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C u ya h o g a Va l l e y S C e n i C R a i l R o a d 2 0 0 9 C o m m u n i t y R e p o R t
                                                                              cvsr.com        1
        2009: a yeaR of pRogReSS



                      CVSR By the numBeRS

       net assets:    $3,335,153 12/31/09                               passenger Stations:   9
     locomotives:     8                                                    2009 Ridership:    152,000
    Rolling Stock:    19 passenger coaches                            full-time employees:    12
                      including one wheelchair accessible car
                      1 dome car                                                Volunteers:   1,291
                      1 observation car                            Volunteer hours (2009):    55,095
                      2 cafe cars                                                members:     878
                      4 baggage cars
                                                                  average monthly Visits to
                      2 power cars                                         www.cvsr.com:      50,000
    miles of track:   51

                      ouR miSSion
                      to provide educational and heritage railroad experiences within the ohio & erie Canalway
                      and provide alternative transportation to and within Cuyahoga Valley national park.

2   2009 Community RepoRt
dear friend of CVSR:
the year 2009 was one of transformation at Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, even in the face of
very challenging circumstances. the organization achieved extraordinary growth in ridership and
dramatically improved its customer service and operating efficiency. the accomplishments of the
past year, based on the momentum generated from previous years, are especially inspiring.

the year began with the move of our administrative offices from a tiny building located in
downtown peninsula, to a spacious Victorian house located on the outskirts of town, near i-271.
the national park Service did an outstanding job on the interior restoration of this 1870s building.

under the supervision of Jennie Vasarhelyi, division Chief of interpretation, education and Visitor
Services for Cuyahoga Valley national park, an audio tour was developed for the education and
enjoyment of our passengers as they travel through the park between independence and akron.
the audio tour is provided free of charge to passengers, with one program southbound and a
different program for the northbound trip.

in addition to a new, enhanced website, last summer saw the introduction of an on-line ticketing
program. Contracted through Whistletix, our customers no longer have to wait in queue to order
tickets over the phone, but can place their ticket order any time of the day or night and print their
tickets at home.

in 2009 we acquired a parlour Car and were given use of an emd locomotive, flnX #484.
thanks to a grant from the musson foundation, metro Car #169 (the “Spirit of Summit”) received
reupholstered seat bottoms. Wheel sets were either replaced or turned on two of our fpa-4
locomotives and work began for the renovation of Car #105 for ada accessibility.

Because of the dedication of employees and volunteers, CVSR had a banner year in terms of
ridership, ticket income, excursions and special events—all accomplished with no additional
staff. Ridership hit 152,000, an all-time high in the organization’s 37-year history and volunteers
also set a record with 55,095 hours worked—the equivalent of 27 ½ full-time employees.
new and innovative procedures were introduced resulting in a savings of almost $280,000
in employment costs.

thanks to cost-reduction efforts by staff and volunteers (all without sacrificing either quality or
safety), we were one of the few nonprofit organizations in the country to see its net assets grow in
2009 and emerge from the recession in stronger financial shape than before.

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad is thriving due to the contributions of people like you –
thank you! We invite you to please visit us at www.cvsr.com, ride the train and visit beautiful
Cuyahoga Valley national park to see the transformation firsthand. all aboard!

Charles a. “arnie” de la porte              Steven W. Wait
ChaiRman, BoaRd of tRuSteeS                 pReSident and Ceo

                                                                                                        cvsr.com   3
2009 in WoRdS and piCtuReS

Our New Home
in January 2009, Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad moved         CVSR would also like to thank the following:
into a beautiful new office building, the historic daniel      absolute                      Rejuvenation
tilden house built in 1873. the interior of the historic       flooring Concepts
                                                                                             R.W. Shea & Co.
facility on Stine Road in peninsula was renovated by the
national park Service maintenance staff from a residence                                     Stoneworks
into a well-functioning and striking office space. exterior    apple flooring & tile
                                                                                             Suntrol Co.
renovations will be completed in 2010.
                                                               Castle glass
CVSR is grateful to the following people and                                                 the thomas Brick Co.
organizations for their work in making the vision a reality:   Chandelier Shack
                                                                                             trevarrow inc.
Kathleen o’neill, owner of the design Within, who              edelman plumbing Supply
                                                                                             mr. and mrs. peter
donated her services as interior designer. We are grateful     Joseph mazzola                VandenBroeck
for her vision and talents.
                                                               national park Service        Van gunten inc.
the national park Service maintenance division for their
remarkable craftsmen, whose talent and dedication to           ohio desk                    Vision hardwood
this project made the building what it is.                                                  flooring, llC
                                                                                            Woodworks design

4       2009 Community RepoRt
Riders take an audio tour                                    Buying your ticket 24/7
through the Voices of the Valley audio tour, passengers      CVSR took a huge step forward in innovation in 2009.
aboard CVSR are immersed in the stories and sounds of        in July, CVSR’s new website, www.cvsr.com, went live.
the Cuyahoga Valley.                                         featuring a brand-new online ticketing system, riders can
modeled after audio tours used in historic sites and         now purchase train tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
museums, Voices of the Valley is an interpretive audio       the online ticketing system replaced an expensive and
program in which the content is activated by gpS             labor-intensive manual ticket process.
technology to play as the train passes specific areas.       the new system has had a dramatic impact, saving tens
passengers can learn about railroad lingo, the earliest      of thousands of dollars and improving customer service.
settlement of the valley, the coming of the ohio & erie      in terms of CVSR’s most popular event, the polar
Canal and Valley Railway, the return of wildlife to the      express, online ticketing greatly reduced the time

Cuyahoga Valley, and the work leading to the creation of     required to process an astounding 34,357 tickets.
the national park in 1974. Round-trip passengers receive     the new website features a monthly calendar of events
different narrations on the northbound and southbound        to showcase upcoming events such as wine tasting
portions of their ride. also, a captioned version of the     trains, “ales on Rails” beer tasting trains, day out With
tour is available for passengers with hearing impairments.   thomas, the polar express™ and much more.

the Voices of the Valley audio tour was made possible        CVSR also created a secure, online giving program on the
through a grant from the national park Service’s             new website to make supporting CVSR easier. anyone
alternative transportation program. CVSR is grateful         can make a special gift, of any size, at any time by visiting
to the national park Service for providing this fabulous,    our online giving page at www.cvsr.com. Simply click on
high-quality audio tour to enhance the visitor experience    membership. it is a simple, convenient and tax-deductible
aboard CVSR.                                                 way to help support the train today.
                                                                    CVSR is especially grateful to web designers
                                                                    lloyd alley and dan Weatherby of dublin, oh,
                                                                     who generously donated their expertise to
                                                                     make the new website a reality.

