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					                                                                                        2010 Board of Directors
                                                                               President .............Linda Winteringham, FLMI
                                                                               Vice-President ....Janice Beam, FLMI
                                                                               Treasurer.............Dianne Mailhot, FLMI
                                                                               Secretary ............Julie Ariss, FLMI
                                                                               Board Member…. Bev Davies, FLMI, ACS

                            LOMA Society                                       Board Member… .Kathryn Flood, FLMI
                                                                               Board Member…. Sylvia Cloutier, FLMI
                                                                               Board Member…. Linda Patterson, FLMI
                                      of Waterloo                              Board Member…. Rose Kubesheskie, FLMI
                                                                               Board Member…. John Clayton, FLMI
                                                                               Websiter Editor… Brian Bobak
DATE:           July 5, 2010

TO:             Tom Furmanczyk,, Equitable Life
                Joanna Eckhardt,, Faith Life Financial
                Lindsay Markle,, Manulife Financial
                Ann Uffelmann,, Manulife Financial
                Christine Lehmann,, Sun Life
                Lisa Demerling, Programmed Insurance Fax # 669-1923

FROM:           Jodi Hall,, Education Rep for the LOMA Society of Waterloo

CC:             Sue Langdon,, Arca Financial Group
                Renee Robertson,, Manulife Financial
                ALL LOMA BOARD MEMBERS
                Brian Bobak, WebSite Editor

RE:          LOMA Society of Waterloo – Fall 2010 LOMA Classes                     Page 1 of 1

The LOMA Society of Waterloo is pleased to once again be sponsoring two courses for the Fall 2010 LOMA
session. These courses are geared to NEW students of the LOMA program and are offered each Spring and Fall.

      PLEASE NOTE: These courses are also available in online and self-study formats
      through LOMA. Check with your company Ed Rep for more information on these
        FLMI 280:       Principles of Insurance              FLMI 290: Insurance Company Operations
                        Life, Health and Annuities
                        Instructor: Sue Langdon                          Instructor: Renee Robertson
                        Arca Financial Group                             Manulife Financial

Classes will be held weekly on Tuesday (LOMA 280) and Wednesday (LOMA 290) evenings, beginning Sept. 7th
and Sept. 8 , respectively, and will run for nine weeks.
Location: To Be Advised

The fee for each course is $50.00 per student. The fee is payable the first night of class. Please make cheque
payable to The LOMA Society of Waterloo.

Cheques will be cashed immediately and a non-refundable amount of $25.00
will apply for the duration of the first 3 classes. After the 3rd class no fees will
be refunded.
Please provide enrolling students with this information and post this notice with your LOMA course information.

Please provide me with a list of people from your company interested in taking these courses by:
Thursday August 26th and I can then finalize the classes.

If you have any questions, please contact me at:          Phone: 519-744-4176

Thank you very much,
Jodi Hall, FLMI, ACS