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									What does the House
mean to you?

a n nual r eport 2009   at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s
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                                                               & relief

                                      an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9   at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s   pg. 
                                                                                                    pat i e n t   :   John Asher, Age 2
                                                                                                      fam i ly    :   The Beall Family
                                                                                              t he i r ho m e     :   Watkinsville, Georgia
                                                                                            at o u r ho u s e     :   February-March 2010

                                   In February 2010, the Beall family happily returned from China with their newly
                                   adopted son, John Asher. He was 12 months old. A week later, they would find out
                                   that his pre-diagnosed heart condition was far more severe than they could have
                                   known. John Asher was rushed to Egleston for surgery and in ICU for four weeks.
                                   All the while, the Beall Family stayed together nearby, at the Atlanta Ronald
What does the House mean to you?   McDonald House.

                                   “To us, the House means family. The Ronald          day long, the House was a very tranquil place to
                                   McDonald House truly does hold a special place      return to. You feel like you can let your guard
                                   in our hearts. That’s simply because it allowed     down, which helps relieve stress.
                                   us to still be a family. Along with John Asher,
                                   we have three children. We are all very close.      It was also a place where you felt like you were
                                   We enjoy spending time together. So there was       a part of a bigger family. You shared common
                                   great shock being thrown into the midst of this     ground with everyone at the House having a
                                   surgery. My husband and I were trying to find       child in the hospital and going through hard
                                   out who our children were going to stay with.       times. We were able to pray with other families
                                   Our children were so concerned for their brother    and offer any comfort we could provide. We were
                                   and worried about not having us close by.           able to rejoice with others that left before we did.
                                                                                       And when it was our turn to leave, there were
                                   But once we were at the House, we were able         families happy for us as well.
                                   to be together. We could have family meals
                                   together just like at home. I could bring the       The House became a home away from home for
                                   children’s schoolwork to Atlanta with us. The       us. A place where our family continued on being
                                   House had a game room and new stuff that my         family.” —Robyn Beall, Mother of John
                                   kids didn’t have at home so they could still have
                                   fun. At the same time, we could spend time and
                                   continue to bond with John Asher at the hospital
                                   close by. And when we had been in the ICU all

  pg. 4                                an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9      at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s    pg. 
        What does the House mean to you?

                                                                                                               pat i e n t   :   Tierney Turner, Age 18
                                                                                                                 fam i ly    :   The Turner Family
                                                                                                         t he i r ho m e     :   Memphis, Tennessee
                                                                                                       at o u r ho u s e     :   Since October 2010

                                           On August 9th, 2010, Tierney Turner was struck by lightning walking home
                                           from the first day of school in Memphis, Tennessee. Instantly, the life of this
                                           high school senior honor student and her family would be turned upside
                                           down. While in a coma, Tierney was initially treated at Le Bonheur Children’s
                                           Hospital in Memphis, but she wasn’t responding. So on September 16th, she
                                           and her mother travelled in an ambulance to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
                                           for specialized brain injury treatment and rehabilitation.

                                           “This place is gracious. They’ve been so open-         You’re able to concentrate on your child instead
                                           armed toward my daughter and me at the Ronald          of all of those small things you need in life every
                                           McDonald House. So giving to us. So loving to          day. When you are away from home, these small
                                           us. To me, that’s the word that comes to mind.         things add up to become a big thing. Here, that
                                           Gracious. They are that way to everyone here.          stress has been taken away.
                                           It is a comfort. It is giving unconditionally. It
                                           doesn’t matter who you are or what walk of life        I want to thank the Ronald McDonald House
                                           you are from.                                          from the bottom of my heart for all that you have
                                                                                                  done for me and the other families who stay here.
                                           The House has helped us tremendously. I knew           It is unbelievable. I had no idea about the depth
                                           that the Houses provided people from out of            of giving that takes place here. It is gracious for
                                           town with a place to stay. But now that we are         the Ronald McDonald House to do this for us so
                                           here, there is more. They provide us with a safe       that we are able to do the things we need to do.
                                           and comfortable environment. They provide
                                           activities that we can participate in. They feed us.   When we get back to Memphis, as soon as I’m
                                           Volunteers come in and cook us dinner everyday.        able, I’m going to buy bread, milk, orange juice,
                                           They have food for us here to eat for breakfast        and take those things to the Ronald McDonald
                                           and lunch. You don’t have to worry about getting       House. Those things are so needed here and the
                                           your clothes cleaned because they have a laundry       community of volunteers helps us so much as
                                           room available to us 24 hours a day. They’ve got       parents to get through this situation that we’re
                                           it covered. We don’t have to ask. We don’t have        in.” —Barbara Turner, Mother of Tierney
                                           to worry.

pg. 6                                          an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9         at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s     pg. 7
                                                                                                       donor : Becky Sharp
                                                                                                    her home : Eatonton, Georgia
                                                                                                at our house : Donor & volunteer for over two
                                                                                                               decades; past Board Member &
                                                                                                               current Advisory Council Member

                                    For more than two decades, Becky Sharp has been an ardent supporter, donor
                                    and volunteer for the Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses. Beginning in the 1980s
                                    through payroll deductions as a McDonald’s corporate employee, Becky has
                                    contributed monetarily to the Charity on a regular basis, and has been involved
                                    with everything from meal donations, landscaping and fundraising to co-chairing
                                    the Building Committee for the Gatewood House as a Board Member.

                                    “To me, the House means joy. I can always think       positive – full of life. And I came to the realiza-
                                    back to the moments that I’ve had at the House.       tion that if she could do that, then I could too.
                                    Where I’ve sat down with a family. Where I’ve         That was the moment that really got my heart.
                                    seen a little boy that has just had a liver trans-    If you want a charity that you can fall in love with
                                    plant, who was running around happy and whose         and get true joy from giving to, this is the one.
                                    family could be at peace while dealing with what      The word “House” says so much. You’re donating
                                    had happened. I remember that. And know-              to something where people are actually living out

                                    ing that the time I spent there, doing whatever       their days as they go through these experiences.
                                    small thing I was doing, was helping someone get      Go there and see it, and you’ll feel you’re a part of
                                    through something – that gives me joy.                it. You can’t get it out of your mind after that.

                                    I have donated to the Houses since the 1980s.         Call the House Manager and ask what you can
                                    But emotionally, I really became committed when       do. They have a list of things that need
                                    I was diagnosed with cancer in 1996. I was upset      to be done all the time. Go and spend some time
                                    that day and I was by myself. For some reason, I      helping out. You’ll feel good about how you spent
                                    drove to the Houston Mill House. After a while,       your day. I’ve found that I always get as much or
What does the House mean to you?    I realized I was there to get my attitude in check.   more out of it as I give.” —Becky Sharp
                                    I saw a cute little girl there with a little bow
                                    around her bald head from her chemotherapy
                                    treatments. She was so joyful, and playing and

pg. 8                                   an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9       at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s      pg. 9
                                                                                                      volunteer : Irma Young
                                                                                                       her home : Jonesboro, Georgia
                                                                                              role at our house : Serving dinner once a
                                                                                                                  month for the last 22 years

                                       Irma Young can still recall the first time she volunteered to cook dinner for the
                                       families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. That’s remarkable, considering that
                                       since that first night, she’s continued serving dinner once a month, every month, for
                                       22 years. Over her two decades of service, Irma has become well-known and loved by
                                       the families at the House as much for her spirit as her signature soul-filled dinner that
                                       everyone at the House lines up for.

                                       “It gives me strength to know that I have done       I’ve been doing this for 22 years and I’ve gotten

                                       something for someone. And each time I come,         to know many of these families. They’ve become
    What does the House mean to you?   I can see it in their faces. There are different     an extension of my family, my friends and my
                                       people that come back here year in and year out      kitchen. And it’s not work to me. It’s fun.
                                       and I get to see them on my night. We give each
                                       other great strength to go on to the next day. The   People should get involved with the House
                                       people at the House need that strength each day      because there is just something about giving.
                                       and I do too. There is so much positivity gained     When you give, it makes you feel good. If you
                                       from my experience at the House. When I leave,       keep your love and your talent inside you, it’s not
                                       my thoughts are filled with those whom I met         going to go anywhere. You’ve got to give it. Once
                                       and talked with. When I see those families eat my    you put it out there, you’ll receive something
                                       food it makes me feel wonderful. With all that       back. And for me, I receive the love from these
                                       they are going through, cooking is the last thing    families back. That’s why I love coming here.”
                                       on their mind. So I make sure I cook enough          —Irma Young
                                       that they don’t have to just get one plate and not
                                       go back. I always make sure they can get more if
                                       they want it.

pg. 10                                     an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9       at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s   pg. 11
                                                                                                                              house staff : Angie and Stacey Sprague
                                                                                                                              their home : Augusta, Georgia
                                                                                                                       role at our house : Angie volunteers on weekends
                                                                                                                                            and holidays; Stacey is a
                                                                                                                                            Weekend Manager at the House

                                                                Over the years, sisters Angie and Stacey Sprague have spent countless hours serving
                                                                and working at the Houses. Angie has worked weekends and holidays at the Gatewood
                                                                House and has been a Relief Manager during the summer. Stacey holds a Weekend
                                                                Manager position at the Peachtree Dunwoody House and provides dinner once every
                                                                other month. Stacey also leads the Pop Tab recycling program for Georgia-Pacific.

                                                                Angie:                                                 is such a relief from the rest of the day. You can
                                                                “For me, the House means peace. There is a peace       get your mind off of all the other issues you’ve left
                                                                it brings to these families when they have a room      at the hospital for a few hours back at the House.
                                                                to stay in. The can just exhale and breathe. It’s      It’s a calming environment.
                                                                one less thing they have to worry about. It’s nice
                                                                for them to be here. It’s nice to know that there is   We’ve been on the receiving end of a place like
                                                                dinner on the table each night. It’s nice to know      this. Our family once stayed at a place similar to
                                                                that there is always somebody there who will lis-      the Ronald McDonald House when my sister was
                                                                ten. It’s even nice to know that there’s toothpaste    injured in a car wreck and in the hospital for four
                                                                if you’ve forgotten it. The simplest things provide    months. We know what it’s like to land some-
                                                                them some peace. And to work there, you can            where with a suitcase and not know where to go.
                                                                make somebody’s day every day. It’s just a very        Then, all of a sudden, someone says, ‘You can
                                                                happy place to be.” —Angie Sprague                     stay with us.’ It was such a blessing for us.

                                                                                                                      So many people don’t know what the Ronald
                                                                                                                      McDonald House is until they have to use it. It’s

         peace & relief
                                                                Stacey:                                               hard to grasp until you visit. So, we encourage
            What does the House mean to you?                    “My word for the House is relief. So many             people to come and see. Anything you can come
                                                                families tell me it’s such a relief to know that they and do for these families is one less thing they
                                                                have a place to go “home.” When you’re over at        have to worry about. That’s what they need.”
                                                                the hospital every day, it can be very overwhelm- —Stacey Sprague
                                                                ing. Here, you can walk in the door to other
                                                                families sitting in the family room. They are
                                                                going to have a meal and someone to talk to. You
                                                                can chat, play games, watch television. And that

pg. 12                                                              an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9        at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s      pg. 1

                   Angie Sprague               Stacey Sprague
           2009 Facts & Figures

            FA M ILIE S S E RV E D P E R Y E A R                      FA M I L I E S S E R V E D I N 2 0 0 9                          AV E R A G E O C C U PA N C Y                                                FAM I LY C O N T R I B U T I O N


                                                             140 28                                                   2009
                                                                                                                                  Peachtree Dunwoody House

                                                                                                                                  Gatewood House            %
                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses provide a safe haven
                                                                                                                                                                                                      that allows parents to focus on their child’s recovery. While
                                                              counties              other                   foreign                                                                                   at the House, families are asked to make a $20 per night
         400 40                                             in Georgia             states                 countries          0          2            0             7      100                     contribution, which amounts to about one third of the actual
2                                                                                                                                                                                                   cost to house a family per night. No family is ever turned
                                                                                                                                                                                                      away for financial reasons, which makes donations and
                                                                                                                                                                                                      volunteerism critical to our mission.

1979 ’84     ’89    ’94      ’99     ’04     ’08     ’09

pg. 14                                                                                                                                    an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9       at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s             pg. 1
         2009 Financials                                                                                     2011 Board of Directors
                              S O U RC E O F R E V E N U E                                                   Christopher Marinac (Chris), Chairman*                Michael J. Grace (Mike), Senior VP, Family
                                                                                                             CFA, Managing Principal and Director of               Wealth Director, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
                                                                                                             Research, FIG Partners, LLC                           Thomas H. Kirbo (Tom), Scott & Associates, Inc.
                                                   4%                                                        Jeff T. Wansley, Vice Chairman                        Brian Kurlander, Marketing/PR Consultant,
                                     %      c o n t r iBu t io n s
                                              F ro m Fa m il ies
                                                   serV ed                                                   Vice President Government Affairs, Metro              Kurlander Consulting
                                    othe r
                                                                                                             Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                           2%                                                                     David J. Lerner, Partner, Ascent CPA
                    20%                                                               m c do n a l d’s
                                                                                   oW n er / o Per ato r s
                                                                                                             Richard L. Sparkmon, Secretary-Treasurer*
                 sPec ial eV ents                                                                            Richard L. Sparkmon & Associates CPAs                 Gene McHugh, Retired Vice President/General
                                                                                                                                                                   Manager, FOX 5 – WAGA Atlanta
                                                                                                             Linda M. Morris* President/CEO, Atlanta
                                                                                                             Ronald McDonald House Charities                                   ,
                                                                                                                                                                   Linda Melton* McDonald’s Owner/Operator,
                                                                                                                                                                   J&L Melton, Inc.
                                                                                                             Kimberly H. Nuckols, Vice President, Atlanta
                                                                                                             Ronald McDonald House Charities                                               ,
                                                                                                                                                                   Robert B. Morrison (Bob)* President & CEO,
                           1%                                                                               Shiroleen Adams-Hurt, Wife of McDonald’s
                        donati ons                                                                           Owner/Operator                                        Donald J. Mueller (Don), Executive Director,
                     From m c donald’s
                        c ustome rs                                   24%                                                                                          Marcus Autism Center
                                                          in diV idua l s, Fo u n dat io n s,
                                                                c o r Po r at io n s a n d
                                                                                                             Jay E. Berkelhamer, M.D.* Senior Physician
                                                              c iV ic o rGa n iZ at io n s.                  Advisor, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta             Jan D. Owens, McDonald’s Owner/Operator,
                                                                                                                                                                   McDonald’s/Bound South, Inc.
                                                                                                             Stephen J. Beshara (Steve), Founder and
                                                                                                             President, Vista Branding                                                    ,
                                                                                                                                                                   Anthony P. Raffa (Tony)* McDonald’s Owner/
                                                                                                                                                                   Operator, AJR, Inc.
                                      EXPENDITURES                                                           Jarrett L. Davis IV, Senior Private Banker,
                                                                                                             Vice President, Wells Fargo Private Bank              Matthew D. Richardson (Matt), Partner,
                                                                                                                                                                   Alston & Bird LLP
                                                 %                                                          Richard DeAugustinis (Rich)
                                    6%           ot her
                                                                                                             Vice President, McDonald’s Division                   John Tamasi, McDonald’s Owner/Operator,
                              administrat iV e
                                                                                                             Worldwide, The Coca-Cola Company                      JVT Enterprises

                     19%                                                                                     Vivian de Jesus, McDonald’s Owner/Operator,                                      ,
                                                                                                                                                                   Robert L. Ward, Jr. (Bob)* Senior Vice President,
                  Fundrai sinG                                                                               Hispanic Golden Arch, Inc.                            Principal, Atlanta Offices Services Group, Colliers
                                                                                                             Javier Goizueta* Vice President, The Coca-Cola
                                                                                                             Company; President, The McDonald’s Division           * Denotes Executive Committee Members
                                                                                                             Worldwide, The Coca-Cola Company

                                                                                                             Susan H. Gordy, Retired Owner, The Varsity Jr.

