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                                                         3    EDITORIAL
                                                         by Very Rev. John Abdalah
                        The Most Reverend                5    A D D R E S S O F M E T R O P O L I TA N P H I L I P
                 Metropolitan PHILIP, D.H.L., D.D.            TO THE ARCHDIOCESE CONVENTION,
                              Primate                         J U LY 2 0 0 3
                        The Right Reverend
                     Bishop Antoun, Auxiliary            10 ARCHDIOCESAN OFFICE
                        The Right Reverend
                     Bishop Joseph, Auxiliary            1 4 B R I E F R E P O R T O F T H E F O R T Y- S I X T H
                        The Right Reverend                   CONVENTION OF THE ANTIOCHIAN
                      Bishop Basil, Auxiliary                ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN ARCHDIOCESE
                        The Right Reverend                   OF NORTH AMERICA
                     Bishop Demetri, Auxiliary
                       Founded in Arabic as              16 SEPTEMBER IS FELLOWSHIP OF
                        Al Kalimat in 1905                  S T. J O H N T H E D I V I N E M O N T H
                   by Saint Raphael Hawaweeny
                       Founded in English as             1 7 T H E D E PA R T M E N T O F
                         The Word in 1957
                  by Metropolitan Antony Bashir              C H R I S T I A N E D U C AT I O N
                          Editor in Chief
                                                         2 1 A N A R A B - A M E R I C A N AT WA R
               The Very Rev. John P. Abdalah, D.Min.
                                                         by Sgt. Frank N. Pelligrini
                          Assistant Editor
                     Joanne M. Abdalah, MSW
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VOLUME 47 NO. 7                         SEPTEMBER 2003   ISSN 0043-7964                   

2   The Word

               ANTIOCHIAN GENIUS

       HE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE 46TH                  Document outlines how the new diocesan bish-
       Convention of the Antiochian Orthodox            ops, our own Bishops Antoun, Joseph, Basil and
       Christian Archdiocese of North America           Demetri, with Metropolitan Philip shall consti-
began with the troparion of Pentecost and glowed        tute a local synod in North America. Our
with the fire of the Holy Spirit for two days. This     Metropolitan will continue to serve as a member
assembly was on fire with excitement and antici-        of the Holy Synod of Antioch. Future diocesan
pation. As each of the departments                                   bishops would be nominated by the
reported on its work, the spirit grew;              x                Archdiocesan General Assembly, seek
when Metropolitan Philip addressed             EDITORIAL             the blessings of His Beatitude Ignatius
the assembly, the excitement swelled;               BY               IV, the Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch
finally, when we heard of the great          Very Rev. John P.       and All the East, then be elected by
work accomplished in Geneva by the               Abdalah             the local Synod of the Autonomous
delegates of the Mother Church and                  x                Archdiocese of North America and
our own Archdiocese, the excitement                                  approved by its Metropolitan. The
reached its crescendo. A resolution endorsing the       election of the Metropolitan Primate would begin
Geneva Document was presented and, by a roll            with the nomination of three candidates by the
call vote, 740 of the 743 delegates present             General Assembly of the North American
(99.6%) endorsed the work of the joint commit-          Archdiocese and its local Synod. The names of
tee, chaired by Metropolitan George (Khodre).           the three nominees for primate would be submit-
This document allows for the Antiochian                 ted to the Holy Synod, who shall elect the
Archdiocese of North America to remain united           Metropolitan within forty days. Chrism will still
spiritually and canonically with                        come from the Patriarchate and all decisions of
the great Church of Antioch                             the Holy Synod of Antioch concerning matters of
while maintaining unity                                 doctrine, liturgy and sacraments shall be binding
within our own shores. The                              on the Autonomous Archdiocese. Relations with
genius of this document                                 autocephalous Orthodox Churches outside of
allows enough autonomy                                  North America, and ecumenical policy with
for the North American                                  regard to other Christian and non-Christian bod-
Antiochian                                              ies shall continue to be governed by the Holy
Church        to                                        Synod of Antioch.
minister                                                        The genius of this agreement is that it
effectively                                                       allows for the Autonomous Archdiocese
without                                                                in America to continue to benefit
losing our                                                                from the rich and holy traditions
cherished                                                                                       of Antioch
tie to the                                                                                      while meet-
Mother                                                                                          ing     the
Church.                                                                                         practical
   The                                                                                         administra-
Geneva                                                                                        tive needs of
                                                                                              the growing

                                                                                               September 2003 3

 and vibrant North American Church. The “Spirit         in this land has weakened our Christian witness.
 of Antioch” is one that has been inclusive and         Our Church cannot tolerate division. We need to
 enthusiastic from the start. St. Paul’s missionary     work together with other Orthodox as much as
 work was based in the city of Antioch, which was       possible. Our unity will allow us to work more
 mostly Gentile but included a population that          effectively with other Orthodox Churches here.
 was culturally and racially diverse. It included       Thanks to God, the Geneva agreement allows for
 people who were both Jewish and non-Jewish,            Antiochian unity within the American shores
 Greek-speaking and non Greek-speaking, multi-          and unity with the Mother Church. With much
 lingual and of varied origins. It was a city of peo-   pride in Antioch, I recognize this Antiochian
 ple from various dispersions who relocated to          document as part of the genius, flexibility and
 this ancient capital after being displaced from        love that reflects the ancient “spirit of Antioch.”
 their homelands for a multitude of reasons. This       I believe that history will record this agreement
 was the cultural background that allowed Paul to       to be inspired by the Holy Spirit and a gift to
 preach a message which would inspire and con-          world Orthodoxy.
 vert much of the known world. Hence, the expe-             Our Father and Shepherd Metropolitan Philip
 riences of Antioch allow the Antiochian Church         will attend the Holy Synod Meeting in October,
 a special witness to America, which is also cul-       when the Synod will receive the Geneva
 turally and racially diverse. Bringing this same       Document which it commissioned. I pray that
 witness to America today is of great importance.       the same Holy Spirit that came to the Church at
 America is filled with thousands of religious tra-     Pentecost, dwelt with the commission of the Holy
 ditions. For Orthodoxy to prosper here today,          Synod of Antioch in Geneva, and warmed the
 we need a united voice.                                faithful of our Archdiocese in Miami, will guide
    The Church in America treasures our unity           our Holy Synod of Antioch when it assembles in
 on this North American continent. We have              October to receive and act on the Geneva agree-
 already suffered too many schisms in our short         ment. May God bless our Father and Patriarch
 history, Antacky-Russe and New York-Toledo,            Ignatius and all of the Holy Metropolitans of our
 and we know that disunity among the Orthodox           Holy Antiochian Church.

4 The Word
                            Address of
                        Metropolitan Philip
                               to the
                              A R C H D I O C E S E C O N V E N T I O N ,         2 0 0 3
                                            M I A M I , F L O R I D A

Your Eminences, Your Graces,             do not deserve to be His followers.      tual and physical sickness. Did He
Beloved Clergy, Esteemed Members         We cannot serve others if we do not      come to our broken world out of
of the Board of Trustees, Parish         love them. In John 12:26, Jesus said:    necessity? Was He forced to come
Councils, and all Faithful of our        “If anyone serves me, he must fol-       and serve us? No, He came out of
God-protected Archdiocese,               low me.” And to follow Him, we           absolute love, willingness and in full
                                         must take up the cross and follow        obedience to the Father. St. Paul
   “The son of man came not to be        Him. The road to the kingdom is          puts it this way in Galatians 4:4, “In
served, but to serve, and to give His    narrow, difficult, covered with          the fullness of time, God sent forth
life as ransom for many” (Matt.          thorns and hissing reptiles. Are we      His son, born of a woman,” to make
20:28).                                  willing to walk this road and accept     us God’s sons. Because of His love
                                         this challenge?                          for us, “The Word became flesh and

        S YOU WELL KNOW, THE                Some thinkers ask, “What hap-         dwelt among us full of grace and
        theme of our convention this     pened to Christianity? It is ineffec-    truth” (John 1:14). He became man
        year is “service.” In order to   tive, marginalized, and without any      in order to make us “partakers of
understand this theme, we must           impact on our moral, spiritual, polit-   the Divine nature” (II Peter 1:4).
know its context. In Matthew 20:20,      ical and social life.” I say, “Nothing     The whole purpose of the incarna-
“the mother of the sons of Zebedee       has happened to Christianity; it is      tion, then, was to rescue us from the
came up to Him (Jesus) with her          still treasured in the Church which      corruption of death, and this is the
sons, and kneeling before Him, she       Christ established and redeemed by       ultimate of love and service. If God
asked Him to do her a favor. And He      His own blood.” Yes, my friends,         so served us, loved us, died for us
said to her, ‘What do you want?’ She     Christianity is here, pure and intact;   and was resurrected from the dead
said to Him, ‘Command that these         but we do not have many                  for us, how should we serve Him in
two sons of mine may sit, one at         Christians, many true followers of       return? In Matthew, He said, “Truly,
your right hand and one at your left,    Christ, especially in the so-called      I say to you, as you did it to one of
in your kingdom.’ ” The story con-       Christian nations of this world.         the least of these my brethren, you
tinues: “And when the ten heard it,         In II Timothy 2:4, St. Paul said:     did it to me” (25:40). Therefore, we
they were indignant at the two           “No soldier on service gets entan-       serve Him by serving each other and
brothers.” But Jesus called them to      gled in civilian pursuits, since his                   by serving every
Him and said, “You know that the         aim is to satisfy the one who enlist-                      human being creat-
rulers of the Gentiles like to lord it   ed him.” And in Matthew 6:24,                                ed in His own
over them, and their great men           Jesus said: “No one can serve two                             image and like-
exercise authority over them. It         masters; for either he will hate                               ness, regardless
shall not be so among you; but who-      the one and love the other, or he                               of race, color,
ever would be great among you must       will be devoted to the one and                                   creed,      or
be your servant and whoever would        despise the other. You cannot                                    nationality.
be first among you must be your          serve God and mammon.”                                           This       has
slave; even the son of man came not         If we, seriously, contemplate the                            been        our
to be served but to serve, and to give   life of Christ, we realize that our                                practice in
His life as a ransom for many.”          Lord came to this world on a mis-
  Jesus is trying to teach His disci-    sion of service. How did He serve?
ples that any honor, any prestige,       He reconciled man to God; He
any authority and any greatness, if it   preached the good news; He
is not based on service, is false,       healed the paralyzed, the
prideful, empty and meaningless. If      blind, the lepers; He raised
we are not willing to sacrifice even     the dead. In other words,
our lives as “ransom for many,” we       He came to heal our spiri-

                                                                                                        September 2003 5
                                     A D D R E S S O F M E T R O P O L I TA N P H I L I P

this Archdiocese and it will remain      God has appointed in the Church                tional parish, and yet last year, we
so. All of us have been created with     first apostles, second prophets, third         had thirteen divorces in the parish.”
talents; let us not bury these talents   teachers, then workers of miracles,            Our families are breaking apart and
in the ground. Let us use them for       then healers, helpers and adminis-             the number of divorces is now one
the service of others and for the edi-   trators.”                                      in two marriages. One of my priests
fication of the Church.                     All of us must work together like a         told me a few weeks ago: “The
   In First Corinthians 12:4, St. Paul   symphony, as St. Ignatius put it, not          forces of this world are tearing the
said: “Now there are varieties of        for our own glory but for the glory of         very fabric of family life asunder.” In
gifts, but the same spirit; and there    God and the edification of the                 order to reverse this trend and pro-
are varieties of service, but the same   Church. God gave us this vineyard              tect our children from this anti-
Lord; and there are varieties of         to cultivate it and protect it. There          Christ culture, we must do our best
working, but it is the same God who      are many wolves and foxes waiting              to transform this culture into a
inspires them all in everyone.” You      to devour the sheep and destroy the            Christ-centered one; hence the
can see that all of us have various      vineyard. We must not let them and             importance of the new “Department
gifts. By virtue of our baptism, we      we must seek the help of God to give           of Marriage and Parish Family

are called to be ministers and           us the strength so that we may pro-            Ministries,” which I established this
servants.                                tect this vineyard with our mighty             year under the leadership of
  Our Archdiocese exemplifies this       arms.                                          Khourieh Maggie Hock. Maggie will
biblical reality. Some of us are bish-   My dear brothers and sisters in                visit our conferences and conduct
ops, some of us are priests, some are    Christ,                                        seminars on pre-marriage and post-
deacons and subdeacons. Some of            We have come a long way during               marriage problems. If you need her
us are Archdiocesan Trustees, some       the past thirty-seven years, but we            in your parish, extend to her an
are members of the Order of St.          still have a long way to go. We have           invitation at your own expense. If
Ignatius, some are members of the        not yet reached the state of perfec-           you want to know more about this
Antiochian Women, some are mem-          tion and I doubt if we ever will; but          important department and Khourieh
bers of the Fellowship of St. John       we must try. We used to rely on the            Maggie, I refer you to our April issue
the Divine and some are members of       old values which the immigrants                of The WORD magazine. I have full
SOYO. Some are choir leaders and         brought with them to these blessed             confidence in Maggie and ask you to
some are choir members. Some are         shores. Unfortunately, the old values          give her your full cooperation.
church school superintendents and        no longer exist because we have                My dear friends,
some are church school teachers.         ceased to be a church of immi-                   We cannot serve you as you
Some of us raise money for the poor      grants. We are an integral part of             deserve without adequate financial
to feed the hungry and clothe the        this society, subjected to all the             support. The last time we increased
naked. Is this not what the Church       forces of decadence and corruption.            your assessment was eight years
is all about? In the same epistle,       We no longer live in ethnic ghettos,           ago. I would like to remind you
Chapter 12:27, St. Paul continues:       nor are we an island. One of our dis-          again and again that this assessment
“Now you are the body of Christ and      tinguished trustees told me a few              is based on the number of baptized
individually members of it. And          months ago: “I come from a tradi-              souls in your parish, active or non-

