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					                   COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

Advance your career as
a technical leader

Master of
Engineering in
n	Immediate benefit to your career
  and projects
n A better investment than an MBA
  for most engineers
n Horizon-expanding, team-based learning
  with experienced engineers
n Top-quality degree accessible from any
  location via the Internet
For admission summer 2007
                              Master of Engineering in
                              Professional Practice
                              You have a lot of educational choices. What makes the Master of Engineering in Professional
                              Practice degree different from the rest? We invite you to read about our results-oriented
                              curriculum, world-class faculty and proven performance in delivering exceptional learning that
                              will take your career to the next level. Internet-based delivery allows you to participate from any
“It only makes perfect
sense that a prestigious
engineering degree            Curriculum designed to advance your career
would naturally be
delivered through the
                              as a technical leader
most modern means.            Gain practical skills and          Designed to make you more effective at generating, evaluating, and
In fact 100% of the           knowledge for leading              implementing your ideas, MEPP goes beyond a traditional management
engineering and               projects and teams                 or master of science degree. MEPP’s problem-based, application-
commercial skills that I      The Master of Engineering          oriented courses will provide knowledge that you can apply immediately
perform today are in a        in Professional Practice           to your current job while preparing you for the next step in your career.
virtual environment. I        (MEPP) degree is a graduate        Tackle real-world challenges in a project-based curriculum
had no idea how far the       engineering program designed
                                                                 Assignments for MEPP courses provide you with the opportunity to use
UW would go to create         to give experienced engineers
                                                                 tools, concepts and strategies to improve actual projects and processes.
an actual classroom           from all disciplines the tools
                                                                 With this focus on real-world problems and projects, you are able to
environment conducive         and capabilities to be more
                                                                 adapt course content to your specific learning goals and increase the
to learning. Each course      effective as an engineering
                                                                 immediate value for you and your employer.
was instructed by             leader. The program targets
individuals who were          technical proficiency in project   Increase your competitive advantage in a global marketplace
immensely qualified           management, business operations,   As an engineer you are confronted with the challenges and opportunities
and personally vested         communications, quality            of an increasingly global marketplace. MEPP provides engineers
in the interests of each      management, applied statistics,    with the insights and skills needed to excel as leaders of international
student. The fostered         computer-based problem solving,    projects and teams. You will gain the understanding to work with
bonds between our small       and international engineering      clients, colleagues, and vendors from other cultures while improving
group of students was         practice.                          communication, project management, and data management skills for
just as potent as any                                            leading international teams.
group I’ve encountered
in my undergraduate or
professional experience.”
Tim Schmidt
Senior Application Engineer
Rockwell International

Courses tailored to working and
traveling professionals                                                                                             COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

Participate fully from home, work, or on the road                            Succeed with the right
Location, job responsibilities, travel demands, and family needs often       combination of flexibility and
stand in the way of pursuing graduate education. To overcome these           support
barriers, we’ve designed an Internet-based program that allows you to        While you get to choose when to
earn a top-quality master’s degree from any location using times available   do most of your work each week,
in your schedule. With MEPP’s course design, you can maintain                the fixed curriculum and semester
progress in your coursework from anywhere you have access to the                                                   “My change of
                                                                             schedule help you maintain
Internet.                                                                                                          perspective has been
                                                                             focus and consistent progress.
                                                                                                                   dramatic. My filter to the
                                                                             This flexible but structured
Learn at times that fit your schedule                                                                              world had been almost
                                                                             approach produces graduates with
You can accomplish most of your studies at times that are convenient                                               entirely an engineer’s
                                                                             valuable new skills, not frustrated
to you. There’s no need to work around an awkward schedule to attend                                               perspective. MEPP gave
                                                                             dropouts. MEPP students have
sessions on campus or at a videoconferencing facility. Using the Internet,                                         me the opportunity
                                                                             achieved a course completion
MEPP students successfully complete their studies in the midst of                                                  to put on the shoes of
                                                                             rate of 98%, far exceeding typical
demanding work schedules, family commitments, worldwide travel,                                                    the financial controller,
                                                                             rates for online and on-campus
and relocation. The only times you will need to visit the University                                               customer, management,
of Wisconsin-Madison campus are during the week-long summer                                                        stockholder, or
residencies scheduled each August.                                                                                 the manufacturing
                                                                                                                   department needing
                                                                                                                   to assemble what
                                                                                                                   engineering hath
                                                                                                                   wrought. The credibility
                                                                                                                   required of a leader
                                                                                                                   comes not only from
                                                                                                                   expertise but from
                                                                                                                   the understanding,
                                                                                                                   relationships, and trust
                                                                                                                   of the people with
                                                                                                                   whom we interact.”
                                                                                                                   Jim Shoemaker
                                                                                                                   Staff Engineer
                                                                                                                   John Deere

                                                   Interactive learning with
                                                   experienced engineers
                                                   Be part of a collaborative learning cohort
                                                   We admit only 30 students to the MEPP program each year. All
                                                   experienced engineers, these 30 students will progress through the
                                                   program as a stable group, building strong, supportive relationships
                                                   along the way. Graduates consistently refer to the cohort-based approach
                                                   as essential to their ability to complete the program on time. By studying
                                                   together for two years, MEPP students develop relationships and trust
                                                   that lead to frank, insightful discussions of issues and strategies explored
                                                   in courses.

                                                   Learn with peers from world-class engineering employers
                                                   In MEPP you have the opportunity to study with experienced
                                                   peers from leading engineering organizations across the US. Course
                                                   discussions give you windows into engineering and management
                                                   practices in organizations represented by your 29 classmates, enriching
                                                   the learning experience and expanding your horizons.

                         Representative organizations that have
                         sponsored students
                         3M                        GE Healthcare                           Medrad
                         Abbott Labs               General Motors                          Mercury Marine
                         Affiliated Engineers      Hamilton Sundstrand Aerospace           Micron
                         Agilent Technologies      Harley-Davidson                         Monsanto
                         American Electric Power   HDR Engineering                         Motorola
                         Amgen                     Hewlett-Packard                         NASA
                         AT&T                      IBM                                     Oshkosh Truck
                         BAE Systems               Intergraph                              Pfizer
                         Boeing                    John Deere                              Phillips Plastics
                         Cap-Gemini                Johnson Polymer                         Rockwell Automation
                         Caterpillar               Kellogg                                 SC Johnson
                         Cingular                  Kimberly-Clark                          Trane
                         City of Des Moines        Kohler                                  US Army
                         City of St. Louis         Kraft                                   US Bureau of Indian Affairs
                         Eli Lilly                 Lockheed Martin                         US Navy