                                                                                                      cvsr.com           5
The Secretary of the                                          Helping to feed the hungry
Interior rides our train                                      and our four-legged friends
on June 2, 2009, Secretary of the interior Ken Salazar        food drives in march and September
visited Cuyahoga Valley national park to announce             benefited the akron-Canton Regional
measures to promote visits to the national parks and to
highlight projects funded under the president’s economic
                                                              foodbank and Cleveland foodbank.
                                                              for just $5 and a canned good, riders
stimulus program. after enjoying an excursion in the          enjoyed a 3-hour round trip through
emerson dome car, Salazar held a press conference at the      Cuyahoga Valley national park.
CVSR Brecksville Station, where he announced fee-free         Responding to increasing numbers of abandoned
days in national parks.                                       animals brought about by the foreclosure crisis, CVSR
                                                              held the first-ever pet Supply drive in april benefitting
                                                              the humane Society of greater akron and the Cleveland
Saluting the Military                                         animal protective league. Riders enjoyed a train ride and
CVSR was proud to honor our nation’s veterans with free       supplied local agencies with needed pet food, leashes,
rides for veterans, current military and their families on    bedding and other critically needed supplies.
Veteran’s day. hundreds of riders enjoyed a 3-hour round
trip from Rockside Station to akron northside Station
through Cuyahoga Valley national park. the trip featured      Signals at every crossing
the Voices of the Valley audio tour describing the cultural   Cuyahoga Valley national park received $2 million in
and natural history of Cuyahoga Valley national park.         federal funds to upgrade 10 railroad crossings and
                                                              signals to ensure safe use of the historic Valley Railway
                                                              and area roadways by park visitors and the traveling
                                                              public. existing active warning devices were replaced
                                                              with new ones at two crossings; at the other 8 crossings,
                                                              cross bucks were replaced with new active warning
                                                              devices including flashing lights and gates. the work was
                                                              completed in summer 2009.

6       2009 Community RepoRt
Inner-city students                                           New passenger cars
see the National Park                                         broaden the Railroad’s appeal
8,645 young school students rode the Student explorer         in 2009, Cuyahoga Valley national park received
program, a train ride guided by national park Rangers         alternative transportation funding to enable CVSR to
and park volunteers. Students in grades K-8 ride the train    acquire and outfit a second ada-accessible car. using a
and participate in one of three interpretive programs: “all   pass-through grant, CVSR purchased a car in georgia,
aboard for animals” (grades K-2), “are We there yet?          transported it to our fitzwater maintenance facility, and
history of transportation in Cuyahoga Valley national         supervised its transformation into a state-of-the-art, fully
park” (grades 3-5), and “lessons from the underground         accessible car. the car features a hydraulic lift, an ada-
Railroad” (grades 6-8).                                       compliant restroom, adjustable seats, and a walkway that
CVSR directs some of its fundraising activities to enable     is helpful for low-vision riders. the car will be placed in
inner-city students to participate in these programs. funds   service in summer 2010.
defray the cost of student tickets and bussing to and         CVSR was also the recipient of the “malahat mountain”
from the boarding site to ease the burden on the schools.     parlour Car, donated by an ohio collector in 2009.
                                                              after some minor repair work and paint, the vintage
                                                              car will be used as a club car for charters and special
                                                              events beginning in June 2010. the car will double as a
                                                              concession car on the Canton polar express.   ™

                                                                                                       cvsr.com          7
From murder mysteries                                          All Aboard Ball showcases
to “Ales on Rails”:                                            Fitzwater Yard
Something for everyone                                         Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad hosted the 5th annual
CVSR operates trains 12 months of the year, offering           all aboard Ball at fitzwater yard and maintenance facility
alternative transportation in the national park as well as     in independence on may 2, 2009. a. malachi mixon iii,
Bike aboard! service for bikers on the towpath trail. in       Ceo of invacare Corporation, served as honorary Chair.
addition to regularly scheduled excursions to the Canal        located in Cuyahoga Valley national park, fitzwater
Visitor Center, the Canal-era Village of peninsula, akron      yard gave attendees a first-hand experience of the
and Canton, CVSR also presents popular special events          railroad, its resources and facilities, and the many benefits
throughout the year including: “grape escape” wine-            this valuable regional asset provides northeast ohio.
tasting trains, beer-tasting trains, murder mysteries, a day   attendees boarded the train at Rockside Road Station and
out With thomas™ and the polar express™.                       rode to the ball, seeing views of the national park and the
CVSR’s Bike aboard! service allows cyclists to bike the        ohio & erie Canalway that can only be seen by train.
ohio & erie Canal towpath trail in one direction and ride      this year, the all aboard Ball raised nearly $50,000 to
the train in the other. 2009 was a banner year as 20,656       help support CVSR’s general operations and Student
cyclists took advantage of the opportunity to put their        explorer program through sponsorships, ticket sales and
feet up and relax on the train for one length of their         a live auction.
towpath trip, up 12% from 2008.                                We wish to thank all of our guests who attended the all
                                                               aboard Ball in 2009 and in previous years. We extend a
                                                               special “thank you” to all of our event sponsors, and to
                                                               those who donated auction items or in-kind gifts.