6   The Word
                                    A D D R E S S O F M E T R O P O L I TA N P H I L I P

active, alike. If you have non-active   Archdiocese, which are giving ten              this nation? Where is our impact on
members in your parish, it is the       percent of their gross income to               the moral life of this nation? Where
responsibility of your priest, your     their parishes and the Archdiocese.            is our impact on the social life of
parish council and your stewardship     Do not ever forget that what you               this nation? Where is our impact on
committee to activate them. But as      have is not yours; it belongs to God.          the political life of this nation? I can
long as these people are on your        I have asked the Director of our               still ask many, many questions, but
mailing list, and as long as you        Christian Education Department,                unfortunately, the answer is simple:
marry them and bury them, you           Mrs. Carole Buleza, to make tithing            we have no impact whatsoever.
must pay for them.                      a part of our Christian Education              Why? Because of our disunity and
   Last May 14, the Department of       curriculum.                                    fragmentation; and we are becoming
Finance met at the Archdiocesan           I am happy to tell you that in the           more and more fragmented because
headquarters to examine our             year 2002-2003, we had twenty-nine             of blind leadership.
finances and prepare a budget for       seminarians enrolled at various sem-             Two years ago, at the Archdiocese
the fiscal year ending January 31,      inaries. Eleven of them graduated              Convention in Los Angeles,
2005. After a lengthy discussion, the   last May and have already been                 California, a resolution was submit-
department approved a budget in         assigned to various parishes. In the           ted to you seeking autonomy for this
the amount of $4,413,000.00, the        year 2003-2004, we will have twen-             Archdiocese. After discussion, this
biggest budget in the history of our    ty-six seminarians enrolled at vari-           assembly voted, and the vote was
Archdiocese. In order to cover this     ous seminaries in North America.               97.7%, in favor of autonomy. Last
budget, the department voted unani-     Our seminarians receive full schol-            year, in June 2002, I traveled, with a
mously to increase the assessment       arships from our Archdiocese, con-             delegation, to attend the meeting of
from $25.00 per baptized soul to        trary to seminarians from other                the Holy Synod of Antioch. The
$30.00 per baptized soul, annually.     jurisdictions, who have to borrow              Holy Synod resolved unanimously to
Some of you might ask, “why the         money in order to pay for their the-           bless your wishes and called for the
increase in the budget?” The answer     ological education. Every year we              appointment of a joint committee
is:                                     receive a large number of applica-             from the Patriarchate and this
   1. We have budgeted $60,000.00       tions for theological studies. These           Archdiocese to meet and work out
      for the new Department of         applications must go, like all ordina-         some of the details of this autono-
      Marriage and Parish Family        tions, through a Review Board,                 my. Last November 2002, His
      Ministry.                         chaired by His Grace Bishop                    Beatitude Patriarch Ignatius IV
   2. We have budgeted $45,000.00       Antoun. The recommendations of                 appointed a Patriarchal Committee
      to cover the operation of the     this Review Board are submitted to             chaired by His Eminence Metro-
      new museum at the Heritage        me for final approval. I would like to         politan Elias Audi of Beirut and I
      and Learning Center which will    take this opportunity to thank His             appointed a committee, chaired by
      be dedicated next year in June.   Grace Bishop Antoun and all mem-               His Grace Bishop Basil. His
   3. We have budgeted $150,000.00      bers of the Review Board for a job             Eminence Metropolitan Georges
      to renovate the swimming pool,    very well done. Thank God the over-            Khodr of Mount Lebanon was
      the camp kitchen, and camper      whelming majority of our priests are           appointed by His Beatitude as Chair
      cabins at the Antiochian          doing their best to bring man to God           of the Joint Committee. The Joint
      Village.                          and God to man.                                Committee met in Geneva, Switzer-
   4. We have budgeted $55,000.00       Ladies and Gentlemen,                          land, and after two days of delibera-
      for increased costs of various      The last issue which I would like            tion, approved the statement which
      departments, retired clergy       to revisit with you is the question of         was mailed to all of you and which
      housing allowances, and           our autonomy. For the past fifty               you will consider at this assembly.
      Archdiocese headquarters.         years, our Archdiocese has champi-             This statement was approved by our
   5. We have budgeted $20,000.00       oned the cause of Orthodox unity in            Archdiocese Bishops’ Council on
      to increase the stipends of our   North America. If you read my book             April 30, 2003. It was also endorsed
      bishops, which they certainly     entitled, And He Leads Them, which             by an overwhelming majority of the
      deserve.                          was published two years ago, you               Board of Trustees of this Archdio-
All     these      increases    total   will find a prominent theme which              cese with a very minimal change. If
$330,000.00. I remember in 1966,        runs through the whole book; this              you accept this Geneva statement, I
the budget of the whole Archdiocese     theme is Orthodox unity in North               will be able to submit it, on your
was $65,000.00. Now, if we sudden-      America. If we do not take practical           behalf, to the Holy Synod of Antioch
ly, and through magic, do not lose      steps to begin this journey to the             as the official recommendation of
ten thousand people from this           promised land of Orthodox unity in             this Archdiocese.
Archdiocese, we will be able to live    this hemisphere, we will remain                  A member of the Board of
with this budget. At this time, I       nothing but an insignificant footnote          Trustees who did not vote for the
would be remiss if I do not thank       on the margin of history. Where is             Geneva statement said to me, “Why
the tithing parishes in our             our spiritual impact on the life of            the rush? Be patient!” We have

                                                                                                              September 2003 7
                                      A D D R E S S O F M E T R O P O L I TA N P H I L I P

been patient for the past two years.      your wisdom. These are two old peo-            delegation to Damascus, Syria, and
This reminded me of a story which         ple. Between now and next year,                Geneva, Switzerland, for the sacred
happened in Tripoli, Lebanon in the       they may kill each other.” He                  cause of this Archdiocese.
early 50’s. In those days, I was          blessed himself for the third time                I would like to thank the Chair-
teaching Arabic Language and              and said, “Yes, my son, you are                man of the Department of Finance
Literature at the Balamand Semi-          right. Between now and next year,              and Village Council, Mr. Robert
nary. His Beatitude, of Thrice-           either she will die or he will die and         Laham and all his co-workers on the
blessed memory, Theodosius VI, was        the problem will be solved.”                   budget committee, for a job very
then the Metropolitan of Tripoli.         My dear friends,                               well done. Next June, we want all of
Every Saturday, he sent his car to          Our people in the East believe               you to come to the Antiochian
bring me to Tripoli to assist him in      that time or death can solve prob-             Village and witness the dedication of
the Divine Liturgy on Sunday. One         lems, i.e., if Metropolitan Philip dies,       our new museum which will house
Saturday, while talking in his office,    the problem will be solved, and the            our sacred and cultural heritage.
suddenly we heard voices in the           Archdiocese will be divided and our               I would like to thank our faithful
lobby of the Archbishopric. He            quest for autonomy will die. Thus,             Assistant Treasurer, Mr. George
blessed himself and said to me, “My       “Why the rush? Be patient!” We, in             Nassor, who does his work joyfully
son, it is Saturday and we do not         America, do not believe that time              and cheerfully.
have a Spiritual Court today. Go and      and death can solve problems; nor                 I would like to thank our two bril-
find out who is there.” I did and         do we believe that the death of the            liant chancellors, Mr. Robert Koory
found two old people, a husband and       Metropolitan can divide this strong,           and Mr. Charles Ajalat, for their
wife, shouting at each other. I           united and mighty Archdiocese. We              valuable legal work on behalf of our
returned to the Archbishop’s office       are confident that, with the help of           Archdiocese. If we had to pay them
and told him what was happening.          God, we can solve problems, not                for their work, it would cost this
The Archbishop blessed himself            time or death. If we ever reach a              Archdiocese tens of thousands of
again and said to me, “Invite them        dead end, we will part the mountain            dollars.
in.” They walked into his office very     and make an exit. There are no dead               I would like to thank our very able
tense and troubled. The Archbishop        ends; because there are other choic-           Secretary of the Board of Trustees,
said to them: “You must be having         es. If we do not take this simple step         who takes excellent and exact min-
problems.” They said: “Yes, we want       toward Orthodox unity in North                 utes, Doctor John Dalack.
a divorce.” The Archbishop said to        America, our quest for this unity                 I would like to thank all our
them, “I will talk to you separately.”    will suffer a setback for the next one         esteemed members of our Board of
The wife left. I got up to leave, also.   hundred years.                                 Trustees for their generosity and
The Archbishop said to me, “My              This message will be incomplete if           commitment to the eternal ideals
son, you stay.” I did, hoping to learn    I do not thank my brother bishops:             and principles of this God-protected
something. The Archbishop asked           namely, His Grace Bishop Antoun;               Archdiocese. Besides the work they
the husband, “What is wrong with          His Grace Bishop Joseph; His Grace             do for us, many of them contribute
your wife?” The husband said, “She        Bishop Basil and, last but not least,          to the Archdiocese very generously
does not cook; she does not clean         His Grace Bishop Demetri. I am                 to help realize the goals of this
the house; she does not iron my           proud of our bishops. They have                Archdiocese. Check your financial
shirts and she does not shine my          been working very hard and all of              report carefully.
shoes, etc.” The Archbishop said,         them are committed to our future                  I would like to thank the Chair-
“Now go out, and let me hear from         dreams.                                        man, leadership and all members of
your wife.” The wife walked in and          I would like to thank our beloved            the Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch.
the Archbishop asked her, “What is        clergy who preach the good news, in            They are indeed the philanthropic
wrong with your husband?” She             season and out of season. In the               arm of this Archdiocese. The Order
said, “He does not work; he plays         prayer of the prothesis of the liturgy         of St. Ignatius is responsible for one-
cards all day with his friends; he        of St. Basil, we read: “Thou art He            third of our budget and, since its
drinks too much; he gambles and           who hath appointed us to this ser-             inception, it has raised more than
sometimes I find him looking at the       vice in the power of thy Holy Spirit.          thirteen         million       dollars
woman next door; he doesn’t show          Graciously grant us, therefore, O              ($13,000,000.00) for charity and
me any affection.” The Archbishop         Lord, to be servants of thy New                various projects of this great Arch-
said to me, “My son, invite the hus-      Covenant, ministers of thy holy                diocese. We are eternally indebted
band in.” I did. The Archbishop said      mysteries.” To you, fathers and ser-           to the membership of the Order.
to both of them, “You are having          vants of the New Covenant, I say,                 Thirty years ago, in a bright
very serious problems. Go home; be        once again, “Thank you from the                moment of our history and during
patient and come and see me next          depth of my heart.”                            the Archdiocese Convention in
year.” When they left, I was puzzled        I would like to thank our distin-            Atlanta, Georgia, I founded the
and curious. I said to the                guished Vice-Chairman, Doctor                  Antiochian Orthodox Christian
Archbishop, “I did not understand         George Farha, who traveled with our            Women of North America. These

8   The Word
                                      A D D R E S S O F M E T R O P O L I TA N P H I L I P

wonderful ladies are totally dedicat-     work and dedication. Each and                  more than 2,800 members.” I say,
ed to the cause of orphans and the        everyone of you is to be commended             “buss” (Is that all?) She shakes her
poor of this world, regardless of         for giving freely of your time and tal-        head and says, “Buss.”
race, color, creed or nationality. If     ents and working diligently for the              I would also like to thank the
the Order is the philanthropic arm        cause of Orthodoxy.                            newest member of my staff, my
of this Archdiocese, the Antiochian         Last, but not least, I would like to         Episcopal assistant, the Reverend
Women are the heart of our Arch-          express my very deep gratitude to              Father George Kevorkian, who is
diocese. I proudly congratulate them      my staff; although they are few, they          really a breath of fresh air in my
on their thirtieth anniversary.           accomplish so much. I want to                  office.
   Next, I would like to thank the        thank Archdeacon Hans, who takes                 Last, but not least, I want to thank
leadership and members of the             good care of the Book Department               a gentleman who keeps me informed
Fellowship of St. John the Divine,        and many, many other things in the             about our receipts and expendi-
who have worked so hard every year        Archdiocese. Archdeacon Hans is                tures, Mr. Peter Dacales. You know
to make our parish life conferences       truly a blessing to us.                        well that without fiscal responsibili-
fruitful and productive. SOYO or            Next, I want to thank a lady who             ty, this Archdiocese can easily be
Teen SOYO is the heartbeat of this        has dedicated her life to this                 “in the red.” I will not let that hap-
Archdiocese. If you visit our parish      Archdiocese. Words are inadequate              pen. Many thanks, Peter.
life conferences throughout this          to describe her energy and zeal.               Ladies and Gentlemen,
Archdiocese, you will find that the       Lately, she has been nagging me                  Since the theme of our convention
best attended meeting is the meet-        about retirement, and every time               this year is “service,” I would like to
ing of SOYO. Between Father Joseph        she does that, I tell her to “go to            conclude this message with these
Purpura, Father Michael Nasser, the       your desk and finish your work.”               words from an Orthodox Western
Department of Christian Education,        Recently, I said to her, “You will             Father:
the Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch      never finish your work. I guess you              “Teach us, good Lord, to serve you
and the leadership of Teen SOYO,          are not going to retire until I die or         as you deserve.
we are doing everything possible to       you die.” Thank you, Kathy, for your             To give and not to count the cost.
keep our teens joyful, faithful and       work and all the years.                          To fight and not to heed the
committed to the Church through             I would like to thank Arlene Assile          wounds.
Christ Jesus, who is the only way,        who knows everything about the                   To toil and not to seek for rest.
the only truth and the only life.         Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch. She            To labor and not to ask for any
   I would like to thank Robin            reports to me every week about the             reward,
Nicholas, who has been the devoted        increase of membership and every                 Save that of knowing that we do
coordinator of the “Food for Hungry       time, she enthusiastically and                 Thy will.”
People Program” for many years. As        proudly says to me, “We now have                 Thank you.
you know the Church is rooted in
charity and we must always be
mindful of those who are hungry,
thirsty, naked, prisoners and
strangers, according to Christ’s com-
mission. It is a shame that some
parishes who can give so much for
the poor, give so little. Many thanks
to you, Robin, for a job well done.
   I would be remiss if I do not take a
moment to thank all of the chairs of
the Archdiocese Departments and
Commissions, namely: Charities and
Children’s Relief Fund, Christian
Education, Clergy Insurance and
Retirement, Communications and
Information, Conciliar Press, Con-
ventions and Conference Planning,
Inter-Orthodox and Inter-faith
Relations, Lay Ministries, Liturgics
and Translations, Missions and
Evangelism, Sacred Music, Steward-
ship, Theological and Pastoral
Education, The Western Rite, and
The Word magazine for your hard

                                                                                                               September 2003 9
                      ARCHDIOCESAN OFFICE


                         of the
T he Spring Meeting Trustees
   Archdiocesan Board of
met the weekend of May 30-31,
2003 in Englewood, NJ. This was the
first meeting since the Geneva
meeting last November regarding
our autonomy. As such, the results
of that meeting along with the
“Geneva Proposal” dominated the
opening session of the meeting on
Friday evening. After lengthy discus-
sion, the proposal was given an
overwhelming vote of support with
one minor proposed modification on
a point that could not be agreed
upon in Geneva. Other issues that
were discussed were the new             Left to right: Syrian Ambassador to the US, His Excellency Rustom Al-Zoby; Metropolitan
Department of Marriage and Family       Philip; Nicola Antakli; Lebanese Consul General in NYC, the Honorable Ramy Mortada
Ministries, that will be headed by
Khourieh Maggie Hock of Omaha,
NE, the increase in the annual          Board members and the members of             Ambassador of Syria to the United
Archdiocese Assessment from             the governing council of the Order           States, and the Honorable Ramy
$25.00 to $30.00 and the 2005 bud-      of St. Ignatius of Antioch (which            Mortada, the Lebanese Consul
get, which exceeds 4.4 million dol-     also met prior to the Board meet-            General in New York, both of whom
lars for the first time ever, all of    ing), honored guests included His            spoke eloquently to those present.
which were approved by the Board        Excellency Rustom Al-Zoby, the
of Trustees of the Archdiocese.
Reports were also given by the vari-
ous organizations, including the
Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch,
Fellowship of St. John the Divine,
Antiochian Women, The Antiochian
Village Camp and the Heritage and
Learning Center.
  During the opening of the meeting
a moment of silence was observed to
note the passing of long-time Board
member George Joseph of Toledo,
OH this past April. Metropolitan
Philip also used the meeting as an
occasion to praise the Antiochian
Women as they celebrate their 30th
anniversary this year.
  On Saturday evening, all present
were treated to a delightful dinner
hosted by His Eminence Metro-
politan Philip at the Archdiocesan
headquarters. In addition to the                   Chancellor Robert Koory, Bishop Antoun, Trustee Fawaz El-Khoury

10   The Word
                                                ARCHDIOCESAN OFFICE

Antiochian graduates of St. Vladimir Seminary with Bishop Antoun, on Saturday, May 17, 2003. From left to right: Adam Cook, Fr.
James Coles, Fr. Gabriel Bullock, Bishop Antoun, Fr. Basil Koory, Christine Jabbour, Catherine Wasson, Fred Bittle, Resa Ellison.

