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                                                                  Consider the following suggestions:
    Lactose Intolerant                                   •Drink milk in servings of one cup or less.
          Diet                                           •Try hard cheeses that are low in lactose, like cheddar.
                                                         •Drink milk with a meal or with other foods.
What is lactose intolerance?                             •Try yogurt with active cultures. Substitute lactose-
Lactose intolerance is a set of symptoms resulting from reduced dairy products, such as nonfat, low-fat, and
                             the body's inability to di- calcium-fortified milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, and ice
                             gest the milk sugar called  cream, for regular dairy products.
                             lactose. Lactose is com-    •Take lactase enzyme tablets before eating or with
                             monly found in dairy-based dairy products.
                             foods and beverages, and is •Add lactase enzyme drops to regular milk.
                             digested in the intestines
                             by the enzyme lactase.      Do other nondairy foods also contain lactose?
                             Lactase breaks down lac-    Some nondairy foods may include ingredients that con-
tose so it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. When tain lactose. The ingredient list on food packages in-
the body does not produce enough lactase, lactose can- forms you of lactose or lactose-containing ingredients
not be digested which may result in lactose intolerance. in the food. Although dairy products are the most com-
Individuals may have varying degrees of intolerance to mon sources of lactose, some nondairy processed or
lactose.                                                 baked foods contain smaller amounts.
Between 30 to 50 million Americans suffers from lac-              Individuals who experience symptoms of lactose intol-
tose intolerance. In fact, 75 percent of adults worldwide         erance with small amounts of lactose-containing foods
do not produce adequate amounts of the lactase en-                should look for words such as "whey," "lactose,"
zyme, and therefore may experience some or all of the             "nonfat milk solids," "buttermilk," "malted milk,"
symptoms of lactose intolerance.                                  "margarine," and "sweet" or "sour cream." Some
                                                                  breads, dry cereals, cookies, instant soups, breakfast
If you are lactose intolerant, you share this condition           drinks, and milk chocolate contain small amounts of
with many people. It is estimated that 90 percent of              lactose. Ask a pharmacist if medications you take con-
Asian-Americans are lactose intolerant and 75 percent             tain lactose.
of all African and Native Americans, Jews, and His-
panics in the U.S. have insufficient levels of the lactase Does lactose-reduced milk contain the same nutri-
enzyme and may experience some or all symptoms.            ents as regular milk?
What are the symptoms?                                            Lactose-reduced milk contains the same amounts of
Depending on the individual, the symptoms may vary,               protein, vitamins A, D, and riboflavin, and the minerals
including cramps, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and nausea.            calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium as regular milk.
If you experience these symptoms after eating dairy               Some lactose-reduced milk is also calcium-fortified.
products, talk with a registered dietitian or physician           Check the Nutrition Facts label for the amounts of nu-
for an accurate evaluation and appropriate manage-                trients in milk. Dairy products are a significant source
ment.                                                             of calcium and other minerals needed for healthy bones
                                                                  and teeth. Two to three servings from the milk, yogurt,
                                                                  and cheese group help provide the calcium and other
How can I manage lactose intolerance?                             minerals you need each day.
Lactose intolerance can be easily managed. Because
some individuals may produce small amounts of lac-                What foods contain calcium?
tase, they may be able to consume small servings of               Many foods contain calcium, such as broccoli, kale,
dairy products or other foods that contain lactose with-          canned salmon with bones, calcium-fortified breads,
out experiencing discomfort. A larger amount of lac-              and tofu. Read the Nutrition Facts label for the amounts
tase is needed to digest a larger amount of lactose, so           of calcium in these foods. A healthy, well-balanced
eating a larger serving of lactose-containing foods               eating pattern includes foods from all food groups:
could result in the symptoms of lactose intolerance. In           bread, cereal, rice, pasta, fruits, vegetables, meat, poul-
such cases, a registered dietitian can plan helpful strate-       try, fish, eggs, dry beans, nuts, milk, yogurt, and
gies to manage lactose intolerance.                               cheese.

                                            poses to progress from simple to more
 Safety Tips for Yoga                       difficult.
      Beginners                             •Poses to Avoid -- The plow, full shoul-
                                            der stand, headstand and full lotus.
                       Trying to force      These poses can place tremendous strain
                       yourself into a      on joints and disks.
                       yoga posture your •Protect Your Back -- Keep your knees
                       body is not ready slightly bent and hinge from your hips
                       for, or not flexible when you bend forward from any stand-
                       enough for, could ing position. For arching backwards,
                       prove disastrous. concentrate on opening the front of the
                       Yoga is meant to body by lengthening from the navel to
be a nurturing form of exercise, not a      the sternum. Be careful not to over-arch
rigid imitation of poses. You can stretch your lower back, as this will compress
and strengthen your body without hav- the lumbar disks.
ing to touch your nose to your knees, or
your feet to your head.
                                            •Protect Your Knees -- Never lock your
Following are suggested ways to help        knees when in a standing posture. If you
you in your yoga practice:                  feel any strain while doing sitting or
                                            kneeling postures, place a cushion or
•Style -- Practice gentle forms of yoga, folded blanket under your bottom.
such as Kripalu, Viniyoga, or Integral      •Your Neck -- Be sure you keep your
Yoga. Bikram, Ashtanga and Power            neck in alignment with the rest of your
Yoga are generally too vigorous for be- spine at all times, especially when arch-
ginners and inflexible people.              ing backwards. Be careful not to allow
•Your Instructor -- Find an instructor      your neck to drop back or down.
who is experienced, certified and cares Enjoy your yoga practice and you are
about your physical imitations. He or       sure to reap the rewards -- you will
she can modify the pace or perhaps of- know when you are ready to take it a
fer alternative poses to meet your spe- step further -- or perhaps you will be
cific needs. In addition, never let an in- happy right where you are at. Let your
structor try to force your body into any body be your guide. Get to know it and
pose. Practice the "hands off" approach! its injury-prone areas and back off from
                                            any movements that causes pain or
•Warm Up -- Get in ten minutes of           cramping. And above all, never compare
warming up with easy movements to           yourself to others!
increase circulation, lubricate joins and
ready your body to stretch. You want the
                                                                              The first group of patients was assigned to get 40
                                                                              minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise
                                                                              on a stationary bike four times per week for four

