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					                              Sun Sounds of Arizona
                               Volunteer News
                                                                                         F A L L   2 0 0 9

                                           THREE SUN SOUNDS PROGRAMS
                                             RECEIVE NATIONAL HONORS
  MISSION                                                   Three Sun Sounds of Arizona programs
 STATEMENT                                                  received top “Program of the Year” honors at
                                                            the International Association of Audio Infor-
     Sun Sounds                                             mation Services (IAAIS) Conference in June
      of Arizona                                            2009. The annual IAAIS awards recognize
   provides audio                                           quality programming and technical achieve-
       access to                                            ment among more than 100 reading services
    information to                                           world-wide.
                                   Bill Pasco receives
     people in the                award at 2008 IAAIS
   Southwest who                        Conference        Program of the Year in the Entertainment
  cannot read print                                       (Post-produced) category went to Love
  because they have           Letters, a production of the A. R. Gurney play produced by volunteer
      a disability.           Joyce Totlis with audio engineer Margie Zebell, and talent Pamela
                              Kellar, Bruce Novkov and Keith Tyler. This radio drama program aired
                              on Sun Sounds on Valentine’s Day, 2008.

INSIDE THIS ISSUE             Program of the Year in the Information (Pre-recorded, Edited) category
                              went to Community Calendar— a weekly program highlighting enter-
Volunteer Workshops       3
                              tainment events, movie and restaurant re-
Station News-Tempe        6   views, special concerts, and happenings
                              around the Valley, produced, engineered, and
Station News-Flagstaff   10
                              read aloud by Judy McDonough.
Station News-Tucson      11
                              Poetry Readings Blended with Music, pro-
                              duced and engineered in Tucson by Douglas
                              Martz and read aloud by talent Lisa Cole-
                              man and Shaw Kinsley, received Program of
                              the Year honors in the Narrative Reading          Bill Pasco presents IAAIS award
 Appreciation is              (post-produced) category.                         to Tucson staff Doug Martz and
                                                                                           Mitzi Tharin
   a wonderful
 thing; it makes                                            The IAAIS received 86 entries in 17 catego-
      what is                                               ries ranging from pre-recorded entertainment
                                                            and news to live, on-location productions.
   excellent in                                             These three IAAIS awards bring Sun Sounds’
 others belong                                              total to 30—especially apropos as Sun
  to us as well.                                            Sounds of Arizona celebrates its 30th Anniver-
                                                            sary year.
     - Voltaire
                              Margie Zebell receives Love
                                Letters award at 2008
                                  IAAIS Conference

Need to Cancel?
 Call to let us               SUMMER INTERN LEARNS LIFE
                                SKILLS AT SUN SOUNDS
                             In partnership with the Foundation for Blind
Tempe 480-774-8300           Children, Sun Sounds in Tempe enjoyed
Tucson 520-296-2400          working with intern Todd Seaman during the month of June.
Flagstaff 928-779-1775
                             Todd, a high-school senior from Camp Verde, participated in The Foun-
                             dation for Blind Children’s Independent Living Training Program — a pro-
                             gram designed to help high school students enhance their daily living
   OPEN HOUSE                skills, knowledge, and use of community resources. In this program stu-
                             dents live in an apartment (usually their first experience away from
  Join us at the Tempe
                             home), learn to use public transportation, are introduced to the ASU
        studios on
                             campus and participate in special skill-building projects.
   Wed., October 7,
                             You may have talked to Todd, as he spent a lot of time updating the vol-
       for our 30th
                             unteer database with current email addresses. He also called listeners,
    Anniversary Open
   House celebration!
                             helped with mailings, and conducted web-based research.

