United States Canoe Association Indiana Division by wpr1947


									                    United States Canoe Association Indiana Division
                             Spring Meeting May 10, 2008
                                       4:08 p.m.

Officers Reports
President – no report
Vice President – no report
Treasurer's Report - as of May 8th 2008
Our balance at the November meeting was $1,911.62. We had an increase of
$55.63 for a new balance of $1,967.25.

The only expense was $150.37 for trophies to Kurt Begue. We received
$206.00 in rebate money from the USCA. We collected $825.00 for Indiana
shirts and disbursed the same amount to Sonja Gilman.

Secretary’s Report – Fall meeting minutes were approved.

Competition Chair – Matt Conrad was inadvertently awarded first place in the Men’s Sea
kayak division at the Tippecanoe Marathon. He was paddling an open boat, not a sea
kayak. A motion was made, and passed, to move his points to the proper class.

Delegate’s Report – No delegate was present, but Kurt Begue reported that the weight
restrictions for cruisers competing in standard class have been dropped. Sonja Gilman
reported that the 10% measurement was dropped for the sea kayak class.

Old Business
National’s Report - The Nationals Course for 2008 was discussed. Betsy Arnold
questioned why there were no age divisions for kayak youth sprints, like there are for
canoe youth sprints.

After some discussion, it was voted that the Indiana Division is not going to donate the
money to replace the Down River Woman’s National Trophy. The trophy could not be
located and to replace it would cost $200.00. Later, Betsy Arnold learned from Jan
Streib, that the Woman’s Down River trophy was refashioned into a different event
trophy by the National USCA. The question was raised as to why the National Division
does not supply a trophy for this class.

Due to a 6 way tie in the C-2 class last fall, a proposal was made to give the trophy to the
person with the most overall points. This motion was passed by all present.

Currently the Indiana Division has two trophies for the C-2 Mixed class. The original
trophy has been found and rebuilt. Discussion around which of the two trophies should
be used for this class, and what should be done with the other trophy ensued. The
decision was tabled until the Fall Meeting.
New Business

George Tinsley raised the concern that the Sugar Creek Race cost $30.00 per person. He
felt this was too high. Other concerns regarding the Sugar Creek Race were raised.
Betsy Arnold volunteered to write a letter to Jennifer Mullett and Clement’s Canoes
expressing these concerns. A copy of the letter is attached to these minutes.

Greg Barton is donating an Epic Kayak paddle to the boy and girl kayak winners of the
Barton Cup. The canoe companies have not made this same commitment. USCA
Nationals wants each division to contribute these canoe paddles, so that both the canoe
and kayak Barton Cup winners receive a new paddle. After much discussion a motion
was made that the Indiana Division not provide the requested canoe paddles. The motion

The Fall Meeting Date is November 8, 2008
Sonja Gilman will reserve the meeting place.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

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