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irene dalis,
General director
david roHrBauGH,
music director
                                                                                   2010|2011   season

                                                                                     west Coast premiere!

                              2010|2011 season repertoire

                              AnnA KAreninA                  weSt coaSt

                              The BArBer of seville
                              lA Boheme
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                                                                                                                                                                    2010 2011
Welcome to our 27th season .............................. 2
the 2010/2011 season operas ............................4
meet the artists ........................................................ 8
conductors & stage directors.......................... 10                                  For Opera San José’s exciting 27th season, we offer the stories of four
special events ...........................................................11               fascinating women—a beautiful but unhappy aristocrat, a diva in love
                                                                                           confronted with cruel choices, an independent girl determined to have a say
season ticket subscriber advantages ..........13                                           in her future, and an ordinary young dreamer who touches our hearts. The
dates & ticket prices............................................ 14                       men in their lives are equally attractive and interesting—all in all, a perfect
ticket order Form ..................................................15                     match for our unique American ensemble.

                                                                                           The season opens with uncommon fanfare as we proudly present the West
                                                                                           Coast premiere of an American composer’s new work. Based on a great
                                                                                           literary classic, David Carlson’s extraordinary Anna Karenina is promising
                                                                                           to become a classic for the opera stage as well. It was welcomed by
                                                                                           standing ovations at its world premiere at Florida Grand Opera in 2007 and
                                                                                           again at Opera Theatre of Saint Louis. It is an honor for us to produce this
                                                                                           electrifying new American opera.

                                                                                           Tosca, another classic and from its first performance hailed as a gripping
                                                                                           drama, hasn’t been seen in the California Theatre since our first season there,
                                                                                           six years ago. An extremely powerful opera, Tosca always leaves its audiences
                                                                                           startled and breathless by the searing beauty of Puccini’s melodies.

                                                                                           The perfect segue from such high drama, The Barber of Seville keeps
                                                                                           everyone smiling all the time. Charming from overture to finale, this sparkling
                                                                                           bottle of fireworks always pleases. It is the most popular of all the Rossini
                                                                                           operas and, like its brethren, requires a cast full of stamina and exuberance
                                                                                           to carry it all off at such break-neck speed. We’re ready for the challenge.

                                                                                           There is no such thing as too much Puccini. So for a perfect and poignant
                                                                                           close to a memorable season, we are bringing back Timothy Near to direct
                                                                                           America’s favorite opera, La bohème. In a chilly Parisian winter, we are
                                                                                           warmed by the tenderness and friendship shared by a group of carefree
                                                                                           bohemians. Their romances and high spirits are matched by soaring arias
                                                                                           and heart-melting sorrow. This very human story touches a universal chord
                                                                                           in all of us, as we remember what it is to be young and in love.

                                                                                           The coming season has much for everyone, from the new and shiny to the
                                                                                           deeply familiar. I know you will enjoy every minute of its wonderful music,
                                                                                           drama, comedy, and romance. Prepare to be impressed.

                                                                                           IReNe DALIS, FOuNDeR AND GeNeRAL DIReCTOR

2     For tickets and perFormance inFormation call 408.437.4450 or visit                 For tickets and perFormance inFormation call 408.437.4450 or visit   3
                                                                                               GiaComo puCCini’s

                                                                                               Nov 13–28, 2010

                                                                  west Coast premiere!

