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					The                                                                  Observer
                                                                                                                                 Spring 2000

    Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Student Societies Pave the Way to Success                                                                Professor DeVor Elected
With nearly 1,200 undergraduate and                    of Industrial Engineers. She said her             to National Academy
graduate students in the Department of
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,
                                                       participation has enriched her college
                                                       experience and given her a chance to meet
                                                                                                         of Engineering
hundreds of courses to choose from,                    and become friends with other M&IE                Richard E. DeVor, Grayce Wicall
almost 50 faculty members, and dozens of               students.                                         Gauthier Professor of Mechanical and
technical tracks, it may seem like a maze                  “It’s hard to make friends when the           Industrial Engineering, was elected to the
to students when they first come to the                only time you see these people is in class,”      National
University of Illinois at Urbana-Cham-                 she said. “The meetings and the team              Academy of
paign. But one of the best ways to find the            projects help people form friendships.”           Engineering in
end of the M&IE maze is by joining and                     There are several student societies that      February 2000.
participating in a student society. “Societ-           specifically target mechanical and indus-         This award is
ies provide excellent opportunities for                trial engineering students and some that          considered one
students to gain leadership skills,” said              include other students of engineering.            of the highest
Donna Nichols, undergraduate academic                  Each group has a different focus and              honors that
advisor. Becoming involved in any of the               provides different avenues of involvement.        may be
societies will also give students a chance to                                                            accorded to an
interact—academically and socially—with                                 American Society of              engineer.
other students with similar interests.                                  Heating, Refrigerating,              An interna-
    Sarah Duffy, a senior in industrial                                 and Air-Conditioning             tional authority
engineering, has been active in engineer-                               Engineers (ASHRAE)               in the areas of mathematical modeling of
ing student societies since she was a                                   brings speakers to campus        machining systems and quality engineer-
freshman. Most recently she has been the               to help students learn more about the             ing, he has published more than 100
industrial relations representative for the            fields of heating, ventilating, air condi-        technical papers in journals and confer-
Society of Manufacturing Engineers and                 tioning, and refrigeration. Both graduate         ence proceedings. He is a coauthor of the
vice president of programs for the Institute           and undergraduate students participate in         1992 textbook, Statistical Quality Design
                                                       ASHRAE.                                           and Control: Contemporary Concepts and
                                                           Tutoring is an important aspect of                                 continued on page 11
                                                       ASHRAE activities. Throughout the
In This Issue                                          semester, ASHRAE graduate students lead
MEMS Coming to the Classroom . . . . 4                 weekly study sessions for undergraduates
National Science Foundation’s CAREER                   taking ME 205 (Thermodynamics), ME                Seminar Series Fall 1999
  Award Honors New Faculty . . . . . . 5               211 (Gas Dynamics), and ME 213 (Heat
                                                       Transfer). This program was started in the
Freshman Discovery Course Adapts to                    fall of 1998 by a former ASHRAE
   Students’ Needs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6   member to help students in these manda-
Largest Corporate Gift to University                   tory (and legendary) classes.
   of Illinois to Benefit M&IE . . . . . . 7
Seminar Series Brings Engineering                                      Undergraduate students are
  Experts to M&IE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8                        often so entrenched in their
                                                                       classes that they lose sight of
Faculty Observations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9                     how their education can be
Center Observations . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10                       used in the real world. The
Alumni Observations . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12       goal of this student chapter of the
                                                                                                         Dr. Richard Murray spoke to M&IE
                                                       American Society of Mechanical
Student Observations . . . . . . . . . . . . 14                                                          students and faculty members in
                                                                                 continued on page 2     November 1999. See story page 8.
Student Societies, continued from page 1
Engineers (ASME) is to promote me-
chanical engineering to students through
academic, professional, and social venues.
To give students a clearer idea of what a
career in mechanical engineering entails,
ASME holds monthly meetings that
feature corporate speakers from companies
such as Geneer, a software developer, and
   The ME for Me! Conference, spon-
sored by ASME, targets freshmen and
sophomore M&IE students. This day-long
seminar focuses on the careers available to
mechanical engineering professionals.
Students attend small group sessions and
hear industry professionals discuss their
roles as engineers.
   ASME also helps bridge the gap
between students and professors. The
Professor Luncheon Program gives
students the opportunity to talk infor-
mally with M&IE professors.                    George Singh, graduate student, leads a tutoring session sponsored by ASHRAE
                                               for students in ME 211 (Gas Dynamics).
              The Institute of Industrial
              Engineers (IIE) focuses on
              many of the ways industrial      especially the automotive field. It offers    group is to show students how they can
              engineers are involved in the    the unique opportunity to design and          use their engineering skills in manufactur-
              work force. The first IIE        work on cars with its two major automo-       ing. Speakers from manufacturing
speaker in the fall semester 1999 was          tive projects, the Formula SAE and the        industries come to campus to speak to
Neville Kanga from McMaster-Carr               Mini Baja SAE.                                students about their jobs, and once each
Supply Co., who answered questions                 These projects give students firsthand    semester SME students take a tour of a
about industrial engineering in a distribu-    experience working in a team environ-         manufacturing facility. Industrial relations
tion-oriented job. Another speaker, Jeff       ment, which is a skill many employers         coordinator Sarah Duffy said, “Many
Bry, from Vector Marketing, explained          value. They also have the opportunity to      students don’t begin to learn about the
opportunities in the sales field.              apply what they are learning in their         manufacturing side of engineering until
    IIE also strives to help students form     engineering classes and learn new skills.     the classes they take in their junior or
their own academic and social support          One of the most valuable resources for        senior year. SME exposes students to this
systems. One of the first events of the year   students made available through SAE is        important side of engineering.”
is traditionally a back-to-school picnic       mentoring from SAE alumni, who lend              Each year, the SME chapter in Joliet
that gives IIE students an opportunity to      both their time and expertise to student      awards four scholarships to U of I student
meet and get to know each other. A             projects. Many alumni also assist SAE         members.
mentoring program also pairs freshmen          through generous donations of equip-
and sophomores with upperclassmen who          ment, parts, and technical support.                      Alpha Pi Mu is a national
advise, help with homework, and intro-             SAE is not just working on the car                   industrial engineering honor
duce the newer students to the U of I and      design projects, however. Auto Industry                  society that recognizes excep-
the department.                                Illini (AII), a new discussion forum for                 tional academic accomplish-
                                               marketing, sales, concept, design, and                   ments in industrial engineering.
                 Society of Automotive         other auto-industry-related topics, exposes              Members are chosen from the
                 Engineers (SAE) at the U      students to what is happening in the auto                top fifth of the junior class or
                 of I is the 11th largest      industry today.                                          the top third of the senior class.
                 chapter in the United                                                       This small group of industrial engineering
                 States. The majority of                    Society of Manufacturing         students participates in a community
members are M&IE students, but SAE is                       Engineers (SME) is an            service project every year, which brings a
for all students interested in the transpor-                organization for both            sense of cohesiveness to the group. This
tation industry—highway, watercraft, and                    mechanical and industrial        year, the group inaugurated a high school
                                               engineering students. The goal of this        recruiting program. Members visited