8       2009 Community RepoRt
S tat e m e n t S o f f i n a n C i a l p o S i t i o n d e C e m B e R 3 1 , 2 0 0 9 & 2 0 0 8

ASSETS                                                                            2009                    2008

   petty cash on hand                                                          $
                                                                                 2,100                   $
   Cash - checking                                                          1,242,060                   351,198
   grants receivable (no allowance considered necessary)                             -                 190,000
   pledges receivable - current                                                20,000                    30,000
   inventory - concessions                                                     52,049                    75,427
   prepaid insurance                                                           16,822                    23,321
   prepaid expenses                                                                237                       547
   total CuRRent aSSetS                                                   $
                                                                            1,333,268                 $
LONG-TERM PORTION OF PLEDGES RECEIVABLE                                         12,025                  21,202
INVESTMENTS                                                                           -                 29,071
INVESTMENTS - ENDOWMENT                                                        236,124                214,606
   Rolling stock                                                            3,341,733               2,557,269
   machines and equipment                                                     219,370                 219,370
   Vehicles                                                                    56,995                  56,995
   office equipment                                                            46,111                  41,016
   furniture                                                                  124,014                  91,884
   Seasonal fixtures                                                           72,956                  72,956
   uniforms                                                                    16,089                  16,089
                                                                            3,877,268             $

     less accumulated depreciation and amortization                       $
                                                                              2,123,532           $

                                                                              1,753,736           $
                                                                              3,335,153           $

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                                              2009                          2008

   accounts payable                                                     13,796                     18,957
   gift certificate liability                                           27,265                     31,315
   accrued payroll, payroll taxes and withholding                       33,958                     45,879
   deferred income                                                      -                           5,117
   total CuRRent liaBilitieS                                            75,019                    101,268
    unrestricted                                                        2,730,025             1,445,114
    temporarily restricted                                              319,534                 353,223
    permanently restricted                                              210,575                 186,315
    total net aSSetS                                                    3,260,134             1,984,652
    total liaBilitieS and net aSSetS                                    3,335,153             2,085,920

     for a copy of our full audit report, please contact us at 330-657-1906.
                                                                                                  cvsr.com         9
it is through the generosity of our donors and the individuals, organizations, corporations and foundations listed here
that Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad is able to provide the best passenger service and programs, many of which were
highlighted in this report. While space limits our ability to list all donors’ names, we are grateful for the support that
each provides, no matter the size or type of the gift. it is because of everyone’s support that CVSR continues to flourish.
Giving levels are representative of the donor’s total contributions made between January 1, 2009 and
December 31, 2009, regardless of the purpose or intent of any specific gift.
CVSR has made every effort to ensure accuracy in listing all donors at the $250 and above levels. donor names are
listed in accordance with the preferred publication name provided by the donor. those wishing to change the way in
which their name is listed in future publications may contact the CVSR development office at 330-657-1906.

honoR Roll of donoRS

$100,000+                             Corrigan Krause                      Mr. and Mrs. A. Malachi Mixon III   $250 - $499                          Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Lozick
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Jacobson        Cuyahoga Valley National             Mr. and Mrs. Carl Moore             Mr. Brian Barber                     Mr. and Mrs. John Mayer
                                      Park Association                     National Galvanizing, LP            Mr. Mark Benes                       Mrs. Jennifer McMahon and
$50,000 - $99,999                     Energizer                            The O’Neill Brothers Foundation     Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bidwell      Mr. Toby Oster
GAR Foundation                        Mr. Richard Enty                     Pro Tech Solutions, LLC             Mr. Larry Brainard                   Mrs. Sherri Mignella
The Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust    Ernst & Young LLP                    Mr. Jose Ramos                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Browne        Ms. Dede Morrison
Timken Foundation of Canton           Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Glenn        Mr. Andrew R. Tyson                 Mr. David M. Browning                Mr. Richard Movens
                                      Heidtman Steel Products, Inc.        Mr. James Vigil                     Mr. and Mrs. James Buchanan          Mr. Chris Niekamp
$10,000 - $49,999                     Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Holland      Mr. and Mrs. Mark Yanke             Dr. Ann Caplea                       Mr. Glenn Pace
Akron Community Foundation            KeyBank                                                                  Ms. Vicki Carlson                    Dr. Edward Panzeter
Lloyd Alley and Dan Weatherby         Mrs. Robin Kirk                      $500 - $999                         Ms. Jennifer Carmichael              Mr. Larry R. Parsons
The Dominion Foundation               Mr. Mike Lobalzo                     Acroment Technologies, LLC          Center for Vascular and Thoracic     Ms. Loretta A. Patterson
Emerson                               Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lobalzo         Mr. Larry Blanchard                 Medicine and Surgery, Inc.           Mr. and Mrs. Lee Paulson
The Hoover Foundation                 The R. C. and Katherine M.           Mr. Curt Buerling                   Mr. Melvin Clark                     Ms. Margaret Pekarek
                                      Musson Charitable Foundation                                             Mr. Herbert A. De La Porte           Peninsula Architects
Invacare Corporation                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Caputo
                                      Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition                                           Ms. Barbara B. Deeds                 Associates LLC
The Lehner Family Foundation                                               Mr. Patrick J. Carney
                                      The Robert O. Orr & Annamae                                              Ms. Rosemary C. Downing              Mr. Robert Petty
John A. McAlonan Fund of Akron        Orr Family Foundation                Crooked River Grill
Community Foundation                                                                                           Mr. Brian Doyle                      Mr. Jerry D. Peyton
                                      Ms. Ronda Russell                    Mr. and Mrs. Jon T. Elsasser
                                                                                                               Ms. Michelle A. Drabik               Mrs. Kelly Pojman
                                      Sherwin-Williams Company             FirstEnergy Foundation
$5,000 - $9,999                                                                                                Ms. Patricia A. Dragan               Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Read
                                      Lloyd L. & Louise K. Smith           FirstMerit Bank
The August W. and J. Belle                                                                                     Mr. John Dragga                      Ms. Edie M. Reaves
                                      Foundation                           Mr. Philip Fracassa
Bowman Fund                                                                                                    Dr. and Mrs. George Drake            Ms. Doralice Ricchiuti
                                      Mr. and Mrs. George R. Snider, Jr.   Ms. Judi Frost
The George W. Codrington                                                                                       Dr. Faith Durden                     Ms. Stephanie Sadlon
Charitable Foundation                 Thompson Hine LLP                    Mr. Myles Gallagher
                                                                                                               Mr. Walter Duvall                    Schering-Plough Dollars
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A.               Value Recovery Group                 Goodrich Political                                                       for Volunteers Program
De La Porte                           Mr. Oscar Villareal                  Action Committee                    Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Emmons
                                                                                                                                                    Terry and Dianne Squire
Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Green, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Warren        The H. E. Graves Jr.                Mr. Donald Esarove
                                                                           Family Foundation                                                        Peter N. Stamatis, D.D.S.
The Sandra L. and Dennis B.           The Welty Family Foundation                                              Ms. Elaine Ferretti
                                                                           Greater Cleveland RTA                                                    Mrs. Diane Sziraky
Haslinger Family Foundation           Western Reserve Historical Society                                       Mr. Allan Gerlat and Mrs. Cheryl
                                                                           Griffin Decorative Painting         Eberhart                             Tagliare Enterprises, Inc.
The Herbert W. Hoover Foundation
                                                                           Studio, Inc.                        Ms. Heather Godale                   Mr. Steve Tedeschi
Clara L.D. Jeffery Charitable Trust   $1,000 - $2,499                      Ms. Shirley Hagan                   Ms. Muriel E. Gottesman              The Thomas Brick Co.
The Avis E. Singleton Lappin Fund     Glenn R. and Alice V. Boggess        Jones Day                           The Patricia and J. Harvey Graves    Ms. Sandra Troia
The Lubrizol Foundation               Memorial Foundation
                                                                           Kohl’s Department Stores            Family Foundation                    Mr. Geza J. Vamos
Murch Foundation                      Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Buerling
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Kurt V. Korfhage       Mr. Albert A. Hanes and Mr. Robert   Ms. Molly Verdun
Ohio CAT                              Ms. Grace Caliguire                                                      E. Hanes
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Emery C. Prior                                              Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Vereecken
The Perkins Charitable Foundation     The Honorable William A. Currin                                          Mr. Mike Harding
                                                                           Seibert Keck Insurance                                                   Ms. Mary Ann Vizdos
Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie         Mr. and Mrs. John P. Debo, Jr.                                           Mr. Michael L. Hardy
Memorial Foundation                                                        Ms. Gail R. Staba                                                        Ms. Karen Walburn
                                      Mr. and Mrs. William J. Dragga                                           Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Hoover
The Sisler McFawn Foundation                                               Mr. and Mrs. Clifton H. Stadler                                          Mr. and Mrs. John Wazney
                                      The Albert W. and Edith V. Flowers                                       Ms. Marie Kay
The Timken Company                    Charitable Foundation                Mr. Dan Stolzer                                                          Mr. Jeff Weeden
                                                                           Tucker Ellis & West LLP             Mr. Jeff Kirkwood                    Mr. and Mrs. James White
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Wait           Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hetzer
                                                                           United Logistics of Ohio            Mrs. Patty Kovachick                 Mr. and Mrs. Doug Williams
                                      Mr. Sean Hice
                                                                           Ms. Donna Valentine                 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kulig            Mr. and Mrs. David S. Woloch
$2,500 - $4,999                       Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Jackson
                                                                           Ms. Kathy Vitt                      Ms. Jennifer Kutsch                  Deb Yandala and Sherman Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Augustus       KeyBank Foundation
                                                                           Ms. Dana Zaratrian                  Ms. Judy Lahoski                     Mr. Tom Zych
Mr. Siegfried F. Buerling             Ms. Cynthia Knight
                                                                                                               Lakeland Health Care Corp Agency
Calfee Halter & Griswold LLP          Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Kruszka
                                                                                                               Mr. G. Richard Lezius
Mr. Christopher M. Connor             Mr. Stephen Metzler
                                                                                                               Mrs. Erica Lillis                    CONTINUED ON PAGE 12