  Volunteers, listeners,     Todd was a big help to us and a pleasure to work with. We wish Todd
 dignitaries, community      great success as he pursues a career in psychology.
 partners and the media
   are invited for light
  refreshments, station        New Volunteers: Welcome to the Sun Sounds Family
   tours, and a look at
 what we expect in our       TEMPE
      next 30 years!         Barbara Acker, Forrest Ashley, Susan Becker, Maggie Clayton,
                             Cory Dunkirk, Noah Dyer, Celina Garibay, Hank Henry, Ileen Herberg,
                             Lorna Heydinger, Charise Stevens Johnson, David Leeper, Susan
                             Leeper, Dawn Lenfelder,
                             Jane Marks, Douglas
                             Moore, Glenn Munson,                     DON’T MISS OUT
                             Nick Nebelsky, John            We have plans to distribute the Volunteer
                             Orellana, Paul Seery, Dan     Newsletter by email within the next year—
                             Sheehan, Todd Somers,              and we don’t want you to miss it!
                                                             Call or e-mail Andrea to make sure your
                             Andre Sweet, Tracy
                                                                  email address is current in our
                             Thomas, and Barbara
   A big thank you to the                                                    database.
                             Toombs                         Andrea.pasquale@riomail.maricopa.edu
  following establishments
   for providing treats to   TUCSON
  Sun Sounds Volunteers...   Erica Fluckas, Liza
       BASHAS’               Hartman, Penny Maloney, Emily Mares, and Jo Ann Murphy
      TOM’S BBQ
            Especially for Volunteers                                                       PAGE 3

                                                                                      Sun Sounds
How to improve?                                               Even seasoned        Board of Directors
There are so                                                  volunteers get
many little ways.                                             much out of         Sue Berliner,
And that is why it                                            them.               Sweat Magazine
is helpful to at-
tend the work-                                               Barbara Acker        Paul Campbell,
                                                                                  InterTech Communication
shops that Sun                                               held two work-       Group
Sounds offers.                                               shops in Tempe
                                                             at the end of        Bill Davis, Chairman
Bill Davis, Presi-                                           July. More than      Kim Del Barto, Secretary
dent of New                                                  25 people took
Video Digital          Barbara Acker teaches the Voice and   advantage of         Sue DesParte, Vice-Chair
Video Produc-              Diction Workshop in Tempe.       her expertise in      Murray Everson
tions, presents                                             voice and diction.    UPS Logistics
workshops on Voice and Reading
which covers formats, etiquette,         Breathing exercises were a big part      Terry Flannery
technical skills and other things to     of the workshop as the basis of full,    Greg Fretz
make you a good reader.                  strong voice. Vocal health, breath-      Deschutes Brewery
                                         ing and vocal exercises, and articu-
                                                                                  Diane Gardiner
Barbara Acker, Voice coach at ASU lation were also addressed. Barbara
presents a Voice & Diction Work-         had a great time teaching everyone.      Dion Isom, Treasurer
shop. Get the most out of your voice She said it made her summer.                 InterTech Communication
and learn how to improve your enun-
ciation to become a more vibrant         Those attending also had good            Scott Law, Coconino
reader.                                  things to say. Peggy McMahon said,       Community College
                                         “(I feel) energized and better able to   Carl Matthusen
Look for notices and e-mail on up-       be a better speaker and reader.”
coming workshops throughout the          “Many of the breathing exercises im-     Linda Montgomery
year. If you would like information      mediately improved my breathing          Braille & Talking Book
on vocal exercises for practice          and quality of voice,” said Char Eng-
please see Andrea. If you are a new strom. If you missed it, don’t worry.         Jim Paluzzi
volunteer we strongly urge you to        Barbara can’t wait to come back and      Dean, Division of Public
                                                                                  Service, Rio Salado College
attend both of these workshops.          give more workshops!
                                                                                  Bill Pasco
                                                                                  Sun Sounds of Arizona

                                                                                  Rick Scott
             “Service to others is the rent you pay                               Lund Mortgage

                 for your room here on earth.”
                       - Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)

