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SAINT MARY S INSTITUTE                                                                                      2010
                                                                                                        THE YEAR IN REVIEW

                CLASS OF 1960 ~ 50th REUNION
            Class of 1960 of St. Mary's Institute recently held a 50th class reunion week-end. The
   festivities began Friday night, August 22, 2010, with a "meet and greet" at LaCuchina Restaurant
   followed by a dinner Saturday night at Crystal Ristorante. On Sunday morning, a Mass in honor
   of the deceased members of the class was held at St. Mary's Church. After Mass, classmates
   gathered at Crystal Ristorante for a farewell breakfast buffet.

First row (L-R) Geraldine (Furman) Paulsen, Sister Agnes Leo Winkle, Carol Jankunas, Richard Jankunas, Joyce (DiMezza) Covell,
Maureen (Maloney) Hand, Martin Urbel. Second row (L-R) Eileen (Green) Scarton, Patricia (Persons) Little, Joan (Zappone) Stanavich,
Lorraine (Lech) Murphy, Mary Lou (Kubas) Warnick, Marilee (Kotowski) Ciscuolo, Evelyn (Wessel) Kudla, Faith (Morini) Stark, Sandra
(Hungerschafer) Greco, Dawn (Willey) Leffler, Rosemary (Persico) Garrison, Mary Beth (Murphy) DeLuca, Samuel Liggero, Thomas
Mullarkey. Third row (L-R) Robert Quandt, Michael Wierzbicki, Daniel Litinsky, Robert Kosineski, John Colangelo, James Ammerall, Helen
(Schmidt) Sherman, Vito Greco, Theresa (Stephens) Cantine, Joseph Connolly, Raymond Zierak.

          Marion Echoes
     Graduating Class of 1960
       St. Mary s Institute
                                       CLASS OF 1950 60TH REUNION
          St. Mary s Institute, Class of 1950 celebrated their 60th reunion on Sunday, July 25, 2010. Classmates
  met at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church for the 10:30 Mass. Class member Father Dan De Pascale said Mass
  in celebration for all living and deceased members of the class. Bill DeMars, class president, read a list of names of all
  deceased class members and class treasurer, Terry (Zack) Guzielek thanked Father Decker for the use of the church.
          Following Mass, many members met for an informal coffee hour at McDonalds. Pictures were taken and the
  class members and guests conversed at the Crystal Ristorante for brunch. Terry read several touching letters, notes, etc.,
  from members who were unable to attend.
          The brunch was followed by many hours of reminiscing and enjoyment recalling our happy SMI years. A good
                                                                                time was had by all and the class made a
                                                                                            Pictured at left:: Donald Bersing, Rev. Daniel F.
                                                                                            DePascale, Ann (Gieseler) Girard, John R. Rossman,
                                                                                            Marion(Traskos) Howlan, Dolores (Brinkman) Sheehan,
                                                                                            Theresa (Zack) Guzielek, Robert Van Allen, Jacqueline
                                                                                            (Newkirk) Stewart, Micky (Callahan) Tomajer, Alice
                                                                                            (Swierzowski) Janusz, Marie (Boyle) Tucker, William
                                                                                            DeMars, Natalie (Battaglia) DeMaria, Robert Blinsinger
                                                                                            and Paul Anostario.

                                                                                                      Class of 1950 - Junior Year

                                                                                                      The SMI Class of 1965 was
            CLASS OF 1965 ~ 45                               REUNION                              reacquainted over the weekend of
                                                                                                  October 15th -17th with an informal
                                                                                                  evening at classmates Jim Peter s
                                                                                                  restaurant (Pour Jims ) located in
                                                                                                      Classmates gathered on
                                                                                                  Saturday evening at Crystal
                                                                                                  Bar Ristorante and enjoyed
                                                                                                  hors d oeuvres and a buffet dinner.
                                                                                                  The reunion celebration continued
                                                                                                  with classmates and families on
                                                                                                  Sunday with the 10 o clock Mass
                                                                                                  at Saint Mary s Church. Immedi-
                                                                                                  following Mass, classmates met at
                                                                                                  the America s Best Value Inn for a
                                                                                                  buffet breakfast.
                                                                                                      Everyone enjoyed the activities
                                                                                                  and attendees traveled from as far
Front row L-R: Adrienne (Spagnola) Posner, Sharon (Avery) Forrest, Ro (Davey) Farrington,         away as California. Classmates
Gina (Ehmer) DiBartolomeo, Kathy (Marshall) LaConte, Kathy (Cichy) Mylod, Dick Wells,             are looking forward to the Fiftieth
Mike Techmanski, Judy (Wolfe) Spillane. Back row: Gerry Milller, Thom Ryan, Steve
Naples, John Rakstis, Jimmy Peters, Ken Slezak, Bob Skowronek and Mike Schuttig.
                                                                                                  reunion and hopes everyone will

               My Dear Alumni,

                According to Chicago s Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation, the
               smell of apples makes a room seem larger. Barbecue smoke, on the other hand,
               makes a room seem smaller. The next time your world seems too cramped and
               limiting, try eating an apple, inhaling deeply the aroma of each bite. Furthermore,
               it s not only the odor of barbecue smoke that shrinks the size of your world.
       Consider, for example, the possible effects of the following smells: nationalism, religious
       superiority, racial and sexual discrimination. Perhaps an apple a day can keep the devil of
       parochialism away.
              Also, ask yourself what your prayers smell like: apples or barbecue smoke?

                                                       From Feathers on the Wind by
                                                       Edward Hays

     A new year should open us to a new beginning and new possibilities. How quickly though the new
becomes mundane and our resolutions are broken to pieces. It s fortunate that our God is a God who
continually makes all things new (Rev. 21:5). God is continually inviting us to let go of old and limiting
ways of thinking and acting that inhibit our growth as human beings. Today is the perfect day to accept
God s life-transforming invitation!
     The word catholic means universal. Our Catholic faith seeks to find God in all of the events of our
lives; in the good and the bad; in the joyful and the sorrowful; in the peaks and the valleys of life. Our
faith reminds us that there is no human experience except sin that is devoid of the presence of God. With
this understanding, the Catholic Church down through the centuries has founded and supported numerous
universities, colleges and schools. The Church believes that the pursuit of truth should lead a person
closer to God who is Truth itself. Truth is one whether it is expressed in religion or science. People
sometimes set religion in opposition to science but this should not be so. Faith can take us further than
reason in the pursuit of truth but it is the same truth that is being illuminated by both. When the
conclusions of faith and science seem to be contradicting each other then one or the other is not being
interpreted correctly. When it comes to faith and reason it is not a matter of either/or but rather of
       A Catholic education is the embodiment of this all inclusive perspective of finding God in all of the
facets of human life. This is the advantage that an education at St. Mary s Institute offers to our students.
Under the capable leadership of our principal, Giovanni Virgiglio, and under the guidance of a dedicated
faculty and staff, our students are challenged to find truth and consequently to find God not only in
 religion class but in studying English, computers and science as well. The endless discovery of the
infinite mystery of God, which should be the foundation of our lives here on earth, is being nurtured in the
students at SMI. What a wonderful preparation for what life is all about!
       What about us? Are our lives characterized by a daily discovery of God and consequently a daily
discovery of who we are and where we are headed? Are our worldview and perspective growing larger
and more inclusive or are they shrinking and becoming more narrow and exclusive? If we need to be
stretched in order to joyfully embrace new ways of thinking and acting, then maybe it s time to stop
barbecuing and take a bite of a shiny, delicious apple!


                                              Father Medwid

              Dear Alumni and Friends,

              Since 1880, St. Mary's Institute has been a cornerstone of academic excellence in the city of
              Amsterdam. We have provided so many children with outstanding educational experiences
              rooted in tradition and focused on the future. This year marks our 130th year of excellence in
              our community, and we celebrate our continuing history of accomplishments.

Thirteen decades! When I look through the pictures and stories about the life of our school, I think about how
much has changed over the years, and at the same time, how much has remained a
constant. For example, you may think that the hairstyles or trends you and your classmates fashioned were
much different from the ones the children sport today, but you would be surprised. Also, the faces I see in
many of the old yearbooks are the generational faces I now see coming through the doors of SMI.

I cannot help but reflect on my own Catholic school experiences and realize how much has changed. The
knowledge and skill set required of our students has grown considerably. I would argue the math problems
our middle school students tackle today are the ones you solved in high school. Yet, we remain committed to
providing an education that prepares our graduates, like you, for the rigors of high school and life. You
probably started your academic journey with us in kindergarten. Now, we begin to build this foundation in our
early childhood and pre-kindergarten classrooms for three- and four-year-olds. It fascinates me to think this
September we will welcome the graduating class of 2022.

We have been entrusted with the privilege to prepare, plan, and provide an education for future generations.
In October 2010, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany unveiled the Covenant to Educate, a plan to
re-imagine Catholic education. This initiative heralds an exciting future for St. Mary s Institute. The
development of a cutting-edge, 21st century curriculum is just one of the many ventures on the horizon. This
exciting plan affords us the resources to provide an education that prepares our graduates for the modern
world while keeping Catholic education affordable and accessible to all who desire to send their children to
our enriching school.

But, the most important quality of St. Mary s Institute that has remained constant is our focus on Catholic
values, our everlasting emphasis on high academic standards, and strong moral guidelines. Our mission is
to teach young children and early adolescents that God is always at the center of everything we do. We
celebrate together in prayer and worship, in service and care for others, and in the ways we develop and
share the talents that God has gifted to us.

Please accept my sincere appreciation for all you do to help us provide the gift of a Catholic education to our
present and future children. Let us continue to pray and work together to make a difference in our lives and
the lives of our beloved students.

                                                                   Mr. Giovanni Virgiglio, Jr.

From the Alumni desk:

          I must begin by saying Thank You. This past year has been very rewarding with all the responses the Alumni
office has received from its Alumni. In accordance with all the positive feedback, wonderful suggestions and many
inquiries, the Alumni office has added some subtle changes to your annual Newsletter that we think you will enjoy.
          To all the gracious donors, reunion committees, to everyone who has called, mailed and stopped by with donated
items for our Archive Department, your dedication to SMI is authentic. This is why I offer to you, on behalf of SMI, a very
heartfelt thank you for the positive impact you re making in keeping your Alma-Mater alive and flourishing.

                                                                        Jeanette Constantine

                              Please remember Saint Mary s Institute in your Will and Trusts.

                                        ~ SMI 2010 NEWS ~
Spring Concert : The entire school participated in S.M.I.s annual Spring concert.
Students presented KYDZ (Kids) RADIO directed by Rachelle Cotugno which featured
hits from the radio, television and the silver screen. Early Childhood and Pre-K
performed SpongeBob Square Pants. Opening with One The Radio, 7th grade
performed Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, 3rd grade sang Hound Dog , 5th grade Sgt.
Pepper s Lonley Hearts Club Band, and 6th grade performed and sang Footloose.
Then it came time for, Lights! Camera! Action! With 4th grade singing Beyond the
Sea followed by 2nd grade singing Hot Chocolate . One of the most favorite
Billboard Hot 100 chart songs The Candy Man, was sang by 1st grade. Kindgeraten
excitedly sang Best Years of Our Lives from the comedy film Shrek. The grand
finale had everyone singing along with Ain t We Got Fun.

 SMI Finishes Third in Quiz Show                        Bank Of SMI
 Students worked rigorously in            SMI joined First Niagara Bank s School
 competing in the Rite Aid Quiz           Banking Club program, which
 Show which strives to heighten           encourages students to start saving their
 substance abuse awareness by             money now so they can begin to invest in                 2010 National
 providing middle school students         their future. The SMI Home and School               Spelling Bee Champion
 with the opportunity to have fun         Association spearheaded the program,                    Rebecca Natale
 while gaining the knowledge, skills      having parent volunteers collect, organ-               S.M.I. 8th Grade
 and self-confidence needed to make       ize and drop the deposits off at the bank.
 safe, healthy, real-life choices,         The program teaches life lessons such
 including those regarding the use of     as responsible saving and planning for
 tobacco and alcohol.                     the future, explained Mr. Virgiglio.

                           S.M.I. SCHOOL BAND
                           Directed by Dr. Bellino

                                                                                       Students sell lemonade to raise money for
                                                                                       Breast Cancer Awareness during Catholic
                                                                                       Schools Week annual roller skating event.

                                                                                                  CPR TRAINING
                                                                                       All students in 7th and 8th grade
                                                                                       received cardiopulmonary
                                                                                       resuscitation certification in the SMI
                                                                                       Gymnasium. A certified American
                                                                                       Red Cross instructor trained the
                                                                                       students in standard first aid, CPR
                                                                                       and the use of an automated
                                                                                       defibrillator. The students each
                                                                                       received an American Red Cross

              Seventh grader Gwyneth Sise was awarded a top prize in a national
              essay competition conducted by the Catholic Campaign for Human
              Development. Gwyn competed among thousands of students
              throughout the 14-county Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. She
              was presented with a $250.00 check by Bishop Howard J. Hubbard
              and in turn, presented a matching gift of equal value from CCHD to
her designated CCHD-funded group, the Albany Community Land Trust, a local
agency whose mission is to create permanent affordable housing for low-and mod-
erate-income people. Gwyn s unique and touching entry, Table Scraps, was                Fr. Brian List 85 Celebrates the
written from the viewpoint of a pet dog of a poor family. PLEASE TURN TO                May Crowning and 1st Communion
PAGE 14 FOR GWYN S STORY Table Scraps .                                                 with the 2nd grade SMI students after
                                                                                        Liturgy in the school cafeteria.

                                                            LET S GO GAELS
                                                                               Saint Mary s Institutes co-ed modified soccer team wrapped up a
                                                                               very competitive soccer season with games against Saint Mary s-
                                                                               Saint Alphonsus of Glens Falls, Saint Gregory s of Loudonville,
                                                                               and Brown s School of Schenectady. SMI was honored to play at
                                                                               LaSalle Institute in Troy against Hoosick Fall s top team, Saint
                                                                               Mary s Academy.
                                                                                         SMI s soccer team is composed of sixth, seventh and
                                                                               eight grade students who enjoy the game of soccer. The team
                                                                               finished their season by welcoming fifth graders to join the team to
                                                                               play in a friendly scrimmage game of Red vs. Blue. Parents held
                                                                               an end of the season party for the players and recognition was
                                                                               given to outgoing eighth graders, Reyers Brusoe, Kelly Auricchio,
                                                                               Anna Li Cortese, Anne Riley, Giovanni Aleman, E. Cole Amissah,
                S.M.I. 2010 Co-Ed Soccer Team                                  Michael Capovani, Bridget Fitz-James, and Gwyneth Sise.

Pictured above: Front row L-R: Patricia Briele, Anne Riley, Kelly Auricchio,
Diana Constantine, Kayla Abbattisti, Gwyneth Sise, Anna Li Cortese, Bridget
                                                                                           S.M.I. 09- 10 Girls Basketball Team
Fitz-James and Mary Perez. Back row L-R: Assistant Coach Cherisse
Constantine, John Capovani, Monty Carmona, Timothy Kline, Michael
Capovani, Reyers Brusoe, E. Cole Amissah, Giovanni Aleman, Danny Rivera,
Sullivan Fitz-James, Anthony Rossi, Joseph Dylong, Joaquin Pasco, Coach Matt

                S.M.I. 2010 Volleyball Team

                                                                                   The girls basketball team welcomed two six grade girls to the
                                                                                   team this year, rounding out the team to an all time high of
                                                                                   15 players. The girls had an outstanding season, and will
                                                                                   lose seven eighth graders due to graduation. Playing their last
                                                                                   basketball season for S.M.I. were: Clair Sise, Teegan
                                                                                   DeCusatis, Tessa Vassi, Shannon McCune, Rebecca Natale,
                                                                                   Jordan Elizabeth Thompson and Gloriliz Colon.
 S.M.I. has had for the past few of years, an intramural                           Unfortunately, S.M.I. did not have a boys basketball team
 co-ed volleyball team composed of six, seventh and eight                          two years in a row now, but we re happy to announce that
 graders. Students break up into teams and enjoy an after-                         Fr. Brian recruited a team for next season.
 noon after school twice a week playing on an outdoor
 volleyball court.
                We are very grateful to all the coaches and parents who volunteer their time with the SMI school sports programs.