                                                                              The second group did resistance training using
                                                                              weights and resistance bands four times per week
                                                                              for four weeks. Their training routine worked
                                                                              their upper and lower body, and they didn't rest
                                                                              for more than 30 seconds between sets of exer-
           UBitMenu                                                           cises.

                                                                              The third group of patients did two weekly ses-
Windows only: We love Office 2007's ribbon for its impressive key-            sions of aerobic exercise and two sessions per
board shortcut integration, but for those of you who miss the Micro-
soft Office 2003 menu that's entrenched in your muscle memory,                week of resistance training.
UBitMenu can help.
This plug-in adds a new Menu entry to the Office 2007 ribbon
(specifically in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). When clicked, your             For comparison, the researchers told patients in
ribbon displays the classic Office 2003 menu, complete with the but-          the fourth group to avoid physical activity during
tons and file menus you're used to from your old Office 2003 install.
As Samer from FreewareGenius points out, not every single bit of              the four-week study.
functionality remains in the UBitMenu toolbar as is available in Office
2003—due mostly to changes in Office—but most of the features
you're used to remain in all their glory.
                                                                              All of the patients had gotten thorough checkups
Even if you're keen on the Office 2007 ribbon, UBitMenu is a nice             before starting to exercise. Everyone - not just
tool to ease the transition from 2003 to 2007 while you're polishing          heart attack survivors -- should do that.
your new Office mojo. UBitMenu is a free download for non-
commercial use.
                                                                              At the end of the study, patients in the three exer-                                          cise groups showed similar improvements in
                                                                              “endothelial function” -- their blood vessels' abil-
            ubitmenu-languages/                                               ity to contract and relax. Those improvements
                                                                              trumped the sedentary group's results.

      3 Exercise Options After                          "All types of exercise were useful," with similar
                                                        results for each exercise type, write the research-
           Heart Attack                                 ers, who included Margherita Vona, MD, of the
                                                        Cardiac Rehabilitation Center at Switzerland's
                           Study: Aerobic Exercise, Re- Clinique Valmon-Genolier.
                            sistance Training, or a Mix
                             of Both Are Equally Good Vona's team adds that variety can help prevent
                                      Options           exercise boredom.
                    Heart attack survivors have                               Lastly, patients in all three groups took a month
                    their pick of aerobics, resis-                            off from exercise. That lull wiped out all the en-
tance training, or both types of exercise to help                             dothelial function benefits seen earlier.
their blood vessel function -- but they need to
stick with it.                                                                "One month of detraining is sufficient for both
                                                                              resistance and aerobic training to lose all positive
That news comes from a Swiss study of 209                                     effects on endothelial function," write the re-
heart attack survivors.                                                       searchers.
The researchers split the patients into four
groups.                                                                   4
                           Rosemary Fish Bundles
Recipe Ingredients:

2 carrots, peeled and cut into julienne strips
2 (5-6 ounces each) firm white fish fillets (like orange roughy)
Garlic powder
Rosemary leaves
Seasoned salt
2 green onions, cut into julienne strips
1/2 red bell pepper, cut into rings and seeds removed
2 tablespoons dry white wine or white cooking wine


Cut two pieces of aluminum foil into 12 x 16-inch rectangles. Arrange half of car-
rots in center of one piece of foil. Place one fish fillet on top of carrots. Sprinkle
lightly with garlic powder, rosemary, and seasoned salt. Arrange half of onions
and red bell pepper on top of fish. Bring sides of foil up around fish. Pour 1-
tablespoon wine over fish. Bring sides of foil together over fish and fold tightly to
encase fish completely. Repeat with remaining ingredients on second piece of foil.
Place bundles on baking sheet and bake in 350-degree oven 15 to 20 minutes or
until fish flakes easily with fork.
Nutritional Information (per serving):
Calories: 146
Fat: 2g
Cholesterol: 29mg
Sodium: 290mg
Carbohydrates: 10g
Protein: 22g

                                                                 group of seven cyclists performed a two-day trial. On the first
                                                                 day they biked to exhaustion and ate a low-carb meal to de-
                                                                 plete glycogen stores. The following day they again biked to
     7 Easy Ways to Become a                                     exhaustion, but followed the workout with either a plain high-
                                                                 carb drink, or one with 8 grams of caffeine for every kilogram
          Faster Cyclist                                         of body weight. After four hours, the caffeinated group's gly-
                                                                 cogen levels were 65 percent greater. The 8 grams/kg of body
It’s one thing to hang with the pack—and another to lead it.     weight come out to about 600 mg of caffeine for a 165-pound
With a few simple changes to your fitness and lifestyle routine, person. That's also the equivalent of eight cans of Red Bull,
like hitting the gym a few times a week to lift weights, or cut- four Monster Energy Drinks or two Starbucks Grande coffees.
ting out junk calories from soda and juice, you could find       Experiment with smaller amounts to see what works best for
yourself blowing away your competition all season long.          you.

