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                           The Evolution from Management to Leadership to Creativeship

      The combination of technological advances, globalization, shifting economic drivers, government
  intervention, changing global workforce demographics, vastly different motivational drivers with Gen X ,
   and the emergence of social responsibility as a motivational driver is leading to a pronounced shift in the
    definition of leadership. Over the past 25 years, we have seen the shift from management (managing
     things, data, process) to leadership (leading people). We’re now evolving yet again: Creativeship,
    defined as the necessity to create an organizational culture that can compete and thrive in this new era.

           ~ Session Leader ~
                                                        Gatti & Associates, along with _______
                Bob Kelleher                         _______ is pleased to invite you as our guest
                                                      to this very important and timely program.
As Founder and CEO of The Employee
Engagement Group, and author of Louder
Than Words, 10 Practical Employee                    Misc. details on program…
Engagement Steps…that Drive Results! Bob is
often asked, nationally and globally, to
speak and share his insights and
recommendations on workforce trends,
leadership, and employee engagement.
Most recently, Bob has has been featured on
CNBC, Fox Radio, CBS Radio,
BusinessWeek, and Fortune.

Prior to opening his own firm, Bob was the
Chief Human Capital Officer for AECOM,
a global 45,000 employee global firm
headquartered in California.

Bob’s cutting edge employee engagement
initiatives were developed when he was
leading the OD and HR functions at ENSR
International, headquartered in Westford,
MA. Ultimately Bob became ENSR’s Chief
Operating Officer. ENSR was acquired by
AECOM in 2005.

Today Bob shares his best practice ideas,
advice and expertise with leadership teams
across the globe, including his latest keynote
presentation, Creativeship.

We are pleased to have Bob present his
thoughts and ideas • this very 10am
Breakfast Briefing on 7:30am - important
subject. You can th
                  reach him at –                       To register for this program, please contact
Tuesday, May 10 , 2011                           Jessica Kelly at
       • Sheraton Needham
         100 Cabot Street, Needham, MA

                            266 Main Street, Medfield, Massachusetts 02052
      508-359-4153    ●    508-359-5902 ● ●

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