Thorn Lodge by wpr1947


									Thorn Lodge


           ‘The McAlary Collection’
  Antique & General Furnishings, Collectibles,
             Outdoor Effects, etc
‘Thorn Lodge’, 15 Culnady Road, Upperlands

                  Thursday 16th September @ 6.30 pm
Viewing: On the Premises Tuesday 14th September 7.00 – 8.30 pm, Wednesday 15th
      September 3.00 - 5.00pm & 7.00 - 8.30pm and Day of Sale from 4.00 pm

                                 Telephone Number During Viewing & Sale
                               0786 0474 956 or 0774 9849 455
                                          Further Details from the Auctioneers
       Irish Auctioneers and
          Valuers Institute
                                                 028 276 67669
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82   83   84       85
Rear Porch                                                                74    Six Cavan Crystal Stemmed Glasses and Other Pieces
                                                                          75    A Nice Arch Top Six Shelf Bookcase/Display Unit
1    A Mounted Taxidermy Head                                             76    A Collection of Seven Pieces of Belleek
2    A Lot of Six Circular Wall Plates                                    77    A Belleek ‘Cottage’ Lidded Cheese Dish, Harp and a Bowl
3    A Pair of Wall Mounted Lamps                                         78    An Unusual Shell Belleek Vase, Bowl and Three Bud Vases
4    An Early Decorated Circular Planter and its Stand                    79    A ‘Shamrock’ Belleek Bowl, Two Jugs and Another Bowl
5    A Circular Small Barometer and Four Colclough China Wall Plates      80    A Pair of ‘Shamrock’ Belleek Two Handled Vases and Another
6    A Set of Five Decorated Wall Plates                                  81    A Shamrock Pattern Bud Vase and Two Others
7    An Unusual Masons Ironstone ‘Niagara Falls’ Wall Plate and Two       82    A Gilted Metal Double Branch Candleholder
     Others                                                               83    A ‘Symphola’ Gramophone in Cabinet
8    A Mounted ‘Lions Head’ Shaped Bowl and a Small Picture               84    An Unusual Wall Plaque and Another
9    A Pair of Old Plates ‘Mr and Mrs Gladstone’ and Six Others           85    A Drop Dial Wall Clock
10   An Oak Whatnot/Table and a Pair of Oak Chairs
11   A Collection of Shells etc                                           Dining Room
12   A Balustrade Style Table Lamp and its Shade
13   A Turned Pillar Circular Top Plant Stand                             86    A Three Shelf Wall Unit
14   A Copper Two Handled Samovar and a Two Handled Copper Pan            87    A Set of Six Tyrone Crystal Tumblers
15   A Brass Oil Lamp, Etched Shade and its Wall Bracket                  88    A Set of Five Tyrone Crystal Brandy Glasses
16   A Collage of Collector Plates, Print, Gilted Plaque etc              89    A Set of Eight Tyrone Crystal Stemmed Glasses
17   A Set of Postage Scales and Weights                                  89A   A Set of Four Large Galway Crystal Stemmed Glasses
18   A Set of Four Coloured Glass Vases                                   90    A Good Mahogany Dining Room Table
19   A Pair of Postage Scales and Weights                                 91    A Set of Six Carved Barley Twist Dining Room Chairs
20   A Set of Postal Scales and Weights                                   92    A Pair of Crystal Decanters
21   An Early Copper Watering Can                                         93    A Pair of Glass Crystal Decanter and Another
22   An Early Copper Watering Can                                         94    A Collection of Good Stemmed and Other Glasses
23   A Brass Horse and Cart, Jug, Candlesticks and a Candle Snuffer       95    A Brass Pillar Ruby Bowl Oil Lamp and an Etched Glass Shade
24   A Pair of Gilted Metal Figurines                                     96    A Good Canteen of Cutlery
25   A Large Slate Mantle Clock and a Pair of Side Urns                   97    A Collection of Part China Tea Set
26   An Oak Two Door Sideboard                                            98    A Lot of Condiment and Preserve Sets
27   A Pair of Good Oak Armchairs                                         99    An Ulster Ceramic Coffee Set
28   A Mahogany Wine Table                                                100   A Good Carved Oak Long Cased Clock, Brass and Silvered Dial -
29   An Unusual Pair of Oak Candlesticks                                        Thomas Reynolds, Oxford
30   A Spring Vienna Wall Clock                                           101   A Good Lot of Old Platters
31   A Mahogany Book and Magazine Rack and Its Contents                   102   A Good Boxed Lot
32   A Bust of a Child and a Collection of ‘Arras’ and Other Bullet       103   A Lot of Two Dining Room Chairs
     Cases                                                                104   A Mahogany Plantstand on Ornate Carved Base and a Pottery
33   A Figurine of a Young Boy and Its Gilted Metal Stand                       Overpot
34   A Large Pottery Jardiniere on Stand                                  105   A Sundry Lot of Ornaments on Pelmets
35   An Unusual Lidded and Gilted Dish, Vaseline Lamp and Two             106   An Arch Top Bookcase, Two Cupboards Below
     Candleholders                                                        107   A Copy of ‘The Fairy Thorn’ Book and Other Interesting Books
36   A Singer Sewing Machine Based Table                                  108   The Contents of the Bookcase
37   An Early Denby Lidded Dish, Teapots etc                              109   An Old Foley Cake Stand and Two Others
38   A Pottery Overpot Its Plant and Another                              110   An Inlaid Mahogany Folding Cakestand
39   A Lot of Two Old Irons and a Wicker Covered Bottle Arrangement       111   A Cased Display Items Including the ‘Lusitania’ Medal and Other
40   A Good Circular Mahogany Hat and Coat Stand                                Pieces
41   A Shepherds Crook, Walking Canes, A Good Shooting Stick,             112   A Nest of Three Oak Tables
     Umbrellas etc                                                        113   A Nicely Framed ‘One Penny’ Stamp
42   A Horizon 10 x 50 Set of Field Glasses                               114   A Nice Pair of Brass Table Lamps and Shades
43   A Modern Set of Zoom 24 x 50 Field Glasses                           115   A Good Brass Pillar, Ruby Bowl and Matching Shade Oil Lamp
44   A Set of Carl Zeiss 8 x 30 Field Glasses                             116   A Large Ruby Jug
45   A Pottery Jardiniere on Stand and Its Plant                          117   Two Ruby Glass Tumblers and Stemmed Glasses
46   An Embossed Brass Candle Holder and Another                          118   A Lidded Ruby Dish
47   A Small ‘Cupid’ Wall Hanging and Five Circular Wall Plates           119   A Pair of Ruby Two Handled Vases
48   A Set of Six Arcadian ‘Japonica’ Wall Plates                         120   A Ruby Jug and Matching Sugar
49   An Oval Figurine ‘Bears’ after Karl Rothammer                        121   A Lidded Ruby Dish
50   A Mounted Skull and Antler Set                                       122   A Ruby Decanter
51   A Collection of Six Wall Plates                                      123   A Large Ruby Jug
52   A Sundry Lot on Window Sill                                          124   A Set of Six Large Tyrone Crystal Stemmed Glasses
53   An Oak Carved Door Bedside Cabinet                                   125   A Large Crystal Handled Decanter and Another
54   An Electrified Gilted Metal and Glass Lamp                           126   An Oak Cased Wall Clock
55   An Unusual Oak Fitted Drinks Cabinet                                 127   A Nice Nest of Three Tables
56   An Unusual Gilted Metal ‘Dog’ Based Lamp and a Sundry Lot            128   An Unusual Hand Painted Flower Holder, Overpot and Circular Dish
57   A Corner Whatnot and Its Contents                                    129   A Five Shelf Corner Whatnot
58   A Wrought Iron Framed Wall Mirror                                    130   A Nice Shaped Front Inlaid Walnut Credenza, Mirror Back and
59   A ‘Cupid’ Figurine and Three Circular Wall Plates                          Marble Top
60   A Mahogany Turned Pillar Circular Top Plantstand                     131   A Large Lot of Crystal Comports and Dishes
61   A Small Early Picture, Oval and Other Pictures and Two Wall Plates   132   An Electrified Brass Pillar Oil Lamp
62   An Oil Lamp and Etched Glass Shade                                   133   An Old ‘Home Rule’ Bowl, Coloured Glass and Other Pieces

