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					Portal Strategy
Mr.Prasad kode.
Wales Lampeter University,uk B 7/8,Gharkul society,ganeshmala, Sinhagad road ,pune=411030 Maharashtra,India.

Abstract— The world can be seen in two parts The increasing dominance of online world makes offline world less relevant. This paper proposes the strategy for online classified portal to see offline print media world as opportunity by having a strategic alliance with offline world. This will create a healthy economy and a completely new market for both players. Keywords— portal strategy,online – offline strategy.

I. INTRODUCTION Here the print newspaper industry is taken as case example for offline world, but in practice this strategic alliance can be expanded to all offline industries like TV industry, radio industries and high street billboard advertising industries. The concept has risen as a result of increasing dominance of Internet world over offline world. The current Indian market of online world has reached a point which is the way more than the offline world. To explain this increasing demand of Internet. Let’s consider one scenario. The tourisam market was previously based on travel agencies which used to have their physical offices on the high streets. But now in 2009 it is quite easy to notice that this offline market is completely overtaken by online (Internet web based world). The tourisam market potential in india in 2009 is estimated about 7000 Cr. Rs. And all is governed online through different website players like and This increasing demand for online world has also imposed the threat on the newspaper industry and other offline industry. Newspaper industries were forced to go online to meet the new age consumers requirement. The most untapped field in all this offline to online shifting is classified industry. The classifieds are one the most important part in the revenue generation for newspaper industries. The classified are moved online but they are still in infant state cause of several different reasons. One of the drawbacks in Indian online classified business is 1. The information hording on the website is not clear. Like if a broker displays the ad on the classified web he/she hides some information as a part of brokerage, which makes classifieds less informative for end user. 2. The buyers have moved all over the Internet but not the sellers. The above two main problems about online classified business in india can be solved by having strategic alliance with print media. This alliance will help to create a unique online healthy brand and will get more customers with very less investments in this alliance. Such strategic alliance with print media helps to eduacate the SMEs to market online. The Indian classified online industry is that it is highly saturated in some and different sense. This makes virtually impossible for any single player to serve this large potential classified market more professionally. The increasing demand for online world is being viewed as a threat to the offline world ,especially print world. II. PORTAL STRATEGY

I look this scenario in more different way and more professionally. I look the Internet as opportunity to offline world medium like newspaper and others instead of threat. To make the most out of Internet world for this offline industry i propose the theory of “Online –offline strategic alliance”. This kind of professional strategic alliance will help online industries prosper along with the offline industries like newspapers. This theory will help newspaper industries to remain equally important as in the field of online classified marketing as that of their online partner. The theory can be expressed as the whole process which could guide these two industries to have professional alliance. The uniqueness is the key in this whole process. This theory sets the long term goal of making the most use of Internet and offline world (newspapers) for customers and users satisfaction. The following figure shows the increasing dominance of internet in indian classified market . The strategic alliance between the print market and online market will create a economically healthy environment. It will create a new market and thus more revenue opportunities for both players. This certainly helps in improving the job market especially in this economic downturn all over the world.

Market share of offline( Print ) and online classifieds in india. Strategic alliance create more mature market share.

The key things this alliance offers are. Point 1. Value for money for their (online website and newspapers) respective and shared customers. Point 2. Marketing of offline (newspapers etc) brand through online partner and vise – verse. Point 3. Attracting more customers for both and generation of more revenue. Thus making the healthy economy for both the industries. The theory is the process which clearly explains how it can help to achieve the above three points. Point 1. Obtaining the value for the money for their (online and print industry) respective and shared customers. The basic problem with offline media like newspapers is they can offer very limited space for editors and also for their classified business customers. Here theory suggests having one common online platform for all their classified customers where they can display more information about their ad words online. e.g. If some customer is putting his adword about his flat in newspaper classified then he can have advantage of that newspaper's online partner. Cause the customer can put more detailed information about his 'flat' AdWord on the website. Here customer can make the most use of Internet world. Like he can put not

only textual information on web but also he can put some images on the net which will give the better idea about his flat. The whole Internet world is open for him to display his Ad Word more cost effectively and efficiently. This helps the shared customers( shared customer is defined in point 3) to communicate their ad words more effectively. The online partner will help advertisers (sellers) to communicate their ideas and products more Effectively by the online medium. Some sellers can create their videos of ad word and upload to the The online partner can display the relative link on their respective ad word. By following a proper guideline about the content management system the seller can communicate their ideas more effectively. This can be achieved with online website which is a standardized and common platform to all newspapers. Newspapers can encourage their customer base to market their adword not only on newspaper but also on their partner common online website platform.This will solve the information hording problem because the sellers themselves can put the information on the website. This also helps to get the all sellers online because newspapers will encourage their classified customers to get online on the common website. This process not only solves the online classified industry problem about the information hording but also sellers not online.This also involve offline world like newspapers. Thus newspapers can afford more value for their customers’ money and make their ad word more informative. Point 2. Marketing of offline (newspapers etc) brand through online partner and vise – verse . Marketing is the crucial to any kind of business. Marketing generally takes large pie in the budget plan of any business. Effective marketing and good quality of service not only helps to promote the company but also helps to create well trusted brand. In online-offline alliance theory, this can be achieved by displaying the name of the common online platform on the newspaper (preferably in the page of classifieds). e.g. If timesofindia has one or several dedicated pages for classifieds they can display the name the their online partner in those pages. Like “for like ads visit "”. The point here to be noted this online partner ( is not the timesofindia's own website but it is the common online platform (website) for all the newspapers. As a result “ “name will be displayed in every newspaper which will make this platform more standardized and unique. This uniqueness is important for the success of this online-offline alliance as it makes the unique online brand, which is the key to effective online-offline alliance. On the other hand this unique online website ( in this case) will also display the name of the newspaper who has put the ad on it. Like the ad word given by timeofindia will have reference link as “ad by timesofindia”. This markets the newspaper brand on the Internet absolutely for free. This reference link is designed as the hypertext which can lead to the respective newspaper's website or to their's profile page. This hyperlink will not only drive the traffic to the newspaper's website but also help to get some potential customers through this link. This is vital important for offline world like newspapers cause this will drive more targeted readers to newspaper's website and also get good customers out of it. Online platform ( can also be used to plan the offline advertising campaign by the sellers. This kind of interdependence is a real professional alliance which helps both these online and offline industries. This kind of strategic alliance helps to create and maintain the online and offline brand more cost-effectively.

