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									  Volume 13, Issue 1               SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto LLC Publication)                               Winter Edition 2011

                             SoCal OTM X NewsMag

                   S o C al Ret u rns to I- 5!
    It had been quite a few                                                   gan to challenge his hero
years since the SoCal Club                                                    for position. At I-5, Bruce
had sampled the wares of the                                                  did the heretofore thought               Inside this issue:
I-5 Motocross Track in Hun-                                                   impossible. . . He swept
gry Valley, Gorman. The last                                                  both motos over his idol,     Secretary’s Notepad. . . . . . . . Page 3
time we were there, on June                                                   taking the overall win in     Kevin852 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4
22, 2008, there was a ques-                                                   the 50 Master Class.
                                                                                                            Wrighty-O . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 6
tion if we would ever return.
                                                                                  As impressive as Ash-     Ask Lawndart . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 9
The track operator was more
                                                                              more‟s win was, the most
interested in practice days                                                                                 VP Ramblings . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 10
                                                                              impressive rider of the day
than racing, and appeared to                                                                                From the Prez. . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 11
                                                                              was Big Dan Berg. Dan
be lukewarm to prepping the
                                                                              smoked to some very fast      Rider of the Month . . . . . . . .Page 12
track to SoCal‟s standard.
                                                                              laps, winning the Master A
    Fast forward almost two                                                   class over a game Sofka,
years, with the track now un-                                                 Jr.
der the US Forest Service
                                                                                  Other Master and Ex-
control, and the club decided
                                                                              pert class winners were
to give the facility a new try.
                                                                              Randy Blevins in the Mas-
Through the efforts of our VP
                                                                              ter 50B class, who traded
in charge of Operations, Kurt
                                                                              wins with Dan Caneva                 SoCal Club Reminders:
Sofka, Jr., three racing or-      Eropkin. Bruce admired Dave,           (Randy took the overall by win-
ganizations experienced an        and thought of Dave as his                                                   Transponders have an 18-
                                                                         ning moto 2), Tom Baker, win-
outstanding day of competi-       favorite local pro rider. Little did                                         hour charge cycle. . . Plug
                                                                         ning the Master B class over
tion on a suburb track. The re    he know that, when joining the                                               them in Thursday for a
                                                                         Mark Pledger and Alan Burtt,          Saturday race, and Friday
-organized Los Angeles Old        SoCal Club, he would find him-         and Michael Cosaert, winner of        for a Sunday race. When
Timers‟ Club, the Over the Hill   self beside his hero on the            the Expert 40 class over Court-       fully charged, your trans-
Gang, and of course our So-       starting gate. Bruce has always        ney Gannett and Larry Fine.           ponder indicator light will
Cal OTMX Club all arrived at      been a fast, competent rider.
Hungry Valley to do moto.                                                    The Expert 50 class was           turn to a sold green in the
                                  Earlier this year he sold his                                                charger.
                                  2010 Yamaha and acquired a             dominated by local rider (and
    On this fine February
                                  new 2011 CRF450 Honda.                 SoCal member) Tom Ernsdorf.
13th, Bruce Ashmore had a
                                  Something about this bike              Tom stood atop the podium with     Gilliam, Jeff Collins, Dee Vond-
day to remember. As he was
                                  suited Bruce and suddenly he           Don Faron and Chris Cumbo          racek, and Ron Verbeek were
growing up, he was con-
                                  found himself significantly            taking the second and third        all very competitive!
stantly reading about a great
                                  faster to the point that he be-        tiers. Fast SoCal riders Jack
rider by the name of Dave                                                                                           Continued page 2
 PAGE 2                                      SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto LLC Publication)

                                                                                          riders taking the gate. Dennis Tooman, re-
SoCal REtursn                                                                             cently moved from the Expert to Amateur
to I-5 (from page 1)                                                                      class, swept both motos over a very fast
                                                                                          Gary Doll (SoCal) and Gary Colbert (who
   The Expert 60 class was a shootout                                                     made the trip from Bishop to ride this event).
between Lyle Sweeter, Gary Willison,                                                      Other notables in this class were Paul Lax
and Jim Oneal. Gary led the way moto                                                      and Bruce Hoover, both of whom demon-
one with a tight win over Oneal. Sweeter                                                  strated very fast lap times!
was on the gas moto two, and improved
his position from third first moto to the                                                    The Novice 50 class is fast becoming one
win, with Oneal edging out Willison for                                                   of the most competitive in the club. Denny
second. Sweeter found himself with the                                                    Ryan, an independent rider, swept both mo-
overall! Steve Dunlap and Jack Kell were                                                  tos. Denny will ride Amateur the next race
also quite competitive in this class.                                                     he has with SoCal. Chasing Denny, with
                                                                                          very fast lap times, was SoCal‟s Bob
    Jeff Hawthorne made his comeback                                                      Walpert. Bob exhibited such speed and
to racing after quite a few months off due                                                jumping ability that will also find himself in
to injury. Jeff was the past president of                                                 the amateur class soon! Don Meiner and
the LA OTMX, and was instrumental in                                                      Tony Parsons continued their rivalry, with
keeping that club organized for many                                                      Owin Wright inserting himself into the mix.
years. He rode hard to fourth overall be-
                                                                                             The Novice, Amateur, and Beginner 40
                                                                                          classes all ran in the same motos. Michael
                                                                                          Long took the beginner class over Gil Verity
                                                  Jeff Hawthorne made a return to         and Ian Staton. Tim Marshall ran away with
                                                       racing at Hungry Valley            the Amateur 40 class, with 1-1 motos over
                                                                                          Marc Mazza‟s 2-2 and Carlos Palomo‟s 3-3.
                                                                                          Danny Ramired took the Novice 40 class.
                                               was Chuck Ramsey, Sr., and Richard             The I-5 track received rave reviews from
                                               Lyons.                                     the racers, and plans are being made to
                                                                                          return to I-5 later in the year (possibly after
                                                  These fast 70+ riders were not the
                                                                                          the SoCal Summer Night Series at Comp
                                               oldest of the meet, however. John
                                                                                          Edge). Thanks go out to the I-5 track crew
                                               Webb again took that honor. John, 83
                                                                                          for their track preparations, to Sofka, Jr. for
                                               years of age, took the 80+ class with 1-
                                                                                          his scheduling efforts and his patience with
                                               1 motos.
                                                                                          the Forestry Service, and to all the riders
                                                  The Amateur 60 class was one of         who showed up to make the Hungry Valley
                                               the largest in numbers, with eleven        race a success.