                                                                             P roG r a m

pg. 16                                                                                                           an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9        at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s   pg. 17
         Advisory Council                                                                                   What does the House mean to you?
         Robert H. Turner III (Rob), Chairman             Brian P. Matthews, Account Executive,             There is simply no place like the Ronald
         Attorney, Stites & Harbison, PLLC                Comcast Spotlight
                                                                                                            McDonald House. For me, the House
         John Christian, President/Owner, True Staffing   Craig Miller, President, Craig Miller             means inspiration. I am proud to be among
                                                          Productions, Inc.                                 a community of people who believe that
         Chad French, Senior Account Executive,                                                             when you change a child’s life, you change
         TARGUS Info                                      Brian Pember, Managing Partner, Vista Branding
                                                                                                            a family’s, which can change a community
         Ann E. Haight, M.D., Aflac Cancer Center         Valerie Taylor-Perry, President and               and ultimately the world.
         of Blood Disorders Services, Children’s          Founder, Taylormade Marketing
         Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston                                                                  Each day, I enter these doors with thanksgiving for
                                                          Carrie Salone, McDonald’s Owner/Operator          the many generous donors who make it possible for
         Mark Hunt, Vice President Business               Leila’s Promises, Inc.                            us to provide hope and comfort to thousands of
         Development, Genoa Healthcare Consulting                                                           worried families. I am inspired by the caring staff
                                                          Rebecca F. Sharp (Becky), Area Project Manager,   that works so diligently to advance the mission of
         Andrew W. Jung (Andy), Vice President &          McDonald’s USA – Atlanta Region                   Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities. But
         Co-Director of Research, Montag & Caldwell                                                         we do not work alone. I am touched by the kindness
                                                          Michael J. Slocum (Mike), Assistant Vice          of our volunteers whose compassion brings smiles to
         Molly Avery Lawrence, Marketing Consultant       President – Customer Engagement                   worried faces. I am privileged to work beside our Board of Directors and Advisory Council
                                                          The Coca-Cola Company                             members who dedicate so much of their time and resources so we can continue to improve and
         Michael Mapes (Mike), Business Development                                                         expand our impact.
         Leader-ATL Region, The Coca-Cola Company         Karin L. Smithson, M.A., LAPC
                                                          Georgia State University                          We want to give special thanks to the Beall family, Barbara Turner, Becky Sharp, Irma Young and
                                                          Doctoral Candidate/Instructor                     the Sprague sisters for sharing what the House means to them. I hope they inspire you as much as
                                                          Counseling & Psychological Services Dept.         they inspire me.

                                                                                                            Linda M. Morris

                                                                                                            Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities

pg. 18                                                                                                          an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9            at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s   pg. 19
         2009 Donors                                                                                                 Morton’s Steakhouse                    Jennifer and Terry Weiss               Dr. Jay E. Berkelhamer
                                                                                                                     Butchie and Alan Neely                 Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Whaley              Ms. Holly Beyersmith
         ATLANTA RONALD McDONALD                 Ms. Allison Bennett              Mr. and Mrs. Clay Goines           Dr. and Mrs. Eddie Pafford             Mr. and Mrs. Ben Whitehurst            Mr. Edward J. Bienkowski
         HOUSE GOLF CLASSIC	                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bisciotti   Eva and Andrew Golde               Joshua and Meredith Pechter            Mr. and Mrs. Mark Widener              Ms. Megan Bissell
                                                 Mrs. Nicki Bishop                Dr. and Mrs. Rich Goodroe          Persimmon Creek Vineyards              Barbara and Byron Williams             Mr. James A. Black
         John W. Abbott Construction Co. Inc.    Ms. Kim Boyd                     Mrs. Susan H. Gordy                Mr. and Mrs. Darrell D. Pittard        Ms. Leslie Williamson                  Mr. David Bledsoe
         Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Risk          Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Brady        Grey Goose Vodka                   Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pittman             Willy’s Mexicana Grill                 Mr. Colin Blyth
           Management                            Ms. Camille B. Brannon           Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Haderlein   Portofino                              Mr. and Mrs. Blanton C. Winship        Mr. Charles Bonelli
         Ascent CPA Group, LLC                   Mr. and Mrs. Oby Brewer          Denise and Matthew Halkos          Mr. Sherwood Preece                    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Withers            Mr. James R. Booth
         The Atlanta Journal-Constitution        Brill                            Ms. Jane Hardage                   Ms. Kim Puffenbarger                   Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Young                Mr. Edward Borgo
         The Bama Companies                      Mrs. Kathleen Brown              Ms. Anno M. Hardage                L.G. Reamsnyder                                                               Mrs. Sandy Borrow
         Benchmark Building Contractors, Inc.    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brunstad       Dr. and Mrs. William Hardman       Mr. and Mrs. Frederick O. Reese, Jr.   CAR RAFFLE                             Mr. Rodney Bossert
         Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC                 Cacti Asset Management, LLC      Mr. and Mrs. Scott Harrington      Dr. and Mrs.William T. Reid                                                   Mr. Harvey Bowden
         Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta        Ms. Lisa Carvalho                Harry Norman, Realtors             Tori and John Rhett III                Donors                                 Ms. Claudette Bowie
         The Coca-Cola Company                   Ms. Missy Chambliss              Haven                              Ms. Kathy Rhodes                       BMW of North America,                  Ms. Sarah Bowman
         Comcast Spotlight                       Mrs. Jennifer Chanaberry         Sarah and Louis Hempel             John and Jane Ridall                     Southern Region                      Ms. Dale M. Boyd
         Come Away Plantation                    Karen and Thomas Chapman         Ms. Jill S. Hewett                 Mr. and Mrs.Thomas A. Ripley, Jr.      BMW of South Atlanta                   Mr. Kevin Brangers
         COX Radio Group Atlanta                 Mrs. Betsy Clayton               Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hicks             Mr. and Mrs. Graham G. Roberts         Comcast Spotlight                      Ms. Lisa Brazie
         Davies General Contracting, Inc.        Mr. and Mrs. George Clegg, Jr.   Mrs. Susan Higley                  Ms. Shannon Roberts                    David Yurman                           Mr. James A. Breedlove
         Dr. Pepper Snapple Group                The Club Collection Etcetera     Mrs. Luann Hill                    Mary and James Rowley                  Global Imports BMW                     Mr. Randy Brenneman
         FRA, A T.Y. Lin International Company   Mrs. Celia Cobb                  Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hines            Roy’s                                  Mr. Ronnie Mayer                       Ms. Patricia Brewster
         Georgia Power                           Ms. Cynthia Reid Connor          Ms. Jane Hollman                   Ms. Donna Sands                        Morrison                               Ms. Laura Bridges
         Georgia-Pacific Professional            Bonnie and Wade Copeland         Mr. Thomas C. Holmes               Mary and Ron Savarese                  Nalley BMW of Decatur                  Mr. Charles Bright
         Golden State Foods                      Ms. Kitty Correll                Melanie and Howard Hong            Mr. and Mrs. William Selvey            R. Mayer of Atlanta                    Mr. Lewis Brinkley
         Greater Atlanta McDonald’s Operators    Mrs. Kathy Cotney                Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Irwin         Sheila and Lee Shaw                    United BMW of Gwinnett Place           Mr. John P. Brogan
           Association                           Ms. Lynda Cupit                  Cindy and Ben Jernigan             Sherlock’s Wine Merchant               United BMW of Roswell                  Mr. Doug Brown
         Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP             Mrs. Bonnie Curtis               Lynn and Doris Johnston            Ms. Susan Shiflett                                                            Ms. Rowanda Brown
         Mr. Gene Hamilton                       Donna and Chip Davidson          Diane and Patrick Jones            Linda and Bill Shippey                 Ticket Purchasers                      Mr. J. Chris Bryant
         Henny Penny Corporation                 Jane and Jarrett Davis           Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Jones         Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Shippey           Ms. Angela Adams                       Anthony Bryson, DDS
         Hudson Company of Tennessee, Inc.       Ms. Carol Diamantis              Teresa and Bob Kamm                Kay and Gary Shirley                   Mr. Lozan Aleksandrov                  Mr. Chris Buchholz
         Keystone Foods LLC                      Dr. and Mrs. Emmett J. Doerr     Tonia and Vince Kenny              Ms. Ashley Patterson Silverman         Mr. Charles Allen                      Mr. Martin Bunin
         The Martin-Brower Company               Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dolive         Tammy and Glenn Kushel             Ruth and John Skogstad                 Ms. Cynthia Allen                      Mr. Anthony Burgess
         McDonald’s USA - Atlanta Region         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Donlan       Mr. and Mrs. Chris Langford        Ms. Debbie Slimp                       Karen and Tom Allhoff                  Mr. Charles Burns
         Mid South Baking Company                Ms. Sally Dorsey                 Ms. Judy Long                      Ms. Elizabeth Smith                    Mr. Benjamin Alston                    Mr. Thomas Burrell
         Moroch                                  Diane and Lee Drake              Mrs. Katherine S. Lord             Ms. Kristen Sodemann                   Mr. Majid Andalibi                     Mr. Tim Butler
         Peachtree TV                            Ms. Elise B. Drake               LowCountry Barbecue                Ms. Susan Sperduto                     Mr. Eric Anderson                      Mr. Mark Calloway
         Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products, Inc.    Ms. Holly Dwight                 Mr. and Mrs. Archie F. Lowe        Spice Market                           Ms. Carol Appelhanz                    Ms. Lisa Cameron
         Mr. Les Randall & Friends               Mrs. Lauren Dykes                Mrs. Linda D. MacArthur            Ms. Mary Spiva                         Ms. Ellen Arsenault                    Mr. Anthony Cannizzo
         RBM of Atlanta                          Jill and Steve Edwards           Caroline and Jim Mackey            Mr. and Mrs. Kent Stair                Mr. Michael Arundel                    Ms. Barbara Cantrell
         S & D Coffee, Inc.                      Ann and Wilbur Ellis             Ms. Eleanor B. Mallory             Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Stevens           Ms. Kimberly Austin                    Mr. Russell Carlson
         Sparkmon & Associates, CPA’s            W. Tinsley and Judith W. Ellis   Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Malone          Martha and Richard Stobbs              Ms. Lynn Austin                        Mr. R. William Carnes
         Sports & Imports Collision, Inc.        Donnie and Claire Everts         Ms. Anne Marino                    Ms. Elizabeth Stockton                 Ms. Gloria Aycock                      Mr. Joel Cartee
         SunTrust Bank, Atlanta                  Nancy and James Ewing            Jill and Bobby Marsden             Ms. Margie N. Stockton                 Mr. Samuel Bailey                      Mr. Larry Carter
         Venture Construction Company            Linda and John Farrell           Lisa and Jeff Martin               Susie and Mark Stovin                  Ms. Barbara Bantivoglio                Ms. Tara Carter
         Vox Printing, Inc.                      Ms. Lisa Feiber                  Ms. Betty Mathis                   John and Elizabeth Strom               Mr. Harold Barnett                     Cary’s Superior Cars, Inc.
         Karen and Marvin Whaley                 Ms. Lauren Flint                 Maven Brands, LLC                  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Teichner             Ms. Kimberlee Basile                   Mr. William Caskey
                                                 Claire and James Ford            Jennifer and Alan McClure          Mr. and Mrs. Bill Thigpen              Ms. Rose Battle                        Ms. Diane Cassels
         BROOKHAVEN DINES IN                     Ms. Katherine Fristoe            Maria and Bob McConnell            Drs. Georgia and Keith Thompson        Mr. Dale Bayone                        Mr. Michael Cecka
                                                 Mr. H. Jack Fuller               Ms. Alli McDonald                  Liz and Tom Thorington                 Mr. Joe Beck                           Mr. Joshua Chamberlain
         A Royal Affair Café                                                                                         Ms. Susan Traynor                      Ms. Amanda Becker                      Ms. Nadine Chamseddine
                                                 Ms. Molly H. Fuller              Mellow Mushroom
         Aja                                                                                                         Tuck Beckstoffer Wines                 Ms. Kathy Belinski                     Mr. David Chancellor
                                                 Mrs. Marcia Gaddis               The Mercantile
         Ms. Dana Aldridge                                                                                           Valenza                                Mr. Bill Gus Bellamy                   Ms. S. Shanon Chase
                                                 Dr. Robert A. Gadlage            Ms. Maria Moffett
         Mrs. Judy Allen                                                                                             Veni Vidi Vici                         Mr. Saul Ben-Meyer                     Ricky Chastain
                                                 Ms. Karen Gaston                 Ms. Amy Morris
         Ms. Tammie Ayres                                                                                            Susie and Patrick Viguerie             Mr. Edward C. Benner                   Mr. Benny F. Clark
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Gibbs         Ms. Jill Morrison
         Barefoot Wine                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Brett Virgin              Mr. Eugene Bergl                       Mr. William Clark
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gipson      Kathy and Bob Morrison
         Diane and Phil Beck                                                                                         Mr. Jeff Wansley                       Mr. Tim Bergl                          Ms. Alisa Cleek

