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					       St. James Catholic Church
      Spring Street and Park Avenue, Falls Church, Virginia 22046
                             Established 1892

                                                                                                      March 21, 2010

                                                                                                  Fifth Sunday of Lent


                                                                                                 Time: 10:30 Liturgy
                                                                                                 Place: Cafeteria

RECTORY: 905 Park Avenue, Falls Church, Va. 22046           MINISTRY TO THE SICK: Phone: (703) 532-8815 x130
Phone: (703) 532-8815; Fax: (703) 533-7644                  If anyone is confined to home or hospital, please call:
Office Hours: 9:00a.m. - 9:00p.m. Monday through Friday     Sr. Mary Jo McDonald, Director
              9:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. Saturday
Website:                            MASS SCHEDULE:
                                                            Vigil (Saturday evenings): 5:00p.m.
Rev. Patrick L. Posey, Pastor                               Sunday: 7:30a.m., 9:00a.m., 10:30a.m., 12:00noon and 7:00p.m.
Rev. Daniel F. Hanley, Parochial Vicar                      Spanish Mass: 2:30p.m.
Rev. Canon Philip S. Majka, Parochial Vicar                 Daily:      6:30a.m., 8:30a.m. and 12:00noon
Rev. James C. Hudgins, In Residence                         Saturday and Holidays: 8:30a.m.
Rev. Joseph Elamparayil, O.C.D, In Residence                Rosary and Benediction:
Rev. Symphorien Lopoke, In Residence                        Sunday: 5:00p.m.
Deacons: James A. Fishenden, Thomas M. Bello                First Friday Schedule:
                                                            Masses:      6:30a.m., 8:30a.m. and 12:00noon
SCHOOL: 830 W. Broad Street; Falls Church, Va. 22046        Exposition: 9:00-11:45a.m.
Phone: (703) 533-1182; Fax (703) 532-8316                   Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament: 11:45a.m.
Sister Nancy Kindelan, I.H.M., Principal
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Phone: (703) 533-1182 x104             CONFESSIONS:
Hours: 9:30a.m. - 2:30p.m. Monday through Friday            Friday: 11:15 - 11:45a.m.
Sister Joyce C. Bell, I.H.M., Director                      Saturday: 3:30-4:30p.m. and 7:30-8:00p.m. or by appointment
                                                            ADDITIONAL CONFESSIONS DURING LENT: Monday and
YOUTH MINISTRY: Phone: (703) 241-2390                       Friday 7:00-8:00 a.m.
Emily Anderson, Director
CONVENT:101 N. Spring Street, Falls Church, Va. 22046       Parents must attend an instruction session before the Baptism.
Phone: (703) 532-2388                                       Call rectory for arrangements.
Sister Margaret Paul, I.H.M., Vice-Principal and Superior
DEVELOPMENT: Phone: (703) 532-8815 x131                     The Catholic must be registered in the Parish for at least three
Mrs. Christine Hughes, Director                             months. Begin preparation with one of the priests at least six
                                                            months before the wedding.
                                                            PASTOR’S COLUMN

