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       The Harvest Girl

Using this PowerPoint you will:
• know the harvest story of Ruth
• know Christians believe that God is the
giver of all
• know how unselfish God was and how God
rewarded Ruth for her unselfishness
• consider the choices we make in life
This story is taken from the Book of
     Ruth in the Old Testament

                              There was a
                       famine in Israel.
                       Elimelech, Naomi his
 Bethlehem             wife and his two sons
                       lived in Bethlehem.
                             Elimelech decided
             Kingdom   to take his family to live
             of Moab   in Moab, away from the

    What is a famine?

 • a severe shortage of food

• starvation due to lack of food

• when crops fail to grow due to
lack of rain resulting in no food

     The people of Moab did not worship God. They
worshipped man-made idols and other gods instead.
      Soon after the family had settled in Moab
Elimelech died, leaving Naomi a widow. She was left to
look after her sons on her own.
     When the boys grew up they married two girls from
Moab. They were called Ruth and Orpah.
      Ten years later both of Naomi‟s sons died leaving
Ruth and Orphan widows.

      Naomi decided that it would be best to return to
Bethlehem. She was very sad, having lost her husband and
two sons. She wanted to go back to her own people who
loved and served God.
     Ruth and Orpah walked a little way with Naomi
towards Bethlehem.

       Naomi stopped and turned to the girls. She
said, “Now you two must go back to your own homes,
back to your own people.” She wanted them to be
happy and find husbands again.
      The girls loved Naomi and didn‟t want to leave
her. They kissed her and cried at the thought of
never seeing her again.

      After a long journey Ruth and Naomi arrived in
Bethlehem. Naomi‟s old friends were surprised and
excited to see her. She had been away for ten years.
She looked older and sadder.
      Naomi told her friends how her husband and
two sons had died and how upset she felt.
      But now she rejoiced to be back home among
her own people once again.
       After Orpah had kissed her mother-
in-law good bye, she set off back to her
home. Ruth hugged Naomi tightly and
wouldn‟t leave her.
      Naomi said, “Look, Orpah has gone
back to her people. You go too, Ruth.”
       But Ruth had made up her mind and
said these beautiful words- “Don‟t ask me
to leave you. Where you go I will go, and
where you will live, I will live. Your people
will be my people and your God shall be my
      Naomi gave in to Naomi and they
both left for Bethlehem.
      Naomi and Ruth were poor and needed food and
money. When the fields were harvested, the crops
were cut and put into bundles. Some grains would fall
to the ground. People, who were called „gleaners‟, then
picked up the grain. Those who gleaned the leftover
crops were allowed to keep what they had collected.
      Ruth went into the fields to glean, to get food
for Naomi and herself. They could then sell the grain
and also make flour and bread for themselves.

      Ruth went to glean a field belonging to a very
rich man named Boaz. When he visited the field he saw
Ruth, he asked the man in charge, “Who is this young
woman?” He could see she was from another country,
by the colour of her skin, her hair and the different
clothes she was wearing. The man answered, “She is
Ruth. She came from Moab with Naomi.”
      Boaz talked to Ruth and was kind to her. He said,
“I have heard about you. I know you have been kind to
Naomi. May God reward and bless you.”
       Boaz told the reapers to leave extra handfuls of
grain for Ruth so she would have plenty to pick up. All
day Ruth was kept busy collecting the stalks and
beating out the grain.                                  10
      After gleaning all day Ruth returned home to
Naomi. She sold some grain and kept some to cook and
eat. Ruth gladly worked hard to provide food and
money for Naomi and herself. How thankful they must
have been to God for helping them at this difficult
     Soon the harvest was over. Ruth and Naomi
wondered what they would do next.

       God rewarded Ruth in a special way. Boaz had
fallen in love with Ruth. They were soon married. God
had rewarded Ruth for the unselfish choice she had
made in coming to Bethlehem with Naomi, rather than
returning to her own people with Orpah.
      She was now rich and Naomi had all that she
needed. Boaz and Ruth had a baby boy called Obed.
Everyone was delighted, especially Naomi, who now
had a grandson.
       Obed was the grandfather of King David. From
this family Jesus was born.

      Christians believe, the best choice anyone can
make is to put God first in their lives.
      God helps Christians to make the right
decisions and do what is right in their lives.

                     • What choices did Ruth make?

                  • What choices have you had to make?

• What promises did Ruth make?
• Who did she make them to?

• Have you made any promises?                          13
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