                             Saturday, September 19, 6pm-10pm

    Support Sun Sounds in Tucson by attending       and VIP tickets ($80 in advance) are limited
    the Great Tucson Beer Festival, Saturday,       to 500. Desig-
    September 19, 6pm-10pm at Hi Corbett            nated Driver tick-
    Field. It’s more than an evening of beer        ets are available
    sampling—this festival includes hors d’oeu-     at the gate for
    vres (included in ticket price), games, steer   $25 GA, $40 VIP.
    roping (ok, it’s not a real steer), and live    See
    music. VIP tickets include early entry, a       www.azbeer.com
    souvenir mug, and catered food provided         for special rates
    by Agave Restaurant.                            at participating
    Tickets available at www.azbeer.com. GA         hotels.
    tickets ($50 in advance) are limited to 3000

                                 GIVE A DAY, GET A NIGHT

    Sage Hospitality is sponsoring a program for people who volunteer. It’s called “Give a Day,
    Get a Night.” Anyone who volunteers eight hours from July 1 through December 31 at a
    501(c)(3) may qualify for a free night at participating hotels. Search for participating hotels
    online, then call the hotel directly to check room availability. http://
    www.sagehospitality.com/specials/giveadaygetanight.htm. To participate, see your Volun-
    teer or Studio Coordinator for a letter of volunteer verification.

    From volunteer Heidi Capriotti: “I used this program recently when I needed a hotel room in
    Denver. I stayed at the swanky J.W. Marriott in Cherry Creek - a room that would have
    been $250/night I got totally free!”

                                      ANNUAL LISTENER SURVEY
                                          COMING SOON
                                    Later this fall we will launch our Listener Survey
                                   where we attempt to talk to about 1000 listeners
                                   to gauge their satisfaction. If you’re willing to call
                                     listeners see your Volunteer Coordinator. Call
                                    from home (you’ll need a telephone and a com-
                                        puter) or call from the Sun Sounds offices.

                          SUN SOUNDS OF ARIZONA
                                                                                              PAGE 5

                       THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME
                              By Andrea Pasquale
It may be business as            zona, The Tucson Citizen,     ing online. You may still
usual, but it will come to       stopped publishing its pa-    be able to get your local
have a different meaning         per in May amid a series of   paper delivered, but it will
and a different look. No         11th-hour attempts to save    cost extra for this service.
longer is every newspaper        it. The two hours we have     As these changes occur
available at our fingertips      devoted to it now need to     Sun Sounds must adapt to
to rip and read. It’s all part   be filled with other news     this new delivery system,
of the shift of costly print     sources.                      and you will see changes
media to electronic media.                                     in how we deliver the news
Newspapers are no longer                                       to our listeners.
the powerhouse they once
were. They are laying off
veteran reporters, and                                    Just as the delivery meth-
even closing up or ceasing                                ods of newspapers are
distribution.                                             changing, so will be the
                                                          delivery methods of this
That newspaper you once                                   volunteer newsletter. In
tore up for a Saturday                                    the upcoming months ex-
broadcast now has to be                                   pect to see e-mail newslet-
downloaded with limited       As newspapers make all      ters. These newsletters
content. In this past year, these changes, it is up to    will contain much of the
we have seen The East         us at reading services      same information: up-
Valley Tribune lay off        around the country to       dates from your local stu-
many of its reporters, cut    adapt our programs to       dios, articles from staff
back to three days a week, these changes. This has members, volunteer pro-
cease home delivery, and not always proven to be an files, and Sun Sounds up-
cut staff at the main office. easy task. With some pa- dates. It will also contain
The newspaper must now pers, trying to get enough more timely information on
be downloaded, and date news is akin to getting           program needs, volunteer
and time of posted news       blood from a rock. The      availability, Speakers’ Bu-
must be checked so as not news and information just reau information, and up-
to infringe upon the previ- aren’t there anymore, and coming workshops.
ous program.                  we must adjust program-
                              ming to contend with the    A hard copy will still be
The Christian Science         limited information that is available to those who
Monitor no longer prints a available.                     wish to receive it, but e-
daily newspaper; instead,                                 mail delivery will help save
news can be obtained          There are many ideas on on printing cost and time.
online at their website. In the future of newspapers, E-newsletters will be more
addition, they are printing but one thing that remains up-to-date, and a better
an in-depth weekly news       consistent: things are      way to keep you abreast of
magazine. The oldest          changing. Sooner or later timely news and informa-
published paper in Ari-       all newspapers will be go- tion.
     TEMPE: Operations                                                                           PAGE 6