                          WINDMILL FESTIVAL
              The St. Mary s Institute Windmill was built, sanded,
     designed, stenciled, and painted by the entire seventh grade under the
     supervision of the art teacher, Mrs. Christine Potter. The Windmill
     was purchased outright by an anonymous donor for the students to
     decorate and is on display inside the entrance to the school.
              The Amsterdam Free Library s funding had been cut by
     $20,000, therefore the Library held a Festival of Windmills auction
     at St. Mary s Institute to help make up for their loss in funding.

                                     ~SMI Remembers When~
1880 ~ Father John P. McIncrow, who as an early Pastor of St.          Cream, Spediacci Pharmacy, Fitzgerald s Ginger Ale, Rialto
Mary s Church, dreamed of a Catholic School and made one a             Meat Market, Bigler s Café, Dr. William J. Collins,
reality in 1880 with the completion of the first St. Mary s            Schedlbauer Restaurant, Rialto Restaurant, Blinsinger Garage,
Institute. In 1881, Fr. McIncrow invited the Sisters of                Harold Bennison, H&H Dairy, Ottavio Shoe Hospital, Kaiser-
St. Joseph from St. Louis to take over the direction of the            Boswell Co., Inc. Sheet Metal Workers, O Shaughnessy, A.
school. The Nuns were headed by Sister Genevieve Horine.               Slezak Shell Gas and Oil,Tesiero s Pharmacy, and S. Healey s
1890 ~ St. Mary s Catholic Institutes 10th Annual                      Restaurant.
Commencement Exercies took place. Senior Girls sang                    1950 ~ Mother Grace Madeline, C.S.J. was Principal. The
 Where the Beautiful River Flows. Valadictory Ellen                    school had twenty teachers and 732 students K-12th. Teachers:
McCaffrey read an Essay titled Infulence of Poetry, History,           Sr. Mary Laura, Sr. Francis Patricia, Sr. Catherine Bede, Sr.
and Science, to Promote Virture. Graduates: Edward                     Thomas Loretta, Sr. Mary Esta, Sr. Marie Jose, Sr. Vincent
Moroney, Thomas Fitzgibbons, Mary Gillespie, Helena                    Agnes, Sr. Rosanne, Sr. Clare Assise, Mr. Alex Isabel, Sr. John
Stoneham, Ellen Donigan, Margaret Kennedy, Jane Haggarty,              Marie, Sr. M. Bertrand, Mrs. Connolly, Mrs. Floyd Roseman,
Sarah Bradley, Catharine Glynn, Ellen Sheehy and Mary                  Sr. Ann Laurence, Sr. Luciana, Sr. Mary Urban, Sr. Francis
Mullins. Senior debate: Is it True that under Existing                 Patrick and Sr. Martha Francis. The Senior Play was Kitty
Circumstances the Rich are Growing Richer and the Poor,                Kearney From Killarney .
Poorer?                                                                1960 ~ St. Mary s Institute proudly owned one opaque
1900 ~ The University of the State of New York High School             projector, two filmstrip/slide projectors, one sound motion
Department held regents examination from June 11 15th.                 picture projector, one radio receiver, eight record players and
The principal had a choice of three categories the students fell       one television set. Sr. M. Leo Bernard, C.S.J. and Mrs.
in: Graduate, Doubtful, Sure, per each subject. Some of the            Virginia Rutkowski were the school librarians. The class held
subjects studied were German, French, Latin, and Greek                 a dance, SAYONARA on a Friday Evening in November with
classics, English poetry, Zoology, Botany, Economics,                  music by Steve Anthony at Dugan Hall with dancing from 9
Bookkeeping, Home Science and Physiology & Hygiene.                    P.M. to Midnight Patron tickets were needed for admission
1910 ~ Sadly, only one torn page remains in our Archive                to the balcony.
Department of the 1910 Graduation program Macte Virtute.               1970 ~ Graduation was held after the 9 a.m. Mass
Rev. W.A. Browne awarded diplomas and medals. Senior                   concelebrated by the Pastor, Rev. Edward
Agnes M. Seward sang Hero and Heroine and Valedictory                  Glavin ,Administrative Principal, Rev. Donald F. Kelly.
was Jeannette Sullivan. Receiving Advanced Diplomas:                   Academic Principal was Sister Helen Marie and Sister in
Aloysius T. Bergen, Patrick J. Fitzgibbons, Anna M.McCaffrey,          charge of the 8th grade was Sister Jacqueline. A graduation
Elizabeth A. Reilly and Gifford C. Meyers. Other graduates             breakfast was held following the awarding of diplomas at
were: Roy C. Dimond, John P. Fitzgibbons, Ernest C. Wheener,           Bishop Scully High School in the Cafeteria.
Edmund J. Glacken,, Robert A. Hall, John B. Igoe, John M.              1980 ~ S.M.I. Celebrated their 100th Anniversary! A
Kelly, Mary V. Conniff, Henrietta Jackman, and Anna Kelly.             Centenary Book was published and dedicated To All The
1920 ~ Resolved, That the Federal Government Should                    Students of St. Mary s Institute, the present and the past, the
Operate and Control the Coal Mines, was the topic of debate at         living and the deceased, the known and the forgotten, in some
the Prize Speaking Contest held on April, 22nd. Affirmative            way the life of each has enriched us all. In gratitude to them,
speakers were Edward O Neil, Harold J. Hughes and Andrew J.            for what they have been to us and with the prayer that they and
Lenahan. Negative side speakers, Richard McNamara, Edward              those who are yet to come, may be, and may continue to be,
Haritgan and Martin Conroy. Grades 1st 9th took part in the            leaven in our world.
Closing Exercises held on June 20th. The first graders held a          1990 ~ The approval was given to relocate S.M.I. at the former
Mother Goose (Convention), whereas the fourth graders did a            Bishop Scully High School site on Upper Church Street, and
Dance Minuet and sang Will the Roses Bloom in Heaven?.                 classes began on January 2, 1991. This move would not have
1930 ~ St. Mary s Institutes 50th Anniversary! Celebrations            been possible if not of the leadership of Father Gulley, a strong
started on Sunday, June 22, with Religious Exercises held at           believer in Catholic education, along with the extraordinary
St. Mary s Church at 7:30 PM. This kicked off a week long              financial support of the parish and the help of a small team of
celebrations at the 8 AM daily Masses. On Wednesday                    workers, led by the principal, Teresa Kovarovic.
evening, they held an Anniversary Banquet, on the menu:
Fruit Cocktail, Celery, Olives, Radishes, Broiled Spring                                                     St. Mary s Parish
Chicken, Creamed Potatoes, New Green Peas, Hearts of Lettuce                                                     A History
Salad, Russian Dressing, Bisque Tortoni, Cake and Coffee. A                                                        (Hard Covered Book)

reception and dance was held Friday evening at the Institute                                                     This book covers the
Hall and included a formal reception of the graduates of 1930                                                History of St. Mary s Parish ,
into the Alumni Association.                                                                                   Celebrating 125 Years of
                                                                                                            Remarkable People, Events and
1940 ~ St. Mary s High School Students presented Modern                                                    Memories. The book was written
Minstrels directed by Miss Betty Farrell. Prologue, School                                                 by Jacqueline (Daly) Murphy 55.
Boy s Dream was said by Robert Allen and Charles Bennison.
End Men: Frank Howlan, John McDermott, John Blanchfield,                                                            $25.00
Charles Underwood, Richard Bennison and Harvey Wilkenson.                                                   Available for purchase at
Edward Van Loven played Julius Caesar, Jane Conniff starred                                                   St. Mary s Institute
as Claudia, Charles Bennison played the Roman Slave. Some                                                          842-4100
sponsors were: John Wojnar Dairy, S.D. Bakery, Fro-Joy Ice
                                            ~ 2010 Class Notes ~
1937                                         1942                                          1944
I have moved to Saratoga to be near          My granddaughter Hannah Overton will          It doesn t seem possible that my 3
family. Chuck, Jack, Jane and I really       be graduating from Wesleyan University        grandchildren are all in college. Tom
enjoy the Newsletter. Thanks for all         in May and my grandson Alex Olbrych           21, Dan 19, Victoria Marie 18. The
your work.                                   will be completing his junior year at         years have gone by so very fast. Thanks
         -Anne Bennison                      Saint John Fisher College. Time does          again for your wonderful work you all
                                             really fly. I will be celebrating my 65th     do. God bless you all.
1938                                         Reunion at the College of Saint Rose in                -Carmella (Calisant) Pepe
Thank you for helping us keep track of       June.
the school. We are both in good health                 -Bernadine (Pisano) Olbrych         Hello all! Just to let you know that I m
and we look forward to reading about                                                       alive and reasonable well. Hope the rest
SMI.                                         Just a note to say hello to all the readers   of you survivors are doing the same.
-Francis & Claire (Brennan) Fitzgibbons      of your Newsletter and send best wishes       Best to all,
                                             for good health to all my fellow 42                    -Bill Daly
I m still hanging in there and remain        classmates. My wife Shirley and I
engaged in aviation activities. Been         recently attended our granddaughter           1945
flying general aviation aircraft since       Jennifer Coulter s wedding in                 I am fortunate to have a son who is a
1946, and having accrued over 8,000          Clearwater, Florida. The following day,       Deacon in our church and Chaplin in
hours, I decided to hang up my helmet        my wife and I hosted a dinner party for       Hale Creek prison. I have three sons,
and goggles at age 89; loved every hour      family and friends to celebrate our 60th      60, 57, and 45. Nothing new in this
of flight. Living with my family in          wedding anniversary at Bon Appétit            family since last year but looking
Santa Ana, California, near John Wayne       Restaurant on Clearwater Beach. Merry         through last years 2008/2009
Airport. Married 63 years to a               Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous          Newsletters, I don t see mentioned of
wonderful woman and have two great           New Year to all.                              Catherine (Shields) Kralovic 40 who
grandchildren, a boy and a girl. After 42             -Joseph Hage                         passed away November 14, 2008. I am
years of service with the Douglas                                                          sure I sent a memorial one of those
Aircraft Company in Santa Monica,            1943                                          years. She donated her body to Albany
California, I pursued personal endeavors     Jeanne and I will celebrate our 60th          Medical College so it was almost a year
as an aircraft design and engineering        wedding anniversary on 11-11-2010.            before she was buried October 2009.
consultant, and continue active in this              -Charles G. Bennison                            -Teresa (Shields) Groesbeck
field. Happy belated birthday to a dear
classmate, John Northrup (the best           Have another great year. Always good          Still living in Amsterdam and feeling
basketball player on our SMI team). To       to hear from you.                             good. Enjoy reading the Newsletter but
all my classmates, - my love and God                   -John R. Hackert                    sad at the loss of many friends.
Bless                                                                                                 -Dolores (Klobukowski) Lepak
          -John Ace Rapillo                  Our Reunion Group is still meeting for        1946
                                             lunch April to November. We have an           Great Newsletter. Can t believe my
1941                                         average of 22 attending. John & Marie         good friend Tom Hennessey died. We
Still enjoying life in South Carolina.       (Lajeunesse) Murphy (John class of 46,        were childhood friends and I will really
Recently became a member of the              Marie 47) joined us for two lunches           miss him.
Bionic Man Club. Pace maker                  while visiting from Florida. Hope to see                 -Joseph H. Welch
implanted 5-28-10. I now truly believe       everyone in April.
 if it s broke-fix it. TIP: Write your                -Rita (Cook) Traider                 Newsletter very well done.
Senators and Representative in Congress                                                    Congratulations and thank you! We
and express your opinion on any              I enjoy reading the Newsletter. Your          mourn three more lost classmates. Four
disagreement you have with                   hard work is appreciated.                     Bennison s Anne 37, Chuck 43, Jack
Washington, DC government. i.e.:                      -Louis Hage                           46 and Jane (Bennison) Staber 53.
Social Security COLA 2010 & 2011.                                                          Doing ok and living in Saratoga.
Oh! and write often. Can you imagine         My sister Rita Allen, Class of 1935 died               -John P. Bennison
the impact on your Representative            September 16, 2009 at the age of 92.
reading one or two million letters in a               -Florence (Allen) Insogna            1947
week complaining about the Social                                                          I always enjoy the Newsletter. It s fun
Security COLA. God Bless                                                                   to read about former classmates and my
           -William McCune                                                                 friends. You all do a wonderful job. I
                                                Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary             appreciate all your work.
1941                                                     April 14, 2011                             -Ginny (Thackrah) Stahl
To all my classmates who have gone
before me, I pray every day for you!                        John 46                        Celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary!
        -Vivian (Eckelman) Rummler                             &                                    -Barbara (Kennedy) Leonard
                                                  Marie (Lajeunesse 47) Murphy

                                                     Love, From Your Family

                                              ~ Class Notes ~
1948                                        1956                                       1960
You do a masterful job with the             Another summer in Minnesota enjoying       Just had our 50th reunion it was great.
Newsletter.                                 our four grandsons, a bunch of blue                 -Terry (Stephens) Cantine
         -Therese (Perron) Russo            eyed blondes. We are off to Maine for a
1949                                        while, escaping these record Memphis       Anne (Spencer) Viade 60, passed away
All is well in South Florida. My best       temps. Hi to my old friend Mary Jane       in 2009. She lived in Totowa, N.J. with
wishes to all my classmates. Love the       a.k.a. Sister Agnes Leo Winkle. We         husband and her daughter. Anne was a
Alumni Newsletter.                          spent many an afternoons listening to      great nurse and person, surely is missed.
         -John Jack Spannbauer              old 45 s on her front porch. Truly                  -Rita (Biscotti) Piecuch
                                            appreciate the newsletter.
I had a great time at my 60th reunion. It             -Diane (Murphy) Kroll            Our class Prophecy is coming true 50
was wonderful to see everyone. They                                                    years later. It was prophesied that I
all looked great, we are getting younger    Thanks for the Newsletter. It is nice to   would be running Wink s Taxi
by the year.                                hear news about old friends. My            Service . Well, since there were no
         -Margaret (Woods) Morris           mother, Fay Duffy passed away this         openings for a teaching position for me
                                            year at the age of 101. Chuck and I just   in the Latham area, I am now a driver at
1950                                        celebrated our 50th Anniversary. I am      our Provincial House. I take Sisters to
Enjoying Friends & Family, but most of      looking forward to our annual luncheon     their doctor appointments, etc. and I am
all .Grandchildren!                         in August. Keep up the good work.          loving it!
        -Helen (Kling) Windbiel                       -Pat (Duffy) Milot                   -Sister Agnes Leo Winkle, CSJ