Front Hall                                                                Drawing Room
63   An Unusual ‘Shell’ Plaque                                            134   A Mary Gregory Ruby Vase
64   A Collection of Six Wall Plates and Five Wall Plaques                135   A Circular Mahogany Wine Table
65   A Pottery Figurine of an Angel and a Small Table Lamp                136   A Three Shelf Cakestand ‘Diamond Jubilee’ California Plates
66   A Heavy Crystal Decanter, Another and a Hand Painted Decanter        137   A Brass Pillar and Oil Lamp Bowl
67   An Unusual Brass Gong and Striker                                    138   A Staffordshire Bowl, Sectional Dish, Glass Comport etc
68   A Box of Old Slides                                                  139   A Set of Twelve Meakin ‘Westminster’ Soup Bowls and Saucers
69   A Good Lot of Fifteen Circular Wall Plates                           140   An Oak Drop Leaf Table
70   A Three Piece Onyx and Brass Clock Set                               141   A Pair of Nicely Framed Prints ‘A Summer Evening’ and ‘End of the
71   A Mahogany Corner Cupboard                                                 Harvest’
72   A Collection of Small Pieces of Crystal                              142   A Tall Coloured Jug and Three Other Pieces
73   A Waterford Crystal Decanter and Six Waterford Stemmed Glasses       143   A Pair of ‘Cupid’ Pottery Flower Holders
86 - 89    91        95