2       M&IE Observer, Spring 2000
                                                  American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers
central Illinois and Chicago area high               (ASHRAE)
schools to speak to juniors and seniors in
math and science classes who might have a         Faculty advisor—Prof. Anthony Jacobi
future interest in industrial engineering at
                                                  American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
the U of I. They answered questions and
explained the professional possibilities in
                                                  Faculty advisor—Prof. Thomas Mackin
industrial engineering.
                                                  Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)
           Pi Tau Sigma is the national 
           mechanical engineering                 Faculty advisor—Prof. Udatta Palekar
           honorary society that was
                                                  Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
           organized in 1915 on the
           University of Illinois campus.
                                                  Faculty advisor—Prof. Norman Miller
           This honor society was formed
to foster the high ideals of the engineering      Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
profession, to stimulate interest in    
departmental activities, to promote the           Faculty advisor—Prof. Michael Philpott
mutual professional welfare of its mem-
                                                  Alpha Pi Mu
bers, and to develop students’ democratic
responsibilities. Students must be in the
                                                  Faculty advisor—Prof. Shiv Kapoor
top fourth of their junior class or the top
third of their senior class. The society          Pi Tau Sigma
sponsors many social events that help ME
students get to know each other and the           Faculty advisor—Prof. Emeritus and Assistant Dean Carl Larson
professors in the department and brings
                                                  Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
speakers from corporations, industries,
and from university organizations to speak
                                                  Faculty advisor—Prof. Christopher Wickens (Institute of Aviation and Department
to students.
                                                     of Psychology)
             Ergonomics and the study of          National Society of Black Engineers
             how humans interact with   
             machinery is a new and               Faculty advisor—Dean Paul Parker
             evolving field for engineering
                                                  Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
students. The Human Factors and
Ergonomics Society is a small but focused
                                                  Faculty advisor—Dean Paul Parker
group that brings together students from
different disciplines who have an interest        Society of Women Engineers
in improving the usability of products and
systems.                                          Faculty advisors—Prof. Patricia Jones and Prof. Nancy Sottos (TAM)

          The National Society of Black
          Engineers and the Society of         reserves study rooms for members, and          image. Workshops that address topics of
          Hispanic Professional Engineers      maintains study files for members’ use.        interest to women include the SWE/SAE
          have been active on the U of I                                                      Car Maintenance Workshop and the Self-
          campus since the 1980s. These                      Although engineering has         Defense Workshop. SWE is a social, civic,
two organizations help engineering                           traditionally been a male-       and academic group that strives to
students find others on campus who have                      dominated profession,            encourage women in engineering to
similar cultural backgrounds and heritages                   women are now becoming a         become the best in their profession.
in addition to the shared interests in                       much stronger force, in part
engineering. NSBE has a mentoring              because of organizations like the Society of   These and other organizations and
program that pairs upperclass students         Women Engineers.                               societies will help students make the most
                with freshmen and                 SWE sponsors numerous programs              of their years at M&IE and the University
                sophomores in the same         such as Take Our Daughters to Work Day,        of Illinois. For more information on
                academic field. SHPE           Big/Little Buddy Program, and the Be           student societies, check M&IE’s
                sponsors various speakers      Professional Conference, which helps           homepage at:
                throughout the semester,       women find and develop their professional

                                                                                              M&IE Observer, Spring 2000              3
MEMS Coming to the Classroom
Intel Corporation has generously given                  concerted effort to find ways to bring                                   sacrificial etching, and the computational
$150,000 to the University of Illinois to               MEMS technology into the classroom so                                    methods of designing, modeling, and
purchase equipment that will be used by                 that U of I students would have an edge in                               analyzing MEMS devices. ECE 344 will
both undergraduate and graduate students                this rapidly growing field.                                              be a prerequisite for the course, which is
studying microelectromechanical systems                     The Intel MEMS Instructional                                         cross listed for ECE, M&IE, MatSE, and
(MEMS). “This gift is a major step in                   Laboratory is one of the labs that will                                  GE. This new course will be offered for
bringing the emerging field of MEMS                     receive new equipment, which will be                                     the first time in the fall semester 2000.
closer to students, advancing their                     used in a new 300-level course. The course                                    “This is a holistic course that goes from
learning, and expanding the state of                    will give students exposure to the major                                 the design to the characterization of the
knowledge of this discipline,” said                     methods of MEMS fabrication and the                                      device,” Shannon said. “There are only a
Professor Mark Shannon, a principal                     basics for designing, modeling, and testing                              handful of universities that can offer this
investigator for a MEMS project.                        the devices. Students will study silicon                                 kind of instruction, and it will put Illinois
    The MEMS research is being con-                     bulk micromachining, CMOS-based                                          students at the forefront of this technology
ducted by a multidisciplinary team of                   surface micromachining, metalization,                                    when they graduate.”
engineering faculty
members from four
departments at the U of I:
Electrical and Computer
Engineering (ECE),
Materials Science and
Engineering (MatSE),
Mechanical and Indus-
trial Engineering
(M&IE), and General
Engineering (GE).
During the past five
years, faculty members
from these departments
have worked together on
MEMS-related research
projects that have
                                                            Air-conditioned clothing? What’s next, microchips in your shorts?
externally funded budgets
of more than $12                    Actually, yes. An emerging technology called MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) is shrinking things like air conditioners and space heaters
                                    small enough to be embedded into clothing. Designed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, these tiny devices can sense body
million. Almost since the
                                    temperature and adjust accordingly. This will result in specially designed garments to keep firefighters cool in 700-degree blazes and pediatric
beginning, these profes-            patients warm in cold operating rooms. Because at the University of Illinois, technology is not just for our students, it’s for the people of Illinois.
sors have made a

                                                                University Ad Campaign Features MEMS
    M&IE professors involved in                                 The University of Illinois launched an advertising campaign early this year to increase
  MEMS-related research include:                                awareness about research advances being made on the three campuses. The integrated
                                                                mesoscopic cooler circuit (IMCC) being developed in the MEMS lab at M&IE is one of
                             John Georgiadis
                                                                the 15 stories about research and technology being highlighted. Professor Mark Shannon,
                              Anthony Jacobi
                                                                a principal investigator for the project, is shown in the ad holding the energy-efficient
                                   Chang Liu
                                                                electrostatic micro-compressor that is being developed by 12 U of I engineers, including
                              Norman Miller
                                                                nine from M&IE. The ad explains that the cooling unit, about the size of a quarter, can
                            Michael Philpott
                                                                be incorporated into clothing to protect a firefighter against intense heat or into a soldier’s
                               Leslie Phinney
                                                                uniform for protection against atmospheric warfare conditions.
                          Andreas Polycarpou
                                                                   The ad ran in publications such as Time, Newsweek, Business Week, the Chicago
                                    Taher Saif
                                                                Defender, Crain’s Chicago Business, newspapers such as The Springfield State
                              Mark Shannon
                                                                Journal-Register,the Chicago-area Daily Herald, and The News-Gazettein

