (TOP)
  • Programmes select critical areas of fields, staged for effective clinical reliability
  • Stimuli 100% reliable, based on real-time fixation monitoring and control

  Octopus 900 Goldmann Kinetic Perimeter
  The Haag-Streit Octopus 900 perimeter is the result of 30 years of
  improvements to the automated Goldmann kinetic bowl perimeter. Having
  an unrestricted full 90° field, and virtually unlimited flexibility, the new Haag-
  Streit Octopus 900 perimeter is both the official and natural successor to
  the original popular Haag-Streit manual kinetic Goldmann Perimeter.
  The Octopus 900 cannot only perform static perimetry but can
  also perform true 90° full fields Goldmann kinetic perimetry. The
  Octopus 900 perimeter has the following features:
  • True 90° full fields Goldmann perimetry
  • Compact design, with full 60 cm Goldmann bowl (same
    size as the original Goldmann perimeter)
  • Choice of Goldmann stimulus sizes from (I – V), in any
    combination of stimulus intensities (1-4) 0.5 log units and (a-
    e) 0.1 log units. (same as the original Goldmann perimeter)
  • Both manual and automatic Goldmann Kinetic perimetry
  • Static perimetry with binocular Estermann test (driving test)
  • The ability to plot or map the blind spot
  • Age related static and kinetic normal values
  • Option to draw the isopters either automatically or manually.
  • The ability to be able to show a combination of both kinetic (isopters)
    results and static perimetry (grey scale) results on a single diagram.
  • The ability to import and overlay retinal and HRT images in order
    to undertake micro perimetry with a pathological reference
  5010600    Octopus 900 (Goldmann 940 Replacement Package – Available from April
             2007) - Includes the O’900 Perimeter, EyeSuite Lite (ERL) Perimetry Software,
             Manual Goldmann Kinetic Perimetry, Basic Static Perimetry, Esterman Test,
             Universal motorised table and top for the O’900 (Laptop or PC Required)
  5010610    Octopus 900 (Professional Package – Available from April 2007) –
             Includes the O’900 Perimeter, EyeSuite Pro Perimetry Software, Manual/
             Automated Goldmann Kinetic Perimetry, Full Static Perimetry, Blue/
             Yellow, Red/White, Flicker Perimetry, Automated Eye Tracking, Esterman
             Test, Motorised table and top for the O’900 (Laptop or PC Required)

p30   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Octopus 300
The Octopus 300 is ideal for routine screening and threshold
examinations. The proven performance, accuracy and quality of the 300
will benefit any practice or clinic and has the following features:
• Free rotating examination unit permits operation from both sides and in tight spaces
• 30° direct projection optical system.
• No dark room required.
• 100% eye fixation control.
• Continuous measurement of the pupil size allows
  accurate assessment and comparison of data.
• The test procedure can be interrupted at any time and continued later.
• With the optional TOP test strategy, a full threshold
  examination takes less than two minutes.
• The clear Seven-in-One print-out presents complete
  information for assessment of results.
• Automatic Eye Tracking option - automatically tracks the eye and
  re-establishes fixation (if the patient loses fixation at any time during the test).
5010520    Octopus 300 special package 1. Includes Octopus 300
           perimeter, TOP strategy, Eye Tracking, HP printer and a
           compact motorised table with Octopus 300 table top.
5010525    Octopus 300 special package 2. Includes Octopus 300
           perimeter, TOP strategy, Eye Tracking, HP printer and a
           compact motorised table with Universal table top.
5010500    Octopus 300, Special Package 3 – including TOP software,
           rotating perimetry bowl, motorised aligning optics, 7 in 1 report USB
           connection and LCD touch screen, for central field screening.

Visual Field Equipment
Bjerrum Screen
For kinetic visual field testing, central and peripheral. For use at one metre.
The Bjerrum screen is made of black matt material and stitched with radial
lines at 15º intervals and circles at 5º intervals. Used with Traquair or
similar stimuli. Supplied on corded slats or retractable into a wallbox.
5102001    Bjerrum screen, in wallbox
5102201    Bjerrum screen, on slats
5131001    Pad of 100 Bjerrum screen charts

Traquair Target
For use with the Bjerrum screen for kinetic field tests. Comprised of discs on
thin stems, fitting into a sectioned wand. Protective wallet contains discs in red/
green and blue/white in the following sizes:1,2,3,4,5,7,10,15,20,30 and 40mm.

Amsler Chart Manual
A valuable series of charts for evaluating foveal and macular disorders. The manual
explains uses and the interpretation of results. Recording charts supplied.
1549105    Amsler Chart Manual
1549106    Amsler recording charts, pad of 50

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com      Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p31
  Slit Lamps
  Portable Slit Lamp
  Clement Clarke Portable Slit Lamp BA904
  The BA904 Slit Lamp can be used with its head and chinrest assembly
  for traditional style examinations or as a hand held slit lamp.
  Features include:
  • Modern ergonomic design
  • Superior optics from Haag-Streit
  • Bright, halogen illumination
  • Compact, portable and lightweight
  • Power from mains or rechargeable battery pack
  • Head and chinrest with joystick
  • 3 slit widths (0.12mm, 0.25 and 0.5mm)
  • 4 slit heights (3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 14mm)
  • Two integral colour filters; blue and yellow
  5606011    Portable slit lamp, including head and chinrest stand, power
             centre, energy pack and large case (Set A)
  5606012    Portable slit lamp, including head and chinrest stand, power
             centre, energy pack and small case (Set B)
  5606013    Portable slit lamp, including power centre, energy pack and small case (Set C)
  5606014    Portable slit lamp and power centre only (Set D)
  5606015    Portable slit lamp, energy pack and recharger plug (Set E)

  Haag-Streit Slit Lamps
  Haag-Streit BD 900 Slit Lamp
  The Haag-Streit BD 900 Slit Lamp is designed specifically
  for use in the optometric practice.
  The features include:
  • A 14mm slit, which rotates in both directions and
    makes it ideal for contact lens fitting
  • Magnification ranges from 10X-16X
  • The BD 900 also has a unique integral video port to attach
    cameras for image acquiring and or for teaching purposes.
  • Built in heat absorption
  • Redfree, and Blue filters with an option for a yellow filter to be fitted.
  • Continuous 0-14 mm slit width and 0-14mm slit length.
  • Has built in Beam Splitter with C-mount port.
  • The BD 900 has all the high quality features you would
    expect from Haag-Streit at an affordable price.
  5602800    Haag-Streit BD 900 slit lamp on Counter Balance Table w/o tonometer
  5602805    Haag-Streit BD 900 slit lamp for use on refraction units w/o psu or tonometer

p32   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Haag-Streit Slit Lamp BM 900
The original BM 900 Slit Lamp combines and epitomises
the art and science of slit lamp microscopy.
It represents the successful embodiment of all Haag-Streit’s inventiveness,
experience and precision instrument making skills and is regarded
as the classic instrument for modern slit lamp microscopy.
Main features are:
• Optimum definition, contrast and sharpness of the brilliantly clear slit image.
• High precision slit adjustment.
• Large field of view in the converging microscope eye pieces
  predisposes immediate stereoscopic observation.
• Single joy-stick control for horizontal and vertical positioning.
• Various accessories for measurement of length, angle and
  thickness, for co-observation and documentation as well
  as for the assessment of retinal visual acuity.
• Swiss precision optical and mechanical parts.
5603001    BM 900 Slit Lamp complete on counterbalanced table, on castors
5603201    BM 900 Slit Lamp for use with refraction units
5603601    BM 900 Slit Lamp for use with L106 unit
5703001    Spare bulb, 6V, 4.5a

Haag-Streit Slit Lamp BP 900
Three magnifications and imaging capabilities. Designed for routine practice, the
BP 900 has a redesigned optical system. Two optical beam splitters, one for
video, one for digital still photography, allow the attachment of a range of cameras
to be fitted. Comprises of Tungsten Illumination at 600,000 lux. 10X, 16X and
25X magnification. Built in Heat absorption, Redfree, and Blue filters with an
option for a yellow filter to be fitted. Continuous 0-8 mm slit width and 0-8mm slit
length. Features a unique illumination control button on the joystick enabling easy
brightness adjustment with moving your eyes or hands away from the controls.
5602700    Haag-Streit BP 900 slit lamp on Counter Balance Table w/o tonometer
5602705    Haag-Streit BD 900 slit lamp for use on refraction units w/o psu or tonometer
5603798    Video Adaptor Port c-mount (70/30)
5602716    Photo Adaptor Port
5602710    BP Background Illuminator