pg. 20                                                                                                                    an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9         at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s   pg. 21
         Mr. Boyd Clines                  Mr. Ron Douglass                Mr. Brandon George            Mr. Bill Henderson               Mr. Bruce Kaiman                        Mr. Richard Lowry
         Mr. Bob Clothier                 Mr. Carter Drew                 Ms. Jill George               Mr. Robert Hendrickson           Dr. D. Scott Karempelis                 Mr. David Luna
         Mr. Tom Cochran                  Mr. Edward Droege               Mr. Victor Gerhardstein       Mr. Thomas Hendrickson           Sandi and Philip Karl                   Mr. Jeffrey Lunn
         Mr. Tim Coffey                   Ms. Dotty Duarte                Mr. Carter Gibson             Mr. Stephen Herman               Aaron Karnilow, Ph.D.                   Ms. Janie Maddox
         Mr. Gary Coggins                 Mr. Brian Duhon                 Mr. Jay Gipson                Mr. David Higgins                Ms. Nadine Kassabian                    Mr. Richard Mady
         Mr. Myles Cohen                  Mr. William Duke                Mr. Tom Gladin                Mr. Steve Higgins                Ms. Ashley Kay                          Ms. Emily Magill
         Mr. Vincent Colabello            Mr. John Dunbar                 Mr. Bob Glah                  Ms. Dia P. Hill                  Ms. Cleora Keeble                       Ms. Laura Malone
         Ms. Lynn Coleman                 Mr. Ronnie Dutton               Mr. Michael Godby             Ms. Laura Hill                   Mr. Don Keenan                          Mr. Patrick J. Malone
         Mr. Denis Collins                Mr. Brock Eady                  Mr. Eric Goldklang            Mr. Michael Hill                 Ms. Jan Kendrick                        Mr. Brian Malsom
         Ms. Dana Conner                  Ms. Lynn Eckelberry             Mr. Mike Goldstein            Ms. Joyce Hinders                Mr. Joseph Kenny                        Mr. Mike Maltby
         Mr. Dennis Connolly              Megan and Carter Eddings        Ashley and Andre Gomez        Mr. David Hobby                  Mr. Ronnie Kent                         Mr. Matthew Mamak
         Mr. Michael Connor               Mr. Chris Edmonds               Ms. Nina Gompels              Ms. Brenda P. Hobgood            Mr. Naresh Khanna                       Mr. Christopher Marinac
         Ms. Lori Conway                  Mr. Michael Eggers              Mr. Duane Goodwin             Mr. Ronald Hodges                Mr. Thomas J. Kiessler                  Mr. Michael Mark
         Mr. Jason Cook                   Mr. Matthew Eggert              Mr. James Grace               Mr. Geoffrey Hodgson             Mr. Frank Kimler                        Mr. Bill Markert
         Mr. G. L. Cooper                 Ms. Catherine Elkes             Ms. Leslie Grace              Mr. Dennis F. Hoffman            Mr. Doug Kindred                        Mr. Charlie Marshall
         Mr. Jason P. Cooper              Mr. Scott Elliott               Mr. Michael J. Grace, Jr.     Mr. Scott Hoffman                Mr. Daniel King                         Mr. Paul Marshall
         Mr. Gregory Corbett              Ms. Brenda Etheridge            Mr. Robert Grathwohl          Mr. George Hogan                 Mr. Michael King                        Ms. Paige Martin
         Mrs. Patricia Corcoran           Mr. Mark Etheridge              Mr. Judson Graves             Mr. John Holland                 Ms. Kathy King-Avery                    Mr. William Massey
         Ms. Celia Cornett                Ms. Dana Evans                  Ms. Cheryl Gray               Ms. Rebecca Holland              Mrs. Catherine Kirbo                    Mr. Robert Mathe
         COSMED, INC.                     Ms. JoAnn Fallon                Ms. Justene Green             Mr. Joe Hollar                   Mr. Trent Kirk                          Mr. Doug Matheson
         Mr. Brian Courtney               Mr. Daniel Falstad              Ms. Patti Green               Ms. Sonya Hollis                 Mr. Kip Kirkpatrick                     Mr. Bob Mathews
         Mr. Paul Courtney                Ms. Anita Felder                Mr. Danny Greene              Ms. Rozanne Holmes               Mr. Verdell C. Koerwitz                 Ms. Dawn Marie Matlock
         Ms. Sally Puff Courtney          Mr. James Fellers               Ms. Leslie Greene             Mr. Carl Holzmann                Mr. Peter Kontio                        Mr. Lulo Mattei
         Ms. Brandi Covil                 Mr. William Fialkowski          Ms. Nancy Greene              Ms. Vicki Hooten                 Mr. Bernie Kraemer                      Ms. Kay Lynn Mayhue
         Ms. Jennifer Cox                 Mr. Kenneth Ficken              Tia and Brittany Greene       Mr. Tim Horton                   Mr. Jerry Kraft                         Mr. John McAnally
         Craig Miller Productions, Inc.   Mr. Thomas W. Findlay           Ms. Ines Groen                Mr. Brad Hoth                    Ms. Kim Kregloski                       Mr. Paul McCabe
         Ms. Shirley Crapps               Mr. Joe Finegan                 Mr. Chris Guilmet             Mr. Chris Humphrey               Mr. Jerri Kropp, Ph. D                  Ms. Janice McCarthy
         Mr. David E. Cravens             Cynthia and Timothy Finnigan    Mr. Jack Guthrie              Ms. Gina Humphries               Ms. Victoria Kulik                      Ms. Fontaine McDaniel
         Ms. Rebecca Crawford             Mr. David Fischer               Mr. Randall Guyton            Mr. David Hunnicutt              Mr. John Kuntz                          Mr. Robert McDonald
         Mr. Russell Crosio               Mr. Jeffrey Fischer             Mr. Clarence N. Haisten       Mr. John Hurt                    Ms. Jacqueline Lamar                    Mr. Arthur McGowen
         Mr. Brad Cummings                Ms. Bonnie Fisher               Mr. Will Halabi               Mr. Mark Hunt                    Mr. Gary Lance                          Mr. Michael McHugh
         Mr. James Cundiff, Jr.           Mr. Jonathan Flacker            Mr. Darren Hall               Mr. R. Phillip Hunter            Ms. Karen Landon                        Mr. Linder McIntosh
         Mr. Brad Current                 Lisa and Andy Flatt             Ms. Jerita Hall               Ms. Diedre Hurley                Mr. James Lane, Jr.                     Mr. Hugh McLeod
         Mr. Jack Dalrymple               Mr. Paul Folger                 Mr. Joseph T. Hall            Ms. Donna Hyland                 Mr. Willis Langley, Jr.                 Ms. Leslie McLeod
         Ms. J. Nicole Daniel             Mr. Jim Fortenberry             Ms. Kendall Hamilton          IAAP Dogwood Chapter             Mr. Philip Largen                       Mr. Barry McNeil
         Ms. Rebecca Darragh              Ms. J. L. Foster                Ms. Myra Hamilton             Ms. Nicole Ingalls               Ms. Paige Larson                        Mr. Brian Melton
         Mr. Doug Davidson                Ms. Natalia Franco              Mr. Warren L. Hamilton, Jr.   Mr. Elliott Irvine               Mr. John Latham                         Mr. David Melton
         Mr. Philip Davies                Mr. G. Marshall Franklin, Jr.   Mr. Stanley Hammond           Mr. Thomas Jackson               Ms. Leigh Ann Launius                   Mr. John Melton
         Ms. Elizabeth Davis              Mr. Thomas Franklin             Dr. Mark C. Hanson            Mr. Van Jakes                    Mr. William H. Lavery, Jr.              Ms. Linda Melton
         Mr. Jarrett L. Davis IV          Ms. Linda Fredo                 Ms. Irene Hardin              Mr. Steve Jampol                 Mr. Eric Lawless                        Mr. Shannon Melton
         Ms. Katherine Davis              Mr. Ron Frieson                 Mr. Gregory Hardwick          Mr. R.K. Jarrard, Jr.            Ms. Molly Lawrence                      Mr. Simon Melton
         Mr. Richard A. DeAugustinis      Ms. Jenny Fuller                Mr. Kenneth Harless           Ms. Catherine Jeff               Ms. Janice Lee                          Mr. Damien Mercer
         Mr. Joey DeHaven                 Mr. Tim Fuller                  Mr. Henry Harris              Ms. Andrea Jeffrey               Mr. John Lee                            Mr. Kip Mercer
         Mr. G. Scott Deis                Mr. William M. Furgason, Sr.    Mr. Michael J. Harris         Mr. Shawn Jobe                   Ms. Julie Lee                           Mr. Lawrence Mesarick
         Ms. Carol Deleone-Thomas         Ms. Patricia Gadbaw             Ms. Nanette Harris            Mr. Jeffrey Marc Johnson         Mr. Philip Lee                          Mr. T.C. Metzner
         Mr. Jay Dermer                   Ms. Charlene Galanti            Mr. James Hart                Mr. Larry Johnson                Ms. Valerie Leghorn                     Ms. Lyronica Middleton
         Mr. Adam Desmond                 Mr. Michael A. Galla            Mr. Michael Hart              Mr. Robert Johnson               Mr. Michael Leix                        Mr. Cedric B. Miller, M. D.
         Ms. Meryl Diamond                Ms. Sarah E. Gallagher          Mr. David Hartley             Mr. Dave Jones                   Ms. Pamela Lewis                        Mr. David S. Miller
         Mr. Frank DiSanto                Mr. Rod Ganske                  Mr. Thomas Hash               Mr. Kenny Jones                  Mr. Philip Liammiatis                   Mr. Mike Miller
         Mr. Keith Dixon                  Ms. Brenda S. Garcia            Ms. Holly Hawkins             Ms. Lauren Jones                 Ms. Lory Liberty                        Mr. Paul Miller
         Ms. Allison Dobbins              Ms. Geraldine Gardner           Mr. Roger Haye                Mr. Philip Jones                 Mr. Robert Light                        Mr. Randall Miller
         Mr. Gary Dodd                    Ms. Sher Lynn Gardner           Mr. Ralph Hayes               Ms. Loraine Jordan               Lee Logue                               Mr. Charlie Mills
         Ms. Martha Dodson                Ms. Deborah Garner              Ms. Glenda Haynes             Mr. Matt Judge                   Ms. Mary Long                           Mr. Dennis Mitchell
         Mr. Mike Dolan                   Mr. Lamar Gates                 Mr. Richard Hays              Mr. Jose Junco                   Mr. Robert L. LoRay                     Mr. Fred Mohr
         Mr. Robert Donlan                Mr. Richard A. Gaul             Mr. Kevin Hegwood             Mr. Ray E. Justice, Sr.          Ms. Monica Louisos                      Ms. Michelle Moomey
         Ms. Martha Doty                  Ms. Amy Gegg                    Mr. David G. Helton           Ms. Shelly Justice               Mr. Gene Lowe                           Mr. Daniel Moore

pg. 22                                                                                                      an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9    at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s   pg. 2
         Ms. Debra Moore             Mr. Julio Perez            Ms. Allison Ryan          Ms. Jane Spires                   Mr. Matthew Veneri                     Mr. Sterling Zerbe
         Ms. Karen Moore             Ms. Nicole Peterson        Ms. Sharon Sackett        Mr. William Springfield           Mr. Tyler Vernor                       Dr. Stuart and Char Zola
         Ms. Sandra Moore            Mr. Robert Peterson        Mr. John Sadlo            Mr. Murray Spruill                Mr. Brett Villaume                     Mr. Gary Zonitch
         Mr. Scott Mora              Mr. Jonathan Pettigrew     Dr. Dan Salinas           Mr. Gary Stanberry                Mr. Bruce Vineyard
         Mr. Hernan Morales          Mr. Jack Pezold            Mr. Juan Santambrogio     Mr. Mark Stasch                   Mr. Michael Wach                       HEARTS AND HANDS GALA
         Ms. Elena Moravec           Mr. Frank Phalen           Ms. D. A. Satterfield     Ms. Katrina Stephens              Mr. Art J. Waldrop
         Mr. Wendell Morgan          Mr. Anthony Piazza         Mr. Theodore Sawicki      Mr. Michael Stephens              Mr. Bradford Walkins                   Sponsors, Patrons, Hosts and Contributors
         Mr. Tom Moroch              Mr. Thomas Pickron         Ms. Laurie Schachman      Mr. Dave Stewart                  Mr. Michael Walsh                      Shiroleen and John Hurt
         Mrs. Kathy Morrison         Mr. Don Pierce             Mr. Morray Scheinfeld     Mr. David J. Stewart, Esq.        Mr. William Walsh                      AirTran Airways
         Mr. Matthew Morrison        Mr. Leo Pilla              Mr. Erwin Schemankewitz   Mr. Bradley Stone                 Mr. Rick Walter                        Judy and Bob Allen
         Mr. Robert Morrison         Ms. Patricia Pines         Mr. Jeffrey Schiele       Ms. Elizabeth Stone               Mr. Jeff T. Wansley                    Alston & Bird LLP
         Ms. Tina Morton             Ms. Elizabeth Poindexter   Mr. Steven Schmidt        Mr. Walter Stoy, Jr.              Mr. Robert L. Ward, Jr.                American Equity Mortgage
         Mr. Rob Mory                Ms. Melanie Poole          Mrs. Ruth Schoeman        John and Elizabeth Strom          Mr. Tommy Warner                       Anonymous
         Mr. Curtiss Moss            Mr. McCraken Poston        Mr. Scott Schoenberg      Mr. George Suarez                 Ms. Nowell Warthen                     Ascent CPA Group, LLC
         Mr. Dewey Moye              Mr. Ben Powell             Ms. Heidi Schwartz        Mr. Michael Sullivan              Ms. Wendy Wasley                       AutoTrader.com
         Mr. Ed Muelberger           Ms. Muriel Powell          Mr. Jeffrey Schwartz      Mr. Robert Sullivan               Mr. Floyd Watson                       Ms. Wendy Babchin
         Ms. Harriet R. Muller       Mr. Thomas Powers          Mr. Mark A. Schwartz      Ms. Kinga Szaniawski              Mr. Matthew Wayman                     Joselyn and Bobby Baker
         Mr. Keith Muller            Mr. Robert Pratt           Ms. Kathi Scott           Ms. Valerie Taliaferro            Mr. Price Weaver                       Bank of America
         Mr. Ramesh Munamarty        Mr. Ralph Prescott         Mr. Ron Scott             Mrs. Carol Tally                  Mr. Walt Welch                         Ellen Taylor and Kevin Barnes
         Ms. Barbara Murphy          Mr. Pat Prill              Ms. Kay Sedberry          Mr. John V. Tamasi                Ms. Kathy Welman                       Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Berman
         Mr. James Murray            Mr. Wallace Pruitt         Mr. Eric M. Seidel        Mr. Chris J. Tart                 Mr. Donald Welsko                      BNY Mellon
         Mr. Richard Murray          Mr. Rich Prusiewicz        Mr. Allan Seilheimer      Ms. Cecilia Taylor                Ms. Victoria Wendel                    Linda and Chris Booker
         Mr. Jeff Murri              Mr. Adam Puff              Mr. Jeff Semel            Ms. Chantel Taylor                Mr. Don Wessels                        Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC
         Ms. Cynthia Nelms           Mr. Jeffrey Puff           Mr. George Sensor         Ms. Ellen Taylor                  Ms. Karen Whaley                       Corinne and Michael Brown
         Mr. John New                Mr. Scott Puff             Ms. Becky Sharp           Ms. Lynn Teague                   Ms. Dolores White                      Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
         Mr. Chip Newman             Ms. Frances D. Pughsley    Mr. Jack Sharp            Ms. Cathalene Teahan              Mr. Emmitt White                       The Coca-Cola Company
         Mr. Keith Nickle            Mr. Chris Raffo            Ms. Janice Sharp          Mr. William Teel                  Mr. Nicholas White                     Colliers International
         Mr. Alex Noble              Ms. Robin Ramirez          Mr. William Shaw          Ms. Marianne Temple               Mr. Terry White                        Mr. Chris Compton
         Mr. Jeff Nolde              Mr. Chuck Rawlins          Gale Shelnutt, DVM        Ms. Braxton Thompson              Mr. William White                      Concessions International, LLC
         Ms. Joann Nolley            Mr. James Rawls            Mr. Pete Shelton          Mr. John E. Thompson              Ms. Angela Whitney                     Ada Lee and Pete Correll
         Mr. John Norlander          Mr. Keene Reese            Mr. J. Harold Shepherd    Mr. Brian Thumann                 Ms. Anne Whitney                       Yvette and Gary Coursey
         Mr. Peter Novotny           Dr. Andrew Reisner         Mr. Jerry Shepperd        Mr. Adam M. Tindel                Ms. Nancy Wiley                        Ms. Sally Puff Courtney
         Mr. Michael Ocampo          Mr. Michael Renda          Mr. Matthew L. Shields    Mr. Andrew Tindel                 Mr. W. Clifton Wilkinson, Jr.          Mr. Tyler Courtney
         Mr. Kevin O’Donnell         Mr. George Rice            Mr. James Short           Terry Tindel                      Ms. Amy Williams                       Cox Enterprises, Inc.
         Mr. David O’Neill           Mr. Russ Richards          Ms. Jessica Shultz        Ms. Anne Tompkins                 Ms. JoAnn Williams                     Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Darragh
         Mr. Kevin O’Neill           Mr. Lex Rickenbaker        Ms. Pam Shumate           Mr. Patrick Toms                  Dr. Joseph K. Williams                 Jane and Jarrett Davis
         Mr. Anthony Opalski         Mr. Richard Ricketts       Ms. Marsha Sikes          Mr. Richard Tourtellott           Ms. Michelle Williams                  Mrs. Olga C. de Goizueta
         Mr. Patrick Orie            Mr. Benjamin Riddle        Ms. Karen Sikorski        Ms. Angie Townes                  Ms. Randi Williams                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. DeAugustinis
         Mr. Kurt Osenbaugh          Mr. David Ridenour         Mr. Jeff Silverman        Ms. Catherine Trapani             Ms. Terry Williams                     Mr. and Mrs. David Dickey
         Mr. Michael O’Shaughnessy   Ms. Kelly Riggle           Mr. Brendan Slaughter     Terry Traynor                     Mr. Marty Williamson                   Ms. Melinda M. Doolittle
         Mr. David Oshinski          Mr. Frank E. Riggs, Jr.    Mr. Gary V. Sledge        Ms. Jacqueline Trent              Mr. Daniel Willingham                  Equifax, Inc.
         Mr. Charles Ostrowski       Ms. Cynthia Riordan        Mr. Douglas Smith         Mr. Scott Tuggle                  Ms. Kay Theresa Wilson                 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fess
         Mr. Rick Owings, Jr.        Mr. Robert P. Riordan      Mr. Elmer Smith           Mr. Oscar Turner                  Ms. Margaret Wilson                    FIG Partners, LLC
         Ms. Melissa Packman         Ms. Lauren Rivera          Mr. John T. Smith         Mr. Robert H. Turner III          Mr. Steven Wilson                      Pam and Tom Findlay
         Ms. Charlene Palmisano      Mr. Travis Roache          Mr. Kenneth F. Smith      Ms. Dawn Turney                   Ms. Zelda Wilson                       Fiserv
         Mr. Tim Pappas              Mr. William Roccio         Dr. Quentin Smith         Mr. Randolph Tutt                 Mr. Eric Wimsatt                       Genuine Parts Company
         Mr. W. Michael Parham       Mr. Raymond Rocho          Ms. Stephanie E. Smith    Ms. Yasmin Tyler-Hill             Mr. Frank Winn                         Georgia Power
         Mr. Steven Parker           Mr. Tom Rock               Mr. Steven L. Smith       Ms. Stacey Tyrewala               Mr. Sam Wishon                         Dina and John Giesler
         Mr. William Parker          Ms. Dodie Rodgers          Ms. Sharon Snyder         Ms. Rose Valdez                   Mr. Richard Wolcott                    Shearon and Taylor Glover
         Mr. Dennis Payne, Jr.       Mr. Hunter Rodgers         Ms. Lesli Sloan Sopher    Mr. Arthur Van Bodegraven         Mr. Jim Wolf                           Elizabeth and Bart Gobeil
         Mr. Marc Pearson            Mr. Jason Rosenberg        Mr. Ricardo Soto          Ms. Diane Van der Linde           Mr. Shawn Wolfe                        Dolores and Javier Goizueta
         Mr. Barry Pegonzague        Ms. Francine Rossman       Mr. Richard L. Sparkmon   Mr. Anthony Overton               Ms. Eloise Wood                        Goldman, Sachs & Co.
         Ms. Denise Pegues           Mr. Mark Rotruck           Mr. Richard Speak           Van Johnson                     Erin and Alex Wood                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Grace
         Mr. Gary Pendergraft        Mr. Chris Rowen            Ms. Gena Spears           Mr. Gregg Vande Wiele             Ms. Julia Woodward                     Greenberg Traurig, LLP
         Ms. Debra Pennington        Mr. Mark Rusche            Mr. Michael Spears        Mr. Ronald Vangrov                Mr. Richard Yarbrough                  Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Hamilton, Jr.
         Mr. Gary Pennington         Ms. Karen Russell          Mr. William Spell         Mr. James George Velimesis        Mr. Larry R. Young                     Mr. Douglas Henderson