   Bruce Ashmore on his new Honda!

hind SoCal‟s John Bosanko, independent
rider Jim Jeffries, and SoCal‟s Kent
    Five over-70 year old riders signed up
and took the gate in the 70 class. This
class was the surprise of the race day,
with passing and dicing going on from
gate to checkered flag. Barry Simon
wound up the winner with 1-2 moto fin-
ishes, over a fast but unlucky Phil Black
(4-1), and new SoCal member Ron Claw-
son. Ron is from Tulare, CA, and runs
the Central Valley OTMX (Ron belongs                     Rich ―Photoman‖ Stuelke flies over Frink Derby in the 60 AMA race.
to two OTMX clubs). Finishing after Ron                                        A Randy Blevins Photo
 PAGE 3                                          SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto LLC Publication)

    Secretary’s Notepad
                                                     Harlan‟s mom, my friend Monica.
                                                     These four door pickups are known
 ARIZONA INTERNATIONAL                               as crew cabs since they are more
                                                     satisfactory to the passengers,
        Or Bust                                      thereby keeping the crew happy and
                                                     thus reducing the instances of mu-
   Someone once said; “Getting there is              tiny on the Interstate. It‟s a nice
half the fun.”                                       truck, a 2004 King Ranch Edition
   I want to meet that person and tell them          Ford F-250.
about the fun that the Old Fat Bald Guys                Arizona Cycle Park had practice        throttle but it didn‟t move. No problem, I
Racing Team had getting to the Arizona               scheduled for noon to 4 on Friday so      thought, must have left a wheel chock in
Oldtimers International at Arizona Cycle             the plan was to arrive Friday morn-       place. Jumped out (it‟s quite a drop for old
Park.                                                ing, get set up, practice and be all      knees) and checked; no chocks. Simple, I
   As is often the case with the Interna-            ready for the usual Friday night Inter-   figured, the answer was MORE THROTTLE.
tional races, HONEST PAUL‟S MOTORCYCLE               national SoCal potluck. Bradley was       Now it moved, but not well and as soon as I
TRANSPORT was taking other people‟s                  coming down from his home in the          eased up on the throttle it stopped like the
bikes, and in this case other people, to the         Bay Area after work Thursday, plan-       brakes were on. Hummmm, brakes? There
event. Ken Fuelner‟s bike was loaded in the          ning to arrive around midnight. I had     are a lot of ways to see if the brakes are
bed of the truck and there was a place               the trailer hooked up, everything         locked, mine is to open up the truck, go 20
saved in the Former Monkey Mobile for Jeff           loaded, ready to go by about 7 p.m.       feet of so, then get out and see if there are
Collin‟s orange bike. And Jeff was going to          and thought I‟d just pull the rig         black marks where the locked trailer wheels
ride to the event with myself, Bradley and           around in front of the house and          were skidding. Yep. Trailer brakes are
Patricia. The Dodge that usually pulls the           head it toward the freeway so when        locked.
FMM (Former Monkey Mobile) to the races              Bradley arrived we‟d roll his bike in         So, I crawled under the trailer and discon-
is what they refer to as a club cab, so-called       and go. Jeff knew that we were            nected and cleaned all the connections on the
because you sometimes need to club peo-              planning to pick him up between 1         trailer brakes. Back in the truck, rock the rig
ple to get them to ride in the smallish back         and 2 a.m. I jumped in the truck (I       once in reverse, and shazamm! no problemo.
seat. In an effort to improve the customer           have to jump, it‟s a 4-wheel drive        I‟d lost the better part of an hour playing with
service, HONEST PAUL‟S MOTORCYCLE                    and taller than the Dodge) fired it up,   that, but there was still time for a nap before
TRANSPORT borrowed a crew cab from                   dropped it in gear, gave it some          Bradley was due.
                                                                                                   Midnight. Bradley arrives, we load his stuff
                                                                                               and we‟re off. Still on schedule for an 8 a.m.
                                                                                               arrival at Buckeye. Got to Riverside and
                                                                                               loaded up Jeff and his stuff. But the power
                                                                                               was out in the trailer – no lights. Checked and
                                                                                               it had blown the 30 amp fuse that feeds the
                                                                                               12v power to the trailer. No problem, we got
                                                                                               lots of fuses. And we‟re off. (Turned out to be
                                                                                               a good thing – we used 5 fuses over the week-
                                                                                               end. I‟ll fix it before Tulare, just stick a piece
                                                                                               of copper wire between the fuse terminals
                                                                                               and watch for the smoke.)
                                                                                                  It‟s about 2 a.m. and we‟re near Palm
                                                                                               Springs. A car pulls up on the left, turns on its
                                                                                               dome light and points at the trailer. OK, I
                                                                                               figure, we‟re dragging something or have a
                                                                                               light out or some such thing. Wrong. A check
                                                                                               of the right side of the FMM confirms the
                                                                                               cause of the pointing. The FMM is a tandem
                                                                                               axle, you know, 2 tires on each side. But
                                                                                               there was only one on the right side. On the

                                                                                                                       (Continued Page 5)
 VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1                           SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto LLC Publication)                              PAGE 4