Haag-Streit Slit Lamp BQ 900
The BQ 900 Slit Lamp is in addition to the original Haag-Streit BM 900
and features convergent eyepieces but parallel optical paths. This allows
the observer to work in a relaxed and fatigue-free manner even
during prolonged examinations and procedures.
This eliminates the appearance of double images so commonly perceived when
working with parallel eyepieces. The standard eyepiece is 12.5X magnification
but power ranges from 6.3X to 40X and a sliding eye guard can be adapted so
that examiners with spectacles may observe the entire visual field of 16mm.
5603703    Haag-Streit BQ 900 Slit Lamp, without stereo-variator,
           complete on counterbalanced table, on castors
5603701    Haag-Streit BQ 900 Slit Lamp for use on refraction units
5703001    Spare bulb, 6V, 4.5a

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com        Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p33
Haag-Streit BX 900 Slit Lamp
Superior technology for professional photography. The BX has and integrated
coaxialflash, fully synchronised with the camera back, slit and background
illumination all controlled by a release mechanism adjacent to the joystick. With
this system the ophthalmic photographer controls every stage of the image
acquisition. With full, true aperture control, depth of field preview and modelling
light. 6.3X to 40X magnification 600,000 lux. Built in Heat absorption, Redfree,
and Blue filters with an option for a yellow filter to be fitted. Continuous 0-8
mm slit width and 0-8mm slit length 100% of light is deflected to the camera
at the moment the shutter release is pressed. Comes complete with an EOS
Digital back and flash controller on an extended, IT counter balance table.
EyeCap Image Capture and Management software w/o pc and monitor.
5602600           BX Photo Slit Lamp System
xxxxxxx           Optional yellow filter

 Haag-Streit Slit Lamps at-a-glance
                                                        BD 900     BM 900             BP 900      BQ 900       BX 900          BA 904
 Illumination                Tungsten                                                   ■            ■            ■               ■
                             Halogen                      ■                                                                       ■
                             Tilt                                    ■                  ■            ■            ■
                             Max. intensity (Lux)       300,000    600,000            600,000     600,000      300,000         205,000
 Magnification               6.3x                                                                    ■            ■
 (with standard eyepieces)
                             10x                          ■          ■                  ■            ■            ■               ■
                             16x                          ■          ■                  ■            ■            ■               ■
                             25x                                                        ■            ■            ■
                             40x                                                                     ■            ■
 Filters                     Grey                         ■          ■                  ■            ■            ■
                             Red-free                     ■          ■                  ■            ■            ■
                             Blue                         ■          ■                  ■            ■            ■               ■
                             Yellow                       ■                                                                       ■
                             Heat absorption              ■          ■                  ■            ■            ■               ■
 Slit                        Width (continuous)        0-14 mm     0-8 mm             0-8 mm      0-8 mm       0-8 mm        0.12/0.25/0.5
                                                                                                                               mm steps
                             Length (continuous)       1-14 mm     1-8 mm             1-8 mm      1-8 mm       1-8 mm        3/5/8/14mm
                             Test mark fixation star                 ■                  ■            ■            ■
 Microscope                  Stereo angle 13°             ■          ■                  ■            ■            ■               ■
                             Stereo angle 4.5°
 Imaging                     Video connector           ■ C-mount
                             Photo digital connector                                                              ■
                             Photo 35 mm connector                                                                ■
                             Integrated flash                                                                     ■
                             (slit and background)
                             100% light                                                                           ■
                             deflection to camera
                                                                                                ■ Standard   Option      Not recommended

   p34      Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Haag-Streit Slit Lamp Accessories
Endo Set
For use with Haag-Streit Slit Lamps.
Depth Measuring Devices 1 and 2 (BM 900 and BQ 900).
5702065    Endo Set (as detailed above)
5702012    for BM 900 /5603713 for BQ 900 measures the
           cornea thickness up to 1.2mm (No.1)
5702013    for BM 900 /5603714 for BQ 900 measures the depth
           of the anterior chamber, up to 6mm (No. 2)
5702014    for BM 900 /5603715 for BQ 900 pair of depth measuring devices (Nos 1 and 2)

Stereo-Variator for
Haag-Streit Slit Lamp BQ 900
The Stereo-Variator reduces the angle of stereoscopic observation from
13° to 4,5°. It facilitates the stereoscopic examination of the fundus,
especially under unfavourable conditions such as high myopia, small
pupils and peripheral parts of the fundus and the vitreous. It results in an
enlarged binocular field of view and, although reduced, still gives access to
stereoscopic observation which again improves binocular visual acuity.

Adaptor for Inclined Eyepieces BQ 900
The adaptor inclines the viewing angle into the microscope by
20° to the horizontal. Enables the examiner to keep his head
in a fatigue-free position, leaving the neck relaxed.

Second Observer Set BQ 900
Comprises a beam splitter which deviates 50% of the luminous light
from the lens, a monocular observation tube and X12.5 eyepiece
with dioptre adjustment. Allows participation in the examination
of a second observer and is ideal for teaching purposes.

Lotmar Visometer
Aids assessment of visual acuity and retinal function in pre-operative decision
making. For patients with serious turbidity of the media, by projection of a variable
pattern of interference filters onto the retina. Fringe pitch may be continuously
varied over a range corresponding to visual acuity between 0 to 2.5.

For Slit Lamp imaging systems please refer to Page 48

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com       Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p35
  Applanation Tonometers
  Goldmann Model AT 900M/Q Tonometer
  The standard for the measurement of intraocular pressure between 0 to 78mm
  Hg. As the area of applanation is only 3.042mm, the scleral rigidity does not
  influence readings. The Model T Tonometer attaches to the footplate of the
  slit lamp and is removed from the slit lamp when not in use. Fits the Haag-
  Streit BM, BMV, BQ, BP slit lamps. (Previously T-type removable)

  Goldmann Model AT900 Tonometers
  The standard for the measurement of intraocular pressure between 0 to
  78mm Hg. As the area of applanation is only 3.042mm, the scleral rigidity
  does not influence readings. The Model R Tonometer is permanently
  attached to the slit lamp by means of a special mounting spigot.
  5810010   Goldmann Model AT 900 C/M for BM, BMV slit lamps (previously R/BM)
  5812011   Goldmann Model AT 900 BQ tonometer for BP,BQ slit lamps (previously R/BQ)
  5812013   Goldmann Model AT 900 C/M tonometer for BC,BD
            900 slit lamps (previously R/BC)
  5814001   Doubling prism
  5805100   Tonosafe™ Disposable Prisms

  Goldmann Model AT900D Digital Tonometers
  • Digital Display, Ergonomic, easy to read digital display of IOP measures
    even in the darkened examination room
  • Direct connection Wireless transfer of IOP readings
    and left/right eye position to IT systems.
  • A true Goldmann tonometer Incorporating digital measurement technology and
    the Goldmann applanation principle yields, precise and reliable IOP readings.
  5813010   AT900D-R (R-type for BD, BC,)
  5813015   AT900D-R BM (R-type for BM, BMV)
  5813020   AT900D-T (T-type for BM, BP & BQ)
  5813025   AT900D-BQ (R-Type for BP & BQ)
  5805100   Tonosafe™ Disposable Prisms

  Perkins Hand Held Applanation Tonometer
  The Perkins hand held Tonometer employs the Goldmann applanating prism. Its counterbalanced
  movement allows accurate readings to be taken in any orientation, making it ideal for
  anywhere. Operated by four AA batteries. A rechargeable battery handle is also available.
  5805001   Perkins Hand Held Applanation Tonometer
  5805380   Recharging unit
  5805490   Rechargeable battery handle
  5801068   Doubling prism
  5805100   Tonosafe™ Disposable Prisms
  5814004   Perkins Examination Telescope (P.E.T.)

  Perkins Examination Telescope (P.E.T)
  Allows viewing of the fluorescein semi-circles at arms length, making examinations
  easier and more comfortable for you and your patient. P.E.T. mounts easily to
  the Perkins MK2 eyepiece and lets two individuals view simultaneously.

p36   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Disinset V
1 plastic container for parts to be disinfected, 1 measuring jug for disinfection
with a 3 part insert and cover, 1 measuring jug with funnel for rinsing and
1 glass container with insert and cover for storing disinfected parts.

Sterilising Stand
A simple tripod sterilising stand to take up to three doubling prisms.

Schioetz Tonometer
A simple device for the measurement of intraocular pressure.
Chrome plated complete with footplate and stainless steel plunger
with jewelled hammer assembly. The device is supplied with
certificates of accuracy, recording forms and protective case.
5815001    Schioetz Tonometer, inclined scale
5815010    Schioetz Tonometer, straight scale

Non-Contact Tonometer
Canon TX-F Non-Contact Tonometer
Completely automated non-contact tonometer utilising the renowned Canon gentle
puff of air and the three-dimensional tracking system to ensure reliable readings.
Features include;
• Only need to be viewing part of the patient’s eye in the monitor and
  simply press the start button. The TX-F will first align and measure
  the first eye and then automatically move over to the second eye,
  align and then perform the measurement on the second eye.
• Can also be set to automatically print out the results in a number of formats.