pg. 24                                                                                         an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9      at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s             pg. 2
         Hennessy Porsche                         Vista Branding                          Ms. Emily Giffin                       Tiffany & Co.                            Arts and Exhibitions International LLC   Ms. Cynthia Bilbo
         Hewlett-Packard Company                  Cindy and Bill Voyles                   Grey Goose Vodka                       Tom James Clothing Company               Mr. and Mrs. George C. Askew             Mr. and Mrs. Don Billings
         Janus Capital                            Wachovia, A Wells Fargo Company         Hard Rock Biloxi                       Tory Burch at Phipps Plaza               Assurant Specialty Property              Ms. Gail Black
         King & Spalding LLP                      Charles and Krista Wagner               Hastings Nature & Garden Center        Twelve Hotel & Residences                AT&T Employee Giving Program             Mr. Steven R. Black
         Vickie and Tom Kirbo                     Ms. Meredith Wagner and                 Heritage Golf Shots, Inc.              Urban Body Studios                       Athens-Oconee Junior Women’s Club        Ms. Brenda Blackmon
         KPMG, LLP                                  Mr. Andy Tegethoff                    Hewlett-Packard Company                Vikki Paints                             Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling Co.           Mr. and Mrs. Alan Blaisdell
         The Kroger Company                       Kathleen and Art Waldrop                High Museum of Art                     Vista Branding                           Atlanta Girls’ School                    Mr. and Mrs. Sidney S. Blase
         Kathy and Bill Lamar                     Jacquie and Jeff Wansley                Hudson Family Foundation               WIFH                                     The Atlanta Journal-Constitution         Mr. Billy Blocker
         Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lape                    Mr. Robert C. Watkins III               InterContinental Buckhead                                                       Atlanta Thrashers Foundation             Mr. Robert Bluett
         Melissa and David Lerner                 Mr. J. Marc Welch                       InterContinental Hotels Group          FINANCIAL DONORS                         Atlanta Woman’s Club                     Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Blumenthal
         Julie and George Lott                    Ginny and Jerry Wilson                  INVESCO Ltd.                                                                    Mrs. Rosina Augsberger                   Ms. Angie Boggs
         Kimberly and Brian Lusink                Tracy and Jackson Wilson                Ivan Allen Workspace                   4th Source                               Ms. Toyia L. Austin                      Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Bohannon, Jr.
         The Martin-Brower Company                                                        Jezebel Magazine                       A.S. Turner & Sons                       Auto Damage Appraisers                   Ms. Ingrid Bolton
         Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Matthews           Goods and Services                      Johns Creek Family Orthodontics        Mr. Jim Aaron                            AutoTrader.com                           Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bond
         McDonald’s Corporation                   A Legendary Event                       Ms. Chrissy Katz                       ABC Recycling Inc.                       Mr. John L. Avery                        Mr. Alfredo Bonilla III
         Mid South Baking Company                 Affinia Hotels                          KLR Designs                            Mr. W. G. Abernathy, Jr.                 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Babul           Mrs. Sandy Borrow
         Moroch                                   Alice Park Photography                  Land Rover Experience Driving School   Ms. Cheryl Ackerly                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Back              The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
         Morrison                                 Amalia Designs                          Lilly Porter Fine Jewelry              Mr. Jim Ackerly                          Ms. Jill Baker                           Ms. Wendeline Botnick
         MS&L Worldwide                           Amelia Island Plantation                Linvites                               Mrs. Edith Adair                         Mr. and Mrs. Rex Baker                   Dave and Carol Boucher
         Barbara and Patrick Murphy               An Eye for Order                        LowCountry Barbecue                    Mr. and Mrs. Glen Adams                  Mr. and Mrs. Steve Baker                 Minnie and Jerry Bowden
         Kimberly and Hal Nuckols                 Anonymous                               Rob Matre of Matre Gallery             Randy and Teresa Adams                   Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Q. Ball III           Mr. William Bowen
         Jan and J.M. Owens                       Arizona Cardinals Football Club         Rick Mauger and Dan Harbaugh           Miss Imasha Adisa                        Balsam Baptist Church                    Richard and Jacqueline Bowman
         Anita and Steven Parker                  The Atlanta Falcons                     Maximum Graphics                       Ms. Stefanie Agusta                      Bank of America United Way Campaign      Mr. and Mrs. David Bracken
         Libby and Carl Patrick, Jr.              Atlanta Spirit                          McDonald’s Corporation                 Ms. Vernita Akins                        Ms. Cynthia Bannister                    Ms. Emily Bradley
         Nancy and John Patterson                 Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta         Mr. Stephen McQuillen                  John W. and Mary Alden                   Ms. Elaine Barber                        Mr. and Mrs. Troy Bradley
         PayDay USA, Inc.                         Benjamin Moore and Company              Mel Boteri                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Allen             C.R. Bard Foundation                     Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Brady
         Post Properties, Inc. / Post HOPE        Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia   Miss Scarlett’s Sugar Shack            Alpha Delta Kappa - Beta                 Ms. Melalina Barefield                   Ms. Cynthia G. Brady
           Foundation                             BMW of North America,                   Ms. Linda Mitchell                       GammaChapter                           Ms. Barbara J. Barger                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bransby
         Jan and Tony Raffa                         Southern Region                       Moe’s Southwest Grill                  Alpha Delta Kappa - Fidelis Xi Chapter   Barham-Calhoun Memorial Fund             Mr. and Mrs. John R. Branscomb
         RBM of Atlanta Inc.                      Brasstown Valley Resort                 Morrison                               Alpha Delta Kappa - Gamma Epsilon        Mr. Darren Barker                        Mr. Christopher Brantley
         Regions Morgan Keegan Private            Brian Garrett Photography               MS&L Worldwide                           Chapter                                Mrs. A. R. Barksdale                     Ms. Jeanne Brewer
           Banking                                Château Élan                            Muss & Turner’s                        Alpha Delta Kappa - Georgia Delta        Mr. and Mrs. Bobby R. Barnett            Brinker International - Chili’s
         Reyes Holdings, LLC                      Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta        Ms. Susan Owens                          Chapter                                Mr. and Mrs. Steve B. Barsby               Restaurant
         Elizabeth and Ken Richards               Clear Channel Phoenix Radio             Paige Harvey Art Studio                Alpha Delta Kappa - Phi Chapter          Mr. Gerald A. Barth                      Ms. Louisa Britt
         Wanda and Kenny Rogers                   The Coca-Cola Company                   Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort       Alpha Delta Pi - Beta Nu Chapter         Ms. Mary Bass                            Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Britton
         Ms. Shari Rothman                        The Cook’s Warehouse                    Parker Smith Photography               Alpha Delta Pi - Lambda Chapter          Ms. Victoria Bassett                     Ms. Barbara Broadway
         S & D Coffee, Inc.                       Ms. Sally Puff Courtney                 Patti Callahan Henry                   Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, Inc.          Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Bates            Mr. Mitchell Brockbank
         Ms. Carrie Salone                        Craig Miller Productions, Inc.          Paula Deen                             Alpharetta Golden Age Club               Mr. Adam Baugh                           Ms. Bridgett Brookbank
         Mr. D. Jack Sawyer and Dr. Bill Torres   CrossFit Decatur, Eric Willis           Ms. Mindy Petzer                       Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Amaradio          Ms. Jeanette W. Bearden                  Ms. Mary J. Brooks
         Jenna and Ryan Scheinfeld                Dr. James Davis, Jr. of Aesthetic       PeyBack Foundation                     Ms. Mary Amend                           Mr. and Mrs. James T. Beaty              Ms. Carolyn Brown
         Stephanie and Scott Shoenberg              Surgery Associates                    The Pot Girls                          American Express Foundation              Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Bell                Mr. and Mrs. David M. Brown
         Becky and Jack Sharp                     Delta Air Lines, Inc.                   Premier Image Cosmetic                 American Legion Auxiliary                Ms. Carol N. Bell                        David M. & Donna T. Brown Fund
         Mr. Keith Sirockman                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Desmond            and Laser Surgery                    Mr. Derek Anderson                       Mr. and Mrs. David Bell                  Mr. Edward H. Brown
         Suzy and Ed Smith                        Ms. Bobi A. Dimond                      Purple Hippo Art Studio                Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Anderson          Mr. Jack Bell                            Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brown, Jr.
         Karin and Joe Smithson                   Dolma Jewelry                           The Ritz-Carlton Lodge,                Mr. and Mrs. Jason Anderson              Mr. Saul Ben-Meyer                       Mr. Mike Brown
         Beverly and Richard Sparkmon             Drayton Hall                              Reynolds Plantation                  Ms. Marie Anderson                       Mr. David Bennett                        Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Brown
         Ashley and Dean Stamoulis                EJ Smith Enterprises, LLC               River Club                             Mr. Philip Anderson                      Ms. Grace Bennett                        Ms. Shea Brownlow
         Ms. Katherine R. Stearns                 ElandersUSA                             Saks Fifth Avenue                      Mr. William D. Anderson                  Mr. and Mrs. George Benson               Mr. Mike Brubaker
         Ms. Mary L. Stearns                      The Fickle Manor                        Dr. Chris Sholota                      Mr. and Mrs. William H. Anderson         Ms. Jan Berg                             Mr. William Bryan
         Stites & Harbison PLLC                   Fifth Group Restaurants                 Squared Away                           Anonymous                                Ms. Margaret Berinhout                   Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs
         Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stollmack           The Fish Hawk, Inc.                     St. Regis Atlanta                      Appalachian Judicial Circuit             Dr. and Mrs. Jay E. Berkelhamer            Foundation
         SunTrust Bank, Atlanta                   Four Seasons Hotel - Atlanta            Standard Press                         Mrs. Cecilia Armstrong                   Mr. Jim Beswick                          Mr. and Mrs. Bill Buist
         Thompson Hine LLP                        FOX 5 - WAGA Atlanta                    Ms. Jan Stephens                       Armstrong Relocation & Companies         Bethsadia Baptist Church                 Mr. Alan A. Burgess
         Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Turner III        Mr. and Mrs. Brian Garrett              Steve Penley                           Ms. Susan Arnold                         Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bierenbaum            Mr. David C. Burghardt and
         V.G. Organization, Inc.                  Georgia Diamond Corporation             Swoozie’s Buckhead                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arnold               Ms. Kimberly Biggs                         Ms. Elizabeth Pendergrast
         Ms. Blan Ventress                        Georgia Grille                          Tents Unlimited, Inc.