Be engaged in courses geared                                                                                       COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

to the interests and needs of
experienced professionals
Because course enrollment is limited to MEPP students, the content
and format of each course is specially tailored to meet the interests and   A typical week
needs of experienced engineers learning at a distance. This approach
is significantly different from courses designed for graduate students
                                                                            in the MEPP                           “The MEPP program is
with little or no practical experience. And MEPP’s interactive learning     program                               more than taking courses
environment is far richer than other distance learning formats that         Each semester you’ll take             to earn a degree. The
provide off-campus access to courses really designed for face-to-face       simultaneously two courses            skills that are taught
instruction.                                                                that complement each other in         apply to real-world
                                                                            terms of content and activities.      engineering practice.
                                                                            In a typical week you’ll have         You are not just learning
                                                                            assignments from both courses         from the professor, but
                                                                            that would include assigned           from the experiences
                                                                            readings, problems for individual     of the other engineers
                                                                            and group analysis, a live Web        in your class. All of this
                                                                            conference, online discussion, and    plus the flexibility to
                                                                            online project work. You’ll use a     complete the coursework
                                                                            modern Web-based platform to          at home, at work, or
                                                                            download course information,          halfway around the
                                                                            post your assignments and discuss     globe. Where’s the
                                                                            course topics with other students     downside?”
                                                                                                                  Aaron Burgmeier
                                                                            and instructors. Presentations on     Design Engineer
                                                                            DVD, study guides, textbooks and      Motorola
                                                                            other resources will supplement
                                                                            Web-based information and
                                                                            activities. During weekly live Web
                                                                            conferences, you will meet with
                                                                            faculty and colleagues in real-time
                                                                            to review lessons and assignments,
                                                                            discuss course topics and case
                                                                            studies, and present project work.


                         Faculty and staff dedicated to your success
                         Learn with world-class                Receive proactive support for distance learning
                         faculty with practical                MEPP faculty and staff understand the challenges you face as a working
                         experience and focus                  professional and distance learner, and proactively monitor your progress.
                         Senior faculty with both industry     A full-time program advisor stands ready as your advocate in addressing
                         experience and strong academic        any issues requiring coordination with campus administration. In
                         credentials in their fields teach     addition, you begin the MEPP program with a course designed to build
                         all MEPP courses. You will value      your abilities, efficiency and confidence as a distant learner.
                         what you will learn through your
                         daily interactions with these
                         experts who genuinely enjoy the       Earn a degree from a
                         opportunity to teach and learn
                         with the experienced professionals    respected institution
                         enrolled in MEPP.                     The value of your degree depends on the curriculum and the reputation
                                                               of the university granting the degree. The University of Wisconsin-
                         Enjoy a high level of                 Madison is recognized world wide for its commitment to educational
                         interaction with faculty              excellence. As a student in the MEPP program you will be a UW-
                         In program evaluations, MEPP          Madison graduate student in every respect and earn a degree with the
                         students consistently report          same academic stature as any other engineering master’s degree awarded
                         better access to faculty than         by UW-Madison.
                         they have had in on-campus
                                                               • UW-Madison recently tied with Harvard for the most alumni serving
                         courses. In traditional courses,
                                                                 as CEOs for Fortune 500 companies, according to an independent
                         on-campus schedules of part-
                         time students rarely coincide
                         with office hours of faculty. In      • UW-Madison is among the top five US universities in research
                         MEPP’s online environment,              spending.
                         you can ask questions at anytime.     • UW-Madison’s College of Engineering is ranked among the top 15
                         Faculty typically check courses for     graduate engineering schools by U.S. News and World Report.
                         messages several times each day       • 65% of employers prefer online degrees from traditional, nationally-
                         and promptly reply to questions         respected universities rather than for-profit schools, according to a
                         via messages to the entire class or     recent independent survey
                         via e-mail to individuals.

A program with proven results
Take your career to the next level                                           Join an award-winning
MEPP produces real results in the careers of alumni.                         program                               COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

• In a survey of graduates, 95% said MEPP had a considerable or              MEPP is internationally regarded
  extensive positive impact on their professional development and            as one of the premier graduate
  careers.                                                                   degree programs available for
                                                                             engineering professionals. MEPP
• Recent surveys of MEPP students reveal that at graduation more than
                                                                             has won five major awards that
  53% of students had already obtained a promotion or salary increase
                                                                             recognize the exceptional quality
  that they credit significantly to the learning they achieved in the MEPP
                                                                             of the program. These honors
                                                                             include two awards from the          “As someone who is
Benefit from high course and program completion rates                        University Continuing Education      immersed in trying
MEPP’s program design enables students to consistently complete              Association (UCEA) and awards        to transform my
the degree in two years. More than 92% of students entering MEPP             from the US Distance Learning        engineering team into
graduate within two years, 97% graduate in three years. Alumni surveys       Association, the American            a virtual organization
credit the compelling course content, the cohort design, and the highly      Distance Education Consortium,       capable of seamlessly
supportive learning environment as keys to enabling on-time graduation.      and the Sloan Consortium.            collaborating at a
                                                                             UCEA selected MEPP as the            world-class level with
                                                                             top new continuing education         our domestic and
                                                                             program in North America,            international resources,
                                                                             choosing it over competing on-       it has been very
                                                                             campus and distance programs         instructive to see how
                                                                             across the US and Canada.            well the MEPP program
                                                                             The quality and results of the       functions as a virtual
                                                                             program have also been featured      operation. It lives it—
                                                                             in independently authored            that is both educational
                                                                             articles by the National Society     and enlightening.”
                                                                             of Professional Engineers, the       Norm Buchta
                                                                                                                  Senior Engineering
                                                                             American Society of Engineering      Application Specialist
                                                                             Education, the American Society      General Mills
                                                                             of Mechanical Engineers, the
                                                                             Society of Women Engineers, the
                                                                             Institute of Industrial Engineers,
                                                                             and the Christian Science Monitor.

                         Clear employer benefits
                         No interruption to employees’         Immediate results from MEPP projects
COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING   availability for work and             Your employer will see immediate results of your MEPP learning.
                         travel                                Course examples include:
                         Most MEPP students receive            • Technical Project Management: You will have the opportunity to apply
                         at least partial financial support      project management tools to an actual project at work.
                         from their employers for their
                                                               • Quality Engineering and Quality Management: You will lead a project
                         studies. Employers are especially
                                                                 at your workplace through improvement of a real product or process.
                         enthusiastic about MEPP’s
                         ability to enable students to         • Communicating Technical Information: You will improve actual
                         steadily progress in their studies      documents you are preparing to meet workplace needs and will prepare
                         without interruption to their           a presentation for a group of colleagues at your workplace.
                         work schedules and availability for   These and other projects will immediately benefit you and your
                         travel. These benefits of MEPP’s      employer, while also providing opportunities to share the results of your
                         program design are especially         learning with colleagues. Several students have won recognition from
                         important as workforces are           their employers and professional associations for their course projects.
                         trimmed to achieve peak efficiency.

