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                                           P.O. Box 852, Arnold, Maryland 21012-0852
Vol. 4 No. 1                                                                                                          January
                                           The next meeting of APC will be held on

                                                      February 5, 2003
                        7:30 PM in Room 204, YWCA Building, 1517 Ritchie Highway, Arnold, MD

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                Minutes of January 8, 2002 Meeting, YWCA Building, Arnold, MD

   CALL TO ORDER AND ADMINISTRATION                                        president of Foxmoor, urged that APC members
   President Ann Fligsten called the meeting to order at                   contact their neighbors and community association
   7:35 PM.                                                                presidents to urge them to give financial support as
   OFFICERS' REPORTS                                                       Local community associations and residents are
   Secretary's Report – Sage Mumma                                         asked to contribute to the cost of the appeal.
      The minutes of the November 2002 APC meeting                        GSPC will be matching all funds raised for this
       were approved as distributed.                                       appeal.
                                                                           Checks should be made payable to:
   Treasurer's Report – Arnie Dordick                                            Swann      Point    Estates      Homeowners
      Arnie Dordick presented following report:                             Association
       As of 12/31/02, the balance in the checking                               c/o R. H. Novotny
       account is $223.68 and the balance in the                               19 Sonneborne Lane
       savings account is $312.75, for a total balance of                      Severna Park, MD 21146.
       $536.43. The reports were filed for audit.
                                                                           Please write "Jiffy Lube Appeal" on the memo
   REPORTS FROM STANDING AND SPECIAL                                       line of your check.
                                                                           Polm Pier and Pool – Pam Mayberry announced
   Audit Committee:
                                                                           that the appeal of the ruling on the Polm pier is
    Ann Fligsten appointed the following members to
                                                                           scheduled for 1/14/03 at 6:30 PM at the Arundel
    the Audit Committee:
                                                                           Center. APC will be represented and will testify at
           Missy Blevins – Chair
                                                                           that hearing. The appeal on the Polm pool is
           Jack Morrison
                                                                           scheduled for June.
           Heather Millar
    The committee will meet before the end of January                  Delegates to Community Organizations
    and report to the membership at the February
                                                                         GSPC - - The Sonneborne property, which is
                                                                         behind the Crown and Amoco gasoline stations on
                                                                         the east side of Ritchie Hwy is projected to be
   Zoning and Environment Committees:
                                                                         developed as a condominium community. Area
     Jiffy Lube and Car Wash - Ann Fligsten reported
                                                                         community associations have opposed the
     that the Greater Severna Park Council (GSPC) and
                                                                         proposed project. Environment, infrastructure and
     some residents living near the proposed Jiffy Lube
                                                                         density issues top the lists of concerns related to
     site, north of Fishpaws, between Rt. 2 and B & A
                                                                         this project. The Broadneck Federation will be
     Blvd have joined forces in fighting this at the Court
                                                                         discussing this at an upcoming meeting.
     of Appeals level. They have ordered the transcript
     of the Board of Appeals hearing as the first step in                  Magothy River Association (MRA) – Diane
     preparing for the case. One of the major areas of                     Scherer reported that the annual Magothy River
     concern is the oil-handling component of this                         Parade of Lights had been held on 12/7/02.
     proposed business.
     It is expected that it will be 6-8 months before the
     appeal will be heard.
     Heather Millar, delegate from Divinity Cove, moved
     that APC donate $50.00 to the cause in support of
     the appeal on the Jiffy Lube. The motion was duly
     seconded and passed 10-0-0. Ryan Johnson,
  MRA (continued)                                           Arnold Volunteer Fire Department have been or will
  The parade is co-sponsored by MRA and the                 be approached to speak to our Council. Pam
  Magothy Seafood Restaurant.                               Mayberry suggested that both MRA and the Severn
  There was no formal MRA meeting in December.              River Association (SRA) presidents be asked to
  MRA meetings are held on the third Wednesday of           speak at the same meeting.
  each month at 7:30 PM in the Whitehurst                  Joint Meetings - It was suggested that APC and
  Clubhouse.                                                the Broadneck Federation also collaborate on
                                                            sponsoring joint meetings having speakers of
  Broadneck Federation: - - Ed Parker:                      interest.
  • The     proposed     ENYART      senior     housing    Transportation      Forum       -   APC's    second
    development near the 7-11 on Old Cape St. Claire        transportation forum is being planned for the spring
    road has reduced the number of units its plans.         of 2003. This will be a follow-up from the October
  • Rylan Homes is proposing to build a development         2001 forum. Ann Fligsten has been contacting
    called Lighthouse Landing. It will include about 50     potential partners for this forum. Volunteers will be
    homes in the area behind the mostly vacant strip        needed to work on the organization and
    mall near Rt. 50 exit 31. Local opposition centers      implementation of this forum.
    on potential overcrowding of schools.
  • The Broadneck Federation's annual Legislative         ADJOURNMENT
    reception is scheduled for January 23 .               The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 PM.
UNFINISHED BUSINESS                                       Respectfully submitted
Membership       Committee      and      Membership
 Campaign - Courtney Moen, chairman of the
 Membership Committee, suggested that APC                 Sage Mumma, Recording Secretary
 include a line item on the new membership forms
 for     individuals who wish to give additional
 donations to APC. Pam Mayberry suggested that
 some indication be given as to how any donation
 funds might be spent. Membership renewal forms
 will be sent out in the APC Newsletter.
 Sage Mumma has been gathering potential
 membership information for the membership                    The next meeting of APC will be on
 campaign. The County Executive's office, the                         February 5, 2003 at 7:30
 Planning and Zoning office and the County                      Room 204, YWCA Building, Arnold, MD
 Economic Development office have been of great
 help in this matter. Current members are asked to
 help by providing names of local individuals,                Don't Forget To Renew Your APC
 businesses,      institutions, and    organizations.
 Information can be sent to Sage Mumma using the                        Membership.
 APC e-mail address, <APC@riva.net>.
                                                          Use the enclosed form and mail it back to
Application for 501(c)(3) Status for APC
                                                                    APC with your dues.
 Ann Fligsten has submitted the paperwork for
 APC's application for 501(c)(3) status. We will not
 know for a few months if we need to amend our
 filing or if it has been approved. Because we have
 filed, all APC dues are now fully tax deductible.

Calendar for 2003 and speakers
 Meetings - Unless there is pressing business, APC
  will not hold meetings in July, August, and
  December of 2003. Meetings are scheduled for the
  following dates in 2003:

         Feb. 5
         Mar. 5
         Apr. 2
         May 7
         June 4
         Sept. 3
         Oct. 1 Annual Meeting
         Nov. 5
 Meeting Speakers - A list of possible speakers /
  meeting topics has been drawn up. At the present
  time, the president of MRA, Baywise (a Bay-friendly
  landscaping and gardening organization), and the

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