                      Congratulations to all of our teens who received the Sacrament of Confirmation this weekend:
                      Karina Aguilar, Charlene Agustin, Ashley Alexander, Peter Bean, Laura Beisner, Giselle
                      Betbeder, Cecilia Bieniek, Gregory Boryan, Eileen Breslin, Alexander Brynn, Alexis Cabrales,
                      David Camacho, Allison Candiotti, Erin Carroll, Jan Castro, Randy Castro, Brian Connelly, Laura
Corado, Sean Cormany, Christopher Corral, Christopher Cremen, John Crimmins, John Croke, Patrick Crowley, Maeve
Curtin, Andres de la Torre, Richard Delima, Anna DiNucci, Shane Doherty, Andrew Dommel, Mary Donnelly, Ellen
Duvall, Hayley Eames, Matthew Earman, Carina Falcon, Thalia Falcon, Bryan Garmendia, John Garvey, Zach Glenn,
Sofia Goyonaga-Calatayud, Alexander Green, Anna Green, Joseph Hamilton, Kathryn Hammer, Brigid Hanrahan,
Nicholas Hillard, Caitlin Hof, Patrick Horrigan, Kevin Huynh, Jane Husk, William Iacobucci, Patricia Ingram, Erik
Jimenez, Caroline Johnson, Devon Johnson, Hannah Jones, Patricia Jordan, Kathryn Keating, Kelsey Kinner, Joseph
Lange, Matthew Ledder, Ryan Leonard, Michal Leski, Julia Lisbeth, Andrew Llamas, Emily Lubnow, Robert May,
Emily McAuliffe, Miranda McCarty, Patrick McCormick, Molly McGhee, Forbes McKay, Caroline Metzmaier, Sara
Mills, Karla Mojica, Jessie Mora, Matilda Mubiru, Emma Naeher, Emily Nguyen, Michael Obeid, Alaina Owen, Maura
Pacheco, Clare Paoletta, Tatyanna Parral-Gamarra, Samantha Porzel, Michelle Proulx, Natalia Purdy, Michelle Ramos,
Renee Ravanera, Henry Rivera, Daniel Rojas, Colleen Roney, Alexa Saffelle, Jakeline Sanchez, Elizabeth Schilling,
Victoria Schmehl, Adam Sese, Nathan Sese, Joseph Sible, Madison Soltys, Karl Spinelli, Erika Stadsklev, Jack Stallard,
Ana Maria Stella, Patrick St. Pierre, Jackson Stricker, Ian Stuver, Grace Taneyhill, Charles Toch, Leo Toch, Maria
Toch, Claire Trevisan, Lara Vallejos, Frank Vasquez, Emilio Vazquez, Emily Villatoro, Ashley Vu, Nathanael Wilson
and Nicolas Zavala.

Thank you to Sister Joyce, Mary Alice Healey and Pam Heid, as well as our Confirmation team of catechists; Mrs.
Denise Landon, Mrs. Paula Cormany, Mr. Thomas Vega, Mrs. Deborah Hemenway, Mrs. Lisa Freese, Mrs. Miriam
Kinner, Mrs. Waret Chastain and Mrs. Carol Nyce for all of their dedicated service and personal witness that they have
given and continue to give to our young men and women. My prayer is that our teens, now filled with the Spirit, will
always say yes to the Lord in the way they live their lives, and be great witnesses to their peers, and that the joy and
peace of saying yes to the Lord will bring all to follow Christ.

I have been using my column during Lent to focus on the importance of Confession. This weekend I would like to talk
about what we say at the end of our confessions: “O My God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you, and I detest
all my sins because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell; but most of all because they offend you, my God,
who are so good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve with the help of your grace to confess my sins, do
penance and to amend my life. Amen (Act of Contrition).

“I firmly resolve with the help of your grace….to amend my life.” I had a conversation with someone who did not
understand confession. He was not a Catholic, but his best friend was Catholic. He knew that his friend went to
Confession every Saturday after playing cards and drinking to excess on Friday night. This man said to me that this
thing you Catholics do appears to be almost like magic. You commit a sin, confess it, and then you are free to do it
again. In one sense this man was right. It is odd, if in fact that is what confession is all about. But, Confession is actu-
ally the direct opposite. For when we confess we end the confession by saying the Act of Contrition, and within that
contrition we “firmly resolve” not to put ourselves in the near occasion of sin, by amending our lives so that what led us
into sin, we no longer do. I was visiting the hospital and a family member stopped me in the hall and asked if I would
go and bless a newborn baby. Upon entering the room I saw a beautiful baby all wrapped up and in the arms of their
very young teen mother. Later, as she prepared to have her baby baptized, she volunteered to me that her mom had said
that she should never go to her boyfriend’s home when no one was there other than her boyfriend. She really liked the
boy and did in fact go to his house when no one else was home. She knew that being there alone with her boyfriend
would present a huge temptation, but she thought she could handle it. When we sin, we know what we are doing and
we know we have another choice, a better choice. We know when we are riding on the edge of what is good and what is
not. When God forgives, we need to show our thankfulness by amending our lives, getting ourselves out of temptations
way and putting ourselves in good situations by doing what Christ asks of us.