   110    106       100    100

   111    112       113    115

   126    127       129    130

   132    136   141 Pair   145
144   A Tyrone Crystal Decanter and Five Stemmed Glasses                   217  A Crystal Jug and a Crystal Fruit Bowl
145   An Astragal Glazed Two Door Display Cabinet                          218  A Crystal Table Lamp and Shade and a Circular Crystal Bowl
146   A Thirty Three Piece Hand Painted Staffordshire Tea Set              219  An Unusual Lidded Porcelain Oval Casket
147   A Full Twelve Setting Royal Albert ‘Old Country Rose’ Tea Set        220  A Corinthian Pillar Brass Bowl Ruby Oil Lamp and Etched Shade
148   A ‘Gainsborough’ Bone China Tea Set and a Similar Cake Stand         221  A Silver Plated and Crown Devon Jug and Sugar and a Hand
149   A Mahogany Wine Table                                                     Pained Perserve Jar
150   A Pair of Telescopic Oil Lamps on Stands                             222 Two Coalport Figurines - ‘Jacqueline’ and ‘Samantha’
151   A Watercolour Antia Mooreland and Another of Sailing Boats           223 Two Royal Doulton Figurines - ‘Dinky Do’ and ‘Rose’
      Monogrammed                                                          224 A Waterford Glass Handled Cake Server and Another
152   A Circular Carved Mahogany Centre Table                              225 A Superb Shaped Rosewood Centre Table on Centre Pedestal
153   A Large Collection of Stemmed Glasses                                226 A Spelter Figurine of a Seated Gent and a Carved Bear Match
154   Two Boxed Lots of Good Cutlery                                            Holder
155   A Mahogany Standard Lamp and Shade                                   227 A Tyrone Crystal Large Bowl and a Wooden Plant Stand
156   A Coronation 1937 Book and an Old Album                              228 A Rectangular Hand Crafted Floor Rug
157   A Three Piece Drawing Room Suite                                     229 A Rectangular and an Oval Chinese Floor Rug
158   A Long Stool and a Part Viners Canteen of Cutlery                    230 A Waterford Crystal Fruit Bowl on Stand and Its Contents
159   A Lot of Trays, Silver Plate Ware and Two Berry Spoons               231 A Sharp Viewcam Video Camera
160   A Set of Six Overlay Stemmed Glasses                                 232 A Pair of Silver Condiments, Birmingham 1908 and Another,
161   A Set of Four Charles McAuley Prints                                      Birmingham 1904
162   A Lot of Four Hand Painted Jugs                                      233 A Silver Rimmed Lidded Trinket Box, London 1928
163   A Mary Gregory Clear Glass Jug                                       234 A Pair of Silver Plated Candlesticks
164   A Lot of Three Hand Painted Jugs and Another Large Jug               235 Two Silver Mounted Dressing Table Pieces, Sheffield 1904 &
165   A Vaseline Glass Oil Lamp                                                 Birmingham 1920 and Another Plated Trinked Box
166   A Lot of Two Hand Painted Decanters                                  236 A Set of Six Silver Coffee Bean Spoons (3 Sheffield 1921 & 3
167   A Lot of Three Coloured Glass Decanters                                   Plated)
168   A Lot of Five Lustre Jugs                                            236A A Silver Stand London 1766, Maker S. Herbert & Co
169   An Early Hand Painted Teapot and Another                             237 A Bushmills Distillery Queens Award Medal and a Kirea Millennium
170   A Good Mirror Backed and Carved Sideboard                                 Medal
171   A Staffordshire Spill Vase                                           238 A Pocket Watch and a Vesta Box in the Form of an Elephant
172   A Staffordshire Figurine - Sir Redvers Buller                        239 A Twisted Column Plantstand
173   A Staffordshire Figurine - D O’Connell and a Framed Copy of a        240 A Balustrade Shaped Table Lamp and Shade
      Letter from the Irishland League
174   A Collection of Glassware                                            Living Room
175   A Collection of Lamp Shades and Globes
176   A Set of Measuring Scales and a Volume of Spirit Tables              241   A Sundry Lot of Ornaments
177   A Small Drop Leaf Coffee Table                                       242   A Three Piece Upholstered Suite
178   A Wooden Turned Based Table Lamp and Shade and a Circular            243   A Four Legged Buttoned Stool
      Wall Plate                                                           244   A Lot of Two Food Covers
179   A Pair of Two Handled Bud Vases                                      245   A Mahogany Plant Stand
180   A Nice Pair of Giltwood Wall Brackets                                246   A Balustrade Style Table Lamp and Shade a Small Light