Drink Skim Milk                                                         Do the Plank

You already know you need protein to build your muscles                 This move is ideal because it mimics how we hold our upper
after a hard workout. Now a Canadian study of 56 exercisers             bodies on the bike. Support your upper body on your forearms,
found that those who drank skim milk before and after training          with your elbows beneath your shoulders, knees on the floor.
built more lean muscle tissue, more quickly, than those who             (Don’t forget to squeeze, zip and brace.) Press your toes into
drank soy-protein drinks. Mix Ovaltine, which is filled with            the floor and lift your knees so that your body forms a straight
vitamins and minerals for added recovery, with skim milk for a          line from head to heels. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Do three
perfect postride toast. Add a shot of espresso for an extra jolt.       sets, two or three times a week.

Start Weightlifting                                                     Cut Calories the Easy Way

Hitting the gym can be a foreign experience to cyclists. But            You can improve your power-to-weight ratio without training
your first week in the gym can be extra effective if you limit          any harder by drinking less of everything except water. Ac-
your breaks to 60 seconds. Researchers, followed previously             cording to a study of 46,576 American adults, during the past
untrained men through a 10-week resistance-training program.            37 years the number of calories adults consume from bever-
Volunteers either took a 60-second or 150-second rest between           ages such as soda, juice and booze has nearly doubled, to an
sets and the scientists monitored their hormones, strength and          additional 222 calories per day. That's enough to pack on about
muscle size. For the first week the short-rest group showed a           a half pound a week, or 26 pounds a year. And remember—for
70-percent greater increase in post-workout testosterone lev-           rides less than an hour or two, skip the energy drink and just
els; testosterone is essential for muscle-building. The research        have water.
also found that shorter rests lead to leaner muscle, which is
essential for cyclists.                                                 Invest in a New Helmet

Spin Easy in the Morning                                         British researchers found that keeping your head well venti-
                                                                 lated provides more than comfort and sweat relief. By keeping
English researchers observed hormone levels in 12 healthy        your melon cool, you prevent the parts of your brain that con-
volunteers as they either relaxed for an hour, or spun on a bike trol fatigue signals from overheating and telling your muscles
for 60 minutes at 65 percent of their maximum heart rate. One they've had enough. For the study, nine cyclists exercised in a
hour before the exercise, or rest, the subjects ate breakfast.   climate-controlled room set to just over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
And while the control group gradually became more and more The scientists then measured how long the volunteers could
hungry, the cyclists' hunger dropped off during the exercise.    perform at a high-intensity level before they reached exhaus-
Their appetite did, however, return when both groups were        tion. Trials results showed that a cool head boosted time until
offered an open buffet an hour after the exercise. Thanks to the fatigue by 51 percent. So with a well-vented helmet, you'll be
calories burned while in the saddle, the cyclists still main-    able to ride longer and gain fitness faster as the weather gets
tained an energy deficit that would lead to weight loss.         warmer.

Say "Yes" to Coffee

Downing five to six regular cups of coffee with a carbohy-
drate-rich meal helps your body refuel faster. For the study, a         .