                                Bardaman Speaks (aka Kevin852)!
                                                                                                 have different skill sets, and some even
                                               climbing? No. Perhaps I should try party-         ride 2-strokes (Punk & 111), we all share
                                               ing with Charlie Sheen? But as well know          the same passion for all things moto. We
                                               this sport just supplies a thrill that most, or   may not all agree all the time (Was
                                               all, of us just can not find anywhere else.       Reed’s move dirty?) we all agree that
                                               That is why usually the first thing we say to     there is no where we would rather be on
                                               a friend after they crash is ―so when are         Sunday am then at the track talking
                                               you back on the bike?‖                            smack to our moto brethren.
                                               So the problem I face is running competi-         So go out there and get your moto on. I
                                               tively is my other love and the two just do       know I understand how it is more than a
                                               not mix well. It is so hard to train for run-     hobby.
                                               ning at a high level if you have any kind of
 Hello All. When Rich asked me to write
                                               small nagging injury (which is so easy to                           Kevin
                                               get with MX). I will be averaging over 80
 this month’s article I was going to write     miles a week and yet somehow I still want
 about how I was quitting riding/racing        to squeeze in MX. So you can see how if I
 for most of this year to concentrate on       twist an ankle or knee, get a bruised rib,
 my running. I have a marathon May 21st,       etc. it will negatively effect my running.
 another marathon Oct 9th, and then            And when you spend 15 hours a week
 cross country national championships          training it seems stupid to risk it for two 20
 Dec 10th. But After writing that article      minute motos on Sunday. Yet, there I am
 and emailing it him I had a change of         at the sign up table early Sunday. Go fig-
 heart. Moto kind of does that to us.          ure.
 I think we all must be insane to partici-     So when trying to explain yourself to your
 pate in a hobby which is so dangerous.        non-moto friends, new girlfriend (―Why
 As the saying goes ―it is not IF you are      are you always riding that stupid motorcy-
 going to get hurt, but WHEN and how           cle?‖ hahaha), boss, etc. I have now taken
 bad.‖ Yet every weekend and sometimes         the approach of just not trying. I just say
 during the week we suit up and go out         ―You would not understand‖ and leaving it
 there with a reckless abandon. Go figure.     at that. You have to do it to get it. And we
 But try as I have I have never found any-     all know that.
 thing that gives the same thrills. Skydiv-
 ing? No. Bungee jumping? No. Rock             So even though we all go different speeds,

 Celebrity of the
 Month Contest
Heather called this one. . . Although she
had an unfair advantage! She won last
issue’s contest by correctly naming famed
women’s MX champ Tami Rice as Name
that Celebrity! However, I don’t think she
added Tami’s current last name:

                                                                                                 Who is the celebrity/VIP on the right,
                                                                                                 and what does he do? First correct an-
                                                                                                 swer posted on our website will receive
                                                                                                 one of our new ―Chubbybucks‖ good for
                                                                                                 $10 off your next race entry! To make
                                                                                                 this one is even more challenging. . .you
                                                                                                 also must state this racer’s current riding
  PAGE 5                        SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto LLC Publication)                          VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1

S e c r e ta ry ’s N ot e pa d                                     (From page 3)

front axle was a remnant of the tire that      wheel. So by 10:30 we have a replacement
had been there when we left Riverside.         truck on the way from Tucson, a brother
We‟re right at the Indian Canyon exit so       looking for a wheel and tire to bring to Buck-
its into a parking lot and time to deal        eye and the AAA on the way with a flatbed
with the situation. The good news, I           tow. Tow truck arrives, we unload bikes and
have a good spare. The bad news, I left        gear from the dead Ford, load it on the truck,
my 4-way lug wrench in the Dodge and I         and with me in the passenger seat of the tow
don‟t even know where the lug wrench           truck, head for the Ford dealer in Buckeye.
is on Monica‟s Ford. No problem, we got        It‟s about 11:00. The replacement truck has
a box of tools. Except the tools are met-      to come from Tucson, about 240 miles. Now
ric, and nothing fits close enough to get      the objective isn‟t practice, its getting there
tight lug nuts off. Besides, its about 22      in time for dinner.
degrees and the wind is blowing about
                                                  I knew Photoman was behind us on the
22 mph. Bradley had the good idea –
                                               road, so I called Sofka to get Rich‟s number
call AAA.
                                               and called Rich to see if he would detour a
    Apparently it takes awhile to find a       few miles to pick me up from the Ford
AAA service driver at 2:30 in the morn-        dealer. Rich and I arrived at the track about
ing, but eventually one shows up. It           2 p.m. But the FMM, the bikes and Jeff,
took the winch on the tow truck to pull        Bradley and Patricia are still by the road at
the remaining tire carcass out from            milepost 10. I did call Ken Fuelner and let
around the wheel. But he eventually got        him know that he needn‟t rush to the track
that clear and with the spare on, off we       to practice.
go. Even with losing 2 ½ hours, we are
                                                   Meanwhile, back at milepost 10, the
still looking good for arriving in plenty of                                                     rives at milepost 10, they adjust the hitch (this
                                               castaways were making the best of the situa-
time to make practice. Breakfast in                                                              truck is even taller) and the FMM with the bikes
                                               tion. Got the chairs out, made sandwiches,
Blythe and back on the road at about 7.                                                          and passengers is on the road again. It did
                                               sitting in the sun and drinking beer.
Into Arizona when I look down and the                                                            arrive in at the track in time for dinner, sort of.
                                               (Practice Friday afternoon had been
engine temperature gauge is rapidly                                                              The bikes, passengers and the FMM arrived
                                               scratched from the itinerary by this time.) An
moving to the peg. Pull over and pour                                                            about 6. Eighteen hours from Tunafish Canyon
                                               Arizona Highway Patrol officer stopped and
water in while it cools, then shut it down                                                       to Buckeye. We pushed dinner back about 30
                                               asked how they had picked that particular
for awhile to let the pressure drop, fill                                                        minutes.
                                               spot to camp. Bradley assured him that the
the reservoir and we‟re back on the
                                               plan was to move on before the 14 day limit           I go to a lot of Internationals, but Arizona is
road, probably lost another 30 minutes.
                                               on camping was up.                                the one where the Laxes get together. Brother
I figure the coolant must have been low
to begin with and pulling the grade              At about 3:00 the replacement truck ar-         Russell arrived Friday night with a replacement
caused it to overheat. Now with the                                                              spare. Brother-in-law Larry was driving Son-in-
system full, we should be good.                                                                  law‟s truck pulling the FMM. My dad and
                                                                                                 Brother Todd showed up Friday night in their RV
    No. The FMM is heavy, and we‟re                                                              with Todd‟s 2 daughters and Bradley‟s grand-
loaded pretty well, but I know I should                                                          daughter. My sister Susan, Bradley‟s daughters
be able to make more that 30 mph up                                                              and one more son-in-law showed up Saturday
the grade. I glanced in the mirror and                                                           morning. Once breakfast was out of the way
saw nothing, no traffic, no highway, just                                                        Susan and Brad‟s daughters began putting out
billowing whiteish-blue smoke obscuring                                                          food and everyone pretty much munched away
the freeway. Pulled off the shoulder and                                                         all day. (I‟m not sure the chili verde burrito and
well off the road and was trying to de-                                                          the strawberries and whipped cream really
cide if it would be better to shut it off or                                                     helped my endurance in the second moto.) We
let it idle when Bradley advises that                                                            had a good campfire Friday night and again
along with the smoke there is a fair                                                             Saturday night. Excellent bench racing with the
amount of flame coming out of the ex-                                                            SoCal crew. Good racing Saturday. It rained
haust. Easy decision, shut it down.                                                              Saturday night like a cow pissing on a flat rock.
   Now it‟s about 8:30. We‟re at mile-                                                           Got to go and play in the mud trying to get
post 10, about 110 miles from the                                                                around the track Sunday morning.
track. Fortunately, Arizona is not only                                                             I used the replacement truck to get home.
the Grand Canyon State but is also the                                                           Still have to get that back to Tucson. Status on
ancestral home of Laxes. I called my                                                             bringing the dead Ford back to life is $2700
brother-in-law to see if he can drive out                                                        and climbing.
to bring another truck. Brad calls his
son-in-law to see if his truck is available.                                                       It was all worth the effort. But in this case,
I call my brother Russell and send him                                                           while getting there was more than half the
in search of a replacement tire and                Dinner still went on as planned!              experience, most of the fun came later.
VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1                    SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto LLC Publication)                            PAGE 6

