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					The XXVIIth Latin Day will be November 11, 2008.

Here are the speakers:

      Prof. Salvador Bartera (Classics)
       The Emperor Nero

      Prof. Thomas Burman (History)
       What Happens When a Christian Priest Writes Latin Notes in an Arabic

      Prof. Christopher Craig (Classics)
       Criminal Justice, Roman Style

      Prof. Thomas Heffernan (English and Religious Studies)
       Death in the Amphitheater: The Conflict Between Rome and Christianity

      Prof. Michael Kulikowski (History)
       The Roman Army

      Prof. Maura Lafferty (Classics)
       Abelard and Heloise

      Prof. Clerk Shaw (Philosophy)
       Aristotle and Epicurus On Happiness

      Prof. Robert Sklenar (Classics)
       Lucan, or The epic tradition meets Frankenstein

      Prof. Elizabeth Sutherland (Classics)
       Roman Houses

      Prof. David Tandy (Classics)
       Further Adventures in Greek Mythology