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Tomato fruit is a plant known as vegetables and fruit grown
for food. Tomatoes from the Americas, in Central America,
South and southern North America from Mexico to Peru.
Red color in tomatoes is due to likopena, the carotenoids,
or natural compounds that give red color to tomatoes and a
variety of natural antioxidants nutrients that are good for
health. Besides having the benefit of antioxidants, foods
that contain likopena may also reduce the risk of some
cancers and heart disease. The findings of foreign
researchers found that experts likopena content is high in
the tomato paste, tomato sauce and tomato juice. High
water content, more than 90%, making it as 'diuretics' good
to drain toxins from the body when dieting. Tomatoes are
also good for beauty and skin texture. Several studies have
shown that the antioxidants found in tomatoes could protect
the body, especially the knee joints of osteoarthritis risk.
The risk of knee injury can be reduced if adequate intake of
vitamin C and beta carotene. Certain antioxidants,
including lutein and lycopene (which is found in tomatoes),
also associated with reduced risk of knee osteoarthritis. In
addition, vitamin E acts more effective in relieving pain
due to arthritis than other anti-inflammatory drugs. For
stronger knees, eat tomatoes or tomato juice intake.