             ORDAINED                       Conference, Phoenix, AZ. He is              of Archpriest on Sunday, June 8, 2003.
Deacon ELIAS El-FERZLI to the holy          attached to St. George Church,
priesthood on Sunday, May 11, 2003          Phoenix, AZ.
                                                                                        Archpriest DENNIS HEIFNER of St.
at Our Lady of Balamand Monastery,          Subdeacon GLENN McINTYRE to the
                                                                                        Elias Church, La Crosse, WI, effec-
Balamand, Lebanon.                          diaconate on May 25, 2003 at St.            tive August 1, 2003.
Deacon STEVE VanBRONKHURST to               George Church, New Kensington,
                                            PA. He is attached to that parish.                      APPOINTED
the holy priesthood on May 18,
2003 at St. George Cathedral,               Subdeacon DAVID KHOREY to the               Archimandrite MICHAEL EVANS as
Toledo, OH. He is released to the           diaconate on June 29, 2003 at St.           the pastor of St. Elias Church,
Archdiocese of Mexico and Central           Nicholas Church, Grand Rapids, MI.          Atlanta, GA, effective July 1, 2003.
America, where he will serve a mis-         He is attached to that parish.              Priest JOHN WINFREY as the pastor
sion in Ecuador.                                                                        of St. Basil the Great Church, Ocala,
                                            Subdeacon DANIEL THOMAS to the
Deacon JAMES THAYER to the holy             diaconate on June 29, 2003 at the           FL, effective July 7, 2003.
priesthood at St. George Cathedral          New England Region Parish Life              Priest GABRIEL BULLOCK as the pastor
in Wichita, KS, on Pentecost, June          Conference, Portland, ME and to the         of St. Nicholas Mission, Myrtle
15, 2003. He is assigned pastor of          holy priesthood on July 6, 2003 at          Beach, SC, effective July 7, 2003.
the Church of St. John the Theolo-          the Eastern Region Parish Life
gian in Rapid City, SD, and priest-in-      Conference in Valley Forge, PA.             Priest STEPHEN ZITON as the pastor of
charge of Holy Resurrection Mission                                                     the Antiochian Orthodox Mission in
                                            Subdeacon THOMAS UNDERWOOD to               Ann Arbor, MI, effective August 1, 2003.
in Gillette, WY.
                                            the diaconate on July 6, 2003 at the
Deacon NOAH BUSHELLI to the holy            Eastern Region Parish Life                  Priest NABIL FINO as the pastor of
priesthood on June 29, 2003 at Sts.         Conference in Valley Forge, PA. He          the new Mission Station in Birming-
Peter and Paul Church, Ben Lomond,          is attached to St. Paul Church,             ham, AL, effective August 1, 2003.
CA. He is attached to St. Nicholas          Emmaus, PA.                                 Priest BASIL KOORY as dean of St.
Cathedral, Brooklyn, NY while he                                                        George Cathedral, Toledo, OH, effec-
                                            Subdeacon DAVID (GRAHAM) SCOTT
completes his seminary studies.                                                         tive August 1, 2003.
                                            to the diaconate on July 6, 2003
Deacon NABIL FINO to the holy               during the Can-Am Parish Life               Priest DANIEL THOMAS as the pastor
priesthood on June 22, 2003 at the          Conference. He is attached to St.           of Sts. Peter and Paul Mission in
Southeast Region Parish Life                George Church, Niagara Falls, NY.           Boone, NC and Holy Resurrection
Conference in Atlanta, GA.                                                              Mission in Johnson City, TN, effec-
                                                          E L E VAT E D
Subdeacon RAPHAEL ABRAHAMS to                                                           tive August 1, 2003.
                                            Priest JOHN CONNELY of St. Mark
the diaconate on May 25, 2003 at                                                        Priest   JAMES COLES   as the assistant
                                            Church in Denver, CO, to the dignity
the Western Region Parish Life

                                                                                                               September 2003 1 1
                                             ARCHDIOCESAN OFFICE

pastor of St. Mary Church, Montreal,
PQ, Canada, effective August 1, 2003.
              AWA R D E D

The Antonian Silver Medal to MRS.
SUZIE SAYFIE on July 26, 2003 at the
Grand Banquet of the Archdiocese
Convention in Miami, FL.

Priest YOUSSEF SAMAAN to the
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of
America, effective July 1, 2003.
       L E AV E O F A B S E N C E

Archpriest TIMOTHY           FERGUSON ,
effective July 1, 2003.

The former Archimandrite MICHAEL            Metropolitan Philip with Dean John Erickson and Metropolitan Herman of the OCA
GRAVES  (a former priest of the
Antiochian Archdiocese) by the            Metropolitan Philip; Protopresbyter          SVS Dean John Erickson praised
Greek Orthodox Church of Panama           Robert Kondratick, OCA Chan-               Metropolitan Philip for three quali-
and Central America.                      cellor; Protopresbyter Thomas              ties: his eloquence and love of the
                                          Hopko, Dean Emeritus; Mrs.                 written and spoken word, his mag-
          S V S D E D I C AT E S
                                          Julianna Schmemann; Mrs. Marie             nanimity and exceptional generosi-
     M E T R O P O L I TA N P H I L I P
                                          Meyendorff; members of the SVS             ty, and his profound hospitality.
                                          Board of Trustees and the                    Metropolitan Philip responded
                                          Antiochian Archdiocese Board of            with warmth, revisiting many of his
                                          Trustees; and many others associat-        most cherished themes, especially
O n Friday, Mayalumni, Seminary
     chs, friends,
                   16, 2003, hierar-

porters of Saint Vladimir
                          and sup-        ed with the seminary.
                                            The Rev. Michael Ellias served as
                                                                                     the quest for Orthodox unity in
gathered for a banquet in the             Master of Ceremonies, while SVS              “You can’t turn back the wheels of
Metropolitan       Philip    Saliba       trustees Brian Gerich and Al               time,” Metropolitan Philip stated.
Auditorium as the facility was for-       Foundos, who oversaw the seminary’s        “It’s going to happen, sometime, in
mally dedicated in the presence of        capital campaign, added touching           God’s time, because it’s God’s will
its patron, His Eminence Metro-           remarks about the many donors who          that it happen,” he said, adding that
politan Philip of the Antiochian          made the new building, and specifi-        the seminary is a prototype of what
Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of         cally the auditorium, possible.            this future unity will look like.
North America.
  The auditorium, situated on the
top floor of the new John G. Rangos
Family Foundation Building, has
become the site of various seminary
events, such as retreats, lectures,
symposia, concerts, and presenta-
tions, and it has already become a
much-used and much-admired
space, of functional and physical
  The dedication was all the more
joyous as His Beatitude Metropolitan
Herman, SVS President, welcomed
Metropolitan Philip. Joining
Metropolitan Herman were His
Eminence Archbishop Peter of New
York and New Jersey, a member of
the seminary faculty; His Grace
Bishop Antoun, Auxiliary to                   A special Byzantine choir of Antiochian seminarians gathered for the evening

12    The Word
                                        ARCHDIOCESAN OFFICE

                                     Invited guests for the dedication banquet

                                                                   D A I LY D E V O T I O N S

Sally Rihbany            $100.00
Kamel Mudarry
  In memory of my sister
                                                            OCTOBER, 2003
  Aghnie Mudarry           25.00                 1.   HEBREWS 9:1-7; LUKE 10:38-42, 11:27-28 (FAST)
Elpiniki Maropoulos        20.00                 2.   EPHESIANS 1:1-9; LUKE 6:12-19
Joanna C. Marge            40.00                 3.   EPHESIANS 1:7-17; LUKE 6:17-23 (FAST)
Robert and Kathy Simon                           4.   1 CORINTHIANS 10:23-28; LUKE 5:17-26
  In memory of the                               5.   2 CORINTHIANS 6:1-10; LUKE 6:31-36
  Very Rev. Michael G.
  and Sara Hyder Simon     50.00                 6.   EPHESIANS 1:22-2:3; LUKE 6:24-30
Walter and                                       7.   EPHESIANS 2:19-3:7; LUKE 6:37-45
  Grace Mary Parhamovich                         8.   EPHESIANS 3:8-21; LUKE 6:46-7:1 (FAST)
  In memory of our daughter,                     9.   EPHESIANS 4:14-19; LUKE 7:17-30
  Beverly Ann             500.00                10.   EPHESIANS 4:17-25; LUKE 7:31-35 (FAST)
Patricia Moslener          20.00                11.   1 CORINTHIANS 14:20-25; LUKE 5:27-32
Nick Boassaly              20.00                12.   TITUS 3:8-15; LUKE 8:5-15
Very Rev. Athanasios                            13.   EPHESIANS 4:25-32; LUKE 7:36-50
  Emmert                   50.00                14.   EPHESIANS 5:20-26; LUKE 8:1-3
Lila Hamaty                25.00                15.   EPHESIANS 5:25-33; LUKE 8:22-25 (FAST)
James Rihbany              50.00                16.   EPHESIANS 5:33-6:9; LUKE 9:7-11
Rosalyn E. Roe             30.00                17.   EPHESIANS 6:18-24; LUKE 9:12-18 (FAST)
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Samra     25.00                18.   COLOSSIANS 4:5-9, 14, 18; LUKE 10:16-21
Sleiman Abou-Assaly       100.00
Rev. Herbert Nahas         50.00                19.   2 CORINTHIANS 9:6-11; LUKE 7:11-16
Lucille David              25.00                20.   PHILIPPIANS 1:1-7; LUKE 9:18-22
Virginia Maloley                                21.   PHILIPPIANS 1:8-14; LUKE 9:23-27
  In memory of                                  22.   PHILIPPIANS 1:12-20; LUKE 9:44-50 (FAST)
  Patricia Salhoney        25.00                23.   PHILIPPIANS 1:20-27; LUKE 9:49-56
Charles Genite             15.00                24.   PHILIPPIANS 1:27-2:4; LUKE 10:1-15 (FAST)
Nora Corey                 60.00                25.   1 CORINTHIANS 15:58-16:3; LUKE 7:2-10
Sam Salloum                25.00                26.   2 TIMOTHY 2:1-10; LUKE 8:26-39
Agnes R. Cassis           100.00                27.   PHILIPPIANS 2:12-16; LUKE 10:22-24
Dr. George and                                  28.   PHILIPPIANS 2:17-23; LUKE 11:1-10
  Brenda Farha            500.00                29.   PHILIPPIANS 2:24-30; LUKE 11:9-13 (FAST)
Albert and Betty Kishek   100.00                30.   PHILIPPIANS 3:1-8; LUKE 11:14-23
Stephen Zain               20.00                31.   PHILIPPIANS 3:8-19; LUKE 11:23-26 (FAST)
Rev. William and
  Debra Evansky            25.00
Mrs. Claire N. Rahal       25.00                                by Very Rev. George Alberts

                                                                                                September 2003 1 3
                              Forty-Sixth Convention of the
                C O N V E N E D I N M I A M I , F L O R I D A F R O M J U LY 2 1 - 2 7 , 2 0 0 3

        HE FORTY-SIXTH CONVEN-           Antiochian Archdiocese of Australia      211 Life Members.
        tion of the Antiochian           and New Zealand.                           The Antiochian Orthodox
        Orthodox Christian Arch-           On Monday evening July 21, the         Christian Women of North America
diocese of North America convened        Cathedral of St. George of Coral         (AOCWNA) held their Assembly and
at the Fontainebleau Hilton Hotel in     Gables, FL hosted a welcome recep-       luncheon on Wednesday, July 23.
Miami, FL from the 21st to the 27th      tion, which was attended by 350          Among the highlights this year was
day of July, 2003. It was attended by    clergy and trustees.                     the celebration of the 30th anniver-
more than two thousand delegates,          On Tuesday, July 22, the               sary of AOCWNA, whose members
and more than two hundred and            Metropolitan presided over the           have labored unwaveringly to assist
fifty clergy.                            Clergy Assembly, and held a dia-         orphans, the poor and destitute
   Metropolitan Philip, Primate of the   logue with them on important mat-        around the world.
Archdiocese, presided and conveyed       ters pertaining to the Archdiocese.        The departments of the Arch-
to the hierarchs, clergy, members of       The Grand Assembly of the Order        diocese met on Wednesday, July 23,
the Board of Trustees and all dele-      of St. Ignatius of Antioch also met      and the General Assembly convened
gates the blessings and greetings of     on Tuesday, July 22, and elected the     on Thursday and Friday, July 24 and
His Beatitude Ignatius IV, Patriarch     following officers: Mr. Edward Assile,   25. The delegates heard reports
of Antioch and all the East. In atten-   Chairman; Mr. Daniel Abraham,            from the 27 Archdiocesan depart-
dance were three of the four             Vice chairman; Mr. Anton Khoury,         ments, commissions, councils, and
Regional Bishops of the Arch-            Treasurer; and Mrs. Mary Win-            organizations. The General Assem-
diocese, His Grace Bishop Antoun,        stanley O’Connor, Secretary. The         bly approved the following impor-
His Grace Bishop Joseph, and His         Order held a banquet on Tuesday          tant items:
Grace Bishop Basil. Also attending       evening in honor of the outgoing           1. a resolution thanking the
as an honored guest was                  officers. There are now 2,875 active           Cathedral of St. George of
Metropolitan Paul, Primate of the        members of the Order, including                Coral Gables, FL for hosting an
                                                                                        outstanding Convention;
                                                                                    2. a resolution welcoming His
                                                                                        Eminence Metropolitan Paul of
                                                                                        Australia and New Zealand;
                                                                                    3. a budget in excess of $4.4 mil-
                                                                                        lion, the largest operating bud-
                                                                                        get in the history of the
                                                                                        Archdiocese, for the 2005 fiscal
                                                                                        year which runs from February
                                                                                        1, 2004 to January 31, 2005;
                                                                                    4. the “Geneva Agreement” on
                                                                                        Autonomy as the official posi-
                                                                                        tion of the Archdiocese.
                                                                                    The Geneva Agreement on
                                                                                  Autonomy was approved by a roll-
                                                                                  call vote with an overwhelming
                                                                                  majority of 99.6% of the votes cast
                                                                                  being in favor of the proposal. This
                                                                                  agreement was approved in Novem-
                                                                                  ber 2002 by the joint committee

14   The Word
                                        F O R T Y- S I X T H C O N V E N T I O N

comprised of representatives of the    delegates to the General Assembly,                  Sayfie, Chairlady of the Convention,
Patriarchate of Antioch and the        the 2007 Convention will be held in                 for her outstanding efforts.
Archdiocese. When approved by the      Montreal, and hosted by St. Nicholas                  The Convention concluded on
Holy Synod of Antioch the details in   Church of Montreal, Province of                     Sunday, July 27 with a most inspir-
this agreement will guide the gover-   Quebec, Canada.                                     ing Hierarchical Divine Liturgy. The
nance of the autonomous Arch-            The Grand Banquet on Saturday                     beautiful choir, comprised of mem-
diocese and its continuing close       was attended by 1,500 people. Metro-                bers from across the entire Archdio-
relationship with the Holy Synod of    politan Philip addressed the banquet                cese, was conducted by Mr. James
Antioch. The Holy Synod of Antioch     attendees and presented the An-                     Meena, Chairman of the Archdio-
will address this agreement at its     tonian Silver Medal to Mrs. Suzanne                 cese Department of Sacred Music.
upcoming meeting on October 14,
2003 in Damascus, Syria.
  His Eminence reappointed the fol-                  The Ancient Church
lowing people to the Archdiocese             A D O C U M E N TA R Y F I L M O F T H E O R T H O D O X C H U R C H
Board of Trustees: Mr. Fawaz El-           If you’ve ever tried to explain your faith to   the recording. As he awoke from sleep one
Khoury of Westboro, MA and Mr.          someone who isn’t already Orthodox, you            day, still in the twilight between dream and
Mansour Rayan of Lincolnwood, IL.       most likely had to start at the very begin-        wake, he heard a voice, “Antioch.” He
                                        ning: 33 AD. In fact, most people don’t know       thought nothing of it and went back to sleep.
He also made the following new          anything about the Orthodox church. THE            The next morning, he hears a voice again,
appointments to the Board: Mr.          ANCIENT CHURCH is a documentary film               this time screaming, “ANTIOCH.” Having no
Joseph Hanna of Montreal, PQ,           which traces the history of Christianity and       idea what the word meant, he jumped out of
                                        Orthodoxy, from the beginning journeys of          bed and ran to his bible to search for it. Just
Canada, Mr. Anton Koury of Miami,       the Apostles, through the schisms, the             a few days later, he recalls, he received a call
FL and Mr. Kory Warr of Oklahoma        Protestant Reformation to the Orthodox             from his agent to narrate a film about the
City, OK.                               Church today. It combines the Church’s his-        first church in Antioch.
                                        tory with an overview of what it stands for,          This film is intended to be used as a tool.
  The following people were elected     revealing a church of love that traces back to     It is a perfect introduction to Orthodoxy for
to the Board of Trustees: Mr. Alan      Jesus Christ.                                      those who don’t know much about it, and
Abraham of Grand Rapids, MI, Dr.           Through television and video release,           still offers much to those who do. While we
                                        THE ANCIENT CHURCH was created as a                sometimes look at our church as America’s
David Bojrab of Ft. Wayne, IN, Mr.      long-term fundraising project to benefit the       “best kept secret,” this film inspires rather
Don Braun of Goleta, CA, Dr. John       Priest’s retirement fund. It seemed appropri-      to spread Orthodoxy to the American com-
Dalack of Staten Island, NY, Mr.        ate that this film, designed to enlighten peo-     munity. At the convention screening in
                                        ple of the authentic nature of the Orthodox        Miami, it generated responses from, “it
Philip Haddad of Charleston, WV,        faith, would serve to help the Priests who         brought tears to my eyes” to “I had no idea.”
Dr. Donald Howard of Davie, FL, Mr.     devoted their lives to God and their service          While the details of televised airings are
George Nassor of Wyckoff, NJ, Dr.       to us. Never before in the history of              not yet available, VHS copies of the film can
                                        Orthodoxy has such a film been made. A             be ordered by calling (917) 721-5476. As all
Raymond Rishwain of Stockton, CA,       cast and crew of over 100 people were              proceeds will be aiding our own priests, we
Miss Jean Sam of Duluth, GA and         involved in making this professional-grade         hope our Orthodox community will embrace
Dr. Joseph Samra of Pawtucket, RI.      production, including Narrator Stephen             this opportunity to share their faith with
                                        Baldwin, who recently converted to Chris-          their friends and neighbors, and give back to
  The 2005 Convention will be held      tianity. Behind the scenes, he told us of an       the Priests who so faithfully served them.
in Detroit and hosted by St. George     event which happened just a week before
Church of Troy, MI. By vote of the

