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									                    NC-TOPPS January 24, 2011 Conference Call Meeting

Beacon Center: Terri Silver
CenterPoint: John Coble
Crossroads: Teresa Caudle
Cumberland: Rose-Ann Bryda and April Chambers
Durham Center: Tina Howard
East Carolina Behavioral Health: Susan Massey
Eastpointe: Leatte Black
Five County: Jim Kinnan
Guildford: Wes Early
Johnston: Janet Bentley
Mecklenburg: Paula Cox
Mental Health Partners: Beth Lackey and Wendy Powers
Pathways: Janet Noblett
PBH: Kelly Shepherd Ingram and Reid Thornburg
Sandhills: Andy Smitley
Smoky Mountain: Heather Brown
Southeastern Center: Diocles Wells
Wake: Tammy Bonas and Kim Ware
Western Highlands: Leslie Kingsbury
Division MHDDSAS: Becky Ebron
NCSU Center for Urban and Community Affairs (CUACS): Donna Hughes, Jaclyn Johnson,
   Kathryn Long and Kathleen Snyder
NDRI (National Development and Research Institutes, Inc.): Gail Craddock and Marge Cawley

LME NC-TOPPS Questions or Concerns
  Issue: How do we deal with agencies no longer doing business and did not conduct Episode
  Completions? Should administrative discharges be completed?
  Answer: The policy preference is to wait 60 days to see if the consumer shows up at another
  provider agency in your LME catchment area. If this happens the new agency will need to
  contact the LME or the Help Desk indicating they are unable to enter NC-TOPPS information.
  At this point, the LME Superuser can transfer the consumer to the new provider agency. If the
  consumer does not show up, then an administrative discharge should be done.
  Discussion: A concern was expressed that by waiting the 60 days compliance numbers would
  go down. It was stated that new providers and CABHAs need to know that consumers need to
  be in TOPPS. Plus, providers and CABHAs need to know what their responsibilities are to
  ensure services are provided to eligible consumers.
  Issue: Based on the scrutiny of Value Options on PSR service applications shouldn’t PSR be
  added as one of the services for which NC-TOPPS is required?
  Answer: Ebron shared that there has been discussion to have all services be included in NC-
  TOPPS along with discussion on streamlining NC-TOPPS. Ebron will take this input back to
  the division. Ebron stated if others want to provide comment on this issue, pro or con of adding
  services for which NC-TOPPS is required, please send her an email,
  Issue: Ebron asked if there are any issues surrounding CABHAs and transitioning of
  Answer: These answers were shared at various points through out the call. One participant
  shared that consumers are dropping out of the system before getting placed into services when
  providers close. Another call participant wanted verification on what to do when a consumer
                   NC-TOPPS January 24, 2011 Conference Call Meeting

   moves from enhanced services to Outpatient services. These consumers should have an Episode
   Completion done, since they are moving from a mental health service that requires NC-TOPPS
   to one that does not. One LME noted that one of its CABHAs serves 4,000 consumers annually,
   but provides only enhanced services of ACTT and PSR to a small group of consumers. Of these
   two services only ACTT is a NC-TOPPS required service. The LME expressed concern over
   using NC-TOPPS to evaluate performance of CABHAs and in this case, there would be very
   few consumers for which data was available. Ebron is going to discuss this concern with
   Division staff and search for a possible solution.

NC-TOPPS Modifications
  Ebron shared that the push to streamline NC-TOPPS is going to be slowed down in order to
  allow for the Division’s Quality Improvement Committee to provide guidance. Ebron has
  requested that this Committee review NC-TOPPS and any related modifications. The
  Committee’s review along with the user survey feedback and input from consumers and family
  members will guide NC-TOPPS modifications. The Committee’s involvement will slow down
  the implementation of modifications.

  Ebron stated that the Division is looking at how well the CABHAs are doing with NC-TOPPS.
  She did a review of those CABHAs certified by January 7, 2011. Based on her review of a
  couple weeks ago of NC-TOPPS Outcomes at a Glance 2.0 data for these CABHAs, she found
  that about 4 out of 10 CABHAs (all locations aggregated) had enough cases to get charts. But,
  6 of 10 did not have enough cases. Three CABHAs were not even registered in NC-TOPPS.
  Ebron notified the LMEs to get these three registered. LMEs need to make sure the CABHAs in
  their area are doing NC-TOPPS on appropriate consumers. New providers and CABHAs need
  to know that consumers in specific services are required to be in NC-TOPPS.
  Ebron asked the LMEs to share when training providers and CABHAs that beyond the
  dashboard, providers and CABHAs can get their data to conduct their own analysis. This could
  allow these agencies to match their service and claims data to outcomes.

What are LMEs doing to increase consumer awareness and involvement with NC-TOPPS?
  Ebron stated we need to aid consumers and family members in learning about NC-TOPPS.
  Additionally, we need feedback from consumers. From recent presentations to various groups,
  she has learned that most consumers don’t know anything about NC-TOPPS. What are LMEs
  doing to inform consumers of NC-TOPPS?
  One LME recently presented data to their local CFAC using NC-TOPPS. The presentation was
  well received as was the dashboard. Another LME’s QM manager presents data from the
  dashboard showing how the LME and providers are doing at quarterly presentations.
  Ebron asked how we can increase consumer and clinician awareness of the Individual Report.
  She asked everyone to remind consumers and clinicians about this feature as this feature was
  developed solely for benefit of these two groups.

SFY 2011 2nd Quarter Provider Compliance Report
  Johnson shared that by the end of the week provider compliance reports will be emailed to LME
  NC-TOPPS contacts.

SFY 2010 Matched Reports
                    NC-TOPPS January 24, 2011 Conference Call Meeting

   Craddock informed the group that the SFY 2010 matched reports are being created. The reports
   will be available in Superuser accounts next week. The reports will be sent to the Division for
   posting at that time also and will be posted as the Division is able.

Looking into NC-TOPPS Advisory Committee Conference Call Meeting
   Cawley shared that we had hoped to have an in person Advisory Committee meeting, but due to
   the budget constraints, we will not be able to have an in person meeting this year. Now we are
   investigating the possibility of having a conference call meeting.

   Cawley pointed out the recent posting of Snapshot Issue 1, 2011. This Snapshot compares Adult
   SA consumers who have completed treatment to those who have not completed treatment.
   Ebron provided updates on NC-TOPPS Outcomes at a Glance 2.0. Within a couple of weeks,
   for SA consumers a user will be able to match Initial Interviews to either 3-Month Updates or
   Episode Completions, whatever is appropriate. An additional enhancement to the dashboard
   will come in a couple of months. For mental health consumers, the user will be able to choose
   between matching Initial Interviews with either 3-Month or a 6-Month Updates. Currently,
   matches for mental health consumers are between an Initial and a 6-Month Update. These
   changes are being done based on input from users.

Next LME Monthly Call Meetings:          February 21, 2011 at 1:30 p.m.

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