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					Offering Connecticut’s Largest Line Of
Electric Bicycles, Bloomfield Bike Shop
Welcomes Latest eBikes Allowing Travel
Of 40 Miles On Single Charge
With Skyrocketing Gasoline Prices, Public Demand For Electric Bikes Rises Significantly During Last Eight Months
May 18, 2011 by Ron Dresner

(Bloomfield, Connecticut) – Bloomfield Bicycle & Repair Shop, Connecticut’s “Family Superstore” for bicycles, repair services and
supplies, announced today that it welcomed this week the latest line of hi-tech electric bicycles that incorporate new battery and
motion technology allowing a cyclist to travel up to 40 miles on a single quick charge. Bloomfield Bicycle is the largest retailer of
electric hybrid bikes in New England and has been selling “pedal assist” and “pedal & go” bicycles for over eight years.

“Purchasing a bicycle is one of the ways Americans have been reacting to increasing fuel prices. During these days of $4 to $5 a
gallon for gasoline, the pennies it takes to charge a bike are saving our customers hundreds of dollars each month,” explained Mike
Wolf, co-owner, Bloomfield Bicycle & Repair Shop. “With the emergence of newer technology, these new eBikes are becoming very
popular. Electric bikes are inexpensive to operate, friendly for our environment, need no gasoline, easy to park and can go around
or through traffic jams. There are about 119 million eBikes in service today worldwide. We have people from all points in
Connecticut, New York and New England visiting our shop to preview our eBikes.”

An electric hybrid bicycle combines the rider’s pedaling with a battery-powered motor. It lets the rider get their work out and yet
when faced with riding up a steep strenuous hill, it’s what helps the rider move faster and more easily than a regular bike. They also
can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and do not require any legal registration, license or insurance.

“I was thinking about buying an electric bike for the past year. When I learned most recently about the improvements in the eBike’s
technology, I just decided that it was time. I use my electric bike for recreation and for those small trips in the area where I would
usually use my car,” said Linda Martin, a 57-year old Hartford, CT resident who recently purchased an electric bike from Bloomfield
Bicycle. “By charging my electric bike for only pennies, I’m able to save the wear and tear on my car and save gasoline costs. My
peddle assist bike also helps me along when I get too tired during one of my long bike treks.”

New electric bicycle manufacturers such as Legacy E-Ride (, Prodeco Technologies
( and EZ Pedaler ( have introduced major upgrades to eBike models during the past
year. For instance, Legacy E-Ride’s Stromer provides a strong 500 watt motor that will conquer almost any hill in New England.
Prodeco Technologies’ new Phantom X carries the latest battery technology allowing a cyclist to travel over 30 miles on a single
charge. Bloomfield Bicycle & Repair Shop now has over 35 different models of electric bikes in stock from these manufacturers and
several more as well ranging in price from $500 to $3500.

The Light Electric Vehicle Association represents the strategic interests of light electric vehicle retailers, dealers, distributors,
manufacturers and suppliers to promote the development, sale and use of light electric vehicles worldwide. “Unfortunately,
Americans have a minimal awareness of electric bikes, but we are changing in many fundamental ways. One of those changes is
that as the price we pay for energy climbs, the electric powered personal transport will become one of the basic tools for Americans.
Buying bikes is one of the ways Americans react to fuel prices. About 31 million were sold last year,” said Ed Benjamin, founder,
Light Electric Vehicle Association (

Established in 1950, Bloomfield Bicycle & Repair Shop is one of the largest and oldest bicycle shops in Connecticut. Co-owned by
Mike and Rachel Wolf, Bloomfield Bicycle offers the best brands in the industry, the largest selection of bicycles, accessories and
clothing, full service and repair departments supported by friendly and knowledgeable personnel. The first retailer in Connecticut to
sell electric bicycles, Bloomfield Bicycle & Repair Shop is located at 38 Tunxis Avenue in Bloomfield, Connecticut. For more
information on eBikes call (860) 242-9884 or visit

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