                                                                            DaviD Carlson’s

                                             anna Karenina                   Sep 11–26, 2010

She’S a lady: beautiful, wealthy, aristocratic. But Anna Karenina is also vulnerable:          She’S a SuperStar: brilliant, beautiful, and spoiled. Yet Floria Tosca, despite her wealth
         trapped in an unhappy marriage and caught in a rigid society that crushes anyone              and privilege, cannot save her aristocratic lover without consenting to debase
         who does not follow the rules of the game.                                                    herself. An opera diva as wildly popular in 1800 Rome as any rock or movie icon
         Her story has long been familiar through the practically perfect novel by Leo                 today, she finds that living for “art, love, and prayer” isn’t enough to protect her
         Tolstoy and the two most memorable film versions starring Greta Garbo and                     in a society run by wicked, powerful men. She is a beauty pursued by a beast
         Vivien Leigh. Of the two operatic versions, we have chosen the new American                   determined to have her, and killing her stalker—chief of the secret police, Baron
         opera by David Carlson that has received wide acclaim since its premiere in 2007.             Scarpia—still doesn’t end her suffering. Suicide is her final act of defiance.
         This deeply personal story follows an upper-class woman in 19th-century Russia                Tosca is at first glance an unlikely vehicle for Puccini. Murder, violence, and lust
         through a loveless marriage, burning love affair, wrenching heartbreak, and finally           would seem to be unfamiliar themes for his typically tender, sentimental style. But
         her sudden death. It is told with compassion, unsentimental observation, and                  his genius triumphs in this political thriller full of arias that are as dramatic and
         ultimately, our horror at her inevitable, violent end.                                        compelling as they are lyrical and heart-breaking. This is an opera where no one
         Anna Karenina is at once new and familiar, brilliant and accessible. We are pleased           escapes death and destiny, yet for most, their downfall is so powerfully poignant
         to present this modern American opera for its West Coast premiere.                            that, indeed, “the stars fall down.”

                                                                                                       GiaComo puCCini, Composer                      ConDuCtor: DaviD rohrbauGh
         DaviD Carlson, Composer (b. 1952)         ConDuCtor: stewart robertson
                                                                                                       Giuseppe GiaCosa & luiGi illiCa, librettists   staGe DireCtor: sanDra benGoChea
         Colin Graham, librettist                  staGe DireCtor: braD Dalton
                                                                                                       baseD on the Drama La Tosca
         baseD on the novel by leo tolstoy
                                                                                                       by viCtorien sarDou

4   For tickets and perFormance inFormation call 408.437.4450 or visit                      For tickets and perFormance inFormation call 408.437.4450 or visit   5
                                                                       GioaChino rossini’s

                                                         the BarBer
                                                          of Seville la Boheme
                                                                                                  GiaComo puCCini’s

                                                                              Feb 12–27, 2011
                                                                                                  April 23–MAy 8, 2011

She’S a winner: young, pretty, and resourceful. Against all odds, plucky Rosina                   She’S a dreamer: simple, sweet, and shy. She calls herself Mimì, even though it’s not
         succeeds in securing love and happiness. She’s an orphan—the ward of a silly                     actually her name. She spends her days embroidering flowers and her nights
         codger who is plotting to marry her for her substantial dowry. And she lives in                  longing for springtime. And she is very much alone and on her own. Literally in
         17th-century Seville—a time and place not known for its kindliness toward women.                 search of light—a match for her only candle—she instead finds happiness and
         But Rosina has two things on her side: Figaro, a wily jack-of-all-trades, is her                 friendship with a band of young Parisian bohemians—a handsome but insecure
         conniving accomplice, and her devoted young lover is actually a powerful, wealthy                poet, a philosopher, a painter, a musician, and a good-time girl. Briefly, Mimì and
         count instead of the poor student he pretends to be. (Later, in The Marriage of                  Rodolfo make a place of love for themselves—until jealousy and poverty prevail.
         Figaro, Count Almaviva will let his high station go to his head until he is taught               eventually she succumbs to tuberculosis—the scourge of the underclass—but she
         a lesson in humanity. For now, the ardent young man makes the most of his                        is never consumed by self-pity, and she dies surrounded by those who love her.
         blessings only to win his true love.)                                                            La bohème is Puccini at his most tender and sympathetic. He loves these foolish
         The Barber of Seville is fast and furious and fun, full of effervescent music and                young Parisians because he was once a struggling bohemian just like them. He
         never-ending wit. It made Rossini world famous and has become the most popular                   understands their happiness and pain, and he is never judgmental. His music
         Italian comic opera of all time, a tuneful testament to all that’s wonderful about the           pierces our hearts with its beauty and directness. For generations, La bohème has
         buffoonery in opera buffa.                                                                       been the best First Opera. The best Date Opera. And for many, the Best Opera.