pg. 26                                                                                                                                an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9           at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s            pg. 27
         Mr. and Mrs. Keith Burgstiner         Paul D. Cohen and Fredi                Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Daniels         Mr. and Mrs. Harold Embrick             The Galloway School                   Donald and Marion Gray
         Mr. and Mrs. Travis Burke               L. Pearlmutter                       Mr. and Mrs. T. Douglas Daniels       Mr. and Mrs. Robert English             Mr. James G. Gamblin                  Ms. Tywanee Gray
         Mr. William Edmund Burke              Mr. James Cole                         Ms. Melissa J. Danner                 Mr. Nathan Ennis                        Mr. and Mrs. Lee Garcia               Ms. Angela D. Green
         Mr. and Mrs. Al Busby                 Ms. Miriam S. Cole                     Ms. Virginia Danson                   The Epstein School                      The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.      Ms. Gwendolyn Greene
         Mr. Rene Buteau                       Mr. George Coleman                     Mr. and Mrs. David D. Darville        Erin Presbyterian Church                Gardener Electric, Inc.               Ms. Barbara Greenig
         Ms. Angela Butler                     Mr. Nathaniel Coles                    Carolyn and Hiram Davies              Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Etheridge   Ms. Angie M. Garrard                  Mr. Russell Groves
         Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Buzzard          Ms. Louise Collett                     Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Davis          EurAuPair International                 Debra and William Garren              Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guglielmetti
         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cadiz             Colliers International                 Ms. Gladys Davis                      Mr. S. Carroll Evans                    Ms. Katie Garva                       Gulf Coast Eagles
         Ms. Mary Lou Cagle                    Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Collins             James and Martha Davis                The Eveland Family Foundation, Inc.     Mr. and Mrs. Currey R. Gayle          Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Guttery
         Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cagle          Ms. Debra Collins                      Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett L. Davis IV      Ms. Christine Ex                        Ms. Kasey Gayle                       Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gwynn
         Ms. Charlotte Cairo                   Ms. Marjorie J. Collins                Mrs. Martha A. Davis                  Mr. Stewart Factor                      Mr. and Mrs. George Geiger            Mr. Van Hachat
         Ms. Janie Calhoun                     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Collins            Ms. Nancy N. Davis                    Ms. Virginia Fadel                      Georgia Chapter of Council of         Mr. Brian Hager
         Mr. Michael Calhoun                   Mr. and Mrs. Sean Collins              Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Davis          Fairburn United Methodist Church -        Residential Specialists             Ann E. Haight, M.D.
         Ms. Vicki Callahan                    Mr. and Mrs. Newton B. Collinson III   Ms. Wendy Davis                         United Methodist Women                Georgia Child Care Association        Ms. Cynthia Ann Hall
         Ms. Lisa Cameron                      Columbus State University Foundation   Davison Bruce Foundation              Ms. Jacqueline M. Fankum                Georgia Department of Corrections -   Joyce and John Hall
         Mr. and Mrs. Mike Campbelll             Properties Inc.                      Ms. Florence Dayan                    Ms. Ashleigh N. Farley                    Rome Probation Office               Julie and John Hall
         Mr. and Mrs. Vince Campbell           The Community Foundation for           Vivian de Jesus and Mike Hernandez    Mrs. Genevieve Farmer                   Georgia Department of Corrections -   Ms. Sharon L. Hall
         Mr. Joe Cano                            Greater Atlanta                      Ms. Patricia D. Dean                  Mr. and Mrs. W. Daniel Faulk, Jr.         Mountain Judicial Circuit           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Hamill
         Ms. Denise Cardo                      Concannon, Miller & CO., P.C.          Decatur Woman’s Club                  Federated Insurance Foundation          Georgia Homemakers Council            Mr. Charles R. Hamrick
         Mr. and Mrs. James A. Carlos          Ms. Elizabeth Conley                   Ms. Betty J. Delauter                 Ms. Gwen Feltman                        Georgia Power Ambassadors, West       Ms. LaDonna Hancock
         Mr. Kenneth Carlson                   Mr. Henry M. Conners, Jr.              Ms. Lois J. Delauter                  Mrs. Judy Fendrick                        Georgia Chapter                     Scott and Mary Hancock
         Ms. Karen Carrier                     Ms. Rosemary Conners                   Mrs. Christina Delort                 Mr. Broughton Ferguson                  Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Gerhard          Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Hanna
         Mr. and Mrs. David Y. Carter          Ms. April Connors                      Mr. Andre den Haan                    Ferrari Maserati Atlanta                Giant Enterprises, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hansen
         Mr. Curtis Carter                     Mr. and Mrs. George F. Consuegra       Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Desmond        Ms. Lynn E. Fetter                      Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gibbs            Derek and Jane Hardesty
         Ms. Pamela Carter                     The Conway Family                      Ms. Jean Dickinson                    Mr. Jack A. Fickas, Jr.                 Mr. and Mrs. Homer Gibbs              Ms. Colleen M. Hardy
         Mr. William P. Caskey                 Ms. Janice G. Cook                     Dillard’s, Inc.                       First Baptist Church of Lithonia New    Ms. Christy Gibson                    Mr. Don S. Harmer
         Mr. Brad Cast                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Cool            Discovery Communications                Spirit Class                          Mr. Richard Gilby                     Ms. Sue Harmon
         Cathedral Philoptochos Annunciation   Ms. Dianne Cooper                      Ms. Candace Dockery                   First Christian Church, Sallie Carter   Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gilcrease        Ms. Christina Harp
           Cathedral                           Mr. Te’Quiero Copeland                 Mrs. W. W. Doe, Jr.                     Shelnutt Group                        Mr. Steve Gilland                     Mr. Gene Harper
         Ms. Prudence M. Caudill               Mr. Mark Coplan                        Donaldson, Garrett & Associates       First National Bank of Omaha            Larry and Shannon Gillespie           Mr. James Harris and
         Ms. Jennifer Cecil                    COSMED, INC.                           Pamela and Tom Donlan                 First United Methodist Church           Mr. and Mrs. John Gillin                Pastor Holly Harris
         Ms. Erin Centanni                     The Country Club of the South          Mr. James A. Dougherty                  Dawson                                Ms. Tina Gilpin                       Mr. Jay Harris
         Mr. Sterling D. Chadwick, Jr.           Charity Guild                        Mr. and Mrs. James A. Dougherty       Mr. Parichat Fisher                     Girl Scout Troop 21325                Ms. Susan Harris
         Ms. Audrey P. Chambers                Mr. Tyler Courtney                     Mr. John Douglas                      Ms. Lois Fitzgerald                     Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia       The Luther and Susie Harrison
         Ms. Shondara Chambliss                Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cowart              Mr. Edward Droege                     David and Tina Flatters                 Give with Liberty                       Foundation, Inc.
         Ms. Cecilia Chandler                  Ms. Jennifer Cox                       Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.              Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Flinn, Jr.       Mr. James A. Gladin                   Mr. Richard Harrison
         Mr. and Mrs. Doug Chandler            Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Cox             Druid Hills Kiwanis Club              David and Barbara Floyd                 Mr. Andrew Gladu                      Harvest Temple Church of God -
         Ms. Janis Chappell                    Coxe Curry & Associates                Ms. Jane Duenckel                     Fogelman Management                     Mrs. Mary Glickman                      Missionettes
         Mr. John Chappetta                    Ms. Jennifer D. Crane                  Mrs. Catherine W. Dukehart            Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ford               Global Ronald McDonald House          Mr. and Mrs. Joel Harvey
         Ms. Karla J. Chasteen                 Mr. Tripp Crawford                     Mr. Willie Dukese                     Mr. J M. Fowler                           Charities                           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hash
         Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Cheek III         Ms. Kelly Creech                       Mr. and Mrs. Jay E. Dunn              Mr. James Frame                         Mr. Edward Godfrey                    Ms. Charman L. Hasty
         The Cheesecake Factory                Crest Uniform                          Mr. and Mrs. Terry Dunn               Mr. Thomas Frame                        Mr. and Mrs. Javier C. Goizueta       Ms. April Hatten
         Miss Chantelle Cheng                  Mr. Richard Croom                      Ms. Brenda Dutton                     Mr. David Frank                         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Goldberger         Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Hauser
         Mr. and Mrs. Mike Chickvary           Mr. and Mrs. William R. Crosland       Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, LLC   Franklin Road Animal Hospital           Golden State Foods                    Hawkeye Security Corporation
         Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta      Crossroads Baptist Church Outreach     Eastside High School                  Ms. Joyce Franklin                      Golden State Foods Foundation         Hawkins Oil Company
         Ms. Kathy T. Christensen              Crossroads Memorial Baptist Church     Ms. Ceree T. Eberly                   Ms. Barbara Freeman                     Ms. Bonnie Goldfarb                     of LaGrange, Inc.
         Mrs. Lois Clark                       Ms. Marion Croxton                     Ms. Linda Ebert                       Mr. Lester Freeman                      Mr. Dale Goldstein                    Mr. Patrick Hayes
         Clayton School Employees              Mrs. Kelley Croxton-Samaras            Mike and Lynn Eckelberry              Ms. Kathryn Frerman                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ryan              Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Haynes
           Foundation, Inc.                    Crusselle Freeman Church of the Deaf   Mr. and Mrs. Carter Eddings           Mr. Robert Friedman                     Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Goodwin       Ms. Quantrishia Haynes
         Mr. and Mrs. Philip Clifton           Mr. Curtis Cruz                        Ms. Gina Edmonds                      Mr. Earl Frisk                          Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Goozh            Mr. Mark Haywood
         Miss Kate Cloud                       Mr. Larry Cude                         Elanders Seiz, Inc.                   Ms. Janet Froberg                       Ms. Susan R. Gordon                   Mrs. Elaine Heath
         CNN                                   Ms. Grace Cumberbatch                  Mr. Michael Eller                     Mr. and Mrs. Derek Fuller               Ms. Sally Gozder                      Ms. Joanna Hebb
         Ms. Peyton Coats                      Mr. and Mrs. G. Bradley Curtis III     Ms. Mayo Elliott                      Mrs. Shirley Fuller                     Mrs. Teresa Graf                      Hedgepeth & Heredia, LLC
         The Coca-Cola Company                 Ms. Linda Curtis                       Col. and Mrs. Brad Ellis              William and Laura Furgason              Mrs. Jean S. Graham                   Ms. Janet Heinrich
         Coca-Cola North America               Mr. Perry Cutshall                     Ms. Lauren Ellis                      Ms. Sheila Fussell                      Ms. Pennie Graham                     Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Helms
         Mr. Tony Cochran                      Tony and Jennifer Daniel               Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ellis               Ms. Charlie Ann Gaines                  Mr. James Graves                      Ms. Kathy Hemmings

pg. 28                                                                                                                           an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9           at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s     pg. 29
         Mr. Roy Hendee III                  Ms. Shane Hunter                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kirkland        Lutheran Church of the Redeemer     Mr. Steven McMaster                   Muller Management Inc./McDonald’s
         Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Henderson    Ms. Clarice Hutchins                 Ms. Cynthia A. Kirvin               Ms. Jimmie Luttrell                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles McMichael        Mr. and Mrs. Reid Mullins
         Mr. Michael P. Henderson            Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Iddins          Mr. and Mrs. Walker Kitchens, Sr.   Mr. and Mrs. Robert MaGaw           Virginia and John McMurray            Ms. Hazel Mullis
         Mr. Mike Henley                     Mr. William Igo                      Mrs. Mary Banks Knechtle            Ms. Kathy Mahana                    Ms. Mary S. McPartlin                 Ms. Barbara Murovitz
         Ms. Paulette Henry                  The Imlay Foundation, Inc.           Ms. Shelley Knowles                 Main, Waters Enterprises, LP        McRae Interests, Inc.                 Ms. Pat Murphy
         Mr. Ronald D. Henry                 International Window Cleaning        Daniel James Kramer                 Ms. Louise Majeski                  Ms. Adrianne McVeigh                  Ms. Carol Nance
         Mr. and Mrs. John Henson              Association                          and Bobby Lynn Kramer             Mr. Gene Malcom                     Billy and Janet McWhite               Ms. Sarah Nathanson
         Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Herman      Ms. Lisa Irby                        Mrs. Sharon M. Kramer               Maldonado & Moreno, P.C.            Ms. Jane McWhorter                    Thomas Neal Foundation, Inc
         Mr. Mike Hernandez and              J&L Melton, Inc./McDonald’s          Mr. Randy Krause                    Mrs. Karen Manahan                  Mr. and Mrs. Paul McWhorter           Mrs. Lenora D. Needham
           Mrs. Vivian de Jesus              Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Jackson      Ms. Lindsey Laband                  Ms. Kamia Mance                     Mr. Robert McWilliams                 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Neff, Jr.
         Mrs. Carol Herring                  Ms. Doris Jamieson                   Ms. Dian Lachance                   Ms. Bettye C. Manee                 Ms. Kathy Medina                      Ms. Elizabeth Nelson
         Ms. Barb Hess                       Ms. Betty Lou Jarrett                Ms. Bonnie Lagemann and             Mike and Nancy Mapes                Ms. Sara A. Medlin                    Ms. Laura Nelson
         Ms. Mary Ellen Heuton               Mr. Donald Jaworski                    Mr. Terry Kolsrud                 The Billi Marcus Foundation, Inc.   Ms. Aparna Mehra                      Mr. Bill Nestra
         Jennifer and Ian Hewett             JCK Foundation, Inc.                 Ms. Karen Lagow                     Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Margolis   Ms. Kelley Mell                       Network for Good
         Mr. Thomas D. Hewitt                Kellie and Lee Jeffries              Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Lamb          Market Force Information            Linda and John Melton                 Mr. Joel Neuman
         Mr. and Mrs. Don Hill               Ms. Madalyn Jenkins                  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lancaster        Ms. Amy Martin                      Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Mercer          Newell Recycling of Atlanta, Inc.
         Mr. James W. Hill                   Ms. Jill K. Jensen                   Ms. Patricia Landes                 Ms. Jill Martin                     Ms. Maureen Mercer                    Mr. Charles K. Newman, Jr.
         Mr. Robert Hill                     Ms. Carol Johansen                   Thomas and Pamela Lane              Mr. and Mrs. Jon Martin             Merrill Lynch                         Ms. Tamra Newman
         Hilltoppers at Bright Star United   Ms. Claudia B. Johnson               Mrs. Marion Langley                 Mr. Joseph L. Martin III            Mr. Al Meyer                          Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ney
           Methodist Church                  Darwin and Geraldine Johnson         Ms. Melissa Langston                Mr. Robert Martin                   Millbrook Elementary School           Nick Magazine
         Ms. Joyce Hinders                   Mr. and Mrs. Eric Johnson            The Forrest and Frances Lattner     The Martin-Brower Company           Mr. Charles E. Miller, Jr.            Ms. Janis Niesse
         Ms. Shirley Hinton                  Ms. Ethel L. Johnson                   Foundation                        Mrs. Migdalia Martinez              Mr. Craig Miller                      Ms. Anna Nohrstedt
         Hitachi Consulting                  Mr. and Mrs. Jim Johnson             Laureate Theta                      The Carlos and Marguerite           Ms. Debra Miller                      Mr. and Mrs. James Nolan
         Hitachi Foundation                  Mrs. Judy Johnson                    Ms. Naomi Lawhorn-Gripper             Mason Trust                       Ms. Kathleen Miller                   Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Nolde
         Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hochman            Mrs. Kristen Johnson                 Mr. Harry Lawton                    Ms. Joyce A. Massalo                Mrs. Lynn Miller                      Ms. Ann Norman
         Ms. Tracey L. Hodge                 Ms. Marica Johnson                   La-Z-Boy                            Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Massengale    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Miller        North Atlanta Church of Christ
         Geoffrey and Margaret Hodgson       Mr. Richard C. Johnson               Le Cordon Bleu College              Mr. and Mrs. Tim Massengale         Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Millsapps         North Dekalb Republican Women
         Mr. and Mrs. Sean Hogg              Ms. Jeanne Johnson-Whatley             of Culinary Arts                  Mr. and Mrs. James Massey           Ms. Phyllis Milton                    North Georgia Honda Dealers
         Ms. Lisa M. Hoggard                 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnston          Ms. Jeanne Lee                      Mr. and Mrs. Walter Maszczak        Ms. Ruth Minsk                        North Side Woman’s Club
         Ms. Gail Hogue                      Ms. Betty N. Jones                   Mr. Ronald D. Lee                   Mr. Bob Mathews                     Ms. Erin L. Miranda                   Northeast Georgia, Inc.
         Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Holcombe         Ms. Calie Jones                      Melissa and David Lerner            Ms. Carol K. Mathews                Ms. Jennifer Mirza                    Northside Elementary PTA
         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Holland        Ms. Kathy Jones                      Mr. Jeffrey B. Lester               Mr. and Mrs. Harland Mathews        Ms. Cynthia Misner                    Mr. William H. Nottage
         Holy Trinity Lutheran Church        Ms. Tami Jones                       Mr. David Lewis                     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph                 Ms. Cecilia Mitchell                  Kimberly and Hal Nuckols
         The Home Depot Foundation           Jones and Kolb                       Liberty Mutual - Give with            L. Mathias IV                     Ms. Margaret Mitchell                 Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Oblas
         Home Inspectors Association         Ms. Ada H. Junge                       Liberty Program                   Mr. and Mrs. William Mathis         Mr. Richard Mitchell                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. O’Brien
         Ms. Barbara B. Hook                 Junior League of Atlanta             Mrs. Louise Liggins                 Ms. Maria E. Maxwell                Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mitchell           Ms. Leslie O’Connell
         Ms. Erma I. Hoopes                  JustGive.org                         Dr. and Mrs. P. Mather Lindsay      Heather and Andy McAlister          Ms. Debbie Mobley                     Mr. and Mrs. Randy Ogle
         Hopewell United Methodist Church    Mr. Jason Kale                       Lionel Smith, LTD                   Mr. Charles McAteer                 Ms. Janice Mock                       Ms. Molly O’Neal
         Ms. Susan Hopkins                   Ms. Theresa P. Kalven                Mr. and Mrs. Tracy                  Ms. Marilyn McBride                 Ms. Damaris Montalvo                  Mr. James Osborn
         Mr. Tim Horne                       Sandi and Philip Karl                  D. Lipscomb                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCall          Mr. Brian Moore                       Mr. and Mrs. James Osborn
         Mr. Tim Horton                      Mr. Ben Katz                         Lithia Springs United Methodist     Mr. Edward McCarthy                 Ms. Susan W. Moore                    Ms. Mindy Osborne
         Ms. Amanda Housley                  Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Katz                Church                            Ms. Diane McClearen                 Jim Mora Count On Me Family           Mr. Cole O’Shaughnessy
         Mr. Bill Hovis                      Ms. Amanda Kelley                    Lockheed Martin AERO Club           Mr. Christopher McCray                Foundation                          Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
         Mr. Francis Howard                  Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kendrick       Susan and Mark Loeffler             Kenneth and Carol McCroskey         Ms. Carmen Morales                    Ms. Cynthia Overcash
         Mr. and Mrs. Greg Howell            Ms. Christina Kerscher               Ms. Jennifer Lofton                 Mrs. Velvet McCullough              Mr. and Mrs. David Morgan             Mr. and Mrs. Bill Overend
         Ms. Brandi Hubbard                  Keystone Development Services, LLC   Ms. Barbara Lopez                   Mr. Larry McDonald                  Morgan Stanley Private Wealth         Mr. and Mrs. Frances Pagliarullo
         Ms. Alma Hudson                     Mr. Thomas Kiessler                  Mr. Bobby Lopez                     McDonald’s Corporation                Management                          Mr. Joseph Pakula
         Hudson Family Foundation            Ms. Pamela F. Kikkert                Ms. Nancy Lopez                     McDonald’s Thomasville              Morgan Stanley Smith Barney           Mr. Aron C. Palefsky
         Mr. and Mrs. Keith Huff             The Kimbrough Family                 Ms. Pamela Lorch                    Ms. Lena McGahee                    Ms. Linda M. Morris                   Mr. and Mrs. Melvin D. Palmer
         Mr. Joe Hufford                     Mr. and Mrs. C.E. King               Ms. Stephanie P. Lotti and          Mr. Gary McGalliard                 Ms. Martha Morris                     Mr. Tim Pappas
         Ms. Jane T. Hughes                  Ms. Denise King                        Mr. Todd Rehm                     Ms. Bernice McGuire                 Mr. and Mrs. Pat Morris               Mrs. Cheri Paragi
         Mr. Jason Hunt                      Mr. Michael King                     Ms. Kesha Love                      Ms. Monica McGurk                   Kathy and Bob Morrison                Paramount Drywall, Inc.
         Mr. Joe M. Hunt                     Kings Ridge Christian School         Loyalty Works                       Ms. Mary McIntyre                   Morgan Stanley                        Mr. and Mrs. W. Marc Parker
         Mr. Jon H. Hunt                     Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kinsey            Lu Lu Services, LLC                 Ms. Leslie D. McLeod                Mt. Pisgah Christian School           Parker Hannifin Corportation
         Mr. and Mrs. William Hunt           Thomas M. & Irene B. Kirbo           Mr. Josh Lucas                      Mr. Gibson McMahon                  Ms. Harriet R. Muller                 Ms. Sandra Parker
         Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Hunter         Charitable Trust                   Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lumpkin          Mr. and Mrs. William McManus        Mr. Keith Muller                      Ms. Sherry Parker