                                                                                                                      September 2003 1 5
                                  T H E F E L L O W S H I P O F S T. J O H N T H E D I V I N E

             September is Fellowship of
             St. John the Divine Month!
                     ~If you do anything, do all for the glory of God~

                                             Resource Book: the NAC                     Fellowships. In the Southwest, we
     THE PURPOSES OF THE                   Fellowship has put together a                have Camp St. Raphael, in the
         FELLOWSHIP:                       Resource Book filled with ready-to-          Midwest, there’s Camp St. George,
                                           go activities geared for each sub-           and the Southeast and Can-Am
  1. To serve as the “adult service        group, should a parish have individ-         Regions are planning on having their
arm” of the Archdiocese.                   uals who want to start a Fellowship          first camping season in the summer
  2. On the Archdiocesan level, the        chapter. Each parish has received a          of 2004. Now, more of our children
Fellowship of St. John serves the          free copy.                                   will have life-changing experiences
role of brainstormer, idea sharer,                                                      and grow in our faith as a result!
motivator, coordinator, and trainer.               L I B R A R Y P R O J E C T,            The Fellowship of St. John the
  3. On a Regional level, the                       “2004 IN 2004”:                     Divine, formerly Senior SOYO, has
Fellowship of St. John oversees mis-                                                    historically seen a need of the
sion endowments, Parish Life
Conferences and Creative Arts
Festivals, hosts regional retreats and
                                           T heEasternFellowshipwas parish-
                                                Library Project that
                                           in the
                                                                     took on a

                                                          Region, where
                                                                                        Archdiocese and been there to fill it.

                                                                                                 DID YOU KNOW?
delegates meetings, and starts             es are donating 12 books on
camps.                                     Orthodoxy to local public libraries.           • That the Fellowship of St. John
  4. Locally, the Fellowship of St.        It is a way to witness our treasured             the Divine used to be called
John can and should look like the          faith and plant seeds of Orthodoxy               “Senior SOYO”?
model below, serving the needs of          in our communities. Our goal is to             • That this year marks the 10th
each age group in the parish (Young        have 2004 Orthodox books in North                year that we have been called
Adults, Adults, and Seniors) as            American libraries by the end of                 “the Fellowship”?
needed. One area of focus is to begin      2004. This goal is achievable, but             • That our Patron Saint is one of
Young Adult Fellowships in our local       will take a commitment by all of us!             the only saints depicted in icons
parishes so that our teens can have        If you break it down, that is only               as a young boy (below with
a place to go after “graduating” from      167 libraries. We need YOUR help to              Jesus) and as an old man?
Teen SOYO.                                 make this ministry in our local com-           • That if your parish needs a
                                           munities a success. For our current              Young Adult or Senior group,
                     NAC & Regional        status report, an order form, or                 you can start one?
                       Fellowship of       more information about this project,           • That “with God, all things are
                    St. John the Divine    e-mail Sara Bitar, our NAC Library               possible” (Matt. 19:26)?
                                           Coordinator, at or
                                           go to:
              Young Adult
             19-35 yrs. old                       Fellowship/LibLett.htm

                                            REGIONAL SUMMER CAMPS

                                             We are thankful that the
       Adult               Senior          Antiochian Village has been able to
     Fellowship          Fellowship        serve 1,000 of our children each
       36-55             56+ yrs. old
      yrs. old                             summer. However, that represents
                                           less than 10% of the youth of our
                                           Archdiocese. With the blessing of
                                           our Metropolitan Philip, new region-           May our good God bless all the
                                           al summer camps have started and             work that the Fellowship of St. John
Liturgical Life                            continue to grow under the leader-           the Divine and our local parish
of the Church                              ship and assistance of our Regional          Ministry Teams do in His name!

16    The Word
                                                      T H E D E PA R T M E N T O F C H R I S T I A N E D U C AT I O N

                                                    SHARING THE FAITH
                                                        DEPARTMENT OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION NEWS

                         ber 6-9
                                                                                        From the Director’s Desk
                        ute                         ORTHODOX INSTITUTE
 2003 O
             x Instit
            ristian Ed
                                                    BROCHURES READY!
                                                                                        Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
           For Ch

                                                                                            Greetings! You’ll find our format a bit different this
                                     n early September each
                                     parish priest and church
                                  school director will receive a
                                                                                        issue, as we feature resource reviews on the next two
                                                                                        pages. Let me offer you an update on our own publica-
                                                                                        tions. We are very, very busy with work being prepared
                                   brochure for the OI. Please post                     for print, and (thankfully) in print! These are: 1)
                                   one (inside designed as a post-                      “Supplement to the OCEC Curriculum for Western
                                    er), and copy the registration                      Rite Churches,” being proofread and expected to be
                    the An
                           tiochia  form on the last page of this
                                  n Ortho
                                                                                        available in September; 2) the new Orthodox Pageant
             red by                Educat
                     of Ch           newsletter for all interested. If                  Book, being edited and to be in print in early
                           you need more brochures, contact the                         November; and 3) the Orthodox Institute Brochure,
Department.                                                                             READY with an exciting schedule of 20 courses. (For
                                                                                        information on The Way, The Truth, and The Life, see
                    NEW PROGRAM FOR TEACHER                                             the following page.)
                         C E R T I F I C AT I O N                                           We extend our welcome to Vasiliki (Billie) Oldziey,
                                                                                        representing the southwest region on our staff!
               inspired and trained teachers for our
T o providecollaboration with the Orthodox Christian
    children, an initial certification program has been
developed in
                                                                                        Welcome also to all who are newly appointed Church
                                                                                        School staff! And welcome back to those returning.
                                                                                        Teachers, you have been entrusted to pass on the
Education Commission. It consists of one hour of ori-                                   words of eternal life to the students. Directors, you
entation by the pastor or church school director, and                                   have been entrusted with facilitating the formation of
the following courses (two hours each): Introduction to                                 the church school, and all therein. Here is my message
Teaching, Overview of Orthodox Theology, OCEC                                           to all.
Curriculum Orientation.                                                                     One of the first steps, for all involved with Christian
    The certification is recommended but not mandato-                                   education, is to set aside a time for prayer, and reading
ry. A listing (to-date) of cities where trainings are                                   of scripture, the Fathers or other inspirational
scheduled is on the next page, with many more to                                        Orthodox books. Consider the words of St. John as he
come. Check also the OCEC site:                                     described his task as an evangelist: “. . . that which we
                                                                                        have seen and heard we declare to you, that you also
       The Department of Christian Education                                            may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is
       newsletter is published in the months of                                         with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ” (1 John
     September, December, February, and April.                                          1:3). Each of us is an evangelist. Each of us bears the
     The office is staffed from 9:00-3:00 Monday                                        words of eternal life to those whom we teach. Only if
     through Wednesday. Phone (717) 747-5221.                                           we are in touch with Our Lord and Savior — having
   FAX (717) 747-5832. E-mail:                                            spiritually “seen and heard” Him — will we be ade-
   Web page:                                      quately prepared to guide our younger brothers and sis-
                                                                                        ters into deeper fellowship with us.
                                                                                            Each week, pray to the Holy Spirit and mention by
   Department of Christian Education                                                    name the students for whom you are responsible; or if
   Regional Representatives                                                             you are a Director, pray by name for each of your staff.
                                                                                        St. Innocent, Apostle to America (under whose patron-
   Please contact the Regional Representatives for                                      age the first text of the new OCEC series was placed),
   updates on trainings and other events in your                                        penned a wonderful prayer. It ends: “Warm our hearts
   region.                                                                              with Thy Spirit, and we shall joyfully and fervently go
   Eastern: Rev. George Alberts         (724)684-5472                                   the way which Thou hast shown us.” The entire prayer
   Midwest: Robert Snyder               (330)493-4029                                   is on the Church School Director page of our website.
   Western: Joseph Tershay              (831)335-8350                                   In all our busi-ness, let’s not lose sight of the joy we
   Can-Am: Jacquelyn Fadel              (716)282-8243                                   have received from the Holy Spirit!
   Southwest: Vasiliki (Billie) Oldziey (512)459-6264                                       May you be renewed and strengthened as you begin
   New England: Anna Timko-Hughes (978)686-3274                                         this year,
   Southeast: Betty Randolph            (864)639-2204                                                                              Carole A. Buleza

                                                                                                                                 September 2003 1 7
                                T H E D E PA R T M E N T O F C H R I S T I A N E D U C AT I O N

Certification                             Resource Reviews Resource Review
(See the OCEC website for a more
comprehensive listing: www. ortho-
Please contact the churches listed
for details and to register. All train-
ings will include The Way, The
Truth, and The Life.

Oklahoma City, OK
August 16
St. Elijah Church                                                                      The Twelve Great
                                                                                       Feasts for Children
Ottawa, ON Canada                         THE WAY, THE TRUTH,
September 5                                                                               The Twelve Great Feasts for
St. Elias Cathedral
                                          AND THE LIFE                                 Children is a series of books written
(613)738-2222                                                                          by Sister Elayne and illustrated by
                                             Produced by the Orthodox                  Bonnie Gillis. Each book explains
                                          Christian Education Commission,              the feast day in rhyming verse that
Bethlehem, PA
                                          the first text of the new series offers      will both entertain and educate. The
September 27
                                          firm knowledge of the Orthodox               first page of each book contains the
St. Nicholas Church
                                          faith, and encourages spiritual matu-        troparion of the feast day and the
Bridle Path Rd
                                          rity. With an optional award compo-          date on which it is celebrated.
                                          nent, lesson plans that offer cooper-           The books now available are The
                                          ative learning options, and attention        Nativity of Our Lord, The Meeting
Kansas City, KS
                                          to multiple intelligence theory, the         of Our Lord, The Theophany of Our
October 4
                                          program surpasses any Orthodox               Lord, The Annunciation, The
St. Basil the Great
                                          effort to date.                              Nativity of the Theotokos and The
                                             The student book, written at the          Entrance of the Theotokos into the
                                          high school level, is comprised of           Temple. Future books are expected
Ligonier, PA
                                          Part I: Text, and Part II: Resource          through 2004.
November 7-8
                                          Sections. Part I offers 24 four-page            These five-by-seven-inch paper-
Antiochian Village
                                          lessons with illustrations and graph-        back books are small enough to fit
                                          ics that invite participation. Part II       into a purse or tote bag to keep
                                          contains four resource sections: 1)          young children occupied in church.
Seattle, WA
                                          “Feast Days and Icons,” 2) “Saints,”         The full-color illustrations will famil-
To be announced
                                          3) “Briefs,” and 4) “Glossary.” The          iarize the child with the imagery
St. Paul Church
                                          teacher manual provides lesson               and themes associated with each
                                          plans for standard or cooperative            feast. The older child will enjoy
                                          learning use, background reading             reading the simple, psalm-like
Van Nuys, CA
                                          excerpts from classic Orthodox               poems.
To be announced
                                          texts, and all required worksheets              The Twelve Great Feasts for
St. Michael Church
                                          and visual aids. A sample packet of          Children series is available from
                                          pages from both books is available           Conciliar Press, 900-967-7377, or
                                          by request from               www.conciliar
Wayne, NJ
                                             Several priests are planning to use                          Rosemary Shumski,
To be announced
                                          The Way, The Truth and The Life for                       Administrative Assistant
Holy Resurrection Church
                                          adult education this year, as well as                     Department of Christian
                                          for catechumen classes. The pro-                                          Education
                                          gram is scheduled to be available
                                          this September. Check the OCEC
                                          website: for
                                          updates. CB

18   The Word
                                     T H E D E PA R T M E N T O F C H R I S T I A N E D U C AT I O N

ws   Resource Reviews Resource Reviews Resource
     Resource Reviews Resource Reviews Resource
                            “Sex Has           The Bible in Felt                            My
                             a Price             Some years ago, we watched as
                             Tag”              our daughter and 17 other                    Journal
                                               preschoolers were enchanted by the
                              How       can    telling of a Bible story with a felt           A free pray-
                            this be? This      board.                                       er journal for
                            is so contrary       The set comes with over 600                children?
                            to what we         pieces that include characters,              Seemed too
                            are led to         objects, scenery and backgrounds.            good to be
                            believe! We        Each piece is numbered for easy              true when I
                            hear on radio      organizing. A teacher’s manual pro-          was asked to
                            and TV, and        vides the Bible story and illustrates        review this new resource available
                            in movies and      the setup of each scene. The felt is         from International Orthodox
     magazines that, “Sex is great, it’s fun   high quality and washable and the            Christian Charities. But I was cer-
     and everybody is doing it!” So            colors are vibrant. The figures come         tainly wrong. It is true and it is more
     what’s this about a “price tag?”          in two sizes. The smaller size is less       than good.
       This question and many more are         expensive and more than adequate.              The IOCC Children’s Prayer
     answered in an hour-long video            The cost is reasonable.                      Journal is a full-color, 12-month
     called “Sex Has a Price Tag.” Pam           We use the characters to tell the          booklet, which provides photos and
     Stenzel, a crisis pregnancy coun-         Bible stories from our curriculum            information about the countries that
     selor, uses her own history and           and to illustrate feast day stories,         benefit from the IOCC’s humanitari-
     experience to address the physical,       saints’ lives and daily church life.         an and self-help programs. The jour-
     emotional, and spiritual conse-             We have found that this resource           nal encourages gratitude to God,
     quences of having sex outside of          engages the imagination of                   while asking children to pray for the
     marriage.                                 preschool through middle school              needs of the country featured that
       Pam addresses the emotional tur-        students. They more easily grasp the         month. In addition, a Bible verse,
     moil that teens go through after hav-     concepts we teach and retain the             quotation from the Church fathers,
     ing sex, and even more importantly,       stories and lessons long after.              and excerpts from the Divine
     what God has to say on the topic. I         To order a catalog, call toll-free         Liturgy make this an excellent tool
     found the teens truly interested in       800-541-9279 or visit their site at          for helping children grow in the
     this video, because of Pam’s first-       www. A piece of             faith. A web link offers more about
     hand experience, candor, and con-         advice: gather friends to help cut out       the children of that country.
     vincing arguments.                        the pieces!                                    The prayer journal is a window to
       As a mother, a registered nurse,                                                     the world for children age 7-12. The
     and Church School Director, I urge                      Mike and Kris Michalko         making of school kits is a suggested
     every parent, pre-teen, and teen to               St. Michael Orthodox Church          service project for individuals as
     see this video, and not just once! It                        Geneva, New York          well as church school groups, so the
     is available through Pam’s website                                                     children of other countries will ben- or by phoning                                                       efit from “prayer in action.”
     800-488-1888 ext 210.                                                                    I was impressed with the colorful
                         Mary Ann Kourey                                                    and straightforward presentation,
                  Church School Director                                                    which is inviting and informative. I
             St. George Orthodox Church                                                     am sure that you, and your children,
                 Worcester, Massachusetts                                                   will be too. It’s available through the
                                                                                                                    Leslie Atherholt
                                                                                                     St. John Chrysostom Church
                                                                                                                York, Pennsylvania