         GioaChino rossini, Composer               ConDuCtor: bryan nies                                  GiaComo puCCini, Composer                      ConDuCtor: DaviD rohrbauGh
         Cesare sterbini, librettist               staGe DireCtor: Jose maria ConDemi                     Giuseppe GiaCosa & luiGi illiCa, librettists   staGe DireCtor: timothy near

         baseD on Le barbier de seviLLe anD                                                               baseD on the novel scenes de La vie
         Le mariage de Figaro by beaumarChais                                                             de bohème by henri murGer

6   For tickets and perFormance inFormation call 408.437.4450 or visit                         For tickets and perFormance inFormation call 408.437.4450 or visit   7
                                                                                                                                                                2009-10 resident artists

                torlef borstinG                                     miChael Dailey                          krassen karaGiozov                                  Daniel Cilli
                BARITONe | NeW YORK                                 TeNOR | VIRGINIA                        BARITONe | STARA zAGORA, BuLGARIA                   BARITONe | FLORIDA
                new resident 2010-11                                Opera San José: La rondine,             Opera San José: La rondine,                         2010-11 Guest artist
                Pacific Repertory Opera; Verismo Opera;             La Cenerentola, Manon, Carmen,          The Marriage of Figaro, Manon, La                   Opera San José: The Marriage of
                Berkeley Opera; West Bay Opera; Trinity             Così fan tutte, The Elixir of Love,     Cenerentola, Carmen, Così fan tutte,                Figaro, La Cenerentola, Manon, Carmen,
                Lyric Opera; Capitol Opera; Martinez                Eugene Onegin; Portland Opera           The Elixir of Love, Eugene Onegin;                  Così fan tutti, The Elixir of Love, Eugene
                Opera; San Francisco Opera; Kent                    to Go; N.Y. Harlem Productions;         Opera Carolina; Capital Opera                       Onegin, Die Zauberflöte, Rigoletto,
                Nagano Opera Project; eugene Opera;                 Des Moines Metro Opera; Tri-Cities      Raleigh; Lake George Opera Festival;                Werther, Lucia di Lammermoor,
                Oakland Symphony Chorus                             Opera; Virginia Opera                   Opera Company of North Carolina                     Madama Butterfly, La traviata, The
                                                                                                                                                                Barber of Seville, Roméo et Juliette
                alexanDer boyer                                     silas elash                             isaiah musik-ayala                                  khori Dastoor
                TeNOR | NeW YORK                                    BASS | PeNNSYLVANIA                     BASS-BARITONe | CALIFORNIA                          SOPRANO | CALIFORNIA
                Opera San José: La rondine,                         Opera San José: La rondine,             Opera San José: La rondine, The                     2010-11 Guest artist
                Manon, Carmen, Così fan tutte,                      The Marriage of Figaro, Manon,          Marriage of Figaro, La Cenerentola,                 Opera San José: La rondine, The
                The Elixir of Love; Merola Opera                    La Cenerentola, Carmen, The             Manon, Eugene Onegin; West Bay                      Marriage of Figaro, La Cenerentola,
                Program: Santa Fe Opera Program;                    Elixir of Love, Eugene Onegin,          Opera; Berkeley Opera; North Bay                    Manon, Carmen, Così fan tutte,
                Chautauqua Institute                                Die Zauberflöte, Rigoletto, Werther,    Opera; Bay Shore Lyric Opera;                       The Elixir of Love, Die Zauberflöte,
                                                                    Lucia di Lammermoor, Madama             Bay Area Summer Opera Theater                       Rigoletto, Werther, Lucia di
                                                                    Butterfly, Roméo et Juliette            Institute                                           Lammermoor; Los Angeles Opera;
                                                                                                                                                                Aspen Opera Theatre; Lake George
                                                                                                                                                                Opera; California Philharmonic
                betany CofflanD                                     JouvanCa Jean-baptiste                  rebeCCa sChuessler
                MezzO-SOPRANO | KANSAS                              SOPRANO | NeW YORK                      SOPRANO | MISSOuRI
                Opera San José: La rondine, The                     new resident 2010-11                    Opera San José: La rondine,
                Marriage of Figaro, La Cenerentola,                 Florida Grand Opera; West Bay           The Marriage of Figaro, La
                Manon, Carmen, Così fan tutte,                      Opera; Intermezzo Young Artist          Cenerentola, Manon, Così fan tutti;
                Eugene Onegin; Opera Idaho; Alice                   Program; The Jensen Foundation          Opera Idaho; West Bay Opera;
                Tully Hall (Lincoln Center); Jordan                 Vocal Competition semi-finalist;        Civic Opera of Kansas City; Teatro
                Hall (Boston); Aspen Opera Theater                  Metropolitan Opera National Council     Differente (Italy)
                                                                    Auditions District Level Competition