                                                                                                                                                    * Deceased
10            2009 Community RepoRt
Board of Trustees                                                  Our Partners
Charles a. “arnie”               thomas J. Collin                  National Park Service Mission Statement
de la porte                      partner                           (Organic Act)
Chairman, hexon, inc.            thompson hine, llp
                                                                   “…to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic
george Snider                    Richard mcdougald enty
Vice Chairman                    interim general manager           objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the
Retired Ceo                      lorain County transit             enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such
SRa international, inc.                                            means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment
                                 philip d. fracassa
gregory g. Kruszka               Senior Vice president, tax &      of future generations.”
Secretary                        treasury
Retired Sr. Vice president of    the timken Company                national park Service mission
operations, Ridge tool Co.
                                 R. thomas green, Jr.              16 u.S.C. 1 august 25, 1916
andrew R. tyson                  Chairman emeritus
treasurer                        oglebay norton Company
executive Vice president of                                        Cuyahoga Valley National Park Mission Statement
Corporate development, KeyCorp   thomas J. Jackson, md
                                 physician, Retired
                                                                   “for the purpose of preserving and protecting for
peter J. Buerling
manager,                         dana R. Saporito                  public use and enjoyment, the historic, scenic, natural,
                                 director of marketing and human
it Cross portfolio technology
                                                                   and recreational values of the Cuyahoga River and the
                                 h.C. lobalzo & Sons, inc.         adjacent lands of the Cuyahoga Valley…”
melvin Clark                                                       Cuyahoga Valley national park purpose
district director-Rail           gordon C. Short
greater Cleveland Rta            manager, transaction tax
                                 ernst & young, llp                public law 93-555 december 27, 1974
eric Clemens
president and owner
acroment technologies                                              Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association
                                                                   Mission Statement
CVSR expresses gratitude to the following Board                    “Cuyahoga Valley national park association, in
members who concluded their terms in 2009:                         partnership with Cuyahoga Valley national park, provides
Charles f. Bredt                 gregory a. glenn                  innovative education and fosters community awareness,
Barbara Behn deeds               Robert f. Ware, Jr.               support and enjoyment of the park.”
                                                                   Cuyahoga Valley national park association mission
Trustee Emeritus                                                   July 1, 2002
We are proud to recognize patrick J. holland as newly
appointed trustee emeritus for his outstanding service                                                             photo credits:
and contributions.                                                                                                 larry Blanchard
                                                                                                                   amy dragga