I finally retired, Fall of 2009. Selling    Sadly we lost our daughter-in-law,         1962
cars for 38 years was enough. Looking       Rosie Baldwin, to non small cell adeno     It is comforting to receive your
forward to our 60th Reunion. Enjoy          carcinoma, lung cancer, on June 8,         acknowledgement of a gift given in my
your Newsletter.                            2010. She had been diagnosed on            Bill s name to the Association.
          -Bill Demars                      August 8, 2010 at stage IV and fought      Knowing you remember us is a
                                            a courageous battle against the cancer     blessing.
Looking forward to our 60th Reunion on      beast! She was married to our oldest        - Carol (Cipullo) Lowes & Girls
July 25, 2010.                              son, Ben (BG) and they have three
         -Marie (Boyle) Tucker              beautiful girls, ages 15, 13, and 8. We    1963
                                            all miss her greatly.                      Greetings from Ormond Beach, FL!
Please accept this donation towards                   -Moe Baldwin                     Surprised to see my name on the SMI
your annual appeal in memory of my                                                     Remembers When page 50 years
husband Charles F. Mancuse who              As always, the Newsletter is most          from 8th grade graduation, 1959-2009!
passed away in April. I enjoy reading       welcomed. Ken & I have moved to the                 -John Tarmey
your newsletter even though I don t         water. Our oldest son lives in St. Pete
know anyone in it. God Bless!               with 2 grandchildren, so we left sleepy    We now have two grandchildren
         -Marion H. Mancuse                 Tarpon Springs, what a bonus Mass          Kendric Lewis (6 yrs.) and on May 10,
                                            on Sundays with them! When we head         2010, began the life of new
1952                                        to Syracuse to stay with Judene and her    granddaughter Kaitlin Amanda
Greeting Fellow SMI Alumni - Sorry I        family, I m going to try to hook up with   Timmoney! We are so blessed! I
missed the 52 Tea Party this past fall,     Mary Parillo. Patrick our youngest at      continue PT Retail Wine Sales and PT
hopefully I can make it next year. Peg      39, lives in Atlanta and we flew up for    SOAC. We re kind of working through
and I celebrated our 50th Wedding           Patrick Jr. s birthday. Six grandkids      retirement! (LOL) Wife (Carol)
Anniversary in July with our family and     ages 1-16. St. Mary s is always in my      continues PT at Saratoga Hospital
friends. Despite our many aches and         heart. Classmates, if you re ever in       Laboratory and at Saratoga Performing
pains, we both still enjoy much tennis      Florida, drop in on us in South            Arts Center (SPAC).
and golf. Another sign that time            Pasadena.                                           -Mark B. Lewis
marches on. We attended our oldest                -Patricia (Weidemann) Nichol
grandson s graduation from Coastal                                                      RETIREMENT IS ALL IT S
Carolina University. Enjoy the              1958                                       CRACKED UP TO BE .AND
newsletter very much, not only the notes    Thank you for helping me locate John       MORE!!!
about our classmates, but also about our    Keating. We have established contact             -Dr. Dominic D Alesandro
friends from other years. God Bless-        and will soon get together.
          -Bill Hughes                               -Jerome Milosek                       SEND US YOUR NEWS
                                                                                                 Write or email to:
1954                                        1959                                                St. Mary s Institute
When is the next big alumni party??         Enjoy the great job you do with the                 10 Kopernik Blvd.
Many years since the last bash!             Alumni letter. Always interesting!                Amsterdam, NY 12010
        -Robert F. Heller                           -Mary Lou O Neil               

  Class Notes continued:
1964                                         Chicago, IL and Philip, an officer in the   Judge of the Year by the New York
Many thanks to the Class of 64 Reunion       U.S. Marine Corps, recently returned        State
Committee for another successful 45th        from Iraq and Afghanistan, currently        Family court Judges Association.
Reunion Weekend. A special thank you         stationed in 29 Palms, California.
to Gail for the pictures she e-mailed to              -Paul Dufresne                     Congratulations to Rev. Richard S.
us and to RC, DC, and CM for the                                                         Vosko 69, PhD, Hon. AIA. Rev.
dances. Thanks kids! See you in 5!           1972                                        Vosko is the 2011 recipient of the
          -Vic Fondacaro                     So many wonderful memories of SMI           Berakah Award, the highest honor given
                                             and Bishop Scully High School. I wish       by the North American Academy of
Retired three years ago (2007), after 33     you continued success!                      Liturgy. A priest of the Diocese of
years of service to New York State.                  -Nancy (Whelly) Temple              Albany, Rev. Vosko is being recognized
Promptly moved to beautiful coastal                                                      for his scholarship and contributions to
North Carolina. We were blessed with         1976                                        the filed of religious art & architecture.
our first grandchild in November 2009.       Still living on the Southside of
Since he and his parents live in New         Amsterdam in the same apartment I           Sgt. Patrick Miller 61 ( 72 Bishop
York City, it gives us a reason to return    was since 2007.                             Scully) retired in September 2010 after
to NY. It s mandatory not to return in                  -MaryBeth Muscatello             28 years of service with the Amsterdam
winter, though.                                                                          Police Department. Sgt. Miller has
          -Bob Gawrelski                     1986                                         accepted a position with the Pentagon
                                             Hello! Hope all is well!! Tom and I         Police Department and reported to the
We just welcomed our first grandchild-       had a baby boy on 3/16, Trevor              U.S. Department of Defense to undergo
Olivia Summer on May 28, 2010.               Vincent! He shares joy with us!! God        thirteen weeks at the federal police
         -David Schoonmaker                  is so great! Praise his Goodness in this    officer training in Georgia.
1966-11                                                -Christine (Nowak) Tatko          Amsterdam welcomed back, native Rev.
I have retired from the Federal                                                          Robert DeMartinis 72, ( 76 Bishop
Government after 31 years of service as                  In The News:                    Scully). After receiving his master s in
the Director of Public Works. My time        Megan (Murphy) Drapa 91 was                 divinity from St. John Fisher and the
will now be spent golfing, traveling and     united in marriage to Joseph Drapa on       Holy Apostles Seminary in Cornwall,
spending more time with my                   August 14, 2010 at Basilica of              Conn., he was ordained in 1986 at the
granddaughters (Analise, Johanna &           Immaculate Conception with the Rev.         Sacred Heart Cathedral in Pensacola,
Liana). Great Newsletter!                    Michael Warren OMV officiating.             Florida. After returning to the Albany
         -Lawrence F. Constantine            Megan graduated from Boston College         Diocese in 1990, he has served at
                                             with a bachelor of arts degree in           several parishes throughout upstate New
1966-9                                       psychology and is currently pursuing        York. Rev. DeMartinis was installed as
Thank you for helping our children           her nursing degree at Colorado State        Saint Stanislaus pastor this past
contact former classmates for our            University of Pueblo.                       summer on August 14, 2010. Being
retirement book.                                                                         able to serve as pastor in my hometown
-Peter & Mary Alice (Mezzio) Montenaro       Nicole (Damiano) Richards 98 was            is like a dream come true. It s just like
                                             united in marriage to Joshua Richards       in the movie The Wizard of Oz there s
1966-8                                       on August 13, 2010.                         no place like home.
It would be nice in the next newsletter if
you could give a Where are they now          Rosemary Constantine 64 was                 Hon. Joseph Sise 77 competed in his
on former nuns who taught at SMI and         honored for her 15 years of service at      first Ironman Race in Lake Placid this
Scully. Excellent suggestion. See page       St. Mary s Hospital s annual Associate      summer. He finished the 2.4-mile swim,
23 of this Newsletter.                       Awards Dinner. This event recognizes        112-mile bike ride and 26.6-mile run
          -Michael V. Serge                  the milestone years and achievements        well under the allotted 17 - hour time
                                             of their hospital staff members.            limit, finishing in twelve hours-fifty two
1971                                                                                     minutes and forty-eight seconds.
Love the Newsletter! Our eldest is at        Lew DiCaterino 65, along with Lisa
Carroll College in Helena, MT. The           (Megna) Vicinanzo 77 and Cristiana          Congratulations to Peter J. Rose 97 on
youngest is in 8th grade here in Salt        Johnson 09 participated in a 5K Run         his appointments to the Budget and
Lake. I continue to find value in my         for Horses Charity event. Runners post      Finance committee of the New York
SMI education. Many thanks to the             bale for this event which aims to          State Funeral Directors Association
good sisters who put up with us!             raise money for hay during the winter       (second term), and to the Ad Hoc
         -Kathleen Brown                     for horses at the Easy Street Horse &       Committee for the 09- 10 term. Peter
                                             Barnyard Rescue located in                  is a manager/licensed funeral director
Ann (Moore) and I work for the U.S.          Amsterdam.                                  with the Betz, Rossi, Bellinger &
Government and live near Washington,                                                     Stewart Family
DC in Centreville, VA. We have two           Congratulations to Philip Cortese           Funeral Home, Inc. He resides in
children, Katherine (Katie) who works         66-9 for being honored Family Court        Canajoharie with his wife Mary and two
for the architectural/design firm HOK in                                                 children, Taryn and Jack.
                                           the dean s high honor list at Sage         Sarah Thane, Courtney Guttenberg,
Melissa Kaszuba, SMI Class of 2000,        College of Albany. Students obtaining      Kelly Paris, Ryan Senecal, Brett
received her Master of Science in          a cumulative grade point average of at     Stanavich, and Cristiana Johnson.
Education degree from the College of       least 3.70 with a course load of 12
Saint Rose in Albany. Melissa currently    credits hours or more and receiving no
coaches the girls modified volleyball      letter grade below a B.
team at Ballston Spa Central School and
is a Computer Teacher at St. Mary s        Kiesha Ippolito 02 achieved academic
School in Waterford.                       excellence and was name to the
                                           president s list at Genesee Community
Brian J. Morini, SMI Class of 2000,        College by maintaining a 4.0 average.
graduated from Siena College with a        Kiesha graduated with an associate s
Bachelor of Science degree in              degree in applied science in January,
marketing and management. Brian has        majoring in fashion merchandising
accepted a position with Eastern Copy      management from Genesee Community
Products of Albany, a subsidiary of the    College. She is currently continuing her
Xerox Corporation. Brian earned his        education in the business of fashion at
associates degree from Hudson Valley       LIM College in New York City.
Community College.
                                           Jacqueline Szala 04, graduated from
Salvatore Sammy Pepe, SMI Class            the University of New York at Canton.        Sr. Agnes Clare, continues to grace
of 2000, received his doctor of            She was awarded as Associate in            our school as the CCD Religious Edu-
pharmacy degree from Northeastern          Applied Science, Veterinary                cation Coordinator. She is of the Fran-
University. He graduated summa cum         Technology degree and was licensed         ciscans Sister s of the Atonement and
laude with a GPA of 3.85. While at         and board certified after completing the   has been the Director of Faith Forma-
Northeastern, Sammy was treasurer of       New York State Boards in July.             tion in St. Mary s Parish since 1980.
both the Rho Chi Honors Society and                                                   Sr. Agnes has guided the Sacramental
the Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity.     Jonathan Wavres 09, a senior at            Program in Amsterdam and Perth, re-
He was also a member of the National       Amsterdam High School has been             cruited volunteer Catechists while su-
Honors Society of Collegiate Scholars.     selected to receive the Le Moyne           pervising them with spiritual renewal,
During his tenure, he was also awarded     College Heights Award. This award           encouragement, support and on going
Northeastern s Dean s Scholarship,         recognizes students academic               formation. Twice annually, Sr. Agnes
Amelia Peabody Scholarship, George T.      achievements as well as service to their   still meets with the parents preparing
Marvin Scholarship, John S. Sousa          communities. Jonathan will receive an      their children for 1st Penance and 1st
Scholarship and the Dean Constantine       $11,000 annual scholarship. In addition    Holy Communion.
Meriano Scholarship. Sammy held co-        to his scholarship, Jonathan will be         At present, Sr. Agnes has 360 students
positions with Novartis                    nominated for the Le Moyne Integral        in the Faith Formation Program. She is
Pharmaceuticals, Brigham and               Honors Program and the Leadership          happy to have ministered in their impor-
Women s Hospital and Shriner s Burns       Development Program which provides         tant apostolate for so many years and
Hospital for Children. He will be          academic and personal stimulation for      thankful for the wonderful cooperation
pursuing his masters degree in             outstanding students.                      and solidarity with Saint Mary s Insti-
pharmaceutical outcomes and policy                                                    tute. (Staff volunteer Charlene Bartman
research at the University of Florida as   The following SMI Alumni have been         pictured with Sr. Agnes. Missing from
an employee of food an drug                honored for their high academic            photo is Marie Farrington)
administration s center for drug           standards in 2010 at Amsterdam High
evaluation and research. He was            School:
selected as one of 10 graduates             06 Rebekah Califano, Megan
nationwide for this                        DePasquale, Gianna Emanuele,
opportunity.                               Nicole Heck, Daniel Kreplin,
Meaghan Johnson 01 graduated from          Daniel Mathias, Ian Thane,
Sage Graduate School, earning her          Samantha McNeil, and Alexandra
master s degree in professional school     Catena.
counseling. After graduating from Notre     07 Andrea Fazio, Jacob Phillips,
Dame-Bishop Gibbons High School,           Amanda Russo, Megan Walega,
she earned a bachelor of arts degree       Andre Wells, Jacob Reinhart,
within three years and her master s        Chenney Vassi, Jonathan Wavres,
within two years with a GPA of 3.8.        Connor Diamond, and Midori Marsh.
Meaghan has accepted a position with        08 - Maria Emanuele, Ryan Heck,
Niskayuna High School as a school          Tatiana Ninan, Papa Jo Amissah,
counselor.                                 and Evelyn Draus.
                                            09 - Xavier Aleman, Danielle Fazio,
Christopher Gizara 02 was placed on        Katherine Karabin, Tyler McNeil,
                                               ~ Class Letters ~
When my No. 3 grandson, now a third            Thank you for the annual newsletter. I       Many seniors today, after years suffer-
Middle-East-tour Marine Captain,               really got a kick out of it this year        ing with arthritis, are faced with mak-
married in June 09, seven years after the      because (1) my grandmother s name            ing a decision as I did in Sept. 2009 to
No. 1 grandson did so, I figured I d have      appeared in the SMI Remembers                have knee replacements. I decided to
to live another 128 years, at the 7-year       When section under Class of 1919 - -         go with Bilateral Total Knee Replace-
rate, to see all grandchildren wed. This        Eva Benton finally received piano           ments and having both done at once
year proved I was wrong: No. 4                 credits.. and, (2) Kathleen McGuire s        turned out well for me. My thinking
succumbed to the Adam & Eve thing,             name appeared twice, a second cousin         was since you are in pain for one
concurring with his bride to do so on my       from my mother s side of the family.         knee, why not for both and get it over
own 4 June anniversary. The fifth              Kathleen (and her sister Maureen) would      with. I thought this might be of inter-
grandson followed suit in October. The         sometimes babysit me and my 3 siblings       est to others having to make this deci-
unmentioned No. 2 continues his elusive        back in the 50 s when we lived on            sion.
skating on thin ice.                           Academy Street. I remember we were
                                               terrors back then 4 kids under the age       My husband, Bob and I continue to
But wait! There are three more nuptials        of 8. My mother worked at Leeds on           spend a few months at our place in
slated for 2011. In rapid succession, the      Friday nights for awhile she needed          Florida during the winters and upon
first granddaughter, then her kid brother      the break. Thanks for the memories. -In      our return home in May, we plant our
on the next day (4 June; these guys have       Memory of her parents, John F. and           flowers and vegetable gardens and
a fixations!), and their cousin and sixth      Doris (McGuire) Collins, Nancy               spend the summer at our camp on the
grandson round out a schedule that             Collins, a friend of SMI since 1999,         Great Sacandaga Lake. Our son and
makes the tuxedo acquired a quarter            submitted the note above.                    daughter have given us 5 wonderful
century ago a wise investment. An                                                           young grandsons who keep us busy
additional task for Old Granddad:              I haven t received the Newsletter for        and who we enjoy very much.
postpone that Mass of Christian Burial,        several years and am glad to be              I love to read the Newsletters and
and stick around.                              receiving it now. In 2002, my husband        wish well to all my classmates.
                                               Paul and I relocated to Virginia. Up to      Pat (Sargalis) VanWert 56
Summer and Fall featured a pair of             that time, I worked in the Emergency
micro reunions of the Class of 1944. In        Dept. at St. Mary s Hospital, retiring in
August, finding myself the sole occupant       2002. Upon relocating to Virginia, I
of my Cape Cod lodgings (last year s           worked at Mary Washington Hospital,            Enjoyed the 2009 Newsletter, espe-
gang was off at the BSA National               Fredericksburg, VA in Same Day                 cially the SMI Remembers When ,
Jamboree), I asked classmate George            surgery &                                      the 1889 class article. The article re-
Tralka to fill the void. We spent several      Endoscopy Department until we moved            fers to John McCabe, my grandfather.
days exploring the Outer Cape and even         back to New York in 2008. We now               I have a copy of his class graduation
went to sea for a whale watch. For two         reside at 1A Cass Ct. Ballston Lake, NY.       picture and medal each class member
straight years 25 different obliging           It was nice to reunite with my classmates      received. John played amateur base-
whales have made it a worthwhile               at our 60th class Reunion. Paul & I have       ball, outfielder with one arm and his
adventure. Yes, the embarked                   just celebrated our 62nd wedding               professional job a telegraph operator.
naturalists identify individual whales.        anniversary. I would certainly like to         Truly fantastic to have his information
George returned the favor in October,          hear more news about my classmates.            and articles 121 years later! Just an-
when he and his son hosted a stay at his       Please keep sending the Newsletter.            other example of honoring the past.
home in                                        You do a great job and I m enjoying                             -John F. Toolan
Vienna, VA.                                    reading it.