                                           full-fat cheese, for example. (And it'sbreast cancer. The jury is still out on
         Veg out!                          entirely possible to be a meat lover   how much soy is too much; for now,
                                           and still be slim, heart-healthy and   keep to two servings a day.
                                           long-lived.)                           Your bones could weaken Studies
 Thinking about going vegetarian?                                                 show that lacto-ovo vegetarians have
 It isn't a guarantee that you'll eat      A vegetarian diet won't cancel out     bone density similar to meat eaters'.
    better, but if you make smart          other bad habits, such as not exercis- But dairy-ditching vegans could
choices, you can lower your risk for       ing. But if you make savvy selec-      have a tough time getting enough
  disease and shed some pounds in          tions, a better body can be in your    calcium from leafy greens and nuts
the process. How? Follow this easy-        near future. (As can a healthier       and may need a supplement.
   to-digest guide on how to eat—          planet.) Ready to bring out your in-
            minus the meat.                ner herbivore? Dust off your salad     The wrong reasons to go veggie.
                                           spinner and start harvesting the bene-
When was the last time you watched         fits!                                  • To "make up for" unhealthy
the evening news and heard a nutri-                                                    habits in other areas of your life
tion expert urging Americans to eat        Vegetarian pitfalls                         Living meat-free can't compen-
more meat to stave off illness? Um,                                                    sate for a pack-a-day habit or the
never? In fact, lots of studies have       • That tired, rundown feeling               fact that the last time you
found the reverse is true:                       Anemia, which can leave you           stepped into a gym, you were
                                                 fatigued, is caused in part by        wearing tube socks.
A largely plant-filled diet is the route         lack of iron in the blood. Your
to a longer, healthier life. "Research           body absorbs animal iron more • Because you're scared of bird flu
shows that when red meat is re-                  easily than it does plant iron.       and mad cow The chance of
placed, even in part, by vegetable               Including vitamin C–rich foods        getting either of these illnesses
protein sources, risk for coronary               in meals helps aid absorption.        is minuscule. And remember,
heart disease, diabetes and colon                                                      nonmeat foods like lettuce and
cancer is lower," says Walter C.           • A possible protein shortage The           peanut butter can harbor patho-
Willett, M.D., chairman of the de-               only complete vegetable protein       gens (salmonella, E. coli) as
partment of nutrition at Harvard                 is soy, says Tara Gidus, R.D., a      well if they're handled, prepared
School of Public Health in Boston.               spokeswoman in Orlando, Flor-         or cooked improperly.
                                                 ida, for the American Dietetic
Not only that, but vegetarians (those            Association.                     • To be trendy Veganism and
who eat dairy and sometimes eggs                                                       vegetarianism are as susceptible
but no meat, poultry or fish) and          • Vegetarians must work to get a            to hype as any diet. Don't be
vegans (those who eat no animal                  variety of muscle-building            duped by vague or extreme
products, not even dairy) have a                 amino acids.                          claims such as "Dairy is un-
lower body-mass index than those           You might gain weight Inexperi-             healthy" and "Humans didn't
who eat meat. Considering the              enced vegetarians or those who dis-         evolve to eat meat." And just
pluses, it's not surprising that many      like veggies (yep, they exist) may          because the coolest girl in the
of you are already on the veggie           load up on dairy or starchy carbs           office is vegan doesn't mean it's
wagon:                                     such as bread and crackers because          right for you.
                                           they're familiar, convenient and
Keep in mind, though, that adopting        tasty. The result: extra pounds.       If you're thinking about cutting out
a vegetarian diet is no magic pill.        Superfluous soy If you look only to any food group, consult your doctor
You certainly can find nonmeat             soy for protein, you may overdo it;    to make sure you won't inadvertently
foods that will muck up your arteries      there's some evidence doing that       set yourself up for a nutrient
or pack on pounds—potato chips and         could up your risk for dementia and
                                                  Weighing in on Exercise

                                                  People do not burn the same number of calories on
                                                  one exercise machine as on another. Calories
                                                  burned by healthy men and women in their 20s
                                                  while they exercised on six different machines at
                                                  "Fairly Light", "Somewhat Hard", and "Hard"
                                                  showed the following results:

                                                  Both men and women burned the most calories on
                                                  the treadmill or the skiing simulator and the least
                                                  on the stationary cycle or the Healthrider machine
                                                  (a cross between a stationary bicycle and a see-
                                                  The stair-stepper was in the middle, as was the
                                                  rowing machine for men. For women, the rower
                                                  was a top-notch calorie burner.
                                                  Whatever the equipment or intensity, men always
                                                  burned more calories than women did. This is due
                                                  to muscles burning more calories than fat. Pound
                                                  for pound, men have more muscle -- just a physio-
                                                  logical fact of life. In addition, it takes more calo-
                                                  ries to move a larger person and men are usually
                                                  bigger than women are.
                                                  Here are some stats to get you started:

                                                  •   To burn 200 calories, men could run on a
“Shift your problems to challenges. When              treadmill for 14 minutes at a fairly light pace,
you have problems, you worry about                    while women would need 22 minutes.
them. When you have challenges - you are          •   At a difficult pace, men would need 12 minutes
working, applying, and attacking your plan            and women 17.
to get results. This shift in thinking from       •   On a stationary bike, men would need to cycle
problems to challenges is important in mak-           23 minutes and women, 32 minutes at a some-
ing tension an asset.”                                what difficult exertion to burn the same 200

                                                  Not exactly fair, but the physiological facts.

.                                                                          Draw a line on the golf ball with a dry erase maker to help you
                                                                           visualize your aim. Practice swinging along the target line with
                                                                           the clubface open, square, and then closed to see the difference
Rolling Putter                                                             in the ball flight. Once you have a good feel for how the ball
                                                                           will fly with the clubface aimed different, experiment by com-
Problem                                                                    bining them with an inside and outside swing to see the differ-
You lift the putter off of the ground just after contact with the
                                                                           Lofted Step
Stay down throughout the entire stroke. Do not allow your
forward wrist to hinge or push the putter into the ball.                   Problem
                                                                           You have difficulty remember how high the ball should fly
Imagine that there are wheels attached to the bottom of the                with each of your irons.
putter. During your forward stroke, you want your hands                    Cure
slightly ahead of the putterhead. This way it almost feels as if
you are allowing the club to roll through your stroke. This will           Take extra practice time and pay attention to the trajectory you
allow you to drag the club through the ball instead of pushing             achieve with all of your clubs or at least with one wedge, long
it. Remember to keep your wrists quiet throughout the stroke.              iron, and short iron.