4         M&IE Observer, Spring 2000
National Science Foundation’s CAREER Award Honors New Faculty
Launching a comprehensive and inte-
grated teaching and research program can       The National Science Foundation, an independent U.S. government agency that
be a daunting task, especially during a new    promotes science and engineering, established the CAREER grants program to
professor’s first few years.                   encourage the early development of top-performing academic faculty members as
    In 1996, two years after he came to        both educators and researchers during the challenging first years of their careers.
M&IE as an assistant professor, Andrew         NSF is one of the most highly visible research funding agencies; its FY 1999 budget
Alleyne received an NSF CAREER award           was more than $3.8 billion. Individual CAREER awards range from $200,000 to
to study fluid power systems for manufac-      $500,000 for periods of four to five years.
turing applications. He found that this           In addition to engineering, the CAREER awards benefit other disciplines
grant gave him a new level of indepen-         including biological sciences, computer and informational science engineering,
dence as a junior faculty member.              education and human resources, geosciences, mathematical and physical sciences,
    “It gave me the funds to go out and        and social, behavioral, and economic sciences. In the Engineering Directorate, NSF
develop my vision of a research plan,”         receives approximately 600 proposals every year; out of those applications about
Alleyne said. “It also allowed me to           100 are awarded.
leverage other funds that provided new            The CAREER program was preceded by several earlier NSF programs, including
educational facilities such as the Parker-     the NSF Young Investigator Award, Presidential Young Investigator Award,
Hannifin Laboratory.”                          Directorate for Engineering Research Initiation Award, and several others. The
    Armand Beaudoin came to M&IE after         primary objectives of these programs were incorporated and expanded into the
working 11 years at Reynolds Metals            CAREER Award. The following is a list of current M&IE faculty members who
Company. He was familiar with the needs        have received either the Young Investigator Award or the CAREER Award.
of industry and where to begin his
research. The CAREER Award he received                     1984   M. Quinn Brewster, Charles Tucker III
in September 1999 helped him align that                    1985   Arne Pearlstein
insight with the graduate and undergradu-
                                                           1989   Joseph Bentsman, Brian Thomas
ate academic programs in M&IE.
Beaudoin’s research program, which                         1991   Placid Ferreira, John Georgiadis
focuses on metal-forming processes, will                   1993   Daniel Tortorelli
merge the analytical capabilities in an                    1994   Alexander Vakakis
academic research setting with the
                                                           1996   Andrew Alleyne, Thomas Mackin
complex operating systems of the indus-
trial world.                                               1997   Mark Shannon
    “Some industrial processes are so                      1998   Chia-Fon Lee, Tahir Saif
complex that analysis is difficult and                     1999   Armand Beaudoin, Geir Dullerud
routine lab tests can be so simple that they
                                                           2000   Leslie Phinney, James Stori
don’t give accurate insight to what the real
world problems are,” Beaudoin said. He is
working on a combination of experiments,
augmented with computer simulations,
that will be complex enough to be realistic
but simple enough to recreate and give
accurate analyses.
    Professors Leslie Phinney and James
Stori recently learned that they have been
recommended for funding for an NSF
CAREER Award in 2000. It is this kind of
professional reinforcement that continues
to have a positive influence on the
research conducted in this department.

   Andrew Alleyne (center) works with
     students in the Parker-Hannifin

                                                                                         M&IE Observer, Spring 2000                  5
Freshman Discovery Course Adapts to Students’ Needs
Since 1995, ME/IE 199 has provided
freshmen students in mechanical and                These professors spoke to freshmen industrial engineering students in the fall 1999
industrial engineering with a small-class          semester explaining their individual areas of interest.
setting where:
                                                                   Dick DeVor            quality
    they are introduced to the principles of                       Placid Ferreira       manufacturing systems
    mechanical and industrial engineering;
                                                                   Sheldon Jacobson      stochastic modeling
    class size is small, allowing for more
    interaction between students and                               Patricia Jones        human factors and ergonomics
    professor;                                                     Diego Klabjan         optimization
    they receive instruction from M&IE                             John Nowak            economic analysis
    professors and mentoring from a senior
                                                                   Mike Philpott         manufacturing education laboratories
    learning assistant;
    they are among other freshmen who are                          Jamie Stori           manufacturing processes
    “in the same boat;”                                            Xudong Zhang          human factors and ergonomics
    they can become familiar with the                              Wen Zhao              simulation
    departmental laboratories and other
                                                is taught each week by various members of       introduction to the professors and the
    Traditionally, this class concentrates on   the IE faculty. Each professor introduces       students, it also shows how industrial
a mechanical dissection project; the            the students to his or her particular area of   engineers can bring their diversity
students work in teams taking apart a           interest. With this team-teaching format,       together.”
small internal combustion engine. This          the students receive an overview of the             Ken Wright, an IE senior, was the
process opens up the world of mechanical        various areas of industrial engineering and     undergraduate learning assistant for the
engineering by introducing different areas      meet the entire IE faculty at the beginning     fall 1999 IE 199 class. He felt the students
such as heat transfer, materials processing,    of their college careers.                       benefited from the IE focus and team
and mechanical design. At the end of the            “Students don’t always understand how       teaching approach.
dissection, the students give both written      all the education they receive relates. They        “Having a separate IE class allows
and oral presentations, introducing them        don’t have a sense of the big picture,” said    students to explore the different areas such
to another important element of their           Jones. “This format gives students a good       as operations research, quality, and human
education.                                      conceptual look at the curriculum.”             factors. If students can get an idea early in
    The structure of this class has been well       It also gives the IE professors the         their IE careers of what they like the best,
founded for ME students but didn’t              opportunity to interact with all the            it makes it easier for them to decide what
particularly focus on the IE students’ areas    incoming students each year, which she          they would like to specialize in. It also
of interest. In 1998, Professor Patricia        believes will give the program more             allows them to meet the other IE majors. I
Jones developed an IE section for ME/IE         cohesiveness.                                   have already seen several friendships arise
199 that concentrates on industrial                 “The industrial engineering profession      among the students in the IE 199 course.
engineering topics; her efforts were            is susceptible to being very fragmented,”       I think they will be a close-knit group.”
recognized in 1999 when she received the        said Jones. “Historically, because there are        Wright said he believes his interactions
Rose Award for Teaching Excellence, given       so many differing areas of industrial           with the students had a positive impact on
by the College of Engineering. The course       engineering, there tends to be lot of           his own education as well. As a mentor
                                                different communities, existing indepen-        and a tutor to a class of incoming IE
                                                dently. This class not only gives an            students, he shared his excitement about
                                                                                                industrial engineering and the professional
                                                                                                possibilities he will face when he graduates
                                                                                                in May 2000.
                                                                                                    “When I talked about my enthusiasm
                                                                                                about industrial engineering, it seemed to
                                                                                                rub off on them, and now they share a lot
                                                                                                of my excitement for the major.”