A balloon trip, on the to-do list for
decades, materialized in October. No, I            Faith Is Stronger than My Fears:
did not provide the hot air; that s             Sometimes my cross is hard to bear for
reserved for these reports. Next on the              there is darkness everywhere,
list: a sailplane flight, a soar subject.        and troubles pile around my door like
Parachuting will remain an unfulfilled                autumn leaves forevermore.
wish, but every day at this stage of life is   The morning light seems far away, like I
in free fall.                                     am stuck in yesterday. My heart is
                                                beating like a drum I try to pray, but
Reveling in the joy of the recent                words won t come. But then the sun
Baptism of a third great grandchild (son         begins to rise and hope is born within     On Thursday, July 4, 1889, six graduates received
of that Marine) and the arrival of a            my eyes. A rainbow forms among my           diplomas: John McCabe, Ellen Crowe, Loretta
fourth,                                        tears for faith is stronger than my fears!   McNally, Daniel P. Sullivan, Ellen O Neil and
                                                       Written by Clay Harrison             Teresa Blume.
John Donlon 44
                                                  - Submitted by: Robert V. Coluni

                 S.M.I. GRADUATING CLASS OF 2010

Front row L-R: Jordan Elizabeth Thompson, Mrs. Morrone, Fr. John Medwid, Principal Mr. Virgiglio, Mrs. Pecora and
Claire Sise. Second row L-R: Summer Lombardi, Teegan DeCusatis, Tessa Vassi, Sara Blankenbaker, Shanon McCune,
Rebecca Natale, Maxine Petrosino and Kathleen McNamara. Back row L-R: Matthew Swart, Shane DeRose, Devin
Rosario, Daniel Lis, David Puglisi, Jr.,Conrad Hindman, Oliver Hindman, Michael Ortiz and William Johnson.

            I guess what I am saying is there s something special about this small school.
                                     -Valedictorian Claire Sise
                    You are always welcome and I hope that you will visit often.
                                 -Mr. Giovanni Virgiglio, Principal

   Michaela Hardies   Fritz Dorr                         Julianna Barone-Lopez Nathanial Andersen
   Molly Kowalczyk    Christian Ferenz                   Jordon Cordon         Michael Banco
   Cadence Lombardi   Brenna McNamara                    Matthew Febbie        Kathleen Bowles
   William Makranszky Jenna Nelson                       Mathew Ferrara        Brianne Coon
   Brian McNamara     Lucca Quatrini                     Aidan Jager           Jaeden Cotugno
   Luke Oropallo      Daniel Riley                       Keenan McLeod         Kasia Derrico
   Tyler Rodecker     Preston Schwartz                   Thomas Pradere        Cayden Jablonski
   Rebecca Tatun      Makenzie Smith                     Ella Sawitzki         Owen Marek
   Andrew Velasco     Matthew Stachnik                   Anne Stanavich        Matthew Reichel
   Logan Zara                                            Samuel VanWie         Kyra Reynicke
                                                         Nicholas Rosselli     Marc Schultz
                                                         Lauryn Suidy

                                        Table Scraps
        The sun slowly settles itself into the thick trees, soaking the soft, dry land in tranquility.
It gives off the feeling of drinking cold water after a nice, long run in the fields. Wandering the
tall grass, I wonder if I ll get a proper meal tonight. I normally get meager meals because being
the dog of a poverty-struck family doesn t exactly leave you with a full belly. Not that I m not
grateful. It s better than being on the streets.
        I race home, my mutt legs eating up the distance. I run even faster when I see Maggie
whistling and snapping her fingers. I m only alive because of her. She noticed me all skin and
bones and immediately brought me home. I owe her my life. I m forever grateful the Lofters
took me in. I m one more mouth to feed, so why would they take me? I think other dogs
wouldn t even question that sort of thing, but I guess being on the streets changes you.
        Maggie s dad is always out hunting for jobs, hoping to get us back on our feet. Maggie s
mom, Celia, is at home taking care of everything all the time. I figure the best thing I can do to
help the Lofters is to go out hunting and maybe find a meal to fill up their bellies.
        Last night, Ann Marie, the youngest Lofter daughter, asked why the Lofters are different
from everyone else. Anne Marie kind of looks like a doe, with long legs, huge eyes, and tight,
brown curls that hug her head relentlessly.
        When Mr. Lofter didn t answer, she said, It s because we re poor, isn t it? She looked
up at Mr. Lofter, her big brown eyes looking into his mind.
        The Lofter parents looked at her in awe, wondering how she could know such a thing at
three years old. But I didn t wonder. Ann Marie had always had a hidden wisdom about her.
Maybe dogs just have a sort of sense.
        As days stroll on by, I notice how our situation is worsening. We re sinking deeper and
deeper into the hole. I get less and less to eat each meal. While the rest of the family gets more
discouraged, Mr. Lofter gets more determined. He feels it is his duty to find a good job to save
our family.
        One night, Maggie comes over to my bed, crying hard. She despairs about how she s
scared of what s going to happen and wishes there was something she could do. I lick her hand
and nuzzle her face to make her feel better, but it doesn t seem to help too much. I follow her to
her bed and snuggle up next to her, letting her use my stomach as a pillow. Her warm tears
soak me, not only in water, but also in sadness and hurt. The minutes go by like hours, and it
seems like I haven t slept a wink when morning comes.
        I spend the day hunting, and by the end of the day I still have no luck. My spirits are
down until Mr. Lofter comes home. After months of job hunting, he finally has good news. He
tells us that he s found a job as a convenience store clerk and that the pay isn t too bad. A light
breeze blows into the house, and I know it s the impact of the beginning of our climb out of the
hole, out of poverty.

                                 Sponsor ~ A ~ Student
                                         ~ The gift of education
                                      ~ A gift of lifetime learning
                                     ~A gift of spiritual development
           To a child who may not otherwise be able to attend SMI because of finances
                                                All Gifts
                                    ~regardless of size, are welcome
                                           ~are tax deductible
                                          Send Donations To:
                                        SMI Sponsor~A~Student
                                         Saint Mary s Institute
                                10 Kopernik Blvd. Amsterdam, NY 12010
                    Call Mr. Giovanni Virgiglio for further information at 842-4100

                                             MEMORIALS 2010                                                                          --
Helen (Wojcik) Jensen                Kathleen Lovelace                  Edmund Swierzowski              Bobby & Mena Marciniak
Gale Soltys                          Susan & Bob Schumann               Helen Pingitore                 Tina Sinicropi Blakely
Ellis Hospital Pharmacy              Katheryn Burdick                   Ron Bull                        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tesiero
Mary Rinaldi                         Edward & Mary Ilnicki              Claude & Donna Palczak          John & Evelyn Bianchi
Barbara Jensen                       James & Gloria Raucci              John Chirico                    Louise Healy
Robert Jensen                        John & Donna DePalma               Ray & Carol Ciotto              Barb Kline & Family
Mary Beth & Samuel Musto                                                Genevieve Palombo               Anne Keiley
Dorothy Jordan                       Benjamin G. Santos                 Tony Iarusso                    Kelly & Ron Swart
Florence Bieniek                     The Coates Family                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Roginski     Fran & Jimmy Gargiulo
Frank & Laura Falco                  Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Hemstreet        Mr. & Mrs. James Raucci         Sheila Konitzer
Mrs. Muriel Papura                   Angelo & Mary Jo Verderese         Roginski & Stanwick Families    Olga Carboni
Mr. & Mrs. William Slocum            Sheila & David Konitzer            Floy Sumigray                   Faith Stark
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Boswell              Bob & Mena Marcinak                Marci Natale                    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Carlucci
Sophie & Lorraine Astemborski        Rich Boswell                       Molly Natale                    The Constantine Family
Anne Astemborski                     George Sandy                       The Liszewski s                 Rachelle Cotugno
Michael & Janet Johnson              Anne Keiley                        Angelo & Mary Jo Verderese      Jack & Mary Jo Gennett
Larry & Fran Jordan                  Mr. & Mrs. Al Nelli                Mr. Pat Baia                    Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Megna
Joseph & Dolores Bieniek             Felix & Linda Persico              Mr. Karl Baia                   Jeffrey Wells
Dena M. Wise                         Regina Cassetta                    Tim & Janet Czeski & Family     Andre Wells
Amelia Natale                        AntionetteTuro                     Bob Reidy                       Anthony & Jane Karbocus
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Klementowski        Theresa Neville                    Sari & Sam Greco                Elizabeth DiCaprio
Kathleen M. Jordan                   Frank & Laura Falco                Rick & Cindy Roginski           Christine & Charles Pietro
Mary Beth Potter                     Joseph Palkeltis                   Vito & Mary Tambasco            Ann Sherman
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Rusik            Gilda Mycek                     Alessandro & Mary Mancini
Walter J. Buddy Scott 66-11          Karen Swartz                       Adeline Villa-Joyce             Michael & Rosalie Riccio
Joseph Dignazio                      Gaetana Naccarato                  Mary Nichols                    Thomas & Ellen Kelly
Doris Urban                          Nancy Persse Langdon               The DiBlasi Family
Rachelle Cotugno                       State Farm Agency                Joseph & Irene Martuscello      Giulio Rossetti
Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Megna            Dianne S. Santos                   Larry & Dawn Natale             Sari & Sam Greco
James & Mary Ann Louison             Mrs. B. Santos                     The Minasi Family               Tina & Brian Blakely
The Constantine Family               John & Pamela Hotaling             Kathy & Joe Natale              Janice & William Bartyzel
James & Dolores Dybas                Jack & Mary Jo Gennett             Audrey & Pat Russo              Ann & Peter Hosner
Joyce Battaglia                      Mary & Gloria Lockhart             Mr. & Mrs. William Cranker      Louise Healy
Judith-Ann Realty, Inc.              Mrs. B. Santos                     Father Vincent Polito           Matthew & Jenny Constantine
Lucille & Harry Senecal              Mr. & Mrs. Charles Maleret         Anthony Muscatello              Joanne & Anthony Fabozzi
Evelyn K. Bernstein                                                     Frank & Carol Natale            Robert Jensen
Frances Hallenbeck                   Joseph R. Prill                    Gina Santoro                    Carol Wilkinson
George & Sueann Senecal              Deborah Bedford                    Guy & Valerie Cappuccio         Barbara Jensen
Ronald & Angela Rusik                Raymond Jr.& Rosemary Hatch        Cathy Rose                      Dolores & Raymond Partyka
Mr.& Mrs. Edward Walega & Family     Patricia Prill                     Melissa & Michael Meier         Carmen & Vincenza Mercadante
Bonnie & David Puglisi & David Jr.   Sall Ochampaugh                    Mary Anne Scheckton             Wanda & Thomas DiCaprio
Nancy Szatkowski                     Joe & Liz Tesiero                  Mark & Judith Hughes            Sophia Sardonia
Thomas & Carol Donnelly                                                 Judith & Gerald Skiba           James & Marilyn Sokalski
Christine Peck                       Josephine (Ripepi) Megna           John Davey, Jr.                 James & Gloria Raucci
Deb Spraker                          Richard & Betsy Barker             James & Barbara Partyka         Lisa Guttenberg
Sandra Carriola                      Peter & Ann Hosner                 Wanda & Thomas DiCaprio         Joseph & Elizabeth Tesiero
Domenic & Mattia Marzio              Rosemary V. Francisco              Cornelio Jr.& GeraldineCatena   Mr.& Mrs. Fernando Stanganelli
Marcia Benjamin                      Dr. Kathleen Bauman                Louise Healy                    Phoebe & Alex Boschi
Francis & Deanna Smith               Vivian Jacobson                    Dolores & Raymond Partyka       Elizabeth DiCaprio
Myra Gonzalez                        Lynette Russo                      Theresa & Louis Muscatello      Joseph & Kathleen Natale
                                     Dr. & Mrs. M. Ghazi                Rena Cotugno                    Jack & Mary Jo Gennett
Angeline (DePalma) Hall              Chris Pasquarelli                  Diana Costello                  Pat Baia
Mary Greco & Family                  Jim Blaise                         Roser Communications            City Hall Employees
Ruth Ralys                           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stewart            Network, Inc.                 Henrietta Roginski
Kathy Fleszar                        Karen s Produce                    Rachelle Cotugno                Mary Stanwick
Susan J. Zepperi                     Richard & Gail Altieri             Kathleen Rose                   Lucy & Babe Russo
Sue & Dominick Megna                 Thomas & Lorraine Dwyer            Diane Hall                      Paul & Kathy Peluso
Regina Cassetta                      Elizabeth Clough                   Eugene & Carol Terwilliger      Tony Iarusso
Michael & Jean Orapello              Vinny & Mary Fran Fiorillo         Dorothy Auspelmyer              Dave & Shelly Konitzer
Matthew Constantine & Family         Rosemary Turton                    Lisa Guttenberg                 Mr. & Mrs. William Skowronek
Phyllis Hage                         Mr. & Mrs. John McCune             Peter & Bridget Diamond         Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Ripepi
Judith Newland                       Regina Mintzer                     Peter & Ann Hosner              Carmen & Irene Sinicropi
Anne Keiley                          James & Dolores Provenzano         Barbara Conrad                  Mr. & Mrs. Louis Kern
Ron & Marianne Kolodziej             Jean Papa                          John & Janice Duchessi          Mr. & Mrs. Carm Greco
Mike & Anne Scofield                 Mr. & Mrs. John Tesiero Jr.        Vincent & Michele Giaimo        Emma & Alfred Nelli
Robert & Vivian Fitz-James           Nancy Pupa                                                         John & Evelyn Bianchi
Paul & Kathy Peluso                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael Collins         Gemma A. Vigliotti              Marie Greco
Gioconda Faustoferri                 Jane Bramer                        Dianne Santos                   Bea Greco
Department of Motor Vehicles         Marlene Pingitore                  Ruth Cripe                      Mr. & Mrs. Herb Scialabba
  Information Technology Room        Michael & Donna Anostario          Mr. & Mrs. Frank LaBate         Mr. & Mrs. Louis Muscatello