                                                                           One easy way to note the loft of each of your irons is to step
Direction Control                                                          on the clubface. Select at least one wedge, short iron, and long
                                                                           iron. Set the clubs on the ground so that the clubface of each
                                                                           club is pointing up towards the sky. Now step on the clubface
                                                                           and check to see where the clubshaft is pointing. Notice how
                                                                           the wedge is pointing much higher than the long iron. The
You need to learn how to control the direction of the ball                 angle of the clubshaft will represent the trajectory you should
flight.                                                                    achieve with that club.

Try to understand how your aim, swing path, clubface position
at impact affects the ball flight. When the clubhead is moving
along the target line but the clubface is open, the ball will start
to fly straight but then curve to the right, a slice for a right
hander. When the clubhead is moving along the target line but
the clubface is closed, the ball will start to fly straight and then
curve to the left, a hook for a right hander. When the clubhead
travels outside of the target line to inside and your clubface is
square to that path, your shot will fly straight to the left of your
target, that is, in the same direction the clubhead is traveling. If
your path is left of your target and your clubface is either open
or closed to that path at impact, the ball will start left and then
curve either right or left. When the path is from the outside to
inside your target line, to the right of your target, the ball will
go straight right or start right and then curve either right or left
depending on your face position.

   The Best Non-toxic Ways to Clean                                        Non-toxic Cleaners: Off the Shelf or Do-It-Yourself
             Your Home                                                     Growing awareness and demand by ecologically-minded consumers,
                                                                           as well as parents motivated to keep their family healthy, has led to an
                                                                           explosion of environmentally friendlier and non-toxic products. There
Keeping your home clean doesn't require weapons of mass disinfec-
                                                                           are many products in this category – from laundry detergents and
tion, experts tell WebMD. Antibacterial and harsh cleansers are usu-
                                                                           fabric softeners to multi-surface and floor cleaners, to tile and bath-
ally unnecessary, and some raise concerns about our health and the
                                                                           room cleaners -- that are convenient and safer for people and the
                                                                           While some are indeed safer, others are unfortunately “green-washed,”
These products don't work any better than their natural or non-toxic
                                                                           marketed as natural while still including suspect chemicals.
counterparts, and they damage the environment and potentially place
                                                                           Get in the simple practice of looking at product labels to see if the
our long-term health at risk.
                                                                           cleaning manufacturer is clearly disclosing all ingredients. If it is not,
                                                                           you can check the manufacturer's web site, but it could mean the
"The antibacterial soap we buy in the store doesn't clean hands or
                                                                           manufacturer is trying to hide a particular suspect ingredient.
reduce the spread of illness any better than regular soap," says Allison
                                                                           Third party “ecologos” and product labels can sometimes be confus-
Aiello, PhD, assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of
                                                                           ing, even misleading. For independent reviews, use Consumer Re-
                                                                           port’s to find out what claims on labels really mean
                                                                           and if they’re actually regulated. You can also use the U.S. Depart-
You can keep your home just as clean for much less money, safeguard
                                                                           ment of Health and Human Services’ Household Products Database to
your personal health, and even protect the environment by going back
                                                                           look up specific products and find out their ingredients. Likewise, you
to the basics.
                                                                           can check out a company’s web site – many are being much more
Chlorine Bleach: What Are the Alternatives?
                                                                           transparent than in the past. Or contact them to find out what’s inside.
                                                                           Some people may choose to make their own cleaning products. It's
Chlorine bleach is one of the oldest cleaners. It's also one of the harsh-
                                                                           surprisingly easy, cheap, and for most ordinary household jobs, do-it-
est. Chlorine bleach kills germs on contact, and isn't much friendlier to
                                                                           yourself cleaning products can be as effective as anything you'd buy at
your skin, if accidentally splashed. Manufacturers include chlorine
                                                                           the store. It’s easy, inexpensive, and for most ordinary household jobs,
bleach in a wide variety of cleaning products as well as some laundry
                                                                           do-it-yourself cleaning products can be as just as effective.
and dishwasher detergents.
                                                                           General Non-toxic Solutions:
                                                                           Use a reusable microfiber cloth to dust -- it picks up dust particles
Bleach is also renowned for its mold-killing ability, but it's not the
                                                                           without needing any chemical help.
only way to kill mold and mildew. Hydrogen peroxide or vinegar also
                                                                           White distilled vinegar can be used to clean windows; kill mold and
works to kill mold.
                                                                           mildew; get rid of soap scum; and sanitize kitchen counters and cutting
Because it's used so frequently, chlorine bleach is the most common
                                                                           Use baking soda and a few drops of soap to scour kitchen counters and
cleaner that kids accidentally swallow. And chlorine poses another
