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					           New Zealand On Screen Press Release
5 May 2011

Watch New Zealand On Screen at World Cup central
Magic moments from iconic NZ films, TV and music videos — from Pork Pie to Boy;
from Gloss to Billy T; from Hillary and Snell, to Dagg, The Topps, The Wests,
Warriors, Whale Riders, and Fastest Indians — will be on show at the centre of this
year’s Rugby World Cup.

New Zealand On Screen is a headline project of the REAL New Zealand Festival:
the official NZ identity celebration running alongside the rugby matches.

New Zealand On Screen is an unprecedented celebration of Kiwi spirit and identity
as seen on screen, and a showcase of the best of NZ film and TV industry
production. It is a free public exhibition and will run for the duration of the event.

In the North Island two eye-catching structures will be built on the Auckland and
Wellington waterfronts. Classic NZ screen moments will be shown on a video tower
atop a modified shipping container. Inside visitors will be able to engage with
screen treasures via a state-of-the-art interactive video feature wall and viewing

In Auckland the attention-grabbing screen culture ‘capsule’ will be situated in the
Viaduct Basin, and in Wellington it will be on Queen’s Wharf.

A high-tech conversion of a classic Kiwi caravan will bring the New Zealand On
Screen experience to the South Island. The travelling cinema will rove from its
Christchurch base to southern towns and centres before spending the final two
weeks of the Cup camped at Hagley Park.

The initiative is a collaboration between NZ On Screen ( —
the Qantas Award-winning online showcase of Aotearoa screen culture, funded by
NZ On Air), Storybox (a production company specialising in outdoor video-
installation projects), and design agency Chrometoaster.

The collection of iconic films, documentaries, telly and music, represents an
unparalleled partnership of NZ screen organisations. It is the first time such a
collection of screen content has been broadly accessible. Content will be provided
by the NZ Film Commission, TVNZ Archive, The Film Archive, Archives New
Zealand, and independent producers.
The New Zealand On Screen project’s installation and caravan may be used in the
future for other events.

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