6       M&IE Observer, Spring 2000
Largest Corporate Gift to University of Illinois to Benefit M&IE
A $4.5 million award from Ford Motor
Co. will benefit many disciplines at the       The Automotive Science and
University of Illinois at Urbana-Cham-         Technology Laboratory will provide
paign, including the Department of             the students and faculty of M&IE
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.         with space and facilities to:
The announcement of the award was
                                                 prepare students for automotive
made in September 1999 on the U of I
                                                 careers with firsthand knowledge
campus by Bill Powers, vice president-
                                                 and experience with state-of-the-
research of Ford, and Michael Aiken,
                                                 art experimental, analytical, and
chancellor of the Urbana-Champaign
                                                 computational techniques;
                                                 bring automotive projects
    A major portion of the award, nearly
                                                 initiated in the previously funded
$2.3 million, will provide for the remodel-
                                                 Ford Concurrent Design and
ing and modernization of the Automotive
                                                 Manufacturing Laboratory to          Ford representatives toured the existing
Systems Laboratories in M&IE. This
                                                 vehicle and engine test beds;        Automotive Lab in the Mechanical
facility will better prepare students for
                                                 build upon strong research ties      Engineering Building last September.
careers in the automotive and related
                                                 between Ford and M&IE faculty.       The remodeling and modernization
                                                                                      project will begin in spring 2000.
    With this Ford grant, approximately
5,000 square feet of laboratory space in
the Mechanical Engineering Building,
dating from the 1950s, will be enhanced
to provide state-of-the-art, 21st century
facilities featuring engine test cells,
emissions and diagnostic equipment, and
a vehicle component build and test lab.
With the addition of this lab, automotive
systems will be evaluated and redesigned.
This lab will enhance undergraduate and
graduate, as well as faculty, involvement in
automotive-related classes, design projects,
and research projects and give students the
opportunity to experience the entire
spectrum of automotive systems.
    In addition to the enhancement of
M&IE’s Automotive Science and Technol-
ogy Laboratory, other major portions of
the gift will benefit students by funding
undergraduate scholarships, graduate
fellowships, and diversity/minority
engineering scholarships across the

                                                                                      M&IE Observer, Spring 2000          7
Seminar Series Brings Engineering Experts to M&IE
The Department of Mechanical and
Industrial Engineering not only attracts        Mohamed Elbestawi, McMaster University
the best students and faculty members           “Integrated Process Modeling, Monitoring, and Control for Multi-Axis
from around the world, it also brings in        Machining of Dies and Molds”
outstanding visitors and speakers.
                                                Said Elghobashi, University of California, Irvine
Throughout the fall 1999 semester,
                                                “Direct Simulation of Particle-Laden Turbulent Flows: The Trajectory and Two-
respected researchers and academicians
                                                Fluid Approaches”
from around the world came to M&IE to
explain their research and professional         Michael C. Fu, University of Maryland
expertise. For students, hearing from these     “Pricing of American-Style Options via Monte Carlo Simulation”
leaders is a way to expand their research
                                                Huajian Gao, Stanford University
perspective and gain unique insights.
                                                “Cohesive Elasticity Models of Fracture”
Manufacturing students, who had studied
the research of Professors Malkin and           D. Goussis, Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature
Elbestawi in the classroom, had the chance      Chemical Processes, Patras, Greece
to meet the engineers directly responsible      “Low Dimensional Manifolds in Reaction-Diffusion Systems: Construction of
for the science. Students of controls           Reduced Kinetic Mechanisms for Combustion”
listened to Dr. Karl Hedrick discuss
                                                Mike Grimble, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
current aspects of dynamic control.
                                                “Optimal Restricted Structure Control of Multiple Model Systems”
                                                Karl Hedrick, University of California, Berkeley
                                                “Dynamic Positioning Control of Mobile Offshore Platforms”
                                                Philip LeDuc, Harvard Medical School/Children’s Hospital
                                                “Biomechanics in Molecular and Cellular Studies”
                                                Alain Karma, Northeastern University
                                                “Phase-Field Modeling of Microstructural Pattern Formation during
                                                Thomas Kenny, Stanford University
                                                “Micromechanical Devices for Force Measurement”
                                                Stephen Malkin, University of Massachusetts
                                                “Research Program on Grinding Fundamentals and Applications”
Professor Mike Grimbel, University of           David M. Mann, U.S. Army Research Office, Research Triangle Park, North
        Strathclyde, Scotland                   Carolina
    For the faculty, these speakers provide a   “The Mechanical Sciences Research Program of the Army Research Office”
vital link with the products of current         Luigi Martinelli, Princeton University
research activities around the world.           “Viscous Flow Solvers for Aerodynamic Analysis and Design”
Dr. Giuseppe Tritto of Rome, Italy,
explained the current and future needs in       Richard M. Murray, California Institute of Technology
the microsurgery field and described some       “Nonlinear Dynamics and Control of Fluids Systems with Applications to
of the requirements for mechatronic             Turbomachinery”
devices and sensors that physicians need        Richard Rand, Cornell University
when they use microinstruments.                 “The Dynamics of Resonance Capture”
    This seminar series is a dynamic part of
M&IE and creates the kind of intellectu-        Giuseppe Tritto, Consultant Urologist at Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris, France,
ally stimulating environment for which          and Director of the International Center of Andrology, Centro Diagnostico,
this department is known. The following         Rome, Italy
is a list of the speakers who took part in      “Implications of Micro-Surgery for Biomedical Mechatronics”
the M&IE seminar series during the fall
1999 semester.