181   A Nice Pair of Two Handled Tall Vases                                247   A Framed Print ‘The Music Lesson’ and a Hand-crafted Panel
182   A Pair of Brass Candlesticks and there Glass Domes                         ‘Garron Tower’ and a Circular Plaque
183   An Unusual Edward VIII Coronation Tankard May 12th 1937              248   A Lot of Two Salter Hanging Scales
184   An Unusual Trio of Three Wedgwood Plates and There Stands            249   A Sundry Lot of a Poker, Two Wall Hangers and a Set of Bellows
185   A Gilted Fretwork Clock and Its Dome                                 250   A Black Metal Kettle
186   A Pair of Gilt Framed Small Pictures                                 251   A Set of Black Metal Tongs and Matching Poker
187   A Black Metal and Brass Fall Front Coal Scuttle                      252   A Copper Kettle, Another and Two Old Irons
188   A Sundry Lot of a Gilted Vase, Candelabra etc                        253   A Set of Three Brass Toasting Forks
189   A Pair of Early Pottery Dogs                                         254   A Sundry Lot of a Wall Holder, Shoe Horn and a Set of Bellows
190   A Set of Brass Fire Irons and Their Dogs                             255   A Brass Companion Set
191   A Wooden ‘Barley Twist’ Extending Fender                             256   A Wine Table and an Old Telephone
192   A Mahogany Coffee Table                                              257   A Nest of Three Oak Tables
193   A Sundry Lot of a Royal Albert ‘Old Country Rose’ Overpot etc        258   A Footstool and a Lidded Upholstered Box
194   A George VI and Queen Elizabeth Coronation Book and a                259   A Pair of Finger Oil Lamps
      Coronation Souvenir Book                                             260   A Pair of Gilted Metal Wall Brackets
195   An Inlaid Mahogany Two Door Glazed Display Cabinet                   261   A Sundry Lot Wall Clock, Plaques etc
196   Two Tall Gilted Glass Vases and a Staffordshire Hand Painted Jug     262   A Boxed Lot of Glassware
197   An Unusual Pair of Brass Candlesticks                                263   A Lot of Four Blue and White Collectors Plates
198   A Pottery ‘Bird’ Clock and a Lidded Character Jug                    264   A ‘Gladstone’ Jug and Four Others
199   A Large Earthenware Flagon, Converted to a Floor Lamp                265   A Pair of Staffordshire Dogs
200   A Large Royal Albert ‘Old Country Rose’ Dinner Tea and Coffee        266   A Pair of Pottery Wall Mounted Candle Holder
      Set and Other Pieces - approximately 110 pieces                      267   A Pair of Brass Candlesticks
201   An Inlaid Mahogany Tub Chair                                         268   An ‘Ulster Ceramic’ Tea and Dinner Set
202   A Gilted Nest of Three Tables                                        269   A Twenty One Piece ‘Duchess’ Tea Set
203   A Sundry Lot on the Nest of Tables                                   270   A Pine Two Door Glazed Wall Cabinet
204   A Lot of Two Oval Wall Plaques                                       271   A Twenty One Piece ‘Rose’ Tea Set
205   A China Display Cabinet                                              272   A Twenty One Piece ‘Springfield’ Tea Set
206   A Collection of Carnival Glass                                       273   A Royal Staffordshire Dinner Set
207   A Framed Times Photograph ‘Grand Avenue, Wiltshire’                  274   A Lot of Five Pieces of Carnival Glass
208   An ‘Arnold’ Foster Mother                                            275   A Lot of Five Pieces of Carnival Glass
209   A Two Handled Blue and White Tureen, a Large Candlestick and         276   A Twenty One Piece English Tea Set
      Cover                                                                277   A Lot of Three Blue and White Platters
210   A Mahogany Three Tier Whatnot                                        278   Two Old Jugs and a Blue and White Jar
211   A Collection of Knife Rests and Other Pieces                         279   A Small Occasional Table
212   A Carltonware Breakfast Set and Other Pieces                         280   A Telescopic Floor Oil Lamp and Its Etched Shade
213   A Large Collection of Royal Albert ‘Old Country Rose -               281   An Oil Lamp and Its Wall Bracket
      approximately 21 pieces                                              282   A Sundry Lot including An Unusual Vase Under Dome
214   A Twenty Piece Royal Albert ‘Old Country Rose’ Tea Set, a            283   A AIWA Music Centre and Its Two Speakers
      Cakestand and Other Pieces                                           284   A Philips Remote Control Television
215   A Eighteen Piece Royal Albert ‘Old Country Rose’ Tea Set including   285   A Large Decorated Pottery Cased Mantle Clock
      Tea Pot and Other Pieces
216   A Set of Measuring Scales and a Spirit Thermometer
     151    152   161 Set of 4        170

