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                                       Contents                                   Sc
       1 Organization (10%)
         Major components of report
         Presentation format
         Design Notes (electroinic files/computations)
         Appendices/Preliminary specs/Format

       2 Presentation format (6%)
         Tables (formatting/titles)
         Figures (formatting/clarity/appropriate size)
         Drawings (layout/scale/title block/annotations)

       3 Written presentation (20%)
         Sentence structure
         Spelling and punctuation
         Wrtiting style

       4 References (4%)
         References for technical data/written info/diagrams
         Reference citation format

       5 Technical content (50%)
         Design scope and project background
         Design criteria
         Description of existing site information
                                     Existing stormwater system
                                   Existing sanitary sewer system

         Analysis (calculations/design modeling)
         Design assumptions
         Final design
                           Existing hydrology and hydrologic assesement
                                     Existing stormwater system
                                        Proposed conveyance
                                                                      Spring 2009_CE 486
                                                         Hydrology Environmental Final Report Evaluation

                  Team: ___________________________________________________
                  Date of Evaluation: ________________________________________

                                                                                                        Very           Below
                                                   Content                                  Excellent   Good   Fair   average   Poor   Missing
                                                                                                5        4      3        2       1        0
                                Organization and Project Background (10%)
                  Project background (type/location/function, etc.) including appropriate
                  scaled diagram or site plan drawing. Delineation of project area.
             2    Special issues and conditions for the project
                  Site investigation and description of existing conditions (i.e. land
             3    condition/type of current development, etc)
             4    Scope of work for the project;
             5    Identify the engineering design tasks

                                           Technical Content (60%)
                  Stormwater hydrology and design

             6    Define existing and proposed subwatershed/catchment boundaries

                  Classification of existing conditions related to stormwater runoff;
             7    Rational method runoff coefficient "C", or NRCS Curve number (CN)

             8    Total project and individual catchment runoff area and % impervious
             9    Time of concentration (tc) for catchment areas.
                  Design rainfall data for the project area/region (1-100 year R.I.);
             10   duration and rainfall intensity for Rational Method
                  Jurisdictional requirements for SW runoff (i.e. sizing requirements for
             11   curb/area intakes and piping)
             12   Downstream conveyance capacity - final discharge locations
                  Existing and proposed runoff volume and peak rate for each identified
             13   subwatershed/catchment area
S.E. Jones
02/05/2009                                                                        3
                                                                   Spring 2009_CE 486
                                                      Hydrology Environmental Final Report Evaluation

                                                                                                    Very           Below
                                                 Content                                Excellent   Good   Fair   average   Poor   Missing
                                                                                            5        4      3        2       1        0
                  Define/describe existing stormwater conveyance for the project site
                  (i.e. overland flow, constructed channels and/or existing piped
             14   conveyance systems.

                  Map of existing and proposed stormwater conveyance network;
                  annotations for new construction (i.e. identify piping/manhole
             15   structures/proposed flow line and rim elevations/slope)
                  Description of proposed improvements for stormwater conveyance
             16   (pipe size and material/alignment (map)
             17   Piping and structure (intakes/manholes) specifications
             18   Stormwater easements required?
                  Design of culverts: location/design capacity/size/length/type of
             19   entrance /material/maximum allowable headwater
                  On-site or regional detention design for peak discharge management
             20   (required?)
             21   SW Quality design: Water Quality Volume (WQv) (applicable?)

                  Design Notes (electronic files/computations)
             22   Design calculations

S.E. Jones
02/05/2009                                                                   4
                                                                   Spring 2009_CE 486
                                                      Hydrology Environmental Final Report Evaluation

                                                                                                       Very           Below
                                                 Content                                   Excellent   Good   Fair   average   Poor   Missing
                                                                                               5        4      3        2       1        0
                  Summary and Conclusions (5%)
             23   Design summary and recommedations
             24   Proposed material quantities
             25   Proposed schedule for construction
             26   Estimate of probable cost

                  Report Presentation (25%)
             27   Tables (numbers/titles/clarity)
             28   Figures (formatting/clarity/appropriate size)
             29   Drawings (layout/scale/title block/annotations)

             30   Terminology/Sentence structure/spellling and punctuation/writing style
                  References for technical data/written info/diagrams.reference citation
             31   format
             32   Appendices (format/completeness)


S.E. Jones
02/05/2009                                                                   5

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