                                                                           bathtubs. For tough stains, use borax.
special danger: when mixed with ammonia -- another common ingre-
                                                                           For fresh scents, use lemons or essential oils like lavender.
dient of cleaning products -- and acidic cleaners, such as toilet bowl
                                                                           Try these recipes for homemade cleaners:
cleaners, the mixture releases poisonous gasses. Since it's hard to
know what's in every product, it's best to simply not mix cleaning
products at all. While it's safe to pour old cleaning products down the Household
drain, don't pour more than one at a time.                                                     Instructions
Non-toxic Solutions
                                                                                                           2 cups water (preferably distilled
  * Use a hydrogen-peroxide-based bleach in your laundry instead of                           water)
chlorine bleach. Hydrogen peroxide kills mold and mildew, sanitizes       All-Purpose               1 1/2 to 3 tsp. liquid castille soap
counters and cutting boards, and removes stains from counters.
  * For household cleaning, opt for chlorine-free products to eliminate   Disinfecting              1 tsp. tea tree oil
the risks. Specifically look for "chlorine-free" on the label. Use one    Cleaner        Mix ingredients above to store and keep. Add
product at a time, and rinse surfaces thoroughly.                                        a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to
  * A simple tip: Keep an old toothbrush to scrub counter and those                      give it a pleasing scent.
hard-to-clean tile corners.
                                                                                                    1 cup borax
                                                                           Toilet Bowl
                                                                                         Pour into toilet bowl before going to bed. In
Ammonia: Avoiding Hazardous Fumes                                          Cleaner
                                                                                         the morning, scrub and flush.
Want a clue to ammonia's hazardous properties? Consider its well-                                   1 lime
known harsh smell. Undiluted ammonia is highly irritating to the eyes                               Salt
and respiratory system. Because it does everything from cutting                          Sprinkle a little salt on the rust. Squeeze a
through grease to cleaning windows, ammonia is found in a wide             Rust Remover
range of conventional cleaning products. There are other ways to clean
                                                                                         lime over the salt until it is well soaked. Let
that are just as effective.                                                              the mixture set for two to three hours. Use the
Non-toxic Solution                                                                       leftover rind to scrub the residue.
                                                                                                    1/4 cup white distilled vinegar
   * Look for "green" and non-toxic cleaners that don't contain chlo-
rine, alchohols, triclosan, triclocarbon, lye, glycol ethers, or ammonia.                           1 quart warm water
Choose ones that say "petroleum-free," "90% biodegradable in 3                           Mix ingredients above. Pour into a spray bot-
                                                                           Glass Cleaner
days," or "phosphate-free."                                                              tle or apply with a sponge. For lint-free re-
   * Choose safer products that say "petroleum-free," "biodegradable,"                   sults, wipe dry with crumpled newspaper in-
"phosphate-free," "VOC-free," and "solvent-free."
                                                                                         stead of paper towels. Buff to a shine.
                                                       to take it to the next level and fine tune with
 Spring Tune-up: Breaking                              speed, stamina and skill training. Running easy
      the Hibernation                                  and building your base now is an investment in
                                                       the summer and one that will pay off in personal
                                                       records and achievements.
Has your running gone into hibernation this win-
ter? Have no fear, the promise of warm weather         Get Motivated. If you struggle with the motiva-
is right around the corner. Now is the perfect         tion in keeping going treat yourself to a massage
time for a spring tune up. Follow these quick          or special gift when you reach a goal. It's a great
fixes and get your running back on track for the       way to stay motivated and celebrate reaching the
summer.                                                next checkpoint.
Start with where you’re at, rather than where you      Post your mini and major goals somewhere you
want to be. Your body will progress more               can see them daily. Or better yet, get your friends
quickly and with less risk for injury if you match     involved and meet to run or workout together.
your running program with your current activity        There is nothing better for motivation than a lit-
level. In other words, if you’ve been running on       tle accountability or someone waiting for you on
and off one to two times per week for 30 min-          the trail. You will get up and go because you
utes, your running regimen should start with easy      know they are waiting for you!
paced 30-minute runs two to three times per
week on alternate days and progress gradually          Something is better than nothing. If time is not
from there.                                            on your side, combine your strength workouts
                                                       with short intervals of cardiovascular exercise.
Identify a “Carrot”: Setting a goal or two puts        You will get the best of both in a very short pe-
action into your running and purpose into your         riod of time. One of my favorite workout starts
training. Be wise when goal setting as goals that      with five minutes of easy running then alternates
are too lofty don’t stick and can be overwhelm-        a strength exercise like walking lunges with two
ing. Go with a realistic goal you know you can         to three minutes of cycling or running. Include a
achieve this spring and one that will serve as a       four to six circuits with a variety of multi-
“carrot” to keep you motivated week to week.           functional strength exercises and top it off with a
Then break your goal into a few smaller, more          cool down. It’s a flexible workout that can be
digestible pieces (check points) throughout the        done indoors or outside and you’ll be done in an
season.                                                efficient hour.
Build the foundation first. Every home is built        Rome wasn’t built…Try to avoid thinking about
with a strong foundation to withstand any              where you were then and focus on now. The
weather condition. And a strong foundation in          more patient you are run to run, the more gradual
fitness is no different. Now is the time to build a    you progress, the faster you will get to where
strong foundation of easy, aerobic running             you want to go. Plus, you will enjoy every run
(cycling and swimming if you are a triathlete).        which will inspire you to keep it up!
When you reach the summer, you will be ready

