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									                SKYLINE Coaching Staff

                                      Rayannah Salahuddin
                                      Head Coach
                                      3rd Year at Skyline
                                    Rayannah enters her 3rd season as Skyline’s head coach of the
                                    women’s volleyball program. With 5 returning Sophomores and 9
                                    Freshmen in the roster, there will be many challenges ahead for this
                                    season and for next year. The focus on this year’s team is strong
                                    defense given the experienced talent from our Sophomores, who have
                                    waited patiently and worked extra hard during the off-season, they are
                                    ready to integrate their talents into this team and drive them into play-
                                    off contention. The Freshmen bring various talents into this team as
    they have assumed different roles in the court throughout a short period of time due to early injuries in
    the pre-season. We expect them to give their all as their presence will be a vital role for this season.

    “My coaching philosophy is: education, strategy, execution, and risk aversion. I believe in educat-
    ing my players in the most advanced volleyball skills, as well as, expecting a minimum GPA of a
    3.50 while they participate in our year-round program. We offer one of the few year-round volleyball
    programs at the junior college level: off-season conditioning classes, volleyball classes that cover
    volleyball theory, tactics, and strategy. My #1 goal is to help my players get recruited to a four-year
    university. Currently, I have a 85% recruitment rate, and many of my player are recruited into winning

    I specifically train middle blockers to be devastating and powerful hitters. You will learn how to move
    across the net and set a solid block, transition off the net, and take an approach for numerous quick
    set attacks (1’s, Back 1’s, Dogs, 31’s etc.). You will also learn how to create holes on your opponents
    block by running effective plays from the middle.”

    Rayannah earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology at Humboldt State University in 2002.

5                          Skyline College Women’s Volleyball
                                                Michael Lapuz
                                              Assistant Coach
                                            2nd Year at Skyline
Michael enters his 2nd year with the women’s volleyball program. With
his new title as the assistant coach, he will be taking on more respon-
sibilities to ensure a successful year for 2008. After the 2007 season
with Skyline, Michael became the head coach of Paye’s Performance
Volleyball Club in San Carlos. He guided the 16s club to a strong start
in the 2008 California Kickoff earlier this year in January from the initial
ranking of #70 to finish at #3 in the Gold Division. The season ended
with a strong finish as well during the NCVA Power League Regional
Championships taking 1st place in the Division I, Flight II bracket. Michael’s volleyball experience dates
back at the early age of 9. Inspired by the men’s Olympic team in ‘84 and ‘88, he started playing com-
petitively in ‘91 at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco earning a spot in the Varsity
team all 4 years. As a 3-time MVP, he led the team to 2 championship titles during his Freshman and
Sophomore year. He has played in the NCVA Adult Leagues after high school and placed in the top
10 in various rankings from BB to AA Gold. Michael brings his experience again to the Skyline team
specializing in the quick offense and as the hitting instructor for the outside and right side hitters. His
contributions will be vital to the team’s success. Michael earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer
Information Technology at The University of Phoenix in 2003.

                                            Darren Angeles
                                 Setting / Defensive Coach
                                        2nd Year at Skyline

Darren Angeles joined Skyline as a volunteer assistant coach prior to
the 2007 season. He has been involved in volleyball, as a player and
as a coach, for the past 20 years. As a graduate of Foothill College and
San Jose State University with a Bachelors degree in Sociology, Dar-
ren was an opposite hitter and setter for the men’s volleyball and club
teams from 1993 to 1997. He began his coaching experience as an
assistant coach with the women’s varsity volleyball team at Palo Alto
High School from 1995-1998, then participating as an assistant coach
at various high school club teams. Darren continues to be active in volleyball, playing in NCVA men’s
club and various adult league teams. With various levels of playing and coaching, he emphasizes team
fundamentals and individual mechanics in the setter, opposite hitter, and defensive positions.

