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									     A TURNKEY PACKAGING &

                                CENTRAL            PACKAGING                 &   FULFILLMENT,                     INC.

                                       Central Packaging and Fulfillment, Inc. has been assembling, packaging, ware-
                                       housing, kitting and distributing products for over 10 years. Our recent move to
                                       Benton Harbor, MI provides centrally located shipping and distribution services
                                       to 72% of the U.S. population within 2 days ground shipping.      Our staff is con-
                                       tinually dedicated to excellent quality standards, attention to detail and superior
                                       customer service. Contact us to discuss your Packaging, Warehousing, Distribu-
                                       tion and Fulfillment needs.

•   Packaging                              •   Warehousing/Storage

                    Assembly                        Bulk Containers

                    Kitting                         Inventory Storage

                    Contract               •    Distribution

                    Pick-Pack                       Foreign & Domestic

                    Gift Baskets           •   Fulfillment

                    Sorting                         Mail Order

                    Bulk repacking                  E-Commerce

                    Special Projects                Manufacturers

                                                                                    Central Packaging & Fulfillment, Inc.
                                                                                    1498 E. Empire Avenue
                                                                                    Benton Harbor, MI 49022
                                                                                    Phone: 1-877-734-3290
                                                                                    Fax: 541-772-5995

                                                                                    Member: Cornerstone Chamber of Commerce

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