                                                               A program that delivers high
                                                               value—our guarantee
                                                                                             Get the best value for your
                                                                                             investment of time and money
                                                                                             Employers of MEPP students understand
                                                                                             that delivering the best value to customers
                                                                                             is far more important than being the
                                                                                             cheapest option. We guarantee that every
                                                                                             dollar and hour you invest in MEPP
                                                                                             delivers a high return in valuable learning.
                                                                                             You won’t waste time in courses detached
                                                                                             from your needs as an engineer. You
                                                                                             won’t waste time traveling to campus and
                                                                                             working around campus schedules. You
                                                                                             and your employer immediately benefit
                                                                                             as you apply new strategies and tools to
                                                                                             improve real projects and processes.

                                                                                             Avoid hidden fees
                                                                                             Tuition includes all charges for course
                                                                                             study guides, access to course Web sites,
                                                                                             and toll-free Webconferencing for weekly
                                                                                             course sessions and student-initiated
                                                                                             group work sessions. Tuition fees are
                                                                                             locked in for the entire two years. You are
                                                                                             not left wondering how much tuition will
                                                                                             increase each year.

                                                                            than an MBA
                                                                                                                  COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

                                                                            for most
                                                                            MEPP is designed to provide
                                                                            mid-career engineers with the
                                                                            skills they need to be capable,
                                                                                                                 “I looked into the MBA
                                                                            confident engineering leaders.
                                                                                                                 possibility and it just
                                                                            Typically, many engineers
                                                                                                                 did not fit for me. It was
                                                                            considering applying to MEPP are
                                                                                                                 way too distant from
                                                                            also considering application to an
                                                                                                                 engineering. MEPP
                                                                            MBA program. We recommend
Who should apply                                                            you closely compare the detailed
                                                                                                                 really bridges that gap
                                                                                                                 between the technical
If you are an engineer who wants to grow in effectiveness and confidence    curriculums of programs you are
                                                                                                                 aspect of being an
as a leader of engineering projects, MEPP is for you.                       considering to review how well
                                                                                                                 engineer and being a
                                                                            they align with your career goals.
MEPP students come from all engineering disciplines and all types                                                leader in an engineering
                                                                            MEPP alumni consistently report
of engineering employers. Recent MEPP graduates include the chief                                                environment.”
                                                                            strong satisfaction in the match     Bruce Dennert
powertrain engineer for a major motorcycle manufacturer, the public
                                                                            between the MEPP curriculum          Principal Engineer-Concepts
works director of a mid-sized city, the manager of a software engineering                                        Harley-Davidson
                                                                            and their practical needs as they
group for an aircraft power systems manufacturer, and a six-sigma
                                                                            continue to grow as leaders of
master blackbelt quality specialist for a construction equipment
                                                                            engineering projects, programs,
                                                                            and organizations.
Engineering experience of MEPP students ranges from early career
engineers with four years of experience preparing for advancement to
senior engineers with more than 30 years of experience who simply
understand the need for lifelong learning to stay on top of their game.
All MEPP students have at least a BS degree, but many others have
previously earned MS, MBA, and even PhD degrees.
In all cases, the common thread is that these are engineers who love
engineering and want to increase their effectiveness in leading and
contributing to engineering projects, programs and teams. If that sounds
like you, take a serious look at what MEPP has to offer you and your

                         MEPP                                  Year I: Summer                             Year I: Fall
                                                               Network Skills for Remote                  Engineering Economic
                         curriculum                            Learners                                   Analysis and Management
COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING                                         1 credit                                   3 credits
                         The MEPP curriculum will
                                                               Instructors: Don Hanna, Thomas W.          Instructor: Darryl Craig
                         improve your ability to:              Smith, John Stremikis                      Learn principles and practices of
                         Lead engineering projects             Learning effectively in an online          interpreting financial information
                                                               environment requires that you              and performing engineering-related
                         and teams                             master the tools and techniques            economic analyses. This course focuses
                         • Effectively manage engineering      of information management and              on current practices, using economic
                           projects                            collaboration on your own desktop as       information for decision making and
                                                               well as over the network. When you         control.
                         • Improve products, services, and     add the need to balance personal
                           workplace practices                 life, work and education, you have         Course Topics
                                                               a challenging situation. This course       Financial Principles
                         • Lead networked, global projects,    will get you up to speed with the          • Implications of basic accounting and
                           and teams                           course tools and procedures and              cost systems to engineers
                                                               enable you to improve your efficiency      • Interpretation of financial data,
                         Make better engineering and           and effectiveness in electronic              budgets and accounting summaries
                         business decisions                    communication, collaboration and
                                                               research. You will also explore and        Costing Systems and Management
                         • Understand the big picture—         examine your own learning goals to         Control
                           how your decisions affect the       maximize the benefits you receive from     • Activity-based costing
                           business performance of your        the MEPP program.                          • Pricing strategies and decision making
                                                                                                          • Life-cycle cost analysis and models
                           organization                        Course Topics                              • Budgeting and risk analysis
                         • Use the latest computer-based       Setting Up Your Learning
                                                                                                          Investment Analysis
                           tools for better analysis and       Environment
                                                                                                          • Time value of money
                                                               • Installing, updating and testing
                           project management                                                             • Discounted cash flow, internal rate of
                                                                                                            return, payback methods
                         • Apply statistics to problems        • Getting started with course
                                                                                                          • Sensitivity and break-even analysis
                           and identify opportunities for        communications
                                                                                                          • Impact of inflation, depreciation and
                           improvement                         • Backing up your work
                                                                                                            income tax
                                                               • Troubleshooting your tools and
                         • Conduct research that supports        applications                             Financial Models and Forecasts
                           better decision making              • Security considerations: home, work,     • Planning and control models
                                                                 and on the road                          • Contemporary management
                         Communicate effectively as a          Information Management
                         leader with many audiences            • E-mail effectiveness and alternatives
                         • Use better strategies to achieve      to e-mail
                           results                             • Using a formal document
                                                                 management system
                         • Use better practices in all forms   • Professional Web and library searching
                           of communication                    • Desktop efficiency and file
                         • Overcome barriers to effectively
                                                               Learning at a Distance
                           working across cultures
                                                               • Learning in online discussion forums
                                                               • Succeeding as a distance learner
                                                               • Juggling roles, responsibilities and
                                                               • Making your life mission happen
                                                               Desktop Skills and Groupwork
                                                               • Sharing data between applications
                                                               • Effective Webconferencing and
                                                                 building a group document
                                                               • Mastering word processing templates
                                                                 and styles