                                                                                                                 September 2003 1 9
                                  T H E D E PA R T M E N T O F C H R I S T I A N E D U C AT I O N

                                    ORTHODOX INSTITUTE REGISTRATION FORM
                                       November 6-9, 2003 Antiochian Village

Name:___________________________________________________________________Phone: _________________________
Address:_________________________________________________________________E-Mail: _________________________
City: _____________________________________________________State/Province: _____________Zip: _______________
Circle One:        Teacher        Church School Director           Youth Worker           Other

Check website for course information -
Friday Nov. 7, 2002
Session I (Fri. 9:30-11:30 AM)                                           ______________
Session II (Fri. 1:00-3:00 PM)                                           ______________
Session III (Fri. 3:30-5:30 PM)                                          ______________

Saturday Nov. 8, 2002
Session IV (Sat. 10:00-11:30 AM)                                         ______________
Session V (Sat. 1:00-3:00 PM)                                            ______________
Session VI (Sat. 3:30-5:30 PM)                                           ______________

                                     REGISTRATION AND ACCOMMODATIONS
                                Non-Commuters                   Commuters
                    (meals included with accommodations)*    (includes lunch)
Please Check
Early Bird                          $40 ______                                    $30/day
Registration Fee                                                                  Fri. ________
                                                                                  Sat. ________
Registration Fee                    $50 ______                                  $35/day
(After Sept. 10)                                                                 Fri. ________
                                                                                 Sat. ________
                                                              Total registration fee: ________

                                             *Overnight Accommodations
                     (includes three meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner after the first overnight)
                      Occupancy: Single $100 per night ______       Double: $74 per night ______
                                    Thurs. ______      Fri. ______      Sat. ______

                                                        Total accommodations fee: ________

                                                             Total fees: ________
VISA/Master Card/Discover________________________________________________________________________________
OR make check payable to Antiochian Village

NOTE: The Village will not provide transportation from Pittsburgh Airport, but will provide transportation from
Latrobe Airport. If your final destination is Latrobe Airport and you need transportation, please contact the Village
well in advance to make arrangements and check here ______. For ground shuttle service from Pittsburgh, contact
Majesty Shuttle at 1-888-794-3400 as part of the Antiochian Village Group.

SEND FORM to: Antiochian Village c/o Orthodox Institute, 140 Church Camp Trail, Bolivar, PA 15923. Phone (724)

20   The Word
                An Arab-American at War
P H O T O S A N D S T O R Y B Y S G T. F R A N K N . P E L L E G R I N I — U . S . A R M Y R E S E R V E P U B L I C A F FA I R S

           OST U.S. SOLDIERS                                                               under Saddam Hussein. But they
           traveling the road to                                                           don’t support this war – they just
           Baghdad look out their                                                          don’t think it’s America’s issue to
windows in wonderment at the                                                               settle,” he said. “Fortunately, they
ancient towns and ambling goat                                                             know what it is to be in the military.
herds that dot the way north. For                                                          They’re anti-war without being anti-
them, serving in the war in Iraq is                                                        soldier. They know soldiers don’t
an introduction to an exotic, alien                                                        make the decisions. We just carry
world, a way of life they’d barely                                                         them out.”
imagined existed.                                                                             For a sergeant at war, that means
   Not Army Sgt. Paul Abernathy. “I                                                        taking care of the soldiers under
look and think, I have cousins who                                                         you, a job which Abernathy’s squad
live just like this,” he said. The 23-                                                     says their unfailingly personable
year-old Abernathy, a squad leader                                                         leader does exceedingly well.
in the Bridgeport, W. VA–based                                                                “Sarge is always looking out for
459th Multi-Role Bridge Company,                                                           us,” said Pfc. Dustin Wazzelle. “He
hails from Cuddy, PA, just outside                                                         really cares about how we’re doing.
Pittsburgh. But his mother’s side of                                                       He’s our sergeant, but he’s also like
the family is Syrian, and for                                                              our friend. That’s important when
Abernathy, who has spent many a                                                            you’ve been going through the
summer visiting with family and             Sgt. Paul T. Abernathy, an Army Reservist      things we have out here.”
friends in Syria, Operation Iraqi           from Cuddy, PA, serving in Iraq with the          Certainly, the 459th’s road to
Freedom is a collision of two worlds        West Virginia-based 459th Multi-Role           Baghdad has been a trip through
he knows well.                              Bridge Company, turns his head to hear         more than an exotic land; it has
   One is military service. “My moth-       an order during a firefight in the town of     been a halting, often grueling tour of
er’s grandfather came to America in         Al Gharraff in central Iraq.                   the sights and sounds of war – days
1917 to escape the oppression of the                                                       of death and destruction, nights of
Ottoman Turks, who were ruling                                                             vigilance and fear. Not to mention
Syria then,” Abernathy said. “He                                                           23 days (and still counting) without
didn’t speak a word of English, but                                                        a shower. These are the times when
he understood the concept of free-                                                         nerves fray, tempers flare and
dom, and because he loved America                                                          squads can fall apart, or bond
he enlisted with the 10th Cavalry to                                                       together.
fight in World War I of his own free                                                          Ask Abernathy what he’s proudest
will. My grandfather served in the                                                         of accomplishing out here in the
9th Infantry Division in World War                                                         field, and the former Eagle Scout (“I
II. My mother served in the 4th ID                                                         never did get my wilderness survival
from 1975 to 1982. All my uncles                                                           badge, but I guess I got that out
have served. I joined at 17 in high                                                        here,” he jokes) will tell you about
school because I didn’t want to be                                                         one thing: every evening, before the
the first to break that tradition. I                                                       sun goes down and soldiers go their
thought I was taking the easy way                                                          separate ways to foxholes and sleep-
out with the Army Reserve,”                                                                ing bags to begin the night’s guard-
Abernathy said. He gestured at his                                                         duty rotations, he and all his eight
surroundings, and laughed. “I guess                                                        soldiers sit down — on cots, on
that didn’t turn out to be the case.”                                                      stools, in the dirt — and have their
   But as an Arab-American,                                                                dinner of MREs — together.
Abernathy admits his service in this        Army Sgt. Paul T. Abernathy keeps an eye          “I think that’s really important,”
war has divided some family hearts.         on the perimeter, pulling security while the   he said. “We just hang out, talk
“They love America, and they know           other members of his squad check on their      about whatever’s on our minds. I
how terrible it is for Iraqis to live       vehicles and get some rest.                    think it helps keep everybody

                                                                                                               September 2003 2 1
                                                  AN ARAB-AMERICAN

                                             affects the way they live. I’ve            CAR DONATIONS
                                             learned about ten choice words of
                                             Arabic.”                                  ADVANCE WORK OF
                                                “And I know,” Berger said, “that             IOCC
                                             the best reason why we’re here is for
                                             these kids we see waving to us by
                                             the side of the road, for these people
                                             that Saddam Hussein has been hold-       J im Gabriel of Centerport, NY
                                                                                        decided he’d seen enough of his
                                             ing down for so long.”                   1995 Chrysler LeBaron. “It had
                                                Abernathy is nearing the end of       105,000 miles on it. I drove the car
                                             his enlistment, and he figures his       80 miles each day to work,” said
                                             time with the Army Reserve is            Gabriel, who lives on Long Island
                                             almost done. He wants to put his         and works in Manhattan.
                                             understanding of the Arab world and         Then Gabriel had an idea. Instead
                                             its plight to use with a graduate        of selling or trading in the car, he’d
                                             degree in international relations,       donate it to charity. But to whom?
                                             and after that maybe the seminary.       He thought of IOCC because of the
                                             (Abernathy is Christian – his moth-      cross-country cycling event it held
                                             er’s maiden name is Cross, an            in August 2002. “I was amazed at
                                             Americanization of Saliby, Aramaic       what I saw last summer and what I
Army Sgt. Paul T. Abernathy flashes a        for “the crucified” – and he says he     learned about IOCC — the amazing
squinty-eyed smile during an informal pla-   shares the Arab reverence for reli-      good that IOCC does,” he said.
toon meeting in a bivouac area in central    gion.) Abernathy has been able to        “This is a good way to give a signifi-
Iraq.                                        do his soldiers’ work without reser-     cant donation to IOCC at relatively
                                             vation — keeping his squad well-         little cost to yourself.”
going.”                                      trained, well-fed and moving up the         The vehicle donation program has
  “I think he’s the best leader we           road in their support mission is a       become an increasingly popular way
have,” said Spc. John Berger. “Out           job that needs no cultural loyalty.      for people to advance the mission of
of the whole unit, our squad is the          But this war, Abernathy said, has        IOCC, the official humanitarian aid
closest, and that’s because of him.”         not always been an easy one for him      agency of Orthodox Christians,
  Because of Abernathy’s back-               to fight, and he hopes he can do his     because of the program’s no-hassle
ground, his soldiers also get an edu-        job and get home to Pittsburgh with-     donation process and potential tax
cation — in where they are, what             out firing a shot.                       benefit for contributors.
they’re seeing, and what they’ll be             “I’ve always believed in America,        Working through an agent compa-
facing as the 459th continues its            and I understand what we’re trying       ny, IOCC makes the arrangements
journey north. He’s the company’s            to do,” he said. “I know the reason      to pick up car donations at no cost
unofficial translator when an Iraqi          innocents are being killed is the tac-   to the donor. The title transfer and
civilian approaches the convoy, its          tics that the Iraqis are using in this   donation receipt are handled at the
unofficial strategist when it comes to       war. But when I see people dead on       time of pick-up.
enemy behavior and its designated            the side of the road, I can really          Donors may receive a tax deduc-
political analyst when news crackles         imagine how they lived. It makes it      tion for the full fair market value of
over a BBC broadcast that Iran and           very, very real, and sometimes I         their vehicle. Contributors should
Syria may be entering the war on             wonder if it’s all worth it.             consult with a financial advisor to
Saddam Hussein’s side.                          “But I know that as scared as we      learn how vehicle donations may
  Berger, who drives with his                are in combat, it doesn’t approach       benefit their tax situation.
sergeant when the company’s 89-              the fear that people live in their          After a vehicle is donated to
vehicle convoy is on the move,               whole lives under Saddam Hussein’s       IOCC, it is then sold at auction with
recalls many a late-night conversa-          regime,” Abernathy said. “Early on,      the net proceeds directly benefiting
tion on the road that’s opened his           when we first crossed the border         the agency’s various humanitarian
eyes to the strange, history-soaked          into Iraq, we stopped by the side of     and self-help programs.
land into which this war has                 the road to refuel. An old Bedouin          To donate a car, fill out the online
dropped him.                                 walked up, and when he saw my            form at or call
  “I sure know a lot more about              face, he came up to me and said,         toll-free 1-877-803-4622. Since
ancient Mesopotamia than I did               ‘Arab-American. Arab-American.’”         1992, IOCC has delivered more
before,” he said. “I know the Garden            “We exchanged a few words, and        than $160 million in humanitarian
of Eden was here, and the Tower of           before he left, he pointed north and     assistance in 23 countries, including
Babel. I know that not everybody             said to me, in Arabic, ‘Go get him.      Lebanon, Iraq, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
here is Muslim, but religion is              Go get Saddam,’” Abernathy said.         the Republic of Georgia and
important to people here, and it             “That made me feel good.”                Ethiopia.

22   The Word                                                                                                   June 2003 2 2
                                        A Musical Journey
                                         35th Anniversary
                                                                                   M I C H A E L G . FA R R O W, P H . D .
                                                                                                    VICE CHAIRMAN

                                    H I S T O RY O F M U S I C I N T H E
                                         OF NORTH AMERICA

        HE    DEPARTMENT          OF     appear were issued by Archbishop         books, a description of Byzantine
        Sacred Music had its official    Emanuel Abo-Hateb, whose 1926            hymnology, a pronouncing glossary
        beginning 35 years ago, in       manuscript, donated by his niece,        of Byzantine musical terms and a
1968, with the appointment by His        Georgette Abo-Hateb, is still extant     pronunciation guide of the translit-
Eminence Metropolitan Philip Saliba      at the Antiochian Village Heritage       erated Greek texts. There are 45
of its first Chairman, Father James      Center Library. Although it is cer-      musical selections.
C. Meena. However, it had its root       tain that other clergy and musicians       After the formation of the
beginning as early as 1906 with the      must have issued arrangements of         Archdiocesan youth organization,
publishing in English of the Service     music in English, none are presently     SOYO, in the 1940s the music
Book of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic       known to have survived. By 1936,         came, of necessity, under the aus-
Apostolic Church, by Isabel              Archbishop Antony Bashir, sensing        pices of SOYO, which appointed a
Hapgood, which provided the first        the increasing need for English in       choir director each year to organize
standardized text in English of the      the music of the church, authorized      the music for the Archdiocesan
major church services, and laid the      the use of English in the music of       annual convention. SOYO became,
groundwork for transliterated, trans-    the church and asked a newly             de facto, the “Music Department”
lated, and composed music in the         ordained convert, Rev. Michael G.H.      and issued, in an informal manner,
English language and allowed the         Gelsinger of St. George, Niagara         any new music. This was usually via
priests and chanters, for the first      Falls, NY, to put together a book of     musical exchanges at the national
time, to chant the service in            four-part Orthodox music. Fr.            and regional conventions and
English.                                 Gelsinger was a scholar of Greek         through informal gatherings of the
                                         and included in his work Byzantine       musicians at this time. Through
TEXT TRANSLATIONS                        settings in four-part harmony with       SOYO and the Archdiocesan
                                         translations in English based on the     conventions, the music of the Arch-
  In general, the original and pre-      meter of the Greek. In addition, he      diocese became universal through-
sent translations of the Antiochian      included translations and adapta-        out the parishes and certain pieces
Orthodox Christian Archdiocese in        tions of Russian choral composers.       became “standardized.” Examples of
North America were derived from          In the next few years, Fr. Gelsinger’s   music which were introduced at
two early 20th century translations      son, John, formed the first choir of     that time and are still sung through-
of the church services into English:     the Archdiocese at St. George’s          out the Archdiocese, even today, are
the 1906 Hapgood book, which             using the then unpublished manu-         the Entrance Hymn by Archpriest
relied heavily on the language of the    scripts of his father. By 1939, Fr.      Dmitri Razumovsky and the Hymn
then-current Anglican Book of            Gelsinger’s work was finished and        to the Theotokos, by Dmitri
Common Prayer; and the 1939              the first, professionally published      Bortniansky.
Service Book by Seraphim Nassar, a       music book of the Archdiocese              In the late 1940s, Fr. Michael
translation of services from through-    appeared as Orthodox Hymns in            Simon, serving the parish of St.
out the church year. Both of these       English, a collection of four-part       George, Paterson, NJ (later Little
books are still in print and are         Russian and Byzantine melodies still     Falls, NJ), was searching for some-
available from the Archdiocesan          in use today and commonly referred       one who could put the Byzantine
bookstore.                               to as the “Blue Book” because of the     chant so familiar to the many immi-
                                         pale blue color of its cover, with its   grants and first generation parish-
MUSIC TRANSLATIONS                       familiar triple-bar cross with a flow-   ioners, into four-part choral music
AND SETTINGS                             ering lily entwined. This book con-      with a transliterated Arabic text.
                                         tains, in addition to the music, a       The task fell to Professor Michael
  Based on existing documents, the       brief description of many of the         Hilko, choir director of the nearby
earliest known musical works to          most common church service               St. John Carpatho-Russian Church