                                                 MEMORIALS continued
Giulio Rossetti continued:         Anna & James Wallin, Jr.              Louise Healy.                            by Carol Wilkinson.
Lorraine Frollo                    James & Dolores Dybas                 In memory of William Spanburgh 67        In memory of Rose M. Botch, mother of
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Pallotta           George & Virginia Whelly              by Margret & Keefe Riley.                Carole (Botch) Barber 66-10.
Laura & Frank Falco                Louis Frollo, Jr.                     In memory of Robert M. Furman, Jr.       In memory of Maria (Valentino) DeMatteo
Grace Tambasco                     Sophia Sardonia                        66-8 by The                             by Rachelle Cotugno 69.
Joan Bryant                        Dolores Partyka                       Constantine Family.                      In memory of Rose M. Botch by Rachelle
Marylin Ottati                     John & Pamela Hotaling                In memory of Mrs. Catherine              Cotugno 69.
Theresa Neville                    Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Russo               Picciocca by Ruth (Boyle)                In memory of Christopher A. Cornelius,
Mr. & Mrs. Felix Persico           Reuben & Patricia Bishop              Castler 63.                              son of Alan and Regina (Reed) 61
Kathryn Mercadante                                                       In memory of Samuel                      Cornelius.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Carlucci         Mary C. Wells                         Semyone by his daughter                  In memory of Scott Chambers by
Mr. & Mrs. Mario DiScenza          Peter & Ann Hosner                    Kaitlyn Semyone.                         Rachelle Cotugno 69.
Richard & Elizabeth Barker         Rachelle Cotugno                      In memory of my mother, Ann              In memory of Ann Supan by Rachelle
Regina Cassetta                    Mark & Lisa Russo                     Kutchis by Virginia Kutchis 59.          Cotugno 69.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DiCaprio         Catherine Druger                      In memory of the Deceased                In memory of Wesley and Eleanor
Mary Doris & Fred DiCaprio         Robert & Pauline Kosineski            Members of the Class of 1948             (Austin) 36 Peryer.
Sal Morini                         Dennis & Diane Diamond                by Donna (Miller) Spellman 48.           In memory of Eugene Stevens Sr.,
Lori & Bill Stachnik, Jr.          Frank & Patricia Yarasezski           In memory of my sister, Catherine        husband of Elenore (Thackrah) Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. John McCune             Rena Cotugno                          (Shields) Kralovic 40 by                  41.
Mr. & Mrs. Chet Smullen            Angelo & Mary Jo Verderese            Teresa (Shields) Groesbeck 45.           In memory of Charles F. Mancuse 50 by
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Mazur           Gerri Kaczor & Family                 In memory of Winifred (Hughes)           Marion H. Mancuse.
Robert & Madeline Van Allen        Jim & Barbara Partyka                 Newland 47 by Bill Hughes 52.            In memory of Robert M. Furman, Jr. 66-8
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Angelo            Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DiCaprio            In memory of my mother Willetta          by Ann Sherman.
Rich & Louise Godlewski            Larry & Kathy Dybas                   (Cady) Martuscello 39 by Peter           In memory of Bob Amanat by Rachelle
Alfred Liggero                     Joseph & Daniella Murphy              Martuscello 66-11.                       Cotugno 69.
Rena Cotugno                       Richard Murphy                        In memory of my sister, Marcia           In memory of Patsy Russo by The
Elizabeth DiCaprio                 Kevin Eckelman                        (Allen) Spicci 59 by Margaret Allen      Roginski & Stanwick families.
Diane Hall                         Thomas & Theresa Ripepi                62.                                     In memory of Mary Beth Musto
Frank & Carol Natale               Floy Sumigray                         In memory of Rosemary Vines               by Lawrence & Fran Jordan.
Lisa & Mike Liverio                Anthony Sumigray                      by Rachelle Cotugno 69.                  In memory of Mary Beth Musto
Dr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Morini, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Mark Johnson               In memory of my parents, John F. &       by James & Dolores Dybas.
William & Theresa Cranker          Woodrow St. Amour                     Doris (McGuire) Collins 42               In memory of Mary Beth Musto
                                   Tim & Janet Czeski                    by Nancy Collins.                        by Dorothy Jordan.
June (Corrigan) Czelusniak 48      Nancy & Tony Hroncich                 In memory of Dr. Tom Velz,               In memory of Charles LoBalbo
Joseph & Marigay Harkins           Guy & Valerie Cappuccio & Family      June Czelusniak 48, Tom                   by Peter & Ann Hosner.
Guy & Barbara Laurence             Edward Harkins                        Hennessey 45 and Ed Brown                In memory of Rita LaBate by Rachelle
Joseph & Elizabeth Tesiero         Joseph Dignazio                           by Margaret G. Greco 75.             Cotugno 69.
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Pepe          Virginia Szyjkowski                   In memory of Dr. Thomas Velz             In memory of Rita LaBate by
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pepe               Gloria Twardzik                       by Rachelle Cotugno 69.                  Peter & Ann Hosner.
Scott & Kristen Michalski          Josephine Altieri                     In memory of Esther T. Constantine,      In memory of Joseph DiBlasi by Peter &
Mike & Mary Califano & Family      Mr.& Mrs. Alfred Nelli                mother of Rosemary and Chuck             Ann Hosner.
Mr. & Mrs. Claude Palczak          Margaret Petruccione                  Constantine 64.                          In memory of Dr. William Szypula by
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dufresne           Herbert & Theresa Scialabba           In memory of Esther Constantine by       Rachelle Cotugno 69.
Thomas Cosentino                   Robert Reidy                          Rachelle Cotugno 69.                     In memory of Dr. William Szypula by Dr.
Lori Cosentino                     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Emanuele III        In memory of Esther Constantine by       Alfred Morini Sr. 37 and Mary Morini.
Mr. & Mrs. Pat Roginski            Elizabeth DiCaprio                    Lisa & John, Heather & Will & Kaitlyn.   In memory of my husband,
Chester & Joan Smullen             Audie & Ronald DiCaprio               In memory of Doris E. Rogers,            Howard Brindle 49 by
Bea Pasiczniyk                     Maria & John Rossi                    mother of Thomas Rogers 66.              Geraldine Brindle.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gulnick         Elizabeth Winslow                     In memory of Robert C. Kaiser 64
Mr. & Mrs. John Smitka             In memory of Rob Stegman by           by Louise Drozic.
Florence Furman                    Rachelle Cotugno 69.                  In memory of Francis J. Keiley 42    2009 Memorial Corrections
Phyllis Hage                       In memory of Rob Stegman by            by Ellen (Keiley) Kenney 39.        (Contributor s Names Omitted)
Floy Sumigray                      Matthew Constantine & Family.         by Rachelle Cotugno 69.              Raymond R. Kaszuba
Marion Howlan                      In memory of Vincenza & John                                               Catherine & Marshall Knapik
Mr. & Mrs. John McCune             Sardonia by James & Dolores           In memory of my husband Charles F. Knolls Atomic Power Lab
Marguerite Traskas                 Dybas.                                Mancuse 50 by Marion H. Mancuse. Claudia Jurus
Kathryn Mercadante                 In memory of Barney Foltman by        In memory of Vincenza and John
Mt. Carmel Ladies Bocci Club       Mary & Bob Going 66-9 & family.       Sardonia by James and Dolores        Joyce Hildreth
William & Eileen Miskinis          In memory of David Allyn by Joyce     Dybas.                               Mike & Kathy Szala
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred DiCarpio         Battaglia.                            In memory of Robert 35 and Eleanor Theresa & James Arthurs
 and David                         In memory of Walter J. Scott 66-11    Natola.                              Mrs. Frances Janeski & Family
Therese (Parron) Russo             by Lorraine Michaels Dance Centre.    In memory of Barney Foltman          Thomas & Lorraine Dwyer
Carol Wilkinson                    In memory of Genevieve (Dybas)        by Bob & Mary Going and Family.      Noreen Gulnick
Scot & Kristen Michalski           Dado 46 by The Class of 1946.         In memory of Benedict F. Capel,      Sheila Scheckton
Alicia Montanaro                   In memory of John Szkaradek 55        father of Janine (Capel) Hicks 74,   A.G. Scheckton
Carol Constantino                  by James & Dolores                    Mark Capel 75                        Louis & Lucia Kern
Anne Keiley                        Dybas.                                   and Annette (Capel) Hassen 81. Co-Workers of Joyce
Amy Lanzi                          In memory of John Szkaradek by        In memory of Thomas F. Allen, Jr. 40
William & Mary Stachnik            Jeanette Constantine.                 by Joan Allen 49.                    We do our best, but sometimes errors
Walter & Arlene Jasper             In memory of Gail E. Baker by         In memory of Thomas Hennessey 45 do occur. We apologize for errors that
                                                                                                              may occur throughout the Newsletter
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 In Memory of My Mother
   Florence M. Cotugno                                    Saint Mary s Institute
                                                            13th Annual Invitational
     20th Anniversary
 By Rachelle Cotugno 69                                       Golf Tournament
                                                                   to be held
                                                           Friday, May 20th, 2011
                                                           Shotgun Start at Noon
     IN HONOR OF                                        At Rolling Hills Country Club
                                                               Ft. Johnson, NY
Dr. Alfred Morini Sr.
                                                             $125.00 Per Person
            By:                                                    Includes
        Faith Stark                                                Greens Fees
       Lena Morini                                                   Golf Cart
       Grace Perfetti                                                 Lunch
    Richard DelCostello                                      Complimentary Gifts
                                                                 Drawing prizes
                                                           Complimentary Cocktails
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 Superintendent of Schools
        Silver Jubilee
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        Where children love to learn and learn to love.
Speech by 2010 Salutatorian:
Jordan Elizabeth Thompson
                                                           Behind Those Doors
   Wow, the eighth grade year has finally come to an end, and here we are now at our graduation. It feels like just yesterday was
the first day of school.
    I can remember when I first walked through those doors to Saint Mary s Institute. Then, they had been huge and monstrous;
almost threatening to such a little child, like me, to enter in to. I was afraid, and I was scared of what would lie on the other side of
those doors. I had not known this at the time, but behind those doors would be the very beginning of my future.
    I walked through those doors and so did my fellow classmates. What we did not know then, but what we gladly know now, is
that we walked into an amazing school. It is a privilege for we, the 8th graders, to have gone to Saint Mary s Institute. Every one
of our parents had to make some kind of sacrifice to go there. Thank you for doing this for us.
    We walked through those hallways for years, growing older and wiser each day that we did. Some of us walked those halls for
nine years, others five, and even some just entered into them this past year.
    We ve grown up with the school. We ve experienced everything at this school, whether it s from meeting a new friend to
meeting a new principal. This school has set morals for us to follow; morals that we will carry with us for all of our lifetime.
We ve planted our hopes and our dreams at this school and watched them grow. Our teachers have set goals for us to achieve
while we re still here. They ve influenced everything about us. The people at this school have made us who we are. And we are
good people with good intentions and dreams to be accomplished.
    When I hear the name Saint Mary s Institute, I do not just think of the school with bricks and borders. I think of the people that
make that school the great place that it is. The teachers there are not just plain old teachers. A Saint Mary s Institute teacher is a
friend and an advisor. These teachers are truly unique, and their classes are blessed to have them.
    We can never fully repay Saint Mary s for what it has done for us because a thank you is, most certainly, not enough. Neither is
a handshake nor a pat on the back.
    The students at S.M.I. give out a helping hand to anyone. No matter what race, color, age, or gender. Saint Mary s is a loving,
caring school to anyone. We will never be able to forget you, Saint Mary s. I could never forget you. The memories that we, the
students, have made here will be cherished with us for forever.
    But tonight is the night. Tonight all, of everyone who has ever influenced us, work is about to be paid off. This evening we say
goodbye to being eighth graders and hello to becoming freshmen. Although the people whom we have become close to and loved
these past joyful years are parting ways; there is one thing that will always draw us together. The heart of us all. The heart is Saint
Mary s Institute.
    Thank you, S.M.I. for making me who I am today. Tonight we will walk out those doors that I was once afraid to enter into.
For those doors are no longer scary. They re actually quite the opposite. Walking out of those doors is like saying goodbye to a
best friend. Now, whether we want to or not, the eighth grade class of 2010 walks out of those doors for the last time as students.
Even though some of us are sad about this, we can all agree that we are ready and prepared to do this. We continue on down the
road of each and every one of our lives. Despite where we go in life, if we are still friends or not, if we are near or far from each
other, there is only one thing that we will always have. (One thing that will never change no matter where we are or whom we
become.) We will always have the memories. People may leave our lives, but the memories never do. We can play these
memories over and over in our minds. I m sure that even when we are in our nineties we will still sit back and laugh at some of the
stuff we did here. We will never forget Saint Mary s Institute because we ve had too many joyful memories at this school. Thank
you, Saint Mary s Institute, for everything. The 8th grade graduating class of 2010 loves you and will miss you.

                            Fathers Gulley
                           Scholarship Fund
                       Give a lasting tribute to
                   Father James and Father Anthony
                     Contribute generously to the
                 scholarship fund set-up in their honor.
               Make checks payable to St. Mary s Institute
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                 Send your tax-deductible contribution to:
                          Saint Mary s Institute
                            10 Kopernik Blvd.
                         Amsterdam, NY 12010

                                              Bishop Scully Corner News
                                   Class of 1980 Celebrates 30th Reunion
On August 7, 2010, the Bishop Scully Class
of 1980 (SMI 76) held their 30th class reunion
at the home of Danny Martuscello. It was a
beautiful day and everyone had such a great
time, that they plan to get together more
often! Those that couldn t attend were
missed. Classmates attending came from
California, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina,
Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. We are
all looking forward to the next one.
Pictured L-R: Daniel Martuscello, Bob Manginelli, Bruce Douglas,
Tony Zabawa, Mary Beth Muscatello, Nancy Joan Booth. Bill
Keehan, Tina (Ripepi) Emanuele, Donna Ripepi, John Hurd, Kevin
Bloom, Karen (DeCaprio) McKelvey. Estelle (DeCaprio) Peek,
Jamie (Blance) Dubb, Beth (Kelly) Longfritz, Mary Lynn (Archinal)
Rouse, Darlene (DePacrio) Baker, Laurie (Mason) Bryda, Lisa
(Rossetti) Russo, Matt Brower, Karen (Murphy) Riley, Renee
(Reidy) Bramer, Anne (Mancini) Church, Joe Kwiatkowski and Bob

        Class of 1991 Junior Year at Bishop Scully ~ 20th Reunion                        Note from 91 Reunion Committee to SMI Staff:

                                                                                         Thank you so very much for all your kind
                                                                                         assistance, extreme thoughtfulness and generosity
                                                                                         of time and effort. The display in the library was
                                                                                         an unexpected surprise and very lovely. We
                                                                                         thoroughly enjoyed the stroll down memory lane.
                                                                                         It was great being able to walk through the halls
                                                                                         we all loved it! St. Mary s looks wonderful and
                                                                                         the addition is seamless. I hope SMI continues to
                                                                                         thrive. Our reunion was wonderful with just about
                                                                                         a third of the Class of 91 attending the dinner
                                                                                         Saturday night at Charlie s. Our class was able to
                                                                                                       make a $150 donation to St. Mary s
    Back row L-R: Joh Kolodziej, Tom Pasquarelli, Shelly Marek, Micheala Brooks,                     Maggie (Quinn) Schirm
    Carrie (Kaiser) Fiebka, Eric Pareene. Front row F-R: Thresa Keehan, Maggie (Quinn)
    Schirm, Alison Bianchi and Stacia (Zevola) Minkler.
                                                                                                                      Mary (Carnevale) Wells
Class note from Jean (Demars) Terwilleger 73 ( 69 SMI): Hey all you                                    Mary passed
Scully grads from the 70 s, getting on Facebook is the greatest way to stay in touch                   away on
with all your classmates!! I personally have reconnected with so many folks. It is a                   July 16, 2010.
great way to share those wonderful moments in life, graduations, weddings, births! I                   She was a
get to see photos of new grandbabies and children growing up. There is also a site, I                  dedicated re-
Grew Up in Amsterdam that has the most incredible photos from the past. Such a                         ceptionist and
great tool for some amazing memories. Thanks for this newsletter, I look forward to it!                staff member
                                                                                                       of Bishop
                                                                                                       Scully High School. She cherished the
HELP WANTED:                                                                                           friendships that she made with all the
In identifying this photo »                                                          .                 students and their families.
                                                                                Share Your
Please contact the SMI Alumni
                                                                            Bishop Scully News
Office with information
                                                                                 Reunions              Joan (Gorman) Pollak 73 (SMI 69)
518-842-4100 or email:
                                                                                Happenings             passed away on February 25, 2010.
Information requested is for our
                                                                                 842-4100              Robert M. Furman, Jr. 70 (SMI 66-8)
Archives purposes only.                                                passed away at home on June 3, 2010.
Thank you!
                                                          DONORS LIST 2010
                                                                                                                  Mr. Anthony Fabozzi (1)
Listed on the following pages are those who so generously contributed to the 2010                                 Mrs. T. Joan (DiCaprio) Felski
Annual Giving/Alumni Appeal. We wish to thank each and every one of you for your
                                                                                                                  Mr. Michael Hage (2)
support and commitment to SMI and Catholic Education.
                                                                                                                  Mr. Edward Harkins (2)
                                                                                                                  Mrs. Dolores (Klobukowski) Lepak (1)
                                                                                                                  Mr. John P. Murphy (2)
     KEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KEY TO CATEGORIES                Marie (Lajeunesse) Murphy (2)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NO. OF DONORS   Mr. Thomas Quandt (4)
                                                                                                                  Mrs. Elizabeth (Harrington) Quandt (4)
      6     Golden Gaels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1000 or more           1            Dr. William H. Seward (2)
      5     Pastor s Patrons . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$750 to $999          0            Mr. Bernard Stanley
      4     Monsignor s Marauders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$500 to $749                 10            Mrs. Lillian (Redziniak) Truax
      3     Principal s Pets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $250 to $499          7            Mr. Joseph Welch
      2     Blue & White Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100 to $249             83            Class of 1947
      1     Alumni Angels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50 to $99        94            Mrs. Rena (Morini) Cotugno (2)
            SMI Saints . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . up to $49 162            Mrs. Wanda (Lucas) DiCaprio
            Non-Alumni In Honor Of and Memorial Donations. . . . $ 5,297.00                                       Mr. Paul Dufresne (2)
            2010 GRAND TOTAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 31,519.00                 Mrs. Maria (Boyle) Dufresne (2)
            (Joint Donation: Wives are listed under husband s class)                                              Mr. Richard Fabozzi (1)
                                                                                                                  Mrs. Roberta (Moehringer) Gaffney (3)
                                                              Miss Alice Tenerowicz                               Mrs. Barbara (Kennedy) Leonard
Class of 1934
                                                              Mrs. Patricia (Freer) Utley                         Mr. Walter Malkowicz
Mrs. Angelina (Vecchio) Ciccarino
                                                              Class of 1943                                       Mr. Edward Meliosky (1)
Class of 1935
                                                              Mr. Charles Bennison (1)                            Mrs. Mary Patricia (Hughes) Russo
M. Elizabeth (Farrell) Gage
                                                              Mrs. Jeanne (Fiset) Bennison (1)                    Mrs. Virginia (Thackrah) Stahl (1)
Class of 1937
                                                              Mr. John Hackert (1)                                Class of 1948
Ms. Anne Bennison (2)
                                                              Mr. Louis Hage (1)                                  Mrs. Evelyn (Reali) Bianchi
Mr. James Bergen
                                                              Mrs. Florence (Allen) Insogna                       Mrs. Margaret (Dufresne) Cosentino (1)
Mr. John Hooker (2)
                                                              Mrs. Virginia (Herlihy) McKeough                    Mrs. Diana (Davies) Costello (2)
Ms. Virginia A. McKenney
                                                              Mrs. Lois Eleanor (Schuette) Murphy                 Mr. Joseph L. Harkins
Dr. Alfred J. Morini, Sr. (3)
                                                              Ms. Kathleen (McCune) Robinson                      Mrs. Eileen (Corbett) Hennessey
Mrs. Florence (McKeough) Saucier (1)
                                                              Mrs. Ann (Patterson) Stellato                       Mrs. Marjorie (Case) Jackson
Class of 1938
                                                              Mrs. Rita (Cook) Traider (1)                        Mr. James McDonald (1)
Mr. Francis Fitzgibbons (1)
                                                                                                                  Mrs. Therese (Perron) Russo (2)
Mrs. Claire (Brennan) Fitzgibbons (1)
                                                              Class of 1944                                       Mrs. Donna (Miller) Spellman
Mrs. Monica (Zack) Greco (2)
                                                              Mrs. Katherine (Behringer) Bortfeldt                Mrs. Norma (Petruccione) Stellato
Mr. Arthur McDonald (2)
                                                              Mrs. Jean (Hallenbeck) Brockley (2)                 Mr. James R. Wallin, Jr. (2)
Mr. Roland Morrone
                                                              Mr. William Daly                                    Class of 1949
Mr. Norbert Nolte (2)
                                                              Capt John M. Donlon Usn (Ret) (3)                   Mrs. Joan (Dybas) Allen
Mr. John Northrup
                                                              Mrs. Florence (Celmer) Kwiatkowski                  Mr. Robert Coluni (2)
Mr. John Rapillo
                                                              Mrs. Carmella (Calisant) Pepe (1)                   Mr. Joseph Flannagan (2)
Class of 1939
                                                              Mrs. Shirley (Faurot) Prendergast                   Mrs. Janet (Patnode) Flannagan (2)
Mrs. Roberta (Aiken) Gillis
                                                              Mr. George Whelly (2)                               Mrs. Rosemary (Van Allen) Francisco
Mrs. Ellen (Keiley) Kenney
                                                              Class of 1945                                       Mrs. Frances (Bertuch) Gawron
Mr. Robert A. McKenney
                                                              Mr. Thomas Aiken (1)                                Mr. Walter Jasper (1)
Mrs. Elizabeth (Morties) Wells
                                                              Mr. James Boyle (1)                                 Mrs. Arlene (Picken) Jasper (1)
Class of 1940
                                                              Mrs. Theresa (Shields) Groesbeck (2)                Mrs. Mary Ellen (Harkins) Kolbe
Mrs. Marcella (Dillon) Long (2)
                                                              Mr. John F. Harrington (1)                          Mr. Eugene LaJeunesse
Class of 1941
                                                              Mrs. Doris (Sullivan) Kissinger (1)                 Mrs. Janet (Haight) McQuatters (2)
Mr. William Egan
                                                              Mr. Thomas McDermott                                Mrs. Margaret (Woods) Morris
Mrs. Maryjane (Kaiser) Kelly (2)
                                                              Mrs. June (Fisher) McDermott                        Mr. Michael Orapello (1)
Mr. John R. McCune
                                                              Theresa (Hungerschafer) Meyers (1)                  Mr. Claude Palczak
Mr. William J. McCune (1)
                                                              Mrs. Lois (Anderson) Musolff (1)                    Mrs. Mary Ann (Howland) Riley
Mrs. Vivian (Eckelman) Rummler
                                                              Mr. Nicholas J. Pallotta                            Mr. John Spannbauer (1)
Mrs. Julia (Keiley) Shutts
                                                              Mrs. Margaret (Ginevan) Petruccione                 Class of 1950
Mrs. Willette (Fisher) Smitka
                                                              Mrs. Gloria (Lewis) Twardzik                        Reunion Committee (2)
Class of 1942
                                                              Class of 1946                                       Mr. Paul Anostario
Mrs. Jeannette (Osborne) Calhoun (1)
                                                              Mr. John Bennison (1)                               Mr. Robert Blinsinger
Mrs. Avis (McDonnell) Fisher (2)
                                                              Mrs. Margaret (Behringer) Bruce                     Mr. William Demars (1)
Mr. Joseph Hage (1)
                                                              Miss Mary Constantine                               Mrs. Mary (Case) Flint
Mrs. Dorothy (Loucks) Lindsay (1)
                                                              Ms. Kathryn Egan (2)                                Mrs. Theresa (Zack) Guzielek
Mrs. Bernadine (Pisano) Olbrych (2)
                                                                                                                  Mrs. Marion (Traskos) Howlan
  Donor s List continuted:

Mr. Robert F. Knapik (1)                                                      Mrs. Shirley (Smart) Kosinski
Mr. Peter Martin                                                              Mrs. Barbara (Slezak) Krawiecki
Mrs. Dorothy (D Arienzo) Medei (2)    Class of 1955                           Ms. Marjorie Merchant
Mr. Gerard Roome (2)                  Mrs. Beverly (Fassett) Blanchard        Mrs. Barbara (Montenaro) Michalski
Mrs. Sally (Kling) Roome (2)          Mr. Leo Kosiba                          Mrs. Mary (Tighe) Pannuti
Mrs. Jane (Kruchas) Serbent (2)       Mr. George Mileski                      Mr. David Urbel
Mrs. Dolores (Brinkman) Sheehan (1)   Mrs. Doris (Brandow) Nowak              Mr. Adelbert Wnorowski (2)
Mrs. Marie (Boyle) Tucker (2)         Mr. Thomas Palmer                       Mrs. Mary Lou (Habla) Wnorowski (2)
Mr. Robert Vorse (2)                  Mr. John Rogers                         Mrs. Marylou (Rapello) Zajaceskowski
Mrs. Helen (Kling) Windbiel (2)       Class of 1956                           Mr. Gerard Zaklukiewicz
Mrs. Gertrude (Hughes) Wyzykowski     1956 Scholarship (6)                    Class of 1960
Class of 1951                         Mrs. Maureen (McGuigan) Baldwin         Mrs. Maureen (Maloney) Hand
Mr. Joseph J. Aiken (2)               Mr. William Blanchfield                 Mr. Robert Kosineski
Mr. Valentine Coluni                  Mrs. Donna (Dilello) Bord               Mrs. Dawn (Willey) Leffler (1)
Rev. Richard W. Dybas                 Mrs. Patricia (Parillo) Covey           Mr. Thomas Mullarkey (1)
Mrs. Frances (Ozug) Galarneau         Mr. Victor Gerdvil (2)                  Mr. James Perron (1)
Mrs. Irene (Rogers) Kuchis            Mr. Harold E. Gray, USN Ret.            Mrs. Judith (Pratt) Perron (1)
Mr. Donald Lawrinait (1)              Mrs. Lois (Uhlinger) Hegarty            Mrs. Rita (Biscotti) Piecuch
Mr. John Mochrie (2)                  Mrs. Diane (Murphy) Kroll               Mr. Robert Quandt (3)
Mrs. Sally (Haight) Mochrie (2)       Mrs. Rita (Knope) Krom                  Mrs. Shirley (Hart) Reksc
Mr. William Neill                     Mr. Richard Martuscello                 Mrs. Faith (Morini) Stark (1)
Mr. Donald Peck (1)                   Mrs. Patricia (Duffy) Milot             Mrs. Theresa (Stephens) Cantine
Mrs. Audrey (Snyder) Reasonover (2)   Mrs. Patricia M. (Weidemann) Nichol     Mr. Joseph J. Topping (1)
Mrs. Maureen (Collins) Williams       Mrs. Mary (Parillo) Pawkett             Mrs. Mary Lou (Kubas) Warnick
Class of 1952                         Mr. John Toolan                         Sr. Agnes Leo Winkle, CSJ
Mr. Richard Case                      Mr. Charles Welch                       Class of 1961
Mr. Frederick D'Arienzo (2)           Mrs. Patricia (Sargalis) Van Wert       Mr. Alfred Black (1)
Mrs. Alice (McVeigh) Farrell          Mr. Thomas Wolff                        Mr. Frederick A. Genero (1)
Dr. Lorraine Freitas, Phd. Rn (1)     Class of 1957                           Mr. Richard W. Hanna
Mr. William T. Hughes (2)             Mr. James Adler (2)                     Mr. Alan Johnson (1)
Ms. Anne (Seward) Keiley (1)          Mr. Richard Cocker (1)                  Mrs. Dorothy (Sokalski) Livingston
Mr. John S. Llewellyn, Jr. (2)        Mr. Raymond Dzek                        Ms. Claudette Stroble (4)
Ms. Connie Murphy                     Mrs. Irene (Rackauskas) Maxwell         Rev. Richard S. Vosko (2)
Irene (Lajeunesse) Musick (2)         Mrs. Teresa (Kotowski) Ecker (1)        Class of 1962
Mrs. Ann (Adamchick) Nicholas (2)     Class of 1958                           Ms. Margaret Allen
Mrs. Frances (Karp) Noeth (1)         Mrs. Mary Ann (Roberts) Bogdan (1)      Class of 1963
Mrs. Anne (Musto) Ombrellaro (1)      Ms. Emanuela (Boccio) Castle            Mrs. Ruth (Boyle) Castler
Mr. William Phoenix                   Mr. Richard Keehan (2)                  Dr. Dominic A. D Alesandro, Jr. (2)
Dolores (Aiken) Phoenix               Ms. Margaret M. Kelly (2)               Mrs. Carol (Spakoski) Gardiner
Mrs. Donna (Ehmer) Pompa              Mr. Jerome Milosek (2)                  Mr. Mark B. Lewis (1)
Mr. James Quinn                       Mrs. Mary (Wolff) Morck (1)             Mrs. Kathleen McGuire
Mrs. Winifred (Serylo) Cervera        Mrs. Stephanie (Mack) Persico           Mr. John Tarmey
Mr. Richard Wolfe (1)                 Mrs. Mary Ann (Williams) Sambells (1)   Mrs. Elizabeth (Kelly) Treiber (1)
Class of 1953                         Mr. John Spanburgh (3)                  Class of 1964
Mr. Frank Cervera                     Class of 1959                           Mr. Michael A. Boccio (2)
Mrs. Anita (Hroncich) Dunlavey (1)    Mrs. Donna (Taberski) Alexander         Dr. William L Bresonis (4)
Mrs. Dolores (Esposito) Dygon         Ms. Lois Cogovan (2)                    Mrs. Jacqueline (Morini) Bresonis (4)
Mrs. Dorothy (Bochniak) Savarese      Mr. David C. Conley (2)                 Mr. Charles Constantine
Mrs. Jane (Bennison) Staber (1)       Mr. David Gaffney                       Ms. Rosemary Constantine
Mrs. Sheila (Doyle) Tiernan           Dr. Janet E. Gargiulo (2)               Mr. Michael Eckelman (1)
Class of 1954                         Ms. Virginia Kutchis (2)                Mr. Victor Fondacaro (2)
Mrs. Jacquelyn (Kennedy) Baker (1)    Ms. Mary Lou O Neil                     Mr. Louis J. Frollo (1)
Mr. Robert Heller (2)                 Mrs. Mary (Tighe) Pannuti               Mr. Robert S. Gawrelski (1)
Mrs. Corrine (Bintz) Kowalski         Mr. Gary Gillan                         Mr. Robert Kaiser (1)
Ms. Joanne Parlapiano                 Mr. Eugene Greco                        Mrs. Carole (Uncher) Kenny (2)
Mr. Richard Schmidt                   Mrs. Carol (Cowles) Greco               Mr. John Kolodziej, Jr.
Mr. George J. Schuttig, Jr. (1)       Mrs. Marymel (Dilello) Hart             Mr. Robert Montenaro
Rev. Robert Shinos                    Mrs. Roberta (Szylkowski) Jesenski      Mr. David Schoonmaker (1)
Mrs. Josephine (Natoli) Wager (2)     Mr. John Keating                        Mr. Terry J. Stroble (1)
Mr. Thomas Zarecki (2)                Dr. Norbert Kosinski                    Mr. Frank Turo