8       M&IE Observer, Spring 2000
Hermia G. Soo Endowed Strategic Planning                                                      From the year 2000, we are looking
                                                                                              forward to the year 2020, 2030, and even
Professorship Established Committee Looks                                                     beyond that.
at M&IE                   to the Future                                                          “There are a lot of issues, a lot of
                                                                                              questions, and a lot of paths this depart-
A professorship in M&IE has been                Five years ago, a strategic planning          ment can choose to follow. The 21st
established by the late Professor Shao Lee      committee, comprised of M&IE profes-          century will be an exciting time for
Soo in honor of his wife, Mrs. Hermia           sors, looked to the future and decided        students, faculty, and the staff of M&IE,
Guntai Dan-Soo. The Hermia G. Soo               microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)         and the work of this committee will
Professorship will recognize their shared       would be an area that would bring about       hopefully provide direction that will allow
belief in the importance of education and       important technological advances in           us to face the many challenges that lie
create a legacy for future generations of       mechanical engineering. Their vision is       ahead,” he said.
engineering academicians at the University      why M&IE now has several new faculty             In addition to Tucker, the other M&IE
of Illinois.                                    members whose expertise in this area has      faculty members contributing on this
                                                helped create one of the best microscale      committee include Craig Dutton, Sheldon
                                                facilities in a university setting. This      Jacobson, Patricia Jones, Huseyin
                                                laboratory facility supports several major    Sehitoglu, Mark Shannon, and Alex
                                                research projects and has brought about       Vakakis. Karen Bryan is providing staff
                                                collaboration among researchers and           support for the committee.
                                                scientists from all over campus and the
                                                    Now, another strategic planning
                                                committee is contemplating what will          Faculty Observations
                                                impact the future of this department. In      Andrew Alleyne received the College of
                                                the fall of 1999, this committee was given    Engineering Xerox Award for Faculty
                                                the charge of developing a vision and         Research recognizing his outstanding
                                                strategic plan for the Department of          research in non-linear control of mechani-
                                                Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.        cal systems.
                                                The goal is to have one of the premier
                                                mechanical and industrial engineering         Shiv Kapoor received the ASME Dedi-
                                                programs in the world and to achieve this     cated Service Award, which honors
  Hermia and Shao Lee Soo in 1992               through a faculty-driven process that looks   unusual dedicated voluntary service to
    Mrs. Soo was born in Chongqing,             at every aspect of the department. The        ASME marked by outstanding perfor-
China, in 1922. She received her Bachelor       committee is keeping certain principles       mance, demonstrated effective leadership,
of Arts in music from the Ginling College,      and values at the forefront of this under-    prolonged and committed service,
Chengdu, China, and a Master of                 taking. In particular, the members of the     devotion, enthusiasm, and faithfulness.
Education from Phillips University, Enid,       committee are considering:                    The award was given to him in November
Okla.                                                                                         1999.
                                                   the directions of both mechanical and
    The Soos were married for 46 years.            industrial engineering education,
During the nearly 40 years that Professor                                                     Judith Liebman, professor emerita, was
                                                   scholarship, and research;
Soo served the University of Illinois with                                                    elected to the University of Colorado
distinction, Mrs. Soo shared her husband’s         the new avenues of knowledge that will     Foundation Board of Directors and is also
devotion to education and was responsible          guide the engineering profession and       serving a two-year term as chair of the
for creating the family environment that           address societal needs;                    Advisory Council to the UC College of
supported his scholarly and teaching                                                          Engineering and Applied Sciences.
                                                   the maintenance and development of
career.                                            exceptionally strong ties to industry
    Through this professorship, the legacy                                                    The American Society for Testing and
                                                   and government;
of the Soos will live on at the University of                                                 Materials selected Darrell Socie as a
Illinois and the Department of Mechani-            the continuation of outstanding            recipient for the Award of Merit. This is
cal and Industrial Engineering and will            professional and public service.           the highest society award given to an
contribute significantly toward ensuring                                                      individual member for distinguished
                                                    “It’s very useful to take a step back
the continued excellence to which                                                             service and outstanding participation in
                                                from your day-to-day activities and look at
Professor Soo devoted so much of his                                                          ASTM committee activities. With this
                                                what is important,” committee chair
life.                                                                                         honor, Socie also receives the honorary
                                                Charles Tucker said. “We need to be able
                                                                                              title of Fellow.
                                                to anticipate major issues and have a plan
                                                to respond to those issues as they evolve.

                                                                                              M&IE Observer, Spring 2000                  9
Center Observations
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration            Building Systems Laboratory                    Systems is a first-tier supplier of parts to
Center                                        BSL welcomed Dr. Richard Liesen back to        the automotive industry and the Intermet
ACRC held its annual project review           the U of I as associate director. Formerly     Corporation is a supplier of cast and
meeting on November 8 and 9, 1999,            on the staff of the BSL, he returned from      machined parts to the automotive
which was attended by more than 50            Filtration Engineering Co. in Indianapo-       industry.
engineers representing the 24 member          lis. His main research task will be to             Industry participants also toured the
companies. Approximately 40 graduate          develop techniques for simulating              Machine Tool Laboratory, where they
students hosted lab visits and made formal    moisture transfer in building elements.        reviewed a number of research projects in
presentations on their research projects      The first beta version of EnergyPlus, the      the area of intelligent monitoring and
related to air conditioning and refrigera-    new national building energy simulation        fault diagnosis. Specifically, the research
tion. Several labs demonstrated novel         program that was developed by BSL, U.S.        projects covered a discussion on building
flow-visualization techniques, which          Army CERL, and Lawrence Berkeley               an open architecture control-based process
provided insights into such phenomena as      National Laboratory, was available for         monitoring and diagnosis system that
two-phase flow distribution in headers and    testing as of December 27, 1999.               considers not only tool condition faults
tubes of heat exchangers, frost deposition                                                   but also considers detection and adaptive
on fins, and the use of streamwise and                                                       correction to adjust the effect of process
                                              Center for Machine Tool Systems                variation due to hardness and size
spanwise vorticity to enhance air-side heat
                                              Research                                       variation of castings.
    The cost of about half the ACRC           The fall 1999 meeting of the Center for            The center’s Machine Tool Laboratory
research program is shared by the 24          Machine Tool Systems Research was              received a new Horizontal Machining
member companies, but many projects           December 8, 1999, at the Computer and          Center, SH400, and a new ZL250 four-
are supported by individual company           Systems Research Laboratory. More than         axis two-turret CNC lathe. The horizontal
contracts. The fastest growing area of new    35 students and faculty were on hand to        machining center is also retrofitted to have
contract work is exploring the potential      discuss their posters and projects at length   a full five-axis machining capability. In
for using carbon dioxide as a refrigerant     with 20 industry participants from             addition to these two new Mori Seiki
for both heating and cooling in houses        Caterpillar, Delphi, Ford, Hayes               machines, the laboratory houses three
and cars. Those projects are currently        Lemmerz, Kistler Instruments, Mori Seiki,      vertical machining centers, another
funded by Hydro Aluminum A. S.,               and Motorola. Delphi Automotive                CNC turning center, and a two-slide
Delphi Thermal Systems, The Trane             Systems and the Intermet Corporation are       machine tool equipped with a special
Company, Modine Manufacturing                 the center’s two newest members, joining       high-speed spindle capable of variable
Company, and the U.S. Army.                   in August 1999. Delphi Automotive              speed machining.

                                                                                             Continuous Casting Consortium
                                                                                             Professor Brian Thomas and several
                                                                                             students involved with CCC visited nearly
                                                                                             all of the active member companies during
                                                                                             1999. CCC representatives also attended
                                                                                             the Iron and Steel Society meeting in
                                                                                             Chicago and participated in a conference
                                                                                             in August on the Illinois campus, where
                                                                                             students presented results of their projects.
                                                                                             Research results generated in 1999 were
                                                                                             distributed in 12 substantial CCC reports.
                                                                                                 Each graduate student supported by
                                                                                             CCC is actively working with at least one
                                                                                             member company to solve specific
                                                                                             problems, in addition to working on
                                                                                             projects of general fundamental interest.
ACRC industry members reviewed research work done at the U of I campus.                      Several students visited and worked with
(l. to r.) Paul Krause, Brazeway; Bob Utter, Brazeway; James Solberg, M&IE                   industry researchers at LTV Steel and
graduate student; Michael Kempiak, Tyler Refrigeration; and David Smithey,                   Armco in fall 1999, conducting novel
Brazeway. (Photo by James Corley)                                                            plant experiments on the continuous