                                          So if you’re ready to get sweaty,        Yet, many fitness experts have con-
 Playing Your Cardio                      here are a few wise choices:             cluded that stairs work may be insuf-
   Right - Tips for                                                                ficient in your quest to get in shape.
                                          RUNNING (Outdoors): Believe it For one, the exercise relies solely on
 Maintaining Sound                        or not, this exercise reminds me a lot lower body movement and tends to
   Cardiovascular                         of Howard Stern. Like the infamous abandon the upper torso. Too often,
                                          DJ, you either love it or hate it. Be- people rest their arms on the bars at
       Fitness                            yond question, however, is the sim- their sides, taking some of the resis-
                                          ple fact that running is a fantastic     tance (your body weight) out of your
                        Cardiovascu-      way to whip you into shape and pro- legs.
                        lar activity,     vide full cardiovascular fitness. Run-
                        referred to       ning is a full-body exercise in which STATIONARY BIKES: When you
                        simply as         only you channel the motion, resis-      ride the stationary bike, it feels like
                        “cardio,”         tance, and weight distribution. There you aren’t going anywhere. That’s
                        should be as      are no wheels or cycles doing any of because you’re not. But whether or
                        much a part       the work for you.                        not you’re making strides with your
                        of your body-                                              cardiovascular health is another mat-
                        sculpting en-     Sometimes, running can actually be ter. While these bikes are beneficial
deavors as pulling and pushing those      too rigorous an exercise and for         in raising the heart level, they also
metal plates. As often as you’re          bodybuilders it’s been known to foil provide far less strain on the knees
pumping the iron, you should also be      some of that hard-earned muscle          and back than other methods of
pumping your heart.                       mass. Also, running can take a con- cardio and are excellent for toning
                                          siderable toll on your joints, particu- up the quadriceps.
To many, that half-hour a day is the      larly your knees and ankles as well
most enjoyable, most therapeutic          as your abused feet.                     The workout you’ll get from a sta-
part of your agenda. To others, it’s as                                            tionary bike, however, is of the low-
dreadful as taking out the trash and      TREADMILL: This may seem like impact variety and like the scenery
doing the dishes. Yet, like your          the equivalent to a run through the      in front of you, it may feel like
household chores, you know it’s           park or the neighborhood, and in a       you’re not going anywhere, espe-
something you simply must do.             lot of ways, it is. Running is the       cially if you’ve set high fitness goals
                                          same vigorous exercise whether           for yourself.
Cardiovascular activity, referred to      done outdoors or in. Yet, the tread-
simply as “cardio,” should be as          mill, because of its smooth rubbery      SWIMMING: Go on and make a
much a part of your body-sculpting        conveyor belt is a lot more merciful splash. This is an excellent cardio-
endeavors as pulling and pushing          on your joints. It doesn’t wear and      vascular activity in that it is a total
those metal plates. As often as           tear your body the way running on        body exercise and hits the various
you’re pumping the iron, you should       the tarred street will. There is no      muscles in the body. The water pro-
also be pumping your heart.               pounding-like effect.                    vides an excellent form of resistance
                                                                                   that will get your heart pumping in
Unfortunately, Americans today are        However, the treadmill does not of- no time. The benefits for the heart
more glued to the screen, whether it      fer the natural variations such as hills and lungs are endless.
be the television, Nintendo, or yes,      and curves which provides for a
even the Internet. It has been con-       more rigorous workout on the             As for the down side? There’s only
cluded that the majority of Ameri-        streets. Also, the fresh air that can    one.
cans have insufficient cardiovascular     fill and expand your lungs is not a
activity in their daily schedules, thus   benefit from an indoor facility.         Not every fitness club has a swim-
leading to a cartload of various                                                   ming pool.
health problems.                          STAIRMASTER & STEPPERS:
                                          Some people refer to these devices
The 30 minutes per day that you           simply as “sweat machines.” close
should reserve for cardio work            by. Stairmasters, whether they’re the
should always entail exercises that       rotating kind or the step versions, are
are enjoyable, manageable, and of         both excellent methods of losing
course, safe.                             weight and shedding body fat.

                                                    Tipping the Scales
 Coming to Terms with                               With our society's obsession over body image,
                                                    you might think Americans would be lean, mean,
   Your Body Shape                                  physically fit machines. The surgeon general re-
                                                    ports, however, that a staggering 61 percent of
                                                    American adults are overweight, and three out of
                                                    10 U.S. adults are obese.

                                                    Part of the problem comes from inactivity and the
                                                    tendency to look for a "quick fix." Americans
                                                    spend more than $40 billion on dieting and diet-
                                                    related products each year, according to the Na-
                                                    tional Eating Disorders Association. Yet, accord-
                                                    ing to the surgeon general, only one third of U.S.
                                                    adults follow experts' recommendations and exer-
                                                    cise for 30 minutes, five days per week. Carrying
                                                    extra pounds leads to an increased risk of heart
                                                    disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, depression and
What do you see when you look in the mirror?        cancer.
Researchers report that women's and men's per-
ceptions of their bodies differ.                    Weighing in Accurately
                                                    So how can Americans get an accurate assessment
In a recent survey of 813 adults ages 19 to 39 con- of their health? To determine whether you are a
ducted by Psychology of Men and Masculinity         healthful weight, don't compare yourself to people
journal, women of normal weight tended to per-      around you or in the media. Instead, check your
ceive themselves as overweight, while normal-       body mass index (BMI) at
weight men often perceived themselves as too This tool, based on
skinny. In addition, nearly half of the men as-     data from the National Heart, Lung, Blood Insti-
sessed as overweight perceived themselves to be tute, helps measure fatness. It doesn't take into
of normal weight.                                   account lean muscle mass, however, so athletes
                                                    and body builders may get faulty results. Also,
What creates the distorted self-image? Research- keep in mind that the BMI is not meant as a sub-
ers theorize that societal influences such as the   stitute for a professional medical assessment.
media, which provides thinner-than-average role
models for women and bulkier-than-normal exam- Recognizing the True You
ples for men, may be largely responsible. Con-      Once you have accepted that the media portrayal
sider these examples from the National Eating       of body weight is unrealistic, you may wonder
Disorders Association:                              how to define good health and an ideal body
                                                    shape. The American College of Sports Medicine
•The average American woman is 5'4" tall and        defines physical fitness as a combination of car-
weighs 140 pounds, yet the average American         diovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscu-
female model is 5'11" tall and weighs 117 pounds. lar endurance and flexibility. By focusing on get-
•Most fashion models are thinner than 98 percent ting an adequate combination of aerobic exercise,
of American women.                                  strength training, stretching and sleep, and by eat-
•Almost half of American elementary school stu- ing properly, you can enjoy increased energy,
dents in the first through third grades want to be  stamina and improved health. And while today's
thinner.                                            actors, models and rock stars will be forgotten
•Four out of five children at the age of 10 are     tomorrow, being fit never goes out of style.
afraid of being fat.