                                                                                                       September 2003 2 3
                                         D E PA R T M E N T O F S A C R E D M U S I C

in Perth Amboy, NJ.                       the loss of Arabic in the church              the Divine Liturgy of St. John
  Professor Hilko wrote down the          services, the English liturgy music is        Chrysostom, by Peter I. Tschaikov-
Byzantine melodies for the two            still widely sung throughout the              sky. This booklet highlighted the
Arabic liturgies by listening to Fr.      Archdiocese and much of it is stan-           growth of the choirs of the Arch-
Michael Simon for the first liturgy       dard music, still appearing in our            diocese, which now were able to
and Rev. Wakim Dalack of St.              convention and conference music               sing the works of the greatest
Nicholas Cathedral, Brooklyn, for         settings. In order not to lose the            Russian composers. Selections from
the second and then writing down          beautiful Byzantine melodies, the             the works of Sergei Rachmaninov,
the notes in Western musical nota-        two Arabic liturgies and the eight            Nikoli Rimsky-Korsakov, and other
tion and harmonizing in four-parts,       resurrectional tones have been com-           great Russian composers of the 18th
the resulting melody. Professor           bined into one liturgy and have been          to early 20th century were becom-
Hilko also added the eight resurrec-      adapted into English by Michael G.            ing part of the usual repertoire of
tional tones harmonized in four           Farrow for future publication.                Archdiocesan choirs during this
parts according to Byzantine                Also issued during the decade of            period. Choir “contests” and “festi-
melodies sung on the 78-rpm record        the 1950s were two works of Fr.               vals” were the norm at the Arch-
set of Archbishop Samuel David of         James Meena, the first, Hymns of              diocese conventions. Large and
Toledo, Ohio, as well as additional       Praise (1955), containing Byzantine           small choirs from throughout the
hymns in Arabic transliteration in        selections in English, in four-part           Archdiocese took great delight in
four parts, including the Paschal         harmony of the eight resurrectional           competitive singing at the SOYO
Troparion, Christ is Risen, and the       troparia, fourteen feast day troparia         gatherings.

Hymn to the Theotokos from St.            and two kontakia, one for Pre-                  Responding to requests for com-
Basil’s Liturgy, In Thee Rejoiceth. He    Nativity and another for the                  plete books of music containing
then arranged a third liturgy, a          Presentation of the Lord, as well as          entire services other than the Divine
simple setting based on Russian           kontakia in the eight tones for               Liturgy, Archbishop Bashir asked
tones, but entirely in English.           Ordinary Sundays. This publication            Ray George, choir director at St.
  In 1950, Professor Hilko com-           marked the first time such a large            George in Detroit, to compile the
pleted his task and Archbishop            amount of Byzantine music was set             two small booklets issued by the
Bashir, continuing his support of the     to four-part harmony in English. It           Archdiocese in 1964, Resurrection
English language, had the Arch-           marked the beginning of what would            Service and The Night of Great
diocese publish Professor Hilko’s         be a half-century of producing                Friday, Matin Service of Great
Three Divine Liturgies, two in            Byzantine music in four-part har-             Saturday. These two publications
Arabic transliteration and one in         mony that would encompass selec-              contain four-part music in English
English, including the resurrectional     tions for all of the major services of        set to traditional Byzantine and
troparia and other hymns. Although        the church.                                   Slavonic melodies for these services
this book, commonly called the              The second publication, issued in           and are still available from the
“Yellow Book” after its bright yellow     1959 by the Archdiocese, was an               Archdiocese.
cover, has fallen into disuse due to      English adaptation by Fr. Meena of              Two years later, in 1966,

24   The Word
                                         D E PA R T M E N T O F S A C R E D M U S I C

Metropolitan Philip succeeded to the      tion, and establishing the initial pro-       psalte, Basil Kazan, to undertake
office of Archbishop and, realizing       grams, was transferred in 1972 to             writing out in western musical nota-
the pressing need to make the             the large parish of St. George,               tion, the Byzantine chant in English
church services meaningful and rel-       Cleveland, where his duties pre-              for the entire church year. This
evant to the younger generations          cluded him from devoting the neces-           loose-leaf music multi-volume set
and to the many converts in the           sary time to the growth of the                includes 1) Vespers, 2) Matins, 3)
church, immediately instituted pro-       Department.                                   Holy Week [2 volumes], 4) the
grams for increasing the use of the         In that same year, 1972, Ray                Pentecostarion [3 volumes], 5) the
English language in church music.         George was appointed as the second            Triodion [2 volumes], and 6) Hymns
  Also by 1968, SOYO had success-         Chairman of the Department of                 of the Menaion. This massive pro-
fully completed its task of forming       Sacred Music, a position which he             ject, organized and copied for publi-
and supporting local parish choirs.       held for 30 years until his death in          cation by Ray George, would take
Metropolitan Philip, due to the           2002. In his first year, he began issu-       Mr. Kazan over 25 years to complete
many new functions and duties             ing in English, in loose-leaf form,           and came to be known as the
pressing on the Archdiocese in the        many hymns of the church. In 1978,            Byzantine Project. It would prove to
realm of music, and the many and          the Department issued “The Festal             be the most important project in
varied programs he envisioned,            Music,” much of it composed by                training generations of chanters,
established, in 1968, the Depart-         Fred Karam, Ph.D., the talented               both cradle Orthodox and converts,
ment of Sacred Music. The Rev.            choir director at St. Elias in Ottawa,        and unifying the chants throughout
James Meena was appointed as its          Canada, in four-part Byzantine har-           the Archdiocese. Now chanters in

first Chairman.                           mony. Among the selections issued             parishes as widely scattered as
   In 1969 the Archdiocese pub-           were four feast day troparia, twelve          Alaska, California, Texas, Florida
lished the Standard Divine Liturgy,       kontakia for Ordinary Sundays and             and Massachusetts could chant the
compiled and arranged by Fr.              feast days, and fourteen hymns to             same hymn together, to the same
Meena. This publication contained         the Theotokos for various feast days.         melody and same text. This endeav-
four-part arrangements in English of        As the 1970s progressed,                    or gave rise to the formation of
both Byzantine tones and Slavonic         Metropolitan Philip realized that in          Byzantine choirs, groups of individ-
settings. Included in this publication    order to preserve the Byzantine               uals all chanting the same melody
were musical selections for the           chant, which was fast disappearing            together. The largest of these choirs
Divine Liturgy in Byzantine Tones 1,      in the parishes due to the deaths of          are the antiphonal choirs of St.
2, 5 and 8; the Many Years for a          the older, immigrant chanters and             Philip Church, Souderton, PA, under
Bishop; the Hierarchical Trisagion,       the difficulty of instructing new             the direction of Khourieh Joyce
as well as various selections from        chanters in the fast-growing                  Black, who have been singing since
the Slavic tradition.                     Archdiocese, a program would have             1980 the entire eleven volumes of
   Fr. Meena, having completed his        to be instituted to preserve this             this music, adding each volume as it
task of establishing the Department       ancient and beautiful chant. With             was issued over the years.
of Sacred Music on a firm founda-         that in mind, he asked the proto-               In 1979 the Camp opened at the

                                                                                                            September 2003 2 5
                                        D E PA R T M E N T O F S A C R E D M U S I C

Antiochian Village and a need for        the second site in the Western USA,           Chairman of the Department to
music for the children to sing the       in California for 2003.                       assist the Chairman with the
church services became immediate.          With the late 20th century trend            expanded goals set for the 21st cen-
Rt. Rev. John Namie, the first           of family participation in a myriad of        tury. Under the leadership of James
Director of the Antiochian Village,      events, attendance at choir rehear-           Meena, the Department of Sacred
and himself a Byzantine musician,        sals slowly declined throughout the           Music immediately was expanded.
composed the Byzantine music for         Archdiocese and the need for con-             In less than two years, a number of
the Divine Liturgy, Vespers, and         gregational singing became appar-             new endeavors have been estab-
Daily and Sunday Matin Services          ent. Further necessitating this need          lished.
and issued it in booklet form.           was the establishment of so many                 Recognizing the need to accom-
Fifteen years later, Michael Farrow      small missions, in the last quarter of        modate a growing cadre of com-
compiled the 1993 edition, in which      the 20th century, where the forma-            posers, James established an
additional selections were added to      tion of a choir was not feasible. This        Editorial Board, with Al Mamary
the services as well as additional       form of ancient singing was familiar          appointed as Administrator. The
hymns and extra-liturgical hymns. A      to many of the converts to the faith          purpose of this board is to gather all
recording of the music in the 1993       and requests to compile a music               newly composed music for review
edition was made in 1995. In the         book for the pew were received by             and adherence to Archdiocesan and
present edition of 1997, the             the Archdiocese with favor. An ini-           Departmental guidelines, to assist
Antiochian Archdiocese congrega-         tial booklet (1997) containing the            new composers in the music goals of
tional liturgy arranged by Fr. Elias     Byzantine musical settings along              the Department and Archdiocese
Bitar and Laila Corey has been sub-      with the text of the Divine Liturgy,          and to encourage them in compos-
stituted for that of the former edi-     edited by Fr. Elias Bitar and Laila           ing new music.
tions, the Vespers and Matins have       Corey, was published by the                      Guidelines for computerizing
been revised and additional hymns        Archdiocese for congregational use            music were issued to assure a stan-
have been added. This easy-to-use        in parishes. The music follows the            dardization of all Archdiocesan
booklet has been invaluable in           traditional Byzantine tones for the           music. Relations with sister Ortho-
teaching the children to chant the       standard hymns of the Liturgy. A              dox jurisdictions were put on an
Byzantine tones in English.              second booklet featuring alternate            official basis. An e-mail system was
   In 1984, Metropolitan Philip real-    melodies in preparation to allow              instituted whereby all priests, choir
ized that a more formal format for       congregations a choice of different           directors, and head chanters at all
teaching the musicians of the            selections of music.                          250 parishes are contacted several
Archdiocese was needed. With Ray           As the decade of the 1990s pro-             times per month with announce-
George at the helm, along with           gressed, Ray George established a             ments and new music downloads.
James Meena and with Fr. Joseph          Department of Sacred Music                    This e-mail system reaches
Allen as an advisor, he established      Committee, composed of musicians              Antiochian parishes in the USA,
the first of an on-going series of       throughout the Archdiocese. It was            Canada, the United Kingdom,
music instruction classes originally     the function of this Committee to             Australia and New Zealand. An edi-
known as the Choir Directors             help establish the goals of the               tor, Dr. William Attra, was appointed
Seminar and later changed to the         Department and to aid in their pro-           to coordinate articles to The WORD
Sacred Music Institute (SMI). The        mulgation. By the turn of the 21st            magazine.
first sessions took place in 1985 at     century, with Ray’s health being                 With 98 years of experience since
the Antiochian Village and were          frail, Michael Farrow assisted Ray in         1905, at 35 years of age, the Depart-
geared primarily to choir directors.     the organization of the SMIs and              ment of Sacred Music has estab-
To emphasize its importance, the         upon the sudden death of Ray in               lished itself as a leading example
Metropolitan required each parish in     2002, continued in an interim posi-           and conduit of musical information
the Archdiocese to sponsor their         tion until, in April of that year,            and knowledge not only for the
choir director’s attendance at these     Metropolitan Philip chose a young,            Antiochian Archdiocese but for
sessions. Over the years, this           talented, professional musician,              other jurisdictions as well.
Institute has expanded and now           James Meena, as the third Chairman
brings together instructors, lectur-     of the Department of Sacred Music.
ers, musicians, choir members,           James is the son of the first
choir directors and clergy for an        Chairman of the Department, Fr.
exchange of music and knowledge.         James C. Meena, and is the General
In the early 1990s, chanters and         Director and Principal Conductor of
chanting classes were added. Each        Opera Carolina, in Charlotte, NC.
year the SMI met at the Antiochian       Reflecting the growth of the music
Village and by the year 2003, it had     program within the Archdiocese,
expanded to two sites, one in the        Metropolitan Philip appointed
East, at the Antiochian Village, and     Michael Farrow as the first Vice

26   The Word
                                  M A R R I A G E A N D PA R I S H FA M I LY M I N I S T R I E S

                                                   KH. MAGGIE HOCK

        HERE IS SO MUCH EMPHA-              including both parents. Emotional            Great Vespers and limiting our
        sis today on dysfunctional          and developmental needs are also             activities so that the family has time
        families that it would be help-     being met in the family. A healthy           to prepare for Divine Liturgy.
ful to consider instead what consti-        balance between dependence and               Attending Feast Day Liturgies and
tutes a healthy functioning family          autonomy is crucial to the stage in          supporting special parish events are
within an Orthodox context. Our             which the family is. For example, a          all part of a practicing Orthodox
                            first chal-     young family has important on-going          lifestyle. This is crucial because it is
                            lenge is that   dependency needs in the caretaking           the preparation and what we actual-
                            we        are   of children as compared to the less-         ly do that models for our children
                            Eastern         ened demands of a family whose off-          our priorities and establishes in
                            Christians      spring are nearly full-grown. The            them a routine that will provide a
                            living in a     healthy family allows for social and         foundation for their lifetime of
                            Western         sexual training appropriate again to         understanding the discipline and
                            culture.        the age and emotional development            priority that it takes to make moral
                            Orthodoxy       of the children. Most importantly,           and spiritual choices that will mat-
                            has always      the family is the soil out of which          ter for eternity. Naturally, a healthy
adapted its expression to the con-          the character and moral develop-             family routine must include unhur-
text in which it is practiced, while at     ment of the children are formed.             ried family dinners, unpressured
the same time maintaining our               Perhaps this is where we are most at         time for communication and setting
ancient tradition. In our American          conflict with our surrounding cul-           aside time for the nurturing
culture, we have to contend with            ture. Many in our culture today sug-         required for each family member to
our fast-paced lifestyles, immediate        gest that children should be raised          maintain balance.
demands on our time and endless             in a moral vacuum, only to assume               Sometimes, because of internal or
distractions. But if we are to under-       that they will be able to make the           environmental stressors, families get
stand St. Paul’s admonition regard-         right moral and spiritual choices            out of balance. Not just our individ-
ing marriage, “Let each individual          without the foundation or knowl-             ual family but our parish family can
among you also love his own wife as         edge to do so. Our Orthodox faith            face these struggles as well. This is
himself; and let the wife see to it         protects us here in giving the family        when our Orthodoxy functions to
that she respect her husband” (Eph          all the tools necessary not only for a       bring us back to center through the
5:33), we see a clear formula for a         healthy functioning family but also          help of the practice of our faith, sup-
healthy union. This means in a very         for eternal salvation.                       port from the clergy, counsel from
practical sense that someone has to           We live in an age in which it is not       spiritual fathers and mothers and
be home to make the kibbee or the           popular to say that there are moral          trained professionals.
meatloaf and someone else has to            absolutes and one true Faith, but we            Remember, Orthodoxy is prac-
take time to cut the grass. Our level       are called to believe and confess            ticed within a context. The richness
of intimacy in married life is in fact      exactly this if we are living as             of the prayers in its services, the
dependent upon the level of equal           Orthodox Christians. The practical           communal parish family life and the
effort that is applied to it. Some spir-    side of this lifestyle is that it takes      Sacraments which impart such
itual fathers and mothers have com-         working at it everyday and confess-          comforting grace during times of dif-
mented that the more we love                ing with our lives what we profess as        ficulty are unknown to struggling
Christ and his Church, the more we          our faith. That means marking our            families outside of the Orthodox
will pay attention to the smallest,         calendars with the events of the             context. They struggle with intense
seemingly insignificant details of our      Church before other events crowd             loneliness, isolation, and lack of
lives in serving one another.               out our time for nurturing the spiri-        spiritual direction. We Orthodox, if
   Let’s consider some additional fac-      tual life. Adjustments will need to be       we align our priorities to care for
tors found in a healthy family life.        made here by some families. For              our families, will have the peace of
To say that something functions is          example, this may mean saying no             Christ which always brings health
simply to say that it works. A func-        to sports teams that require Sunday          and balance and will make our fami-
tioning family is a place where more        morning practices and games. It              lies an example that this world is
than just survival occurs; growth is        may require planning our Saturday            hungry to embrace.
also visible among all the members,         evenings around attendance at