pg. 0                                                                                                                    an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9        at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s       pg. 1
         PartyLite Gifts, Inc.                Ms. Melody Rhoads                   Ms. Sherilyn Scott               Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie E. Snowden        Mr. Chris Thomas                      Rolois Villa
         Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Parzygnat        Ms. Jody Rhoden                     Scrappy’s Recycling              Ms. Jill E. Snyder                    Ms. Elaine Thomas                     Ms. Maria Villalobos
         Libby and Carl Patrick, Jr.          Ms. Eleanor Rhodes                  Mr. Scott Sears                  Social Circle United Methodist        Ms. Jaime Thomas                      Ms. Theressa Y. Vincent
         Mr. and Mrs. Mike Patterson          Ms. Jessica Rhye                    Sedki & Russ Engineers             Church                              Mr. John Thomas                       Vineyard Management Corporation
         Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Paul            Ms. Loretta H. Richmond             Mr. and Mrs. Don Segars          Somerset Foundation                   Ms. Sandra K. Thomas                  Ms. Liviu Vornich
         Ms. Elizabeth P. Paulson             Richmond Honan, LLC                 Selling Solutions, Inc.          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sorrells         Mr. John E. Thompson                  W.W. Markert Insurance
         Ms. Nancy Paya                       Ms. Robin Riggs                     Seminole County High School      Southern USA Pageants                 Ms. Maurine Thompson                  Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts
         Pearce Family Foundation, Inc.       Ms. Marian Riter                    Service Guild of Covington       Southwest Georgia Academy             Mr. Worth L. Thompson, Jr.              Program
         Mr. David R. Pennington              Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rivers         Ms. Ginneh A. Sessions           Southwest Georgia Combined Federal    Time Warner Employee Grant            Mr. and Mrs. Stevie Waddell
         Mr. Denis Pepin                      Ms. Sylvia Roberts                  Ms. Stacy L. Setlak                Campaign                              Programs                            Mr. Ted Wadley
         Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Perrotty         Mr. Tim Robertson                   Mr. Zachary Sexton               Mr. and Mrs. Wesley W. Spadgenske     Mr. Adam M. Tindel                    Charles and Krista Wagner
         Ms. Dana Perryna                     Rockwell Collins Service Center     Ms. Andrea Sferes                Beverly and Richard Sparkmon          Ms. Marion E. Tinkham                 Miss Katie Wagner
         Ms. Anitra Peterson                  Mr. and Mrs. John Rodgers           Ms. Aamer Shabbir                Sparkmon & Associates, CPA’s          Mr. and Mrs. Mark Titter              Ms. Ramona Walasek
         Ms. Holly Pethel                     Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Roesch            Sonbol Shahid-Salles             Mrs. Lynn R. Sparkmon-Miller          Ms. Vanessa Tloubatla                 Ms. Jennifer Joy Walker
         Robin Petrowski                      Mr. William Roff                    Mr. Edward Shanak                Mr. and Mrs. Kimberly D. Sparks       Mr. Richard Tourtellott               Ms. Lonita Walker
         Ms. Annie Petty                      Mr. and Mrs. Jay Rogers             Miranda and Harry Shapiro        Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Spears            Ms. Shannon Towe                      Mr. Michael Walker
         Mr. James D. Philips, Jr.            Ms. Bettye Rome                     Becky and Jack Sharp             Ms. Alyson Spickert                   Mr. Mark Townsell                     Oceain Wallis
         Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Piacentino   Mr. Teddy Root                      Ms. Rhon Sheffield               St. James United Methodist Church     Ms. Irene Toye                        Mr. and Mrs. Drew Walston
         Mr. Stephen Pike                     Ms. Joan E. Rorabaugh               Ms. Mary Sheil                   St. James United Methodist Church -   Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Travis, Jr.   Ann and Bob Ward
         Ms. Christina Pizza                  Rose Garden Club                    Shell Oil Company                  Ruth Circle                         Miss Emily Traylors                   Mr. David Ward
         Mr. and Mrs. Jared Polman            Dr. Ronald Rosen                    Gale Shelnutt, DVM               Pastor James St. John                 Ms. Amy Tressler                      Jean and Jack Ward
         Mr. Tom Port                         Mrs. Sally Rosser                   Mr. John Shelton                 Mr. and Mrs. James Stamper            Mr. and Mrs. Ezra B. Trice, Jr.       Mr. Paul Waring
         Ms. Sarah Porter                     Mr. Daniel Roy                      Ms. Tammy Shelton                Ms. Jo Steen                          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Trotta         Mr. Rich Warren
         Mrs. Melony Portwood                 RPC Corporate                       Ms. Gladys A. Shepard            Ms. Polly Stephenson                  Jane Smith Turner Foundation          Ms. Eva J. Waters
         Portwood’s Plumbing, Inc.            Ms. Jennifer Rucker                 Ms. Sara Shepard                 Mr. and Mrs. James Steward            Ms. Patricia Turner                   Ms. Bobbie J. Waters
         Mr. Marvin Powell                    Ms. Colette Ruff                    Ms. Janet Sherwood               Ms. Leslie Stewart                    Ms. Sylvia Turner                     Ms. Kimberly S. Waters
         The Preede Foundation                Ms. Marjorie K. Runcie              Ms. Sue E. Sherwood              Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stewart            Mr. Allen Tyler                       Mr. Billy J. Watson
         Mrs. Louise D. Presley               Mr. Hal Runkel                      Ms. Caroline M. Shields          Ms. Sandra Stiles                     Ms. Mary Udie                         Ms. Deborah N. Watson
         Mr. Ben Preston                      Mr. and Mrs. Byron Russell, Jr.     Ms. Linda Showalter              Ms. Luise S. Stone                    Ms. Julie Ulbrich                     Mr. James S. Watson
         Primrose School of Suwanee           Mr. and Mrs. John J. Russell, Jr.   Ms. Lynn Shultz                  Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Stowers, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. William Underwood        Ms. Susan J. Watson
         The Prudential Foundation            Ida Alice Ryan Charitable Trust     Ms. Sandra Shuster               Ms. Michelle Straham                  Mr. William Underwood                 Mrs. Amy R. Watts
         Mr. and Mrs. William Pugh            Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Sabato       Ms. Catherine Siders             Mr. Russell Stricker                  Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Unglo             Mrs. Charlene K. Weaver
         Ms. Lenora Fay M. Purcell            Ms. Sally Sabo                      Ms. Becca H. Siegel              Mr. Darren Stroud                     United Way - Inland Empire            Weber Family Foundation
         Mr. Antonio Quas                     Safeco Insurance                    Siemens Corporation              Ms. Anita Y. Sturgis                  United Way of Anderson County         Ms. Freda Welch
         Mr. Kevin Quinn                      Mr. Anthony Salerno                 Mr. Jeff Silverman               Ms. Jean P. Styles                    United Way of Coastal Empire          Ms. Vicki A. Welch
         Jan and Tony Raffa                   Ms. Christine R. Salisbury          Ms. Claire Simmons               Mr. Edward Subko                      United Way of the CSRA                Mr. Al Wesley
         Mr. and Mrs. Randy Rainey            Ms. Carrie Salone                   Mr. James Simpson                Mr. and Mrs. John D. Sucher           United Way of Metro Atlanta           Ms. Jane Weyher
         Mr. Ernest Ramsay                    Ms. Carolyn Sanchez                 Ms. Angela W. Sims               Sugarcoat                             United Way of Metro Atlanta           Karen and Marvin Whaley
         Ms. Mariella Ravan                   Mr. Hubert Sanders                  Mr. Eric Singell                 Mr. Patrick K. Sugden                   Combined Federal Campaign           Mr. and Mrs. Dave Whatley
         Mr. Thomas Rawls                     Mr. Rodney K. Sanders               Mr. Keith Sirockman              Ms. Bettina Surls                     United Way of Northeast Florida       Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Wheeler
         Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reagan          Mr. Alan J. Sansone                 Six Flags Over Georgia           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swierski          United Way Special Distribution       Mr. and Mrs. Benny Wheeler
         Mr. Douglas Redden                   Sarah Smith Elementary School       Mr. Chris Skinner                Ms. Denise Swords                       Account                             Mr. Marcus Wheeler
         Ms. Jean Redding                     Mr. D. Jack Sawyer, Jr. and Dr.     Ms. Susan Skolnick               Ms. Diane Sylvester                   Mr. Nevin A. Unokur                   Mr. and Mrs. Jonny Whidden
         Ms. Andrea Redman                      William E. Torres                 Mr. and Mrs. Joel Slaughter      Mr. Andre M. Szabo                    USA Today                             E. White
         Mr. and Mrs. Leslie L. Reece         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Scavotto     Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Smallwood     Dr. and Mrs. James E. Tally           Mr. Barry Ussery                      Ms. Tonya M. White
         Mr. Robert K. Reese                  Sharon and David Schachter          Ms. Anne Smilgoff                Ms. Lena A. Tamplin                   Ms. Gillian Vaccarelli                Mr. and Mrs. George Whitfield
         Ms. Sharon Rehling                   Mrs. Julia Schacknow                Ms. Allie Smith                  Mr. and Mrs. Hal Taylor               Ms. Melissa A. Vaglia-Norman          Ms. Lynn Whitfield
         Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Reisman         Mr. and Mrs. William Schaeffer      Ms. Charlie Anne Smith           Mr. and Mrs. Greg Taylor              Ms. Jeanne Valentino                  Miss Brittany Whitmore
         Ms. W. Jean Render                   Ms. Kim Schneider                   Ms. Deloris R. Smith             Mr. and Mrs. Jason Taylor             Ms. Nina Van Alst                     Ms. Melinda Whittaker
         Mr. and Mrs. Bill Reno               Mr. Melvin Schrier                  Mr. Geoffrey Smith               Ms. Wanda Taylor                      Ms. Barbi Van Clay                    Ms. Kim Wholley
         Repro Products, Inc.                 Stephen and Louise Schrock          Ms. Katie Smith                  Mr. and Mrs. Adam Teal                Mr. Peter Van Rijssen                 Mr. R. Todd Wickliffe
         Revolver Marketing Group             Mr. and Mrs. Benedikt Schroeder     Mr. Kyle Smith                   Mr. and Mrs. Gary Terschluse          Ms. Connie U. Van Schoiack            Wiggle Bug Foundation
         Mr. and Mrs. Corey Reynolds          Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Schulz      Mr. and Mrs. L. Neal Smith Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. James Testement          Mr. John VanMarkwyk                   Mr. George S. Wilkerson
         Ms. Jeanne Reynolds                  Mr. Cameron Scott                   Mr. and Mrs. William Smith       Mr. Walter E. Thain, Jr.              Veterans of Foreign Wars              Mr. and Mrs. Theron Wilkes
         Mr. Robert Reynolds                  Mr. Leo J. Scott                    SmithCraft                       Ms. Kim Tham                            - Post 5255                         Ms. Angela Williams
         Mr. Mitch Rezac                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Scott          Ms. Barbara G. Snow              Ms. Betty R. Thomas                   Mr. Johnny Viebrock                   Ms. Carole Williams