Tonosafe™ Disposable
Applanation Prisms
Tonosafe™ Disposable Prisms
The Tonosafe™ disposable prisms are a convenient and effective
method of reducing the risk of cross infection between patients,
eliminating the need to clean and disinfect prisms.
Tonosafe are compatible with both Goldmann and Perkins
tonometers. Boxed in 100s with five prism holders per box.
5805100    Box of 100
5805091    Box of 20

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p37
  Contact, Aspheric, Laser & Indirect
  Contact Lenses from Haag-Streit
  Goldmann Fundus Contact Lens (901)
  For binocular slit observation of the pupil, the macula, its surroundings
  out to 30º as well as the central vitreous body sections. Easy
  to use, lightweight glass provides a direct image.

  Goldmann Single Mirror Gonioscopy
  Contact Lens (902)
  For the examination of the anatomical conditions in the area of the front
  of the iris. 902s (scleral) lens also available. 62º mirror angle.

  Original Goldmann 3 Mirror
  Contact Lens (903)
  11mm internal diameter of the cornea part. Best in combination with Haag-
  Streit slit lamps. For examination of the entire fundus, the vitreous and the
  iridocorneal angle. Made of acrylic glass. 59 / 66 / 73 degree mirror angles.
  5702009    Large (903) The classic Goldmann glass
  5702010    Small 903s The classic Goldmann glass
  5702059    906 For babies.10mm internal diameter of the cornea part
  5702045    907 For children up to 4 years of age.

  One Mirror Contact Lens (904)
  This contact glass serves to examine the ora serrata, the pars plana and the extreme
  peripheral parts of the vitreous body and the ocular fundus. 62º mirror angle.

  Two Mirror Contact Lens (905)
  Two mirrored surfaces, which each incline at an angle of 62º towards
  the front surface, have been cut into the 17mm long glass cone. This
  makes it possible to examine the opposite iridocorneal angle without
  turning the contact glass. 905s (scleral) lens also available.

  For use with Goldmann Contact Lenses 903/903L, the Sterycup reduces
  the transfer of bacteria. There is no reduction in optical quality and no rotation
  on the patient’s cornea. Disposable and simple to use. (Box of 64).

p38   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Haag-Streit 81D Non-Contact Lens
A dual purpose lens, which can be used as a 78D or 90D lens and
is suitable for biomicroscopy and laser treatment of the fundus.

Volk Lenses
A full range of powers for every diagnostic and therapeutic application.
For a complete list of Volk lenses, please refer to our web site
at www.haagstreituk.com or our current price list.

Laser Lenses from Haag-Streit
Laser Contact Glass CGAL
A gonioscopic contact glass designed for laser treatments of the chamber angle.
It reduces the laser spot by a factor of 1.5 as compared to a Goldmann Glass.

Laser Contact Glass CGIL
An iridectomy contact glass designed to perform full
thickness peripheral laser iridectomies.

Laser Contact Glass CGPL
A capsulotomy contact lens designed for the dissection of opacified posterior lens
capsules and membranes in the pupillary and retropupillary space with the YAG laser.

Laser Contact Glass CGRL
A wide-angle contact glass designed for laser
photocoagulation and diagnosis of the retina.

Laser Contact Glass CGVL
A vitrectomy contact glass designed for photodisruptive
YAG laser procedures in the posterior vitreous.

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com    Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p39
  Goldmann Three Mirror Laser Lenses
  Made from acrylic with lumenised-coated protective glass.
  Designed to work with argon/YAG lasers. All lenses have the
  original mirror angles by Goldmann: 59/66/73 degrees.
  5702080    Goldmann Laser Contact Glass. 903L. The Classic Goldmann Lens.
  5702XXX    Goldmann Laser Contact Glass. 906L. For newly born
             children 10mm internal diameter of the cornea part.
  5702XXX    Goldmann Laser Contact Glass. 907L. For children up to 4
             years of age. 11mm internal diameter of the corneal part.
  5702XXX    Goldmann Laser Contact Glass 630L. For use with non-Haag-
             Streit Slit Lamps (lamps which have a smaller distance between
             the eye and the reduction prism than the Haag-Streit 900®.)

  Cleaning and Disinfecting
  Disinset V
  1 plastic container for parts to be disinfected, 1 measuring jug for disinfection
  with a 3-part insert and cover, 1 measuring jug for rinsing and funnel and
  1 glass container with insert and cover for storing disinfected parts.

  Volk Cleaning Cloths
  Volk precision optical lens cleaner consists of a highly absorbent, lint-free optical
  towlette moistened to an exact saturation level, with a unique combination of
  oil removers and cleaning agents. Ideal for use on Volk lenses, microscope
  eyepieces, cameras and other precision optical surfaces. (Box of 24).

p40   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Ellex Laser Lenses
Abraham Laser Lenses
E3800010 Iridectomy contact glass
E3800011 Capsulotomy contact lens

3 Mirror Universal Lens (18mm)
Made from acrylic with lumenised-coated protective glass.
Designed to work with Diode/YAG lasers.
All lenses have the original mirror angles by Goldmann: 59/66/73 degrees.

Karickhoff Lens
For the laser treatment of floaters not in the central visual axis.

Mainster PRP 165 Lens
Widest field of view available for panretinal photocoagulation.

Reichel-Mainster 1 x Retina Lens
Features superior optical resolution for detecting subtle fundus
details, such as retinal thickening and detachments.

Mainster (standard) Focal Grid Lens
Designed for focal and grid laser treatment from the
posterior pole to the mid periphery.

Ritch Trabeculoplasty Lens
Specifically designed for laser suture lysis after trabeculectomy of cataract surgery.

Latina SLT Gonio Laser Lens
Specifically designed for treatment of open angle glaucoma using the SLT procedure.

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com      Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p41
  Ellex Ophthalmic Lasers
  Ellex SuperQ Photodisruptor
  • The SuperQ is the world’s first fully integrated YAG laser, produced
    by the world’s largest manufacturers of ophthalmic lasers
  • Featuring exclusive SuperQ technology, providing
    unprecedented laser cavity lifetime and reliability
  • The SuperQ is portable, easy to relocate and assemble and is available
    with a unique powered stand providing wheelchair access for patients
  • Space saving removable side wings with durable and scratch resistant surfaces
  • Transportable with carry cases.
  E1050000 SuperQ
  E3047989 Total Access Wheelchair Accessible stand

  Ellex Integre Photocoagulator
  • New generation diode pumped solid state 532nm Photocoagulator
  • Fully integrated into a slit lamp optimised for retinal treatment
  • Self-centering micro-manipulator with integrated finger rest with 6mm range of movement
  • Superior visualisation due to reduced internal attenuation and visual distortion
  • Transportable with carry cases
  E2050000 Integre
  E3047989 Total Access Wheelchair Accessible stand
  E3024376 Ellex Integre Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO)

  Ellex Solitaire Photocoagulator
  One photocoagulator, two independent fibre ports,
  multiple delivery options. Features include:
  • Dual fibre port system to allow two delivery systems to always
    be connected, minimising damage to the fibre cable
  • Intelli-Fibre˙ auto delivery system recognition
  • PureView˙ laser filters for best view of the retina
  • Programmable procedure memory
  Optional accessories:
  • Slit lamp delivery system (SDS) with or without micromanipulator
  • Ultra light integrated Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO)
  • Endoprobes straight, curved, aspirating or illuminated
  • Operating microscope safety filters fixed, motorised and dual motorised

  NEW Ellex IntegreDuo combination
  Green/Red Laser
  • Green wavelength for standard of care treatments such as photocoagulation, trabeculoplasty and iridotomy
  • Red wavelength produces less scatter for better transmission through a cloudy
    cornea or lens, provides deeper penetration for effective treatment of choroidal
    vessels as well as treating in the presence of a minor hemorrhage
  • Fully integrated design optimises laser treatment by reducing
    the travel distance for the laser beam as well as producing a
    more stable, reliable and consistent delivery of energy
  • Unique 10-degree convergance angle of viewing paths with
    high resolution optics create a better depth perception and an
    improved stereo angle for superior peripheral viewing
  • Optional accessories include LIO, power control footswitch and choice of tables

p42   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Ellex Ophthalmic SLT Lasers
Ellex UltraQ – SLT-Upgradeable YAG
• Powered by the new Ultra Q Technology™ cavity
• Fully integrated slit lamp and laser allowing for
  examinations and treatment at one station
• Beam splitter-free laser delivery providing greater working distance for the physician
  without any astigmatic aberrations and colour distortion along the viewing path.
• More user-friendly eyepieces and wider field of view,
  allows more visual area for the physician.
• Two stand configurations (Mobile and Wheelchair accessible) A fully
  mobile system which can be easily moved from room to room (Mobile
  version) and the most versatile wheelchair accessible stand which
  can be rolled along from one place to another (Access version).