                                                  SOUND ADVICE
                                  must be able to save as an             set, for $60. Or go to
                                  mp3.                                   Behringer.com to check out
                                  There are many wav editors             the Dynamic Cardiod micro-
                                  out there. We recommend                phone for $29.99. Head-
                                  Goldwave ($49 PC version               phones are also available.
                                  only) available at gold-
                                  wave.com; WavePad ($50)
      By Margie Zebell,
  Operations Director, Tempe
                                  index.html (PC and MAC); or
 WITH MINIMAL SET-UP              Sound Forge Audio Studio,
COST YOU CAN RECORD               ($54 PC version only)
  YOUR PROGRAM AT                 www.sonycreativesoftware.c
       HOME                       om/audiostudio.

Many of you have asked            If you are a Mac user, there           Sound files are large even
about recording your weekly       is a built-in wav editor called        when saved as a mp3, so
program from the comfort of       Garage Band which can be               your program cannot be
your home. We already have        used to record, edit, and              emailed to us. You will have
a few people doing this using     save as an mp3. Mac users:             to upload your program to
a variety of software and         I’d like to hear from you              Sun Sounds’ ftp server via
equipment depending on            about your experience using            the internet. You will be
their budget and preference.      this proprietary software.             given specific instructions
You really don’t have to                                                 and a login and password
break the bank to set this up.    For broadcast equipment,               once your home demo has
                                  you will need a microphone             been reviewed by our staff.
Here is what we sug-
gest as far as audio                                                          Finally, when setting up
software, and broad-                 HOME RECORDING                           your home studio you
cast equipment.                      EQUIPMENT COSTS:                         must have a quiet envi-
Your PC computer                                                              ronment for good sound
should have:                        PC with XP or Vista or a Mac              quality. If possible you
    Windows XP or                   At least 256 Mb RAM                       want to avoid hard sur-
    Windows Vista,                  Sound Card                                faces (i.e. rooms with
                                    Sound editing software………..$50
     256 MB RAM,                                                              no carpet or drapes) or
    Windows com-                    Headphones………………………………$30                 where the kids hang out
    patible sound                                                             playing their Xbox
    card (which most             Not having to drive on the freeway...        games.
    computers have)
                                                             If you have any ques-
When selecting audio soft-    and headphones. The web- tions or need help setting up
ware keep in mind that you    site Plantronics.com has  your home studios please
will need to make corrections mike and headphone combo, check with me.
(edits) on the waveform and model audio 470 USB head-

                                             Email Margie at marge.zebell@riomail.maricopa.edu
   TEMPE: Development
                      DRIVING MISS DAISY
                       VEHICLES FOR CHARITY
      When you watch movies, do you find it vaguely disconcerting to discover
      unanswered plot questions? Here’s one… What happened to those
      beautiful old cars they used in “Driving Miss Daisy” after the movie?
      OK, it’s not really a plot question, but it gave me a chance to remind you
      about old cars and disposing of them properly. By properly, I mean do-        By David Noble,
      nating them to Sun Sounds in our “Vehicles for Charity” program.               Development
                                                       Sun Sounds is accepting
                                                       cars or trucks in good condition (no
                                                       junkers please) as charitable donations,
                                                       as well as certain other vehicles such as
                                                       RVs. You get rid of something you no
                                                       longer use, and you help Sun Sounds of
                                                       Arizona to provide our valuable informa-
                                                       tion access service.