10     M&IE Observer, Spring 2000
                                                                                              DeVor, continued from page 1
casting process and collecting data for        Multidisciplinary University                            ,
                                                                                              Methods which has been used in 100
validation of the computational models         Research Initiative Consortium                 colleges and universities in the United
developed by the CCC.                          The fourth annual review of the UIUC           States and abroad. In the 1980s, DeVor
    Significant new results were obtained      MURI program was held at Cocoa Beach,          was actively involved in the quality
in fluid flow in the continuous casting slab   Fla., on October 22, 1999, in conjunction      renaissance. He provided both classroom
mold by obtaining and comparing, for the       with the JANNAF (Joint Army Navy               instruction and in-plant consulting for the
first time, water model particle image         NASA Air Force) Combustion Subcom-             Ford Motor Co. and Caterpillar and many
velocimetry measurements, plant velocity       mittee Meeting. Some of the progress           firms in their supply bases. He also led the
signal measurements, large eddy simula-        reported included new experimental             preparation of video tapes for Xerox and
tions, and steady-state turbulence model       measurements of flame structure in AP/         Caterpillar that were used widely through
computations.                                  HTPB composite propellant sandwiches           the 1980s. DeVor, working with his close
    Invited presentations on CCC research      by M&IE doctoral student Ben                   colleague, Professor Shiv Kapoor, has
were made at international conferences         Chorpening.                                    advised more than 25 Ph.D. and 55 M.S.
and steel companies in Austria, Argentina,        Computational simulations carried out       students in his 29-year career at UIUC.
Canada, Japan, South Africa, and the           by M&IE doctoral student Greg Knott            Many of his students have gone on to
United States.                                 using simplified chemical kinetics schemes     assume leadership positions in industry
                                               were also reported. The computational          and academia.
                                               studies are jointly sponsored by the U of I,       DeVor received the American Society
Machine-Tool Agile Manufacturing
                                               Department of Energy, and the Acceler-         of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Blackall
Research Institute
                                               ated Strategic Computing Initiative            Machine Tool and Gage Award for an
The MTAMRI team of U of I, North-                                                             outstanding technical paper contribution
                                               Center for Simulation of Advanced
western University, and the University of                                                     in 1983 and again in 1997. In 1993, he
                                               Rockets. Together these complementary
Michigan has recently been formulating a                                                      received the Society of Manufacturing
                                               studies are providing insight into the
research strategy and agenda in the area of                                                   Engineers (SME) Education Award. He
                                               fundamental processes that govern
mesomachine tool development. This                                                            received a distinguished service award
                                               combustion of composite solid
work is being driven by the evolving need                                                     from the University of Wisconsin-
for very small parts and machined features                                                    Madison College of Engineering in 1997.
on those parts. The team has recently been                                                    DeVor has also received many teaching
awarded a $100,000 grant from the              Fracture Control Program                       awards at all levels at UIUC, including the
National Science Foundation to pursue          FCP held an Advisory Committee                 department’s Alumni Board Two-Year and
this work during the next year. The team       meeting on November 4, 1999, at the U          Five-Year Effective Teaching Awards, the
is designing and building a fully func-        of I Levis Faculty Center. Research            College of Engineering Everitt Award for
tional CNC vertical machining center that      presentations were made by M&IE faculty        Teaching Excellence, and the Campus
resides within a 50 mm cube.                   members and graduate students and by           Award for Excellence in Undergraduate
    During the fall 1999 semester, U of I      sponsors of the program. Some of the           Teaching. DeVor is a past president of the
and Michigan Technological University          topics included: microelectromechanical        North American Manufacturing Research
have continued their “Classical Papers         systems, fatigue of solder, fatigue of         Institution of SME and a Fellow of SME
Seminar” via videoconference. Graduate         polymers, microspecimen testing,               and ASME. He is also a member of the
students at the two universities presented     deformation of microcracked materials,         American Society for Quality.
and discussed seminal research in the          and thermomechanical fatigue of gray               After completing B.S., M.S., and
machining and machine-tool systems field       iron. Huseyin Sehitoglu, director of FCP,      Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering
on a weekly basis. The seminar was started     spoke about the perspectives and direc-        at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,
two years ago by Professors DeVor and          tions in fatigue research.                     DeVor joined the M&IE Department in
Kapoor at UIUC and Professor John                  On November 10 and 11, 1999, nearly        1971. He served as the Associate Head for
Sutherland at MTU.                             75 engineers attended the Fracture             Research and Graduate Studies from
    The MTAMRI team of U of I, Georgia         Control Program Short Course taught by         1987-1991 and, since 1998, as the
Institute of Technology, University of         M&IE Professors Sehitoglu and Socie and        Coordinator of Alumni Affairs. In
Michigan, and Pennsylvania State               Civil and Environmental Engineering            addition, DeVor is the director of the
University has recently completed a two-       Professor Frederick Lawrence. The              multiuniversity NSF/DARPA Machine-
year collaboration with machine tool           participants will return for an advanced       Tool Agile Manufacturing Research
builder Lamb Technicon and the NIST            course to be held April 25 and 26,             Institute.
Advanced Technology Program in the area        2000.
of “Intelligent Fixturing Systems.”

                                                                                              M&IE Observer, Spring 2000             11
Alumni Observations
Dean’s Annual Meeting Focuses                  Distinguished Alumni Awards                 Alumni Board News
on M&IE                                        Each year, a committee of M&IE Alumni       The objective of the M&IE Alumni Board
Since William R. Schowalter was named          Board members selects a group of            is to represent the alumni constituent
dean in 1989, he has hosted an annual          distinguished alumni to be honored for      group and to support the department in
gathering for special friends of the College   their contributions and accomplishments     ways that effectively use the time, skills,
of Engineering. Each year, a department        in business, industry, education, govern-   and experience of the board members.
in the College of Engineering receives         ment, and other professional areas. The     Activities include student and faculty
special attention. Traditionally held before   following people are being honored in       support, advice on departmental concerns,
a home football game, the Dean’s Annual        2000:                                       proactive financing, and communications
Meeting in September 1999 focused on                                                       with all alumni. The new members of the
                                               Edgar B. Boynton, MSME 1924
the Department of Mechanical and                                                           board, appointed for the 2000–2003
                                               Manager of Richmond Branch (retired),
Industrial Engineering. Student projects                                                   term, are listed here.
                                                 Wiley & Wilson, Consulting Engi-
were on display so that engineering
                                                 neers, Richmond Virginia                  Kathryn Nolan Frost, BSME 1980
alumni could see the accomplishments
                                                                                           Director—Service Center, San Diego Gas
being made by current M&IE students.           Albert F. Houchens, MSME 1963,
                                                                                              & Electric Company, San Diego,
Alumnus J. Raymond Carroll (BSME ’42,             PhDME 1970
MSME ’48), pictured here, was the              Director of Manufacturing Technology
keynote speaker and spoke about his work          Productionizing, General Motors Metal    Roy F. Goern, BSME 1958, MSME 1961
as the director                                   Fabricating Division, Troy, Michigan     Senior Staff, Logicon Advanced Technol-
of engineering                                                                                ogy, San Pedro, California
                                               Klaus J. Weinmann, BSME 1962, MSME
in the Office
                                                  1965, PhD 1969                           William A. Kline, BSIE 1977, MSIE
of the Architect
                                               Professor of Mechanical Engineering,           1979, PhDME 1982
of the United
                                                  Michigan Technological University,       Senior Vice President and Chief Operat-
States Capitol
                                                  Houghton, Michigan                          ing Officer, Montronix, Inc., Ann
Building in
                                                                                              Arbor, Michigan
D.C.                                                                                       Steven L. Pearce, BSME 1979
                                                                                           Powertrain Sub System Design Supervisor,
                                                                                              Ford Motor Company, Dearborn,
                                                                                           Coleen Blue Richards, BSIE 1989
                                                                                           Quality Engineering Supervisor, Delphi
                                                                                             Automotive, Dayton, Ohio
                                                                                           George J. Trezek, MSME 1962, PhDME
                                                                                           Principal, Environmental Consulting
                                                                                              Services, Danville, California