                                                                  of the pizza. Don't be afraid of it.
Pizza, French Fries, Beer and
                                                                  4. Beer is the absolute best beverage you can drink when
          Other Diet Foods...                                     you're watching your waistline. It helps to put it right out
                                                                  there in front you where you can see it.
                    How to eat your favorite junk food
                    by the ton and still lose all the fat
                                                          5. Look for foods that have air bubbles in them. Examples
                                you want!                 include chocolate bars, Twinkies (after you suck the cream
                                                                    filling out), soda pop, sponge cake, and cheese puffs. As you
                                                                    know, air has no calories. Look at these foods as the wrapping
Now this is the real American Dream! I'm here to let you know for a low-calorie, low-fat serving of air.
that it is totally possible to lose all the fat you want while eat-
ing nothing but junk food. The only hitch is that all the fat you
want to lose is going to have to be zero!                           6. Putting ketchup on anything makes it healthy. Think
                                                                    about it. You're getting your vegetables in a concentrated
Here are some tongue-in-cheek (or burger-in-belly) sugges-          paste. It's like stepping into the future... today!!
tions for how you can turn even the greasiest, sugariest, most
over processed calorie bomb into lean, mean diet food.
                                                                  7. Here are a number of delicious, zero-calorie foods you
How is this done? Here's a hint: it's all in how you choose to    may not be aware of:
look at the food...
                                                                Anything eaten while standing has zero calories.
                                                                Anything eaten off somebody else's plate has zero calories.
1. Eat donuts instead of solid pastries. You will be saving a Food sampled for "tasting" purposes during preparation has no
tremendous number of calories by eating something with a        calories.
hole in the middle. You can save upwards of 3 to 5 calories per Food sneaked from someone after you distract them is also
pastry by doing this. That means if you eat 10 donuts, you've   calorie-free.
saved yourself almost 50 calories! Besides, everyone knows      Anything eaten after the expiration date contains no calories.
nuts are good for you...
                                                                8. Eating ice cream can actually help you burn an enor-
                                                                mous amount of calories. The key to this lies in its tempera-
2. French fries can help prevent heart attacks. It is a fact
that French people suffer fewer heart attacks and have lower      Ice cream is very cold. When you eat ice cream, your body
rates of heart disease. French fries are obviously from France,   must expend energy (a.k.a. calories) to warm it up to your
therefore it naturally follows that French fries can prevent      internal body temperature.
heart disease.
                                                                  When you work through the scientific formulas for heat con-
                                                                  version, you can see you will end up expending approximately
3. Pizza is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. There      6,000 calories to heat up a small dish of ice cream to body
are many reasons for this:                                        temperature. Drinking ice cold beer with your ice cream am-
                                                                  plifies this effect.
The bleached flour in the crust sucks up all the grease that
drips down from the toppings, trapping it so you don't see it      These diet tips should have you well on your way towards
while you're eating. If you don't see it when you eat it, it has   effectively peeling off pounds of unsightly fat.
no calories.
It's round (stay with me here). Because square-shaped foods        Think of me next time you're eating a pizza with french fries
have corners, they contain a lot more calories than round          and ketchup on top, dunking your donuts in a glass of cold
foods. To save even more calories, cut a hole in the center of     beer, and shoving down Twinkies (with the filling sucked out)
the pizza (refer back to #1 for full details).                     mashed into a dish of nice cold ice cream!
The cheese on the pizza is loaded with calcium -- even more
than the Tums you're going to need after eating the whole
You can easily reduce your servings without sacrificing enjoy-
ment. Instead of cutting the pizza into 8 slices, try cutting it   DISCLAIMER: The preceding information is
into only 4. You've just eaten HALF the number of slices you
ate before! Imagine how many calories you'll save by doing         not medical advice and should not be taken as
that!                                                              such. If you feel the urge to take any of this
Vegetables covered in grease are still vegetables. Never mind "information" seriously, please lie down until
that all the nutrition has been baked out of them, you're still    the feeling goes away. Thank you.
getting you're recommended daily servings of veggies.
There is plenty of fiber in the paper that's stuck to the bottom 14

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