pg. 2                                                                                                                 an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9          at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s      pg. 
         Mr. Frazier M. Williams                Kimberly-Clark Corporation             AT&T Telecom Pioneers                  Christmas Decor of Roswell           Mr. Robert Finn                       Ms. Rebecca Hampson
         Mr. Robert Williams                    Melissa and David Lerner               Atlanta Braves Foundation              Church of Jesus Christ of            First Christian Church                Ms. Christena Hancock
         Ms. Sha-ta-qua Williams                Adrienne and Robert LoRay              Atlanta Needlepoint Guild                Latter-Day Saints                    of Decatur                          Ms. Elizabeth Harbert
         Ms. Tomeka M. Williams                 Jim McDaniel                           Atlanta Northlake Elks Auxiliary       Ms. Stephanie Cicesone               Mr. Chad Fleming                      Ms. Melanie Hardin
         Ms. Lori Willner and Mr. Gerry Rose    Debbie and Gene McHugh                 Atlanta Thrashers                      Mr. Tim Cillessen                    Fogelman Management                   Ms. Lindy Harper
         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Willoughby         Mid South Baking Company               Atlantic Southwest Airlines            Ms. Angie Clark                      Foresters                             Ms. Hope Harrell
         Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilson             Mr. Richard P. Nicholas                Ms. Julie Anne Audrey                  Classic, Inc.                        Ms. Shelby Foster                     Harvester Christian Academy
         Ms. Sheila Wilson                      Janice and C. V. Oreal                 AutoTrader.com                         Kym and Chad Clausen                 FOX 5 - WAGA Atlanta                     - Key Club
         Ms. Tanya Wilson                       Kay and Bill Phinney                   Avondale Pattillo United Methodist     Clear Wireless Inc.                  Ms. Rita Frazier                      Ms. April Hatten
         Mr. Terry Wilson                       Christina and Jim Price                  Church                               Ms. Mary Cobb                        Friends of North Buckhead             Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Haynes
         Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wimberly            Jan and Anthony Raffa                  Bank of America                        The Coca-Cola Company                Friendship Club                       Health and Wellness Community
         The Greg and Jan Winchester Family     Kevin and Michele Scollard             Ms. Vanessa Barksdale                  Ms. Heidi Cohen                      Mr. and Mrs. Derek Fuller                at Mountain Park UMC
           Foundation Fund                      Becky and Jack Sharp                   Ms. Eileen Barrett                     Ms. Renee S. Cohn                    Gallagher Bassett Services            Hearts of Hope
         Mr. and Mrs. Bill Winn                 Ms. Vivian Valdivia                    Mr. and Mrs. William Barron            Comcast Spotlight                    The Galloway School                   Ms. Denise Henderson
         Ms. Roslyn S. Winston                  Ann and Bob Ward                       Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Bates             ConKerr Cancer                       Debra and William Garren              Mr. and Mrs. Mark Henry
         Mr. Roger W. Wise III                  Karen and Marvin Whaley                BB&T                                   Ms. Kathy Cook                       Gary B. Coursey & Associates,         Henry, Inc.
         Mr. Steven R. Wisebram                                                        BB&T Small Business Partners           Cookies for Kid’s Cancer               Architects                          Ms. Suzanne Herbert
         The Wishlist Foundation                GOODS AND SERVICES                     BB&T South Sandy Springs               Cook’s Pest Control                  Gas South, LLC                        Ms. Amber Herman
         Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Withorn                                                     Mr. Pace Bearden                       Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cookston           Ms. Diana Gaskins                     Ms. Jamie Hernan
         Mr. Ralph Wlotzko, MSGT RET            A Piece of Cake                        Ben Franklin Academy Philanthropy      Costco                               Gay Construction Company              Ms. Barb Hess
         Ms. Page Woodall                       Mr. Wes Achey                            Project                              Country Hills Garden Club            George Hearn Enterprises              Mr. Jim Heuvelman
         Dr. and Mrs. William G. Woods          Action Blueprint                       Ms. Charlotte Bennett                  Shannon and Tyler Courtney           Georgia Baptist Children’s Home       Ms. Jamie Hill
         Mr. Wesley J. Worthington              Mr. Ron Adkins                         Ms. Nicole Bentoski                    Cox Enterprises, Inc.                Georgia Federation                    Hilltoppers at Bright Star United
         Ms. Eve L. Woychek                     Aeropostale                            Beta Kappa                             Coxe Curry & Associates                of Women’s Clubs                       Methodist Church
         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wright            Aldridge Reinventions, Inc.            Beta Sigma Phi - Lauerate Alpha Eta    Ms. Elizabeth Crews                  Georgia Virtual Academy               Ms. Gail Hogue
         Ms. Maureen Yanoshik                   Alex Roush Architects, Inc             Beta Sigma Phi - Preceptor Beta Beta   Crooked Creek Social Club            Georgia-Pacific Corporation           Mr. and Mrs. Chandler Holland
         Mr. and Mrs. David E. Yaros            Mr. Brad Alexander                     Beta Sigma Phi                         Crosspointe Christian Academy        Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gibbs             Holy Redeemer Catholic School
         Yerkes National Primate Research       All Saints Catholic Church               - Preceptor Mu                       Crossroads Memorial Baptist Church   Girl Scout Troop 1212                 Homestar Financial, LLC
           Center                               Ms. Jennifer Allen                     Ms. Suzy Bick                          Mr. Ben Dahl                         Girl Scout Troop 2074                 Ms. Denina Hood
         Mr. and Mrs. Barry Young               Alon’s Bakery                          Biddy Construction Co, Inc             Mr. Joel Daniel                      Girl Scout Troop 2108                 Hope Paige Designs
         Ms. Kimberly Young                     Alpha Delta Kappa - Delta Chapter      Big John’s Christmas Trees             DAVACO, Inc.                         Girl Scout Troop 21325                Mr. Kevin Houston
         Ms. Rebekah Yu                         Alpha Delta Kappa - Xi Chapter         Big Miller Grove Baptist Church        Davies Family                        Girl Scout Troop 2328                 Ms. Brandi Hubbard
         Sam and Tena Zellner                   Alpha Delta Pi - Delta Alpha Chapter   Bissell, Inc.                          Mr. Leon De Lassus                   Girl Scout Troop 24339                Mr. Warren Hudson
         Mr. Paul Zuckerman                     Alpha Delta Pi - Lambda Chapter        Ms. Beverly Black                      DeKalb Toy Makers                    Girl Scout Troop 24345                Hudson Family Foundation
                                                Alpha Delta Pi - Zeta Omicron          Ms. Brittany Boden                     Ms. Denise DeLa Rue                  Girl Scout Troop 24348                Ms. Vernette Hudson-McKnight
         2009 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN                    Chapter                              Mr. Mycah Boland                       Delve                                Girl Scout Troop 270                  Huntley Hills Girl Scouts
         PLEDGE PAYMENTS                        Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, Inc.        Mr. and Mrs. David Bracken             Ms. Kristin Dixon                    Girl Scout Troop 27324                Mr. Jeff Hutchins
                                                Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority             BrandSource                            Ms. Chera Downs                      Girl Scout Troop 27413                Ms. Valerie Inglesby
         The Aflac Foundation                   Alpharetta Tennis Academy              Ms. Ahissa Branson                     Dream Pages, Inc./Big Dog Tickets    Girl Scout Troop 2819                 Integrative Logic
         Alpha Delta Pi, Zeta Omicron Chapter   Ms. Lativia Alston                     Ms. Barbara Broadway                   Ms. Debbie Driskell                  Girl Scout Troop 2911                 J. Allen Enterprises
           at Georgia Tech                      Altodigital, Inc.                      Brown Mackie College - Atlanta         Druid Hills Kiwanis Club             Girl Scout Troop 2927                 Ms. Barbara Jackson
         Jim and Nancy Barnes                   American Family Insurance              Brownie Troop 28422                    Ms. Scerita A. Dugas                 Girl Scout Troop 3154                 Mr. and Mrs. Josh Jacobs
         Dave and Carol Boucher                 American Roadhouse                     Brownie Troop 358                      Duke University                      Girl Scout Troop 3380                 Ms. Deborah A. James
         Minnie and Jerry Bowden                Ms. Amanda Amster                      Miss Katie Butler                      Emory Circle K                       Girl Scout Troop 432                  Ms. Anita Jefferson
         Clear Channel Communications           Mr. and Mrs. Larry Anderson            Ms. Ebony Caldwell                     Emory University                     Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia       Mr. Henry Johnson, Jr.
         Carol and Bob Covington                Ms. Kristie Andrews                    Ms. Carmen Callaway                    Emory University Library             Ms. Nicole Glore                      Mr. Isaac Johnson
         Ms. Christina Del Gaizo                Angelica Health Care Services Group    Cannon United Methodist Church           and Friends                        Golden State Foods                    Mr. Tom Johnson
         Rita and George Forrest                Mr. Chad Aossey                        Cardinal Lake Civic Association        Empire Tickets                       Golden State Foods Foundation         Joneville Middle School
         Mr. Greg Gerhard                       Ms. Brooke Aplin                       Mr. Kevin Carroll                      Ms. Cindy Ensor                      The Goldman Family                    Jowers & Co., Inc.
         Mrs. Susan H. Gordy                    AquaKnox                               Ms. Nancy Cauthen                      Equipment Controls Company           Goodtimers Presbyterian Church        Junior League of Atlanta
         Hauser Family Foundation               Arrow Exterminators                    Ms. Shameika Chan                      Erin Presbyterian Church               of the Redeemer                     Mr. and Mrs. Brad Kalter
         Holder Construction Company            Ms. Sarah Asher                        Ms. Malini Chatoth                     Everclear Enterprises                Ms. Alicia Goren                      Mr. Daniel Kamman
         Hudson Company of Tennessee, Inc.      Assistance League - Atlanta            Children Helping Children              Ms. Camille Fenton                   Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grant              Kappa Kappa Iota - Lambda State
         Shiroleen Adams-Hurt and John Hurt     Association of Pediatric Hematology/   Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta       Ms. Nan Ferguson                     Ms. Keri Greenwald                    Ms. Betsey Kates
         Amy and Ray Justice                      Oncology Nurses (APHON)              Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at    Ms. Nikki Ferrell                    H & K International                   Ms. Margery Kellar
         Keystone Development Services          Astral Health and Beauty                 Egleston                             Ms. Keely Finkhouser                 Ms. Laurie Haas                       Keller Williams Realty