                                                                                              Staff Retirement
                                                                                              Rosalie Mabbitt, account tech II,
           Practice Interviews Prepare Students for Job Searches                              retired at the end of 1999. She has
           An alumni board member took on the role of interviewer while                       worked in the Business Office since
           students honed their skills at answering questions in a job interview              July 1986, and her hard work and
           situation during the annual Practice Interview Session, which was                  dedication to the department will be
           held last fall. John McMahon, left, appreciated the input he received              missed.
           from alum Hal D’Orazio (BSIE 1961).

12      M&IE Observer, Spring 2000
 Raymond Viskanta—College of Engineering Alumni Award for Distinguished Service

 Raymond Viskanta (BSME                                        Viskanta was born in          Berkeley, and was also a guest professor
 1955) is a recipient of the                               Lithuania in 1931. He and his     at the Technical University of Munich
 College of Engineering                                    family left their home during     (1976), a visiting professor at the
 Alumni Award for Distin-                                  World War II, later immigrat-     Tokyo Institute of Technology (1983),
 guished Service for 2000,                                 ing to the United States and      and a guest professor at the University
 which will be presented at                                settling on a farm in Michigan.   of Karlsruhe (summers of 1987 and
 the 36th Annual Awards                                    After graduating from high        1988). In 1986, he was named to his
 Convocation in April.                                     school in 1951, Viskanta          current position.
 Viskanta has amassed an                                   received a BSME with high             Viskanta is one of the top scholars
 extraordinary record of                                   honors from the U of I. He        in the field of heat transfer and is
 accomplishments and service                               subsequently received an          known internationally for his work in
 in the 37 years that he has been both         MSME from Purdue University in 1956.          radiation heat transfer. He has made
 an educator and a researcher. He has          As an assistant mechanical engineer at        landmark contributions in materials
 co-authored six textbooks and                 Argonne National Laboratory, he con-          processing, heat transfer in melting and
 mentored more than 100 graduate               ducted research related to boiling, two-      solidification, heat transfer in porous
 students and 33 postdoctoral research-        phase flow, and nuclear reactor safety. He    media, buoyancy-driven systems, and
 ers and visiting scholars at Purdue           received a U.S. Atomic Energy Commis-         combustion systems. He received the
 University, where he is the W. F. M.          sion Fellowship and returned to Purdue to     prestigious Max Jakob Award of
 Goss Distinguished Professor of               work on his doctoral degree, which he         ASME/AICHE in 1986 and was
 Engineering. He has published 325             received in 1960. For the next two years,     elected to the National Academy of
 papers in archival journals and has           he continued at Argonne as an associate       Engineering the following year.
 served as associate editor of the Journal     mechanical engineer.                          Viskanta has dedicated his professional
 of Quantitative Spectroscopy and                 In 1962, he joined Purdue as an            life to the mechanical engineering
 Radiative Transfer (1969–1972) and as         associate professor of mechanical engineer-   discipline and is an especially deserving
 editor of the ASME Journal of Heat            ing. In the late 1960s, he was a visiting     candidate for this honor.
 Transfer.                                     professor at the University of California,

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                                                                                             M&IE Observer, Spring 2000             13
Student Observations
Graduate student Edwin Rejda won Best Student Paper Award at
the June ASTM Symposium on Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics.                The following students were recognized by the 1999 Award
His paper was entitled “Bulk Property Testing of Thick Thermal            Program for the Advancement of Arc Welded Design,
Barrier Coatings.”                                                        Engineering and Fabrication: Gautam Baski, Jeffrey Chow,
                                                                          Paul Dynowski, Jeff Ernst, John Frana, Michael Gredlics,
                        Teresa Halverson, MSME 1999, won                  David Grover, Everett Hafenrichter, David Hopp, Colin
                        first place in the student speaking               Horn, Timothy Jager, Paul Kawka, Melody Langeneckert,
                        competition at the June 1999 annual               David Lash, Andrew McGrath, James Nonnenmann,
                        meeting of the Society for Experimental           Jason Oliva, Jason Pelch, Christopher Ras, Nathan Searcy,
                        Mechanics. The presentations are judged           Yi Tang, Jayson Valluzzi, John Whittenhall, Robert Zeller.
                        on technical content, organization of
                        material, effectiveness of delivery,
                        adherence to allotted presentation time,
                        and response to questions. She is now a        Through the generosity of the Thiokol Corporation, M&IE
                        senior engineer, non-PVC delivery              recognizes students who produce the best design projects in ME/
systems, Global Manufacturing Operations, Baxter Healthcare            IE 280. The following students were recipients of the fall 1999
Corporation, located in Round Lake, Ill.                               Thiokol Award for Excellence in Engineering Design:
                                                                          Sean Broihier, Keith Gall, Aaron Ickes, Jeff Schleich: “Rede-
Two M&IE student groups received first and second place awards
                                                                          sign of an Injection Coil to Operate with Minimum Power
at the ASME Manufacturing Engineering Division Student
                                                                          Draw” for Quick-Start Products, Ltd., Rochelle, Ill.
Manufacturing Design National Competition. The projects were
presented at the 1999 International Mechanical Engineering                Laurent Benkowski, Saravan Rajendran, Anup Shah, Seema
Congress and Exposition, held November 18 in Nashville, Tenn.             Shah: “Design of an On-line Self-Assessment Survey” for the
The department’s entrants were projects of student groups in ME/          Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,
IE 280 during the fall 1998 semester. ME/IE 280 is the senior             Urbana, Ill.
capstone design class required of all seniors in ME and IE.
                                                                          Ben Hodel, Edward Ku, Jeff Mattas: “Design of a Blister Pack
    First Place: “Failure Analysis of Cracks in Small Diameter
                                                                          Finished Goods Inverter and Collator” for EMD Products,
Taps” by Melody Langeneckert, David Lash, and Jason Pelch.
                                                                          Libertyville, Ill.
    Second Place: “Corvette Headlight Adjuster” by Jason Werner,
Paul Smith, and Scott Kaspar.
                                                                       Scholarship Recipients
M&IE Students Submit Winning Ford Designs                              M&IE attracts the best and brightest students from all over the
                                                                       country and the world. Many of our students receive national,
Several M&IE students were on the winning teams of the Ford
                                                                       university, or College of Engineering scholarships. Other students
Motor Company Design Contest for members of ASME held the
                                                                       receive departmental scholarships, supported by the friends and
week of November 1, 1999. The task for these student teams was
                                                                       alumni of M&IE. The following students received departmental
to design an innovative, versatile, interior cargo box feature for a
                                                                       scholarships for the 1999–2000 academic year.
Ford Ranger truck. Marc Beltran, Scott Biedess, and Seth King
were on the first place team and were the recipients of a $500         Alcoa Foundation                   G. Thomas Castino
scholarship. Alan Visocky was on the second place team, which          Scholarships                       Outstanding Scholars
received a $300 scholarship. Jude Kenny and Steven Rodriguez           Anand Babu                         Program Scholarships
were on the third place team and were awarded a $200                   Sean Broihier                      Nicholas Ploplys
scholarship.                                                           Alex Edwin                         Joshua Reed
                                                                       James W. Ashbrook                  Caterpillar Excellence
George Huff Awardees                                                   Scholarships                       Scholarships
The George Huff Awards are presented each year by the Division         James Kapsimalis                   Amy Butterworth
of Intercollegiate Athletics in recognition of students who have       Jason Walsh                        Aruna Darolia
achieved a minimum 3.0 grade-point average during the academic                                            Yusef Elfiki
                                                                       A. Richard Ayers Scholarship
year while also winning a varsity letter in the same period. The                                          Adam Fulford
                                                                       Curtis Moeckel
1999–2000 M&IE recipients of George Huff Awards are Sarah                                                 Diana Ingram
Buckius, cheerleading; Kristine Lawson, swimming, and Jakub            BP Amoco Foundation                John Koch
Teply, tennis.                                                         Engineering Scholarships           Sahng-Ho Koh
                                                                       Shawn Begley                       Ari Leopold
                                                                       Jay Paidipati                      John Louis
                                                                                                          Kevin Saff