     171    172           173    179 & 180

     181    185           192         195

     200    201           202         207

209 - 212   219           220         225
Drawing Room                                                                360   A Superb Oak Dumb Waiter /Table, Carved and Turned Pillars
                                                                            361   A Coloured Glass Drinks Set and Other Tumblers
286   A Set of Three Nicely Framed Pictures                                 362   A Silver Plated Fruit Bowl, Two Servers and Other Fruit Bowls
287   A Watercolour ‘Snowscene’ Aghadowey                                   363   A Large Lot of Drinking Glasses, Water Jug, Dishes etc
288   A Set of Oak Open Bookshelves                                         364   A Lot of ‘Second World War’ Volumes
289   An Illustrated Family Bible                                           365   A Taxidermy Figurine of a Fox and a Pheasant
290   A Large Lot of Interesting and Historic Books                         366   An Oil Painting of a Seafront - Signed
291   A Nicely Bound Set of World Books                                     367   A Nicely Framed Map of Ireland
292   Two Gilted Lustre Pots, Lidded Bowl and a Wine Table                  368   A Twenty One Piece ‘Duchess’ China Tea Set
293   A Blue and White Pattern Tea and Dinner Set                           369   A Twenty One Piece ‘Salisbury’ China Tea Set
294   A Masons Ironstone Kettle, Large Platter and Four Vegetable           370   A Three Shelf Mahogany Dumb Waiter, Turned Pillars
      Dishes                                                                371   A Twenty One Piece ‘Richmond’ China Tea Set
295   An Oak Open Top Dresser, Two Drawers Below                            372   A Boxed Lot of Interesting Volumes
296   A Set of Four Oak Dining Room Upholstered Chairs                      373   A Large Lot of Interesting Books
297   A Waterford Glass Tall Vase, Another and a Carnival Glass             374   Fourteen Volumes of ‘Medical & Health’ Encyclopaedia
      Centrepiece                                                           375   A Ricoh KR10 Camera, Case etc
298   A Brass Telescopic Standard Lamp and Shade                            376   Two Boxed Lots of Glassware
299   A Good Upholstered Open Armchair                                      377   A Nicely Bound Volume ‘The Honourable Irish Society and the
300   An Inlaid Mahogany Revolving Bookcase                                       Plantation of Ulster
301   The Contents of the Revolving Bookcase                                378   An ‘Alfred Moore Munn’ Volume ‘The Place of the Parishes and
302   A Mahogany Corner Table                                                     Townlands of the County of Londonderry’
303   A Royal Winton Hand Painted Fruit Bowl and a Leaf Dish                379   A Nice Book ‘Faces and Places of Kilrea’ and Other Interesting
304   A Sundry Lot of Ornaments and a ‘Horseshoe’ Calendar                        Books
305   A Brass Pillar Oil Lamp, Embossed Bowl and Matching Shade             380   A Lot of Interesting Books and Booklets
306   A Pottery Cased Mantle Clock                                          381   A Lot of Interesting Books and Booklets
307   A Good Lot of Crystal Fruit Bowls, Comports etc                       382   A Lot of Interesting Books and Booklets
308   An Aladdin Oil Lamp and Shade                                         383   A Sundry Boxed Lot
309   A Sundry Lot of a Clock, Desk Tidy, Lighter, Stamp etc                384   A Large Collection of Pewter Pieces (on Pelmet)
310   A Nice Oak Side Table, Centre Drawer                                  385   An English Pottery Teapot, Jug and Other Ceramic Pieces (on
311   A Nice Inlaid Oak Jewellery Box                                             Pelmet)
312   A Good Mahogany Smokers Chair                                         386   A Lot of Three Sheepskin Rugs
313   A Sheepskin Rug and a Mohair Pile Floor Rug                           387   A Lot of Eight Pieces of ‘Cottage Ware’
314   A Teak Draw Leaf Coffee Table
315   A Set of Four Framed ‘South African’ Prints                           Kitchen
316   A Pair of Two Handled Decorated Vases
317   A Pair of Balustrade Style Decorated Vases                            388   A New Cordless Kettle
318   An Unusual Pair of Glass Pillars and a Selection of Unusual Shaped    389   No Lots
      Decanters                                                             390   A Large Copper Watering Can
319   A Pair of Nicely Decorated Vases and Two Perfume Bottles              391   A Pine Wall Rack, Two Drawers Below
320   A Nice Sized Bevelled Glass Overmantle                                392   A Lot of Nine Cornish and Other Lidded Blue and White Ware
321   A Brass Lidded Casket and Another                                     393   A Lot of Old Teapots
322   A Pair of Companion Sets and a Lidded Coal Box                        394   An Old ‘House Bell’ Set and a Wall Clock
323   A Brass Kettle, Small Scuttle etc                                     395   An Old Glass Churn
324   A Three Piece Pottery Clock Set                                       396   A Large Lidded Glass Covered Dish and a Cakestand
325   A Three Piece Pottery Clock Set                                       397   An Old Earthenware Hot Water Bottle
326   A Mahogany Cased Metronome
327   A Heavily Carved Stand and a Brass Budda                              First Floor Landing
328   An Etched Glass Jug, Gilted Decanter and a Candlestick
329   Three Nice Sets of Gilt Bound Novels                                  398   An Animal Skull and Antler Set
330   The Remaining Books in the Bookcase                                   399   A Pair of Animal Skulls and Antler Set
331   A Collection of Bottles, Openers, Dispensers etc and a Wine Table     400   A Figurine of a Lady on Stand
332   A Three Piece Living Room Suite                                       401   A Figurine of a Rabbit and Its Stand
333   A Fine Embossed Brass Triple Candle Holder                            402   An Oil Painting ‘Mending Nets’ - Movenna
334   An ‘Ale and Stout’ Lidded Decanter                                    403   A Sectional Wall Mirror
335   A Large Crystal Vase and a Seven Piece Fruit Set                      404   A Nicely Framed Tapestry
336   Seven Volumes of ‘The World of Shakespeare’ and a Wooden              405   A Set of Mounted Antlers
      ‘Bell’ Bookend                                                        406   A Gilt Framed Mirror
337   A Large Collection of Small Crystal Pieces                            407   A Hall Table and A Table Lamp
338   Two Lots of Stemmed Glasses                                           408   A Pair of Pottery Swan Vases
339   A Lot of Fourteen Sundae Dishes                                       409   A Hanging Lantern and Its Glass Shade
340   A Lot of Five Sundae Dishes and Five Stemmed Wine Glasses
341   A Good Lot of Crystal Pieces                                          Bedroom 1
342   An Oak Standard Lamp and Shade
343   A Good Oak Drop Leaf Dining Room Table                                410   A Pottery Figurine of a Boy and a Inkwell Stand
344   A Silver Plated Gallery Tray and Five Tea Service Pieces              411   Two Pottery Jug and Basin Sets
345   A Drinks Trolley and Its Contents                                     412   A Framed Print ‘Walls of Londonderry’ and Two Others
346   A Two Handled Silver Plated Gallery Tray and Two Others               413   An Inlaid Four Drawer Chest
347   A Sundry Lot of Three Small Decanters. Glass Buoys etc                414   A Fall Front Writing Bureau
348   Two Silver Plated Cake Baskets Centre Piece etc                       415   A Mahogany Dressing Table
349   A Large Rectangular Silver Plated Tray and a Circular Silver Plated   416   Two Parian Style Figurines and the Remaining Contents of the
      Tray                                                                        Dressing Table
350   A Good Nicely Carved Oak Mirror Backed Sideboard                      417   An Upholstered Bedroom Chair
351   A Silver Plate and Glass Condiment Set and Two Silver Plated          418   A Dressing Table and Combination Robe
      Toast Racks                                                           419   A Sundry Lot on Dressing Table
352   A Pair of Silver Plated Candlesticks and a Matching Triple            420   A Large Collection of the National Geographic
      Candelabra                                                            421   Fifteen Volumes of Childcraft
353   A Silver Plated Muffin Dish and Two Silver Plated Sugar Shakers       422   A Folding Coffee Table and a Small Table, Bookcase and Contents
354   A Collection of Silver Plated Cockerels and Pheasants
355   Two Silver Plated Egg Cup and Spoon Sets on Stand                     Bedroom 2
356   A Silver Plated Two Handled Tray and Its Contents
357   A Silver Plated Tea Service on a Two Handled Silver Plated Gallery    423   A Bedroom Chair and a Small Circular Table
      Tray                                                                  424   A Chest of Five Drawers
358   A Lot of Old Silver Plate including Coffee Jugs, Entree Dishes etc    425   A Nice Gilt Framed Wall Mirror
359   A Lot of Old Silver Plate including Cake Baskets etc                  426   An Unusual Twin Head Light and the Remaining Contents of the
                                                                                  Dressing Table
230   259 & 260        263            265