Ellex Tango combination YAG/SLT Laser
One System, Two Lasers, Three Treatments
• Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty for non-intrusive management
  and treatment of primary open angle glaucoma
• YAG laser for capsulotomy and iridotomy
• Powered by the new Ultra Q Technology™ cavity
• Fully integrated slit lamp and laser allowing for
  examinations and treatment at one station
• Two stand configurations (Mobile and Wheelchair accessible) as Ultra Q.

Ellex Solo SLT Laser
• Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty for non-intrusive management
  and treatment of primary open angle glaucoma
• Fully integrated slit lamp and laser allowing for
  examinations and treatment at one station
• Two stand configurations (Mobile and Wheelchair accessible) as Ultra Q.

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com        Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p43
  Canon Retinal Cameras
  Canon CR-1 Non Mydriatic Retinal Camera
  Backed by 30 years of industry-leading experience, the CR-1 Digital
  Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera delivers ultra-high resolution images in an
  ergonomic, easy to use design while also providing quicker, more comfortable
  exams for the patient. The CR-1 features true 45-degree imaging, 2X
  magnification, intuitive controls, low flash mode, illuminated operation
  panel, one-handed joystick operation, efficient workflow and more.
  1430610    Canon CR-1
  1430576    Canon EOS 40D back

  Canon CF-1 Mydriatic Fundus Camera
  The CF-1 Digital Mydriatic Retinal Camera is easy to use and efficient for both
  doctor and photographer. When used with a Canon EOS® digital SLR camera
  (sold separately), users can enjoy renowned Canon optical technology for superb
  imaging quality. User-friendly control software helps to ensure efficient workflow,
  potentially resulting in increased patient throughput. The CF-1 Digital Mydriatic Retinal
  Camera provides high-resolution colour, red free, and fluorescein angiography
  imaging performance and heightened efficiency for eyecare professionals.

p44   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
Heidelberg Scanning Laser Systems
Spectralis Family:
Spectralis HRA-OCT
The first Spectral Domain OCT with simultaneous Angiography.
It is the fastest Spectral Domain OCT in the world and features Heidelberg
Engineering’s unique TruTrack™ image alignment technology to produce high speed,
high resolution imaging that precisely locates, aligns and tracks retinal structures.
With a scan rate of 40,000 A-scans per second, the Spectralis HRA-OCT
captures incredible image detail making it possible to distinguish such
fine detail as the components of the photoreceptor layer and more.
Combining the features of the HRA with ultra high resolution OCT, means
that cross sectional images can be mapped to any of these modalities:
• Fluorescein angiography
• Indocyanine Green angiography
• Autofluorescence
• Red-Free
• Infrared
 One device to track early, mid or late stage disease at a single station.

Spectralis HRA
• Unique simultaneous FA and ICGA
• High speed angiography
• Highest image contrast and detail
• Best non-invasive images, lowest light exposure
  - Infrared, Blue Reflectance
  - Best late phase (w/o landmark injection)
• 3D scanning
• Composite imaging

55 degree wide field lens
Enjoy a larger field of view with the 55 degree wide field lens. Non-contact
imaging for noting diabetic changes, peripheral lesions and vascular occlusions.

RealTime software
Build a live, composite image of the retina, on the screen, of the retina with the new,
easy to use RealTime software. Also using the RealTime software, take
automatic mean images live on the screen so the best possible images
is acquired during the examination. This makes acquisition easier and reduces
time spent on the system for both the operator and the patient.

Spectralis OCTplus and NEW Spectralis OCT
Both Heidelberg OCTs are the fastest Spectral Domain OCTs in the
world. They feature Heidelberg Engineering’s unique TruTrack™ image
alignment technology to produce high speed, high resolution imaging
that precisely locates, aligns and tracks retinal structures.

With a scan rate of 40,000 A-scans per second, the Heidelberg OCTs
capture incredible image detail making it possible to distinguish such fine
detail as the components of the photoreceptor layer and more.

*The Spectralis OCTplus can be upgraded in the future to Spectralis HRA+OCT.
 One device to track early, mid or late stage disease at a single station.

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com       Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p45
  Heidelberg HRT3:
  Premium Glaucoma Module
  A compact, notebook-based scanning laser ophthalmoscope, the NEW HRT3
  uses proven HRT laser technology to produce a three-dimensional topographical
  image of the optic disc structure. The HRT is the only advanced imaging
  device to measure the 3 VITAL STRUCTURES needed to make a complete
  assessment of glaucoma with validated analysis to identify true progression.
  Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer

  Premium Retina Module
  • Actual thickness measurements of the retina in microns
  • Image and measure retinal pathology
  • 3D retinal topography and oedema mapping
  • Locate and quantify diabetic macula oedema
  • Lateral (X-Y) distribution of oedematous zones
  • Trend analysis monitors treatment of DME
  • Quick, non-invasive and no dilation required

  Cornea Module
  • Unprecedented in-vivo histology of the cornea
  • 3D Tomography of corneal architecture
  • Homogenous undistorted 3D images
  • Resolution to 1 micron
  • Exact depth analysis
  • Automatic cell density count
  • Useful tool for pre-post Lasik patient assessment

  Heidelberg EyeExplorer (HEYEX) Image Capture Module
  An image and data management tool for the Heidelberg products,
  HEYEX is now a stand alone software system which can handle
  data and images from most ophthalmic imaging devices.
  The HEYEX system can be networked for multiple users and locations so that one
  consolidated patient record can be accessed anywhere. Using the standard MS
  Windows based data management format, the system offers a full range of imaging
  diagnostics for use in topography, in vivo histology, oedema mapping, angiography,
  fundus imaging, ultrasound, slit lamp imaging, CT and MRI scanning and OCT.

  Slit Lamp OCT
  High resolution, non-contact OCT-technology for anterior chamber assessment
  • Pre- and post-operative diagnosis using
    non-contact technology for immediate imaging
  • Biometry of anterior chamber
  • Illustration of cornea, flap and residual stroma for refractive surgery
  • Illustration of angle and iris in glaucoma diagnosis and management
  • Pachymetry
  1480400    SL-OCT unit, complete with Haag-Streit BD900 slit lamp,
             table and accessories

p46   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
EyeCap Digital Imaging Systems
The solution to all image capture and management requirements from
Haag-Streit. Digital imaging systems have proved to substantially reduce operating
costs of conventional film photography. With the ability to connect to existing patient
management systems, EyeCap provides the right solution at the right time.
Images can be captured from practically any video or Twain source as
well as the ability to capture from many hi-end digital cameras too.

EyeCap SL
Range of Image Capture and Management software for use with single chip or
three chip cameras, either stand alone or for use in a network environment.

EyeCap Digital
Capture and image management software for use with digital SLR
camera backs specifically designed for non-mydriatic cameras.

EyeCap Digital Pro
As above but for use with mydriatic cameras. Can also
capture FFA images with a digital camera back.

EyeCap RI
As EyeCap Digital but also has the ability to capture from video cameras
and has flash synchronisation. For use with non-mydriatic cameras.

EyeCap viewing station software. EyeView allows connection to the main
capture station via a standard 10/100 ethernet network. This will provide
the ability to view images in other rooms of your clinic or practice.
Two versions, Standard & Plus, available. Standard is for use with slit lamp or
non-mydriatic systems, SL and RI. Plus is for use with mydriatic systems, FA.

Import and Export (Central and Satellite)
Import and exporting options are available. EyeCap can import data from
many other databases including image databases. These options are
product or database specific so please enquire for further information.

This option can be chosen if the practice or clinic has an existing patient
management system. A link is provided to enable the EyeCap database to be
populated with information already held on the patient management system.

