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					                                      USTA Atlanta
                                    Winter 2010-2011
                                   Business Women’s League


Playoff draws will be seeded. Draws will be posted in TennisLink. The higher seed is the home
team. The highest seed is the #1 seed. Play each match to conclusion – scores are imperative to
process NTRP ratings.

Please enter scores in TennisLink immediately following the team match.

Level representatives will notify teams of their opponents and telephone numbers for each round of
playoffs. Playoff telephone numbers cannot presently be accessed in TennisLink.


City Championship times will be emailed to captains and posted on City
Champions will be eligible to attend the State Championships in May 2011.

Saturday, January 29                             First round (3.0, 3.5, 4.0 LOW, 4.0, 4.5)
Saturday, February 5                             Second round (3.0, 3.5, 4.0 LOW, 4.0)
Saturday, February 12                            Semi-Finals (All levels except 5.0)
Saturday, February 26                            City Championship – All Levels
                                                 Dekalb Tennis Center

If inclement weather occurs on any scheduled Saturday during the playoffs, the makeup deadline for
uncompleted matches is Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.* If inclement weather occurs on Tuesday, the makeup
deadline moves to the following day at 7:00 p.m. and continues day-to-day at 7:00 p.m. until the
matches are completed.

*For divisions with a bye week of playoffs (4.5), if inclement weather occurs on Saturday January 29,
the makeup deadline is Saturday, February 5th at 1:00 pm.

City Championship                       Saturday, February 26             Dekalb Tennis Center

Rain Date                               Saturday, February 27             Dekalb Tennis Center
                                           USTA Atlanta

                              CITY CHAMPIONSHIP INFORMATION
                                   DEKALB TENNIS CENTER

Captains must print a scorecard from TennisLink and bring it with them. Full teams, not just
captains, must arrive ½ hour prior to the scheduled match time to check in. At the check in
desk, the captain will turn in their completed scorecard. Once a scorecard has been
completed and presented, no change can be made except for injury to a player during warm-

All matches will be scheduled for play at the same time, providing courts are available, and
must be played to completion unless otherwise directed by the tournament director, Local
League Coordinator, or assignee thereof. The format will be the same as in the regular season
– best two out of three full sets.
Each team should bring a new can of balls. The home team (higher seed) will open the can
and the winning team will receive the unopened car. At the end of the match, the used balls
can be returned to the scorer’s table for donation to the Atlanta Youth Tennis Foundation.
Players should make certain that they are on the specific court to which they are assigned and
that they are playing the proper opponents.
All players are advised to wear attire appropriate for a USA League Tennis Championship
event. Uncovered sports bras or short (skin bearing) tops for women, and tank tops for men,
are unacceptable. Each team is responsible for their drinks and refreshments. Bathroom
visits, filling of water jugs and stretching is to be done in advance so that the players can take
the courts immediately upon being called to start warm-ups. Delays will result in point
Warm-up is limited to ten (10) minutes, including serves. When the warm-up is complete an
USTA Atlanta representative will instruct players to begin and play must start immediately.
One member of each doubles team and each singles player must come to the desk to report
the score as soon as the match is completed.
Every effort will be made to complete all matches on the scheduled days of the City
Championships. However, if there is rain at the Dekalb Tennis Center on the scheduled day
and no matches are played, the entire schedule will move to the rain date.

It is our goal to adhere to the schedule. However, captains must be aware that flexibility is the
key to any successful tournament.


Dekalb Tennis Center, 1400 McConnell Dr, Decatur, 404-325-2520.

Directions –From the North - I-85 south to Clairmont Rd. Turn left and go approximately 2 ½
miles, (just past North Druid Hills Rd.). Turn left onto McConnell Dr. Go 1 block to the stop
sign, turn right, tennis center is on the left. From the South - I-85 north to North Druid Hills Rd.
Turn right off the exit and go about 2 miles. Bear right at Clairmont Rd., turn left onto
McConnell Dr. Go 1 block to the stop sign, turn right, tennis center is on the left.