   Wri gh t y- o                       (or the pen is mightier than the mouth!)
Editor’s Intro:                              things to others. To riders who just         were ridding in the upper classes. For
For those of you who do not frequent         might find themselves staring down at a      a variety of sound reasons, these
the message board, let         starting gate about to drop. The starter     folks are ridding the novice classes
me introduce to you Owin Wright.             points a warning, engines screaming,         now. With many years of racing ex-
Owin is one of our newer club mem-           heartbeat doing the Hawaii 5-O theme,        perience, there won't be much here
bers, who has brought an amazing             and they‟re asking themselves "what'n-       for them, either. That leaves just us,
amount of excitement and enthusiasm          na-hell-am-I-doing-here?" Except             the True Novices.
to our meetings, message board, and wouldn't be, couldn't be, any-      So you want to race, and you want
events! Here is one guy who really loves     where else.                                  to get better at it. As with all motor
SoCal and Moto! He also is a talented          Since that day, I've learned quite a lot   sports, what we do is intense, com-
scribe, and his humor is infectious. I had   about our beloved sport. I've done about     plex and dangerous. Because we do it
to get him to write a column for our         20 races, most with SCOTMX, and a            on two wheels, often airborne, and
Newsmag, and here is his first!
                                             couple with Frank and the good people        without a steel cage wrapped around
Thanks, Wrighty-O!                           at REM. I got to the point where I could     us, it's tends to be all that and then
                                             run with the fast guys in my class, took     some. Well, here are four major ele-
                                             some thirds and seconds, won a couple        ments that will pay you the biggest
                                             of motos, and even snagged a first           dividends, if you pay them the most
                                             overall. Along the way I've made most        attention and effort:
                                             of the standard-feature mistakes a            1. GET IN SHAPE AND RIDE.
                                             rookie can make, plus a few idiot-               MX is one of the most physically
                                             originals I'm proud to call my own. What     demanding sports on the planet. We
                                             follows is the boiled-down essence of        all know this, but do we really do any-
                                             what I've found, going through what has      thing about it? At the 2005 Glen Helen
                                             to be the steepest part of the motocross     National, I had the opportunity to
                                             learning curve. My thinking is...if any of   speak briefly with The Goat,
                                             this helps some other rookie, then that      Ricky Carmichael. It was late after the
       For the True Novice                   is good. Being a teacher by nature and       race, the crowds had thinned, and
  It's raining right now, really pouring.    profession, explaining "the way it is" to    there he was in the Suzuki pits, just
But it's ok, because we've got a bit of      others comes naturally and obnoxiously       sort of standing there. As I ap-
a lull in the clubs' racing calendar.        to me. However, I need to be clear           proached he saw I was a flagman and
There are a couple of International          about one thing right from the get-go.       actually said 'thanks' for the work we
events, but my work schedule won't           These observations are for true begin-       did. I said it was an honor to flag
permit me to make either of                  ner-novice mx racers. I race the 50 Nov-     for him and the rest of the worlds'
these. So it's quiet now, except for         ice class, and everything that follows       best. I mentioned I was planning to
the rain. No one races in weather like       here is for us …the poor, awk-               race moto in a year or two, and could
this, unless they have a factory con-        ward, goon-ridding beginners that are        he give me the one “best thing” I
tract and are chasing national cham-         just trying to figure this whole thing       could do to be successful. He did not
pionship points. So it seemed like a         out. Amateurs, Experts and Mas-              hesitate..." Get in shape". I looked
good time to reflect on the last nine        ters...why are you reading this? Go find     down at my middle-aged burger belly
months. Wow, it really has been that         something else to do. Clean out the rain     and chuckled. 'Yeah Ricky, I've heard
long. You see, that's when I entered         gutters or shampoo your cat. There is        that from friends of mine, the ones
my first race, May 22nd, at Cahuilla         nothing for you here. I've seen you ride.    who don't even ride'. He smiled and
Creek. For reasons I won‟t go in to          Armatures, you are so fast, I just stare     took a step toward me, saying with
just now, it was and always will be          at my bike after a race (even a good         genuine sincerity...
one of the greatest days of my life. I       one) and ask        "where am I gonna'
will always be grateful to So Cal            find the 6 to 7 seconds they have on
OTMX, more so than I can ever con-           us?" Then, there's you Experts and
vey.                                         Masters... Well, from a novice point of
I took 4th overall that day. Looking         view, watching you race is like watching
back, I still can't believe I man-           gods from Greek mythology throwing a
aged to finish on two wheels my first        2-kegger on Mount Olympus . I can see
time out. Which, I guess, is why I'm         everything you do. I just don't compre-
sitting here typing these thoughts           hend it, and I don't expect an invitation
out. Now seems a good time to re-            any time soon. Oh yeah, there are a
flect and maybe, pass on a few               number of racers, who in days earlier,
VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1                  SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto LLC Publication)                                 PAGE 7

