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									                                    Hosted by Midland Children’s Museum (Kiddomain)

               October 15, 2011 & October 16, 2011
                                            MODEL REQUIREMENTS
• We are searching for girls who are a size 6X or a size 10. See the included size chart. Size 10 girls will model
   American Girl historical and contemporary clothing, size 6X girls will model the American Girl Bitty Baby and
   Bitty Twin clothing.
• Model application should include a current photograph of the child. Please write the child’s name and parents’
   contact information on the back of the pictures. Photographs will not be returned.
• Selected models will be assigned to at least one of four show groups – Saturday, October 15th (10 a.m., 2:00 p.m.,
   or 6:00 p.m.) or Sunday, October 16th (2:00 p.m.).
• During the week of October 10, models must be available for an orientation, fittings and dress rehearsal.
   More information regarding dates and time will be available at auditions.
• Models must be able to be away from parents for three hours (one hour before the show and two hours during the
   performance) and feel comfortable walking a runway in front of 300 people.
• Models may be required to supply footwear and accessories depending on the costume.

OTher DeTAilS
• Parents are required to purchase tickets to see the show, including the show in which their daughter appears.
• There is no photography during the show; however, arrangements will be made to have photographs taken at the
   dress rehearsal.
• American Girl dolls are diverse; therefore, we encourage girls of all races and cultures to apply.

• Please bring completed application and current photograph at time of audition
• Girls will be assigned a number and asked to sit in the theater, when their number is called they will be grouped
   with 4-5 other girls to walk on stage
• each girl will then be asked a few questions
• After their turn on stage, girls may go ahead and leave
• notification of model selections will occur the week of June 6

      Sponsored by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and Midland Center for the Arts
                                QUESTIONS? Send an e-mail to info@mcfta.org
                                    2011 American Girl Fashion Show®
                                        MODEL APPLICATION

  Child’s Name: ________________________________________________________________________
  Parent/Guardian’s Name(s): ____________________________________________________________
  Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
  City:_________________________________________ State: ______ Zip Code: _________________
  Home Phone Number: _________________________ Cell Phone Number: ____________________
  E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________________________
  Please provide an email address that you check frequently. The majority of model communications
  will be via email.
  School: ______________________________________ Grade: _______________ Age: ____________
  Clothing Size:______________
  The clothing is sent to us by American Girl Programs in a size 6X or 10. Please review the sizing chart
  for measurement requirements.
  How did you learn about the model search? ________________________________________________

Please provide us with your top three show choices in order of preference (1 = First Choice, 2 = Second
Choice, etc.). If you have no preference, please write “no preference” across the chart below. If your
daughter is unable to participate in a particular show, please indicate with an X mark.
PLEASE NOTE: Preferences are only a guideline - Your Choices cannot be guaranteed.
SHOw DATE & TIME                    RANK PREFERENCE                    CANNOT PARTICIPATE
October 15 • 10 am

October 15 • 2 pm

October 15 • 6 pm

October 16 • 2 pm

My child __________________ has permission to participate in the American Girl Fashion Show®
interview process and fashion show, if selected. I have read the attached information and understand that
I may be requested to volunteer for one or more of the four shows. I have listed all possible conflicts for my
child on the attached sheet.
Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________________________________________

I hereby consent to allow host and sponsoring organizations to utilize any still photographs, video,
internet, and /or audiotapes of the interview process, rehearsals, and/or performances when making
educational and/or informational presentations.
Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________________________________________
                                 Model Questions
1. who is your favorite American Girl® Doll? ___________________________________

2. what do you like best about your favorite American Girl® doll stories? ____________

3. List the extracurricular activities in which you participate. _______________________

4. what are your favorite subjects in school? ____________________________________

                          American Girl® Size Chart
                              Size 6x                          Size 10
Height                          48"                           54"-56"
Bust/Chest                     25¼"                             28½"
waist                          22½"                              24"
Hips                           26¼"                              30"
Outseam                        27⅜"                             32⅝"
Arm Length                      17"                             19¾"

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