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com       Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p47
  Imaging Systems for Slit Lamps
  IM900 Imaging Module for BQ Slit Lamps
  Designed purely for use on The BQ 900 slit lamp the IM900 The fully integrated,
  compact imaging solution. Combine this with EyeCap Image Management
  software, provide the perfect imaging system. This product has a unique
  History Trigger function that allows you to select images acquired a few
  frames before you actually pressed the capture button as well as a couple
  of frames after enabling you to select the best image. IM900 features true
  depth of field control with high-resolution images in a neat and compact
  design for easy imaging. Add to this the History Trigger technology and
  EyeCap Image Management for a complete Slit Lamp Imaging Package.
  5603860 IM900 Package without EyeCap includes Camera, Cables and control module.
  5603842 Background illumination
  5603751 Pivoting mirror for background illumination

  CM900 Imaging Module
  Same unique functionality as the IM900 above, but for use with almost any slit lamp
  that takes a 1/2 c-mount camera. Comes as standard with footswitch
  capture, but an optional mini control panel is also available.
  5604052 CM900 Camera including EyeCap Digital software

  Endothelium Microscope
  Haag-Streit EM935
  Designed purely for use on a slit lamp. this non-contact, specular microscope with
  cell counting and analysis software, a very quick and simple piece of equipment
  to use. It features automatic image capture software – you only need a glimpse
  of the endothelium to record and make full analysis of the endothelial cells. The
  EM935 in-vivo image is viewed on a standard pc monitor or laptop computer.
  5702150     EM935 Package. complete with specular microscope, calibration tools,
              software and mountings for many popular makes of slit lamp

p48   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
EyeCubed AScan, Diagnostic AScan,
BScan Posterior, BScan Anterior
Various options of the above are available
Ultrasound imaging uses high-frequency sound waves to form a picture
of the eye’s structure, creating detailed images of complex ocular
structures and enabling highly accurate patient diagnosis. With the 2006
acquisition of Innovative Imaging, Ellex expanded its product line to include
the ophthalmic industry’s premier diagnostic ultrasound device.
The Ellex Eye Cubed is known for its unparalleled sensitivity and highest-quality
image resolution. The system features real-time imaging, advanced movie mode
using the fastest sampling rate available, and internal memory for storage of
measurements – all of which advance and improve the diagnostic process.
E3600001 Eye Cubed ABD segment 10 MHz B-scan, axial
         length biometric and diagnostic A-scan
E3600002 Eye Cubed BD segment 10 MHz B-scan, and standardised diagnostic A-scan
E3600003 Eye Cubed AB segment 10 MHz B-scan, axial length biometric A-scan
E3600004 Eye Cubed B segment 10 MHz B-scan

The all-in-one optical biometer. Optical coherence biometry revolutionised
cataract surgery, the LENSTAR® is about to revolutionise optical biometry.
State-of-the-art, multi-variable IOL calculation formulae demands
more than just the axial length and keratometry values of the eye.
LENSTAR offers the surgeon a complete biometrical assessment
of the patient’s eye in a single measurement procedure.
The nine measurements are: 1. corneal thickness, 2. anterior chamber depth,
3. lens thickness, 4. axial length, 5. keratometry, 6. white-to-white distance, 7.
pupillometry, 8. eccentricity of the visual line, and 9. retinal thickness. All of these
measurements are captured in a single shot, with just one alignment at the start.
5705000    LENSTAR on table

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com        Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p49
  Clement Clarke Synoptophores have established a reputation second to
  none in the world of orthoptics and binocular vision. Many years of experience
  in the manufacture and use of these fine instruments have resulted in
  continuous development and advancement in performance and reliability.

  Synoptophore Model 2001
  The most comprehensive model in the range, for all standard measurements and
  treatments: angle alpha (kappa), objective angle, abnormal retinal correspondence,
  cyclo and vertical phorias and both horizontal and vertical vergences. The
  flashing unit stimulates eyes simultaneously or alternately and manual flashing
  and dimming rheostats are standard controls. High intensity halogen light
  provides after images. Removable Haidinger brush motor units in the 2001 model
  permit pleoptic assessment and treatment for eccentric fixation and ARC.

  Synoptophore Model 2002
  This model combines all the features of Model 2001 with the exception of the
  Haidinger’s Brushes device. It is the standard instrument for the busy clinic and ideal
  for the assessment and treatment of patients needing orthoptic care or management.

  Synoptophore Model 2003
  The basic model Synoptophore provides all the standard measurements
  and treatments including assessment of the angle alpha, the objective
  angle, abnormal retina correspondence, cyclophoria, hyperphoria
  and horizontal vertical vergences. Manual flashing switches and
  independent dimming rheostats are provided as standard.

  For tables – see page 59

  Synoptophore Slides
  • Series A, Maddox test
  • Series D, stereoscopic vision
  • Series F, fusion
  • Series G, simultaneous perception
  • Series H, simultaneous perception
  • Mayou series of eight slides
  • Series S, special purpose slides

  For a full list please refer to the price list

  Synoptophore Slide Sets
  6411001   Set of twelve pairs for Model 2001 (D3/4, D55/56, D59/60, D71/72,
            F9/10, F99/100, F155/156, F201/202, G3/4, G13/14, G27/28, G59/60)
  6411002   Set of twelve pairs for Model 2002/3 (D5/6, D51/52, D61/62, D71/72,
            F31/32, F71/72, F81/82, F177/178, G15/16, G47/48, G55/56, G65/66)
  6411002   Set of eight Mayou slides
  6411001   Set of Braddick Random Dot graded stereo slides

p50   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
    Hess Screens
    Electric Hess Screen
    A rigid matte grey screen, used at 50cm, feint marked with intersecting parabolae
    at each 5 degrees. Red LEDs at each cardinal point at 15 and 30 degree
    intersects. The hand-held, infrared remote control has an array of buttons for
    selecting each LED. Supplied with one green Foster torch, diplopia goggles
    and a pad of charts. An optional head/chin rest assembly can be supplied.
    6908000    Electric Hess screen
    6931001    Pad of 100 charts
    6902400    Head and chinrest assembly for Hess Screen

    Grey Hess Screen
    Made from high grade matte cloth, feint stitched with intersecting
    parabolae at each 50, generated for use at 50cm. Cardinal points are
    more boldly stitched at each of the 150 and 300 intersects. At low levels of
    illumination the stitching is virtually invisible to the patient wearing Diplopia
    goggles. Supplied with one red and one green battery operated Foster
    torch, Diplopia goggles, pad of charts, slats and cord suspension.
    6903001    Grey Hess Screen
    6931001    Pad of 100 charts
    6902400    Head and chinrest assembly for Hess Screen

    Foster Torches
    A standard inspection torch with a sliding plastic sleeve containing
    a focusing lens and red or green filter. Utilising a ‘goal post’ filament
    bulb, a green or red straight line image is produced when projected
    through the lens in the sliding sleeve. For use with Hess screens.
    6905001    Foster torch, red, battery operated
    6906001    Foster torch, green, battery operated

    Diplopia Goggles
    Used in dissociation tests e.g. Worth 4 dot, FRIEND, Hess Screens
    etc. They are moulded from translucent red and green plastic
    materials which are almost complementary, i.e. when they are
    superimposed the combination is almost opaque to visible light.
    The elastic headband is adjustable and reversible.

    General Orthoptic
    Children’s Fixation Bar
    An ideal orthoptic aid specifically designed to aid children’s fixation
    during the prism and cover test and other orthoptic assessments.
    It has attractive coloured objects on one side and two reduced test
    types and a passage of N5 reading type on the reverse.

    Lang Fixation Bar
    A white bar with brightly coloured pictures of varying sizes on one
    side and a near vision test on the reverse. Designed primarily
    to attract and hold attention during examinations.

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com     Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p51
  Lang Fixation Cube
  Cube mounted on holder with brightly coloured pictures on five faces
  of the cube. Designed to attract attention during examination.
  7004010    Lang cube no.1 (white handle)

  Neutral Density Filter Bar
  This bar is an assembly of optical filters of progressive densities providing
  a graduated system of dissociation. Very useful to reinforce weak fusional
  status. A holding handle is integral. Neutral Density Bars are used
  to measure Afferent Pupillary Defects (APD) also termed ‘diminished
  pupil reaction to light levels’. The log units quantify how much light is
  transmitted as 41%, 22%, 12% 7%, 5% and 3%. Supplied in wallet.

  Bagolini Lorgnette
  Similar to the Bagolini striated lenses but is presented
  in a convenient lorgnette format.

  Franceschetti Maddox Rod
  The large diameter combined with a long handle facilitates examination
  of muscle balance. Twirling in the same manner as the cross allows the
  horizontal and vertical phorias to be checked in quick succession.

  Maddox Wing Test
  A convenient hand-held, quick and efficient near test for heterophoria.
  Esophoria and exophoria are measured by the horizontal scale. Hyperphoria
  is measured on the red vertical scale. Cyclophoria may be assessed by
  moving the red arrow pointer parallel to the horizontal scale. Each eye piece
  has cell spaces to accommodate the patient’s near prescription if required.

  RAF Binocular Gauge
  For determining the objective and subjective convergence points. The mask eye
  and measuring accommodation. Consists of a light weight bar, 500mm in length,
  on which a sliding four-sided drum is mounted, with different tests on each panel.