pg. 4                                                                                                                            an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9         at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s     pg. 
         Kennesaw State University        Mt. Pisgah Christian School       Mr. Wayne Reimer                       Ms. Adelle Telford                 POP TAB DONORS                         Camp E-Tu-Nake
         Ms. Helen Kenwright              Mr. John Murphy                   Mr. Vincent Rhone                      Tensar International                                                      Camping World Store
                                          Ms. Susan Murphy                  Ms. Sofia Ribeiro                      Ms. Sylvia Terry                   Accenture Ltd.                         Mr. Ray Carmen
         Kiwanis Club of Buckhead
                                          Ms. Autumn Murray                 Richmond Honan, LLC                    Ms. Tara Thomas                    Adairsville Middle School              Carnesville United Methodist Church
         Ms. Jenn Kler
                                          Ms. Sarah Nathanson               River Hills Church                     Ms. Erin Thurston                  Ms. Carla Adams                        Carrollton Civic Woman’s Club
         Mr. Robert Klufas
                                          National Charity League,          Ms. Jules Rosen                        Ms. Chamila Tissera                Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Adams                Centers for Disease Control ATSDR -
         Ms. Margaret Kollias
                                            Buckhead Chapter                Ms. Lisa Rowell                        Ms. Cheryll Tobin                  Affiliated Computer Services             Chamblee Campus
         Lakeside High School - PTSA
                                          Mr. Dan Needle                    Royston Elementary School              Ms. Karen Toppin                   Ms. Betty Akridge                      Centers for Disease Control
         Mrs. Stephanie Lampert
                                          Ms. Mary Alice NeSmith              Faculty Fund                         Ms. Dana Tottenham                 Ms. Allie Albright                       NCZVED/DVRD/OD
         Mr. Michael Larsen
                                          Nexus Reviews                     Mr. Michael Runyan                     Trader Joe’s                       Allen Systems Group                    Central Dekalb Republican Women
         Lassiter High School
                                          Norman Grove Baptist Church       Mr. Tim Runyon                         Ms. Gail Trimble                   Alpha Delta Kappa                      Central Presbyterian Church
                                          North Atlanta Church              Ms. Phyllis Rutledge                   Trinity Lutheran Church            Alpha Delta Kappa - Alpha Kappa        Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cheek
         LC Products
                                            of Christ                       S & D Coffee, Inc.                     Ms. Jenny Troha                      Chapter                              Ms. Michelle Cheek
         Legacy Baptist Church
                                          Northside Women’s Club            Saint Thomas Aquinas Church -          Ms. Lori Tucker                    Alpha Delta Kappa - Altruistic         Chestnut Charter
         Dr. Michael K. Levine
                                          Ms. Kay Norton                      Middle School Youth                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Umstead          Chairman                             Children’s Healthcare
         Ms. April Lickovitch
                                          Notre Dame Academy                Ms. Lindy Salmon                       Ms. Christine Umsteay              Alpha Delta Kappa - Atlanta District     of Atlanta
         Life Spring Community Church
                                          Kimberly and Hal Nuckols          Ms. Louise Samsky                      Ms. Jean Underwood                 Alpha Delta Kappa - Buford             Children’s Healthcare
         Lifetime Fitness -John’s Creek
                                          Ms. Abby O’Brien                  Sandy Springs Christian Church         Ms. Lola Vasiloff                  Alpha Delta Kappa - Delta Chapter        of Atlanta at Egleston
         Ligatt Security
                                          Ms. Jennifer O’Connell            Ms. Kathy Schlag                       Vendermate                         Alpha Delta Pi - Beta Nu Chapter       Christ The King School
         Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lipton
                                          Mr. David Oliner                  Ms. Sadie Schurecf                     Victory World Church - Norcross    Alpha Delta Pi - Beta Omega Chapter    Citizens of Georgia Power Company
         Mr. Edward Lloyd
                                          OnPoint Underwriting              Mr. Bryan Sealey                       Vista Branding                     Alpha Delta Pi - Lambda Chapter        Clairmont Oaks
         Ms. Lynn Lonadier
                                          Open Door Community Church        Dr. and Mrs. Michael                   Mr. Chris Voss                     Alpharetta United Methodist Women      Ms. Stella Clark
         Ms. Joanne P. Love
                                          Ms. Laranne Oser                    H. Sebastian                         Ms. Lisle Waits                    American Red Cross                     Ms. Susan Clayton
         Ms. Kesha Love
                                          Pacific Coast Clearing Services   Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Seeber              Mr. Tom Waldbeser                  Apostle Lutheran Church                Coal Mountain Elementary
         The Lovett School
                                          Panera Bread Company              Select Comfort Corporation             Ms. Julie Wallace                  Applebee Family                        Ms. Mary Cobb
         Ms. Kathleen Lubman
                                          Parkview High School              Service Guild of Covington             Ms. Stacey Wallach                 Arnold Mill Elementary School          Mr. Paul Cobb, Jr.
         Mr. Hunter MacConnell
                                          Pastries A Go Go                  Mr. Tim Sheehy                         Walmart                            Mr. Thomas Aschmeyer                   The Coca-Cola Club
         Mr. Louis Malooley
                                          Ms. Sandra Patton                 Ms. Margaret Sherman                   Walnut Fork Baptist Church         AT&T Pioneers - Decatur                Ms. Anita G. Cole
         Ms. Brandy Marcinko
                                          Paulding County High              The Simblist Group                     Mr. Rich Warren                    AT&T Telecom Pioneers                  Collins High School Honor Society
         Ms. Genny Marsden
                                            - Junior Civitan                Ms. Rebecca Simon                      Mr. and Mrs. Mark Washington       Atlanta First United Methodist         Command Post Dobbins
         Ms. Janet Martin
                                          Mr. William Paulk                 Ms. Sara E. Skinner                    Ms. Darlene Watts                    Church                                 Air Force Base
         Ms. Lynn May
                                          PayDay USA, Inc.                  Smiles                                 Weber School                       Atlanta Marietta District UMW          Ms. Ashley Compton
         Mr. Jordan Mayers
                                          Payless Shoe Source               Ms. Heather Smith                      Mr. Jay Weiner                     Avondale Pattillo United Methodist     Congregation B’nai Torah
         McCarthy Building
                                          Peachtree Council                 Ms. Jessica Smith                      Ms. Laura Weiss                      Church                               The Conway Family
           Companies, Inc.
                                          Peachtree Park Prep               Snellville United Methodist Church     Ms. Ruth Wellborn                  B.B. Harris Elementary                 Mr. Todd Copper
         Ms. Kristin McConnell
                                          Peachtree Tickets                 Ms. Andrea Spagnuolo                   Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth West          Bank of America                        Cox Enterprises, Inc.
         Ms. Maggie McCright
                                          Ms. Genevieve Pearson             Spirit of Grace Homeschool             Westin Peachtree Plaza             Mr. and Mrs. William Barron            Crooked Creek Social Club
         Ms. Lorie McDaniel
                                          Ms. Holly Pecarek                 St. Jude the Apostle Catholic School   Westminster School                 Mr. Jerry Barrows                      Crosspointe Christian Academy
         Ms. Erin McDonald
                                          Ms. Cheryl Peters                 Ms. Caitlin Stango                     Ms. Nancy Williams                 Beasley-Allen Firm                     Ms. Yvonne Cruse
         McDonald’s JVT Enterprise
                                          Ms. Deanna Pham                   Star Struck Tickets                    Ms. Tracy Williams                 Berry College                          Cumming First United Methodist
         Ms. Karon McLaren
                                          Phi Delta Chi - Alpha Rho         Starbucks, Inc.                        The Wilson Academy                 Beta Sigma Phi - Laureate Theta          Church
         Ms. Anna Lee McMorran
                                          Piece of Cake                     Ms. Jennifer Starnes                   Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wimberly        Beta Sigma Phi - Zeta Chapter          Mr. Michael Cummings
         Ms. Beth McMullan
                                          Plaid Industries                  Starwood Hotels & Resorts              Ms. Roslyn S. Winston              Ms. Adrienne Bettress                  Ms. Gail Dalton
         Ms. Elizabeth Measor
                                          Pleasant Hill Baptist Church      Stone Creek Church                     WNR Direct Response                Black & Veatch Special Projects        Mr. Marvin Darling
         Ms. Mary Merritt
                                          Portman Holdings LP               Stone Mountain Woman’s Club            Ms. Erin Wood                        Corporation                          Daughters of the American Revolution
         Metro Atlanta Kiwanis
                                          Post Properties, Inc.             Alicia Stout                           Woodland High School               Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Blumenthal         Decadant Divas - Red Hat Society,
         Ms. Amy Michalove
                                          Mr. Marvin Powell                 Ms. Mary Ellen Strandquist             Woodward Academy Primary School    BNY Mellon                               Canton
         Mr. Bobby Miller
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Jim Preau            Ms. Natalie Stuetzer                   Mr. and Mrs. James Worrell         Mr. and Mrs. John R. Branscomb         Decadent Divas - Red Hat Society,
         Ms. Julie Mitchell
                                          Preceptor Beta Beta               Sunseeker Media                        Ms. Marshalla Yadav                Ms. Susan Brewer                         Roswell
         Ms. Debbie Mobley
                                          PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP        SunTrust Bank Financial                Ms. Irma Young                     Miss Ivy Brooks                        Decatur First Baptist Church
         Ms. Megan Molinari
                                          Publix                              Services Unit                        Ms. Sandy Young                    Ms. Lynn Brown                         DeKalb County 4-H
         Mom’s Club of Dunwoody/Sandy
                                          Mr. Brad Pugh                     TACO Sales, Inc.                       Young Men’s Service League, Inc.   Brownie Troup 2739                     Ms. Gwendolyn Denham
                                          Queen of Angels Catholic School   Ms. Sandy Tarbell                      Young Men’s Service League -       Bullard Elementary School              Mr. Tobias Dent
         Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
                                          Radio Disney                      Target                                   Manorside                        Ms. Jean Cain                          Department of Corrections
         Ms. Debra Morrison
                                          Mr. Corey Ratnowsky               Ms. Pat Teagle                         Young Men’s Service League -       Ms. Daonne Caldwell                    Dodgen Middle School
         Ms. Lori Moscattini
                                          Ms. Andrea Redman                 Telephone Pioneers of America            Northeast Atlanta Chapter        Camp Creek Elementary
         Mount Zion High School

pg. 6                                                                                                                 an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9       at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s         pg. 7
         Dogwood Distric Garden Club of            Ms. LaDonna Hancock                 Marist School                      Ms. Tina Petree                       Ms. Gwen Walk
           Georgia                                 Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hardin         Ms. Clara Marquez                  Phi Delta Chi - Alpha Rho             Walmart, Tallahassee
         Ms. Dottie Dowes                          Mr. Donald Harris                   Ms. Nicole Martin                  Philadelphia Presbyterian Church      Watson Wyatt Investment Consulting
         Ms. Joyce Driver                          Haygood United Methodist            Ms. Valerie Martinez               Mr. Louis Pilot                       Webb Bridge Middle School Junior
         Ms. Scerita A. Dugas                      Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Haynes           Mason Elementary                   The Ponderosa Civic Association         Beta Club
         Dunwoody Service Unit                     Hearts of Hope                      Ms. Tori Masters and               Ms. Alice Presley                     Ms. Rita Weed
           of Girl Scouts                          Ms. Janis Hendrix                     Ms. Cami Masters                 Rev. Ronald E. Preuss                 Ms. Sue Weeks
         Ms. Barbara Duren                         Ms. Regina Hennessy                 Matt Elementary School             Ms. Shelly D. Ragan                   Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Weiland
         East Hall High School                     Hi Hope Service Church              Ms. Ginny McCabe                   Ms. Maria Luisa Ramos                 Wells Fargo
         Ms. Dorothy Edenfield                     Highwoods Properties                Mr. Bill McKoy                     Mr. Chase Rappaport                   Ms. Amy Westbourne
         Emory University                          Hilltoppers at Bright Star United   Ms. Mary Kate McLean               Mr. Brenton Reeves                    Western Elementary School
           - NetCom                                   Methodist Church                 Meadowbrook Insurance Group        Regions Bank                          Whitewater High School
         Fair Street International Baccalaureate   Ms. Kim Hinerman                    Mr. Howard Meeler                  REI                                   Wieuca Road Baptist Church
           World School                            Ms. Karen W. Holt                   Ms. Cheryl Miller                  Mr. and Mrs. Victor Reyes             Mr. Brennan Wilcox
         Faith United Methodist Church             Holtville Elementary                Mimosa Elementary School           Ms. Suzanne Roane                     Miss Denise Williams
         Federal Reserve Bank                      Holy Trinity Lutheran Church        Mingledorff’s                      Rocky Mount Elementary School         Wilmer Co.
         Mr. Kenneth T. Finney                     Hope Hull United Methodist Church   Mrs. Renee Mobley                  Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Roesch              Winder Barrow Middle School
         Ms. Kathryn Firago                        Horizon Actuarial Services          The Mom’s Club of Sharpsburg       RPC, Inc.                             Mr. and Mrs. Eric Winston
         First Baptist Church Decatur              Ms. Erika Hosking                   Ms. Vicki Morse                    Ms. Mary Schmidt                      Ms. Joy Wittlee
         First Baptist Church of Jonesboro         Mr. Clarance Hosy                   Mr. and Mrs. Danny Moseley         Ms. Sadie Schurecf                    Women of the Evangelical
         First Baptist Church of Roswell           HR Works                            Mrs. Lucy Moses                    Ms. Phyllis Scott                       Lutheran Church
         First Christian Church of Decatur         Ms. Betsy Huges                     Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church   Ms. Claudette J. Seden                  in America
         Ms. Karen Folds                           Mr. and Mrs. Taylor L. Hulsey       Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Murphy     Ms. Susan Shayer                      Ms. Ruth Woodall
         Franklin County High School               Ms. Iris Hundesby                   Mr. Victor Nadwoody                Shiloh Baptist Church - Royal         Mr. and Mrs. Sam Zellner
           French Club                             Mr. Scotty Hunt                     National Charity League,             Ambassadors                         Zeta Tau Alpha - Alpha Alumnae
         Friends at the Orchards                   Huntcliff Summit Residence            Buckhead Chapter                 Mr. Bobby L. Simmons                    Chapter
         Friendship Club                           Insurance Office of America         Mr. and Mrs. Hector Navarrete      Ms. Rebecca Simon
         Gainesville Probation Office              Mr. and Mrs. Brian Irvin            Norcross Elementary School         Sky View Elementary                   Please note that we have
         The Garden Club of Georgia                Ms. Gina Irvin                      North Decatur United Methodist     Small World Child Care Center         made every effort to ensure the
           - Laurel District                       Ithica Elementary School              Church                           Mr. and Mrs. Will Smarr
         The Garden Club of Georgia                Ms. Barbara Jackson                 North Gwinnett Junior Civitan      Ms. Johannah SmithSolter, McLellan,
                                                                                                                                                                accuracy of this donor list. If you
           - Redbud District                       Jackson Elementary School           North Springs United Methodist       & Gilbreath                         notice any errors or omissions,
         Ms. Donna Garner                          Ms. Angie Jeffers                     Church                           St. James United Methodist Church     please contact ARMHC at
         Ms. Betty Gates                           Mr. and Mrs. Darwin E. Johnson      Northside Park Baptist Church      St. Mark’s Class, Lori Martin         678.704.8082 so that we may
         Ms. Edna Gayle                            Ms. Renee Johnson                   Northside Women’s Club             Ms. Katrina Stone                     correct our records.
         George A. Towns Elementary School         Ms. Katherine Johnston              Notre Dame Academy                 Stone Mountain Woman’s Club
           Ambassadors                             Mr. and Mrs. Mark Joshi             Mr. Clarent Oaks                   Mr. Lawrence Strong
         Georgia Hospital Association              Ms. Martha Jo Katz                  Ms. Abby O’Brien                   Mr. and Mrs. Frank Surine
         Georgia Power Ambassadors Metro           Mr. and Mrs. Jim Keet               Mr. and Mrs. Evan O’Brien          Suwanee Elementary School
           East Chapter                            Ms. Pam Kelly                       O’Hara Family                      Ms. Mary Lou Swann
         Georgia-Pacific Corporation               Kemira Chemicals, Inc.              Old Canupbey Co Women’s Club       Mr. Jack Tansill
         Mr. and Mrs. Chip Giblin                  Ms. Elizabeth Kennedy               Order of the Confederate Rose      Lewis Taylor, Department of
         Girl Scout Troop 1212                     Mr. Alan Kenney                       Chapter #1                         Corrections
         Girl Scout Troop 22410                    Kirbo, Kendrick & Bell Attorneys    Mr. and Mrs. James Osborn          Mr. Brendon Thompson
         Girl Scout Troop 28304                       at Law                           Ms. Cherly Oslund                  Ms. Joni Thompson
         Girl Scout Troop 4146                     Ms. Mary Lee Kirkpatrick            Ms. Kiki Papadimitriou             Mr. and Mrs. Shane Thornton
         Girl Scouts Greater Atlanta               Leapfrog Services, Inc.             PAPP Clinic                        Ms. Irene Toye
           Troop 14317                             Mr. and Mrs. Zack Leitz             Park Avenue United Methodist       Transfiguration Catholic Church
         Mr. Ryan Glenn                            Ms. Beth Liess                        Church - United Methodist        Trinity Christian
         Goodtimers Presbyterian Church            Life Enrichment Services              Women Parrish                    Trinity Lutheran Church
           of the Redeemer                         Mr. Bill Lomas                      Ms. Neepa Patel                    Turgeon
         Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Goswick                Lutheran Church of the Redeemer     Peachtree Christian Church         Ms. Lee Turner
         Ms. Carolyn Granade                       Mr. H.B. Maggio                     Peachtree Council                  Union United Methodist Church
         Ms. Latonia Halloway                      Mr. Bud Malsbary                    Peachtree Park Prep                United Daughters of the Confederacy
         Hamilton Crossing Elementary              Ms. Becky Marchant                  Ms. Kaitlyn Peel                   Ms. Celia Visscher
           School                                  Marietta Middle School              Ms. Emily Penprase                 Ms. Patty Voghell

pg. 8                                                                                                                        an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9          at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s   pg. 9
                                 1    Make a financial donation to help ensure we can serve as
                                      many families as possible. Visit www.armhc.org to donate
                                      online or call 678.704.8088.

                                 2    Buy a ticket in our annual Car Raffle. Call 678.704.8086
                                      to find out more.

          9 Ways                     Volunteer with your family, friends or company for our
                                      Family Meal Program, Baker’s Club or Casserole Club.
                                      Call 678.704.8098 for details.

         to Help the             4    Drop your spare change in our donation boxes at your local
                                      McDonald’s® restaurant.

            House                    Participate in annual special events, including the Hearts and
                                      Hands Gala, Golf Classic, or Atlanta Dines In.
                                      Call 678.704.8086 to find out more.

                                 6    Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to spread the news
                                      about our good work.

                                 7    Donate items on our Wish List. Call 678.704.8098 to find out
                                      about our most urgent needs.

                                 8    Leave a legacy by including us in your estate plans.
                                      Call 678.704.8088 for more information on planned
                                      gift opportunities.

                                 9    Become a Guest Services or Family Activity Volunteer at one
                                      of the Houses, or volunteer for special events.
                                      Call 678.704.8098 to get involved.

pg. 40                 an n ual r e p ort 2 0 0 9   at l a n ta r o n a l d m c d o n a l d h o u s e c h a r i t i e s   pg. 41
79 Gatewood Road, NE
   Atlanta, GA 029

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