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Learning to play basketball is a lot of hard work. One of the most basic
things a player has to learn is dribbling. Dribbling is the act of
bouncing the ball continuously with one hand in a repetitive motion which
ends when the continuity is disturbed or when the player touches the ball
with both hands simultaneously. The ball must be continuously redirected
to the floor so that the dribble isn't ended. It can also end when the
ball is allowed to rest on the hands of the player and when the ball is
allowed to be moved parallel or fractionally to the court using one hand.

The following measures are observed to ensure that dribbling is done
properly in basketball.

The use of finger pads. The padded part of the fingers is used by the
player to control the basketball. Using the palms to dribble the ball
should be avoided.

Spread the fingers across the ball when dribbling. The fingers should be
spread for better control of the basketball. The forefinger should be in
the same direction as the direction the player’s body is facing.

Hand always on top. When dribbling, the player should ensure that the
hand is on top of the basketball to prevent the player from committing a
violation, which is carrying the ball.

Hand leaves the basketball first before the pivot foot leaves the floor.
If the foot leaves the floor before the basketball leaves the hand, a
violation may be called, which is traveling.

Both hands should be able to dribble. Practice is needed in order for the
player to dribble with either the right or the left hand.

Shield with the other hand. While dribbling with the active hand, the
free hand should be used to keep the defender from getting contact with
the ball. The body should also be used as a shield.

Keep eyes open and head up. This way, the player is able to see the whole
court and take an appropriate action so the player is more effective with
the basketball.

Quick stop. When the player wants to end the dribble, it should be done
quickly to avoid any violations.
Keep it low. The body of the player together with the ball is kept low so
that the defender won't be able to get hold of the ball easily.

Avoid wasting a dribble. This is done by dribbling once or twice and then
ending the dribble. This will lead the player in a difficult situation.

Always have a purpose and know the intention. The player should know what
action to take next after dribbling.
Avoid dribbling with double teams. Dribbling should be avoided if there
are two defenders trying to take the ball at the same time. The ball
could easily go to their possession if this is done.

Avoid the corners. Dribbling at the corners of the court would be of
advantage to the defenders because the player dribbling the ball can be
trapped by the defenders at the corner of the court.

Keep it alive. Dribbling should be done in a full of life manner before
the player decides to pass or shoot. This technique makes it difficult
for the defender to steal the ball but caution should be observed.

Practice makes perfect. The player should do dribbling drills on his own
so the dribbling skills learned during practice can be incorporated in
the team play.

Proper stance. The player stands erect. When dribbling with the right
hand, the left food should be parallel and in front of the right with the
knees slightly bent.
Leave it to the hand and wrist. The hand and wrist should be used when
dribbling. The arm should be near the upper body and kept close to it.

Let the waist be the basis of the height. The ball should be dribbled not
higher than the waist, in front and side of the foot that is on the rear.
Learning how to handle the ball is crucial in playing basketball.

Dribbling is one of the ways the player can use to control the game while
the ball is in possession. It is definitely one of the skills needed in
ball handling. A lot of dribbling practice will pay off if the player has
the ball in possession and it is up to this player to ensure that the
ball remains in the possession of the team before the player shoots,
makes the basket and scores. Learn the dribbling basics first and get the
game going.

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