                                                      Do you have a car, truck, motor home, or
      other unused vehicle that’s taking up space and costing you money to maintain or store?
      Why not donate that vehicle to Sun Sounds of Arizona?
      Please call 1-866-628-2277 for more information on the Sun Sounds car donation
                                             Email David at david.noble@riomail.maricopa.edu

                      We’ve added 40 new lis-      ing streams can be the result of these on-
                      teners in Yuma since I       going efforts. Despite the economy, money
                      began in February 2009.      has been coming in through these presenta-
                      Sun Sounds of Arizona is     tions and from people who have been long-
                      now a member of the          time listeners of Sun Sounds of Arizona.
                      Yuma Chamber of Com-         I am out and about meeting with new civic and
                        merce, and as a result I   business groups and individuals, while ac-
    By Diana Barbee,    have been able to make     tively planning a March fundraising event.
    Yuma Coordinator    new contacts with busi-    This will create more community exposure for
                        ness and professional      Sun Sounds. Several people have already
                        individuals. I am busy     stepped up to the plate to assist in planning
meeting with retirement centers, nursing facili-   and making this event successful. The team
ties, civic organizations and medical facilities   hopes to have 300 people in attendance. As
to promote Sun Sounds of Arizona, and I am         plans continue to develop, more information
hopeful that both new listeners and new fund-      will be forthcoming.
                        SUN SOUNDS OF ARIZONA
PAGE 8                              TEMPE: Marketing
     Underwriters                                             LIKE WHERE YOU VOLUNTEER?
 RIO SALADO COLLEGE                                                 TELL A FRIEND!
                                                           You, dear volunteer, play a vital role in the growth and
                                                           success of our organization. Not only do you give
 DEL E. WEBB FOUNDATION                                    countless hours to produce on-air programming, oper-
 ARIZONA LIBRARY SERVICES                                   ate the control board, stuff envelopes, and staff beer
 AND                                 By Heidi Capriotti,    festivals, but you tell others about Sun Sounds, and
 TECHNOLOGY ACT (AZ LSTA)                Marketing          THAT is invaluable.
 BANK OF AMERICA                     Coordinator, Tempe
 PENDLETON MEMORIAL FOUNDA-                              It sounds intimidating, but the Sun Sounds Speakers’
 TION                                Bureau is a group of volunteers who do just that—talk about Sun Sounds.
 ALCOA FOUNDATION                    I urge you to consider becoming an “official” Speakers’ Bureau volun-
 ENHANCED VISION                     teer. After attending a short training session you will have scripts, talk-
                                     ing points, brochures and business cards ready at your fingertips for the
                                     next person who asks, “Where do you volunteer?”
 SUNDT                               Speakers’ Bureau assignments include:
 GANNETT FOUNDATION                    Staffing information booths and meeting potential listeners at expos,
 SOUTHERN ARIZONA ASSOCIA-             conventions, and health fairs (weekdays and weekends);
 PAIRED (SAAVI)                         20-minute presentations to potential listeners at senior living facili-
 TUCSON ELECTRIC POWER                  ties;
 FIRST CREDIT UNION                     Visiting doctors’ offices to deliver brochures
 DIAMOND FOUNDATION                     Delivering radios to new listeners
 FOUNDATION                          When asked why he participates in the Speakers’ Bureau volunteer
 GENEMATAS FOUNDATION                Frank Williams said,
                                            “When we reach this stage of our lives (older, maybe wiser, but
 WELLS FARGO BANK                           definitely older) it's important to do as much good stuff as we
 ALTRUSA                                    can, as long as we can. The curtain can come down suddenly,
 And a special thanks to our                and cut off all our good intentions; and offstage, the curtains are
 public and                                 unquestionably going to come down. That may sound a little
 commercial radio partners who
 help deliver our signal through-
                                            grim, and for some people it is: lots of folks end up with a hatful
 out Arizona:                               of 'woulda, shoulda, coulda's'. The miracle is getting to the last
 KJZZ FM Tempe
                                            stage of our lives here in good health, strong bodies, no financial
 KUAT FM Tucson                             needs, lovely families, great friends and at last a chance to do all
 KNAU FM Flagstaff
 KTTI FM Yuma.
                                            the things we didn't have time for. When the angels get around to
                                            calling us home? No regrets. Better to wear out than rust out.”
 We would also like to
 thank Time Warner Cable in
 Yuma for their unwavering           If you’d like to receive monthly notices about Speakers Bureau events or
 support and transmission of Sun     attend an upcoming training session in Tempe please contact me.
 Sounds' programming on cable
 channel 70.                                                             Email Heidi at heidi.capriotti@riomail.maricopa.edu