CVSR Staff 2009                                                                                                    William J. dragga
                                                                                                                   tom Jones, npS,
Steven W. Wait                   Chad Crim
                                                                                                                   ted toth
president and Chief              dispatcher/Road foreman
executive officer                of engines                                                                        editor:
larry Blanchard                  alfred daigneau                                                                   amy dragga
director of operations           mechanic/engineer                                                                 Contributors:
amy dragga                       larry drotar                                                                      mary pat doorley
director of development          mechanic in Charge                                                                amy dragga
                                                                                                                   Jennifer mcmahon
leslie hoffman                   Janet foster
director of finance              Customer Service                                                                  george Snider
                                                                                                                   Sheila Vandergriff
Kelly Steele                     doug moore                                                                        Steve Wait
director of marketing            projects Coordinator
                                                                                                                   peggy Wood
William Carney                   peggy Wood
Superintendent                   office manager and
                                 Volunteer Coordinator             design credit: tRiad Communications, inc. – www.triadadv.com

                                                                                                                  cvsr.com              11
honoR Roll of donoRS Continued
$100 - $249                       Mr. and Mrs. Bill Burdick           Ms. Amanda Ditano               Mrs. Lori Gibb                     Mr. Wayne Hoffman
Mrs. Logan Ackeret                Ms. Lisa Burford                    Ms. Susan Dix                   Ms. Lynn Gigandet                  Mr. Brian Hogan
Ms. Leah Acton                    Mr. Joseph Burger                   Ms. Kimberly Dixon              Mr. Mike Gigante                   Ms. Mary Beth Holdford
Ms. Gail Adams                    Ms. Carolyn Burnette                Mr. Richard J. Dodig            Mrs. Andrea Gillis                 Ms. Sallie Hons
Mrs. Holly Adams                  Ms. Wanda Burns                     Ms. Susan Dolson                Mr. Donald Gillis                  Ms. Joyce Hopkins
Dr. Indu Agarwal                  Ms. Lori Buser                      Dominion Foundation Matching    Dr. Karen Giorgetti                Ms. Sharon Hotaling
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ainsworth    Mrs. Kelli Butler                     Gift Program                  Ms. Michelle Gipper                Ms. Jacki Howard
Mrs. Megan Albright               Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cagnina        Ms. Cindy Domke                 Mr. Brian Glandorf                 Mr. and Mrs. George A. Hoy, Jr.
Mrs. Paula Alesnik                Mr. Derek Cahill                    Dane Donaldson                  GOJO Industries, Inc.              Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hoyt
Hassan Alhassani                  Ms. Cynthia S. Camp                 Mr. Concetta Donatelli          Mr. Robert Golubich                Ms. Monica D. Huck
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Allison        Mrs. Robin Carlin                   Dr. Amanda Donnelly             Mr. Ronald J. Good                 Ms. Betty E. Hudgens
Ms. Aloma Anders*                 Ms. Heather Carpenter               Mrs. Julie Donovan              Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gotthardt        Mr. James D. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Antle           Ms. Terri Case                      Mr. Robert Douglas              The Honorable William M. Grace     Dr. Joel Hughes
Mrs. Cynthia B. Archer            Ms. Lisa Cate                       Ms. Phyllis A. Drasler          Ms. Jenny Graham                   Ms. Victoria Hustey
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Armstrong      Mrs. Laura Cengic                   Ms. Lorie I. Dunstan            Mr. Thomas F. Graham               Mrs. Christine Ieraci
Mrs. Michele G. Arsena            Ms. Beth Centlivre                  Ms. Jacqueline Dutton           Ms. Particia Gram                  Ms. Mamie Irace
Mr. William Arthur                Ms. Paula C. Cerasi                 Ms. Debra Dye                   Mrs. Allison Grant                 Mrs. Pamela Jackson
Audio Video Made Simple Inc       Mr. James Channell                  Mr. and Ms. Robert R. Dykes     Mr. Jason Greathouse               Ms. June James
Mr. Gilbert L. Aumiller, Jr.      Mrs. Tracey Charbonneau             Ms. Colleen Easton              Mr. and Mrs. Jason Greschaw        Mr. Rene Jimenez
Mr. Darrell Austin                Ms. Maria Charif                    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Eck, Jr.    Mr. Russell Griffith               Mr. Wayne C. Jira
Mr. John W. Baer                  Mr. Brent Charriere                 Mr. Robert Eckert               Ms. Teresa Gross                   Mr. Dwight Johnson
Ms. Patricia Balbach              Mrs. Melissa Chenoweth              Ms. Alice Edwards               Ms. Jennifer Grow                  Ms. June Johnson
Mr. Paul Balcom                   Mrs. Carol Chiorian                 Ms. June M. Edwards             Ms. Leila Grumbos                  Mr. and Mrs. Randy Johnson
Ms. Shaina Banta                  Ms. Patricia C. Ciccotti            Ms. Kate Eich                   Mr. Robert Gurdak                  Ms. Jill S. Jones
Mrs. Katherine G. Barger          Traci Cicora                        Mr. Tim Eippert                 Ms. Mary Guzowski                  Mrs. Leslie Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Barger       Ms. Jennifer Cidila                 Mrs. Beverly Ely                Ms. Elizabeth A. Hagen             Ms. Margaret Jones
Mrs. Susan Basnett                Mr. Joseph Cindric                  Mrs. Linda Engel                Mrs. Mary Hahn                     Ms. Diane Jordak
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Baum        Mr. Robert Ciotola                  Mr. and Mrs. William H. Engel   Mrs. Anita Hajec                   Mr. William Joseph