                                                                                            ~Fr. Posey
                                                                   “What do you want Me to do you for you?” Could your
                                                                    answer be the grace of a vocation to the priesthood or
                                                                       consecrated life? Call Father Brian Bashista
                                                                                  (703) 841-2514, or write:
Monday, March 22                                                   
  6:30 a.m.          For the End of Abortion
  8:30 a.m.          +Patricia Rychlick
12:00 Noon           +Mary Winters
Tuesday, March 23
  6:30 a.m.          Joe & Paula Daloia
  8:30 a.m.          +Andrew Bury
12:00 Noon           +Harold I. Miller
Wednesday, March 24
  6:30 a.m.          +Z. Micobedzki
  8:30 a.m.          +Otto Mariani
12:00 Noon           Mary Grace Edge
Thursday, March 25
  6:30 a.m.          +M. K. Rhodes
  8:30 a.m.          +Jean “Aby” Davila
12:00 Noon           +Marjorie Garvey
Friday, March 26
  6:30 a.m.          +M. Klanowski
  8:30 a.m.          +Otto Mariani
12:00 Noon           +Theresa Johnson
Saturday, March 27
  8:30 a.m.          +Mark C. Lavelle
  5:00 p.m.          +Angel Marie Teresa Ocampo                                     READINGS FOR THE WEEK
Sunday, March 28
  7:30 a.m.          +Marina Cagas                               Monday:                  Dn 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62 [41c-62];
  9:00 a.m.          +Angel Marie Teresa Ocampo                                          Jn 8:12-20
 10:30 a.m.          +John & Maria Bernardone                    Tuesday:                 Nm 21:4-9; Jn 8:21-30
12:00 Noon           +Bernard “Bernie” Fairbanks                 Wednesday:               Dn 3:14-20, 91-92, 95; Jn 8:31-42
  2:30 p.m.          People of St. James
                                                                 Thursday:                Is 7:10-14, 8:10; Heb 10:4-10;
  7:00 p.m.          +W. Ellis
                                                                                          Lk 1:26-38
                                                                 Friday:                 Jer 20:10-13; Jn 10:31-42
                                                                 Saturday:                Ez 37:21-28; Jn 11:45-56
our parish family especially Josefina Hipolito, Chuck Barrick    Sunday:                  Lk 19:28-40 (procession);
and Rita Deneault.                                                                        Is 50:4-7; Ps 22; Phil 2:6-11;
                                                                                          Lk 22:14 — 23:56 [23:1-49]
parish family, especially, Mary Jo Rimkus, Warren Greenleaf,              SAINTS AND SPECIAL OBSERVANCES
Maria Abell, Josephine Viscido and Allen McGuiness (Deb
Patrick’s father).                                               Sunday:                  Fifth Sunday of Lent
                                                                 Tuesday:                 St. Toribio de Mogrovejo
PRIVATE MASS INTENTIONS: the following intentions                Thursday:                The Annunciation of the Lord
were celebrated at private Masses by one of the priests at St.   Friday:                  Abstinence,
James: +Wendell Oliver; +Reva Farris, Gina & Bill Gavin and                               Our Lady of Sorrows (Latin America)
family, +Elizabeth Abdalla, Eleanor Falkner, +Randolph
Bartholomew, +Mary E. Lamanina; +John & Mary Obermeyer,
Joanne Sacksteder, +John W. Knapp, John Hurley, +Nancy E.         La Virgen de los Dolores/ Our Lady of Sorrows
Tideman; +Anna & Jerry Mazor, +Evy Vega, +Marie C.
Ramey, Paul Jerabek; Sonia & Abel Caburnay; +Colin                 On the Friday before Palm Sunday,
McLaunn, +Martin F. Sullivan, +Lolita Sab-a; John Paras;         countries in Latin America honor La
+Tom & Kay O’Connor, +Herman & Mary Estevez; +Rose &             Virgen de los Dolores (La Dolorosa—
                                                                 O u r L a dy o f S o r r o w s ) w i t h p r o c e s s i o n s ,
Zakhia Saade; +Rita Fitzgibbon; Warren Harper; +Matthew
                                                                 altars, and flowers to commemorate the
Berckman; Calixto Liboro; Erica Siller; +Rex Springston;         sorrows that Mary suffered.
+Susan Sarver; Anita Alvano; +Ruth Pala; +Enrique & Mary
Bautista; Anthony Ratledge; +Carlos Calatayud; Sick in
Kennedy Family, Sharon Harris; and +John Hurley.                 Page 3                                                             March 21, 2010