8   For tickets and perFormance inFormation call 408.437.4450 or visit                     For tickets and perFormance inFormation call 408.437.4450 or visit         9
conductorS & Stage directorS                                                                                     Special eventS
                                                                                                                 eNhANce your experieNce
anna Karenina
               DaviD Carlson
                                                                   stewart robertson
                                                                   CONDuCTOR                                     irene daliS vocal competition
               In addition to symphonic works,                     Served as Music Director, zurich Ballet       annually, opera san José invites the ten finalists from the West coast auditions for
               David Carlson has written three                     and Scottish Opera Touring Company.           singers to the irene dalis vocal competition. this event, sponsored by the irene dalis
               operas, The Midnight Angel (1993),                  Conducted NYC Opera productions
               Dreamkeepers (1996), and Anna                       on ‘Live from Lincoln Center.’ Music
                                                                                                                 Fund for singers, is the exciting culmination of the season and awards cash prizes
               Karenina (2007), in collaboration                   Director, Glimmerglass Opera, 1988            totalling $50,000. artists compete with two performances each, and three national
               with noted British librettist and                   to 2006. Since 1998, Music Director           judges determine the winners. the audience provides the popular vote.
               director Colin Graham, commissioned                 and Principal Conductor of the Florida
               by the Florida Grand Opera, with                    Grand Opera.                                  Be there to cast your vote! saturday, may 22, 2010 & saturday, may 21, 2011.
               co-production by Opera Theatre of
               Saint Louis. This is the West Coast                 braD Dalton                                   for tickets call 408-437-4450.
               premiere of Anna Karenina.                          STAGe DIReCTOR
                                                                   Opera San José: Così fan tutti, Madama
                                                                                                                                                                                           Irene Dalis
                                                                   Butterfly; Metropolitan Opera; San                                                                                      Vocal Competition
                                                                   Francisco Opera; State Opera of South                                                                                   Finalists
                                                                   Australia; Pittsburgh Opera; Opera
                                                                   Boston; Washington Opera; San Diego
                                                                   Opera; Austin Lyric Opera; Barbican
                                                                   Centre (London)

               DaviD rohrbauGh                                     sanDra benGoChea
               CONDuCTOR                                           STAGe DIReCTOR
               Dr. Rohrbaugh, founding Music                       Opera San José: Stage Director for
               Director and Principal Conductor, has               La Cenerentola and Carmen, Assistant
               conducted more that 60 productions                  Stage Director for Werther, former
               and 600 performances including                      Resident Artist; Bayshore Lyric Opera;
               company premieres of Der fliegende                  Israeli Vocal Arts Institute; Opera Idaho;
               Holländer, Falstaff, Un ballo in                    The Lewis and Clark Society; Bangkok
               maschera, and Werther.                              Opera; Intermountain Opera.

the BarBer of seville                                                                                           “a Sentimental Journey”
                                                                                                                 opera san José’s annual benefit is a champagne cruise around-the-world in music,
               bryan nies                                          Jose maria ConDemi                            with pianist daniel lockert playing favorite Broadway melodies and Jazz standards,
               CONDuCTOR                                           STAGe DIReCTOR
                                                                                                                 sung by the resident artists. the event is conveniently staged at the improv in
               Served as Principal Conductor for                   Opera San José: Die Zauberflöte,
               Eugene Onegin; Assistant Conductor                  The Elixir of Love (2000), and Don            downtown san Jose; a live auction conducted by the artists offers chances to win
               for Don Pasquale, Die Zauberflöte,                  Pasquale; San Francisco Opera;                travel and entertainment, as well as a walk-on part at the opera. ‘anchor’s aweigh’
               The Crucible, Un ballo in maschera,                 Seattle Opera; Lyric Opera of Chicago;        on the s.s. Opera San José!
               and Werther; Assistant Conductor of                 Portland Opera; Minnesota Opera;
               Oakland east Bay Symphony; Principal                Austin Lyric Opera; Lake George Opera;
               Conductor of Oakland Youth Orchestra.               Festival Opera; Western Opera Theater.                                          “a sentimental Journey” sails again in 2011.
                                                                                                                                                    don’t miss the boat! reserve your spot
la Boheme                                                                                                                                           for march 13, 2011.
                                                                                                                                                    Call 408-437-4450 for reservations.
               DaviD rohrbauGh                                     timothy near
               CONDuCTOR                                           STAGe DIReCTOR
               Please see Tosca for biography                      Opera San José: The Crucible,
                                                                   Lucia di Lammermoor; California                                                  Katharine & George Alexander
                                                                   Shakespeare Theatre, San Jose                                                    and Irene Dalis
                                                                   Repertory Theatre; Guthrie Theater;                                              at the October 4, 2009
                                                                   Berkeley Repertory Theatre; La Jolla
                                                                   Playhouse; Ford’s Theatre; New York                                              benefit event
                                                                   Shakespeare Festival.