  Maddox Phoria Measure
  A quick and cost-effective way of measuring Phoria imbalances. a combination
  of a Maddox Multiple Rod coincident with a rotatable prism. Can be used
  horizontally and vertically with either eye to detect the presence of Heterophoria.
  The orientation is clearly indicated by the printed arrows on the handle.

p52   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
    Prism Bars
    Suitable for the rapid assessment of the angle of deviation for both distance
    and near vision by the prism and cover test. The bars may also be used for
    the measurement of fusional reserves and vergence exercises. Both horizontal
    and vertical bars contain 16 prisms mounted between two aluminium channels
    which help to prevent the surfaces becoming scratched. Optically polished to
    very close tolerances, the surfaces have excellent distortion-free viewing.
    Power range as follows:
    Horizontal; 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45Δ
    Vertical; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20Δ
    7108001    Pair of horizontal and vertical prism bars with loose 20Δ prism, in case
    7108101    Horizontal prism bar with loose 20Δ, in wallet
    7108201    Vertical prism bar in sheath

    Solid Prism Bars
    Similar to the above prism bars but manufactured in a solid, one piece, bar of plastic.
    Power range as follows:
    Horizontal; 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40Δ,
    plus an additional loose 45Δ prism
    Vertical; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25Δ, plus an additional
    30Δ loose prism. Available as individual bars or as a pair in a case.
    1561380    Pair of horizontal and vertical solid prism bars

    Plastic Prisms
    Universal or square plastic prisms are useful for a number of orthoptic and ophthalmic
    test procedures. Available in various set sizes and as single plastic prisms.

    For part numbers/sizes refer to our price list

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com           Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p53
  Fresnel Lenses and Prisms
  Consist of very thin plastic membranes measuring only 1mm thick utilising the
  Fresnel principle of tiny lens and prism segments. May be cut to fit most frame
  sizes and shapes and are simply attached to the existing spectacle lenses. The
  membranes can be cut into small segments when bi-focal lenses are affected. Light
  weight and cosmetically superior to glass especially when high powers are required.
  Available in a range of powers;
  Prism powers:
  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40Δ
  Lens powers (convex):
  +0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16Δ
  Lens powers (concave):
  -1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14Δ

  Bangerter Occlusion Foils
  A system of graded foils to equalise the spatial contrast
  of the dominant to that of the amblyopic eye.
  7103990 1.0 Bangerter Graded Occlusion Foil (visual acuity ~6/6 or 20/20)
  7103991 0.8 Bangerter Graded Occlusion Foil (visual acuity ~6/7.5 or 20/25)
  7103992 0.6 Bangerter Graded Occlusion Foil (visual acuity ~6/9 or 20/30)
  7103993 0.4 Bangerter Graded Occlusion Foil (visual acuity ~6/15 or 20/50)
  7103994 0.3 Bangerter Graded Occlusion Foil (visual acuity ~6/21 or 20/70)
  7103995 0.2 Bangerter Graded Occlusion Foil (visual acuity ~6/30 or 20/100)
  7103996 0.1 Bangerter Graded Occlusion Foil (visual acuity ~6/60 or 20/200)
  7103997 <0.1 Bangerter Graded Occlusion Foil (visual acuity <6/90 or 20/300)
  7103998 Light Perception Bangerter Foil
  7103999 00 Bangerter Foil
  7103989 Bangerter Foil bar

p54   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
    Procyon P3000
    The Procyon P3000 pupillometer makes pupillometry easier and more
    accurate. Using unique video imaging technique for pupil measurements,
    where standard illumination is automatically controlled. It is the only pupillometer
    that uses binocular illumination when measuring pupil size of both pupils
    simultaneously. The P3000 includes state-of-art PupilFit software, which
    automatically analyses pupil images, producing both accurate and repeatable
    measurements for both pupils. Reliability, auditability and flexible design make
    the Procyon P3000 the most sophisticated pupillometer on the market.

    Pupillometer accessories:
    5501050 Box of 100 Paper Towellettes
    5501049 Foam Face Mask

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com        Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p55
  General Equipment
  Black Energiser® Pen Torch
  Uses 2 x AA batteries (included). Operates by twisting body of torch.

  Professional Penlight
  Robust, attractive penlight with matte black finish using high intensity halogen light
  for true tissue and long lasting consistent illumination. Uses 2 x AA batteries.

  Disposable Pen Torch
  Uses 2 x AA batteries (included). Operates by pressing clip to contact.
  7614050    Disposable Pen Torch, pack of 6

  Law Torch
  A chrome plated pen torch with focusing sleeve. Using the small,
  tightly coiled filaments, the bulb produces a small, bright patch of
  light for focal illumination. Uses 2 x AA batteries (supplied).

  Focusing Pen Torches
  Basically a Law torch using a spot filament bulb with a red, green
  or cobalt blue filter inserted in the focusing sleeve.
  6101050    Focusing pen torch with cobalt blue filter
  6101070    Focusing pen torch with red filter
  6101090    Focusing pen torch with green filter

  Handy Slit Lamp
  Similar to the Law torch but employs the use of a streak or goal
  post filament bulb suitable for corneal examination.

  Clement The Fish Torch
  A disposable torch to keep a child’s co-operation and attention. Model may vary.

p56   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
    Corneal Loupe
    An achromatic loupe with a flat field of view. Ideal for the removal of
    foreign bodies and examination of the anterior parts of the eye.
    6103001    Corneal loupe X8, nickel mount
    6103101    Corneal loupe X10, nickel mount

    Plastic Headband Loupe
    A simple, lightweight loupe. The comfortable, continuous headband is
    fully adjustable to fit any size. Adjustable pivot knobs hold visor in any
    position for easy flip-up viewing. Provides magnification of x2.5.

    Alger Brush Mk II
    A gentle yet highly effective corneal rust ring remover. Runs off 1 x
    AA battery, no switches, simply spin mandrel to operate.
    6301001    Alger brush, 1mm burr
    6301003    Alger Brush, 1/2mm burr
    6301002    Replacement burr, 1mm burr
    6301004    Replacement burr, 1/2mm burr

    Contact Lens Accessories
    Schirmer Tear Test
    Useful for determining total lachrymal secretion and provides
    useful information prior to the fitting of contact lenses. There
    are 50 pairs of individually sterile tests in each box.

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p57
  Refraction Units
  Haag-Streit HS810 Refraction
  and examination unit
  The HS810 offers minimal footprint and maximum performance.
  • Height adjustable chair with swivelling armrests & inclinable backrest
  • The swivelling two instrument table top can be locked into position
  • Trial lens drawer can swivelled to position in front of patient
  • Computer housing
  • Storage for handheld instruments and patients’ glasses

  Luneau L104E refraction unit
  A new refraction unit, for use with 2 instruments, complete with patient
  chair for Optometry or Ophthalmology use. Features include:
  • Electric height adjustable & manually reclining chair with footrest.
  • Sliding table top for 2 instruments.
  • Dust proof trial lens tray.
  • Overhead reading lamp.
  • Projector arm & near vision arm available as options.

  Luneau L106 Evolution Refraction Unit
  This unit is renowned for its versatility, comfort and safety. Made from laminated wood
  and using the highest quality electrical and mechanical components, the L106E is an
  ergonomically designed unit with large storage drawers to reduce work space clutter.
  Available in white, with either light grey, light blue or wood trim. May be used in
  combination with either the Luneau patient chair, Luneau L38E chair or the Reliance
  6200 patient chair. An ideal unit when patients in wheelchairs need to be examined.
  The L106E Trio has space for three instruments
  The L106E Duet is suitable for two instruments.
  Accessories available:
  • Series A, Maddox test
  • 3rd drawer unit with trial lens rack
  • Three well instrument charger
  • Phoropter arm
  • L116 desk unit with two mains outlets and four large drawers
    or computer housing and one large drawer

  Base Design Wheelchair Accessible Tables
  All base design tables are electrically operated, height
  adjustable and wheelchair accessible with castors.
  7402013    Slit Lamp Table for use with the Haag-Streit BQ900 slit lamps, including glide
             plate, track rail and transformer. Tabletop measures 432mm x 356mm (24” x 14”).
  7402014    Slit Lamp Table for use with the Haag-Streit BM900 slit lamps, including glide
             plate, track rail and transformer. Tabletop measures 432mm x 356mm (24” x 14”).
  7402015    Instrument Table with large section central column, suitable for fundus
             cameras (for example). Tabletop measures 610mm x 457mm (24” x 18”).

  Custom tables available – call us with your requirements

p58   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
    Haag-Streit HSM-901
    Counterbalanced Table
    Four legged motorised instrument table supplied on castors with a
    brake; the tabletop has a small drawer. The tabletop measures 380mm
    x 660mm. Minimum height 710mm, maximum height 870mm.
    5603007    Haag-Streit HSM-901 Counterbalanced Table for 900BM Slit Lamp
    5603720    Haag-Streit HSM-901 Counterbalanced Table for 900BQ Slit Lamp

    Haag-Streit HSM-801
    Counterbalanced Table
    Four legged motorised instrument table supplied on castors with
    a brake and two power outlets. The tabletop measures 380mm x
    610mm. Minimum height 700mm, maximum height 900mm.

