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									Weather, Weather
  Brian Phillips
  Holtville High School
  Holtville, CA
I am a Technology Resource Teacher for a small school
   district, and one of my goals was for students to being to
   use technology as an extension of their basic classroom
   tools. The lesson I choose to create was based on the
   NETS standards. The students collect weather data from
   the internet, and enter their data into a spreadsheet, and
   as a culminating activity the students create graphs and
   import them to a PowerPoint presentation. The lesson is
   titled Weather, Weather Everywhere!

Brian Phillips
Holtville, CA
 I expected to learn new
 I expected to working with others
  who were at the same level of
  technology experience, not at an
  entry level.
 I expected to create a lesson that
  infused technology.
Actual Learning
The learning that I actually learned from CTAP295,
  was not the technology. I already had the
  technology skills. What I gained, were the
  thought processes that go into creating a
  standards based lesson. Aligning lessons to
  standards can be difficult at first, but in time the
  process becomes much easier, and you are able
  to look beyond one subject area and being to
  look across the curriculum. That I feel was my
  shortcoming, was that I look at standards in one
  single area, not across the curriculum.
 Students learned how to use a
  spreadsheet, and to create graphs.
 RSP student was able to complete
  the lesson, with little guidance
 Students were able to complete the
  project, with very little difficulty
 Students had to be taught
 The first day’s activities were too
 Daily activities were too short.
  Lesson could have been completed
  in a couple of hours.
                   Pre and Post Test Results

                     0                                            Post
                         1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15

   I took a sample of the 16 students that were in the class. This particular
   set of students made progress. Student 13 did not make any measurable
   progress, but the student did walk away from the lesson with greater
   understanding of graphs in general.
The revision that I made was that for
 the first part of the lesson, students
 only collected weather data, without
 actually inputting it into the
 spreadsheet. I changed the lesson
 so that students would be inputting
 their daily data in the spreadsheets
Concluding Statement
It was a wonderful experience being a part of a statewide
   project. However, the project itself was extremly time
   consuming. I felt that most of the class time was spent
   teaching technology to the Blue M&Ms.
 I was also dissappointed that the lesson needed to be web-
   based and not web-posted. I felt that putting that
   requirement on the project limited the variety of lessons
   that we would be able to provide.
Aside from that, I think that this project is a wonderful thing
   and needs to be continued. This was the first year, and
   there are going to be issues that come up, but those
   things can be fixed and improved. I look forward to what
   happens to CTAPOnline in the coming years.

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