                                               if it was only one, more usually two or      girls...jumps. Weather it's back-
     Wri gh t y- o                             three. Ask any of the fast people (more      looping the bike or the dreaded un-
                                               on that later) to watch you ride and         derwear wrecking endo, the key is
                                               advise, and it will always be one or         clamping the bike like you mean it
                                               more of these five basics you're having      right at lift-off. Do that, and all will
                                               trouble with. Then watch them go             be well. Fail to do this and life gets
                                               around the track. They do them all,          real ugly, real fast. (This, of course,
                                               perfectly, as second nature and without      does not include advanced tech-
                                               a thought. That's why they are fast and      niques like big seat-bounce
                                               we are not. I got so tired of other riders   launches and whips. So you experts
                                               telling me the same thing over and           w h o       w e r e     t h i n k i n g
                                               over, I put all five into a verse. I often   that...go finish your rain gutters).
                                               chant the damn thing to myself when          "Sit forward for corners" again
                                               I'm racing or practicing. It goes like       means just that. Corners, steep up-
"No… no that's not what I meant. Get in        this:                                        hills, and the start are pretty much
the best shape of your life. The better                     Stand on the pegs               the only places you sit. When you
your conditioning, the better you'll ride.            Grab the bike with your legs          do, take note of how far forward the
It helps everything. It's way more impor-                 Sit forward for corners           seat goes on a modern mx bike.
tant than trick'n out the bike or anything                       Elbows up                  I wondered about that when I first
else. You'll improve faster if you ride as                      Look ahead                  came back to dirt bikes after being
much as you can, and get in super-good          Now, the rocket people will look at this    away for 27 years. Thought it was a
shape."                                        and know immediately what each line          real neat place to put the gas cap
He autographed my hat, and I said              is trying to convey. But for us true nov-    during re-fueling or something. One
'thanks' and wished him well. I am just        ices, a little explanation is in order.      day, I was practicing on the vet
beginning to see how right he                  First, "Stand on the pegs" and your          track at Racetown 395. After about
was. Obviously, ridding is the best exer-      thinking "Duh, were else do you              the 34th time I fell down, a real nice
cise for racing. Do it as much as you          stand... on the swing-arm?" No McFly,        kid on a Kawasaki came over and
possibly can. Time on the bike is key.         it means stand up and move! And not          pointed it out to me... that the seat
Every chance you get, ride! When               like you were trying to order a frozen       covered the whole top of the
you're at a track practicing, put in as        malt at the ball game. Move your feet        bike. "Place to put the gas cap?' I
many laps as you safely can before you         on those pegs, standing just behind the      said. He explained I probably
load up and go home. While other guys          balls (of your feet) for the whoops and      should be sitting way up there, by
are bench-racing, playing with clickers        rough stuff. More toward the center          the gas cap, in the corners and
(more on that later), or whatever, you         of your arches for jumps. Weight the         stuff. That way, he went on,
ride. Ride and then rest. Then do some         outside peg in turns. Whatever, you'll       the other riders could get some
more laps. Don't go back to the truck          figure out what's best for you. You          practice in, and the flagmen could
every time you rest. Pull off the course       should be standing up 75% of every           get some rest. I thought he was a
and find a safe spot. Watch others who         lap, and moving around on the bike.          real nice kid.
are faster than you while you rest on the      Stand up and crouch low in the "attack”      "Elbows up". Honestly, I don't get
bike. Then do some more laps before            position. Your quads will start burning.
you head back to the truck, take your          Burning real bad. That‟s good. You're
helmet off, hit the cooler and flop down       doing it right. Now quit your whining
in a camp chair. At home try, no really        and get in shape. (See how this stuff
try, to get into some sort of exercise         dove-tails?)
routine. I know it's tough to find the time.   Next, "Grab the bike with your legs"
But Ricky was right...the rewards are          means exactly what it says. The more
worth it.                                      you squeeze the bike with your legs,
  2. MIND THE FIVE BASIC TECH-                 the more control you'll have in almost
NIQUES                                         every situation. It's awkward at first,
    Since the first practice lap I ever        because you're using muscles not nor-
rode (back in the early 70s), to this very     mally used outside of freaky acts of...
day, the basic riding techniques that          well, never mind. Honestly, of all the
make a motocross racer successful              basics, this was the one thing that
have not changed. When something               brought me the most improvement the
goes wrong on the track, and I'm getting       quickest. Oh, and while we're at it,
up from a dirt nap, it's always "OK,           what's the single scariest thing we face
which of ‟The Five' did I blow?" I'm lucky     on the track? That's right boys and
VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1                   SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto LLC Publication)                               PAGE 8

