MASTERPIECE FINISHES – Listing of standard and optional finishes for Masterpiece products.     19
LARGO™ (L5) – Small cross-section suspended T5 luminaire with two lower baffle options.        20
MARCATO™ (MT) – Combines premium features, pleasing aesthetics, extruded aluminum              21
construction, and easy installation into a sleek suspended direct/indirect luminaire.
ADAGIO™ (AD) – Suspended direct/indirect luminaire offering extruded aluminum construc-        22
tion, a modern contoured profile and a variety of lower shielding options.
PIZZICATO™ (PZ) – Suspended direct/indirect luminaire with architectural styling.              23
RUBATO™ (RU) – Classically styled suspended direct/indirect luminaire.                         24
ARIOSO® RECESSED (AVG) – Recessed direct/indirect luminaire of contemporary design             25
providing soft, uniform visual appearance.
ARIOSO® AIR (AVGA) – Recessed direct/indirect luminaire with air return capability.            26
ARIOSO METAL (AVMG) – Recessed direct/indirect luminaire utilizing a ridged metallic           27
ARIOSO® LOUVER (AVG) – Recessed direct/indirect luminaire incorporating louvers into the       28
perforated enclosure.
ARIOSO® METAL LOUVER (AVMG) – Recessed direct/indirect combining a ridged metallic             29

                                                                                                     MASTERPIECE COLLECTION
reflector and a perforated enclosure incorporating a louver.
ARIOSO® SIDE BASKET (AVSG) – Recessed direct/indirect luminaire offering smooth lighting       30
via side-mounted lamp shields.
ARIOSO® ASYMMETRIC (AVAG) – Recessed 1x2 or 1x4 direct/indirect luminaire offering             31
asymmetric lighting.
ARIOSO® CLOUD (AVCG) – Recessed direct/indirect luminaire with non-directional design          32
and circular floating lamp cover.
ARIOSO® SEMI-RECESSED (AVLG) – Recessed direct/indirect luminaire utilizing a lamp cover 33
suspended below the ceiling plane and ideal for areas with limited plenum space.
SURFACE ARIOSO® (SAVC) – Low profile surface mount direct/indirect luminaire that pro-         34
vides Arioso styling for surface mount applications.
ARIOSO® SCONCE (AVS) – An ADA compliant wall sconce that creates the same                      35
architectural look and smooth illumination as the rest of the Arioso family.
ARIOSO® CLOUD & SQUARE SCONCES (AVSC & AVSQ) – ADA compliant wall sconces                      36
featuring round and square styling to complement our recessed direct/indirect products.
ARIOSO® WALL (AV) – Wall mounted ADA compliant direct/indirect luminaire offering              37
smooth asymmetric lighting as a horizonatal sconce or in continuous rows.
TENUTO™ (TO) – Recessed direct/indirect luminaire that uses ceiling tiles and perforated       38
lamp covers to provide an extremely integrated appearance.
TENUTO™ LOUVER (TOC) – Recessed direct/indirect luminaire using a ceiling tile as the          39
reflector and including a lower baffle.
MICROSLOT™ (MS) – A high efficiency recessed T5 luminaire with a narrow aperture that          40
provides outstanding vertical illumination and high impact lighting.
MICROSLOT™ DIRECTIONAL (MS) – A narrow aperture luminaire that uses MR16, PAR20, or 41
PAR30S lamps to provide directional accent lighting while matching the appearance of the
fluorescent Microslot.
ELISION™ (EL) – Wall mounted T5 wall wash with architectural aesthetics that uses elliptical   42
reflector technology to provide superb performance.
CONTORNO™ (CN) – Wall mounted T5 luminaire with an architectural appearance and a              43
high efficiency optical system.


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