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                               ADVERTISING ALTERNATIVE
LESSON                            ENERGY VEHICLES

Subject(s)         Rigor/Relevance                        n
                                                          o   5
Marketing,         Framework                              w
                                                          l   4
                                                                      C           D
                                                          e   3
Environmental                                             d
                                                          g           A           B
Science                                                   e   1
                                                                  1       2 3 4         5
Grade Level 9-12
Instructional      Reading: Students read a variety of grade level materials, applying
                   strategies appropriate to various situations
Focus              Writing: Students write for a variety of purposes and audiences with
                   sophistication and complexity appropriate to the grade level.
                   Listening: Students listen for a variety of purposes appropriate to the
                   grade level.
                   Speaking: Students speak for a variety of purposes and audiences with
                   sophistication and complexity appropriate to the grade level.
                   Language Arts Integration: Students synthesize individual language
                   arts skills.
                   History and Technology: Students develop skills in using technology
                   and recognize the relationship between technology and history, including
                   its potential and limits.
Student                 Students will understand the need for renewable fuel resources.
                        Students will understand marketing plows and devices.
Learning                Students will work successfully in a group setting.
                        Students will create two advertisements focused on selling their
                        Students will present their information, as a group, to the class
Performance        Overview
                   In small groups, students will research alternative fuel vehicles and
Task               create two magazine advertisements for an alternative fuel car. Their
                   advertisement will utilize appeals to logic and appeals to emotion, as well
                   as other advertising techniques to sell their product to two different target
                   audiences. Groups will then 'pitch' their concepts and advertisements to
                   the class.

                   This activity provides students with the insight on how to market a
                   product to a potential customer. This unit involves students working in
                   groups on the required elements to properly advertise and market a
                   product to two distinct marketing target groups. The students will have an
                   end result of two separate magazine-ready advertisements.

                   Teacher Procedures
Performance       Lead discussion about renewable energy and why it is relevant,
                   using recent media article. Ideally, work with Science teacher
Task               collaboratively on this.
                  Compile short list of suitable websites to assist students' research of
                   alternative fuel vehicles.
                  Arrange, if possible, guest speaker with an alternative fuel vehicle.
                  Teach advertising techniques of magazines with supporting handout
                   sheet including: slogans, adjectives, comparatives and superlatives,
                   imperative verbs, personal pronouns, neologisms, photography,
                   background, graphics, color, layout, font size and style, facts,
                   details, expert recommendations. Pay particular attention to how
                   words and images appeal to logic and appeal to emotion (love of
                   country, love of family, environment, status, image, vanity). Teach
                   the concept of target audience. Use magazine advertisement(s) to
                   demonstrate these concepts in shared discussion.
                  Purchase current appropriate magazines and select advertisements
                   for student analysis. Scan them ready for projection.
                  Create     task sheet for the main project and explain the assessment
                  Test run available computer software in readiness to support
                   students (ex. Word, Publisher, etc.)
                  At the halfway point, remind and recap advertising techniques.
                   Share the slogans and get student feedback on which appeal
                   most and why.

              Student Activities
                  Research at least three alternative fuel vehicles on the market or in
                   development (electric, ethanol, hybrid, fuel cell). Compile a table
                   comparing fuel type and availability, range/recharging, miles per
                   gallon in town and on highway, time from 0 - 60 mph, emissions,
                   price, additional features available. Evaluate advantages and
                   disadvantages of each.
                  In pairs, discuss and analyze one advertisement each (not
                   necessarily a car). Present to class with projected image visible,
                   discussing the product, target audience, advertising features
                   incorporated and the appeals to logic/emotion.
                  In small groups, create two magazine advertisements for different
                   target audiences (e.g. soccer mom and young single male) for the
                   same alternative fuel vehicle.
                  Prepare oral presentation explaining the need for the alternative fuel
                   vehicle, the advantages of this type and the advertising techniques
                   employed for the two target audiences.
Essential     E6     Collect and focus thoughts about the writing activity
                     (brainstorming, listing, drafting, etc.).
Skills        E9     Organize supporting detail in logical and convincing patterns that
                     focus on audience and purpose.
              E10 Participate in (sometimes leading) one-on-one or group
                     discussions by asking questions, asking for clarification, taking
                     turns speaking, agreeing and/or disagreeing courteously, making
Essential                          informed judgments, and working toward a common goal.
                            E13    Assess the validity, reliability, authenticity, quality, and accuracy
Skills                             of an informational or literary text.
                            E15 Demonstrate ability to select and use appropriate technology or
                                   media for presenting information to the target audience for the
                                   specific purpose.
                            E25 Write in various formats such as learning logs, laboratory reports,
                                   note taking, response journals, organizers, and portfolios.
                            E27 Use and cite documented research in both print and non-print
                            E20 Understand the nature and purpose of a variety of technical
                                   formats (essays, business letters, memos, investigative reports,
                                   brochures, critiques, instructions, policy statements, technical
                                   proposals, lab reports, etc.) and write in these formats.
                            E46 Listen for language cues that demonstrate a speaker’s patterns of
                                   organization in formal presentations.
Assessment                  Scoring guide attached.

Standards                  ELA Media Literacy Content Standard 1 - students recognize that media
                           messages are constructed using specific techniques which manipulate
                           sound, image, text and movement to convey meaning
                           ELA Media Literacy Content Standard 3 - Students apply knowledge,
                           skills and strategies to design and create media messages
                           Science Content Standard 5 - Students, through the inquiry process,
                           understand how scientific knowledge and technological developments
                           impact communities, cultures and societies
Submitted by: Glenda McCarthy; Billings Senior High School,
                                         Scoring Guide
 CATEGORY            Expert (4)          Accomplished (3)            Competent (2)            Emerging (1)
                Excellent               Understands and           Basic concept of          Little
                understanding of        effectively               alternative fuel          understanding of
                alternative fuel        communicates many         vehicle type, but         the key features of
                vehicle type chosen:    key features of the       details are lacking.      alternative fuel
                fuel, range, speed,     alternative fuel                                    vehicles
                features, price         vehicle.
                An excellent slogan     An effective slogan       A slogan is present,      Slogan is not
                as well as many other   as well as some other     but few examples of       catchy and no
Persuasive      devices (adjectives,    devices (adjectives,      persuasive language       other persuasive
Language        imperatives, personal   imperatives, personal     overall.                  language devices
                pronouns etc)           pronouns etc)                                       are present.

                Outstanding use of      A pleasing range of       Some effective visual     Limited or
                many visual features    visual features (color,   features (color, font,    haphazard use of
                (color, font,           font, background,         background, graphics,     visual
Visual Images   background, graphics,   graphics, layout          layout photography)       features(color,
                layout photography)     photography)                                        font, background,
                                                                                            graphics, layout
                Highly efficient use Efficient use of class       Class time has been       Poor planning
                of time in and out of time. Group members         used fairly effectively   meant time and
                class. Shared work    all involved equally.       and group members         resources were
Group Work
                and decision making                               each contributed          often not used
                with all                                          something.                effectively.
                communicating well.
                Advertisements          Advertisements            Some features of the      Could not clearly
                presented confidently   presented audibly,        advertisements were       communicate the
                with very clear         with some eye             explained, but            advertising
Presentation    explanation of          contact and most          presentation lacked       concepts or
                concepts and details.   features explained        confidence/clarity.       engage the
                Fielded questions       well.                                               audience.

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