Point 3. Attracting more customers for both and generation of more revenue.

Online classified market in india in 2008 is Rs.800 cr.Newspaper's classified market in 2008 expected Rs.600 cr.

As explained in point 2 by displaying the online websites name in offline media like newspapers and vise verse will help in cost-effective marketing. This will not only drive the more readers to both but also drive more customers by increasing demand for both. This will produce the two sets of customers.  Separate customers: This customer chooses only one medium for their ad campaign.  Shared customers: This customer will use both (online -print) mediums for their ad campaign to reach the larger audience base and to reach more effectively. The online-offline alliance will also create the new revenue opportunities by having separate customers and by having shared customers. Offline media like newspaper can display their customers’ ads on which is common online partner for all offline newspapers for suitable cost structure. This gives chance to online world to charge some commission fee to display newspaper's ads on the online media. The rest cost is mere profit of offline world. e.g. Timesofindia can display their classified on for Rs.30/Ad (figures are for the sake of understanding) and the xyz can charge commission of rs.10/Ad. The rest Rs.20/Ad is mere profit for the newspaper industry. The most important point here to be noted that newspapers are not investing anything in terms of time for developing online unique online platform, neither in terms of money, and no efforts. But still they can make profit for simply encouraging their existing customers to put ads online with unique common partner.

The uniqueness and common online platform to all newspapers will make this task easier as that creates more effective and trusty brand on online world. This also helps to generate the revenue to the online world as they don't have to invest in getting customers explicitly. The online-offline media strategic alliance shows following features. 1. Seller can display ad online and offline and helps him/her to reach larger audience. 2. Such alliance will provide unique opportunity to newspapers to fight against the online threat. 3. Seller can use online features to promote the ad word. E.g. youtube, flicker and Google gadgets etc. 4. Seller's success story with “” and particular newspaper (e.g. timesofindia).can be displayed in newspaper and on This helps in creating a trusted brand. 5. Sellers don't need to be expert for online marketing and neither is required for newspaper industry. 6. The point 2 of link sharing will help to solve this problem “the online newspaper industry not able to Attract online classifieds business cause of their exclusivity. Like newspapers are focused on news More than just classifieds and so are their users.” 7. This will help "" to get more customers online through their offline newspaper Partner which helps in educating more people about the benefits of online marketing. 8. This will make "" as a unique brand. 9. This creates an opportunity to earn more profit and makes newspaper industry a partner instead competitor. 10. This results in increase value for same ad space for print media like newspapers. III. FUTURE SCOPE AND BEFIFITS The strategic alliance with offline media like print industry helps online portal to have more platforms available. The online portal now can not only offer their customers to market on their portal but also with their print partner. The opposite of the same is also true. For print industries like newspapers can have benefits of online partner. These print players ultimately increase the cost of their print space without even developing any hitech functional online portal. Online portal can make the print edition of city specific ad words. This portal can distribute this print edition with the help of distribution channel of print medium with cost sharing with print medium. The strategic alliance with such offline players create a new market opportunities. Currently in 2009 the online classified industry in india is expected to be Rs.800Cr. And the print market is about Rs.600Cr. Thus the alliance among such players increase the total market. Here the attitude towards these market players must be as opportunities not as a competitors. Online portal can use the newspaper's website for displaying adwords online. This helps to increase its online presence cost effectively. The fact is print media is very large ranging from newspapers , magazines and periodicals. One of the reasons for newspapers for not successful in online classified is their exclusivity for news. By having strategic alliance with online portal newspaper can participate more profitably in online classified market. The strategy explained above for print industries can be extended to other offline industries like television,radio and even to high street bill board advertising.



The online - off line media alliance strategy can be effectively adopted by online portal business.This will create a complete new market and will definitely increase the brand value of online portal (here taken as a case example.)Strategic partnership with newspaper will help to educate the end customers about internet marketing. The strategy will prevent the threat of newspapers becoming more irrelevant as compared to online media partners. Strategy will have social impact , as it helps to prevent the most old newspaper industry. It also helps to generate a complete new market and generate more revenue with new employement opportunities. The strategy can easily be adopted by online portal and can be extended for other offline industries.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. I would like to express special thanks to Mr. Prathamesh satpute who helped me in writing IEE formatting of this paper.


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Description: This white paper illustrate the possible portal strategy which could be used to get the strategic alliance among online industry and offline industry.