Donor s List continuted:
                                                                             Class of 2007
Class of 1965                         Class of 1973                          Mr. Connor Diamond
Mr. Nolan Jan Marciniec               Mr. Kevin Brown (1)                    Ms. Megan Walega
Mrs. Linda (Johnson) Przybylowicz     Mr. Kevin Dufresne (1)                 Class of 2008
Mr. Michael J. Shuttig (2)            Class of 1974                          Ms. Caroline Stamile
Mr. Richard Wells (1)                 Mrs. Gina (Megna) Johnson              Class of 2009
Class of 1966                         Mrs. Susan Schumann-Keiley             Ms. Courtney Guttenberg
Mr. J.D. Smeallie (2)                 Mrs. Lisa (Vigliotti) Liverio          Mr. Morgan Mintzer (1)
Mr. Andrew Spanburgh (2)              Mrs. Mary Ellen (Jensen) Rinaldi (4)
Ms. Jacqueline Uncher (1)             Class of 1975                          Parishioners & Friends
Class of 1966-11                      Ms. Margaret G. Greco (2)              Mrs. Geraldine Brindle (1)
Mr. Lawrence Constantine (2)          Ms. M. Kelly (Murphy) Joyce (4)        Nancy E. Collins
Mr. Christopher Cortese (2)           Mr. Joseph Tesiero                     Mr. & Mrs. Alfred DiCaprio
Mrs. Sheila (McGuire) Dingman (1)     Class of 1976                          Elizabeth DiCaprio (1)
Mr. Michael Dufresne (1)              Reunion Committee (1)                  Mrs. Dolores Dybas (2)
Ann Marie (Jablonski) Dufresne (1)    Mrs. Tina (Ripepi) Emanuel             Mrs. Louise Healy
Mrs. Christine (Lawrence) Hogan       Mr. Keith Maroney                      Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Hosner
Mr. Peter Martuscello (2)             Mrs. Mary Beth Muscatello (1)          Rev. Donald Kelly (1)
Class of 1966-10                      Mrs. Lisa (Rossetti) Russo             Marion Mancuse
Mrs. Mary Ann Louison-Dignazio        Class of 1977                          Sophia Perillo
Mrs. Kathleen (LaBate) Myers (1)      Dr. Ronald Szyjkowski (4)              Mrs. Elizabeth Tesiero
Mr. Frank Natale, Jr. (1)             Ms. Kelly Kelly (4)                    Mrs. Carol K. Wilkinson (1)
Mrs. Carole (Palombo) Natale (1)      Class of 1978                          All donations received by December 31, 2010 are reflected above.
                                                                             Thank you for your generous gifts. We regret any error or omis-
Class of 1966-9                       Ms. Barbara Jensen (4)                 sion in the 2010 annual report of gifts. Please contact Jeanette
Mr. Robert Going                      Class of 1979                          Constantine at the Alumni Office at (518) 842-4100 with any
                                                                             corrections so that proper acknowledgement can be made.
Mr. Peter Montenaro                   Mrs. Raquel Colangelo-Mosso
Mrs. Mary Alice (Meszzio) Montenaro   Ms. Diane Hall                            In Memory of                        In Memory of
Mr. J. D. Smeallie (2)                Class of 1982                           My Parents & Sister                    My Brother
Class of 1966-8                       Mrs. Alicia (Szyjkowski) Montenaro
                                                                              Edward J. Kelly 25              Charles H. Donlon 39
Mrs. Elizabeth (Tesiero) Gaines (4)   Class of 1983                           Margaret K. Kelly                 10th Anniversary
Mr. John G. Sardonia (1)              Mr. Sean Dufresne (1)                   Karen A. Kelly 63                 6 December 2000
Mr. Michael V. Serge (1)              Class of 1985
                                                                                      By:                               By:
Mrs. Anne (Petruccione)               Mrs. Sandra (Jordan) Blanchard (2)     Margaret M. Kelly 58                 John Donlon 44
Wojciechowsky                         Mrs. Christine (Davey) Stanavich
Class of 1967                         Class of 1986
Mrs. Jean (Murphy) Allen (1)          Mrs. Christine (Nowak) Tatko                                In Memory Of
Mrs. Mary Jo (Natale) Gennett (1)     Class of 1987                                           John Maroney 48
Mrs. Margaret (Smitka) Huey (2)       John E. Kolodziej, III (1)                              20th Anniversary
Dr. A.J. Morini, Jr. (2)              Class of 1988                                              By his sons:
Mr. Timothy Santoro                   Mr. Daniel Jordan (2)
Class of 1968                         Class of 1995                                         Tim 60             Kevin 71
Ms. Catherine Danyla (1)              Mr. Peter Diamond (1)                                 Brian 75           Keith 76
Mrs. Rosemary (Wells) Turton (1)      Mrs. Anna (Going) Porcello
Class of 1969                         Class of 1996                                            In Memory
Mrs. Elizabeth (Habla) Barker         Mr. Anthony Constantino                                      Of
Ms. Celia Bradford (2)                Class of 1997                                      James McCullough 60
Rachelle Cotugno (3)                  Mr. Robert Going, Jr.                                 Beloved Husband
Mrs. Suzanne (Hanna) Playford (1)     Class of 1998                                                Of
Mr. Dominick Megna                    Mr. Aaron Kelly                                Joyce (Redding) McCullough 60
Jean Marie (Demars) Terwilleger (2)   Mr. James Going
Class of 1970                         Class of 2000
Mrs. Ann Marie (Orapello) Scofield    Miss Cherisse Constantine                             DEDICATED TO SMI
Mrs. Maria (Dufresne) Wnek (1)        Class of 2001
Class of 1971                         Mr. Torrey Duchessi (1)                                         5 in 1
                                                                                                   BROTHER S
Mrs. Nora (Harrington) Bartman (1)    Class of 2002                                               FAX MACHINE
Ms. Kathleen Brown (2)                Mr. Matthew Constantine, Jr.
Mrs. Mary (Crannell) Craven           Class of 2004                                              In Memory Of
Mr. Paul Dufresne (4)                 Ms. Louisa Going                                          James H. Kelley
Mrs. Mary (Hennessey) Mancini (1)     Ms. Dominque Pepe                                         Class President
Class of 1972                         Class of 2006
Mrs. Janet (Kolbe) Czeski             Ms. Rebekah Califano                                        By:
                                                                                          Classmates & Friends
Mrs. Nancy (Whelly) Temple (1)
                              ~ Where Are They Now?~

Sr. Mary Lois Goldner taught Kindergarten at St. Mary s Institute for two years during 1957 and 1958.
Sr. Mary Lois currently resides at the Provincial House in Latham along with Sr. Anne Catherine Gratton,
Sr. Jeanne Kelly, Sr. Patricia Allen , Sr. Geraldine Marie Kennah and Sr. Monica Murphy (BSHS).

                  Sister Carol Rohloff, CSJ was principal at SMI from 9/82 through 6/86. Following
                   that, she was principal at St. Augustine s, Troy; became a licensed NYS funeral director
                   receiving her mortuary science degree from HVCC, Troy. Sister Carol ministered in
                   various funeral homes in Troy and in 1997 she became the Director of Development for her
                   religious community,
                   the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and still serves in that capacity. She has an office at
                   the Provincial House in Latham and loves to hear from former students. She can be
                   contacted by e-mail at
        Sister has many fond memories of SMI do you remember building the float and walking in the
 Amsterdam parade ??? Sister Gerarda Joseph in habit sat on the float with children dressed in old
fashioned dress sitting at old school house row desks! Do you remember the SMI CIRCUS that we put on at
Bishop Scully? Matt Mikhitarian (the Small Man) and Jon Miskinis (the Big Man) competed in weight
lifting of empty beer balls with Might Matt as winner. Do you remember the walk / bike marathon for
Catholic Schools Week held at Auriesville? Even Father Glavin appeared wearing his SMI T-shirt! Do you
remember the Valentine Party with Mrs. Rose Marie DiBlasi of the Home School Association bringing
winners to Chucky Cheese s. So many fun things to accompany a well rounded education and spiritual
uplifting with First Friday and Lenten Liturgies at St. Mary s.
        The Cabbage Patch dolls were a big item in those days as well as the Coleco computers. Mr. Daus
introduced the students to the computers and 5 ½ inch floppies disks were used to save material. What a
difference today when you see the internet and iPads. Do check out the Sisters of St. Joseph website at and see the development section and the Newsline section. Sister Carol is the editor
of Newsline . Sister really loves meeting former students and their parents and seeing pictures. Some people
she still hears from are Ms. Cotugno, Kirsten Myhre, Mrs. Clark (Sean and Colin) and the Rowan. Would
you believe Mike is a policeman? It is fun too to see what careers people have chosen to see Neema Ghazi
on TV etc. brings back many fine memoires of the wonderful SMI connections.

Sr. Anne Traneli, CSJ - I spent five happy years teaching Math (grades 7/8) at the St. Mary's on
Forbes Street. I still remember with graditude all of the students and their parents who made my stay at
SMI an experience I will always cherish. Some names which come to my memory are Mrs. Connoly
(Grade 7), Mrs. Rossman (Grade 5) and some amongst many of the excellent students I had the privilege to
work with some of whom are Rosely Davey (who took a bite out of an apple which was on my desk) ,
Orest Babiak, Peter Smeallie, David Casano, Michael Niemzura , Peter Petruccione, Timothy Horrigan,
etc.. etc.. My ministry after St. Mary's took me to Cardinal McCloskey High School in Albany (where I
taught Spanish and social studies) and subsequently to Bishop Scully High School in Amsterdam for some
nineteen years where I taught, became its Vice-Principal, and subsequently, became its Principal for ten
wonderful years. I will always cherish my twenty-four years of ministry in Amsterdam. At present, I am
"retired", however, doing volunteer ministry at Albany Memorial Hospital as a Chaplain's Assistant. I am
also quite active on the Board at Bishop Maginn High School (formerly Cardinal McCloskey High