270        281         285    286 Set of 3

288   293 - 295        296            300

305        310         312            315

316        317    318 - 320           321
427   A Silent Night Double Divan Bed                                Front Garden
428   A Liquidiser, Hat Beater etc
429   Two Assorted Boxed Lots                                        504    A Five Piece Table and Chair Set
430   A Lot of Good Glass Bowls etc                                  505    A Pair of Garden Urns and their Stands
431   A Table Lamp, Table Mirror, Cakestands etc                     506    A Five Piece Table and Chair Set
432   A Painted Dressing Table                                       507    An Old Stone Trough
433   A Gladstone Bag and Two Others                                 508    A Boot Scraper in the Form of a Dog
434   A Good Lot of Linen                                            509    A Rectangular Earthenware Trough and Its Contents
435   A Gilt Framed Wall Mirror and Three Prints                     510    A Rectangular Earthenware Trough and Its Contents
436   Two Sheepskin Rugs                                             511    A Rectangular Earthenware Trough and Its Contents
                                                                     512    A Rectangular Earthenware Trough and Its Contents
Garage                                                               513    An Early Bird House in the Form of a Cottage (Ex. Clarke’s House,
437   A Good Leaf Blower                                             514    A Garden Planter and Its Contents
438   A Large Flagon and a Covered Vase                              515    A Garden Bench
439   Three Boxed Lots                                               516    An Old Chimney Pot
440   A Lot of Twenty Four Etched Glasses                            517    A Table and Two Chair Set
441   Two Boxed Lots                                                 518    A Pair of Small Metal Lanterns and a Figurine
442   Three Boxed Lots                                               519    A Pair of Figurines on Stands
443   A Ferguson and Another Record Player                           520    A Garden Ornament in the Form of a Sheep and Lamb
444   Two Assorted Lots                                              521    A Pair of Figurines of Lions
445   An Electric Chain Saw, Edger and Strimmer                      522    A Pair of Pottery Wall Brackets
446   Two Angle Brackets, Weights Bar etc                            523    A Cast Metal Wall Hanging, a ‘Head’ Planter and a Set of Chimes
447   An Oak Stand and a Sewing Basket                               524    A Figurine in the Form of a Gent
448   An Assorted Lot on a Circular Folding Table
449   An Assorted Lot and a Three Drawer Small Chest                 Rear Yard
450   A Boxed Lot and a Lot of Linen
451   Two Large Silver Plated Food Covers, Other Plate and a Tea     525  A Philip Pierce and Co. Turnip Pulper
      Trolley                                                        525A A Lot of Wooden and Cast Metal Garden Benches
452   A Lot of Stemmed Glasses and a Boxed Lot                       526  A Pair of Garden Urns
453   An Old Radio, Telephone and Receiver                           527  A Pair of Concrete Pillars
454   Four Assorted Lots                                             528  A Lot of Three Figurines
455   Four Assorted Lots                                             529  A Jones & Co. Sewing Machine Base Garden Table
456   Two Boxes of Silver Plate                                      530  A Concrete Window Box
457   A Wok and a Lidded Saucepan                                    531  An Earthenware Flagon, Two Old Wheels, and an Earthenware
458   Two Walking Canes, Branding Iron, Pump etc                          Vase
459   A Large Lot of Earthenware and a Box of Old Bottles            532 A Pair of Small Planters, a Figurine of a Pigs, and Another
460   A Large Lot of Glass Decanters and Two Syphoms                 533 An Earthenware Trough
461   A Large Lot of Silver Plate including a Punch Bowl and Ladle   534 A Sharpening Stone on Stand
462   An Unusual Lidded Jar, Foster Mother and a Brass Pan           535 A Pair of Wooden Planters
463   A Lot of Carnival Glass                                        536 An Old ‘Phoenix’ Boiler
464   A Lidded Coffee Canister                                       537 A Logan & Co. Unchokable Turnip Pulper
465   A Punch Bowl and Companion Set                                 538 A Concrete Trough Planter
466   An Oil Lantern                                                 539 A Pair of Lidded Boilers, Used as Planters
467   A Large Glass Dome and a Mantle Clock                          540 A Painted Milk Can
468   Two Large Five Brass Candleabra and a Plated Tray              541 Three Sharpening Stones and Two Pot Lids
469   A New Royal Ascot Twenty One Piece Tea Set                     542 A Cast Iron Circular Planter
470   A Large Lot of Glassware                                       543 A Cast Iron Circular Planter
471   A Black Metal and Brass Fender                                 544 A Pair of Cast Iron Circular Planters
472   Three Blue and White Platters, Plates and a Jug                545 A Large Cast Metal Planter
473   A Large Hen on Nest, Its Egg’s and a Overpot                   546 A Large Cast Metal Planter
474   A Large Lot of Records and Books                               547 A Pair of Chimney Style Planters
475   A Punch Bowl and Its Cups                                      548 A Large Glazed Planter
476   A Brass Candlestick Lamp, Two Shades and an Assorted Lot       549 A Figurine Based Bird Bath
477   Two Large Washbowls and a Jug                                  550 Two Figurines in the Form of a Lion and a Dog
478   An Old Typewriter, Stool, Cutlery etc                          550A Two Circular Planters and a Figurine
479   A Large Assorted Lot, Cleaning Products etc                    551 Seven Large Planters
480   A Large Assorted Lot                                           552 A Red Telephone Box, with Additional Fittings
481   A Horse Bridle                                                 553 A Red Phone Box
482   An ‘Esso Blue’ Can                                             554 A Lot of Cast Metal Railings and a Gate
483   A Small Belfast Sink                                           555 A Singer Sewing Machine Table and a Set of Scales and Weights