Year I: Fall                              Project Budgeting                         Year I: Spring
                                          • Methods of establishing project
Technical Project                           budgets and their relative advantages   Engineering Problem
Management                                • Identifying and managing budget         Solving with Computers
3 credits                                   uncertainty                             3 credits                                     COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

Instructors: Jeffrey Russell and Wayne    • Communicating and managing the          Instructor: Jake Blanchard
Pferdehirt                                  project budget
                                                                                    This course will help you develop the
Learn practical strategies, tools and     Project Monitoring and Control            skills necessary to solve the increasingly
methods to successfully plan, schedule,   • Data collection and analysis            complex problems facing engineers
budget and execute projects. Using        • Earned value analysis                   today. You will learn underlying
a real project, you and several team      • Detection of deviation                  principles and master techniques
members will apply methods and            • Development of corrective plans         to utilize a number of tools with
tools to improve the organization and                                               powerful capabilities. A case study
management of your selected project.      Project Termination                       approach will ensure the practicality
The course also helps you learn how       • Determining whether to terminate a      and applicability of the techniques          “The MEPP program
to use MS Project software to manage        project early                           covered. The case studies will               really provides a unique
projects.                                 • Best practices for wrapping up a        include topics as varied as design of        blend of technical
                                            project and capturing lessons learned   automobile suspensions, heating of ion
Course Topics                                                                                                                    and leadership or
                                          Project Risk Management                   implantation targets, optimization of
Project Evaluation and Selection                                                    manufacturing processes, and cooling         management type
                                          • Understanding and assessing sources
• Methods to evaluate and prioritize                                                of microprocessors. In attacking these       of content... what it
                                            of risk
  projects                                                                          case studies, you will learn techniques
                                          • Strategies for reducing and managing                                                 ultimately provides
• Organizational project portfolio                                                  for solving linear and nonlinear
                                            risk                                                                                 are the tools and the
  management                                                                        systems, optimization techniques,
                                          Project Audits                            and approaches to solving systems            confidence to become
Project Organization                                                                of differential equations that govern
                                          • Improving projects through effective                                                 a leader whether it be
• Organizational breakdown structure        audits                                  many engineering problems. The tools
• Work breakdown structure, project                                                 you will use during the course include       within engineering or at
                                          • Strategies for leading productive
  scope                                     project audits                          MATLAB and Excel.                            a grander scale within
• Matrix organizations and task                                                                                                  your company.”
  assignments                             Organizational Project Maturity           Course Topics
                                                                                                                                 Jeff Greulich,
                                          • Assessing and improving an              Systems of Algebraic Equations               Staff Engineer
Project Leadership and Team                 organization’s project management       • Linear systems                             Johnson Polymer
Management                                  capabilities
                                                                                    • Non-linear systems
Project Scheduling, Planning and
Analysis                                                                            Optimization
• Team dynamics                                                                     • Single and multivariate techniques

Leadership Principles                                                               Differential Equations
                                                                                    • Runge-Kutta techniques
Task Definition
                                                                                    • Finite difference approaches
• Precedence relationships and
  networks                                                                          Miscellaneous
• Critical path analysis                                                            • Numerical integration
• Total and free float                                                              • Data analysis (transforms, fitting data)
• Early and late schedules                                                          • Databases
• Project Evaluation and Review                                                     • Monte Carlo techniques
  Technique (PERT)
Resource Allocation and
• Identifying and managing project
  critical resources
• Allocating resources among several

                         Year I: Spring                             Year II: Summer                              Year II: Fall
                         Communicating Technical                    Independent Reading                          Engineering Applications
                         Information                                and Research in Applied                      of Statistics
COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING   3 credits                                  Engineering                                  3 credits
                         Co-instructors: Christine Nicometo and     1 credit                                     Instructor: Conrad Fung
                         Traci Kelly                                Co-instructors: Patrick Eagan and Paul       Most engineering decisions rely on
                         Communicating Technical Information        Ross                                         numbers. But numbers in turn can be
                         (CTI) focuses on communication skills      This summer course provides an               subject to variation, uncertainty, drift,
                         for technical leadership. The course       opportunity to do independent                bias, interpretation, context, unstated
                         will contribute to your effectiveness      reading and research in a field of your      assumptions, and hidden agendas.
                         as a communicator, your ability to         choice under the guidance of a UW            The job of statistics is to find as much
                         deal with various audiences, and your      faculty member. Often, new tools,            underlying truth as the numbers can
                         strategies to successfully use technical   concepts, or strategies learned during       reveal and to determine how much
                         information. CTI incorporates weekly       the first year of MEPP spark interest in     uncertainty remains. This course will
                         Web conferences, discussion forums,        exploring further applications of ideas.     teach you strategies for managing the
                         readings, and research workshops           This independent study course is an          uncertainty that exists in all numbers
                         from UW’s Kurt Wendt Engineering           excellent opportunity for focused,           in order to maximize the chance that
                         Library. Weekly Web conferences will       personalized reading and research.           your decisions will be informed ones.
                         be seminar-style discussions, including                                                 In the course, you will examine the
                         student presentations and occasional       You will determine your IRRAE topic          structure of variation and learn the core
                         guest lecturers. Course topics will        in spring during the CTI course and          descriptive methods for characterizing
                         cover practical strategies for advanced    will be matched with a UW faculty            and comparing populations. You will
                         technical leadership.                      reviewer. Preparing a first draft of your    also learn the more active tools of
                                                                    IRRAE project proposal is the final          experimental design. As a final project
                         Course Topics                              assignment of CTI. Then, during the          you will design and execute a physical
                                                                    IRRAE summer course, you will use a          experiment and present the results. You
                         Audience Analysis: strategies for
                                                                    variety of in-depth research techniques      will use the MINITAB statistical package
                         technical, non-technical, and mixed
                                                                    with the staff of the UW’s Kurt Wendt        to carry out most of the analyses in the
                                                                    Engineering Library.                         course.
                         Teamwork: strategies and electronic        For IRRAE, you will complete four main
                         tools for collaborative work               project steps: a project proposal with       Course Topics
                         Business Communication: e-mail,            a research plan, a literature review, a      Tracking Down Variation, Descriptive
                         memos, letters; style, tone, diplomacy,    project draft, and a final document.         Statistics, and Statistical Software
                         political correctness                      Three teleconferences during the
                                                                    summer will cover project definition         Probability Distributions, Sample Size
                         Major Communication Projects:                                                           Effects, and Confidence Intervals
                                                                    and scope, research updates, and
                         reports, proposals, project
                                                                    preliminary project results. You will also   Comparing Two Means
                                                                    be encouraged to work informally in
                                                                                                                 Design of Experiments I, II, III
                         Meeting Management: technical              small group review teams within your
                         meetings in person and via                 cohort. Finally, throughout the process,     Measurement Capability, Variance
                         teleconferencing                           you will receive advice and feedback         Components, and Gage R&R
                                                                    from the course instructors and from
                         Technical Presentations: online and                                                     Regression Analysis I, II
                                                                    your faculty reviewers.
                                                                    Your research will result in a short         Other Types of Data: Skewness,
                         Research: library, database, Web           graduate level paper (a report or            Proportions, and Counts
                         resources; lifelong learning               proposal) plus a technical presentation      Miscellaneous: Survey Data and
                                                                    during the year-two summer residency         Process Capability Metrics
                                                                    in Madison. You may want to use the
                                                                    paper at a conference or at work or          Project Preparation and Presentations
                                                                    publish it in a journal.