                                                I got news, boys...unless you've lost 70     that I could actually move my hand
     Wri gh t y- o                              pounds since last weekend, or your           position when I gripped the throttle.
                                                shock blew up when you loaded the            Apparently, I was ridding entire mo-
this one. I know we're supposed to do it.       bike into the truck, the sag hasn't          tos without moving my throttle hand
I see the pros in photos in all the maga-       changed!                                     on the grip... ever. Told you I had
zines do it. But I don't know why and           Look, get the bike reasonably well set       some idiot-originals. Figured it out
keep forgetting after people tell me. I         up. If you're 6'2", get the appropriate      about two days later. I think Ron is
also ride off the course and fall down a        bars and a tall seat. If you weigh more      a real nice guy.
lot. Yeah, the fast people do it. Suppose       than the bike, you'll need some bigger         Motocross is a kind of brother-
to have something to do with balance or         springs in the forks and shock. Actu-        hood. Brothers and sisters help
whatever. I'll get back to you on this          ally, suspension is the one place I          each other. I'm sure I drive people
one. But „till then, we should probably         would advise anyone, no matter the           nuts with my constant questions
do it anyway.                                   skill level, to get customized. It's a       about what line to take in this cor-
"Look ahead". Next to standing up and           safety thing if nothing else. I am con-      ner... 2nd or 3rd gear to launch that
leg-grabbing the bike, this one brings          stantly amazed at what these tuners          jump...what tire pressure for this
the most improvement the fastest. It's          can do to make the boingers better for       dirt... what dounuts do Rich, Randy
real simple... A car will go where ever         a given rider. In this matter, go forth my   and Kurt like, etc. But they have
you turn the steering wheel. But a mo-          children and spend the money. Now,           always been there to help… even
torcycle will go where ever your eyes           after you have the bike properly set up,     guys in my own class. Guys who
are looking. Look right in front of you,        don't go screwing around with it! I don't    know that if I do what they say, it
and that's right where you will fall down.      want to hear excuses about why you           will just make more competition for
Remember, when you‟re racing you                aren't getting any faster in turns. I can    them. That‟s the brotherhood.
might find that you‟re kind of in a hurry.      see the problem. Your engine is cold.        That‟s why this is the greatest sport
So look where you're going to, not              The reason you get arm pump is not           on the planet. These fine folks actu-
where you are. I first read that in the         because of unbalanced steering trail         ally enjoy seeing you get better.
October 1975 issue of Dirt Bike maga-           relative to the triple clamps' polar mo-     Take advantage of their experience.
zine. It was true then and just as true         ment of inertia. You get arm                 Make it yours. Soon enough, you
now. When I drop the bike in a turn, this       pump because you always bring 5 gal-         won't have to ask them about this or
is almost always one of the reasons.            lons of gas to practice, and go home         that. You'll know, and it will show,
3. AVOID THE TECHNO DISTRAC-                    with 4.8 gallons. Shut up about your         because you'll be getting faster.
TIONS                                           cool new laser guided sprocket bolts         This will make the fast ones proud.
   Ricky C mentioned this, and I've al-         and just ride the freak'n bike.              Then you will have new questions to
ways thought it sort of obvious. Yet, it         4. ASK THE FAST PEOPLE                      ask. Not to worry for they will be
effects many novice riders and holds us            Seriously, this is a complicated and      answered, by the experts, or mas-
back. As alluded to earlier, modern mx          dangerous sport. Take advantage of           ters. And that's ok, too. You see,
bikes are highly refined. They are the          the very hard-won lessons of others.         now you can field the rookie ques-
product of 40 years of constantly ad-           Don't suffer alone. If you have a ques-      tions from the new guys.
vancing technology. The performance             tion about anything, go ask 5 people.          So it is that the torch of motocross
they are capable of is far beyond a nov-        Take the mean average from the an-           knowledge is handed down from
ices' ability. The idea that "I could faster    swers, and there is your solution.           one class to the next...from one
if I had a so-and-so pipe," or this tire, or    Yeah, and don't go arguing with them,        moto generation to another. As long
that race fuel... is just not valid. We all     either. One day at Glen Helen, Ron           as Two Strokes howl and Four
do it, get caught up in the latest after-       Lawson tried to explain it to me. You        Strokes roar, this torch shall burn
market mods we think are really trick           see, I wanted to move the position of        mightily. Upon final reflection, how-
and all. It's part of the sport and keeps       the front brake lever (rotate it up), but    ever... keep that stink'n torch away
the economy healthy. It just doesn't            couldn't because it made contact with        from my bike 'cause I saw "On Any
make us any faster. Simply stated, the          the throttle cable housing. “Simply ro-      Sunday" about eleventeen times
bikes are so much better than we are at         tate the throttle,” says he. I said "No      and it still pisses
this level, those trick parts are really just   can do. It will move where the throttle      me off they flam-
a distraction, and an expensive one at          stops and starts, and I can't                béed a perfectly
that. It goes back to ridding the bike, not     change that right before a race! I‟m         good Husqvarna
dinking around with it. Keep it in a good,      used to where it is and will surely kill     while I was ridding
healthy state of tune. Keep the filters         myself several times if I do that" He,       this crappy AT3
clean and the chain adjusted, and ride          and other club members tried to ex-          Yamaha and...
the thing! I know guys who mess                 plain it didn‟t matter where I put the          Perhaps a story
with clickers, re-set or change the             stinking throttle. It always started and     for another time...
sag, mess with the fork height, etc.            stopped in the same place. Further,
every time they show up at an mx track.
 VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1                     SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto LLC Publication)                                       PAGE 9

                                                                                  Ask LawnDart:
                                                     Dear Lawndart,                                 the primary area of weight gain of the
                                                                                                    bike. We start with atmospheric air,
                                                          I seem to be having an increasingly
                                                                                                    mostly Nitrogen and Oxygen. But during
                                                     difficult time loading my motorcycle in
                                                                                                    the pounding the tires take it breaks
                                                     the truck after the races. Seems very
                                                                                                    down the molecules which then re-
                                                     strange. When I am loading everything
                                                                                                    combine as the tire cools to form lead.
                                                     up on Sunday morning I can get the
                                                                                                    Little known fact. I learned this from a
                                                     motorcycle up the ramp with no prob-
                                                                                                    mailman in a bar in Boston. Real foun-
                                                     lem. But somehow, it seems to gain
                                                                                                    tain of knowledge.
                                                     weight during the day.            As first I
                                                     thought it might be my imagination,               OK, so now that you know what
                                                     but I’ve kept track for several weeks and      causes it, what can be done. I have dis-
                                                     it is definitely harder to load to go home     covered two solutions, either of which
Secretary’s Observations                             from the races that it is to load up to go
                                                     to the races.
                                                                                                    will likely work for you. One, buy a
                                                                                                    trailer. Bike trailers are typically lower
Some of you may have noticed that I have not                                                        and the angle to load is more manage-
                                                        Can you give me some ideas on how
been around for a few months; not at the                                                            able. But, good trailers can be expensive,
                                                     to handle this?
races, not at the meetings, not even on the                                                         so you might want to consider the sec-
message board. It was a combination of cir-                                                         ond option, get a girlfriend or your
cumstances, first medical then work-related,         Pooped in Phelen                               spouse to go to the races so they can
but it kept me away from the races. I knew I                                                        help you load up at the end of the day.
missed racing, I just didn’t know how much                                                          Don’t worry about them being willing to
until I got back on the bike and back on the         Dear Pooped,                                   push. Remember, at its normal morning
track at Glen Helen on January 9. As the say-                                                       weight, you can load it by yourself, avoid-
ing goes; ―Boy, I needed that!!‖                        You are not alone. I myself have            ing the possibly dangerous activity of
                                                     noticed this strange phenomenon of             waking a member of the opposite sex
It was really nice to see people that I just en-     motorcycles gaining weight at the race         before dawn to push a motorcycle. At
joy being around. I’m lucky that I like my job,      track. My KX450F weighs just over 230          the end of the day, she’ll be happy to
and the people I work with. But it’s not the         lbs on Sunday mornings, but dramati-           push it, anything to get out of the wind,
same as hanging around the pits with the             cally gains weight at the track so that by     noise and dust and get home. And the
guys you race with. And I surely missed rac-         the time I leave it is as hard to push as      extra benefit is that you will get to use
ing. I actually had a pretty good day, a third       my Harley at 850 lbs. After exhaustive         the car pool lanes. However, do avoid
and a fourth. But mostly its just the fun. And       research, I have discovered the source         thanking her by saying ―you’re the best
the adrenalin rush when the gate falls really        of the phenomenon. When you load in            carpool dummy I ever had.‖ For some
helps clear your head of all that stuff that piles   the morning the bike is lightened by a         reason, this seems to irritate them. Trust
up on a daily basis and never seems to go            feeling of optimism, this is the day you       me on this one.
away. Racing will take care of that. After 7         will win the class – the day you will
months away, one day’s racing was like a             clear all the doubles – the day you will       Lawndart
mental enema. (Sorry for the unusual meta-           actually use those knobs on the side-
phor, but it just seemed accurate.)                  walls of your tires. By afternoon, no
Although the excitement of racing comes              matter how well you have done, there
back instantly when the gate drops, being in         will be some element of the experience
reasonable race condition does not. By Tues-         that does not measure up to your morn-
day evening I thought I had located a part of        ing expectations. Just the slightest bit
my body that wasn’t sore, but I moved a little       of disappointment. You sort of know
and found that I had not. And arm pump; I’m          that although you were sure in the
so out of shape I got arm pump putting my            morning that you would have to be
gloves on.                                           careful not to drag the bars when you
                                                     hit the berms, when Rich’s pictures go
But it was great to be back and I’m going to         up none of the pictures of you will
try to make all the races and as many Interna-       evoke a feeling of movement.
tionals as I can this year. Also, get back to the
monthly meetings and do my job as secretary.            This effect, commonly referred to as
In the meantime – see you at the track.              ―Reality‖ is combined with another
                                                     more physical factor. I have now been
Paul A. Lax, Esquire and SoCal Secretary             able to prove that the air in your tires is
                                                                                                     Trust ―Honest Paul‖ for all your moto or
                                                                                                     personal advice! Writing under the pen
                                                                                                     name of ―LawnDart,‖ he will give you
                                                                                                     up--front and personal replies to all your
                                                                                                     questions about life and moto! PM him
                                                                                                     on our website where he is known as :
VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1                     SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto                                   PAGE 10