Dr. and Mrs. William B. Bauman    Ms. Lisa Coble                      Ms. Maureen English             Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Halaburda      Ms. Carrie Juvan
Mrs. Gina Bautti                  Mr. Mark Coley                      Mr. James D. Ennes              Ms. Alicia Hall                    Ms. Heather Karlen
Stan Bazan & Company              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Collin       Ms. Gayle Eplong                Mr. Phillip L. Halstead II         Ms. Helen A. Karlen
Ms. Michelle Bazzichi             Ms. Nancy Colo                      Ms. Kim Errington               Mr. Bob Hamilton                   Ms. Joyce Kastner
Mr. Brian Beck                    Ms. Marisa Colson                   Mrs. Heather Erzurum            Ms. Susan Hamlin Scanlon           Mr. Mark Katzenmeyer
Ms. Delores Beck                  Mr. Brian Conway                    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fabec       Dr. Nicholas Hammermeister         Mrs. Patricia Kavalecz
Ms. Sally Bednarek                Mrs. Joan Cook-Mason                Lt. Col. Chaker Fadel           Ms. Buffe Hamsher                  Mr. Jeff Kearns
Mr. Phil Begany                   Ms. Shawnda Cooksey                 Mr. Charles Farrell             Ambassador Holsey Gates            Ms. Amy Kellett
Ms. Patricia Belby                Mr. and Mrs. David Cooley           Mr. Timothy J. Fast             Handyside                          Ms. Chere Kilbane
Mr. Walter Benitt                 Ms. Heather A. Cornell              Mr. Douglas Fawcett             Mr. Thomas W. Hanley               Mrs. Cheryl Kimberly
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Benner          Ms. Shonda Coustillac               Mrs. Janet Feenstra             Sean and Lori Hannon               Mr. Scott Kirven
Ms. Tamarra Bennington            Ms. Phyllis Coviello                Ms. Diana Fihe                  Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Hansen          Mrs. Leigh Kischke
Mrs. Chelly Bergman               Mrs. Jennifer Cox                   Ms. Susan L. Fike               Mrs. Tami Hansen                   Ms. Elizabeth Kish
Mr. and Mrs. Lance C. Bergstrom   Ms. Marilyn Croskey                 Mr. and Mrs. James Filisky      Mrs. Lorrie Hanzak                 Mr. Louis S. Kish
Dr. Kathleen Berkner              Ms. Teresa Crowe                    Mrs. Linda Finfrock             Mrs. Megan Harbath                 Dr. Jamie Kistler
Mr. John Bernhardt                Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cudo              Mr. Michael Finkler             Ms. Angela Hardway                 Ms. Christina Kmetko
Mr. Frederick Berry               Mrs. Jenifer Culler                 Mrs. Michelle A. Flechtner      Mr. Scott Hare                     Mr. Charles Knierim
Mr. David Bialosky                Ms. Karen Cummings                  Ms. Anne Flowers                Mr. Richard Harley                 Ms. Mary Jane Knighton
Robin Bice                        Ms. Kellie Cunningham               Mr. Kevin Fonner                Mr. Martin Harrington              Ms. Michele Kocak
Ms. Tanishia Bickley              Mrs. Caroline Currier               Ms. Donna Fornadley             John and Jennifer Harvey           Ms. Christine Koepke
Ms. Patricia Biddinger            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Cusma, Sr.   Mrs. Colleen Forster            Mrs. Melissa Haskins-Berger        Ms. Kathleen Kohler
Mr. James Bielozer                Mr. Quinton Cutler                  Ms. Sarah M. Foster             Ms. Deborah Hayden                 Mr. Dennis Kolesar
Ms. Michelle Biery                Mr. Wayne C. Dabb, Jr.              Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fowles     Mr. Brian Hayes                    Ms. Kristin Koliha
Ms. Kerri L. Bobnar               Mr. Dan Daniluk                     Mr. and Mrs. John Fox           Ms. Laura Hayes                    Mr. Rob Koller
Mrs. Katherine Bohn               Mr. Victor Daprile                  Ms. Tammi Fox                   Ms. Linda Heater                   Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kondas
Mr. Charles P. Bolton             Ms. Rebecca DasVarma                Ms. Stacie Frabotta             Ms. Rose Heathcote                 Mr. Robert A. Kondas
Dr. Lawrence Bond                 Ms. Michelle Davey                  Mr. David Frazier               Mr. Kenneth L. Hefner              Mr. John Konst
Mr. Jim Boone                     Mr. and Mrs. Jim Davis III          Mr. Jack Freeder                Ms. Kristine Hegedus               Mrs. Jennifer Kopf
Ms. Gretchen Booth                Mr. David Day                       Ms. Dorothy C. Frey             Ms. Lea Heidman                    Mr. Christopher Korff
Mr. Len Borowy                    Mrs. Susan Day                      Ms. Sally Froelich              Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hejduk            Ms. Gwen Kost
Mrs. Marlene Bossart              Shawn Deller                        Ms. Madlyn Fuller               Ms. Deborah Heller                 Ms. Mary Ann Kozma
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bredt        Ms. Fran Dellman                    Mrs. Katrina Fulton             Mr. and Mrs. Bryden E. Henderson   Mr. Nick Kozma
Capt. Saralynn Brian              Mr. William DeLong                  Mrs. Patricia Gallagher         Ms. Patricia A. Herb               Mrs. Laura Kramer
Ms. Denise Brickley               Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Demaline       Dr. Jorge Garcia                Ms. Rose P. Herdon                 Mr. David E. Kranz
Ms. Denise Bridges                Ms. Ann DeMell                      Dr. Laura Garish                Ms. Louise Heydorn                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Kraus
Mrs. Rebecca Brockmeyer           Ms. Christie Demming                Mrs. Melissa Garten             Ms. Jane E. Hidock                 Ms. Melissa Kreiner
Mr. John E. Brooks                Mrs. Kristina Denman                Mr. Steven L. Garverick         Ms. Tina Hill                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert J.
Mrs. Amy Brush                    Ms. Christine DePasquale            Ms. Anna Gay                    Mr. Jeremy Hilton                    Kretschmann
Mr. Mark Bubnick                  Ms. Tebble Dickerson                Mrs. Melissa Genet              Ms. Teresa L. Hisey                Mr. Frank Kriska
Mr. Robert Buchanan               Ms. Michelle Dietz                  Ms. Pamela A. Gerak             Ms. Monica Hoban                   Mr. Gerrit Kuechle
Mr. Thomas Buck                   Mr. Anthony N. Discenza             Mr. Roger Gerhardt              Mr. Clifford Hoffman               Don and Britta Kuenzli