Year II: Fall                              Year II: Spring                              Year II: Spring
International Engineering                  Quality Engineering and                      Engineering and Business
Strategies and Operations                  Quality Management                           Data Communications
3 credits                                  3 credits                                    3 credits                                 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

Instructor: Don Schramm                    Instructor: Harold Steudel                   Instructor: Bruce Elbert
Learn to work better globally through a    Focus on modern quality concepts,            As a leader in product development,
comparative examination and analysis       tools, and techniques to develop,            systems engineering, or project or
of global trends and regional variations   implement and maintain systems for           process management, you will find
of engineering concepts, standards and     improving quality and productivity           that you need to work collaboratively
practices. Using organizational (public    in manufacturing and service                 with teams that are often separated
and private sector) case studies, this     organizations. Use of quality                geographically or work on different
course will describe and analyze multi-    management and planning tools will           time schedules. These teams may also
national and national engineering          help you to define quality problems          represent more than one company,
operations, summarizing best practices     and opportunities, implement                 agency or division, which means that     “I did a lot of traveling
and caveats.                               measurable solutions and foster              they can be using different forms of     while in the MEPP
Comparative regional and national          team-based strategies for continuous         data and software applications.          program. I’ve traveled
engineering professional practice          improvement. The course will also            This course covers the technology
                                           address issues in change management
                                                                                                                                 all over Europe and to
procedures and methods will be                                                          and strategy of communicating
explored from Africa, Asia, Europe,        and how to successfully implement            effectively across boundaries and        the Far East. It was very
Latin America, the Middle East and the     change in an organization.                   improves your understanding of           convenient to log in via
Pacific Basin.                             Course Topics                                how engineering and business data        a Web-based computer.
                                                                                        are created, stored, transformed and
Course Topics                              Module One: Fundamentals of Quality                                                   It could be in an airport
                                                                                        delivered electronically. You gain an
International Engineering Systems          Improvement                                  understanding of the practical issues    lounge. It could be in a
• What exists today; plans for tomorrow    • Kaizen/Total Quality Management            facing engineering groups today and      hotel room. Anywhere
• Organizations: national and              • Concepts and principles                    the tools for the modern engineering     you can get access to the
  multinational                            • Defining good process improvement          leader.
                                             projects and group processes                                                        Web, you can get access
• Country briefings                                                                     Course Topics
                                           • Problem-solving techniques and tools                                                to the courses.”
Engineering Professional Practice                                                       Developing Engineering Data              Brian Price
                                           • Implementing organizational change
• Consultant versus corporate                                                           Requirements Through Systems             Technical Director
                                             (OCM model)                                                                         Romax Technology
• Engineering norms and standards                                                       Engineering
• Engineering codes and procedures         Module Two: Management and
                                           Planning Tools                               Data Communication and the
Engineering Operations                     • Affinity diagrams and interrelationship    Internet
• Office and desktop procedures              digraphs                                   Small Office/Home Office Networks
• Field and on-site work                   • Tree diagrams and process decision         and Remote Access
• Professional and personal approaches       program charts
                                                                                        Local Area Networks and Data Servers
Working Across Cultures                    • Matrix diagrams and prioritization
                                             matrices                                   Wired and Wireless Wide Area
• National and regional cultures
                                           • Project planning and management            Networks
• Business and corporate cultures
                                             techniques                                 Leading Distributed Teams
• Languages, verbal and nonverbal
• Analysis techniques from Hofstede        Module Three: Change Management              Concurrent and Collaborative
  and Trompenaars                          • Challenge and nature of                    Engineering
                                             organizational change
Special Concerns                                                                        Software Systems for Engineering
                                           • Leading successful organizational
• Economic and legal                                                                    Collaboration and Operations
• Social and political
                                           • Training tools and practical issues        Team Project
• Strategies, structures and people                                                     Students will work in teams to address
                                           Module Four: Basic Statistical
                                                                                        issues they have identified related
                                                                                        to online communication in an
                                           • Statistical concepts for process control
                                                                                        engineering environment. Teams will
                                             and assessment
                                                                                        determine best practices and the most
                                           • Statistical process control and process    appropriate technologies and present
                                             capability techniques                      results in a formal class presentation
                                           Module Five: Project Presentations           and report.
                                           • Project presentations, reviews, and

                                                               MEPP program                                               Patrick Eagan,
                                                                                                                          PhD, is an associate
                                                               committee                                                  professor at the
                                                                                                                          University of
                                                                                 Jake Blanchard,                          Wisconsin-Madison,

                         MEPP advisory                                           PhD, is a professor
                                                                                 in the Engineering
                                                                                                                          of Engineering