14      M&IE Observer, Spring 2000
Luke Schenk                    Henneman Scholarship         Procter & Gamble
                                                                                          Caterpillar Award
Rebecca Stimpfl                Daniel Mattison              Scholarships
                                                                                          Mike Padowski
Aaron Taggart                                               Patricia Cannon
                               Illinois Tool Works
Priscilla To                                                David Husser                  B. T. Chao Award
                               Foundation Scholarships
                                                            Brent Katauskas               Emad Jassim
Bei Tse Chao and May Chao      William Nordby
                                                            Jimmy Lin
Scholarship                    Matthew Sirovatka                                          A. G. Friederich Memorial
                                                            Anjali Rangaswamy
Daniel Harmon                  Nicholas Stokes                                            Awards
                                                            Kurt Wagner
                                                                                          Matthew Busche
Guy Richard Collins            Kaiser Aluminum and
                                                            Sam Sachs Memorial            Timothy McGee
Engineering Scholarships       Chemical Corporation
Jeffrey Atkins                 Scholarships                                               George W. Harper Award
                                                            David Bim-Merle
Angela Bishop                  DeAnna Clough                                              Michael Winblad
                                                            Brian Resor
Duane Bomleny                  Tracy Dannegger
                                                            Mariusz Wrzosek               Clarence L. Johnson Award
Eric Borrowman                 Marianne File
                                                                                          Paul Sudkamp
Peter Braido                   Jordana Goldman              UOP Scholarships
Joshua Callaway                Nancy Jackson                William Richau                Konzo/ASHRAE Award
Kenneth Glessner               Jennifer Kelm                Paul Sudkamp                  Saravan Rajendran
Thomas Hafenrichter            Kristine Lawson
                                                            Eleanor and Eugene            Helmut H. Korst Award
Robert Hill                    Jenny Olberg
                                                            Wesselman Scholarships        William Piggott
Manoj Jhaveri                  Brenna Pointon
                                                            Timothy McGee
O. Sung Kwon                   Pamela Schroer                                             O. A. Leutwiler Award
                                                            Jenny Olberg
Janet Maas                     Heather Suchy                                              Daniel Mattison
Christopher Meischner          Laura Veldhouse
                                                                                          Machine Design Award
Christopher Monroe
                               Karl W. Kolb Memorial        M&IE Student Honors           Sean Broihier
Richard Moss
                               Scholarships                 These M&IE students have
Brian Resor                                                                               Outstanding IE Junior Award
                               Kathryn Crylen               been recognized for their
Brian Snyder                                                                              Heather Kiepura
                               Lisa Buie                    outstanding achievements
Patrick Su
                               Jennifer Lancaster           during the 1999-2000          Pi Tau Sigma Sophomore
Tae Yoo
                               Michelle Lancaster           academic year. They will      Award
Xin Zhu
                               Janet Maas                   receive their awards at the   Shawn Harnish
Phillip A. Dethloff                                         Department of Mechanical
                               John H. and Billie Jean                                    L. C. Pigage Awards
Scholarships                                                and Industrial Engineering
                               Marsh Scholarships                                         Sarah Duffy
Shawn Begley                                                2000 Annual Awards Dinner
                               Brian Dressel                                              Jenny Olberg
Jennifer Lancaster                                          in April.
                               O. Sung Kwon
Michelle Lancaster                                                                        Procter & Gamble Technical
Bradley Rittenhouse            M&IE Alumni Scholarships     Air Conditioning,             Excellence Award
Qingxuan Zhang                 Daniel Adrian                Refrigeration, and Heating    Nancy Jackson
                               Kevin Hommema                Award
Exxon Company Scholarship                                   Thomas Hafenrichter           K. J. Trigger Award
                               William Hunt
Donald Kraus                                                                              Boon Tay
                               Christopher Meischner        Alpha Pi Mu Junior Award
Ford Motor Company             Alex Stoller                 Robert Nichols
Scholarship                    David Sullivan
Alison DeMarzo                 Matthew Wilhelm              Alpha Pi Mu Outstanding        Setting the Record Straight
                               Colin Winters                Member                         The Ford Concurrent Design
General Motors Intern                                       Heather Kiepura                and Manufacturing Lab space
                               Christopher Yu
Scholarship Program                                                                        in the remodeling project at
Anand Raghu                    Mobil Oil Corporation        ASME Junior Award              the Mechanical Engineering
                               Scholarship                  Brent Schwoerer                Laboratory was made possible
Al Hallene/Pella Corporation
                               Eric Borrowman               ASME Senior Award              in part through funding by the
Engineering Scholarship                                                                    Ford Motor Fund, not the
Kathleen Pirog                 Parker Hannifin Foundation   Anand Raghu
                                                                                           Ford Foundation as men-
                               Scholarships                 James W. Bayne Awards          tioned in the Fall 1999
Roger and Sandra Heath
                               Christopher Deiter           Darren Davis                            .
                                                                                           Observer We regret the error.
                               Jeffrey Heitzman             Matthew Kelso
Derek Schulte
                               Sheung Yan
Qingxuan Zhang

                                                                                 M&IE Observer, Spring 2000          15
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           The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is an
           equal opportunity and affirmative action institution.