484   A Small Churn and a Wooden Pail                                556 A Set of Four Figurines - Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter
485   A Music Centre and Speakers                                    557 A Wooden Planter and Two Others
486   Two Large Boxed Lots                                           558 A Metal End Summer Seat
487   A Heavy Hanging Bell                                           559 Two Garden Figurines of Gents
488   A Cooker, Old Pot and a Sundry Lot                             560 An Olympia Line Marker
489   Three Boxed Lots                                               561 A Six Piece Table and Garden Chair Set
490   A Hanging Lamp and a Wasp Catcher                              561A A Figurine and a Lot of Jugs etc
491   A Lot of Oil Lamp Shades, Globes etc                           562 A Cast Metal End Summer Seat
492   A Pair of ‘Wheel’ Gates and their Pillars                      563 A Wooden Tree Surround Seat
493   A Lantern and an Old Chair Stand                               564 A Circular Planter and Other Planters
494   A Large New Teather                                            565 A Rectangular Trough
495   A Good Old Set of Mangles                                      566 A Five Piece Table and Chair Set
496   Two Wrought Iron Summer Seats                                  567 A Pair of Chimney Pots
497   A Lot of Garden Pots and a Concrete Poodle                     568 A Bird Bath and a Wheel Base Bird Table
498   A Sundry Lot
499   Two Assorted Lots                                                              Please Note:
500   A Folding Seat and Two New Parasols
501   A Lot of Clay Pipes                                            The Sale will be conducted by Catalogue, and
502   A Set of Steps and an Old Washboard                              items shown on screen in “The Linen Hallʼ
503   Two Oil Lamps, Griddle etc
                                                                      Community Centre, Kilrea Road, Upperlands
                                                                         @ 6.30pm on Thursday 16th September
1. The highest approved bidder                  and errors of description. No
   shall be the purchaser. The                  allowance can be made in any
   Auctioneer reserves the right to             case, nor will the Vendors be
   refuse any bid, and should any               answerable for any deficiencies
   dispute arise between two or                 in quantities or measurements
   more bidders, the lot or lots in             when the purchaser, his agent,
   dispute shall be put up again, or            carrier or man employed by him
   not, and resold at the discretion            has removed any part of his lot
   of the Auctioneer, or the                    or lots from the premises. All lots
   auctioneer may declare the                   purchased must be removed
   purchaser. The Auctioneer                    absolutely in the time specified
   reserves the right to bid on                 and if not so removed may be
   behalf of the vendor up to and               resold by the Vendors.
   including any reserve price
   placed on any lot and to alter,
   divide, group or withdraw any lot        8. The Purchaser shall be
   or lots either before or at any             answerable for all damages
   time during the sale.                       occasioned by any injury or other
                                               lots, by the removal of lots           324   325
                                               purchased by them, or to the
2. The Auctioneer shall regulate the           premises and to repair or pay
   bidding and no bid shall be                 damages to the owners of same
   retracted.                                  before the removal of their lots
                                               from the premises. In the event
                                               of any persons interested in the
3. Every purchaser shall give his              premises, claiming the whole or
   name and place of abode, in                 any part of a lot before its
   default of which the Auctioneers            removal therefrom or if in the
   shall have the power to resell at           Auctioneerʼs opinion, the removal
   once, or afterwards as they may             of any lot will endanger or
   think fit.                                  permanently damage any
                                               building, the Auctioneer may, by
                                               written notice to the purchaser of
4. Each bidder shall be supposed to            such lot delivered to him or his
   have seen and to be thoroughly              Agent, or sent by post to his
   acquainted with the contents and            abode or place of business last
   conditions of the lot or lots on            known to the Auctioneers,              327   333
   which he may bid, and no                    rescind the sale of any such lot.
   allowance whatsoever will be                The purchaser shall then be
   made for any faults,                        repaid his purchase money but
   imperfections or errors of any              shall not have or make any other
   description. The measurements               claim.
   and quantities described in the
   Catalogue are believed to be
   correct and must be taken as             9. Such lot or lots as are not cleared
   such. The purchaser being held              away agreeably to the condition
   to have satisfied himself as to             of this sale, will not only be
   measurements and quantities                 forfeited and may be dealt with
   and other specifications in the             under last condition, but the
   Catalogue before bidding, neither           purchaser shall pay every
   will the Auctioneers or the                 expense attending the removal of
   Vendors be responsible for any              any such lot or lots, and the
   lot or parts of any lot after the fall      costs of making good any
   of the hammer, from which time              damage occasioned by such              343
   all lots purchased are at the risk          removal. No lots shall be                    344
   of the Purchaser.                           removed until the day following
                                               the last day of sale.