                         committee                                               Physics Department
                                                                                 at the University
                                                                                                        Professional Development and
                                                                                                        the Gaylord Nelson Institute
                         Michael Aimone, PE                                      of Wisconsin-          for Environmental Studies. Dr.
                         Washington DC                                           Madison. He holds      Eagan has been actively involved
                                                               a BS in mechanical engineering,          internationally in the development of
                         Cynthia Bachmann
                                                               an MS in engineering, and a PhD          design-for-the-environment tools and
                         Vice President-Engineering
                                                               in nuclear engineering, all from         has worked with many companies
                         Kohler Plumbing North America
                                                               UCLA. He has published more than         tailoring educational programs on
                         Kohler, Wisconsin
                                                               50 articles in refereed journals in      the emerging topics of environmental
                         Frank Burris, PhD                     several engineering fields, including    awareness, life-cycle management/
                         Director                              fusion technology, solid mechanics,      design-for-the-environment,
                         Engineering, Information and          materials, and applied physics.          environmental management systems,
                         Technical Management                  He received the prestigious UW           and environmental purchasing. Dr.
                         UCLA Extension                        Distinguished Teaching Award in          Eagan recognizes the value of quality
                         Los Angeles, California               2002.                                    concepts and has focused on merging
                                                                                  Darryl L. Craig,      environmental perspectives with
                         Chère Campbell Gibson, PhD
                                                                                  PhD, is professor     quality education programs (e.g.
                         Professor Emerita
                                                                                  emeritus in the       design-for-excellence or six sigma). In
                         University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                                                                  School of Business,   addition to his research in industrial
                         Rick Huber, PhD                                                                ecology, his outreach courses cover a
                                                                                  University of
                         Global Training Manager                                                        range of topics, including wastewater
                         GE Healthcare–Global Monitoring                                                and stormwater treatment and
                                                                                  Milwaukee. He
                         Solutions                                                                      restoration of water resources.
                                                                                  specializes in
                         Waukesha, Wisconsin
                                                               financial and managerial accounting,                      Bruce Elbert,
                         Brian Price                           taxation, accounting information                          MSEE, MBA,
                         Technical Director                    systems and classroom automation.                         is president of
                         Romax Technology                      Previously he taught in the School                        Application
                         Nottingham, UK                        of Business at the Pennsylvania                           Technology
                                                               State University and was chief                            Strategy, Inc., a
                         Avinash Vaidyah, PhD
                                                               financial officer and treasurer of                        communications
                         Vice President of Engineering and
                                                               INTERx Research Corporation,             consulting firm, and adjunct
                         Chief Technology Officer
                                                               a pharmaceutical research and            assistant professor at the
                         Charles Industries Ltd. (Westcom)
                                                               development corporation. Dr. Craig       University of Wisconsin-Madison.
                         Chicago, Illinois
                                                               earned his undergraduate degree          His fields of expertise include
                         Bruce Wallin                          from the University of Wisconsin-        telecommunications, information
                         Associate Fellow, Dynamics            Madison and his MBA and PhD              technology, satellite and aerospace
                         Hamilton Sundstrand Aerospace         degrees from the University of           systems, and data communications.
                         Rockford, Illinois                    Kansas with a major in accounting        From 1980 to 1999 Mr. Elbert
                                                               and minors in operations research        held various technical management
                         James Williams, PhD
                                                               and computer systems.                    positions in the Hughes Electronics
                         Honda Professor of Material Science
                                                                                                        Corporation, including senior vice
                         Ohio State University
                                                                                                        president with responsibilities
                         Columbus, Ohio
                                                                                                        in advanced design, technical
                                                                                                        operations, marketing, and
                                                                                                        strategic planning. He has extensive
                                                                                                        experience in communications
                                                                                                        systems and has led engineering
                                                                                                        and business teams that created

new data communications                  PhD from Michigan State University                         Christine G.
capabilities. Author of seven books      in 1978 and his AB degree from the                         Nicometo, MS,
on telecommunications and data           University of Kansas in 1969.                              has taught technical
communications topics, he has been                                                                  communication
                                                           Traci Kelly earned
an instructor at UCLA Extension                                                                     courses for               COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING
                                                           her PhD in 1997
since 1990. He has an MBA degree                                                                    undergraduate and
                                                           in English. At that
from Pepperdine University, an                                                                      graduate students
                                                           time, she was also
MSEE degree from the University                                                   at the UW-Madison campus since
                                                           the program director
of Maryland, and a BEE degree from                                                2003. She received her master
                                                           for the Scientific
City College of New York.                                                         of science degree in rhetoric and
                                                           and Technical
                                                                                  technical communication from
                  Conrad Fung,           Communication BS degree at the
                                                                                  Michigan Technological University,
                  PhD, is adjunct        University of Minnesota, Crookston.
                                                                                  where she taught technical
                  assistant professor    She came to the University of
                                                                                  communication and English as a             “I find that when
                  at the University of   Wisconsin-Madison to teach
                                                                                  second language (ESL) courses. She         experienced engineers
                  Wisconsin-Madison      in the College of Engineering’s
                                                                                  also taught ESL courses at Finlandia       come back to school and
                  and a statistician     Technical Communication
                                                                                  University where she was the
                  in private practice    program in 2000, where she teaches                                                  take a class they’re much
                                                                                  director of a federal, TRIO, Students
in the Milwaukee area. From 1981         technical communication, technical                                                  more goal orientated.
                                                                                  Support Services grant. Her interests
to 1984 he was a statistician at the     editing, Web design, writing                                                        They know what they
                                                                                  lie in discovering how technology
DuPont Company, implementing             user manuals, and other courses.
                                                                                  alters the ways we communicate,            want and they deserve to
modern quality control at DuPont’s       She is active in the Society for
                                                                                  learn, and teach. She has directed         get what they want. That
manufacturing plants. During 1987-       Technical Communication, judging
                                                                                  nationally funded K-12 technology          influences me, and how
92 he held joint appointments at         at the international level for the
                                                                                  workshops and is currently the
UW-Madison in the Department             publications contests. She regularly                                                I design my courses to
                                                                                  director of the New Educator’s
of Industrial Engineering and the        holds workshops (both online and                                                    meet those needs.”
                                                                                  Orientation workshop in the College
Center for Quality and Productivity      face-to-face) for practicing engineers                                              Conrad Fung, PhD
                                                                                  of Engineering at UW-Madison.              MEPP Faculty, Engineering
Improvement. He was an officer of        on how to improve their technical
                                                                                                                             Applications of Statistics
the American Society for Quality         presentations, and she is a review                         Philip R. O’Leary,
for four years, retiring from the        coordinator for the journal Technical                      PhD, PE, is chair
chairmanship of the Statistics           Communication.                                             of the Department
Division in 1992. Dr. Fung consults                                                                 of Engineering
                                                            Willis F. Long,
for companies across the US. He has                                                                 Professional
                                                            PhD, is professor
a PhD degree in statistics from UW-                                                                 Development,
                                                            emeritus in the
Madison.                                                                                            University of
                                                                                  Wisconsin-Madison. In addition he
                   Don Hanna,                               of Engineering
                                                                                  conducts professional development
                   PhD, is professor                        Professional
                                                                                  courses in the areas of solid waste
                   of educational                           Development
                                                                                  management, hazardous waste
                   communications,       and Electrical and Computer
                                                                                  control, groundwater quality
                   University of         Engineering at the University of
                                                                                  protection and related environmental
                   Wisconsin-            Wisconsin-Madison. With BS and
                                                                                  topics. Prior to joining the university,
                   Extension. Don        MS degrees from the University
                                                                                  he worked for the Wisconsin
teaches and has written extensively      of Toledo and a PhD from UW-
                                                                                  Department of Natural Resources
in the fields of distance learning,      Madison, Professor Long worked
                                                                                  where he developed guidelines
leadership, technology, and              at Hughes Aircraft Research
                                                                                  and issued permits for industrial
organizational change in higher          Laboratories and elsewhere before
                                                                                  pollution control systems, land
education, and he regularly consults     joining the university. Professor
                                                                                  application of effluent systems,
on these topics nationally and           Long’s principal research interests
                                                                                  and the application of sludge on
internationally. An experienced          are power electronic applications in
                                                                                  agricultural land. Dr. O’Leary earned
online educator, he has been both        electric utility systems. He has been
                                                                                  BS and MS degrees in agricultural
an administrator and teacher at          cited by the university for excellence
                                                                                  engineering and a PhD in land
four land-grant universities and has     in the development of distance
                                                                                  resources with a specialization in
helped to lead major institution-wide    learning education programs and by
                                                                                  energy and environmental issues, all
change efforts related to technology     IEEE for meritorious achievement in
                                                                                  from the University of Wisconsin-
and distance learning. He received his   continuing education.