Sunday: March 21
12:30p.m. – 2:30p.m.    Spanish Prayer Group,
                        Church Basement                                                      Schedule
Tuesday: March 23
4:30p.m.—5:45p.m.       Religious Education Classes                    Confessions: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
7:00p.m.—8:15p.m.       Religious Education Classes                          March 29, 30 and 31 at 7:00p.m.
7:00p.m. – 9:00p.m.     Legion of Mary, House of                                        +++++++
                        Ministries                                                     Holy Thursday
Wednesday: March 24                                                         Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7:30p.m.
9:00a.m.—11:00a.m. St. James Women’s Scripture                                          +++++++
                     Study, Conference Room                                             Good Friday
10:00a.m. – 1:00p.m. Women of St. James, Heller Hall                      Stations of the Cross 3:00p.m. (English)
11:00a.m.—1:00p.m. Senior Women’s Bible Study,                                       6:30p.m. (Spanish)
                     Conference Room
7:00p.m.– 8:00p.m.   Preached Holy Hour and
                     Confessions                                             Veneration of the Cross 7:30p.m.
7:30p.m.– 9:00p.m.   Charismatic Prayer Group,
                                                                  Confessions: Saturday, April 3rd at 10:00a.m. – 12Noon
                     Knecht Conference Room
Friday: March 26
5:00p.m.—8:00 p.m.   Fish Fry, Heller Hall                                            Easter Vigil Mass
6:00p.m. — 7:00p.m. Via Crucis-Spanish Stations of                              Saturday, April 3rd at 8:30p.m.
                     the Cross
7:00p.m. – 9:00p.m.  Spanish Legion of Mary, Knecht                                Easter Sunday Masses
                     Conference Room                                7:30a.m., 9:00a.m., 10:30a.m., 12:00 Noon, 2:30p.m.
7:30 p.m.            Stations of the Cross,                                     (Spanish Mass) and 7:00p.m.