12           2009 Community RepoRt
Ms. Kay S. Kuhns-Roth              Mrs. Noreen McConnell                Mrs. Cheryl Pfeifer               Ms. Martha Schmitz               Mrs. Joyce Toth
Mrs. Jennifer Kungle               Ms. Judy McCrodden                   Ms. Meredith Phillips             Ms. Kari Schneider               Ms. Mary Beth Towell
Ms. Ann Kunsch                     Mrs. Emily McElroy                   Ms. Nanette L. Phillips           Ms. Amy Schroeder                Ms. Lea Travis
Ms. Beverly Kurjan                 Mr. Allan B. McFarland               Mrs. Kathleen Piazza              Mr. Greg Schulze                 Ms. Donna Turski
Mr. Roger Kusser                   Mr. Terrence McHugh                  Mr. and Mrs. John S. Piety        Mr. Albert Schuster              Mr. and Mrs. Robb Tweddell
Ms. Maryann Kuzila                 Ms. Joanne McInnerney                Ms. Irene Pike                    Mrs. Jocelyn Schweitzer          Ms. Sue Tyler
Ms. Carol Kwan                     Mr. Mark McIntyre                    Dr. Joseph Piktel                 Ms. Sally Sears                  Mrs. Laura Upson
Mrs. Amy LaCivita                  Mrs. Rachel McKibben                 Mrs. Sandy Pilarczyk              Ms. Sandra L. See                Ms. Gayle Valencheck
Mr. Robert LaCivita                Ms. Chris McNamara                   Ms. Debby Piraino                 Ms. KarenLee Seifert             Ms. Michelle Van Dyke
Mrs. Erika Lacroix                 Ms. Melissa McNamara                 Mrs. Melissa Pitinii              Mr. Joe Selden                   Mr. Kenneth E. Van Horn
Ms. Nancy Laird                    Ms. Carolyn McNamee                  Mr. David Pitz                    Ms. Valerie Senko                Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Vardon, Jr.
Lakewood/Rocky River Rotary Club   Mr. Gary Medkeff                     The PNC Financial Services        Ms. Michelle Shaheen-Wires       Mr. Nicholas Varvaro
Lakewood/Rocky River Sunrise       Mr. Philip Melendez                    Group, Inc.                     Mrs. SaraJane Shepard            Dr. Catie Vermes
  Rotary Club                      Ms. Lisa Regula Meyer                Ms. Marilyn Pogue                 Mrs. Karen Shiffert              Mr. Jeffrey Vickers
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Lakhia           The Michelson Foundation             Mr. John Polatz                   Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Short     Rev. Jim Vincent
Mr. Christopher Lalak                Charitable Trust                   Mrs. Cheryl Posa                  Mr. Tim Short                    Ms. Melissa Vingle
Ms. Lisa Lamberson                 Mr. Nicolas Miele                    Mrs. Jane Power                   Mrs. Donna Siburt                Mr. Dominic A. Visconsi
Mrs. Julia Landry                  Mr. Michael G. Mikolaj               Ms. Kim Previt                    Mr. Stuart Simms                 Ms. Ann Wagner
Ms. Ruth Lasecki                   Ms. Kathy Miller                     Dr. Phillip Price                 Mr. Michael Simpkins             Ms. Cindy Wagner
Mr. Timothy Lassan                 Mrs. Linda Miller                    Mr. and Mrs. William Price        Ms. Heather D. Slack             Ms. Pat Wagner
Ms. Jing Lauengco                  Ms. Nancy J. Miller                  Mrs. Patricia Provance            Mr. Edward J. Slusarski          Ms. Margaret Walsh-Conrad
Mr. Michael Lauffenburger          Mr. Thomas A. Miller                 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Purcell        Ms. Nancy Smith                  Mrs. Kelly Walters
Ms. Bettina Lee                    Ms. Bonny Mills                      Ms. Linda Quartel                 Mr. Patrick Smith                Mr. John J. Ward
Ms. Eileen Lee                     Ms. Kristine Montgomery              Ms. Lori Quinn                    Ms. Sheila Smith                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Ware
Ms. Eileen Leidich                 Ms. Jacqueline Morgan                Mr. Les Rachocki                  Mrs. Stefania Smith              Dr. Andrea Warner Stidham
Ms. Sherry Leonard                 Mr. Arthur Morris                    Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Rahrig         Ms. Vicky Snyder                 Ms. Rebecca A. Watson
Ms. Madeline Lepidi-Carino         Mrs. Christi Morrison                Ms. Lindsay Raich                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sobiech     Mrs. Sherry Watts
Ms. Cheryl A. Levanduski           Ms. Carole Mount                     Ms. Tricia Rawnsley               Mr. Michael Sotak                Mr. W. Cary Weatherhead
Dr. and Mrs. Harry M. Lever        Ms. Mia M. Mounts                    Mrs. Brandy Ream                  Mrs. Elaine A. Spuckler          Ms. Courtney Weaver
Ms. Kathy Liebert                  Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Mulrooney         Ms. Helen M. Reed                 Ms. Susan St George              Mrs. Amy Webber
Terri Lika                         Miss Connie Munyan                   Ms. Kathy Regec                   Ms. Deborah Stadler              Mrs. Laura Weidenthal
Mrs. Tina Lindy                    Ms. Karen Murray                     Mr. Walter J. Rekstis III         Mr. Timothy Stahlberg            Mrs. Cindy Weinkauf
Ms. Cynthia Linehan                Ms. Nancy Murray                     Thomas E. Rench and Javan Rench   Ms. Christine M. Stanko          Mrs. Barbara Weisman
Mr. William N. Littell             Mrs. Amy Myers                       Mr. Chris Renk                    Stark County Park District       Ms. Barbara Wenzinger
Ms. Nancy Lobdell                  Ms. Judith Nagy                      Dr. Roya Rezaee                   Steel Warehouse Company LLC      Ms. Betsy White
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Lohman          Ms. Kathleen Neforos                 Ms. Denise Richter                Ms. Sarah L. Stein               Dr. Patrick White
Ms. Colleen Lohn                   Ms. Jill Nelson                      Mrs. Michelle Ringler             Mr. Burke Stephens               Mr. and Mrs. Dickson L. Whitney, Jr.
Ms. Charlene Long                  Mrs. Kristen Nelson                  Ms. Michelle Rini                 Mrs. Pam Stephenson              Mrs. Christine Wiery
Mrs. Faith Lottman                 Mrs. Tina Nerpouni                   Mrs. Molly Ritchey                Mrs. Heather Stewart             Mrs. Gwen Wilhelm
Mr. and Mrs. James Love            Mr. Mike Neundorfer                  Ms. Mary B. Ritzman               Mrs. Suzy Stimecz                Ms. Valerie Wilhelms