    Manual Instrument Table
    Stable instrument table with four-legged base on glides. Adjustable in height between
    70cm to 88cm by means of rotating a large hand wheel, which offers a smooth,
    rapid height adjustment. Available as base only to attach to any size of table top, or
    with standard laminated top of size 640mm x 435mm. Castors available on request.
    7401001    Manual table base with top
    7401002    Manual table base only
    7401003    Table top
    7401010    Set of 4 castors (two locking)

    Synoptophore Table
    Utilising the manual instrument table with standard size table top, but with either
    one or two slide wells screwed into the table ends by using the pre-drilled and
    inserted screws. The slide wells will hold Synoptophore slides or accessories
    and are a useful place to store Haidinger’s Brushes units when not in use.
    7402001    Synoptophore Table with one slide well
    7402002    Synoptophore Table with two slide wells
    7402003    Slide well only

    Base Design Electric Synoptophore Table
    The base design Synoptophore table is electrically operated,
    height adjustable and wheelchair accessible with castors.

    Heidelberg tables
    for HRT11, HRT3 or HRA2
    Wheelchair accessible and ergonomic design for set up of complete systems.
    1480148 Heidelberg HRTII table
    1480306 Heidelberg HRT3 PC table
    1480149 Heidelberg HRA2 table
    1480305 Heidelberg HRT3 Laptop table
    1480311 Heidelberg Mini Laptop Table for HRT3
    Heidelberg HRT11/HRT3 2-instrument table

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com          Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p59
  Ellex General Purpose Table
  A tough, scratch resistant laminated tabletop and H-type base on four
  castors, which allows easy movement around clinics and other rooms.
  A general purpose table with large height adjustment range.
  E3037989 Ellex Total Mobile – General Purpose Stand

  Ellex Total Mobile Stand
  For use with the Ellex fully integrated lasers. Aluminium plate and H-type base on
  four castors, which allows easy movement around clinics and other rooms.
  E3027989 Ellex Total Mobile – P Plate Stand

  Ellex Total Access Stand
  For use with the Ellex fully integrated lasers – fitted with 50mm castor wheel
  and a set of skid plates to allow the table to be tilted and moved.
  E3047989 Ellex Total Access Wheelchair Accessible Stand

  Octopus 300 Table
  Small, motorised, height adjustable table for Octopus 300
  with wheelchair accessible base (60 x 60cm)

  Chairs and Stools
  Reliance Pneumatic Stools
  All Reliance pneumatic stools come with five legs for extra stability.
  Adjustable height range of 18” to 25” (total vertical travel 6”). 2” ball
  bearing swivel hard rubber castors. Comfortable, durable and fire retardant
  upholstery, available in black vinyl as standard. Other colours available
  by special order. Available with backrest. Not for patient use.
  7507111    Model 5340 basic model without backrest
  7507112    Model 5346 identical to 5340 with the addition of a
             contoured, padded upholstered back with vertical and
             horizontal adjustment and automatic tilting feature
  7507113    Model 5348 16” x 14” x 3” rectangular seat with curved,
             tilting and adjustable back as in model 5346
  7507114    Model 5356 top of the range pneumatic stool with unique patented upholstered
             support. Three way support arm serves as an abdominal, arm or back rest.

  Luneau L38E Chair
  A heavy-duty chair with electrical operation with a lift height of 190mm and seat
  rotation with click stops at every 900 of rotation with independent footswitch.
  Available in a choice of colours available: Apricot, black, light grey and light blue.

p60   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
    Sun Design Chairs
    Sun Design chairs offer support and freedom of movement. The seat and back
    of the chair are designed to take the weight off your back and provide maximum
    comfort. The seat height and angle of the seat can be set using a single lever.
    The seat can be fixed in a certain position or it can follow your movements.
    Accessories include:
    • Flexible sprung armrests follow your movements
      laterally, backwards, forwards and vertically
    • Firm armrests supplied in matching upholstery
    • Foot ring takes the weight off your legs and feet
    • Foot activator allows height adjustment using only your foot
    • Gas column determines height of seat:
    • Short 34-43cm, standard 42-56cm, long 50-69cm, extra long 57-82cm
    • Available in leather, cloth or vinyl upholstery

    Patient Chair
    Standard features include:
    • Vinyl upholstery
    • Smooth action
    • Seat slide
    • Height adjustable arms
    • Ratchet back
    • Back angle adjustment
    • Gas lift height adjustment
    • With glides on base
    Optional additional features:
    • Aluminium base
    • Satin silver base
    • Adjustable lumber support
    • Fabric upholstery
    • Castors – with brake (7503125)
    • Castors – without brake (7503126)
    Five castors required, easy to fit, glides pull out and castors push in.

    Reliance 6200 Patient Chair
    Reliance Medical Products Inc. is another family member
    of the Haag-Streit group and the leading ophthalmic chair
    manufacturer in the USA. Strong and extremely durable.
    Features include:
    • Large, hinged footstep can support patient’s full weight.
      Footstep tilts out of the way when not required
    • Hydraulic base. Patients may be raised and lowered by either a finger
      switch on both sides of chair back or optional corded foot switch
    • Dual rotation locks on both sides of the chair enable
      you to swivel the chair 330° without changing position
    • A patented recline handle which is easily activated from both sides
      of the chair, reclines to any position from sitting to horizontal
    • Choice of base heights: HIGH; 21” lowered, 33”
      raised. LOW; 19” lowered, 28” raised.
    • Choice of headrests. Concave headrest easily adjusts and locks
      firmly in place. Pillow headrest is available as an option.
    7507100    Reliance 6200LFC patient chair with low base height,
               standard headrest and foot switch
    7507015    Pillow headrest

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p61
  Reliance 7000 Patient Chair
  Model 7000 reclines to the near flat position, which enables it to
  perform as an examination chair and minor procedures table.
  Features include:
  • Powered base and articulating top. Chair can be raised, lowered and reclined,
    by finger and foot switches without breaking contact with the patient.
  • Memory positioning allows you to pre-select the chair’s most used position.
  • Dual rotation locks enable the chair to swivel 330º without changing position
  • The 8”x13” footstep supports patient’s legs. Tilts out of
    way and is padded underneath for comfort.
  • Concave headrest is supplied as standard. Pillow
    and surgical headrests are also available.
  • Choice of base heights. HIGH: 22.5” lowered, 34”
    raised. LOW: 20” lowered, 29” raised
  Co-ordinate your chair with clinic, practice or treatment room with a selection of
  14 vinyl colours. Reliance bases are available in #17 Light Beige or #20 Pearl.
  7507060    Reliance 7000 chair. High base height, black

  RINI mobile patient chair
  This electrically height-adjustable chair is of robust construction and is
  equipped with a lockable back and has wheels to facilitate the transportation
  of a patient. The motorised lifting device is battery-powered with a hand
  control unit. The seat can be rotated 90 degrees left and right, and
  features an automatic locking device to keep the chair in position.
  Manufactured in Sweden to exacting standards for specific Ophthalmology use.
  The chair should not be used by people exceeding 110kg.

  Practitioner Chair
  • Fully-adjustable height & back support
  • 2” thick high density fire-resist upholstery
  • Fitted with castor wheels or glider cups
  • Pad 14” dia, Hgt 16.5”-21.75”
  7505082    Aluminium base
  7505083    Black base

  Practitioner Stool
  • Fully adjustable height
  • 2” thick high density fire-resist upholstery
  • Fitted with castor wheels or glider cups
  • Pad 14” dia, Hgt 16.5”-21.75”
  7505081    Aluminium base
  7505080    Black base

  Luneau Patient Chair
  Complete with headrest, armrests, footrest and foot switch.

p62   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
    Operating Microscopes
    Möller-Wedel microscopes offer a greater depth of field and the largest stereo base
    available – making the essential difference to any operation. High quality optics
    offer maximum clarity of view – vital when carrying out detailed procedures.

    Möller-Wedel HiR-900
    Specifically designed for ophthalmic surgery, the
    Möller-Wedel HiR-900 microscope offers:
    • High resolution with newly calculated optics with apochramatic and residual
      abberation correction, enabling high quality and ease of use for the surgeon
    • High reflex impressive red reflex
    • High reaction with precise and quiet motors for zoom and focus,
      which react quickly within a wide range from fast to slow
    • High flexibility with a modular design allows a variety of accessories
    • High compatibility can be used with a floor stand or ceiling mount

    The EIBOS, together with an appropriate operating microscope, is designed
    for use in vitreoretinal surgery. It can be used in conjunction with the
    Möller Hi-R, as well as most other operating room microscopes.
    The EIBOS can deliver non-contact vitreoretinal surgery with a 1000
    visual field. An ophthalmoscope lens located at the bottom of the EIBOS
    projects the fundus of the eye onto the visual field of the microscope.
    The focusing lever is used to shift the focus within the eye.

