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									Basketball Basics: Sweep

Basketball is a very exciting sport. There are numerous basketball stars
and icons that have swept the basketball viewing public throughout the
years. Each basketball team is also equally popular because they are the
cradle of the basketball superstars.

The game of basketball is definitely a team effort. Basketball isn't
played individually, but rather collectively. Each game is a team effort.
In fact, in every game of basketball, no individual is declared the
winner of the game. It is always the team.

Basketball players play the game excellently because they want to accrue
scores not for themselves but for the team. However, there are awards and
recognition given to players who have contributed greatly and accumulated
points or scores throughout the game.

When fans rush to the basketball courts to flock basketball stars, they
come to flock the team as well. A basketball superstar not only carries
his name but also that of the team.

How are superstar basketball teams born? Well, a good track record is the
key. And how is it attained? Simple: just by winning the most games.

The sweep

There are many basketball tournaments and conferences in every country.
There are those events that are held annually for a regular interval.
During these games, often, there are mainstay teams that regularly play
at the basketball event.

When a team wins for two or more consecutive years, it is termed in
sports and basketball lingo as a 'sweep'. Thus, be it in the NBA or in
whatever basketball tournament all over the world, the word 'sweep' is
one of the sweetest and most sought-after terms in the ever-growing and
exciting basketball vocabulary.

For a team to complete a sweep, it should consistently hold its
excellence. Consistency is one of the hardest concepts in basketball
because it is hard to assure that a team will win every game.

For sure, there are hundreds or thousands of potential basketball
superstars that are given big breaks every season. The competition is
really tough. That is why teams also often modify its lineup so it can
get the best and possibly the greatest players around.

Team effort is also hard to keep. It entails that all the team's members
be cooperative enough to execute a good play strategy. That isn't easy to
accomplish considering the humongous egos and attitudes of basketball

For a team to make a sweep, it should strive harder to keep the good
working and cooperative relationships between the team players. Failing
to do so would result otherwise.
How a team could make a sweep

When you come to think of it, it would be easy to make a team run into a
sweep in basketball tournaments. However, considering the individual
efforts needed from each of the team players, it would be a truly big
challenge to the coach and to the players as well. Remember, good working
and personal relationships within the team shows in the play.

For a team to ensure a sweep, regular practices and rehearsals should be
scheduled. The team should all be present during practices because that
is the time each of them gets to bond. Rapport between the players is

Weaknesses and strengths of the players and team as a whole is also
determined during practices. Thus, the training would be a good breeding
ground to identify how each team player could greatly and significantly
contribute to the welfare of the whole basketball team.

Consistency is essential. After winning a basketball game, the main goal
of the team would then be to keep the winnings coming. When a team fails
to keep its winning status, it fails to make a sweep, therefore, coming
face to face with a nightmare.

The moral support from the fans and supporters also contribute well. Take
note that most of the popular basketball teams do well in every game
whenever they see the trooping fans cheer for them, as if the game is a
popularity contest.

Team players are motivated whenever they see cheerful fans support them.

Basketball is a very exciting game indeed. It sure is hard for a team to
make a sweep but the effort certainly makes up for added excitement.

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