                                      SUN SOUNDS OF ARIZONA
 TEMPE: Programming & Volunteers                                                                        PAGE 9

FEEDBACK FOR YOU                                               back. The volunteer coordinator then gets
                                                               together with the volunteer to discuss their
Other than cookies, one of the things                          impressions.
requested by both new and veteran vol-
unteers is feedback. New volunteers                             Volunteer evaluation is a way for new read-
want to know how they are doing and                             ers to get on the right path, and for sea-
how to improve and, as some of you                              soned readers to brush up on skills that may
know, I am not shy about telling them. I                        have gotten lax. Reading and recording
can be quite honest.                                            skills are things that need a check-up once
                                                By Andrea     in a while to maintain the quality of the reader
In June, the International Association of Pasquale, Manager and the recording.
Audio Information Services (IAAIS)           of Programming Down the road I would like to begin this
held their annual conference in Cincin-      and Volunteers   evaluation on all volunteers. This would help
nati, Ohio. One of the workshops I at-                        our readers maintain their high quality, and
tended was on volunteer evaluation, presented by ensure the listeners are receiving the quality they
Jen Nigro, the coordinator of volunteers at the Kan- deserve. Until then I will be glad to listen to your
sas Audio Reader Network. This workshop pre-            program and give you some honest feedback and
sented a way to evaluate volunteers on some of the tips to improve the end product. We can also sup-
basics in much the same way I evaluate reading          ply you a copy of your program for you to hear.
tests. It includes reading skills with pacing, diction, Don’t be shy. We all want to give listeners the best
inflection pronunciation and accuracy, technical        service we can, and I am here to help you do it.
skills, program format, and attendance. A volun-
teer is given a CD of their show and asked for feed-

Volunteer Voices:
                              RELIVING THE PAST                   established for many years but
                                    By Herb Isaacs,               has far fewer locally produced
                                   Tempe Volunteer                programs. The station relies on
                                                                  syndicated sources to fill their
                        I’ve had the pleasure of schedule. I have introduced a few Sun
                        being a volunteer reader Sounds techniques to CRIS, such as repeating
                        for Sun Sounds for the      the article headline after reading it and drop-
                        past three years, serv-     ping in time reminders as we do.
                        ing as a reader on alter-
                        nate Fridays reading the The experience of working with both stations
 Arizona Republic.                                  has been most rewarding for me for two rea-
                                                    sons: providing a valuable service to our lis-
 However, at the end of May I “desert the ship” teners, and reliving my many years on televi-
 and flee to Chicago until mid-October. While sion in Indianapolis where I was “Happy Herb
 there, I’m a reader on CRIS radio which is op- of the Popeye Show” six days a week.
 erated by the Chicago Lighthouse for the           In addition, I was the play-by-play announcer
 Blind.                                             for Indiana University basketball, etc. It’s great
                                                    to put my past talents to work for such wonder-
 Like Sun Sounds, CRIS has been well-               ful organizations.
                                                                FLAGSTAFF: Eleanor’s Desk
                                    NEWS FROM THE NORTH

                          Sun Sounds in Flagstaff just finished producing its 17th Annual Made in
                          the Shade Beer Tasting Festival on June 20th. It was another successful
                          event, and all who went had a great time. Music was provided by the Mike
                          Reeves Band from Camp Verde, and three local businesses offered gener-
                          ous sponsorship dollars: Findley Toyota, Radisson Woodlands Hotel, and
                          the Museum Club.
    By Eleanor Mooney,
      Flagstaff Station

  In addition, food donations
  came from Captain Ron’s,
  El Charro, Buffalo Wild
  Wings, St. Mary’s Food
  Bank, Little Caesar’s Pizza,
  Papa John’s, and Dominos.
  The big thanks go to the
  100 volunteers who
  showed up to set up, work
  the event, and take it down
  again afterwards. All revenues go to support the Sun Sounds station in Flagstaff.