                                           Paul Ross, MA,                           Don Schramm,                               Harold J. Steudel,
                                           teaches University of                    MS, RA, is a faculty                       PhD, PE, is the
                                           Wisconsin-Madison                        associate with                             Emerson Electric
                                           courses in technical                     the Department                             Professor in Total
                                           communication                            of Engineering                             Quality in the De-
                                           for students in                          Professional                               partment of Indus-
                                           science, technology,                     Development at the                         trial Engineering at
                         and engineering. He also directs          University of Wisconsin-Madison.         the University of Wisconsin-Madi-
                         the university’s Technical                He has responsibilities for courses in   son. Active in teaching and research
                         Communication Internship                  building energy systems, creativity,     in quality and productivity improve-
                         program. A member of the                  disaster management, workplace           ment and integrated management
                         Technical Communication Program           design and distance learning. A          systems, he serves as chairman of the
                         at UW-Madison since 1991, he              registered architect in Wisconsin, he    Industrial Engineering Department
                         has taught at Northern Illinois           holds an architectural degree from       and as convener of the Quality En-
                         University, Texas A&M University          the University of Illinois-Urbana        gineering group. Dr. Steudel draws
                         and several community colleges.           and an MS from UW-Madison.               upon more than 25 years of experi-
                         He is committed to continued              He has been in private practice          ence in designing and implementing
                         cooperation between the university        and taught for a year as a Fulbright     leading-edge techniques for improv-
                         and business and industry and has         professor at universities in Bogotá      ing the control and productivity of
                         worked with Texas Instruments             and Calí, Colombia. He has worked        organizations’ quality, environmental
                         and Hamilton Sundstrand Aviation          in professional education for two        and manufacturing systems. He has
                         Advanced Technology Group as              decades and has lived and worked         developed assessment tools, training
                         a documentation specialist. He is         in 40 countries in Latin America,        courses and other management sys-
                         active in STC and ASEE.                   Africa, Asia and Europe. He directs      tem elements for Malcolm Baldrige,
                                                                   the University of Wisconsin-Disaster     ISO 9000, QS 9000 and ISO 14000
                                           Jeffrey S. Russell,
                                                                   Management Center, a provider            quality guidelines and standards. He
                                           PhD, PE, is
                                                                   of international distance learning       is also a certified quality system lead
                                           professor and chair
                                                                   programs.                                auditor under the Registrar Accredi-
                                           in the Department
                                                                                                            tation Board (RAB), and has served
                                           of Civil and                              Tom Smith, MS,
                                                                                                            as a senior examiner for the Wis-
                                           Environmental                             is director of
                                                                                                            consin Forward Award to recognize
                                           Engineering and                           telecommunications
                                                                                                            world-class excellence.
                         a co-founder of the Construction                            programming in
                         Engineering and Management                                  the Department                            John Stremikis,
                         program at the University of                                of Engineering                            MS, is a consultant
                         Wisconsin-Madison. He has a BS                              Professional                              for the Department
                         degree in civil engineering from          Development, University of                                  of Information
                         the University of Cincinnati, has         Wisconsin-Madison. He currently                             Systems, University
                         MS and PhD degrees from Purdue            directs a series of short courses in                        of Wisconsin-Exten-
                         University, and is a registered           telecommunications and distance                             sion, and for UW-
                         professional engineer in Wisconsin.       education. He has been instrumental      Madison Department of Engineering
                         Author of nearly 200 technical            in the development of the university’s   Professional Development. He is
                         papers on construction topics             audiographic teleconferencing and        currently the primary technical sup-
                         and two books, Dr. Russell was            satellite communications capabilities.   port person for the ME programs
                         founding editor-in-chief of the           For this work he received the UW-        and contributes to the development
                         ASCE publication Leadership and           Extension Award for Excellence           and evolution of the ME learning
                         Management in Engineering (2000-          and national awards from Telecom         platform. John holds a “distinguished”
                         2003). He is presently chair of the       and ASEE. He has written more            title or prefix, awarded in 1994 to
                         ASCE Committee on Academic                than 40 papers and articles on           recognize exemplary professional
                         Prerequisites for Professional            telecommunications and distance          quality, performance and growth,
                         Practice, which is charged with           education and is a frequent speaker      as well as for his service, teaching,
                         defining the future education             on this topic in the United States       consulting and volunteer activities in
                         requirements necessary to practice        and Europe. He received his BS           the international, national, state and
                         civil engineering at the professional     degree from Dartmouth College and        local community. He received his BS
                         level.                                    MS degree from the University of         and MS degrees from the University
                                                                   Wisconsin-Madison.                       of Wisconsin-Madison.

MEPP program                            Requirements                              Enjoy UW
                  Wayne P.              and fees                                  student
                  Pferdehirt, PE,       Degree requirements
                                                                                                                               COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