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2008 Support Staff/Administration

Victoria P. Morrow        Sandra             Jo Silken       Jeremy Nicoloff    Melissa Gabriel
 College President     Hatzistratis       Athletic Trainer   Athletic Trainer   Team Manager
                     Division Assistant

                        2008 Sophomores

7                      Skyline College Women’s Volleyball
                   2008 Sophomore Bios
#9 Amaya Aguas
                               Libero                           “The defensive backbone of the squad. Amaya has
                               Height: 5’6”                   been training for this starting position since Spring
                               Pacifica, CA                   of 2007. Amaya is a true success story. She works
                               Terra Nova High School     full-time, attends school full-time, and finds the time
                                                              be fully committed to her team. Amaya is planning
                                                            to continue her athletic career at a local Division II or
                                                            Division III school. She hopes to continue to play with
                                                            her counterpart on defense Janine, our coaching staff
                                                                            refers to them as the ‘Dynamic Duo’.”
                                                                                    -Coach Rayannah Salahuddin

                                                Valuable Lessons Learned Through Volleyball:
                                                •       Playing with intensity and control
Hello my name is Amaya Aguas and I am
                                                •       Go big or go home
currently a sophomore at Skyline. I have        •       A true love for the game
played volleyball for 8 years and I am work-    •       As long as you try your best, there is no
ing really hard to finish up my last season             reason your goals and dreams can’t be
here at Skyline College as our starting
                                                People Who Support Me:
Libero. I will be completing my general         •       My friends
education courses and hope to transfer to       •       My family
a four-year college to pursue a career in       •       My coaches
Nursing. I am very passionate about vol-
                                                •       “Be yourself, because that’s all you can be.”
leyball and hope to continue playing for        Stuff I Love:
another two years.                              •       Japanese food
                                                •       Watching movies
                                                •       The color green
                                                •       Shopping
                                                •       Hanging out with friends

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#10 Serena Bockelman                                                    “The rock every team needs. This year’s
                                                                          team captain is our starting opposite
                                Opposite Hitter                        hitter. Serena can always be relied upon
                                Height: 5’10”                              when the team needs a kill, ace, or a
                                San Francisco, CA                    perfect pass. Serena is committed to con-
                                International Studies Academy
                                                                       tinuing her athletic career out-of-state.
                                                                      Any team would be lucky to have a great
                                                                        leader and talented player like Serena.”
                                                                                 -Coach Rayannah Salahuddin

My name is Serena Bockelman and I am              Valuable Lessons Learned Through Volleyball:
currently a sophomore at Skyline.                 • Life is only what you make it
I am 5’10” and play right side position or        • “No matter how bad that play may have been,
middle blocker. My dream is to continue              another chance is just a ball away.”
my education by moving on to a four-year
university with a major in Nursing and to         People I Admire:
continue playing volleyball. I am willing to      • My father – for always standing beside me and
work as hard as I can to fulfill my dreams        showing me the difference one person can make in
and when I leave Skyline I want to know I         this life
gave nothing but my best.                         • My coaches – inspired me to push myself in
                                                      volleyball and in life

                                                  Stuff I love:
                                                  • Spending time with my family

 9                     Skyline College Women’s Volleyball
#18 Kristine Evangelista                                              “I can always rely on “Tinny” to get the
                                                                        job done on the court. Kristine had the
                                 Setter                               heaviest weight placed on her shoulders
                                 Height: 5’7”                           last year when she had to compete for
                                 Daly City, CA                        the starting setter position. Through all
                                 Westmoor High School                    her hard work Kristine has become a
                                                                       formidable setter. Her height and quick
                                                                     thinking on the court is her greatest skill
                                                                    including her rocket top spin serve. Tinny
                                                                    plans to continue to her athletic career at
                                                                                setter for a Division III school.”
                                                                                -Coach Rayannah Salahuddin

Hello, my name is Kristine Evangelista
and I am Skyline Volleyball’s starting set-
ter. This is my second year playing at        Valuable Lessons Learned Through Volleyball:
Skyline and the experiences that I have       • Life is a balancing act and you have to make time
had with volleyball and my teammates            for family and friends
have been great. After playing four years     • Volleyball has given shape to the person that I
of volleyball at Westmoor High School, I         have become
came to Skyline after Coach Ray recruit-      • I LOVE this sport!
ed me. Although sometimes challenging,
I have learned to balance volleyball with     People I Admire:
school and work. Over the past few years      • My teammates – they make me a better person
I have grown to love this sport and I find      and I can trust them with anything
myself waiting to go to practice so that      • My family – they are always there for me and
I can learn and improve my skills. With-        I couldn’t play volleyball without their support and
out volleyball and the friends I’ve made        encouragement
through this sport, I don’t know where I
would be. After Skyline, I plan on going      Stuff I love:
out of state to a Division II college while   • Volleyball
majoring in Veterinary Medicine.              • Animals
                                              • Hanging out with my family and friends