                                                                Every Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. Holy Hour
                       Year For Priests Spiritual               preached by Rev. Patrick L. Posey and Rev. Daniel F. Hanley
                       Bouquet Cards Now Available:             followed by a novena prayer to our Lady of Perpetual Help and
                                                                Benediction. (March 24 and March 31.)
                       Mark the Year for Priests, declared
                       by Pope Benedict, by making              Additional Confessions will be held every Monday and Friday from
                       spiritual sacrifices for our priests!    7:00-8:00 a.m. along with our regular confessions which are held on
                       Simply fill out the Spiritual            Friday mornings from 11:15-11:45 and Saturday from 3:30-4:30 p.m.
                       Bouquet prayer cards, available at       and 7:30-8:00 p.m.
                       the entrance to the parish or online
                       at, with
                       the name of the priest you will pray     The Parish frequently sends out email communications ranging from
                       for . Please indicate on the card, the   its monthly newsletter, to notices about Lenten services and other
                       number of Masses, Rosaries, Acts         important issues. These email notices come from Constant Contact.
                       of Kindness, etc., that you will offer   However, we are aware that there are some who are not receiving our
                       for our priests, and return the          communiqués. Please know that we verify all email addresses and
                                                                update our lists throughout the year. If you are not receiving these
                       bottom half of the card to the parish
                                                                notices (and wish to do so) please notify our Advancement
                       office, drop it in the basket at the     Coordinator, Chris Hughes, at the rectory. We are working with
                       back of the Church, or return it by      Constant Contact and it appears that emails from them are being
                       mail by April 18. They will be           blocked by several addressees. There is so much to celebrate in our
                       given to our priests at the              parish and we wish all to get the “good news!” You can reach Chris at
                       reception in their honor to be held      703-532-8815 or at
                       in Heller auditorium on April 25.
                                                                Page 4                                             March 21, 2010
                                                                                 Lenten Retreat Opportunity
                                                                  Are you looking for something special to do during Lent?
                                                                  One great way to stay focused and prayerful during Lent
Congratulations to the Confirmation Class of 2010 who             is to attend a day of Reflection at Dominican Retreat
received the sacrament on Saturday, March 20.
                                                                  House. It’s on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 9:30am.—
The Confirmation Class of 2010 wishes to express their
                                                                  3:00pm.and it is open to both women and men. Please
gratitude to the Pastor, Priests, Deacons, Parents, Sponsors,     call Ellie McMahon at 703-560-6372.
Teachers, Sisters and Staff, Musicians, Choir, Servers,
Ushers, Flower Arrangers, and everyone who helped to prepare
them and make this day so very special.                                Noticias de la comunidad hispana
                                                                               Hispanic Community News

                                                                                  Nuestro “Book Rack,” en el vestíbulo de la
                                                                                  iglesia, ahora tiene libros en español! Hay libros
March 27           Diocesan Band Festival                                         de oración, el santo Rosario, los santos, el via
                                                                                  crucis y Jesús de Nazarét escrito por nuestro
                                                                                  Papa Benedicto XVI. Estos libros son muy
April 1-11         Easter Break                                                   buenas para enriquecer su espiritualidad
                                                                                  durante el tiempo de cuaresma y despues.
                Support our School without spending a
                cent! Would you like to support the school                  La Luz está encendida para usted
               without spending a cent and with minimal
               effort? Please clip and donate Box Tops and                     Esta Cuaresma, Saint James estará
                Labels for Education from popular food and                     abierto a la confesión en español con
household brand packages. Look for these labels on products
by Campbell, Pepperidge Farm, Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Pills-                  Padre Hoyos entre 6:30pm y 8:00pm
bury, Ziploc, Kleenex, and Hefty among many others. With                       acompañado por una hora santa con
your donations, we can raise money to meet school needs or                     novena a Nuestra Señora de Socorro
obtain educational materials. You can drop them off at the box                 Perpetuo celebrada por Padre Posey y
clearly marked at the back of the Church (main doors), or drop                 Padre Hanley, todos los miércoles, 7:00
them off/mail them to the School Office (Attn: Box Tops/
Labels for Education, 830 W. Broad St., Falls Church,                          a 8:00.
VA 22046). Thank you for your support!