                                                                                                              September 2003 2 7
                                         The following is an edited version
                                               of the eulogy given by
                                           Father Thomas Zain, Dean of

          N SATURDAY EVENING,                  St. Nicholas Cathedral         go to church with her uncle and
          June 14, 2003, St. Nicholas      of Brooklyn, NY, in memory of      learn to sing many of our hymns by
          Cathedral in Brooklyn and       Hooda Germack. Mrs. Germack         listening to him. In fact, when I saw
the entire Archdiocese lost one of its       was the widow of the late        her on Thursday morning, the last
greatest benefactors. Mrs. Hooda                   John Germack,              day in which there was any commu-
Germack, born in Jaffa, Palestine,        known as “the Pistachio King.”      nication, we sang together “Inne ana
passed “through the eye of a needle”      Together they owned the famous      abdokee — To thee, the champion
at 98 years old and entered into the        Zenobia Pistachio Company         leader,” which was one of her
kingdom of heaven. Where does one                  for many years.            favorite hymns. Her faith was stead-
begin to talk about the life of this                                          fast to the point that even at 98
remarkable woman? We                                                                     years old and almost com-
are all too familiar with                                                                pletely bound to a wheel-
her generosity to those in                                                               chair, she made every
need, to our churches,                                                                   effort to attend the Divine
seminaries, and commu-                                                                   Liturgy each and every
nity. Most, if not all of us                                                             Sunday and to visit the
here, have been touched                                                                  many churches she loved
either directly or indirect-                                                             so much. I often laugh
ly by her love and gen-                                                                  when I compare people
erosity. I could stand here                                                              like Hooda to those who
for hours and speak of her                                                               have small ailments or
countless donations to St.                                                               inexcusable excuses about
Nicholas Cathedral of                                                                    why they cannot make it
Brooklyn, St. George                                                                     to church.
Cathedral of Coral Gables,                                                                 Hooda’s life journey
St. Philip Church in Ft.                                                                 would take her many
Lauderdale,           Bravo                                                              places, from the shores of
Volunteer Ambulance, St.                                                                 the Mediterranean in
Vladimir’s Seminary, the                                                                 Palestine to the shores of
Antiochian         Village,                                                              the North Sea in London
Lutheran Hospital, etc.                                                                  where she was educated
However, to me that                                                                      as a child, from the warm
would be repeating some-                                                                 waters of the Caribbean in
thing all of us already                                                                  Cuba to the cold winters
know and, as St. Paul                                                                    of Detroit and finally to
often reminded us, we are                                                                Brooklyn, New York, the
saved by our faith, not by                                                               place she would call home
our works. Therefore, let                                                                for the majority of her life.
us talk for a moment                                                                     While she gave to people
about the faith of Hooda                                                                 and institutions all over
Germack. I truly believe                                                                 the world, Brooklyn was
that it was her faith that                                                               her first love, the place
made her give the vast                                                                   she called home. Brooklyn
amount of money she                                                                      was the place she came
gave because, as St. James                                                               back to, the place where
says in his epistle, “Faith                                                              she wanted to pass from
without works is dead.”                           Hooda Germack                          this life into life eternal.
Aunt Hooda’s faith was                             +1905-2003+                             As a priest, I can tell
like a rock. From her                                                                    you that Hooda loved, I
childhood in Jaffa, she was reared in                                         think more than anyone else, the
the life of the Church. She would                                             clergy. Having no children of her
often tell the story of how she would                                         own, she made the clergy and semi-

28   The Word
                                          GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER

narians her adopted children. There
was hardly a week that would pass
that she was not taking one of us to
lunch, giving one of us a gift,
                                                   FOUR-R’S OFFERED AT
responding to one of our many
requests for a donation for the                    ANTIOCHIAN VILLAGE
church or talking to one of us on the
phone. Her annual visits to the sem-
inarians at St. Vladimir’s Seminary
                                                        THIS FALL
were one of the highlights of her
year. Her love for Christ and His
Holy Church was expressed by her

                                                    ENEWAL, REFLECTION,                 cation services for St. Thekla and St.
love for the institutions that the                  Refreshment, and Relaxa-            Raphael, which will be held at the
church sponsored, like the                          tion … That is what                 shrines at the Village Camp.
Seminary, the Antiochian Village,         Antiochian Village’s Saint Thekla               The pilgrimage schedule has been
our respective parishes and the           and Saint Raphael Pilgrimage from             greatly enriched with eight different
clergy themselves.                        September 19-21, 2003 are all about           worship services at various times in
   Hooda’s generosity did not, how-       this fall. Mother Christophora, this          the schedule. Mother Christophora
ever, stop there. Her great faith com-    year’s pilgrimage leader, will bring a        will discuss “Busy Lives, Busy
pelled her to look beyond her first       mystical approach to the question of          Breaks” on Friday evening and “Life
love, the Church, to others in need.      living the Christian life, exploring          Before and After Death” on Saturday
Just as Christ commanded us in            salvation, suffering, spiritual life, the     afternoon. Fr. Michael Nasser will
Matthew 25 to clothe the naked,           mystery of death and the Kingdom              present “Who Is St. Thekla? Who Is
feed the poor, etc., Aunt Hooda put       of Heaven. Other changes for this             St. Raphael?” on Saturday after-
her faith into concrete action by         year’s pilgrimage are that all wor-           noon. Saturday evening, a session
contributing to many local charities      ship, sessions, meals, and activities         entitled “Ask Abounas and Saidna”
like Bravo Ambulance, the Guild for       will be in the Village’s Conference &         will occur.
Exceptional Children, the Syrian          Retreat Center except for the suppli-           The weekend also includes a
Ladies Aid Society, area hospitals
and more.
   It says in the Gospel that, “It is
easier for a camel to pass through
the eye of a needle than for a rich
man to enter the kingdom of heav-
en.” Today, I can say with a great
deal of certainty that a rich lady, not
only materially rich, but rich in
character, love and faith, passed
through the eye of a needle and
entered into the kingdom of heaven.
Well done, thou good and faithful
servant. You have touched all of our
lives and we will all miss you very
   Fr. Thomas Hopko, while dean of
St. Vladimir Seminary, said of Mrs.
Germack, “ ‘Aunt Hooda’ is one of
the leading philanthropists among
Orthodox Christians known to us
… in the last quarter century. The
word philanthropist means literally
a ‘friend of human beings.’ Hooda
Germack surely fits this definition.
She belongs to the blessed list of
wealthy believers in Church history
who have used their means for the
good of others.”
   May she be an example to all of
us and may her memory be eternal!                              Burial site of St. Raphael, Antiochian Village.

                                                                                                                 September 2003 2 9
                                                   ANTIOCHIAN VILLAGE

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                                                             Cost for ONE night, 3 meals, snack & sessions:
                                                             Single $108           # ________ X $108 = $ ________
                                                             Double $79/person     # ________ X $ 79 = $ ________
                                                             Triple $69/person     # ________ X $ 69 = $ ________
                                                             Quad $65/person       # ________ X $ 65 = $ ________
                                                             TOTAL Registration                  $ ______________
           Shrine to St. Thekla, Antiochian Village.         Late Registration Fee after September 10, 2003:
                                                               # _____ X $20.00 = $ _____ Total Late Fees
“spiritual break,” a pause in your busy routine to           Cost for Commuter Meals:
replenish your spirit. Attendees will have time in the       Commuters may purchase meal tickets for $12.00
Pilgrimage schedule to take a hike on any of our trails,     per meal & must also register in advance for food
stroll the grounds at their leisure, or sit in the           preparation.
Meditation Garden or on the Meditation Trail while
emptying the mind, reflecting, contemplating, or sim-        Commuter
ply relaxing. Some will choose to read, write or journal,      # _____ X _____ meals X $12.00 =
nap, or catch up on correspondence while others                                $ _____ Total Commuter Meal Fees
explore in the library or fellowship with friends or new     Circle Which Meals:     Fri. Dinner      Sat. Breakfast
acquaintances. Opportunities abound to meet the Lord                                 Sat. Dinner       Sun. Brunch
in His Word or in prayer, meditation or confession.
  “We hope we’ve taken the hectic pace away so partic-       Add from Above:
ipants leave the Village renewed and refreshed in body,        Total Registration Fees TWO Nights     $   __________
mind and spirit,” said Father Michael Massouh,                                         ONE Night      $   __________
Executive Director for Antiochian Village Heritage and         Total Late Fees                        $   __________
Learning Center. “You may ask, ‘Why should I attend a          Total Commuter Meal Fees               $   __________
pilgrimage at the Village?’ ” he added. “Because               GRAND TOTAL                            $   __________
Antiochian Village is a spiritual oasis overflowing with       Register by fax at 724-238-2102 or mail to:
information about Antiochian history and heritage in         Antiochian Village, 140 Church Camp Trail, Bolivar, PA
our museum, library, chapels, and shrines. The Village       15923. Commuters are welcome but need to make
balances that with Antiochian friendships, thoughtful        meal reservations and purchase meal tickets in
spots, fellowship spaces, hotel-style lodging, and plenti-   advance. For further information, call 724-238-3677 or
ful meals in the dining room to provide a Four-R’s expe-     email: avcenter@
rience from which anyone can benefit,” he concluded.         Register by mail or fax only with payment by check or
                                                             credit card.
                                                             Check Enclosed _____

30   The Word
                                        T H E O R D E R O F S T. I G N AT I U S

                       Reflecting on ray —
                         AND THE ORDER!
                                         B y FAT H E R J O S E P H A L L E N ,
                                        NORTH AMERICAN CHAPLAIN

         T A RECENT MEETING OF         been given. We have made an on-         same “joy” that we as members of
         the Governing Council of the  going pledge to work together in        The Order have realized in our
         Order of St. Ignatius, Dan realizing the many tasks that lie          giving.
Abraham did a little “exegesis” on     before us in this new millennium —        That Ray Rishwain is indeed an
St. Matthew, Chapter 25 and, com-      and there are many! This does not,      example of this “joy” can be seen
bining it with the message of Holy of course, mean that we are superior        simply in the statistics. During his
Pascha, projected a message which      to other Orthodox Christians. watch:
well describes the central meaning Rather, it means that through our             • There has been an increase
of The Order in general, and of the    commitment, through our Order, we       from 2,100 in 1999 when he began,
work of the Immediate Past Chair-      struggle to set an example. What is     to almost 2,900 as of this writing
man, Dr. Raymond                                                                            (that’s a record!).
Rishwain, over these                                                                          • There has been the
past four years in par-                                                                     creation of the Youth
ticular.                                                                                    Liaison Committee,
   What did Dan say that                                                                    which        encourages
provoked this article?                                                                      young adults to join The
How does what he said                                                                       Order. The target in-
describe our efforts?                                                                       cludes the young people
Dan began:                                                                                  who have benefited
   “Jesus commanded us                                                                      greatly from the pro-
that ‘what you do to the                                                                    jects undertaken by The
least of your brethren                                                                      Order.
you do to me’ (Matthew                                                                        • The Area Fellow-
25). Further, when he                                                                       ship Chapters contin-
appeared to his disci-                                                                      ued at an increased rate
ples after the Resur-                                                                       to sponsor activities in
rection, he blessed Presentation is made to Dr. Raymond Rishwain by Metropolitan Philip and their area/region and
those ‘who believe yet Vice Chairman Edward Assile.                                         contribute to local
do not see, and have not                                                                    charities in the name of
touched.’ ”                            this example? It is an example that     The Order, e.g., clothing drives, mis-
   His point was that these two scrip- refuses to “settle,” that is, to settle sions, “camperships,” etc. These
tural messages, when combined, for “as little as possible,” to settle for take place in addition to the general
send the following message, one the minimum, to settle for that                work of The Order on the
which characterizes, at once, Ray      which is merely our “duty.” Instead,    Archdiocesan level, well known by
Rishwain and The Order. Dan fol-       we push beyond those limits, as         all of us.
lowed with the summarizing point:      inspired by Our Lord’s words:             Yes, Ray Rishwain’s watch was
   “Blessed are you, the members of    “When you have done all those very rich, but one can be sure that if
the Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch,  things which are required of you, asked, Ray would say, “What’s the
who in secret do unto the least of you should say, ‘I am only an big deal; I’m only an unprofitable
the brethren that you cannot see,      unprofitable servant, because I have    servant because I have only done
cannot touch, and most likely do only done what is my duty to do’ ”            what is my duty to do.” This is the
not know; yet believe that God will    (Matthew 17:20).                        attitude which portrays the work of
combine our individual gifts for the     No, The Order is not willing to       the entire Order of St. Ignatius of
benefit of those who need it most!”    “settle” for the minimum; no, Ray       Antioch, and that attitude marked
   What does all this mean for our Rishwain was not willing to “settle”        Ray’s tenure as North American
Church, our Faith, our Archdio- for the minimum. Thus, the exam- Chairman.
cese? We who are members of The        ple has been set for so many others       If you would like more informa-
Order have taken on something very     in our parishes, who, if we approach    tion about The Order, please contact
special: a lifetime commitment to      without arrogance, but with love        Arlene Assile: 201-871-1355 or
Jesus Christ and the gospel we have    and grace, may also experience the

                                                                                                    September 2003 3 1
                                          COMMUNITIES IN ACTION

                  COMMUNITIES IN ACTION
                                                            worship.                         we embarked upon our
         Eastern Region Fall Delegates’ Meeting               Nearly 30 years ago, dis-      journey.
                  October 24-26, 2003                       cussion of building our            We are now near the end
     Antiochian Village Heritage and Learning Center        own new church began.            of construction, and all the
               Hosted by St. Mary Church                    Many years and many dis-         community is eagerly
                      Johnstown, PA                         cussions passed; however,        awaiting the opening of
             For reservations: 724-238-3677                 that dream never came to         our new sanctuary. Metro-
                                                            fruition until now. Our          politan Philip has gracious-
                                                            vision was shared by every       ly agreed to consecrate our
        Midwest Region Fall Delegates’ Meeting              heart of the parish. We          new home on the weekend
                October 23-26, 2003                         were united in thought,          of October 17-19th, 2003.
            (Clergy only on October 23)                     word, and deed. Under the        We invite all to come to El
          Theme: Living as Children of God/                 able and encouraging lead-       Paso for our wondrous cel-
               Nurturing our Missions                       ership of our parish             ebration. Information re-
             Hosted by St. Elias Church                     priests, Fr. Jehad Michael       garding the consecration
                    Sylvania, OH                            and assistant Fr. Robert         can be obtained by calling
              Clarion Hotel, Toledo, OH                     Bethoney, fundraising            the church office at 915-
                                                            efforts were initiated and       532-7845.