  We have a team of volunteers enthusiastically working on a radio theater drama, penned by a
  volunteer reader, Judy O’Dea. It is called “Nadine’s Café,” and it takes place in Flagstaff. Our
  current production schedule calls for a final taping at the end of August and airing soon after.
  We hope our listeners enjoy it as much as we are enjoying producing it.

                                                                   In April, we had a wonderful volun-
                                                                   teer appreciation lunch at a well-
                                                                   known fine dining restaurant in
                                                                   Flagstaff called The Cottage Place.
                                                                   Thanks to Frank Branham, the
                                                                   owner, for making it possible for
                                                                   Flagstaff volunteers to celebrate
                                                                   Sun Sounds’ 30th in style and for
                                                                   cooking up a fabulous lunch.

                                                   Email Eleanor at eleanor.mooney@riomail.maricopa.edu
                                                                                                 PAGE 11
                                THANK YOU, SUN SOUNDS
                                               By Jeff Grant
                                       Sun Sounds Tucson Volunteer

 Everyone likes to feel welcome where they         embraced by everyone I have met through
 volunteer. They want to fit in with the oth-      this wonderful organization. It is a joy to
 ers. While in the front office early in my vol-   work with people who have such open and
 unteering time, I dropped a cup of water on       giving hearts.
 the floor. A nearby volunteer responded
 that I was now a member of the family.       Volunteering is a way in which I can make
                                              positive use of some of my time. My volun-
 I have been incredibly lucky that the people teering is very important for me. Sun
 at Sun Sounds of Arizona in Tucson wel-      Sounds has given me more than just a
 comed me into their family when I first      place to go; it has provided a second home!
 walked through the door. I have been

  Editor’s Note:
  Jeff Grant is a dedicated volunteer who reads, engineers, helps with mailing radios, tele-
  phones listeners, and is always willing to help anyone. Sun Sounds is a better place for
  his participation. Jeff was chosen as our “Volunteer of the Year” in 2008.

     TUCSON: Mitzi’s Desk
I am very happy to announce to everyone that on February 23 we
celebrate 24 years in Tucson !

Volunteer Coordinator Debbie Schaab is on a leave of absence until
early April. We miss her and will be very happy when she comes
back. Thanks to Danielle Callahan who’s filling in for Debbie on
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:00. Danielle has been                 By Mitzi Tharin,
a volunteer for more than 13 years and knows the office well. If               Tucson Station
you need to cancel a shift, leave her a message anytime on the
office answering machine, and she will find a replacement.

Also thanks to Jeff Grant for taking care of the auditions, to Mike Gavin for help-
ing Danielle with scheduling volunteers, and to the staff for helping fill in while
Debbie is on leave.
                                                           Vision Statement
                                     Sun Sounds of Arizona will make creative use of
                                     technology and talent to ensure that every disabled
   1300 S. Milton #202               person has the opportunity to access the current and
   Flagstaff, AZ 86001               local information necessary to a self-directed, produc-
   928-779-1775                      tive life. As a result, the inability to read print will no
                                     longer be considered a disabling condition. Sun
   2323 W. 14th St                   sounds of Arizona will continue to be a leader in the
   Tempe, AZ 85281                   field of information access services and a willing part-
   480-774-8300                      ner to organizations with like goals. Sun Sounds of
                                     Arizona is innovative, committed to quality and to
   7290 E. Broadway #166             customer satisfaction
   Tucson, AZ 85710
   1929 S. Arizona Avenue, Ste. 15
   Yuma, AZ 85364
   928-329-6681 x20

Sun Sounds of Arizona
2323 W 14th Street
Tempe, AZ 85281-6950

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