    Sterile Caps and Handles
    for Hi-R 900 Microscope
    M628500    Sterilisable caps, complete set red reflex enhancer caps large inner and small outer
    M628140    Silicon handle covers 1 pair for handles of HiR 900
    M628141    Small red reflex enhancer each sterilisable cover
    M628142    Large red reflex enhancer sterilisable cover

    Sterile Caps and Handles
    for Opt 900 Microscope
    M628113    Cap sterilisable for rotation
    M628114    Cap 12Dx30 sterilisable for PD adjustment
    M628119    Cap sterilisable for joy stick
    M628131    Cap sterilisable, 1 pair gross focus handles

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com                   Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p63
      A                                                     H
      Alger Brush                                     57    Haag-Streit 81D Non-Contact Lens                   39
      Amsler Chart Manual                             31    Haag-Streit Endothelium Analyser (EM935)           48
      Applanation Tonometers                          36    Haag-Streit Slit Lamps                             33
      Automated visual acuity chart display unit       6    Halberg Trial Clips                                19
      Autorefractors/Keratometers                     17    Handy Slit Lamp                                    56
                                                            Hand-held Tonometer                                36
                                                            Hand-held Vision Screener                          17
      B                                                     Headband Loupe                                     57
      BA904 Portable Slit Lamp                        32    Headspring Occluder                                14
      Bagolini Lorgnette                              52    Heidelberg OCT                                 45, 46
      Bailey-Lovie Reading Charts                     11    Heidelberg Spectralis                              45
      Bailey Lovie Distance Chart                      9    Heidelberg Retina Tomograph 3 (HRT3)               46
      Bangerter Occlusion Foils                       54    Hess Screens                                       51
      Biometry                                        49
      Bjerrum Screen                                  31    I
      Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope (BIO)         29    IM900 Imaging Module for BQ Slit Lamps             48
      Budgie Stick                                    51    Illuminated Vision Tests                            6
                                                            Illuminated Cabinets for LogMAR Charts              9
      C                                                     Imaging Systems                                47, 48
      Cambridge Crowding Cards                         8    Indirect Ophthalmoscope (BIO)                      29
      Cambridge Low Contrast Gratings                 23    Instrument Tables                                  58
      Canon Cameras                                   44    Ishihara Colour Test                               21
      Cardiff Accuity Test                             9
      Chairs                                          60    K
      Chart Projectors                                 8    Kay Book Sets                                     12
      Clement The Fish Torch                          56    Kay Crowded Near Test Card                        12
      Confirmation Tests                              15    Kay Fixation Stick                                13
      Colour Tests                                    20    Kay Near Point Dot/Accommodation Card             12
      Contact Lenses                                  38    Kay Occluding Spectacles for Children (pair)      14
      Contrast Sensitivity Tests                      23    Kay Patches                                       14
      Corneal/Headband Loupes                         57    Kay Patch Chart                                   13
      Corneal Topographer                             48    Kay Stickers                                      13
      Cross Cylinders                                 15
      D                                                     Laminated Test Type                                11
      Diabetic Screening Software                      47   Lang Fixation Bar/Cube                         51, 52
      Diagnostic Sets                                  27   Lang Stereotest                                    24
      Digital Upgrade for Haag-Streit Slit Lamps       48   Lasers                                             42
      Digital Imaging Systems                          47   Laser Lenses                                   39, 41
      Dinosaur Vision Therapy Card                     23   Law Torch                                          56
      Diplopia Goggles                                 51   Lenses, Contact and Non-contact                    38
      Disinset V                                   37, 40   Lens Sets                                          18
      Disposable Tonometer Prisms                      37   Lensmeters                                         22
      Distance Vision Tests                             8   LENSTAR                                            49
                                                            LogMAR Charts                                       9
      E                                                     Loupes                                             57
      Eibos                                           63    Luneau L40 LCD Chart display                        6
      Electric Hess Screen                            51    Luneau Refraction Units                            58
      Ellex Photocoagulator Laser                     42
      Ellex SLT Laser                                 43    M
      Ellex Photodisruptor Laser                      42    Maclure Test Type                                 10
      Endothelium Analyser EM935                      48    Macular Worth 4 Dot Test                          16
      Eustace Pinhole Occluder                        14    Maddox Phoria Measure                             52
      Exophthalmometers                               15    Maddox Wing Test                                  52
      Eyecap Digital Imaging Systems                  47    Microscopes, Operating                            63
      EyeCubed                                        49    Mirrors                                            7
      Eyepatches                                      14    Möller-Wedel HiR-900                              63
                                                            Mydriatic Cameras                                 44
      Ffooks Symbol Test Type                           9
      Fish Torch                                       56
                                                            Near Vision Tests                                 10
      Fixation Bar/Cube                            51, 52
                                                            Neutral Density Filter Bar                        52
      Fixation Torches                                 56
                                                            Non-Contact Lenses                                39
      Foster Torches                                   51
                                                            Non-Contact Tonometer                             37
      Franceschetti Maddox Rod                         52
                                                            Non-Mydriatic Cameras                             44
      Fresnel Lenses and Prisms                        54
      Frisby Screening Stereotest                      24
      Frisby Stereotest                                24   O
      Full Aperture Trial Lens Set                     18   Occluders and Rules                                14
      Fundus Cameras                                   44   Occluding Patches                                  14
                                                            OCT                                            45, 46
                                                            Oculus Trial Frames                                19
                                                            Octopus Perimeters                                 30
      Goldmann Applanation Tonometers                 36
                                                            Operating Microscopes                              63
      Goldmann Contact Lenses                         38
                                                            Ophthalmic Mirrors                                  7
                                                            Ophthalmoscopes                                    26
                                                            Orthoptic Equipment                                50
                                                            Opticlude Eye Patches                              14

p64       Opthalmic Catalogue 2009
P                                                                           Welch Allyn Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope (BIO)     29
PanOptic Ophthalmoscope                                      26             White Perimeter Occluder                                14
Patient Chair                                                61             Wirt Fly Test                                           25
Pelli-Robson Contrast Sensitivity Chart                      23
Pen Torches                                              29, 56             Y
Perimeters                                                   30             YAG Lasers                                              43
Perimeter Lens Set                                           18
Perkins Examination Telescope (P.E.T)                        36
Perkins Hand Held Applanation Tonometer                      36
Phoria Test/Maddox Rod                                       52
Photocoagulator Laser                                        42
Photodisruptor Laser                                         42
Pinhole Occluder                                             14
Pirate Patch                                                 14
Portable Slit Lamp, BA904                                    32
Practice Model Eyes                                          15
Professional Penlite                                         29
Prisms and Prism Bars                                        53
Procyon P3000                                                55
Pupillometer                                                 55

RAF Binocular Gauge                                         52
Refraction and Sight Testing Equipment                       6
Refraction Units                                            58
Reliance 6200 Patient Chair                                 61
Reliance Pneumatic Stools                                   60
Retinal Cameras                                             44
Retinoscopes                                                27
Retinoscopy Racks                                           16
Romanes Occluder                                            14
Rotating Drum Test Types                                     6

Schirmer Tear Test                                          57
Single Sided Test Types                                      6
Skeoch Trial Frame                                          19
Slit Lamps                                                  32
SLT Laser – Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty                 43
Snellen Charts                                               7
Spielmann Occluder                                          14
Stereograms                                                 23
Stereotests                                                 24
Sterile Caps and Handles for Hi-R 900 Microscope            63
Sterilising Stand                                           37
Sterycup                                                    38
Stools                                                      60
Sun Design Chairs                                           61
Suresight Portable Vision Screener                          17
Synoptophores                                               50
Synoptophore Slides (Sets)                                  50
Synoptophore Table                                          59

Tables                                                      58
Test Types and Panels                                        6
Thumb Bar Readers                                           11
Tonometers                                                  36
Torches                                                     56
Transilluminator                                            29
Traquair Target                                             31
Trial Clip                                                  19
Trial Cases                                                 18
Trial Frames                                                19

Visual Field Equipment                                      31
Vision Screener                                             17
Visual Acuity Chart Display Unit                             6
Vitro Retinal Surgery                                       63
Volk Lenses                                                 39
Volk Cleaning Cloths                                        40

Wall Hanging Snellen Charts                                  7
Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscopes                                 26
Welch Allyn Retinoscopes                                    27
Welch Allyn Suresight                                       17

to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com                              Opthalmic Catalogue 2009   p65
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