10   For tickets and perFormance inFormation call 408.437.4450 or visit                                      For tickets and perFormance inFormation call 408.437.4450 or visit   11
Special eventS                                                                                    aS a SuBScriBer
coNtiNued                                                                                         you get All the AdvANtAgeS!
SeaSon opening gala                                 introduction to opera                         you Save money.                                   And most important of all:
General Director Irene Dalis invites all            Before each performance in the California     As a subscriber, you save up to $100 off          you get guaranteed SeatS.
subscribers to a splendid reception and             Theatre (except on opening Saturday),         what you would have paid for four single          As a subscriber, nothing is left to chance at
dinner to celebrate the opening of the                               General Manager Larry        tickets during the season.                        the theatre—your seats are where you want
2010–11 Season on September 11. The gala                             Hancock will share his                                                         them, when you want them.
takes place in the San Jose Marriott on                              thoughts on the opera,
Market Street, across from the California                            discuss the plot and         you get free exchangeS.
Theatre. Opening night festivities include a                         characters, tell you         As a subscriber, if you can’t make the date,    “ i don’t know how to say
Press Conference, Meet the Composer, and                             about the composer, and      you can exchange into any one of the eight
dinner at Arcadia Restaurant with a musical                          answer your questions,       performances of the same opera (subject          ‘thank-you’ enough for
selection from Anna Karenina by an Opera                             greatly enriching your       to availability).
San José Resident Artist—all priced at $125                          opera-going experience.                                                        operating such a great
per person (a portion of which is a tax-
deductible donation).
                                                    each 45-minute Introduction to Opera is
                                                    FRee and begins at 6:30 prior to evening      you get free replacementS.                        company…perfect musicians,
                                                    performances and at 1:30 prior to Sunday
                                                                                                  As a subscriber, if you lose your tickets, we
                                                                                                  will replace them with no “lost ticket” fee.
                                                                                                                                                    outstanding set and lighting
tueSday previewS                                                                                                                                    artists, and thoroughly
On a Tuesday evening two weeks prior to
each opening night, arias and ensembles             meet the artiStS                              you get free newS.                                entertaining opera stars.
performed by members of the cast will               Based on the success of last year’s           As a subscriber, you’ll stay informed with
accompany a preview lecture at the                  inaugural program, we again offer a special   our quarterly newsletter that introduces          i had such a good time
Fairmont Hotel in downtown San José.                chance for you to meet our talented artists   the artists, brings you news about each
Light hors d’oeurves and wine will be served        after the first Sunday matinee of each        production, and other special events. In          and the beautiful theatre
at 6:30, and the hour-long preview begins
at 7. All four previews can be ordered now
                                                    production. You’re invited to stay in the
                                                    theatre and gather in the Orchestra section
                                                                                                  addition, if you provide
                                                                                                  your e-mail address
                                                                                                                                                    only added to my pleasure.”
for only $100. Anna Karenina, August 31,            under the balcony for 20 minutes after the    (which we will never                              opera san jose patron
2010; Tosca, November 2, 2010; The Barber           performance. Cast members, the stage          share), we will send
of Seville, February 1, 2011; and La bohème,        director, and the conductor will appear to    you up-to-the-minute
April 12, 2011.                                     give you their thoughts and answer your       news such as cast
                                                    questions. For the first matinee of Anna      changes, best available
                                                    Karenina, composer David Carlson will join    seating, special offers,
                                                    in this informative and enjoyable session.    and more.

