Installation of Marble Vanity Tops by ert634


									Installation of Marble Vanity Tops
   Sizing - Trial fit vanity top to cabinet walls. If necessary, trim vanity top using a circular saw
with a masonry blade. Start cutting at the back splash and move toward the front of the vanity
top. Place the trimmed edge to the wall. It may be necessary to level vanity top with shims
beneath cast-in edge on underside of vanity.

    Faucet Holes - Faucets can be specified one hole, 4", 8" or custom drilling. It will be
necessary to drill for faucet holes using a 1 1/4" diameter hole saw bit if you did not specify hole
drilling. Drill faucet holes with a 1 1/4" hole saw bit.

   Fit and trim the vanity top on the cabinet, then, before mounting the vanity top on the cabinet,
install faucets and drain assembly following manufacturer's instructions. Do not over tighten the
drain assembly because cracking can result. Apply a generous amount of silicone at the
corners of the cabinet. Carefully place vanity top onto cabinet ensuring that any necessary
shims are in place. If side splashes are to be installed, do it now. Trial fit the side splash and
then apply a thin bead of silicone to bottom edge and the backside of splash and set splash into

     Caulking - Clean entire vanity top with a mild household cleaner. Apply a thin bead of
silicone caulking along the top edges of the backsplash and side splashes to fill any gaps.
Remove excess caulking with denatured alcohol.

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