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Mega churches


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									                             Lakewood Church, Houston, TX

Once upon a time Houston's             Project Details
Compaq Center                           > Total project cost: $95 million
Formerly a basket ball and hockey      > Construction cost: $75 million
arena                                   > Total seating capacity: 16,000
Megachurch takes up the place for      > Total man hours expended: 1.4 million
a 30 year lease and will pay the City   > Number of contractors and consultants: 50
approximately $12 million.              > Length of low voltage cable used: 57 miles
Weekly congregation service            > Amount of air cooled in completed building:
attendance more than 30,000 people      More than 1 million cu ft per minute
Transformation cost: $75 million       > Amount of carpet placed: 50,000 sq yd
The overall $95million project         > New and existing lighting fixtures in facility:
became the first large scale Sports     7,000
arena in the country to be renovated    > Number of doors in facility: 1,000
for a completely new use                > Number of new toilets installed: 296
Lakewood Church, Houston,
           TX               New

                       New York/Korean Presbyterian Church

Greg Lynn's church building is actually an
adaptive reuse of the Knickerbockers
Laundry, an art deco factory that stood
abandoned for years.
The symmetricality of the older building,
however, has been disrupted by the new
addition, and the former entrance is now
covered by the a fore mentioned steel screen
placed off center to the original doors.
Despite all that has been done to the
original, the strong forms and curves of the
deco design remain clearly visible along the
$90-per-square-foot budget was set for the
minor rennovation.
                      Christian Church Buckhead, Atlanta, GA
                    Adaptive reuse of Gold Club to MegaChurch

Most infamous club in America being
turned into a Mega church.
“Over 200 volunteers from our
church and churches around metro
Atlanta came and helped renovate the
Gold Club into God’s Club. In two
months, the building was transformed
from something meant for evil into a
place devoted to good” – Dan Garrett
                         The Blue Ridge Community Church

The Blue Ridge Community Church is in a
building that was originally a Food Lion grocery
store in Lynchburg, VA.
Before the church moved in, the building was
also used by the Salvation Army.
The current sanctuary seats 500 people, has a
cafe and large lobby, several classrooms and a
youth center.
The congregation has about 1,000 people.
The church has found that growth is greatly
affected by location, as they have moved around
from place to place. Their current location is
central, and offers ample space for their growing
                             Grace Fellowship Church-
                         Renovated Grand Union Latham, NY

Grace Fellowship Church is a non
denominational congregation in Latham, NY.
The church contains a 1500 seat sanctuary,
over 15 classrooms, 2 cafes, a youth club, several
meeting rooms and offices, and is home to
several clubs and meetings.
Grace Fellowship is in a renovated Grand
Union Grocery Store. The congregation has been
in the grocery store for 2 years now. In this time,
they have doubled the size of their congregation.
The Grand Union sat empty for 4 years before
Grace Fellowship breathed their life into it.
The Grand Union building that they currently
occupy was abandoned in 1996. It had been
empty for about 5 years when the Grace
Fellowship bought the building in 2001. There
was a solid year of renovation before the church
moved in in May of 2002.
                       The Calvary Chapel (old building)-
                     Renovated Winn Dixie, Pinellas Park, FL

The congregation at Calvary Chapel in Pinellas
Park, FL, outside of St.Petersburg, had outgrown
its building, which is a retired WinnDixie grocery
store. When WalMart abandoned the building
across the street to build a Super WalMart a
quarter mile down the road, church members
won a bid for the WalMart.
The Calvary Chapel is actually adding a second
story to the front of the120,000 square foot
As with most big box renovators, the parking
lot was a large reason for the purchase of the
building. The church expects to be able to fill
this parking lot on any given Sunday.
The back yard is surely part of the store that
was not used by WalMart, and is being utilized
solely because of the renovation.
                                  MegaChurch for Sale

Without Walls International Church,
13.3 acre Tampa campus, which includes
a 4,500 seat auditorium, a 94,000 sq. ft.
office building, a television studio, and a
small health club is now up for sale for a
mere $30 million
Without Walls reported a $26.29 million
debt in a 2006 audit. About $9.2 million
of that was used to buy a 10,000 seat
church in Lakeland in 2005.
                                 MegaChurch for Sale

Dwindling attendance and a changing
ministry focus at the Cathedral at Chapel Hill
in suburban Atlanta has caused the church to
put its campus on the market for $24.5 million.
Included in the sale are a 100-acre campus
and a 7,000-seat auditorium, both in full use
when the church was at its height in the mid
The church saw a significant and steady
decline in attendance after its founding pastor,
Earl Paulk, was involved in a flurry of sex
scandals that caused numerous lawsuits.
Average weekly attendance has dipped from
10,000 to around 1,000.

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