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Love       Mr. and Mrs. James W. Nichols, Jr.   Ms. Melissa Robert                Mrs. Beverly A. Stout            Ms. Linda V. Williams
Mr. Andrew Lovell                  Mrs. Jennifer Nolan                  Ms. Beth Robertson                Ms. Candy Stout                  Ms. Paula Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Lownes        Mr. John Norton                      Mrs. Tinamarie Robinette          Ms. Beverly Strabley             Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Williams
Ms. Barbara E. Lucas               Ms. Susanne Nottingham               Ms. Joyce Rodek                   Ms. Janice Stratman              Ms. Janice A. Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Lucas        Mrs. Alison Novosel                  Mr. Jerry Rodgers                 Mr. James Stuart                 Ms. Michelle M. Wilson
Ms. Marisa C. Lundberg             Mrs. Heidi Nussbaum                  Ms. Jane Rohacek                  Dr. and Mrs. John Suglio         Mrs. Denise Wimbiscus Shepherd
Ms. Tara Lynd                      Mrs. Amy O’Brien                     Ms. Mary Ann Rohal                Mr. Bernard Survoy               Mrs. Kerry Wires
Ms. Becky Macko                    Ms. Emily M. O’Brien                 Mr. Michael Rossi                 Ms. Donna J. Swartz              Ms. Becky Wise
Joni Maga, M.D.                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard O’Callaghan     Ms. Maria Ruane                   Mr. Lance Switzer                Mr. Leonard Wisniewski
Ms. Mary Mager                     Ms. Joanne Oelschlager               Ms. Barb Ruman                    Mr. Roger Sycz                   Mr. Jerry Witmer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A.             Mr. Patrick O’Keefe                  Mrs. Deborah Rupert               Mrs. Dorothy Tagliarina          Mr. Robert Wolff
  Mahoney III                      Mr. David Olds                       Ms. Joan M. Rusnak                Mr. Joe H. Tait                  Mrs. Laura Wolters
Mrs. Karen Malbin                  Mrs. Linda Orient                    Mr. Darryl N. Russ                Mr. James Taylor                 Mrs. Lisa Wood
Mr. Doug Malicki                   Mrs. Nicole Ostrosky                 Ms. Louise Rutkowski              Mrs. Karen S. Taylor             Ms. Adrianne Woodruff
Mr. Mark Malikowski                Ms. Deborah Oust                     Mr. Michael Ryan                  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Taylor   Mrs. Judith Ann Wozniak
Mr. Conrad A. Mamajek              Erin Pacilli                         Ms. Diane M. Rym                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Taylor      Ms. Kathleen Wright
Larry C. Markley, D.V.M.           Ms. Carol Padvorac                   Mr. Anthony Sackett               Mrs. Shelley Taylor              Thomas M. Wynne, Esq.
Ms. Laura Markley                  Mr. Patrick Pannetti                 Mr. Keith Saffles                 Ms. Shelley Temple               Chris Yessayan
Mrs. Sally Markley                 Ms. Kimberly Papai                   Mr. James Salmond                 Mr. Paul A. Tepley               Marti Yonker
Mr. Mike Marrah                    Mrs. Diane Papay                     Yanna E. Salwan                   Master Soren Thanawalla          Ms. Barbara Young
Ms. Jeanne Marsili                 Ms. Denise Pardee                    Ms. Sarah Sanborn                 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart H. Theis     Ms. Stacey Zahoranski
Ms. Karen Martha                   Ms. Terri Parker                     Mr. Kevin R. Sanislo              Ms. Janet C. Thiel               Mrs. LaVerne S. Zarle
Mr. Dan Martin                     Ms. Susan Parrish                    Ms. Carol Santschi                Mr. James S. Thomasson           Ms. Colleen Zielske
Mr. James Martin                   Mr. and Mrs. Ray Particka            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sawyer     Mr. and Mrs. Eric Thompson       Mr. and Mrs. Dean Zimmerman
Ms. Karen Martin                   Mrs. Melissa Patchin                 Scanlon Family Charitable Trust   Ms. Laura K. Thompson            Mr. Leonard Zink
Mrs. Cody Martinez                 Ms. Carla Patterson                  Miss Jaclyn Scarborough           Mrs. April Todd                  Mrs. Carlie Zukas
Dr. Katherine Mason                Ms. Debra Patterson                  Mr. Mario A. Scarcipino           Ms. Gwendolyn Tomaiko            Ms. Alison Zwald
Ms. Lisa Mayle                     Ms. Shirley Paulovcin                Ms. Shawna Schaeg                 Mrs. Kathy Tomanek               Anonymous (7)
Mrs. Marilyn Mazzei                Dr. and Mrs. John E. Pawlowicz       Mr. Stephen L. Scharf             Dr. Joseph Tomashefski
Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCabe         Mr. Kenneth Pech                     Mr. Mark Scheffler                Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. Tompkins    * Deceased
Mr. Michael J. McCann              Mrs. Evelyn A. Pennza                Mr. Robert Schloendorn            Mr. Andrew J. Toth
Ms. Virginia McCloskey             Mrs. Tricia Perduk                   Mr. Charles Schmidt               Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Toth

                                                                                                                                               cvsr.com                   13
                                                                p.o. Box 158
                                                                peninsula, oh 44264
                                                                800.468.4070 or

in memoRy
one of CVSR’s beloved volunteers, Conductor mark Rubin, passed away december
28 after a long illness. mark led Kent State university’s international programs
and conducted trains for Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. he earned masters and
doctoral degrees in Romance language and literature from princeton university.
he began teaching french at Kent State in 1972 and took over the school’s
international programs in 1991.
in retirement, mark volunteered for CVSR and quickly rose through the ranks.
one of the accomplishments he was most proud of was becoming a Conductor.
his love of sharing the train and his dedication to seeing that people had a great
experience onboard was unmatched. he is deeply missed.

14      2009 Community RepoRt

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