                                                                   Via Crucis-Stations of the Cross
                            Lenten Fish Fry                       Vengan y celebran con nosotros el Via Crucis en español todos
                                                                  los viernes a las 6:00 hasta las 7:00, celebrado por el Rev.
             Please join the St. James community for Fish Fry     Eugenio Hoyos.
             on Fridays during Lent. Dates: March 26 from
             5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. (or until the fish is gone).     The St. James Spanish Ministry invites all parishioners to join
             Place: Heller Hall.                                  in our Stations of the Cross celebration every Friday from 6:00
                                                                  to 7:00, celebrated by Rev. Eugenio Hoyos.
Come and be a part of the fun, fellowship and fish. Donations
will be gladly accepted. You will get fried fish, french fries,
hush puppies, cole slaw and a drink. We look forward to                                         Lecturas de Hoy
seeing you and starting a new St. James tradition. Please                          Primera Lectura — El Señor hace algo nuevo para
                                                                                   que el pueblo escogido (Isaías 43:16-21) o Ezequiel
contact Tim Aubry with questions at
                                                                                   Salmo — Grandes cosas has hecho por nosotros,
                     Marriage Encounter                                            Señor (Salmo 126 [125]) o Salmo 130(129).
“Whoever is in Christ is a new creation: the old things have                       Segunda Lectura — El bien supremo es conocer a
passed away; behold, new things have come.” (Second                                Jesús como Señor (Filipenses 3:8-14) o Romanos
 Reading) Let Worldwide Marriage Encounter help you renew
                                                                                   Evangelio — Sorprenden a una mujer en el acto de
your marriage/ priesthood. The next local Worldwide Marriage                       adulterio. Que el que no tenga pecado tire la
Encounter Weekend is May 14-16. Early registration is highly                       primera piedra (Juan 8:1-11) o Juan 11:1-45 [3-7,
recommended, as dates fill up quickly. For more information                        17, 20-27, 33b-45].
call John and Lorie Scali (703) 631-5289 or visit http://wwme- (en español                Page 5                                           March 21, 2010

The St. James Nursery, located in the cafeteria of St.
James School, is now open every Sunday. The nursery
will accept children beginning at 10:15 in time for parents
and older siblings to attend the 10:30 Mass. The nursery
adult and youth volunteers will provide care to children           The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Justice for  
ages 1 - 4. "Nursery Time" will include open play and a            Immigrants (JFI) campaign cordially invites you to join 
nursery worship service. A small snack ("Teddy                     us in Washington DC on March 21st in support of fair and 
Grahams" and water) will also be served. Parents can               humane immigration reform. On the morning of March 
stop by the nursery or contact Amy Steinbicker at                  21, JFI will host a Holy Mass in support of Immigrants for additional information or to          with His  Eminence Cardinal Mahony celebrating the 
obtain a copy of the nursery guidelines and/or the nursery         mass at 11:00am at St. Aloysius Church (19 I Street N.W., 
worship service.                                                   Washington DC 20001). Immediately following the mass, 
                                                                   many of us will be joining with thousands of people in 
                                                                   the “March for America: Change Takes Courage and 
                                                                   Faith” on the national mall. For more information please 
  Witness to Hope and Healing: An Evening about God’s              go to  

Wednesday, March 24, 2010, from 7:00 to
9:00 p.m. at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in                                                Focus on Hunger
Alexandria, Virginia An evening on the mira-
cle of God’s mercy with a talk by Fr. Robert                       During Lent, the Social Outreach Committee is collecting
Ruskamp, a witness by a woman healed in                            food at the doors of the Church. This food will be shared
God’s mercy, to be followed by Q&A.                                with local food banks as well as our own food distribution                                    program. One of these food banks, Food for Others
                                                                   located on Prosperity Avenue, sponsors a neighborhood
           Abortion Recovery Retreat for Women:                    Food Distribution Outreach Program. Mondays through
 A Rachel’s Vineyard Weekend Retreat is scheduled for April        Fridays (at about 5:00 pm) teams of volunteers leave Food
   30 – May 2, 2010. These retreats are a safe place to renew,     for Others for 14 points in Northern Virginia. At each of
 rebuild and redeem hearts broken from abortion. They offer a      these locations, the teams distribute sandwiches, staples,
   supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment         bakery goods and fresh produce (depending upon avail-
   where you can express, reconcile and release painful post-      ability) to the needy in the area. Two of these locations
 abortive emotions to begin the process of restoration, renewal
                                                                   are located within St. James Parish boundaries and our
  and healing. For more info or to register, please call Project
               Rachel (703) 841-2504 or email:                     parishioners cover Wednesdays and Fridays at these
    .                  locations. Volunteers are needed to give two hours of
                                                                   their time once or twice a month to help feed the needy at
                                                                   these locations. Come join fellow parishioners who are
                  CAR RAFFLE UPDATE                                involved in this effort. To volunteer, call Joe Delahanty at

