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                       17 MARTINEAU SOCIETY CONFERENCE
                                 7-10 JULY 2011
                             Park Hotel, Tynemouth

Thursday 7th July Afternoon:
From 14.00                   Arrival and registration

17.00-18.00                    Committee meeting

18.30                          Dinner

19.30-20.30                    Lecture: Professor Valerie Sanders, University of Hull
                               Title: Harriet Martineau and Fatherhood
Friday 8th July
8.00-900                       Breakfast
9.00-9.45                      Paper: Shu-Fang Lai: Reading ‘Life in the Sick Room’
9.45-10.30                     Reading by Barbara Todd on Harriet Martineau and Mesmerism
10.30-11.15                    Paper: Beth Torgerson: (Harriet) Martineau, Mesmerism, and the
11.15-11.30                    Coffee and refreshments
11.30-12.30                    Annual General Meeting
13.00-14.00                    Lunch
Afternoon trail
14.30-16.30                    Guided walk around Tynemouth
16.30-18.00                    Visit to Tynemouth Priory (optional)
18.30                          Dinner followed by musical/social evening (organisers Bruce and
                               Carol Chilton)
Saturday 9th July
8.00-900                       Breakfast
9.00-9.45                      Paper: Elisabeth Arbuckle: Harriet Martineau applies
                               sociology in the North, 1839-1844
9.45-10.30                     Paper: Keiko Funaki: Harriet Martineau in India (prov.)
10.30-11.00                    Coffee and refreshments
11.00-11.45                    Paper, John Vint: Harriet Martineau and Industrial Strife: from
                               Theory into Fiction into Melodrama
11.45-12.30                    Paper: Alan Middleton: Closed - heart and house. Harriet's
                               exclusion zone to James
13.00-14.00                    Lunch
Afternoon trail
14.30 -15.30                   Guided trail around Newcastle, taking in the site of the
                               Greenhow house where Harriet lived for 6 months
15.30-16.30                    Tour with Ian Clark of the (Unitarian) Church of the Divine
                               Unity (Art Deco), Newcastle
16.30-                         General sightseeing

19.00                          Conference Dinner
Sunday 10th July

8.00-900           Breakfast

9.00-9.45          Paper, Iain Crawford: ’What I dread is being silenced’:
                   Martineau and Dickens Revisited
9.45-10.30         Paper, Ruth Watts: Harriet Martineau, the Unitarians and
                   Paper: Sophia Hankinson: A Brother Lost and Found: the tale
                   of Edward Tagart, Charles Dickens, Beatrix Potter and
11.15-11.45        Coffee and refreshments

11.45-12.45        Panel discussion chaired by Jane Bancroft: Any Questions

13.00-14.00        Lunch
14.00-             Departures