                                             R am bl ings fro m th e V ic e pr e z!
                                             with the gas prices being so high,      Cool designs.
                                             carpooling is a great idea. Effec-      As most of you know. We will be
                                             tively making your gas 2 bucks a        having a SoCal OTMX points
                                             gallon. We are all feeling the pain     scheduled race at the LAOTMX Intl'
                                             at the pump. I do believe it will       at Comp Edge March 26-27. Fol-
                                             come back down, may be a little         lowed by the new Las Vegas
                                             while. We do appreciate all of you      OTMX Intl' at Sandy Valley MX,
                                             supporting the race schedule and        April 9-10. New track. I rode it and
                                             coming out. Thanks.                     did all the jumps in 3 laps. What
                                             On a better note, SoCal OTMX will       does that tell? Be nice? Safe. Thats
                                             be showing up very soon in a new        what. The track was a blast. I think
                                             sign up trailer. The girls are gonna    you will all like it. I hope you can
                                             love it. A/C for the summer. A bath-    join us for a fun event at a new
                                             roon and 18 feet of room inside.        facility for OTMX racing.
                                             I'm excited as they are. I even or-     Well, Maria is calling me down-
                                             dered with a shower. So I may
                                                                                     stairs. My Cinnabon must be ready.
                                             camp out with a few of you from
                                             time to time. I am not sure where       See ya soon. Keep the rubber side
                                             to mount the 42 flat screen, maybe      down.

                                             pigpen can offer a few sugges-
                                             tions. Hey Pigpen?
Well here you are reading our wonderful      Our new 50 Master B class is a hit.
news mag put together by Mr Rich             It seems to be working out just
Stuelke. He is certainly doing a fine job.   fine. Very happy about that.
And with our contributing reporters, this
news mag is alot of fun to read. So here     I am just finalizing the 5 race night
is my contribution.                          series at Comp Edge. We have
                                             Oneal gear, MTA WEST, MAXXIS,
We are having great turnouts. Certainly      CTI tires, Scorpion Helmets, EKS
hope this continues. I would suggest         Brand Goggles on board already. I
                                             am still going to try to add to the
                                             list. These companies are out-
                                             standing. We need to support
                                             them as they support this awe-
                                             some club. And remember, as a
                                             member you get great deals from
                                             them. Do not hesitate to call them
                                             to get what you need. Check out
                                             our new T-shirts sponsor as well
                                             from MTA WEST, "DIO VONTI".

                                              Feb 6th. . . . Glen Helen
VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1                   SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto LLC Publication)                                       PAGE 11

Blast from the Past: 2006!                                      The SoCal OTMX Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to
                                                                the over-40 motocross racer/enthusiast. Our club meetings are
                                                                held the first Wednesday of each month, usually at Keno’s Res-
                                                                taurant in Anaheim Hills (91 freeway/Imperial Highway/
                                                                LaPalma          Ave).                               Guests and visitors
                                                                are always wel-         We are on the web:                 come at our
                                                                meetings. We                        occasionally
                                                                have meetings at                                        alternate     loca-
                                                                tions. . . Check our website to confirm the monthly meeting loca-
                                                                tion. Our race schedule includes approximately 28 scheduled
                                                                races per year, with classes for all ability levels. We have a very
                                                                active website ( that provides event information,
                                                                photos, our by-laws and rulebook, our event calendar, and an
                                                                informative and entertaining message board. Our club has
                                                                many fine supporters that are listed on our website!