                                     LOST ALUMNI
1926                                 1955                              Mrs. Sylvia (Petrus) Frieman
Mrs. Katherine (Morrison) Quinlan    Mr. Bernard Andrzejewski          Mrs. Florence (Garrett) Hanover
1930                                 Mrs. Marilyn (Jakubec) Cooper     Mr. Fred Holton
Mrs. Helen(McGrath)Alide             Mr. Patrick Sheridan              Mr. Walter Karp
Mrs. Helen Riggi                     1956                              Mr. Raymond Kosinski
1931                                 Mrs. Joan (Bradley) Carlton       Mr. Thomas J. Ryan
Mrs. Anna (Lenahan) Baraszewski      Mr. Angelo DiThomas               Mrs. Cathryn (Dilello) Seltzer
Mrs. Genevieve (Healy) DiDonna       Dr. Richard Glenn                 Mrs. Linda (Acela) Shaffer
Mrs. Margaret (Underwood) Ginevan    Mrs. Julianne (Dufresne) Gumuka   Mrs. Carol (Swider) Thompson
1935                                 Mr. John D. Kelley                Mr. John Tucci
Mrs. Edna (Grinces) Garvin           Mr. James Kilcoyne                Mrs Carole (Pawlik) Wright
1936                                 Mr. Richard Lamendola             Ms. Cheryl Wroblewski
Mr. Edmund Bussell                   1957                              1966-8
Miss Evelyn Kinney                   Mr. Peter Cisek                   Mrs. Ann Marie (Serge) Anderson
Mr. Arthur Palmer                    Mrs. Carol (Trivett) Hoefs        Mrs. Mary E. Gilston-Tart
1937                                 1958                              Ms. Paula Hulser
Mrs. Ruth (Phoenix) Collins          Ms. Theresa Kelly                 Ms. Shirley LaPorte
Mr. Joseph Dougherty                 1959                              Mr. Joseph J. Venezia
Mr. John Igoe                        Mr. Thomas Bagdon                 Mr. George Visconti
Ms. Patricia Merhib                  Mrs. Linda (Miran) DeRosa         Mrs. Brianne (Sweeney) Wolfe
Mrs. Elizabeth (Uhlinger) Richards   Mr. John E. Mahoney               Mr. Robert Wroblewski
1939                                 1960                              1966-9
Mrs. Irene (Raczynski) Sokowlowski   Dr. James Conover                 Ms. Barbara Blakely
1940                                 Mr. Dennis Dubicke                Ms. Donna Giamo
Mrs. Sophie (Bojanka) Daemon         Mr. William Maroney               Mr. Gerald Gustas
1941                                 Mr. Michael Sheridan              Ms. Margaret Gutowski
Mr. Raphael Kerbelis                 Mrs. Helen (Marnes) Studt         Mr. Gary Jasper
1943                                 1961                              Mrs. Gayle (Niezgoda) Kelly
Mrs. Veronica (Somers) Cole          Mr. Patrick Collins               Mrs. Estelle (Kosiba) Cruz
Mrs. Irene (Patnode) McGinn          Mr. Philip Makarowsky             Mr. Philip Milano
1944                                 Dr. Mary Carol (Blain) Newmann    Mr. Michael Newell
Mr. Robert Karker                    Mrs. Marianne (Murdico) Thorn     Mrs. Deborah (Dezolt) Saltsman
Mrs. Alice (Greenwalt) Palm          1962                              Ms. Deborah Scott
Mrs. Eleanor (Roskiewicz) Rork       Mrs. Susan (Duffy) Anderson       Mrs. Barbara (Kaszuba) Terpening
Mr. John Whalen                      Mr. Thomas Bojarski               Mr. Gary Thomas
1945                                 Ms. Mary Fay Brindle              Mr. Robert Wyzykowski
Mrs. Shirley (Stevens) Heggen        Mrs. Lidia (Rymer) Dill           1966-11
Mrs. Genevieve (Ratkevich) Mell      Mrs. Marcy (Merchant) Fischer     Mrs. Marlena (Sapia) Cook
1947                                 Mrs. Michele (Jordan) Forbes      Mr. David Hamer
Mrs. Alice (Baron) Szypula           Ms. Kaaren Habla                  Mrs. Kathleen (Izzo) Lysogorski
1948                                 Mr. Roman Laba                    Mrs. Diane (Augun) McGrath
Mrs. Shirley (Falcone) Sorbero       Mrs. Kathleen(Lawrence)Skinner    Ms. Rose Miller
1951                                 Mr. Frank Slaveikis               Mrs. Roberta (Romano) Peters
Mr. James Ottati                     Mrs. Sandra (Opalka) Starek       1966
Mrs. Sarah (Joseph) Shibley          Ms. Mary Ann Szurek               Mr. Robert Kozlowski
1952                                 Mr. William Taylor                Mrs. Roberta (Scheckton) Morreale
Mrs. Eleanor (Chacks) Barzyk         Mr. William White                 Ms. Irene Nichols
Mr. Jim Callhan                      Mr. John Armstrong                Mr. Richard Villa
Mr. John Harvey                      1963                              1967
Mr. John McGillan                    Mrs. Christine (Antos) Cohen      Mrs. Frances (Rogers) Crabtree
1953                                 Mr. Daniel Greco                  Mr. Donald Gawlak
Mrs. Barbara (Dybas) Banovic         Mrs. Constance (Yunker)Haver      Mr. R. Eric Gilston
Mrs. Ann (Kelly) Cranton             Mr. Konstantin Karaban            Mr. Joseph Greco
Mr. Andrew Goldy                     Mr. John Peresta                  Mrs. Kathleen (Murphy) Malloy
Mrs. Patricia (House) Lazzari        1964                              Mr. David Martuscello
Mr. John MacDonald                   Mrs. Mary K.(Reichel)Adams        Mrs. Adele (Hage) McDermott
1954                                 Ms Jaroslawa Kohut                Mr. John Mikolaitis
Mrs. Ann (Maroney) Kaiser            Mrs. Judith (Hamer) Penny         Mr. Ronald Simeone
Ms. Faith Palmer                     1965                              Miss Christine Windbiel
Mrs. Geraldine (Myers) Rimkus        Ms. Margaret Avery                1968
Mrs. Gladys(Brooks)Totzeck           Mr. Timothy Clay                  Mr. John Bazaar
                                     Mrs. Daryl (Defina) Ferguson      Mr. Walter Bazar
                                      LOST ALUMNI
Mr. Ronald Fiacco                     Mr. Thomas Hennessey, Jr.          Ms. Renee Derose
Ms. Margaret Mahoney                  Mrs. Melissa (Visconti) Mencio     Mr. Paul Furman
Mr. Alvin Proctor                     Mrs. Kay (Gorman) Miller           Mrs. Deborah (Riccio) Meyers
Miss Mary Kelly                       Miss Annette Pagan                 Mrs. Maureen (McCune) Mickel
Ms. Pamiela Shibley                   Mr. James Pupa                     Mrs. Nancy (Donohue) Morgan
Mr. Dennis M. Stebbins                Mr. William Sise                   Ms. Teresa Persons
1969                                  Mr. Jeffrey Sykes                  Mrs. Laurie (Clifford) Croteau
Mr. Joseph Anelli                     Miss Theresa Troina                Mrs. Gina (Foggia) Robilotto
Ms. Jo Ann (Pacifico) Bertrand        Mr. David Vicinanzo                Mr. Edward Zabielski
Mrs. Laurie (Lipkin) Cappuccio        1974                               1978
Mr. John Cebula                       Mr. Jeffrey Adams                  Ms. Maria Aiken
Mr. Thomas Davey                      Miss Denise Badalucco              Mr. John Bornt
Mr. Robert Gilston                    Mr. William Devine                 Mr. James Campione
Mr. R. Scott Grab                     Ms. Kathleen Felker                Mrs. Carolyn (Furman) Carter
Mr. Roger Jarosz                      Ms. Elizabeth (Graziane) Cone      Mr. William Davey
Mrs. Donna (Acela) Kopec              Mrs. Michele (DiCaprio) Hansen     Mr. Richard Farrell
Mrs. Maryann (Radke) Marshall         Mr. Richard Hulser                 Mr. Anthony R. Foggia
Mr. Albert Mota                       Ms. Catherine Johnson              Ms. Alicia Gargiulo
Mr. John Nelson                       Mr. John Knapik                    Ms. Catherine McCrea
Mr. Salvatore Pappalardo              Ms. Tammy Kozlowski                Dr. Usha (Rao) Reddy
Mr. Daniel Pemrick                    Mrs. Jeannine (Nelli) Levandoski   Mr. Jeffrey Sanford
Mr. Michael Tucci                     Mrs. Anne (Bazaar) Lowrie          Mr. Brian Stangle
Mr. David Tucker                      Mrs. Ann (Bianchi) Malkowicz       Ms. Sharon Zabielski
Mr. William Weeper                    Mrs. Darlene (Farina) Melkonian    1979
Ms. Jeanne K. Windbiel                Ms. Kathleen Parisi                Mr. Matthew Aiken
1970                                  Ms. Rene Pittaro                   Mr. Eric Barnoski
Mr. William Fiacco                    Mr. Edward Proctor                 Mrs. Sharon (Cherico) Cornwell
Mr. John Gilston                      Mr. Michael Quigley                Ms. Lori Griffin
Ms. Paula (Sykes) Leks                Ms. Christine Syzdek               Mr. Monte Griffiths
Mr. John Lewis                        Ssgt. Jeffrey H.Tiemann            Mrs. Catherine (Laurilla) Hard
Mrs. Michele (Busseno) Person         1975                               Mr. Roger Hildreth
Mr. John Politi                       Mr. Robert Abeel                   Ms. Tracy A. (Murphy) Jameson
Mrs. Mary (Vilar) Vanarsdal           Ms. Nancy Carabello                Mr. Thomas P. Lewis
1971                                  Mrs. Helen (Pooler) Clute          Mr. Mario Marsicano
Mr. Michael R. Agard                  Ms. Nancy Costello                 Mr. Thos. (Packy) Murphy
Mrs. Elizabeth (Windbiel) Bates       Mr. Anthony Cruz                   Mr. Scott Pankonin
Mr. Gary Chatnik                      Mr. Mark Derose                    Mrs. Mary Ann (Dahlem) Parenti
Mrs. Margaret (Connolly) Schuler      Mr. David Falcone                  Ms. Cynthia Quist
Ms. Sandra Conti                      Mrs. Lisa (Hall) Hage              Mr. Antone Romano
Ms. Theresa Delli Veneri              Mr. Joseph Houlihan                Ms. Sheila Zabawa Marshall
Mr. George Falcone                    Mr. Joseph Liccardi                Ms. Carrie Zabielski
Mrs. Marie (Sweeney) Merritt          Mr. John List                      1980
Mr. James Sparks                      Ms. Lynne Nowak                    Mr. Kenneth Adamowski
1972                                  Mr. John Quandt                    Mrs. Jacqueline (Bonilla) Barr
Mrs. Kathleen (Redznak) Dresner       Ms. Rosa Ramires                   Mrs. Tammy (Morreale) Beman
Mr. Raymond Falcone                   Mrs. Tina (Sinicropi) Redmond      Mr. David Bush
Mrs. Linda (Pine) Gugins              Mr. Thomas Reynolds                Mr. James Dahlem
Mrs. Patricia (Guagliardo) Hans       Mrs. Mary (Marshall) Robertshaw    Mr. Louis Greco
Mr. Herbert Hulser                    Ms. Deborah Slosek                 Mr. George Regan, Jr.
Mr. David Jarosz                      Mrs. Cherise (Majewski) Vitillo    Miss Christine Scheckton
Mr. Robert Johnson                    Mr. John Wells                     Miss Charlene Smith
Mr. Patrick Lewis                     1976                               1981
Mrs. Nancy (Bornt) Luciano            Miss Jacqueline Jarosz             Ms. Janet Alexander
Ms. Laurie Morin                      Mrs. Tammy (Moskal) Pieri          Ms. Patricia Brown
Mr. Michael Olbrych                   Ms. Luciana Marsicano              Mr. Robert Cosmer
Mrs. Julie (Greco) Sgroi              Mrs. Susan (Halvey) Orengo         Mr. William Gizara
Mr. David Warner                      Mrs. Darlene (Kilinski) Podolec    Mrs. Andrea (Rowe) Goldy
1973                                  Mrs. Kathy (Furman) Snekvik        Mr. Theodore Older
Mr. Patrick Agard                     Mrs. Carol (Persons) Weyl          Mrs. Lisa (Penge) Nolte
Mrs. Mary Ellen (Persons) Briggs      Mr. Anthony Zabawa                 Ms. Laura Redmond
Mrs. Silvana (Stanganelli) Ciliento   1977                               Miss Karen Ann Norton
Ms. Kathleen Dufresne                 Mr. John Bianchi                   Mr. Paul St. Louis
1982                                  Mrs. Lynn (Sweet) Vince             Mr. Bradley Hage
Mrs. Rosemary (White) Brewer          Mr. David Zoll                      2002
Mrs. Debbie (Baird) Ellithorpe        1987                                Ms. Allison Pepe
Ms. Jennifer Gage                     Mrs. Michaela (Brooks) Whitman      2003
Mrs. Allyson (Cornelius) Makarowsky   Miss Julie Czelusniak               Ms. Tessa White
Mr. Christopher Mancini               Mrs. Kimberly (Gomula) Markert      2004
Mr. Kevin Martuscello                 Mr. Peter Suttle                    Mr. John Weisser
Mr. Steve Richardson                  Mr. Jason Wenskoski
Ms. Patricia Rowan                    1988
1983                                  Mr. Thomas Cocker                   SMI Alumni are considered Lost if we do not
                                                                          have a complete address for them in our
Mr. James Alexander                   Mr. Michael Ebels                   database. Please help us shorten this list
Mr. George Aragona                    Mr. Daniel Fabozzi                  and let us know your classmates or friends
Ms. Sandra Arndt                      Mr. Mark Kolbe                      whereabouts so they can receive the annual
Ms. Pamela Churchill                  Mrs. Kimberly (McAuliff) Polenski   Newsletter.
Mr. Paul Czelusniak                   Mrs. Theresa (Rowan) Villano
Mr. Michael Dowling                   Mr. Scott Sutton
Ms. Patricia Gizara                   1990                                         Did You Know That?
Ms. Roberta Harrell                   Mr. Devon Anderson                              SMI Recycles:
Mrs. Kim (Martuscello) Salisbury      Mr. Ryan Kindar                             Newspapers & Cardboard
Miss Geraldine Quist                  Mr. Thomas Labate                          Empty Juice Boxes/Pouches
Mrs. Kimberly (Schultz) Sumner        Miss Alison Maynard                            Potato Chip Bags
Mrs. Karen (Mickus) Vennett           1991                                          Elmer Glue Sticks
                                                                                  Empty Ink Jet Cartridges
1984                                  Miss Thora Gray
Mr. Matthew Brooks                    Mr. Paul Wojciechowsky                              Collects:
Mr. Derek Covey                       1993                                          Coca Cola Bottle Tops
Mrs. Michelle (Ebels) Daviero         Miss Melissa Dingman                          (Coke Reward Points)
Mr. John Foti                         Miss Jeannine Purtell                        General Mills Box Tops
Mr. Ben Hennelly                      1994                                         Campbell s Soup UPC s
Mr. Frank Maphia                      Miss Rebecca Grant
Mrs. Mary Beth (O Shea) Tedisco       Miss Ashley Kindar                              Participates In:
1985                                  1995                                         Food Drive Collections
                                                                                       Toys For Tots
Mrs. Patty (Covey) Etherton           Miss Kristina Durose
                                                                                 Community Service Projects
Mr. Peter DiCaprio                    Mr. Sean Knowles
Mr. Thomas Dowling                    1996                                         You Can Purchase:
Miss Laura Flanagan                   Ms. Tiffany Danaher                        SMI Fleece Jackets & Vests
Mr. Shawn Guarino                     Ms. Katrina Reid                               SMI Car Magnets
Mrs. Rebecca (Reichel) Havens         Mr. Christopher Morreale
Miss Kathy Herba                      Ms. Penny Schmidtmann                         Visit SMI s Website
Mrs. Kayre (Aragona) Jackson          Mr. David Weaver                  
Mr. Kevin Laurilla                    Mr. Gregory Yachowetsky                     For More Information
Mr. Paul Mancini                      1997
Mrs. Janice (Fabozzi) Morreale        Miss Nicole Bottisti
                                                                                        In Memory Of
Miss Miriam Seddiq                    Mr. Luis Mariscal De Alba
Mr. John Stellato, Jr.                Miss Nicole Gentile                            Dr. Thomas S. Velz
Mrs. Holly (Hampson) Thomas           Miss Natalee Monge                        Loving husband and father of:
Mr. Todd Wenskoski                    Miss Jessica Murphy
Mr. Eric Wilczak                      Mr. Leroy White                              Elizabeth (Francke) Velz
Miss Jody Zabawczuk                   Miss Catherine Calamari                 Elizabeth Anne (Velz) Simmons 71
1986                                  1998                                         Catherine (Velz) Cope 73
Mr. Frederick Austin                  Miss Brandy Morreale                            Thomas R. Velz 76
Miss Heather Bryant                   Mr. Christopher Nelson                       Barbara (Velz) Erkan 78
Mr. Kenneth Bush                      1999                                      Mary Elizabeth (Velz) Bardo 81
Mr. Sean Clark                        Ms. Michele Bottisti
Miss Heather Coluni                   Mr. Patrick Farrell
Miss Marcie Covey                     Ms. Jahira Guadalupe
Miss Delana Covey                     Mr. Richard So                                     In Memory Of
Mr. Garrett Cowsert                   Ms. Joeseline Turell
                                                                                   Margaret (Clary) Bielawa
Mrs. Lisa (Gizara) Becker             Mr. Edward Young                            June (Corrigan) Czelusniak
Miss Kelly Hoyt                       Miss Genevieve Gobis                            Thomas Hennessey
Miss Jennifer J. Kelly                2000                                                    By:
                                                                                   Therese (Perron) Russo 48
Mrs. Michelle (Papa) Pietrowski       Ms. Jessica Deay
Miss Courtney Ramirez                 2001
                               2010 OBITUARIES
1931                           1959                        Josephine (Ripepi) Megna
M. Eileen (McKearn) Billings   John J. Conrad              July 9, 2010
February 15, 2010              June 11, 2010               Beatrice (Beyer) Persons
1934                           Marcia (Allen) Spicci       July 12, 2010
Joseph E. Lennon               July 9, 2010                Charles LoBalbo
December 4, 2010               John Jack Keating           July 18, 2010
1936                           July 23, 2010               Stephanie Rose (Planch) Kroup
Jane (Mycek) Garratt           1961                        July 18, 2010
1937                           Arthur R. Foggia            Benedict F. Capel
Mary (Sullivan) Devine         June 26, 2010               July 18, 2010
January 12, 2010               1966                        Rita (Cardarella) LaBate
Virginia (Vidulich) O Brien    Ann (Wassel) Rogers         July 20, 2010
August 1, 2010                 1966-8                      Sadie I.(Samolis) Kenna
1938                           Robert M. Furman, Jr.       August 12, 2010
Veronica (Keiley) Armstrong    June 3, 2010                Mary Beth Musto
November 28, 2010              James J. Petrillo           August 20, 2010
1943                           November 20, 2010           Paul C. Lue, Sr.
Wilson J. Stanley              1966-11                     September 9, 2010
November 3, 2010               Walter J. Buddy Scott       Rose M. Botch
1944                           January 29, 2010            September 26, 2010
William S. Pilchen             1969                        Alfred Drygula
April 11, 2010                 Joan (Gorman) Pollak        October 2, 2010
1945                           February 25, 2010           Benjamin A. Johnson
Thomas J. Hennessey            1973                        November 1, 2010
June 28, 2010                  Scott W. Chambers
1946                           December 17, 2010
Genevieve Jean (Dybas) Dado    Friends
April 4, 2010                  Helen Jensen
1947                           January 3, 2010             Newly Noted Obituaries
Skip (Rita Rothmund) Fabozzi   William J. Kanard Jr.       Thomas Smith
October 21, 2010               January 9, 2010
1948                           Mary (Greene) Fraenckel     1932
June (Corrigan) Czelusniak     January 10, 2010            Sarah Jane Reddick
May 1, 2010                    Frank P. Tessitore          November 4, 2005
1949                           January 11, 2010            1933
William J. Kowalski            Ann (Kiaunis) Czelusniak    Margaret (Vidulich) Ryan
October 29, 2010               January 18, 2010            November 3, 2006
1950                           Frederick Bianchi           1935
Charles Mancuse                January 12, 2010            Robert N. Natola
April 11, 2010                 Angeline (DePalma) Hall     August 1982
1954                           February 10, 2010           1940
James H. Kelley                Benjamin G. Santos          Nave D. Hage
December 21, 2010              February 25, 2010           September 13, 2009
1955                           Joseph R. Prill             Catherine (Shields) Kralovic
John R. Szkaradek              March 20, 2010              November 14, 2008
April 30, 2010                 Eleanor (Medlar) Hesslink   1944
1956                           April 12, 2010              Joseph Albrecht
Barbara Ann (Wolosz) Whitney   Giulio Rossetti             November 15, 2007
February 24, 2010              April 19, 2010              1961
1957                           Thomas S. Velz              Robert Yourkon
Mary (Spencer) Sandy           June 12, 2010               1964
Arpil 26, 2010                 Robert C. Kaiser            Paul Whitney
MaryLou (Calleo) Neill         June 14, 2010

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                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                               P AID
                                                                          AMSTERDAM, NY 12010
                                                                             PERMIT NO. 234

        Alumni Association
         10 Kopernik Blvd
    Amsterdam, New York 12010

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       Saint Mary s Institute
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