                  AICP, is the          The degree requires 26 graduate
                  director of the       credits obtained by completing the        Although you will be participating
                  MEPP program          10 courses described on pages 10-13.      in a distance education program,
                  and director of       With the exception of the summer          requiring only two visits to the
                  distance degree       sessions, you will take two courses       University of Wisconsin-Madison
programs for the College of             each semester. You can expect to          campus, you will enjoy full status as
Engineering. Wayne oversees             spend about 20 hours a week doing         a graduate student of the university.
the development and delivery of         coursework and participating in           Benefits that you enjoy as part of the
MEPP courses and ensures that           group activities.                         MEPP program include access to              “The industry experience
the program meets the needs of                                                    student support services and student        of the faculty shines
current and prospective students.       Summer Residency requirement              pricing on products such as computer
                                        Each summer you will meet with                                                        through a lot in the
Wayne also co-teaches the Technical                                               software. Additional privileges that
                                        your fellow students and instructors      you may wish to exercise when               way they teach their
Project Management course.
Prior to joining UW-Madison,            in a week-long residency on the           visiting campus anytime during              courses and the kind
Wayne directed the Midwest              University of Wisconsin-Madison           your studies include: use of student        of examples they give.
solid waste consulting services of      campus. Scheduled for August, these       union facilities; use of UW-Madison         The courses are very
an international environmental          on-campus sessions will conclude          recreational sport facilities; purchase
                                        the summer coursework and lead                                                        practical and it’s usually
consulting firm and led energy                                                    of student tickets to attend Badger
                                        you into your fall courses. During                                                    quite easy to see how
conservation research projects for                                                athletic events; and student discount
                                        these sessions you will develop a clear   at the University Ridge golf course.        this can relate to your on
Argonne National Laboratory.
He has a BS in engineering from         understanding of the program goals,                                                   the job experience. It’s
                                        course requirements and university        Top-quality library resources and
Carnegie-Mellon University and                                                                                                not a removed academic
                                        resources available to you as a           support
an MS in civil engineering with an                                                                                            approach; the faculty
emphasis in regional planning from      distance student. You will also build     The UW-Madison academic libraries
                                        the relationships that will help you                                                  do a very good job of
Northwestern University. Wayne is                                                 are among the best in the world. As
                                        enjoy the program and maximize its                                                    bringing it to real life.”
a licensed professional engineer and                                              a distance learner at UW-Madison            Bob Mierow
a nationally certified professional     benefits.                                 you will be able to access the libraries’   Software Section Leader
planner.                                Tuition and fees                          Web sites and link to journal               Hamilton Sundstrand
                                        MEPP program tuition is $1,535            databases, electronic books, the
MEPP director of                        per credit, payable at the beginning      campus online catalog and more than
student services                        of each semester. This fee includes       8,000 electronic (full-text) journals.
                                        technology costs for Internet course      Librarians at the Kurt F. Wendt
                 Karen Al-Ashkar,
                                        delivery, live Webconferencing, and       Library, home library for the MEPP
                 PhD, is the director
                                        library use. Students use a toll-free     program, will help you locate and
                 of student services
                                        telephone line for the audio portion      use library resources and will deliver
                 for the MEPP
                                        of Web conferences. Students also         articles and books to you. They will
                 program. One of her
                                        have free use of Webconferencing          help you find government documents
                 roles is to address
                                        facilities for group project work for     and standards, scan articles and book
                 student concerns and
                                        MEPP courses. Total tuition for           chapters not available electronically,
issues and seek resolution when these
                                        the two-year program is $39,910           and assist with interlibrary loans.
conflict with academic performance.
                                        for students entering MEPP in June        These services will be available to you
She chairs the MEPP Admissions
                                        2007 and graduating in May 2009.          throughout the MEPP program.
Committee and is the point-of-
contact person for applicants and       (Please note that this total does not
students. Karen has been counseling     include travel and living expenses for
adult students since 1991 and           summer residencies, textbooks, or
working with students at a distance     course software. Software required
since 1994. She has a BA in clinical    for courses is typically available in
chemistry, an MA in counseling and      educational versions at substantial
a PhD in continuing and vocational      discounts.)

                         Financing the
                         MEPP program
COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING   Many students work for companies
                         that limit tuition reimbursement
                         to a set amount each year. Please
                         note that although the program is
                         completed in four semesters and
                         two summer sessions, this activity is
                         actually spread over three calendar
                         years. The most costly calendar year
                         is the middle year, which accounts
                         for about half of the total cost.
                         Student loans are available for the
                         program and might be most useful
                         during this year. All MEPP students
                         who are US citizens or permanent
                         residents are eligible to receive some
                         level of funding from the federal
                         (Stafford) loan program. These loans
                         are available to qualified graduate      Admission requirements
                         students who are taking at least four    Admission is based on the following:
                         credits per semester. Some loans will    • A BS degree from a program accredited by the Accreditation Board for
                         have government-paid interest until        Engineering and Technology (ABET) or the equivalent*
                         you complete the program. On other
                         loans, interest will accrue and then     • A minimum of four years’ post baccalaureate engineering experience
                         be added to the balance due after        • A minimum undergraduate grade-point average of 3.0 (on a scale where 4.0
                         graduation. The type of loan that          = A) or the equivalent for the last 60 semester hours (Applicants with less
                         you receive is dependent on the level      than a 3.0 may be admitted at the discretion of the department.)
                         of self-support you can provide. The
                         URL for Student Financial Services       • For applicants whose native language is not English, a minimum acceptable
                         is:                                        score of 580 on the written Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
                                                                    or 243 on computer version
                         edu/finaid/                              • For international applicants, a degree comparable to an approved US
                                                                    bachelor’s degree
                         At that site you will find information
                         about the Stafford loans, other loans    EPD does not require applicants submit scores from the Graduate Record
                         and whom you can contact.                Examination (GRE).

                                                                  *Equivalency to an ABET accredited program:
                                                                  Applicants who do not have bachelor’s degree from an ABET accredited
                                                                  program may also qualify for admission to the program. Such applicants must
                                                                  have a BS in science, technology, or a related field with sufficient coursework
                                                                  and professional experience to demonstrate proficiency in engineering practice.
                                                                  Registration as a professional engineer by examination, if achieved, should be
                                                                  documented to support your application.
                                                                  Contact the MEPP director of student services to discuss any questions
                                                                  regarding your qualifications and the MEPP requirements.

How to apply                                                                                     Contact
1. Request an application package:
   Phone: 866-529-6377 or 608-262-2061
                                                                                                 For questions about the application    COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

   E-mail:                                                                process, admissions requirements,
   Mail: Master of Engineering in Professional Practice                                          accommodations for disabilities and
   Department of Engineering Professional Development                                            financial aid, contact:
   432 North Lake Street                                                                         Karen Al-Ashkar, Director of
   Madison, WI 53706                                                                             Student Services
                                                                                                 Phone: 866-529-6377 or
   Or download the application package from the MEPP Web site:
2. Contact the MEPP director of student services, Karen Al-Ashkar, to express                                                          “I have personally
                                                                                                 Fax: 608-263-3160
   your interest in applying for admission. Karen can be reached by phone at                                                           observed the impact of
   866-529-6377 or 608-262-0133, or by e-mail at                       For questions about the MEPP          this program on three
                                                                                                 program design and course content,
3. Complete the items listed on the application package checklist.                                                                     participants: in all cases
                                                                                                                                       the personal growth in
The application deadline is March 31, 2007. We encourage you to apply                            Wayne Pferdehirt, MEPP Program
                                                                                                 Director                              engineering problem-
as soon after October 1 as possible. The Admissions Committee reviews
applications within 30 days of receipt of all application materials. Early                       Phone: 866-529-6377 or                solving skills, business
application increases the probability of admission since the number of                           608-265-2361                          acumen, and self-
participants is limited to 30 per year.                                                          E-mail:        confidence have been
                                                                                                 Thomas W. Smith, Director of          notable and professional
                                                                                                 Telecommunications Programming        success is certain.”
                                                                                                 Phone: 866-529-6377 or                Cynthia Bachmann
                                                                                                                                       Vice President-Engineering
                                                                                                 608-263-7426                          Kohler Company

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