                                                                                                  cAll NoW For ticKetS! 408.437.4450

12   For tickets and perFormance inFormation call 408.437.4450 or visit                       For tickets and perFormance inFormation call 408.437.4450 or visit   13
                             2010/2011 series days, dates & times                                                         opera san jose 2010/2011 season tiCKet order form

     series                  a            B          c        d          e        F        G        H                                   phone          408-437-4450 (box office phone lines are open m-F, 8am to 5pm)

     day                     sat          sun        tue      Fri        sun      thu      sat      sun                                 fax
                                                                                                                 ways to                               408-437-4455 anytime
     time                    8pm          3pm        8pm      8pm        3pm      8pm      8pm      3pm          order                  mail           opera san José
                                                                                                                                                       2149 paragon drive, san José, ca 95131-1312
     Anna Karenina           sep 11       sep 12     sep 14   sep 17     sep 19   sep 23   sep 25   sep 26
                                                                                                                                                       make your cHeck payaBle to opera san Jose.
     Tosca                   nov 13       nov 14     nov 23   nov 26     nov 21   nov 18   nov 20   nov 28
     Barber of Seville       Feb 12       Feb 13     Feb 15   Feb 18     Feb 20   Feb 24   Feb 26   Feb 27
     La Bohème               apr 23       apr 24     may 3    may 6      may 1    apr 28   apr 30   may 8        if you do not receive confirmation that we have
                                                                                                                 your season ticket order within two weeks of
                                                                                                                 placing the order, please call 408-437-4450
                                     California theatre seating                                                  to confirm that your request has been received.
                                                                                                                 all sales are final. the irs considers the full price
                                                                                                                 of returned tickets a charitable contribution if
     seCtion                                                                                                     they can be resold. ticket exchanges are based
     1 Grand tier                                                                                                on seating availability and will require additional
     2   orchestra center                                                                                        collection if you exchange into a more expensive
                                                                                                                 seating area. casting is subject to change without
     3   mezzanine                                                                                               notice. tickets to individual operas will go on
     4   orchestra ring                                                                                          sale July 6, 2010.
     5   Family circle

         5        3          5
                                                                                                                payment information
                         1                                                                                      name:                                                        please cHarGe my:

              4          2            4                                                                         address:                                                         visa        mastercard          discover      ameX

                                                                         Balcony                                city:                         state:     Zip:                acct. numBer:
                                                                      overHanG ends
                                                                         at roW m                                                                                                                         3-4 diGit
                                                                                                                e-mail:                                                      eXp. date:
                                                                                                                                                                                                          security code:
     the California theatre
     is at 345 south First street                                                                               pHone:                                                       siGnature:

     between san carlos and                                                                                     season tiCKets for a series of all 4 operas
     san salvador in downtown
                                                                                                                                       series letter (First choice)              section number
     san José. the theatre is
     equipped with wheelchair                                                                                                      series letter (second choice)                 section number
     access and assistance                                                                                                                                                        X $                            = $
     for the hearing impaired.                                                                                                                  # oF 4-opera series                       (First cHoice price)

                                                                                                                season opening gala
                                                                                                                                                                                  X $              125.00 = $
                                                                                                                                                # oF tickets

                                                                                                                tuesday previews
              2010/2011 seat loCation and 4-opera series priCes
                                                                                                                                                                                  X $             100.00 = $
     series                      a            B       c        d          e       F        G        H
                                                                                                                                                # oF 4-previeW packaGes
     1 Grand tier                $340         $340    $340     $340       $340    $340     $340     $340
                                                                                                                                                                                              Handling Fee = $                10.00
     2 orchestra center          $300         $300    $300     $300       $300    $300     $300     $300
                                                                                                                city Facility usage Fee* =                                        X $                 4.00 = $
     3 mezzanine                 $260         $260    $260     $260       $260    $260     $260     $260                                        # oF season suBscriptions
                                                                                                                                                                                        tax-deductible Gift = $
     4 orchestra ring            $200         $200    $200     $200       $200    $200     $200     $200
                                                                                                                                                                                            GranD total = $
     5 Family circle             $100         $100    $100     $100       $100    $100     $100     $100
                                                                                                             * tHis city-Wide Fee oF $1.00 per ticket ($4.00 For a season suBscription) is to Help ensure tHat tHe caliFornia tHeatre
                                                                                                               and all city tHeatres are maintained to a proper standard. tHis Fee does not Go to opera san Jose.
14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      15

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