                                                                                               to tell me they can not do anything to help.
                                                                                               But, if I call AT&T Yahoo Support, maybe
               From the prez:                                                                  they can help since it is email!
                                                                                                 So I give up. I will have to face the wrath
                                             think). Another BRAIN FART! They tell me          of my beautiful Susie P. She is off to her
                                             everything is gone and non-retrievable. AND       quilting class. . . Maybe I can run out and
                                             their system will not allow the same email        grab some flowers or something for her!
                                             address to be recreated! Try telling your
                                             better half you lost all her stuff! Lucky for        Brain farts can be serious. They cause
                                             me, Susie P. knows to have backups. . . She       stress, and heartburn, and they are a
                                             has an AOL account that has much of the           prime cause for grown men and women
                                             same (but not all) of the info duplicated. No     like us have the need to MOTO! There is
                                             brain farts for her. . . She is too smart!        nothing like MOTO to take your mind off of
                                                                                               you own personal brain farts! Moto is a
                                                 The UVERSE tech (from India) tells me         universal cure for all that ails us. . . see
                                             maybe I can retrieve her personal folders if      you at the track for some therapy!
   Brain farts. . . .everyone has „em. Saw
                                             I contact YAHOO MAIL, so I call the number
a seat fall off a light‟s rider at a major
                                             she provided. A YAHOO MAIL tech answers.
supercross. . . . BRAIN FART! He was his
                                             . . Sounded like India again! He tells me to
own mechanic, too! Saw JS7 wad up his
                                             contact UVERSE! Been there, done that, I
bike with a 6+ second lead on the fourth
                                             told him. So. . . he says contact AT&T and
lap at Daytona. . . BRAIN FART! We all
                                             gives me a number. Dialed it. . . and you
have had „em, for sure!
                                             guessed it. . . another voice from India! This
   Had to fix my wife‟s email account.       tech says to contact UVERSE! I quickly give
“Richard” came up under the name in-         him the old email address and indicate it is
stead of “Susie P.” There seems to be no     an older ATT. He puts me on hold to “check
way to just change a first name. So it       the email.” Two minutes later. . . Click and
makes sense to simply delete the sub         disconnect! Frustration, to the max! So I go
account and re-enter everything using the    online, back to UVERSE for an online chat
right first name. BRAIN FART, bigtime!       with a tech. Another BRAIN FART! He (or
When the Photoman deleted the ac-            she) is so sorry that I have this problem, but
count, all folders and saved emails were     their system cannot retrieve deleted ac-
deleted, too. Got on the phone with          counts. And I am sure I am again talking
UVERSE Tech (somebody from India, I          with someone from India! So sorry to have
VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1               SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto LLC Publication)                           PAGE 12

                                    Rider of the Month-Dee Vondracek
                                This quarter we honor our 2011 Number 1 rider, Dee ―Rooster‖
                       Vondracek as Rider of the Month. Dee has been recently bumped to
                       the 50 Expert class by our esteemed Race Director, Randy ―RaceDog‖
                       Blevins. Dee has come a long way from his first bike. . . 1n 80cc pressed
                       steel frame Suzy 80. His first true race bike was a 1973 Jawa CZ 125,
                       that he traded a Honda 350 street bike for. He used the CZ for
                       trail/desert riding; he did not enter any races until 1997. He rode that
                       race on a 1982 YZ 490!
                         Dee has come a long, long way since joining the club, both as a rider
                      and as a club member! Originally, the ―Rooster‖ was a very high-strung
                      individual, prone to tantrums. In fact, his ―Rooster‖ nickname was an
                      offshoot of                                             his    behavior
and his overwhelming will to win.                                             Some might say Dee was too competi-
tive.. Chuck Woody, one of our                                                respected club elders (in the over-70
age group), was listening to Dee,                                             one race day, as Dee was cussing some
competitors out after an engag-                                               ing moto. Dee’s demeanor left a little to
be desired. Chuck made the com-                                               ment ―Dee, shut the freak up, you are
sounding like a crazy banty                                                   rooster!‖ The name stuck. Dee was at
that moment branded forever as                                                the ―Rooster.‖
   Since that time, with a little help                                          from some of the club members and his
soon-to-be bride, Dee has                                                       morphed into one of the most likable
members of the SoCal Club. He                                                   will go out of his way to give you the
shirt off his back if you need it!
Dee, at age 56, realized that racing, along with his two boys and his soon-to-be
bride, puts meaning and purpose into his life, and that he needs to enjoy the ride!
   Dee first joined the club in 2005. Prior to that, he was riding primarily Grand
Prix races (both Big 6 and SRA). He ran into a bunch of blue jerseys during one of
the SRA events, learned about Old Timer racing, and has been with us ever since.
   Dee is very proud that he raised his two boys, Cory and Cody, all on his own. At
one stage in his life, Dee experienced    substance abuse difficulties, but he is very
proud of his over 18 years sober record! His boys provided the incentive for him to
                                                       ―Rooster‖ at a Glance:
                                                                                             stay dry, and his racing con-
                                        Current ride: 06 Suzuki 450                          tinues to provide him with
                                        Started Riding: 1968                                 incentive now that his boys
                                                                                             are largely grown.
                                        First Bike: Suzuki 80 (Pressed steel frame!)
                                        First joined club in 2005 at age 51!
                                                                                                  One of the biggest high-
                                                                                               lights in Dee’s life is yet to
                                        Current Favorite Track: Cahuilla Creek Vet Track       come: On May 7th the
                                        First Race: Adelanto GP, 1997 (2nd, Beginner 40 class) Rooster will be wed to the
                                        Favorite nemesis: Jeff Collins (2011 #2 Rider!)        beautiful Vicky Levington.
                                                                                               Dee also credits Vicky as a
                                        Married: Soon to be (May 7th!)
                                                                                               major factor in his new, mel-
                                        Children: Cory and Cody (both race with us!)           low character —she provides
                                        Favorite Past Rider: Jeremy McGrath                    perspective to keep his self
                                                                                               control at its best!
                                        Favorite Current Rider: Ryan Villopoto
                                        Music: Alternative (Ozzy, Godsmack, Oingo Boingo)
                                                                                             Rooster—all your SoCal
                                        Current job: Heavy Equipment Operator                brothers and sisters are
                                        Residence: Apple Valley, CA                          proud of you!
                                        Favorite Food: Italian
VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1                    SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto LLC Publication)                          PAGE 13

                           Race Photos from Comp Edge January 23rd

 Ray Simmons’ Old School Scooter!                   Berg. . . Darrin, not Dan!

                                                                                            357Girl leads Pigpen

                                                   Berg. . . Dan not Darrin!

     Owin Wright (Wrighty-O)

                                                                                                  George Andrews

                                                      Chuck Ramsey, Jr!

    Sweet shot of the 50 Masters’ Start!

                                                                                   Bob Walpert, Tony Parsons, Tim Marshall

See more SoCal OTMX photos on our website; click on the ―Race Photos‖ link on the mainpage!
VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1   SoCal OTMX Newsletter (A MotoPhoto LLC Publication)   PAGE 14


             1550 Melissa Court, Corona, CA 92879
             Contact: Mark Hall at
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