5. The Auctioneers or the Vendors
   do not guarantee the                     10. If any dispute or difference arises
   measurements catalogued, or the              about any lot, or any other
   correct description, genuineness             subject, the same shall be settled
   or authenticity of any lot.                  by the Auctioneers, with the
                                                approval of the Vendors, whose
                                                determination shall be final and
6. Each purchaser shall pay the                 binding on all parties concerned.
   whole amount of his purchase
   money (Auctioneerʼs Commission
   payable by purchaser) for all lots       11. The Auctioneers nor the Vendors
   bought by him before any lot or              do not accept any liability for
   lots can be removed and the                  personal injuries of any
   whole amount due from each                   description sustained or caused       345   350
   purchaser must be absolutely                 by any reason whatsoever by
   paid on each day of the sale and             any person while on the
   if not paid within such time, all            premises or otherwise.
   moneys deposited in any part
   payment shall be absolutely
   forfeited and the Auctioneers will       12. Purchasers will pay 15%
   be at liberty to resell the lot or           Auctioneers Commission
   lots or any parts thereof                    (minimum fee £1) + VAT on the
   remaining un-removed, by Public              commission.
   Sale or otherwise, without giving
   previous notice to the purchaser
   and any difference or deficiencies
   which may arise from, such re-
   sale, together with all expenses
   attending the same shall be
   made good by the purchaser.

7. The lots are sold with all faults                                                  360   365
366   367   373   398 & 399

409   459   492        495

506   507   515        525

526   534   536        537

552   553   556        567

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