Thanks to all those who have returned their car raffle tick-       --After all the Masses during Lent, the St. James Social
ets and to those who have picked up extras to sell to their        Outreach Committee will be at the Church doors collect-
relatives, friends, co-workers, bowling team, etc.—special         ing funds so that they may continue to help feed the needy
thanks to the parish staff and all the volunteers who              in your name. Your generosity is appreciated. Write
continue to help each week!! So far, your efforts have             checks to the St. James Social Outreach Committee. Non-
helped to contribute more than $5000 to the parish!                perishable foods can also be left at the doors of the
                                                                   Church before weekend Masses throughout Lent. For
                                                                   information contact Janet Qualters @ 703-573-9170.

                                       Pray for the Men
                                       and Women who                          Extraordinary Ministers of the
                                                                              Eucharist– Schedules are now available for
                                      serve our Country                       pickup in the server’s sacristy.

                                                                   Page 6                                        March 21, 2010
      YOUTH NEWS                                                                    For more information about youth
                                                                                         ministry, please contact
  “Go, and from now on do not sin                                                           Em Anderson at
                    any more”                                                                703-241-2390 or

Important Dates in Youth Ministry
March 21: Sunday Night Session                                         Come back to me
March 23: Time Out Tuesday
March 24: BOYS Club                                                     with all your
March 25: The Annunciation                                                 heart…
March 27: Pro-Life Mass and Rosary Procession
March 28: Sunday Night Session: Palm Sunday Style

                                                                  Lent is a time of great conversion within our hearts. It is our
Sunday Night Session: There will be a Sunday Night               invitation to come back to him with everything that we are and
Session, this Sunday, March 21. Come out from 4-6             everything that we have. It is a time of repentance, purification and
pm for fun, food and a great discussion.                       sanctification in preparation of Easter! This year, you are invited
                                                                into the journey of the greatest love story of all time, the story of
                                                                                           our salvation.
Time Out Tuesday:
              Come join the fun of Time out
Tuesday. March 23 from 3:30-5 pm in Heller Hall.              In this fifth Sunday of Lent, we pray that we might be as forgiving
                                                              as Christ was to the woman caught in adultery. May we always be
What we do is up to you.                                                      forgiving to those who sin against us.

BOYS Club: The next Boys’ Club is this                          The parish is offering extra times for confessions, including
                                                              Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00 pm. Make sure you take advan-
Wednesday March 24. Come from 4:00-5:30 pm to                                 tage of the Sacrament this lent!
the conference room in Knecht Hall. We’ll be playing
smoo-a-roo and having a great time!

Pro-Life Mass and Rosary Procession: Join Bishop
Loverde for Mass and a Rosary Procession on                   CALLING ALL HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS AND SENIORS!
Saturday March 27 at 7:30 am. The Bishop will
celebrate mass and then there will be a 2.5 mile ro-                      Want your voice to be heard?
sary procession to pray outside of an abortion clinic          Want to tell Fr. Posey and Em what you think about
on South Washington Street. Come Witness to the                                  Youth Ministry ?
preciousness of life and take a stand for the unborn.              Want to see different activities planned?

Annunciation: This Thursday is the celebration of the          St. James will be hosting a town hall meeting for all
                                                                   Juniors and Seniors on April 11, 2010 from
Annunciation. This is the day in which the Angel Gabriel
appeared to Mary to announce the news of Christ’s
                                                                       1 pm-3pm in the Conference Room.
coming into the World through her womb. It is the cele-
bration of Mary’s YES to the plan God had in store for her.   Come and offer your opinion about what you'd like to
We celebrate on Thursday, Mary’s Yes to Christ. Go to           do, see, and happen at St. James. You're the best
mass, celebrate Mary and pray for the strength to say yes                  people to get opinions from!
to Christ.
                                                                          No RSVP necessary, just come out!

                                                                   St. James Youth Ministry is so proud of all of the high
                                                                school students in the cast and crew of many productions
                                                                  in our local high schools. We’re so proud of all of you!