       Southwest Region Fall Delegates’ Meeting
                 October 17-18, 2003
             Hosted by St. Elijah Church
                 Oklahoma City, OK

        Western Region Fall Delegates’ Meeting
                  October 24-26, 2003
             Hosted by St. Michael Church
                     Van Nuys, CA
                   Airtel Plaza Hotel
           (less than one mile from church)

                               than fifty years ago, when
       ST. GEORGE,             the original founders of
       EL PASO, TX             our Orthodox community
                               gathered to play cards and
                               visit. They decided we
   “Take heed now; for the     needed a church and gath-
LORD hath chosen thee to       ered the money to pur-
build a house for the sanc-    chase an old Presbyterian
tuary: be strong, and do       church, now designated an
it” (I Chronicles 28).         historical site. There had
       his has been our slo-   been no Antiochian Ortho-
T      gan in El Paso, Texas
for the last four years, as
                               dox church in the entire
                               region until that time. A
we purchased land, sought      collection was taken from
out the perfect architect,     the generous community
planned diligently, and        and St. George Antiochian
finally began building our     Orthodox Church in El
new place of worship.          Paso was purchased,
   Our dream began more        remodeled and opened for              Architects’ rendering, St. George, El Paso, TX

32   The Word
                                                  COMMUNITIES IN ACTION

                                                                Bread. Each child made         Spiritual Advisors, Father
                                                                his/her individual loaf        Constantine, Father John,
                                                                which they stamped with        and Father Basil, who were
                                                                the prosphora seal. To fully   there to enlighten us
                                                                understand the meaning of      throughout the week.
                                                                Holy Bread, the children         We would like to take
                                                                received information on its    this opportunity to thank
                                                                liturgical purpose. Five       everyone who helped dur-
                                                                loaves are used. With the      ing this beautiful week of
                                                                completion of the Holy         study: our Spiritual Advi-
                                                                Bread, the children contin-    sors, teachers, coordina-
                                                                ued their studies by mak-      tors, teens, parents, and
                                                                ing a diskos. Pieces from      last but not least the chil-
                                                                each loaf are removed by       dren who blessed us with
                                                                the Priest and placed on       their presence, smiles, and
                                                                the diskos. The diskos and     wonderful attitude.
                                                                Holy Bread are then cov-
                                                                ered along with the
                                                                Chalice       until    Holy
               St. Elijah Vacation Bible School                 Communion.
                                                                  We completed our week
                                  We were blessed by hav-       of Bible study by doing a
  “OUR DIVINE LITURGY           ing 98 students enrolled        large chalk mural. Each
   BROUGHT TO LIFE”             this year. From beginning       class selected a part of the        ittsburgh Theological
                                to end, it was a week full of
                                enjoyment, enrichment,
                                                                Divine Liturgy and illus-
                                                                trated it on the mural. The
                                                                                               P    Seminary awarded
                                                                                               the Doctor of Ministry
2003 VACATION BIBLE             and camaraderie. The            mural is on display in the     degree to three Antiochian
SCHOOL AT ST. ELIJAH,           smiles on the faces of the      Church Hall.                   Orthodox priests at the
 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK              children and the adults           St. Elijah’s 2003 Vaca-      May 22 graduation cere-
                                told it all. How wonderful      tion Bible School was cer-     monies. Fr. Terence Baz
     very Sunday morning,       it was to present each          tainly an enriching experi-    (Syracuse, NY) completed
E    Orthodox Christians
all over the world go to
                                child with a Bible which
                                they covered in gold and
                                                                ence to all of us. We were
                                                                blessed by having Christie
                                                                                               his doctoral work on An
                                                                                               Orthodox         Christian
church for the celebration      adorned with an icon. This      Akin, who started each         Ecology and Theology of
of the Divine Liturgy. St.      was done so that it would       morning with a smile and a     Creation. The project and
Elijah’s 2003 Vacation Bible    resemble the Holy Gospel        song. Words can never ex-      paper of Fr. Joseph Francis
School celebrated through-      which reminds us that the       press our gratitude to our     Gentile (Melville, NY) is
out the week by studying        only way to enter God’s
our beautiful Liturgy. We       kingdom is by following
were blessed by having a        His Word. We continued
wonderful activity book         our liturgy studies by mak-
which helped and inspired       ing a copper embossed
each and every one of us to     icon and faith votives used
understand the words            in a place of worship. So
“Blessed is the kingdom of      that each child would
the Father, and of the Son      know that they are special
and of the Holy Spirit, now     in their own way, they also
and ever, and to the ages of    made “God Made Me
ages.” The boys and girls       Special” magnets. They
learned that the Kingdom        also made “misbabahs”
of God is all of the Angels     (prayer beads), and
and Saints in Heaven and        stained glass key chains.
all of the people of earth      All of these projects were
who truly love and follow       packed to take home in
Him. When we celebrate          their new St. Elijah 2003
the Divine Liturgy, we do       VBS duffel bags.
not celebrate it by our-          We continued our “Wor-
selves, but with everyone in    shiping in the Kingdom of       Fr. Terence Baz. Fr. Donald Shadid and Fr. Joseph Gentile are
God’s kingdom.                  God” by making Holy             awarded Doctor of Ministry degrees.

                                                                                                           September 2003 3 3
                                              COMMUNITIES IN ACTION

titled    Returning      to                                       of being attacked, beaten       THE PEOPLE SPEAK …
Spiritual Direction: A            ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN              or stabbed. Many prisoners      Continued from Page 35
Priest’s Guide to Pastoral          PRISON MINISTRY               face the sadness of fear,
Counseling as a Hospital                                          isolation and alienation.       The Administration of the
Chaplain. Fr. Donald E.                                              Our Lord appealed to         Orphanage of Saint
Shadid (Johnstown, PA)               his year St. George          His followers to visit Him      Pantalaymon for Girls
explored Living the Bap-
tismal Life After the Water
                                T    Cathedral in Worces-
                                ter, MA contacted this
                                                                  in prison. Through this
                                                                  ministry we have the joy of
                                                                                                     We have received from
                                                                                                  Bishop Ghattas Hazim, the
and Oil Have Dried:             ministry to offer some            making a difference in the      Patriarchal Vicar, a contri-
Spiritual Renewal in the        unique and much needed            life of a hungry soul. One      bution for the Orphanage of
Parish Through Living           help for the Orthodox             of our parishioners wrote       Saint Pantalaymon in
One’s Baptismal Covenant.       Christian Prison Ministry. I      to us and said:                 Damascus, a check via the
   The program of study         have often said, “Little is          “I do not know what I        Archdiocese of North
includes three years of         much when God is in it.”          would do without the con-       America in the amount of
coursework, followed by         And this saying came true         tact of the Orthodox            $5,000.00 from the An-
implementation of a doc-        from the labor of the             Christian Ministry. Your        tiochian Orthodox Christian
toral project and the writ-     Sunday School of St.              weekly letters and consis-      Women of North America.
ing of a major paper.           George Cathedral.                 tent contact have helped           Thank you.
Pittsburgh Seminary, affili-      Currently, we mail to           me believe that I am not
ated with the Presbyterian      400 prisons weekly. We            alone. I have made an                  The
Church (USA), has con-          also provide catechetical         Iconostasis with the icons          Orthodox
ducted the D.Min. program       and other helps to prison-        you sent to me and I pray            World
with an Eastern Christian       ers to bring the saving           all the hours … including
Focus in partnership with       grace of Christ to those          Compline. Your pastoral
the Antiochian Orthodox         who are in prison. As you         care has made me want to        N P R C O M M E N TAT O R
Christian Archdiocese for       can guess our mailing             live the life of a Christian,        T O S P E A K AT
almost ten years. A new         costs are astronomical.           even in here where                E D U C AT I O N D AY
class will begin in May         Every letter we send is           hypocrisy is a very grave
2004, with most of the
courses being taught at the
Antiochian House of
                                required to go first class.
                                  Many of those who are in
                                prison spend most of their
                                                                  sin. I hope to help you the
                                                                  way that you have helped
                                                                  me when I get out.”
                                                                                                  C host the 34thNY — St.
                                                                                                       Vladimir’s Seminary
Studies. For further infor-     time on lockdown. Due to             The children of St.          Orthodox Education Day
mation contact Dr. Charles      the violent and fearful           George inspired me with         on Saturday, October 4,
Hambrick-Stowe at Pitts-        atmosphere of many pris-          their concern and passion.      2003. The annual event
burgh Theological Semi-         ons, numerous prisoners           I would like to invite all      draws scores of people from
nary at 412-362-5610 ext.       write us to say that they         those who would like to         the tri-state area and
2112 or by e-mail at cham-      would rather be locked            make the difference in the      beyond for a day of wor-            down than risk the chance         life of a prisoner to consid-   ship, fellowship, education,
                                                                  er making a gift to this        and entertainment. Guests
                                                                  ministry. Whether it is         will enjoy foods from many
                                                                  through a stamp, a mone-        lands, a children’s booth,
                                                                  tary gift or your personal      and specialty exhibits.
                                                                  prayers, you can be               This year’s theme is
                                                                  assured that a gift to this     “Orthodox Tradition Yes-
                                                                  ministry will be used to        terday and Today.” The
                                                                  brighten the life of those      event’s featured speaker
                                                                  we minister to. Thank you       will      be     Frederica
                                                                  for your care and concern       Mathewes-Green, com-
                                                                  for this … your ministry.       mentator on National
                                                                  For more information,           Public Radio and highly
                                                                  contact V. Rev. Fr. David       acclaimed author. After-
                                                                  Ogan, PO 1600, Elk Grove,       noon workshops on sub-
                                                                  CA 95759, (916) 714-            jects ranging from iconolo-
                                                                  3455.                           gy, liturgy and patristic
                                                                                                  theology to developing a
                                                                                                  parish website and the
                                                                                                  challenge of sexual abuse,
Saidna Joseph blessing Very Rev. Fr. David Ogan during his ele-                                   will explore the various
vation to the Archpriesthood Jan. 26, 2001.                                                       aspects of the day’s theme.

34   The Word
                                               THE PEOPLE SPEAK …

                               THE PEOPLE SPEAK …

Dear Editor:                   Dear Sayidna Philip,            Metropolitan Philip,            them not only spiritual
  It was with great plea-        Greetings in the Name of         Firstly I kiss your right    care but also medical assis-
sure that I read of the        Our Lord and Savior Jesus       hand asking for your            tance and food every day.
progress in completing the     Christ!                         Apostolic and Paternal          We try to keep a family
Old Testament for Ortho-         I am writing to thank         Blessings.                      environment that those
dox Study Bible enthusi-       you for all of the support         Your Eminence, I would       children don’t find in their
asts. Our parish weekly        you have given to me and        like to inform you that         own houses. We fight to
Bible study group has been     to my family over the past      Metropolitan         Kirilos    teach them love, to seed in
using the current New          three years since I entered     Doumat has received a           their hearts moral and
Testament and Psalms           Holy Cross Seminary. It         check for $5,000 (five          Christian values, to edu-
Bible since its inception.     was a blessing to represent     thousand dollars) and con-      cate them, because in
Our church, although           the Antiochian Archdio-         sidering the situation of       these current times a man
small, has purchased many      cese here on campus, and        our institution, he trans-      without education and val-
Orthodox Study Bibles          we have fond memories of        ferred that check to us in      ues is a man without
over the years. We give        our time spent at this          order to continue our           future. We are obligated to
them as gifts to all our       school. I am also very          social work. It will help us    leave that building and are
youth, converts and to         grateful for the continuous     to remodel an old house         moving to a house that
those celebrating any sig-     financial assistance we         that will be a center to        needs repairs.
nificant event. Our study      received all three years of     assist about 150 children         Again, I want to thank
group is called “The           my schooling. It certainly      in social danger. As you        you and the distinguished
Grazing Sheep” and we          gave us peace of mind           know, Argentina is facing       Antiochian Women and
certainly do graze on          knowing that we had little      the worst crisis of her his-    pray God to keep you in
many topics during our         to worry about when it          tory and we are aware, as       peace. Asking for your
wonderful time together.       came to providing for our       Antiochian Orthodox be-         blessings,
We laughingly tell others      family and paying off the       lievers, that we must help                  Yours in Christ,
that we even learn a lot       necessary bills. For this,      because those children,               Archimandrite Michel
about the Bible during         we extend our thanks.           whose parents have been                              Boghos
that time. That is the           Finally, I would like to      very affected by this crisis,                 General Vicar
truth. God’s Word has          thank you for allowing me       have no place to develop          Archdiocese of Argentina
come alive to many, as has     the privilege to serve the      and grow as human beings.
the Orthodox Faith.            people at All Saints               I would like to thank        The Administration of the
  By the way, grateful         Mission in Hingham, MA,         through         you      the    Orphanage of St. Gregory
thanks to Fr. Gillquist for    with the hopes and prayers      Antiochian Women who            for Boys
the excellent article on       that it will continue to        are always ready to give          We have received from
evangelism. I copied it and    grow and to thrive as a         help to those who are in        Bishop Ghattas Hazim,
it will form the base of       vibrant community in the        need. Metropolitan Kirilos      Patriarchal Vicar, a contri-
more wonderful discussion      Lord, and for my recent         sends to them his thanks        bution to the Orphanage of
(grazing) and edification at   appointment to St. Mary         and blessings.                  St. Gregory for Boys in
our Bible study.               Basilica in Livonia,               Our project is called        Damascus — two checks
  God’s blessings be yours!    Michigan.                       Centro de Cuidado Infantil      via the Archdiocese of
           “Khouria” Slavka      Please continue to pray       (Children’s       Assistant     North America. The first
                  Zabrodsky    for us as we begin this new     Centre) and we are work-        check in the amount of
        St. Nicholas Church    part of our ministry in the     ing since August 2000 at a      $5,000.00 from the
     Country Club Hills, IL    Lord. Be assured we are         building that was loaned to     Antiochian      Orthodox
                               always praying for you.         us for a period of two          Christian Women of North
                                 Asking your blessing, I       years. We give aid to those     America. The second
                               remain,                         children that live on           check in the amount of
                                  Yours in Christ’s Service,   streets because their par-      $600.00 from the parish of
                                  Rev. Fr. Romanos Malouf      ents have not the possibili-    St. John of Damascus.
                                                               ty to provide them with           Thank you.
                                                               their basic needs. We offer
                                                                                                        Continued on Page 34

                                                                                                         September 2003 3 5
      THE WORD
                                                                                         Periodical postage paid at
   358 Mountain Road                                                                      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
      PO Box 5238
Englewood, NJ 07631-5238

               ANTIOCHIAN VILLAGE                                       PILGRIMAGE SCHEDULE
                 UPCOMING EVENTS                           Friday, September 19, 2003
  SS. Thekla & Raphael Pilgrimage:                          4:00 PM Registration             Main Lobby
    September 19-21, 2003                                   5:30 PM Supplication Service     St. Thekla
  Orthodox Institute for                                                                     Shrine
                                                            6:30 PM Dinner                   Banquet Hall —
  Church School & Youth Workers:                                                             Center
    November 6-9, 2003                                      7:30 PM Unction Service          SS. Peter & Paul
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      March 11-14, 2004                                                                          Center
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  Antiochian Village group.                                         Fr. Michael Nasser
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  account with Antiochian Village. For the best airfare,                                        Center
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  least 60 days in advance.                                         St. Raphael                 Grave — Camp
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    Due to requirements for implementation of the                   Trail with Fr. Paul Albert,
  911 Emergency System in our area, there are NEW                   Meditation Gardens, quiet
  MAILING and SHIPPING ADDRESSES for both the                       time for prayer & reflection,
  Conference & Retreat Center and the Camp:                         meeting with a priest,
                                                                    confession, take a nap,
                                                                    share with friends, etc.]
     Antiochian Village Conference                          5:30 PM Dinner                      Banquet Hall —
     & Retreat Center                                                                           Center
     140 Church Camp Trail                                  7:00 PM Vespers                     SS. Peter & Paul
     Bolivar, PA 15923                                                                          Chapel —
     Antiochian Village Camp                                8:00 PM Ask Abounas & Saidna        Auditorium —
     201 Namie Drive                                                                            Center
     Bolivar, PA 15923
                                                           Sunday, September 22, 2002
                                                            8:30 AM Orthros                      SS. Peter & Paul
                                                                                                 Chapel —
                                                            9:30 AM Divine Liturgy               SS. Peter & Paul
                                                                                                 Chapel —
                                                           11:30 AM Brunch                       Banquet Hall —

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