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     #17 Nikita Lefiti
                                     Middle Blocker                          “Nikita proves our team motto ‘Hard
                                     Height: 5’10”                      Work Pays Off ‘. Nikita has been training
                                     Daly City, CA                     with the squad since the spring of 2007 to
                                     Jefferson High School
                                                                       earn her starting position this season. She
                                                                        has become a dominate offensive force at
                                                                       the net. She has not yet decided where she
                                                                        wants to continue her athletic career, but
                                                                       her hitting and blocking skills would be an
                                                                                      asset for any team to have.”
                                                                                   -Coach Rayannah Salahuddin

I began playing volleyball in eighth grade by       Valuable Lessons Learned Through Volleyball:
chance when my church asked me to sub in            • Work hard regardless of the obstacles that
for one of the players on the team during a           are put before you
tournament. I fell in love with volleyball af-      • Even the most untalented person can learn to
ter my first kill. I played volleyball my soph-       play volleyball
omore and senior years at Jefferson High            • Everyone has the potential to be great
School. As a sophomore I was moved up
mid-season to varsity as a blocking spe-            People I Admire:
cialist and my senior year I was starting           • Lance Armstrong – he defines
Outside Hitter. I was also the Co-captain             “nothing is impossible”
and received the Most Improved Player               • Jennifer Saleaumua, two-time All American from
Award and Second Team All-League. Now                 the University of Nebraska – she never let her
entering my third year at Skyline College             height impact her ability to contribute to the
as a Nursing major, I will be receiving my            success of the team
A.S. degree in Allied Health. Through vol-
leyball, I hope to receive a scholarship to a       Stuff I love:
prestigious four-year institution that offers       • Classic teeny bop movies: Breakfast Club,
a Nursing program.                                    Sixteen Candles, & Teen Witch
                                                    • Food – the way to my heart
                                                    • Music – my anti-drug

11                      Skyline College Women’s Volleyball
#28 Janine Padilla
                                 Middle Blocker                           “The core of our offense and defense.
                                 Height: 5’8”                         ‘Sandy,’ as her team has affectionately
                                 San Bruno, CA                         nicknamed her, is a well balanced all-
                                 Mercy High School, SF
                                                                  around player. Janine brings the spirt of a
                                                                  true competitor on the court. With a near
                                                                    errorless performances, she plans to get
                                                                   recruited to a local Division II or Division
                                                                     III program as an all-around player or
                                                                                          Defensive Specialist.”
                                                                               -Coach Rayannah Salahuddin

My name is Janine and I’ve been play-             Valuable Lessons Learned Through Volleyball:
ing volleyball since third grade. I played        • Never give up what you love doing
club volleyball for 4 years during grammar        • Don’t take things for granted
school and high school. I attended Mercy          • Work as part of a team to succeed
High school San Francisco, where I played
1 year of junior varsity and 3 years of var-      People I Admire:
sity volleyball. My most memorable game           • My sister – very smart and wants to become
was a playoff game in high school. Unfor-           a doctor
tunately we lost, but we worked together          • My parents – both hard working and humble
as a team and it was a valuable learning          • My grandfather – devoted and always positive
experience. My major is Sports Psychol-
ogy and my goal is to help athletes with          Personality:
regard to the way they view ‘the game.’           • Easygoing
After Skyline, I hope to first receive a B.A.     • Like listening to people and making jokes
in Sports Psychology and begin coaching
volleyball. My ultimate goal is to earn a         Stuff I love:
Masters in Sports Psychology.                     • Stewie from Family Guy
                                                  • Watching Movies
                                                  • Pepperoni Pizza
                                                  • A&W Root Beer Floats
                                                  • DANCING…watch out!

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